Queen Naija "Karma" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified


  1. Ju T

    Ju T5 days ago

    ....I miss...this...Queen .... where did she go,sure she still goofy but she’s not as strong and independent, she needs to take a break and find herself, and calm down.I love you though Queen ,it’s just your going against your own words. I love you tho sis.🤗

  2. Kindred Nguyen

    Kindred Nguyen7 days ago

    she looks like Kali and Cardi together

  3. promise Love yt

    promise Love yt12 days ago

    *sza has left the chat*

  4. Tyra Louis

    Tyra Louis14 days ago

    0:31 yassss Queen milly rock on point🤪🤩🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩👑👑👑👑👑

  5. Tropical . Na

    Tropical . Na20 days ago

    “Cause u let them thots take my spot” dang sis that hit me hard🤧

  6. Ashley Butler

    Ashley Butler22 days ago

    0:32 me when I get a 100 on my test and barely any else did

  7. Amiyah McGrew

    Amiyah McGrew26 days ago

    I've been through that before when nobody want to be wit you but you want to be with them it hurt baddd👎👎👎just say peace to that person✌

  8. mariahedwards

    mariahedwards26 days ago

    She has so much talent and deserve so much better than Chris Clarence treating here better though

  9. India B.

    India B.27 days ago

    Queen is what they game been missing

  10. Bantle Sentsho

    Bantle Sentsho29 days ago

    She's extremely underrated

  11. Alanna Collins

    Alanna CollinsMonth ago

    I love this song😘

  12. Plamedi Ikwenge

    Plamedi IkwengeMonth ago

    I like the song but I still don't like this girl!!

  13. PrettyFace Mia

    PrettyFace MiaMonth ago

    I want you to go back with Chris what happened I forgot how y’all broke up but like your songs and how you sing some people say that you a hoe and they don’t like you but l like you

  14. London Paris

    London ParisMonth ago


  15. Briana Mcgee

    Briana McgeeMonth ago

    Beautiful soul

  16. Briana Mcgee

    Briana McgeeMonth ago

    I love me some queen she so real and humble

  17. London Paris

    London ParisMonth ago


  18. Alexis Davis

    Alexis DavisMonth ago


  19. Kailey Mitchell

    Kailey MitchellMonth ago

    she really looks like Alessia Cara here!

  20. SincerelyKarm

    SincerelyKarmMonth ago

    My Queen ❤❤❤

  21. LaVontay  Lynch

    LaVontay LynchMonth ago

    Queen can sing

  22. Relly Pooh

    Relly PoohMonth ago


  23. Kim Crydashian

    Kim Crydashian2 months ago

    We Love A Colorist Singer😍

  24. Karma Caldwell

    Karma Caldwell2 months ago

    This is funny cause my name IS KARMA

  25. _oppskiyaaa

    _oppskiyaaa2 months ago

    Lowkey clicked on this just to heard a queens raw voice😍💔this song hits home man😍

  26. jasmyn chanae

    jasmyn chanae2 months ago

    Queen voice is so good

  27. Trylica

    Trylica2 months ago

    Shes so good 💙💙💙

  28. Cruella Dreadvil

    Cruella Dreadvil2 months ago


  29. Serenity Villaneuva-Caradonna

    Serenity Villaneuva-Caradonna2 months ago

    Notice how she never ever talks bad on him only the situation!!! That’s true maturity and power I fucken love this queen maneeeeee !!!

  30. LifeofKeeks

    LifeofKeeks2 months ago

    Can’t believe she pregnant 🤰

  31. ASAP K1LZ

    ASAP K1LZ2 months ago

    Bigger the hoop earrings bigger the hoe


    JAYJAYQUEEN PLAYS2 months ago

    I love that this video came out on my sisters birthday and she loves QUEEN AND Claire bear

  33. Duhhitscammi Duhhitscammi

    Duhhitscammi Duhhitscammi2 months ago

    *one of my favorite songsssss yasss boo*

  34. Guadalupe Ramirez

    Guadalupe Ramirez2 months ago

    1:17 1:44 2:00 2:30 3:10 3:37

  35. Leah

    Leah2 months ago

    Queen ❤️

  36. Florisa

    Florisa2 months ago

    I heard this song on the raido🤪❤️

  37. Chris Tyb

    Chris Tyb2 months ago

    Not gone lie this made me cry

  38. Jenaya Robinson

    Jenaya Robinson2 months ago

    Autotune has left the chat

  39. Life with leyla Xo

    Life with leyla Xo2 months ago

    Queen don’t need auto tune❤️❤️😍😍😍💓💓😩😩

  40. Pedro Martínez

    Pedro Martínez2 months ago

    Queen is just so 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Alana Walker

    Alana Walker2 months ago

    Yesss girl be yourself don't let anyone change you because you are your own person

  42. kyra johnson

    kyra johnson2 months ago


  43. Rena Crayola

    Rena Crayola2 months ago

    I FEEL LIKE she was crying in between the breaks

  44. Malaya 2 Times

    Malaya 2 Times2 months ago

    3:21 who heard the beat drop in their soul 😂🔥🔥

  45. The One

    The One2 months ago

    That fake accent tho...she is from Detroit.

  46. Breasia Miller

    Breasia Miller3 months ago

    I love queen so much

  47. Jessixa Xruz

    Jessixa Xruz3 months ago

    She done did 3 interviews in the same day?


    QUEEN NISHA3 months ago

    if I could collaborate with QUEEN or CARDI that would be the best thing that happened to me

  49. FamousEditz

    FamousEditz3 months ago

    "The worst feeling is being with somebody who doesn't wanna be with you" *TRUTH*

  50. Chaiah 02

    Chaiah 023 months ago

    Anyone who dislikes this video is just hating

  51. lovely keys

    lovely keys3 months ago

    It's what you dow you will reap

  52. Ashanti Coulter

    Ashanti Coulter3 months ago

    My real name is karmah tobie

  53. Tal3n

    Tal3n3 months ago

    I’m not tryna be a hater u could have just said Chris and we all know what the song was about😂

  54. Marisofly

    Marisofly3 months ago

    I just broke up with the person i love because they wanted to return with their ex and honestly i felt that what hurt is being with someone that doesent want you i felt all of this

  55. John_Hunt2743

    John_Hunt27433 months ago

    Hello this John Hunt the Voice Over King. Check out my Funny Lion Compilations. I bet you fall out your seat laughing.

  56. Elijah Turner

    Elijah Turner3 months ago

    Verse 2 hits hard

  57. AlyssaReveri12

    AlyssaReveri123 months ago

    She reminds me of Keisha Cole 😭❤️

  58. trapmunii :3

    trapmunii :33 months ago

    You don’t know my stoooory

  59. im sleeping

    im sleeping3 months ago

    0:09 preach!

  60. strap gram

    strap gram3 months ago

    Is a copied song

  61. Sheily Michelle

    Sheily Michelle3 months ago

    I dont know why anyone would leave such a good beautiful women 💕

  62. Aaliyah :3

    Aaliyah :33 months ago

    Sheily Michelle thank you and Parker not even all that either🤦🏾‍♀️💯


    CANDY NEMO3 months ago

    Love u queen

  64. Jasmine

    Jasmine3 months ago

    Love u Queennnnnn

  65. nya l.

    nya l.3 months ago

    Queen has a beautiful voice😍

  66. Honey beans Blog

    Honey beans Blog3 months ago

    I’m still mad at queen soooo

  67. Honey beans Blog

    Honey beans Blog3 months ago

    Aaliyah :3 c.o.l.o.r.s.i.t

  68. Aaliyah :3

    Aaliyah :33 months ago

    Mini roasted Slay queen for what?

  69. Karma Jones

    Karma Jones3 months ago


  70. kayla cute

    kayla cute3 months ago

    u not special the song is

  71. Ariyanna! Babers!

    Ariyanna! Babers!3 months ago


  72. Kæy Ç

    Kæy Ç3 months ago

    How she gon' millyrock in the intro but fucking gonna talk bouts sad stuff😂😂😂 and I didn't know she liked shrimp dicks JK..don't be offended

  73. Fancy Vlogs by Maya

    Fancy Vlogs by Maya3 months ago

    Vid starts at 1:19 you’re welcome😘

  74. Rolly Garcia

    Rolly Garcia3 months ago

    Yooo new fav song 🔥🔥

  75. Rolly Garcia

    Rolly Garcia3 months ago

    Yo.... close your eyes and you’ll hear cardi b

  76. Rhonika Hill

    Rhonika Hill3 months ago

    The verse instagram always gets me in my feelings I know the feeling..

  77. Vanessa Reyna

    Vanessa Reyna3 months ago

    She is so pretty in the thumbmail

  78. Kimberly Fernandez

    Kimberly Fernandez3 months ago

    :16 to :30...preach. been in a relationship like that...ily

  79. Cessa Dossantos

    Cessa Dossantos3 months ago

    Do the Taylor Girlz One Percent!!!! 💋🙆🏽‍♀️🔥

  80. Mythical Craze

    Mythical Craze3 months ago

    I've been waiting!!😍

  81. Erica Harris

    Erica Harris3 months ago


  82. Zola Mendes

    Zola Mendes3 months ago

    She can sinnngggggggggg

  83. Steal Comments

    Steal Comments3 months ago

    Medicine and karma are the same thing butttt I love both song

  84. yung goten

    yung goten3 months ago

    genius was smart removing that reap what you sow shit lmao. this girl embarrassing herself.

  85. Courtney Rosemond

    Courtney Rosemond4 months ago

    Those vocals!

  86. Aaliyah :3

    Aaliyah :33 months ago

    Courtney Rosemond yasss💯❤️

  87. Jessica Jennings

    Jessica Jennings4 months ago

    Been there too sweety think us all men & women been here

  88. Tionna Johnson

    Tionna Johnson4 months ago


  89. Gabriella Sarai

    Gabriella Sarai4 months ago

    please do The Marias next !!!!

  90. Trippie kay 23

    Trippie kay 234 months ago

    You and Chris doing y'all thing

  91. McKayla Danielle

    McKayla Danielle4 months ago

    You’re so beautiful & Loved boo proud of you!❤️❤️😊

  92. Shaniya Tripplett

    Shaniya Tripplett4 months ago

    For sum reason she don't look like cardi b to me🤷

  93. rene willis

    rene willis4 months ago

    I swear she stole this song (well the melody)

  94. rene willis

    rene willis4 months ago

    I swear she stole this song (well the melody)

  95. rene willis

    rene willis3 months ago

    Princess Jazmine why you @tting me??

  96. Princess Jazmine

    Princess Jazmine3 months ago

    rene willis Ok And.?

  97. Khalia Howard

    Khalia Howard4 months ago

    Who wants to be friends ??

  98. Taniya Townsend

    Taniya Townsend4 months ago

    so she didn't remember taking this song from a gospel artist?? serious question

  99. Gabrielle Mays

    Gabrielle Mays3 months ago

    Taniya Townsend lmao

  100. ṧ!ṧтᾰᾰᾰ ČᗛƦƟĹƳŊZ

    ṧ!ṧтᾰᾰᾰ ČᗛƦƟĹƳŊZ4 months ago

    I love how you can tell that she isn’t fake she barely use voices audio💓💎👑

  101. Naria De Lemos

    Naria De Lemos4 months ago

    She was obviously preggers here

  102. Taahirah Sha

    Taahirah Sha4 months ago

    queen is gorgeous wow😭😭😭❤❤❤

  103. esthér émily

    esthér émily4 months ago


  104. KW family

    KW family4 months ago

    Can't nobody say queen use autotune

  105. Why u gotta 12 car garage??

    Why u gotta 12 car garage??4 months ago

    Why she look ugly as fuck in the thumbnail

  106. Jpooldog KING

    Jpooldog KING4 months ago

    Nah bro she a whole treesh😭😭

  107. Katie Kurowski

    Katie Kurowski4 months ago

    she’s so beautiful 😍

  108. i lish

    i lish4 months ago

    Nah nah nah y’all can’t have Queen and chris both on this channel that ain’t gon work