#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018


  1. I like happy songs with titles that don’t match

    I like happy songs with titles that don’t match56 minutes ago

    I really don’t get why people get so angry at this lol. People are like “IS IT OK THAT IM A WHITE MALE? DO WE ALL HAVE TO BE GAY NOW?” like dude chill, why does people being themselves threaten you so much? Also c’mon youtube, don’t pretend you support lgbt after putting anti-gay ads on lgbt MReporterrs channels as well as demonetizing lgbt channels. Also gotta say I don’t like the bit where it’s like “We’re not fabulous people who happen to be queer, were fabulous because were queer.” No, that’s just a shitty attitude. I’m pansexual, and that doesn’t make me fabulous. You are not a sexuality that happens to be a person you are a person that has a sexuality. You don’t need a sexuality to be a fabulous person you should just be a great person because that’s who you are. What sexuality is, is who you’re attracted to. People seem to forget that. People get caught up on the stereotypes, lgbt people and non lgbt people. I think pride month is a great idea to celebrate how far the lgbt community has come, but we have to remember that sexuality is not something that defines someone’s personality and makes us “fabulous” Be yourself y’all.

  2. LucarioRoolz

    LucarioRoolz2 hours ago

    *L* emme *G* et uhh *B* ONELESS PIZZA with uhh *T* wo liters of coke

  3. The Cabbage Master

    The Cabbage Master7 hours ago

    This video will you aids

  4. Betim Mezelxhiu

    Betim Mezelxhiu7 hours ago

    There's only 2 genders!! And you cannot change it!!

  5. Chuy 594

    Chuy 5947 hours ago

    When that extra chromosome kicks in

  6. Betim Mezelxhiu

    Betim Mezelxhiu7 hours ago

    Do not delete comments and dislikes this time MReporter, keep it fair and accept the feedback

  7. Anime Butt

    Anime Butt10 hours ago

    Send'em all to Uganda

  8. xxxSYLENDER

    xxxSYLENDER12 hours ago

    Why the hell did I watch this homosexual montage!!!!!????!!!!!????!?!?

  9. Lauren ,W,

    Lauren ,W,15 hours ago

    Okay I respect the lgbt community and I am part of it (I am bi) but this....this is really bad. Jeez...

  10. Dr Krypt1c

    Dr Krypt1c15 hours ago

    This video is saying how people should be proud to be LGBT. And most of them say there are more than 2 genders... But in the word LGBT, the B means Bisexual, and Bi means 2. So are they screwing themselves over?

  11. Ronan X

    Ronan X13 hours ago

    Dr Krypt1c pride: proud to sabotage

  12. Kendrik MacDonald

    Kendrik MacDonald20 hours ago

    You know your video took a L when people prefer the comment section over it

  13. Birbddha

    Birbddha20 hours ago

    "We are amazing because we are queer" Ok. No. Just because you are something doesn't mean you automatically get a pass. I'm bi yet I don't flaunt it around like this. The idea that if you're lgbt that's the only thing about you is a dangerous idea and frankly is insulting. This is why I stay away from this community. The best type of representation is normal representation, not dancing around making gay/bi/lesbian/trans people look like street performers like this does. I don't care what you are, if you're any of these, cool more power to you, but I don't want that to be all that is I get from you like what this video shows.

  14. Sir Swagington

    Sir Swagington23 hours ago

    Can we get a straight pride video MReporter

  15. Sir Swagington

    Sir Swagington23 hours ago

    Gay lol

  16. Unfavorable Acts

    Unfavorable Acts23 hours ago

    Damn, MReporter has come to sickening things like this?

  17. Kuldip Sahota

    Kuldip Sahota23 hours ago

    Thanks Kamal you

  18. Faty Guzman

    Faty GuzmanDay ago

    Aparecieron Calle y Poche!Un pedacito pero aparecieron :')

  19. عبدالله عامر

    عبدالله عامرDay ago

    مرحبااا ✌شباب /بنات/اني طلبي 👍كلش زغير 😘بس اضغط علا زر الاشتراك 👍 تسجيع الي ودعمي للنشر المزيد نشالله ❤❤ وفعلو جرس الاشعارات 🔔ليصلكم كل ماهوو جديد 💋وحصري 🎬فديتكم حبايب گلبي اشتركو 🎬بداعت خالاتكم 😁 (مردوده+)لاتنسو الاشتراك الان ✔✅

  20. Mario mario

    Mario marioDay ago

    What's with the homophobic asswipes?



    Can u tell MReporter to add United Arab Emirates

  22. Arthur Perez Ureña

    Arthur Perez UreñaDay ago

    Me Parece Una Falta De Respeto Que La Gente Discriminane A Las Personas *LGBTQ* Todos Somos Humanos Y Esos 128 Mil Dislikes Lo Demuestran

  23. Michael Townley

    Michael TownleyDay ago

    Gay is bad

  24. Karen Torres

    Karen TorresDay ago

    Like si reconociste a Calle y Poché

  25. French dude

    French dudeDay ago

    It’s ok to be homophobic

  26. WaifusLaifu

    WaifusLaifuDay ago

    "We are amazing because we are queer." Amazing because of your sexuality? Why would you not be. It takes tremendous amounts of courage to publicly say youre apart of the LGBTQPRO COMMUNISMKORANFCKTRUMP community.

  27. Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas

    Mr. A.T. Andrei ThomasDay ago

    This sickening video is without question the most Nasty And ungodly act, i'll never support This in a million years, i'm a straight person And i am proud to be straight.


    RAIDERxNATIONx818Day ago

    Speak the truth my man, the rest of America is with you

  29. RC El Ministro de Dios

    RC El Ministro de DiosDay ago

    MReporter necesitamos el canal de los hermano hd de nuevo 😥😥😣😣😣😣

  30. Khôi Cover hay

    Khôi Cover hayDay ago

    Sub chéo di Ae

  31. mohamed tob tv

    mohamed tob tv2 days ago


  32. Kers Pertt

    Kers Pertt2 days ago

    Yknow that feeling you get when you see lele pons acting? Yknow, that thing called "cringe", well i feel it alot more when im watching this video

  33. GA. Luigi

    GA. Luigi2 days ago

    All I see are mental disorders.

  34. Greg Hearn

    Greg Hearn2 days ago

    I have no problem at all with you being gay, but yt demonetizing LGBT videos is hypocrisy at it's finest I honestly hope yt goes bankrupt

  35. Greg Hearn

    Greg HearnDay ago

    They're being demonetized for talking about lgbt issues

  36. WaifusLaifu

    WaifusLaifuDay ago

    How is demonetizing LGBT members being hypocritical? Just because they're gey doesn't mean they get special treatment. That goes for any other creator on the platform. If they violate the terms, they deserved it.

  37. Greg Hearn

    Greg Hearn2 days ago

    But ppl saying "I'm a proud straight white male" and whatnot in the comments doesn't help either

  38. SnakeEyesBP1980

    SnakeEyesBP19802 days ago

    I love to make videos on gaming but for being a vary small MReporterr but how can I grow on MReporter when MReporter change everyday or week.

  39. Xorjant

    Xorjant2 days ago

    this video is awful in itself but the music is kinda lit not gonna lie

  40. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ2 days ago

    Are those dislikes from angry MReporter users & consumers Or it is just homophobic fucktards?

  41. Apotheosis Gaming

    Apotheosis Gaming2 days ago

    **128k dislikes** keep it up guys😂

  42. Killer Keemstar

    Killer Keemstar2 days ago

    Hello, leave me a lovely opinion of this video please!!!

  43. Lauren ,W,

    Lauren ,W,15 hours ago

    Hello keemstar! Are you going to make a drama alert on this video or no?

  44. MR.Notmine 500

    MR.Notmine 5002 days ago

    Don't mind me I'm just here to drop my annual dislikes.

  45. Awkward Pizza Dude

    Awkward Pizza Dude2 days ago

    I pee on the side of the toilet bowl to lessen the noise.

  46. El Patron.

    El Patron.2 days ago

    Joeysworldtour better than this

  47. Eduardo Aviles

    Eduardo Aviles2 days ago

    Enraged comment!

  48. Minefreak22JHM Official

    Minefreak22JHM Official2 days ago

    I think I saw Denise and Ebony they are awesome!


    I AM AN ASSHOLE3 days ago

    HUH WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HUMANITY??? You know I think we shouldn’t have to make gay marriage legal. Yeah you heard it right.

  50. Mark Michon

    Mark Michon3 days ago

    Sodom and Gomorrah

  51. justin micolta

    justin micolta3 days ago

    Proud to be straight

  52. Nazar Fox

    Nazar Fox3 days ago

    in youtube rewind will be beyblade burst?

  53. Red Exorcism Gaming

    Red Exorcism Gaming3 days ago

    Why be gay trans or bi when u could be a human

  54. The kingdom knight

    The kingdom knight3 days ago

    Is it still on

  55. Nancy Jewel McDonald's

    Nancy Jewel McDonald's3 days ago


  56. Burnt

    Burnt3 days ago

    lol gay

  57. Roman Ritz

    Roman Ritz3 days ago

    Is it still oki to be straight??

  58. aelkku

    aelkku3 days ago


  59. Jordan W

    Jordan W3 days ago

    This video was straight AIDS

  60. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man3 days ago

    Gross gross gross

  61. Pink C

    Pink C2 days ago

    How is someone being proud to love someone “Gross”?

  62. josh :

    josh :2 days ago

    Mystery Man I get it, but no need to comment that dude lmao

  63. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man2 days ago

    josh : my problem is more with transgenders than gay people

  64. The kingdom knight

    The kingdom knight3 days ago

    josh : have you tried reading the whole thing

  65. josh :

    josh :3 days ago

    The kingdom knight where does it say that? not in the Bible. I believe in God too, even the Pope said that God made me this way wesy

  66. Malia Sparks

    Malia Sparks3 days ago

    Why would you want to attribute your success or your worth to your queerness? Imagine someone saying they’re amazing because they’re straight, or they’re amazing because they’re white. I have no problem with representation. I think it’s something we could use more of, but don’t let children grow up thinking that they’re awesome or entitled to success because of their race, gender, or sexuality. I want to be known not for something I can’t control but for what I can control.

  67. lumpiia

    lumpiia3 days ago


  68. Captain Geodude

    Captain Geodude3 days ago

    This video is so gay

  69. JourneyLynn Animates 2 Much

    JourneyLynn Animates 2 Much3 days ago

    Came back to look at the likes to dislikes, was not disappointed


    RAIDERxNATIONx818Day ago

    haha don't worry you won't be dissapointed!!

  71. Turkey is gay

    Turkey is gay3 days ago

    the first black guy was talking rubbish theres also nobody who is exactly like me cuz thats not possible but they still just talk about homophobes when you stick to traditional thinking

  72. Cockatoo Bird

    Cockatoo Bird3 days ago

    Celebrating sexuality, good job society.

  73. Neptune

    Neptune3 days ago

    What the hell is queer

  74. The kingdom knight

    The kingdom knight3 days ago

    Neptune an abomination

  75. Lil SodaMilk

    Lil SodaMilk3 days ago

    Damn commies censoring everything. Not even a Father's day video.

  76. القرصان The Pirate I

    القرصان The Pirate I3 days ago

    wtf ?

  77. Husky Max Хаски Макс

    Husky Max Хаски Макс3 days ago


  78. Manasa Valluru

    Manasa Valluru3 days ago

    MReporter: we love and support pride so much!!1!11!1!1!1 Also MReporter: let's just demonitize some pride related videos for no reason hMMmMMmmMMMm.

  79. KaZa Nova

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  80. Em& n

    Em& n4 days ago

    Please do Yt rewind 2018 Logan P. Vs ksi Fortnite Yanny or Laurel FIFA world cup And that things....


    QWERT QWERT3 days ago


  82. Detective X Shaman

    Detective X Shaman4 days ago

    Nice dislikes

  83. Tt GOD L

    Tt GOD L4 days ago

    Who else report this vidio

  84. Jaidyn King

    Jaidyn King4 days ago

    MReporter I hate you

  85. josh :

    josh :2 days ago

    QWERT QWERT that makes no sense... 🤦🏼‍♂️


    QWERT QWERT3 days ago

    josh : He hates the company, not the website.

  87. josh :

    josh :3 days ago

    Jaidyn King then get off the app, delete it.

  88. Kema Yt

    Kema Yt4 days ago

    Верните канал Himan

  89. lit bruh

    lit bruh4 days ago

    me after the second year: ITS TIME TO STOP

  90. Aiden Copas

    Aiden Copas4 days ago

    I did not expec that

  91. Thế giới VPOP

    Thế giới VPOP4 days ago

    Let's Celebrate Pride LGBTQ! The privilege of a lifetime is to be yourself.

  92. Topgun Productions

    Topgun Productions2 days ago

    I'd rather celebrate anti comunists day instead

  93. Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson4 days ago

    not much what about you mate OK with me you and Shaun ok

  94. The Conservative Gamer

    The Conservative Gamer4 days ago


  95. George R

    George R4 days ago

    Yup, thats what we need. More mentally unstable "its" on MReporter

  96. josh :

    josh :3 days ago

    George R I’m a male and I’m apart of lgbt and I believe I’m stable lol

  97. Msgana Tekeste

    Msgana Tekeste4 days ago

    Bro imma homophobic

  98. josh :

    josh :3 days ago

    Msgana Tekeste but why tho

  99. Litterallyahuman

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  100. Zach Davis

    Zach Davis4 days ago

    Them dislikes though

  101. SC98

    SC984 days ago

    I reject the idea we can't put a value judgement on anything if it doesn't involve a direct victim, sexuality included. Is this qualitatively any different from a month dedicated to coprophilia? Why are entire government agencies and major corporations setting aside whole months for revolting displays of deviant behavior? The disposition, to say nothing of the appearance, of these people in the video is off-putting as hell, but we're supposed to take it and shut up. Don't want to be judgmental, after all! Spoken as someone whose gay and not even religious.

  102. The Garden Gnome

    The Garden Gnome4 days ago

    There was 250000 dislikes last week why are they removing them?

  103. Topgun Productions

    Topgun Productions2 days ago

    The Garden Gnome that's sjwtube for ya they can't take criticism and other people's opinions

  104. Josh Vorhies

    Josh Vorhies4 days ago

    Wow MReporter

  105. Sam Edward Barsoum

    Sam Edward Barsoum4 days ago

    LGBT Logic: "We want to be normal people in society" Then goes on to have multiple parades worldwide and a whole month dedicated too them. Such hipocrites.

  106. Logan Nikolas

    Logan Nikolas4 days ago

    While you actively demonetize any video having to do with lgbtq people? Ok. ok

  107. me hoy minoy

    me hoy minoy4 days ago

    I've never felt more sick in my life watching this

  108. Trash Can

    Trash Can4 days ago

    It makes me sad the ammount of dislikes this has

  109. Trash Can

    Trash Can3 days ago

    QWERT QWERT No, I'm not a homophobic twat like you


    QWERT QWERT3 days ago

    Trash Can *Happy

  111. Freetime Sketchbook

    Freetime Sketchbook4 days ago

    Carly Malloy same

  112. Lord Farquaad

    Lord Farquaad4 days ago

    Still waiting for the 2018 father's day vídeo.....

  113. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin4 days ago

    MReporter why won’t you learn

  114. sphincter -

    sphincter -4 days ago

    When is straight pride

  115. André Gurkenstein

    André Gurkenstein4 days ago

    I identify myself as an helicopter. *So where is my sponsoring MReporter?*

  116. konker420

    konker4204 days ago

    I don't want youtube premium, youtube red, youtube music or whatever other garbage services you are trying to charge for.

  117. Suramya Singh

    Suramya Singh4 days ago

    I don't hate gays etc, but nearly no person in this video was dressed as a normal being and they want us to treat them like normal persons. I know all gays are not like that but this video doesn't give any representation to them. Strange.

  118. Furkan SAKİN Tv

    Furkan SAKİN Tv4 days ago



    QWERT QWERT4 days ago

    Furkan SAKİN Tv The profile pic says it all

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    Cuándo me vas apagar en mi canal

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  122. rossco-bossco

    rossco-bossco5 days ago

    and they still havent made a fathers day video

  123. David

    David5 days ago

    It's okay to be an individual.

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    Da uma força pro meu canal

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    Mene aapka chanal sabscrib Kiya aab aap bhi mere chenal sabascrib kare plez plez