Q&A: What Souvenirs Conan & Jordan Picked Up In Italy - CONAN on TBS


  1. Unknown

    Unknown12 days ago

    Conan is a sweet dude

  2. kingikiller

    kingikiller2 months ago

    He doesn’t get souvenirs he takes experiences

  3. SydMint

    SydMint3 months ago

    Love these two, cool comedy duo and great mates too, the best :)

  4. Simret Sekhon

    Simret Sekhon3 months ago

    Awee 😢 it feels so great to know that Conan cares about Jordan and all jokes aside, considers him a friend.

  5. sbs2798uu

    sbs2798uu3 months ago


  6. Miko Philo

    Miko Philo3 months ago

    Coco loves Jodo

  7. alfonso nuno

    alfonso nuno3 months ago

    Conan is a human none can reserve

  8. Big Toblerone

    Big Toblerone3 months ago

    Jordan's beard is wacky

  9. james5346

    james53463 months ago

    How long has Conan and Jordan been dating?? #teamcoco

  10. Kevin Xu

    Kevin Xu3 months ago

    yeah. More ! I need more Jordan!

  11. Chemistry is shit

    Chemistry is shit3 months ago

    Omg I love this guy!

  12. Clashcor _

    Clashcor _3 months ago

    BTBAM mreporter.net/v/video-6yd28_WfhKU.html

  13. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart3 months ago

    It is impossible for the Conan team not to continue getting more awesome.

  14. Terrible Gamers

    Terrible Gamers3 months ago

    Why did u guys release all the Italy stuff at once? It’s like been trickling out for weeks I don’t get it.

  15. n1ko

    n1ko3 months ago

    The bromance is real.

  16. valfs intruder

    valfs intruder3 months ago

    Jordan x Flula x Conan Clueless Gamer!

  17. White Wolf

    White Wolf3 months ago

    Hey jordan looks and sounds like a human now more than ever

  18. Sleestak

    Sleestak3 months ago

    So Sona remembered and reminded Conan so he bought the cup...

  19. Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali

    Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali3 months ago

    00:45 "Conan bought me a VERY EXPENSIVE cappuccino cup".

  20. LILMEtrip805

    LILMEtrip8053 months ago

    I love how they didn't and we his question lol

  21. Duck Face

    Duck Face3 months ago

    aww, Conan does love him

  22. Juchille Jae

    Juchille Jae3 months ago

    I hope he gets to interview Paul Rudd with Ant Man and the Wasp coming up

  23. Cory Falde

    Cory Falde3 months ago

    Aawwww, Conan does care... haha

  24. Blak

    Blak3 months ago

    Coco and Schlongsky back at it again! ♥

  25. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young3 months ago

    Wow that's intersting Conan o Brian

  26. henrique C.

    henrique C.3 months ago

    Only me, or they realy look like a real couple...

  27. Gracieli Ambrósio

    Gracieli Ambrósio3 months ago

    Ssooooo cute

  28. cherry bomb

    cherry bomb3 months ago

    That beard tho

  29. shdw787

    shdw7873 months ago

    Even for a minute, they know we'll click for Jordan

  30. Sahil Dhadwal

    Sahil Dhadwal3 months ago

    Best duo.....

  31. The Satyr

    The Satyr3 months ago

    Jordan collects woman's shoes with the feet inside.

  32. kize32

    kize323 months ago

    Conan should ditch Andy for some time and have Jordan instead. At least until we get a little sick of seeing him there

  33. no really, Why don't we?

    no really, Why don't we?3 months ago

    kize32 noo Andy is awesome also he wouldn't consecrate with his guests and probably keep on teesing each other's

  34. jsssm

    jsssm3 months ago

    Why not just post the full Q&A?????

  35. Juan Manuel Pedrosa

    Juan Manuel Pedrosa3 months ago

    AX System, excuse me: ((More Videos * More Views) / (MReporter's Cut)) = Some Money

  36. Duck Face

    Duck Face3 months ago

    Ever seen Kimmel? they chop guest interview videos by sentences, so annoying >.<

  37. Candyroxnrulz

    Candyroxnrulz3 months ago

    Where can I watch the full thing?

  38. AX System

    AX System3 months ago

    Excuse me, More Videos + More Views = More Money *

  39. Marvel. Thalia

    Marvel. Thalia3 months ago

    More views = more money

  40. common sense

    common sense3 months ago

    Ahhhh what is that thing around Jordan's mouth?! It's hairy and looks itchy yuck 😰

  41. jordison jonkaes

    jordison jonkaes3 months ago

    They love each other 😍😍😍

  42. earth angel

    earth angel3 months ago

    Wowwwwwww wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jordon!!!!!!!!! You look hotttttttt!!!!! Heyyyyyyyy! There's a party on your. Face!!!!!yayyyyy

  43. Bilma Bilma

    Bilma Bilma3 months ago

    I could watch them for hours...

  44. StarlitShadows

    StarlitShadows3 months ago

    Love these Q&A's!

  45. Do Your Homework !

    Do Your Homework !3 months ago

    Never seen Jordan with that much facial hair before.

  46. Do Your Homework !

    Do Your Homework !3 months ago

    Must mean so. It can be the only explanation.

  47. PIX Promos & More

    PIX Promos & More3 months ago

    That only means his A.I. programming is getting more sophisticated.

  48. Rysdan9

    Rysdan93 months ago

    Jordan is the best.

  49. Liz

    Liz3 months ago

    my... heart...

  50. Pedro J

    Pedro J3 months ago

    "Just wanted to get that story out there." Why are you so naturally funny? Its not fair xD

  51. Pedro J

    Pedro J3 months ago

    The Keyboardslinger nah man. Conan was in his 20s and was already like this. Its just natural to him. But im not saying he didnt work hard on writing better material, sketches etc., but he's quick witted when it comes to jokes and always has been i believe. And thats something you dont really learn. I think you misunderstood what i meant by naturally funny. Like Andy Samberg is hilarious and writes amazing stuff. But in normal conversation he doesnt tend to be funny or silly. Conan on the other hand is. You get what i mean?

  52. The Keyboardslinger

    The Keyboardslinger3 months ago

    Maybe he's not naturally funny. Maybe it took him decades to master his humor.

  53. Amanda J Tycer

    Amanda J Tycer3 months ago

    Yay!!! These two...

  54. Derpster

    Derpster3 months ago

    Why is Conan keeping his shoulders weirdly?

  55. Gary Turbo

    Gary Turbo3 months ago

    Conan looks like he can throw Jordan around like a rag doll

  56. Pedro J

    Pedro J3 months ago

    Jordan is pretty buff though. I think he would throw Conan around like a rag doll xD

  57. Dane Potmo

    Dane Potmo3 months ago

    I wish he would

  58. Kitty Gamer

    Kitty Gamer3 months ago

    I love it when they do episodes together. It’s the best lol.

  59. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli3 months ago

    BE GONE THOT!!!!!

  60. Alex Kloncz

    Alex Kloncz3 months ago

    U got an Instagram handle

  61. Edgar Gomez

    Edgar Gomez3 months ago

    You are hot

  62. Phg Gaming903

    Phg Gaming9033 months ago

    Gg Conan, gg

  63. Kymmze J

    Kymmze J3 months ago

    I’m so glad to see Jordan coming out of his shell. All of that metal must’ve been heating up his hard-drive.

  64. Uku Sibul

    Uku Sibul3 months ago

    I'm not

  65. Ryder'sCove

    Ryder'sCove3 months ago

    Conan loves Jordan, greatest bromance ever

  66. Alex Cheng

    Alex Cheng3 months ago

    Cheeky straight face from Conan. Priceless.

  67. avinash varma

    avinash varma3 months ago

    Jordan schlansky... looks quite different here...

  68. Duck Face

    Duck Face3 months ago

    he has various looks

  69. You Tried It!

    You Tried It!3 months ago

    he's acting normal too.

  70. Hating me is conforming

    Hating me is conforming3 months ago

    I want to see a buddy sitcom with Jordan,Conan, and Andy all sharing an apartment.Maybe a "Funny or Die" thing.

  71. Pedro J

    Pedro J3 months ago

    Hating me is conforming that would be amazing!

  72. Sean Russek

    Sean Russek3 months ago

    Hi Conan!!!!

  73. Mike Morris

    Mike Morris3 months ago

    Various souvenirs.

  74. wimpow

    wimpow3 months ago

    Various, Various, redde mihi legiones!

  75. Mike Morris

    Mike Morris3 months ago

    Various one more time.

  76. rocketfish234

    rocketfish2343 months ago

    Aisha Williams various

  77. Aisha Williams

    Aisha Williams3 months ago

    Mike Morris Say various one more time!

  78. antuan gruezman

    antuan gruezman3 months ago

    Awwwww cute bromance

  79. Hào Lý

    Hào Lý3 months ago

    Hi conan

  80. Ari George

    Ari George3 months ago

    That’s a bid beard 🧔

  81. VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_

    VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_3 months ago

    First from Finland, yet again.. possibly. part 2