#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018


  1. beaux brodude

    beaux brodudeDay ago

    They all go to hell tho 😂

  2. become heart

    become heartDay ago

    I'm Transgender in Indonesia OK?

  3. Rockstar47

    Rockstar474 days ago

    Why does this video have so many dislikes there’s nothing wrong with being LGBT

  4. Мирий Ник

    Мирий Ник4 days ago


  5. Мирий Ник

    Мирий Ник4 days ago

    Там должен бить танец Skibisi

  6. Kid Genius

    Kid Genius5 days ago

    LGBT? It stands for Let God Be Transgender

  7. Johnadude3

    Johnadude35 days ago

    L et's G o B eat T he Q ueers

  8. yeet

    yeet7 days ago

    welcome in california

  9. Sabina Yasmin

    Sabina Yasmin8 days ago

    1:26 thats where Troye Sivan is❤️. Slow down the video a little bit.

  10. Throkío YT

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  11. Throkío YT

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  12. Throkío YT

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  13. Throkío YT

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  14. Throkío YT

    Throkío YT9 days ago


  15. Tj

    Tj9 days ago

    I’m not actually surprised from the dislikes after what MReporter has done

  16. Dank Reich

    Dank Reich10 days ago


  17. Eddie Drinkwater

    Eddie Drinkwater11 days ago

    All furries are more normal than everyone in this video.

  18. Brios 374

    Brios 37412 days ago

    Pro tip: If you want to be treated as equals, you shouldn't have to be treated like special snowflakes

  19. DanS7

    DanS713 days ago

    Esos de youtube no aprenden con los dislikes. Lo que provoca esto es la división de la sociedad, decirle a los LGBT que son especiales porque sí, hasta homenajes les hacen. Piensan que por ser especiales todo el mundo debe llevarle la razón, muchos hasta el miedo al ridículo han perdido a causa de esto.

  20. Suru Nutem

    Suru Nutem13 days ago


  21. 626lolo

    626lolo13 days ago

    D E G E N E R A T E S

  22. Sebastian Wesolowski

    Sebastian Wesolowski14 days ago

    In my country we throw bricks at them and beat them with sticks 🇵🇱

  23. austin randall

    austin randall14 days ago

    uhhh what is this world turning into?? good job to the 125K+ dislikes here.

  24. aelkku

    aelkku15 days ago

    powerful? yall weak as hell

  25. Lucas omg Álvarez

    Lucas omg Álvarez15 days ago


  26. Poplach Productions

    Poplach Productions16 days ago

    Thought i would see filthy frank


    ATLANTIS19 days ago

    I'm gay and this is the cringiest video on MReporter.

  28. Extreme3DGamer YT

    Extreme3DGamer YT21 day ago

    I came from Jeremiah Rolland...He is in this doing the death drop!😍

  29. what am i doing with my life

    what am i doing with my life21 day ago

    it's ok to be a straight, white male

  30. Muhammad Hamza

    Muhammad Hamza21 day ago


  31. Vinicius Targeryen

    Vinicius Targeryen22 days ago

    where is hitler when we need it

  32. Princess Mia PlayTime

    Princess Mia PlayTime22 days ago

    Love it ❤ ❤ ❤

  33. James Mcfuller

    James Mcfuller23 days ago

    This makes me puke

  34. Zion Raider Gaming

    Zion Raider Gaming24 days ago

    Where Is MReporter Rewind 2018?

  35. qwertyklsdfghjklzxcvbnm wedrftgynm,qwsedrfgh

    qwertyklsdfghjklzxcvbnm wedrftgynm,qwsedrfgh25 days ago

    Es muy gracioso ver como estos enfermos son menos aceptados.

  36. POORK

    POORK27 days ago

    Lol gay

  37. Colin Armstrong

    Colin Armstrong27 days ago

    Remember the time when we didn’t live in progressive clown world 😪

  38. Brevon Neefe

    Brevon Neefe28 days ago

    We need 2011 to come back were the squeakers were calling everybody gay

  39. President Donald J Trump

    President Donald J Trump28 days ago

    Is this a trailer to a horror movie?

  40. ImmeasurableSadness

    ImmeasurableSadnessMonth ago

    Gay? More like Not Epic 😎

  41. Logan Montgomery

    Logan MontgomeryMonth ago

    God the cringe is overwhelming me.

  42. Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy CorbynMonth ago


  43. PrincessSarah

    PrincessSarahMonth ago

    It’s so great that MReporter is allowing all these creators in one video celebrating the lgbtqiapd ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  44. Sha

    ShaMonth ago

    All religions are united to despise these abominations.... when are we gonna unite???

  45. TruDustGaming

    TruDustGamingMonth ago

    *grabs popcorn* "OO-HO-HOOO, these comments are great."

  46. Iff

    IffMonth ago

    I like heroin

  47. Sharkfowl

    SharkfowlMonth ago

    Remember how much homophobia there was this year? Me neither

  48. Ulysses Kruger

    Ulysses KrugerMonth ago


  49. Dank Reich

    Dank ReichMonth ago

    Yeah im gay, G ladly A busive to the Y outh

  50. Dank Reich

    Dank ReichMonth ago

    This video is GAY.

  51. Zinda Vir

    Zinda Vir10 days ago

    Dank Reich and what’s wrong with that?

  52. Mr. supporter 202

    Mr. supporter 202Month ago

    New horror film teaser!

  53. Loadean

    LoadeanMonth ago

    So the lgbt whatever community gets an entire month yet veterans only get one day? Seriously?

  54. xxxtinct

    xxxtinctMonth ago

    because being gay is a bigger tragedy

  55. JesusisLove 25

    JesusisLove 25Month ago

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 King James Version (KJV) 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  56. AndrejD303

    AndrejD303Month ago

    Yeah pride and proud completely lost their worth as a word same as humanism, justice, social..... :D

  57. Smash Bruh

    Smash BruhMonth ago

    It's okay to not be a circus freak.

  58. متعب الدوسري

    متعب الدوسريMonth ago


  59. متعب الدوسري

    متعب الدوسريMonth ago


  60. متعب الدوسري

    متعب الدوسريMonth ago


  61. متعب الدوسري

    متعب الدوسريMonth ago


  62. DaddyboneZ

    DaddyboneZMonth ago

    Alluh akbar

  63. Layan M

    Layan MMonth ago

    ٢٠١٨ عباره عن فورت نايت وبس

  64. OK

    OKMonth ago


  65. DS_Fitz

    DS_FitzMonth ago

    Hey guys just came to say there are two genders and you can’t change that Jesus Christ these lunatics they’re mentally ill

  66. xXxLLIaMaHxXx

    xXxLLIaMaHxXxMonth ago

    I'm straight. Should I be proud if it? It'd sound actually like being proud of having thumbs. Smells like heterophobia, lol I'm not against people with different identities and genders. After all, everybody should have a way of entertaining, but you actually make your and other people's life overcomplicated by creating 50+ genders... Wuuuuuuutttt??? And 1 more question. Why do gay people make themselves look, move and speak as more awkwardly femenine as possible? All this make up, demeanor and clothing looks like they're teens protesting against everything.



    Hello Good Luck Day Duy Khải Thanks Duy Khải Xin Chào youtube tuyệt vời 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  68. kota scott

    kota scottMonth ago

    I LOVE IT 😁😁😁😁😁

  69. Steel Penguin

    Steel PenguinMonth ago

    I'm heterosexual and I'm proud about it.

  70. TheNormalOne

    TheNormalOneMonth ago

    +Katniss Wren Then what's the point

  71. Katniss Wren

    Katniss WrenMonth ago

    Steel Penguin You clearly don’t get the point.

  72. LёviK

    LёviKMonth ago


  73. Anthony Passaro

    Anthony PassaroMonth ago

    So why is everyone hating on the gays all of a sudden?

  74. kota scott

    kota scottMonth ago


  75. Only 2 genders

    Only 2 gendersMonth ago

    lol look at all of these dislikes...let's add one more 😂

  76. Katniss Wren

    Katniss WrenMonth ago

    Only 2 genders Why exactly? Because people have the right to be who they are?

  77. Shmoopla Dip

    Shmoopla DipMonth ago

    As someone who is bi, I find this to be super cringe. It's like the armpit of tumbler

  78. RationalLllama

    RationalLllamaMonth ago

    Laughs in Right Wing Death Squad.

  79. What’s the tea Sis

    What’s the tea SisMonth ago

    Homosexuals who are just normal people with a sexuality, like everyone else , but it happens to not be the “ norm “ , get AN ENTIRE MONTH DEDICATED TO THEM , but people who risk their lives for our country get one day ? WHAT THE HECK

  80. Lucas Schilling

    Lucas SchillingMonth ago

    Looks like 60% of the people in this video are in desperate need of mental help.

  81. Gholmiraz Tv

    Gholmiraz TvMonth ago

    Make a video saying gay people have a mental illness get a copy strike Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Seems like MReporter doesn’t care about our Voices and it’s all about the special snowflakes

  82. Memester Squad

    Memester SquadMonth ago

    Is there a straight people month? Also why don’t I get a video for being straight?

  83. liccle izzy

    liccle izzyMonth ago

    hey mac

  84. Zachary Tunnell

    Zachary TunnellMonth ago

    Still deleting comments and dislikes I see. Wow.

  85. Ventyy

    VentyyMonth ago

    MReporter: yay gay pride Also MReporter: demonitize every video with "gay" in the title

  86. Fiona Ren

    Fiona RenMonth ago

    Aw RIP.

  87. Chippy

    Chippy2 months ago

    The comments and dislikes 🍿

  88. Mola World

    Mola World2 months ago

    I am creating art and love and everytime it gets deleted and suspended my channel hmmmmmmmmmm 🤔 🤔 🤔

  89. credulous

    credulous2 months ago

    If there is any transparency on MReporter please remove it

  90. Zach Davis

    Zach Davis2 months ago

    I am so stupid

  91. A1dox

    A1dox2 months ago

    Kind of Sus

  92. Zedonathin

    Zedonathin2 months ago

    This made me wish I WASN'T Pansexual

  93. JackIsGold

    JackIsGold2 months ago

    Demonitization isn’t a controversial thing. It’s a *BAD* thing.

  94. David Jared

    David Jared2 months ago

    My eyes

  95. 10K subscribers with no videos challenge

    10K subscribers with no videos challenge2 months ago

    everyone needs to tone it down. and yes i am commenting bc i want subscribers pls help

  96. Mark Arellano

    Mark Arellano2 months ago

    The only way LGBTQ Shapes our world is by fuc*ing it up

  97. Curious Currents

    Curious Currents2 months ago

    And we thought we will have flying cars in the future, such a bunch of degenerates

  98. 10 thousand subs With no videos

    10 thousand subs With no videos2 months ago

    This is the downfail of our soceity if we dont fix it up

  99. Angus00241

    Angus002412 months ago

    I'm a liberal myself, and I do not support MReporter forgetting about straight, white, and male creators. Some of them work very hard, and get nothing. Also, MReporter put anti-gay ads on LGBT videos and demonetized coming out videos, so why the HELL would they post this and act like they care about them?!

  100. brianyzq777

    brianyzq7772 months ago

    the jews were behind this

  101. Hyper Relic

    Hyper Relic2 months ago

    They are.

  102. Jun Han Tham

    Jun Han Tham2 months ago

    Please stop

  103. Jun Han Tham

    Jun Han Tham2 months ago


  104. Chelsey Wumbo

    Chelsey Wumbo2 months ago


  105. Bilan Elmi

    Bilan Elmi2 months ago

    Saw Mac,the queen😍, in the intro and immediately liked. Who else can relate?

  106. Serghei Damian

    Serghei Damian2 months ago

    May the Lord have mercy on your souls!

  107. Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer2 months ago

    MReporter Logic: LGBTQ > Straight Black > White The Paul Brothers > Everyone I’m not hating on people of any sexuality, race, nor am I hating on The Paul Brothers. *I’m just spreading love for MReporter’s amazing logic.* *-_-*

  108. Blueschese8 Briusas

    Blueschese8 Briusas2 months ago

    2018 fortnite

  109. leandro_thedank YT

    leandro_thedank YT2 months ago

    MReporter where's the Father's Day video