Puyol Fairplay Legend


  1. antonio caprioli

    antonio caprioli8 hours ago


  2. ファッキュー飯尾

    ファッキュー飯尾Day ago

    Wanna be like him as human being

  3. דניס ביוקה

    דניס ביוקה4 days ago

    People dosen't have to be idolaters but all humankind needs to repend a be evangelic

  4. james ruper considine carafi

    james ruper considine carafi5 days ago

    Et truvem a falta 💙♥️💙♥️💙♥️♥️💙

  5. Isomaïru L' Otaku

    Isomaïru L' Otaku12 days ago


  6. Leonardo Girao

    Leonardo Girao14 days ago

    es un crack, el mejor defensa que he visto

  7. boyka 40

    boyka 4015 days ago

    Gracias por todoS

  8. Jarviss

    Jarviss16 days ago

    Todays footballstars should really take notes...

  9. Can we get 1 billion subscribers Without video

    Can we get 1 billion subscribers Without video18 days ago

    And how tf ppl dislike him

  10. Гаврил Семенов

    Гаврил Семенов28 days ago

    Don't like Fc Barcelona at all. Huge respect for their Captain.

  11. J. S.

    J. S.28 days ago

    No lo sabía, pero todo el respeto para un héroe como él!

  12. Witold Dzban

    Witold DzbanMonth ago


  13. Kostas Kostoglouidis

    Kostas KostoglouidisMonth ago

    I wanted to cry after the slup.. I cant imagine hit a man like him

  14. Robin Robinson

    Robin RobinsonMonth ago

    The skipper any manager would dream for .. Not just being the captin for fame

  15. João Matos

    João MatosMonth ago

    The honest guy

  16. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanMonth ago

    Man I miss those days. Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta , Ronaldinho etc :(

  17. Avokádo

    AvokádoMonth ago

    U cant hate this man



    Ευγενής αμυλλα

  19. Hilderlan Francisco

    Hilderlan FranciscoMonth ago

    puyol mito

  20. MissBehaven1974

    MissBehaven1974Month ago

    we miss him.. and also the Laudrup.. he would allways pass the ball if their was 1 % better chance that the reciver would nail it.. he was so humble, and yet was the greatest

  21. Kadir Aslan

    Kadir Aslan2 months ago

    2019 years. I am watching him.

  22. Matt Tv

    Matt Tv2 months ago

    i want to cy, i miss you

  23. Rafeeq Sali

    Rafeeq Sali2 months ago

    World can never hate this legend.

  24. Gabor Kovari

    Gabor Kovari2 months ago

    He’s really missing. Since he retired there is not a true leader in Barca.

  25. Bibush Pant

    Bibush Pant2 months ago

    Absolutely gutted after 4-0 defeat. There’s no one like puyol.

  26. Dean's Life

    Dean's LifeMonth ago

    We haven't had anyone like him since. They fall apart when go so many goals down. They are like schoolboys, vidal is the schoolboy with the most fight but Puyol was the headmaster! He was the one they really miss

  27. SouthKorea

    SouthKorea2 months ago


  28. The Thunder

    The Thunder2 months ago

    Liverpool 4:0 Barcelona I'm watching this video and wondering what we'd see if Carles was at Anfield


    STAR OF DAVID672 months ago

    Celtic fan, One of footballs true legends and a gentleman too.


    ADAMA MAÏGA2 months ago

    Love You my idol Puyol ❤❤❤

  31. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh2 months ago

    Feel very good for those who searched this pious kind hearted... And a great responsible captain of all time 😊

  32. Krizefugl

    Krizefugl2 months ago

    imagine how much more fun to watch this game would be if everyone played fair like this. no crybabies buying time, rolling around, fakelimping and permanently complaining with the ref. i stopped watching big games since its more of a theatrical drama than actual game nowadays

  33. gökhan türk

    gökhan türk2 months ago

    0:58 player name ?

  34. gökhan türk

    gökhan türk2 months ago

    En sevdiğim defans oyuncusu puyol du demekki boşuna değilmiş

  35. hilala jafarli

    hilala jafarli3 months ago

    i cant stop my tears😢

  36. beatriz blas

    beatriz blas3 months ago

    Mejor central del mundo

  37. Fastpadder

    Fastpadder3 months ago

    What a Great human beeing! If all People in the world Would behave like him there Would be no war anymore and the world Full of Peace! Respect Puyol!

  38. Morteza 5

    Morteza 53 months ago

    Puyol is the example of that you can be both tough and humble at the same time

  39. Reshad

    Reshad3 months ago

    I always say that God has given Barcelona and Spain all these achievements for Puyol's sake.

  40. Kuburan Saje

    Kuburan Saje3 months ago


  41. capsularjerxis

    capsularjerxis3 months ago

    Seen him playing the class that he was you realize nobody will replace him in Spain

  42. capsularjerxis

    capsularjerxis3 months ago

    I always cry to see why soccer is the best sport in the world when the millions dollar dance is around

  43. Wasil Aslami

    Wasil Aslami3 months ago

    Miss you captain 😔😔😔😪😪😪

  44. Faiz Syed

    Faiz Syed3 months ago


  45. Madeq Khairi

    Madeq Khairi4 months ago

    The legend of fair play, kind person all full respect

  46. Dario Arena

    Dario Arena4 months ago

    Why did Song suppose he was the chosen by Carles? LoL

  47. Clavicle Bone

    Clavicle Bone4 months ago

    Admit it or not , without puyol Spain is nothing like it used to be

  48. Resad Suleymanzade

    Resad Suleymanzade4 months ago

    2:35 i dont cry i dont yes i cry

  49. Sticky Kitty

    Sticky Kitty4 months ago

    Glad to see a video about him and his attitude Such an amazing sight to see Thank you video creator And thank you Carlos!

  50. Jacek S

    Jacek S4 months ago

    They don't make them like that anymore..

  51. Ainzi Aicha

    Ainzi Aicha4 months ago

    Respct poyoul .