Puyol Fairplay Legend


  1. Akib Malgundkar

    Akib Malgundkar4 days ago

    Great leader


    FUTBOL ÜSTADI5 days ago

    Best gamer puyol

  3. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade8 days ago

    much respect to him

  4. Rafael Leão

    Rafael Leão10 days ago

    Nunca haverá outro puyol. Um monstro no futebol; um baita futebolista e líder de verdade.

  5. Hakim Kherbache

    Hakim Kherbache13 days ago

    Antipode de Ramos la pute

  6. Krasi Krumov

    Krasi Krumov14 days ago

    Dont u dare to compare sergio ramos with him.

  7. drycanari -fifa player

    drycanari -fifa player16 days ago

    Puyol is a legend forever

  8. Koro Dredre

    Koro Dredre18 days ago

    Puyol =Kante make soccer a beautiful game

  9. Jejehe Hshs

    Jejehe Hshs20 days ago

    Puyol top y n'a da mas top

  10. jamburger

    jamburger20 days ago


  11. Ashfaq Ahmad

    Ashfaq Ahmad20 days ago

    Puyol is my best player no one can replace him.....


    GAME PLAY CRITIC22 days ago

    Legends doesnt need titles😎

  13. Pranab Kumar Sen

    Pranab Kumar Sen24 days ago

    Legends remains Always Legend!!

  14. Erdi Neziri

    Erdi Neziri27 days ago

    This player can't be hated

  15. vaxo gugushvili

    vaxo gugushvili27 days ago


  16. Rakki Donmi

    Rakki Donmi28 days ago

    2:17 ponerle el pecho a las balas...que jugador

  17. Pa dawda Trawally

    Pa dawda Trawally29 days ago

    Puyol world best for ever

  18. fadil dennice

    fadil dennice29 days ago

    Barca legend ! And best deffender ever

  19. daniel 3KQ38

    daniel 3KQ38Month ago

    thats the real footballer not wasting time to simulate after fault ;) respect

  20. mantequilla vaso

    mantequilla vasoMonth ago

    Es ahi donde te das cuenta que no es Zidane, no es Ronaldinho, no es Maradona ni Pelé, no es Messi ni Ronaldo9, es Puyol! Puyol! Ser grande dentro de la cancha muchos lo han logrado, ser grande dentro y fuera de la cancha, Puyol!

  21. journal anal

    journal analMonth ago

    Terry Bozzio...

  22. Jonathan Navarro

    Jonathan NavarroMonth ago

    This was a great player and a good person why did he tube why put old

  23. Arit,Yariv Tal

    Arit,Yariv TalMonth ago

    Puyol was great captain and great man and player too

  24. Radomir Pavicevic

    Radomir PavicevicMonth ago

    Very good player,football legend and very good man!

  25. Andres Imbriaco

    Andres ImbriacoMonth ago

    This a real legend of football always respect for the others team

  26. Kira

    KiraMonth ago

    Im Real Madrid fan, but Pyol is the best captain ever. Great defender, better person

  27. Jeroxy

    JeroxyMonth ago

    Sen bu işi biliyosun Puyool

  28. IamPOOP

    IamPOOPMonth ago

    Puyol is a egend he deserves a Ballon d'Or

  29. Jack Blaze

    Jack BlazeMonth ago

    No matter who Messi and Ronaldo be for me puyol will be best u don't need balloon dor be legend or puskas award or European golden shoe to be legend for me 1.) puyol 2.)Messi 3.) Ronaldinho 4.) Cristiano

  30. ToastPlays

    ToastPlaysMonth ago

    Sergio Ramos: I WANNA BE JUST LIKE PUYOL!! In 2018 Sergio Ramos: Well, i was close to be like him......

  31. rorros.gaming rorris

    rorros.gaming rorrisMonth ago

    is he still alive?

  32. Ashwani Sharma

    Ashwani SharmaMonth ago

    His carrier fell short because of crucial injuries.

  33. Saruk Molla

    Saruk MollaMonth ago

    puyol all time best defender👏👏👏👍

  34. ALL DAY

    ALL DAYMonth ago

    Pique was bout to show to the ref but Puyol was like give me that shit, it doesn’t hurt that bad stop wasting time.

  35. ALL DAY

    ALL DAYMonth ago

    Casillas & Roberto Carlos & Puyol & Maldini & Zanetti & Iniesta & Zidane & Beckham & Ronaldinho & Ronaldo original & Messi

  36. Dragon Force

    Dragon ForceMonth ago

    i think ramos should watch this video learn how to be fair play!

  37. Sam

    SamMonth ago

    Youngsters should learn from legends like Puyol/Klose. But unfortunately their role models these days are Neymar/Suarez.

  38. 신현진

    신현진Month ago

    I always thought Puyol was the best as a grear soccer player and human being. He was the one how made me defence in my private soccer life..He is the gentleman on the field. Some of you guys should have best 11in your mind right? Puyol is definately taking center back and the cap sign.

  39. Arvid L

    Arvid LMonth ago


  40. Arita vi links

    Arita vi linksMonth ago

    Song please

  41. Tech Channel

    Tech ChannelMonth ago

    One of the greatest defender of all time and one of the most respected footballer of all time. LEGEND ❤

  42. NeoSpartanHesperos9

    NeoSpartanHesperos9Month ago

    This is why Carles Puyol will forever be my favorite player. Not because of skill or speed- but because he showed leadership, fighting spirit, courage, loyalty to FC Barcelona and sportsmanship.

  43. Cristiano Justo

    Cristiano JustoMonth ago

    O cara era diferenciado.

  44. gilad ramon

    gilad ramonMonth ago

    I hope hey becomes manger of barca with xavi ,inista and messi. Absolute fucking legend

  45. Paradox BeraHack

    Paradox BeraHackMonth ago

    I cried...

  46. lucian ignatescu

    lucian ignatescuMonth ago

    Puyol is a captain of football...he is beyond barcelona, above spain... just "rise above the hate".

  47. Eduardo Francioli

    Eduardo FrancioliMonth ago

    Nunca habrá un futbolista que me merezca tanto respeto como Carles Puyol... y soy madridista... pero el Sr. Puyol dentro del campo demostró ser un caballero... Grande Carles!!!

  48. Guillermo Perez

    Guillermo PerezMonth ago

    Absolute legend impossible to hate this guy

  49. Marius Sandu

    Marius SanduMonth ago

    Ramos His paralel contra Puyol ⚽️ His the best Player faire play

  50. Gifty Appiah

    Gifty AppiahMonth ago

    Puyol is everything. I just love himmmm.legend

  51. Anderson ZX

    Anderson ZXMonth ago

    O zagueiro ruim que todo mundo gostaria de ter em seu time :')

  52. Muhammadjon Ismoilov

    Muhammadjon IsmoilovMonth ago

    Puyil klas

  53. Rahul Nandee

    Rahul NandeeMonth ago

    spain has two opposite kind of Defenders at the same time. Puyol, whom everyone loves and respect. another is full of disrespect and mostly hated defender after PEPE is Sergio Ramos

  54. Lio Andre

    Lio AndreMonth ago

    i miss puyol a lot u always a legend for me! salute captain!

  55. Saypin Taweeshuplomloet

    Saypin TaweeshuplomloetMonth ago

    Sad 😢😢😢

  56. István Sipos

    István Sipos2 months ago

    a great, yet humble Captain

  57. Keyboard Gagal

    Keyboard Gagal2 months ago

    Idola gw neh,

  58. Cuccitini

    Cuccitini2 months ago

    a true captain

  59. Kill Me

    Kill Me2 months ago

    Bye Legend even tho he got destroyed by Di maria a couple years ago

  60. harvir mangat

    harvir mangat2 months ago

    The greatest captain and leader in all of sports

  61. manel mataro

    manel mataro2 months ago

    ENORME PUYOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Rajakumar Loganathan

    Rajakumar Loganathan2 months ago

    The guy who slapped Puyol, what a dickhead!

  63. Johan Rahmanda Andhira

    Johan Rahmanda Andhira2 months ago

    When even Ronaldinho loses his shit, you know shit just got real.

  64. King Doge animations

    King Doge animations2 months ago

    Wtf he is soo freaking nice this guy deserves everything

  65. phuoc dien dang

    phuoc dien dang2 months ago

    Many barca fan love and admire messi Ronaldinho but to me puyol and Iniesta are the soul and heart of barca

  66. Faizan Awan

    Faizan Awan2 months ago

    i dont like barcelona but i like the legend carles puyol

  67. Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander2 months ago

    I respect Cassilas and Raul but i don't know why i hate Madrid

  68. roni saputra

    roni saputra2 months ago

    Real Capiten

  69. Fey

    Fey2 months ago

    Greatest (football) captain alive.

  70. Jackie Muir

    Jackie Muir2 months ago

    every team needs a Puyol

  71. Tenshun

    Tenshun2 months ago

    Last of the mohicans... that's what i always think with pirlo. no nonse, no drama, no bullshit.. Play the game

  72. Hama_ Gaming

    Hama_ Gaming2 months ago

    But when agaianst real Madrid he will be lion

  73. Μανολης Παγκαλος

    Μανολης Παγκαλος2 months ago

    Real legend

  74. Krizefugl

    Krizefugl2 months ago

    life by his example...gets slapped: laughs it off and stops others from intervening too. there arent many people in the world that would handle such situation like this Edit: the reason i ended up looking for fairplay was some sportscompilation of USA basketball players stopping an enemy attack and the attacker fell down. instead of just being a decent person and helping him up even though he might not be on your team they give them evil looks. i dont play professionally nor did i ever play in any actual team for any sports. but whenever i did play it was about the fun and even if i didnt like the people i faced i still helped them up if they fell. thats what you do in my opinion. as simple as that

  75. A baby Pigeon

    A baby Pigeon2 months ago

    Definition of a captain is Carlos Puyol I hate barca but his truly a legend

  76. Ameer Qayyum

    Ameer Qayyum2 months ago

    Someone copy your video mreporter.net/v/video-xbLDixmnkZY.html

  77. Paolo Giovannetti

    Paolo Giovannetti2 months ago

    Il piu grande al mondo

  78. Paolo Giovannetti

    Paolo Giovannetti2 months ago


  79. Denny Saputra

    Denny Saputra2 months ago

    The real legend barca

  80. Ade Riana Mulia

    Ade Riana Mulia2 months ago

    He loves football so much 😣

  81. guilleskatelife gj

    guilleskatelife gj2 months ago

    Why do you have to put fucking sad music like he died recently?

  82. Zhenass

    Zhenass2 months ago


  83. pencinta kucing

    pencinta kucing2 months ago


  84. Peace Be with you

    Peace Be with you2 months ago

    Hey ramos take note.....this is a real Spanish player

  85. Fadhal Sidqi

    Fadhal Sidqi2 months ago

    Miss you, capt.

  86. Noem Í

    Noem Í2 months ago

    jeez i miss watching him play

  87. bftb

    bftb2 months ago

    Shame there aren't more players like that.

  88. lone wolf

    lone wolf2 months ago

    There are Ronaldo and Messi fans but I am Puyol fan

  89. St Dope

    St Dope2 months ago

    An absolute legend

  90. Sepupu dari Sepupunya Ocong

    Sepupu dari Sepupunya Ocong2 months ago

    The Legend Will never die

  91. Yo Ming

    Yo Ming2 months ago

    puyol and Gerrard

  92. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ2 months ago

    1:23 can someone explain what exactly is happening in that clip?

  93. Anonim Scrt

    Anonim Scrt2 months ago

    The best of football player, it's puyol.

  94. Neutron Ion

    Neutron Ion2 months ago

    Da real tsubasa

  95. Al Val

    Al Val2 months ago

    Jesus... As a rule, every soccer video MUST have the worst, most out of place music. NO exceptions.


    MIDHUN KRISHNAN2 months ago

    Every body love's him

  97. Warn Besi

    Warn Besi2 months ago

    Try to hit Jaap Stam. He will fuck u up hahahah

  98. Imron Ngamiri

    Imron Ngamiri2 months ago

    Jujur klo gw main ps2 trus lwanya Puyol, gw kesel soalnya klo dia jdi back udh kek setan dmana" nongol Tp real life, mad respect to u Mr. Puyol 😊

  99. Rizal Bojesz

    Rizal Bojesz2 months ago

    he shows what captain have to do

  100. Silver Man

    Silver Man2 months ago

    The last men in Barcelona

  101. AnmA TwentySeven

    AnmA TwentySeven2 months ago

    This hero is never cheating

  102. Muhammad Abdulloh17

    Muhammad Abdulloh172 months ago

    The Legend