Puyol Fairplay Legend


  1. Ayush Messi

    Ayush Messi5 days ago

    A great spanish legend ever....

  2. TimoManuel33 -

    TimoManuel33 -5 days ago

    He should've been the captain of spain 2010 Unfortunately he's a Catalan

  3. Black BuckChain

    Black BuckChain6 days ago

    What an example he is for the new generation

  4. Black BuckChain

    Black BuckChain6 days ago

    I miss him


    GEGE ERIC7 days ago

    The sad thing is that we wont have a player like him anymore 😫

  6. Luis-Felipe Sanchez

    Luis-Felipe Sanchez9 days ago

    That's why I love him. This man was only about football. Football and nothing else. No drama no bullshit. Football and respect.

  7. André Techer

    André Techer11 days ago

    Pour moi, un des meilleurs

  8. Jamili Yahaya

    Jamili Yahaya12 days ago

    We miss puyol

  9. Raha Kurdish

    Raha Kurdish20 days ago

    261 dislikes to this legend are you serious ?

  10. An Old Embryo

    An Old Embryo23 days ago

    Kral adam ya

  11. Timmy Version1

    Timmy Version125 days ago


  12. Luis Sainz

    Luis SainzMonth ago

    ¡Grande capitán!

  13. Youl Amanuel

    Youl AmanuelMonth ago

    That’s what it means to be a captain

  14. Arian Yande

    Arian YandeMonth ago

    Carlos Puyol The Real Captain & Legend Barcelona FC 👏🙂


    YOUSSOUF BECHIR 55Month ago


  16. Anti Viral Viral Club

    Anti Viral Viral ClubMonth ago

    when barca take control the world... i love puyol era rather than messi era. sorry to say

  17. Mustafa Bursalı

    Mustafa BursalıMonth ago

    I love how Ronaldinho becomes mad when Puyol get slapped.. I mean he has been always peaceful player and he might be keep calm even Ronaldinho's himself gets slapped instead of Puyol.. but if you disrespect a man like Puyol, even a man like Ronaldinho becomes mad.. Men shows respect to legends.. and legends show respect to puyol..

  18. Alon Segal

    Alon SegalMonth ago

    Puyol, Ronaldhino, Xavi Hernandz Iniesta and Messi, Legends, Puyol is my favorite player of them all, for being such an amazing CB and a rare, Honest player.

  19. İsim siz

    İsim sizMonth ago

    Carles Puyol is better than Grizmann. -Splitt/Nameless

  20. Mosx21

    Mosx21Month ago

    Him, Buffon and Pirlo have no haters at all, even rival fans respect them

  21. Ahmet Kocaman

    Ahmet KocamanMonth ago

    Trabzonspora böyle kaptan gelmedikçe şampiyon olamaz

  22. A p

    A pMonth ago

    Most respectable player Thats why everyone like him

  23. Angelos Erimou

    Angelos ErimouMonth ago

    He gave class and added dignity to an often dirty game. He was exceptional, I wish we had more like him!

  24. Nemo Nobody

    Nemo NobodyMonth ago

    Thank God I watched this legend play football 💙❤️ #viscabarce

  25. JEPAZz TV

    JEPAZz TVMonth ago

    This man is an legend

  26. AceTheNutHead

    AceTheNutHeadMonth ago

    Doesn't stop him from rolling around on the floor and faking injuries to get players suspended

  27. Rayyan Shaikh

    Rayyan ShaikhMonth ago

    The worst moment was when Ramos hits Puyol and pushes him back. Like how can he do this to such a honest player.

  28. Shafiq Sapikdol sapikdol

    Shafiq Sapikdol sapikdol2 months ago

    I hate Barca But i am sorry I cant Hate This Legend

  29. Tarik Cakic

    Tarik Cakic2 months ago

    I support Madrid for like 15 years or somm. In La Liga I havent seen better guy than him. Him and Marcelo are golden. Puyol has the mentality while Pique and Ramos are couple bitches.

  30. Amekaw XD

    Amekaw XD2 months ago

    Best defend and leader

  31. Tounsi Behi

    Tounsi Behi2 months ago


  32. Rudra Kashyap

    Rudra Kashyap2 months ago

    The greatest captain football will ever see. Grandeza al puyol.

  33. Emir Akt

    Emir Akt2 months ago

    The last king he is puyol P U Y O L

  34. Simo76

    Simo762 months ago

    Big player

  35. Khotso Segale

    Khotso Segale2 months ago

    What a captain

  36. Ali Mohebbi

    Ali Mohebbi2 months ago

    Big heart

  37. Q Romadhani

    Q Romadhani2 months ago

    Puyol is Super Hero

  38. Nirmal Lamichhane

    Nirmal Lamichhane2 months ago

    Puyol, Buffon, Iniesta, Pirlo. Now all we have is the diving crybaby Neymar, and the player who id oppisite of Puyol in everything, Ramos


    HELL BOYS2 months ago

    The moment when he got slapped from that guy and stop ronaldinho from fighting against him....😢 that guy is simply amazing 😭

  40. Barry Ramírez

    Barry Ramírez2 months ago


  41. diego Galtieri

    diego Galtieri2 months ago


  42. blue splash

    blue splash2 months ago

    This is why I am a barcà fan because of puyol

  43. Череп Смерти

    Череп Смерти2 months ago

    The captain of 3 generation spain football

  44. Tayker

    Tayker2 months ago

    Soy Del Real Madrid y me declaro fan de este crack!! Leyenda

  45. P. TACHTA

    P. TACHTA3 months ago

    What a captain!!!

  46. Tamudo93

    Tamudo933 months ago


  47. Diablejo

    Diablejo3 months ago

    es una burla para el futbol que cannavaro tenga un balon de oro y este señor no

  48. Usman Hoath

    Usman Hoath3 months ago

    Puyol and Maldene is best defender

  49. Misghina Shishay

    Misghina Shishay3 months ago

    puyol is real perfekt capitain

  50. Nirmal Lamichhane

    Nirmal Lamichhane3 months ago

    There are some players that no one can hate: Puyol, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Casillas,

  51. Sascha Brankovic

    Sascha Brankovic3 months ago


  52. Caren Hapuk99

    Caren Hapuk993 months ago

    Player with no haters

  53. Luna cats

    Luna cats3 months ago


  54. paym4n

    paym4n3 months ago

    This is what Barcelona is missing right now.

  55. lenters82

    lenters823 months ago

    Puyol a correct man...

  56. Randy Marsh

    Randy Marsh3 months ago

    We don't say this very often but we all miss puyol

  57. Peti Márki

    Peti Márki3 months ago


  58. Wolverine

    Wolverine3 months ago

    The best captain ever and forever.

  59. Gitarcı Manolis'in Oğlu

    Gitarcı Manolis'in Oğlu3 months ago

    Forever the best...

  60. irvanCrocs

    irvanCrocs3 months ago

    I don't like barca, because i am fan of other club, but i can't deny i respect so many their players such Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, and Ronaldinho. They are example of what's making football is great. I respect them a lot along with legendary players like Zanetti, Maldini, Giggs, Lampard, Gerrard, Ronaldo, Totti, Buffon, and Henry..

  61. Sahil Majib

    Sahil Majib3 months ago

    Missing this legend

  62. Lyrics Show

    Lyrics Show3 months ago

    You are Puyol if you like this Translation- You are great if you like this

  63. Sir Douchebag

    Sir Douchebag3 months ago

    real sportsmanship

  64. sami zorbey tahberer

    sami zorbey tahberer3 months ago

    last legend..

  65. T30 _

    T30 _4 months ago

    Pyol is the best

  66. Rico

    Rico4 months ago

    2:35 the two players that both madrid and barca didn't hate and MUSTN'T

  67. Raul Patino

    Raul Patino4 months ago

    This man was and still is the legend! Respect ✊

  68. afni yenita

    afni yenita4 months ago

    Make me cry...you are so amazing man......without ballon d"or...you still a legend n great player..respect

  69. cslr123

    cslr1234 months ago

    I'm glad that he won everything possible in football and did it in style.. Feel bad that Messi didn't win a world cup though.. With all the play acting and cheating that goes on in football, I feel that puyol, pirlo, buffon and Messi are the ones everyone can look upto to see the greatness of it

  70. stefan Simijonovic

    stefan Simijonovic4 months ago

    My favourite player.Legend.

  71. Comedation

    Comedation4 months ago

    Barca has always produced legends

  72. devi devito

    devi devito4 months ago


  73. Romero Weed

    Romero Weed4 months ago

    Llore con ese video

  74. Radu Vlad

    Radu Vlad4 months ago

    what a fucking class act puyol was...only barcelona player that I ever liked.

  75. Henry Cifuentes

    Henry Cifuentes4 months ago

    No matter who wears the Captain's armband, Carles Puyol Will always be my Capi

  76. Zanariah Ahmad

    Zanariah Ahmad4 months ago

    Even real madrid team respect him love you legend

  77. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues4 months ago

    This is football. Puyol was one of the best defenders of the history. He was such a good player and person. Today, it's hard to find someone like him. That's what makes him a legend.

  78. Saleh Bourouba

    Saleh Bourouba4 months ago

    Poyul is calme

  79. The beautiful game

    The beautiful game5 months ago

    That's what a real man looks like.

  80. Tony Montes

    Tony Montes5 months ago

    Truly unique in every way. One of a kind

  81. Akib Malgundkar

    Akib Malgundkar5 months ago

    Great leader

  82. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade5 months ago

    much respect to him

  83. Rafael Leão

    Rafael Leão5 months ago

    Nunca haverá outro puyol. Um monstro no futebol; um baita futebolista e líder de verdade.

  84. Hakim Kherbache

    Hakim Kherbache5 months ago

    Antipode de Ramos la pute

  85. Krasi Krumov

    Krasi Krumov5 months ago

    Dont u dare to compare sergio ramos with him.

  86. jsmbiste jsmbiste

    jsmbiste jsmbiste5 months ago

    Puyol is a legend forever

  87. Koro Dredre

    Koro Dredre5 months ago

    Puyol =Kante make soccer a beautiful game

  88. Jejehe Hshs

    Jejehe Hshs5 months ago

    Puyol top y n'a da mas top

  89. jamburger

    jamburger5 months ago


  90. Ashfaq Ahmad

    Ashfaq Ahmad5 months ago

    Puyol is my best player no one can replace him.....

  91. Psycho path

    Psycho path5 months ago

    Legends doesnt need titles😎

  92. Pranab Kumar Sen

    Pranab Kumar Sen5 months ago

    Legends remains Always Legend!!

  93. Erdi Neziri

    Erdi Neziri6 months ago

    This player can't be hated

  94. vaxo gugushvili

    vaxo gugushvili6 months ago


  95. Rakki Donmi

    Rakki Donmi6 months ago

    2:17 ponerle el pecho a las balas...que jugador

  96. Pa dawda Trawally

    Pa dawda Trawally6 months ago

    Puyol world best for ever

  97. fadil dennice

    fadil dennice6 months ago

    Barca legend ! And best deffender ever

  98. daniel 3KQ38

    daniel 3KQ386 months ago

    thats the real footballer not wasting time to simulate after fault ;) respect

  99. mantequilla vaso

    mantequilla vaso6 months ago

    Es ahi donde te das cuenta que no es Zidane, no es Ronaldinho, no es Maradona ni Pelé, no es Messi ni Ronaldo9, es Puyol! Puyol! Ser grande dentro de la cancha muchos lo han logrado, ser grande dentro y fuera de la cancha, Puyol!

  100. journal anal

    journal anal6 months ago

    Terry Bozzio...