#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018


  1. Lordomemes

    Lordomemes17 hours ago

    Propa...ugh i mean pride month was here

  2. TuMoni Loquendo

    TuMoni Loquendo20 hours ago

    Why is not LA DIVAZA in the video?

  3. kiloSavage

    kiloSavageDay ago


  4. Janice Soto

    Janice Soto8 days ago

    ha ur pretty gay

  5. David Cano

    David Cano11 days ago

    People in drag look demonic

  6. David Cano

    David Cano11 days ago

    LGBT culture? LMAOO

  7. Murica Freedom

    Murica Freedom13 days ago

    Reichtangle did it better

  8. Neon Pollen

    Neon Pollen14 days ago

    “we are not amazing people who just happen to be queer, we are amazing because we are queer” wth as someone who i guess would fall into this category uhhh this ain’t it

  9. cpmkw

    cpmkw14 days ago

    "There's no one like me!" HA! Stop flattering yourself. Half of the media is identical to you. You think you're "original"? You don't even have a unique thought: You're nothing but the regurgitation of ideology you've picked up from your environment.

  10. J.Baker

    J.Baker14 days ago

    “We are simply changing the world” yeah no kidding

  11. J.Baker

    J.Baker14 days ago

    “We are simply changing the world” yeah no kidding

  12. Zenen Himes

    Zenen Himes15 days ago

    No Contrapoints? Tabby wanna smash.

  13. RenzoXD M

    RenzoXD M16 days ago

    MReporter u r not ok

  14. Bashful

    Bashful16 days ago

    *Sees 2 girls kissing* *Cries in virgin*

  15. skcus elgoog

    skcus elgoog17 days ago

    snowflakes come in all colors

  16. I love Bathrobe Dwane

    I love Bathrobe Dwane23 days ago

    Back then in the 1950s if you were gay you were sent to prison, we need to bring that back

  17. I'm a Helicopter

    I'm a Helicopter22 days ago

    ik but sadly everyone got brainwashed

  18. Sebastian Castellanos

    Sebastian Castellanos26 days ago

    Man i remember when a guy would see a girl and wonder whether he should purpose her or not,then they get married, make kids and live a happy life.... we would never have good old times like that back again. ever, because of those dicklets mentally-ill disabled traps like these. since when did being a tranny went out of style i wonder. 😂😂 *HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG*

  19. Sebastian Castellanos

    Sebastian Castellanos26 days ago

    Am i the only one who disliked right after clicking the video? xd

  20. A man

    A man27 days ago

    Proud to be a German

  21. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah Yeah28 days ago

    Love to see MReporter’s still deleting the dislikes

  22. Feebee Paul

    Feebee Paul27 days ago

    Oh yeah Yeah it could be because of bots

  23. Durgesh Bhalavi

    Durgesh Bhalavi29 days ago

    durgesh bhalavi

  24. Leone Abbacchio

    Leone AbbacchioMonth ago

    I'm straight and proud

  25. Ayoo Noel

    Ayoo NoelMonth ago

    Song for 3:50????

  26. lc comics

    lc comicsMonth ago

    "Proud to create" Say that to all the animation memers that you demonitized. Dont they get to create?!

  27. that guy who eats everything

    that guy who eats everythingMonth ago

    My gender is a lawnmower


    HALA MADRIDMonth ago


  29. kade yoyung

    kade yoyungMonth ago

    Wow hateful breeders running rampant on MReporter .. and all these father's Day weirdos go buy a medal for Ur self and sut the hell up .. also if I deserved it if have one already ..

  30. Mr. Sheep :v

    Mr. Sheep :vMonth ago

    Avr... Desmonetizen este xd

  31. FreeRobux PlsSubHav2FeedWife&Kids

    FreeRobux PlsSubHav2FeedWife&KidsMonth ago

    Fellas, is it gay to be gay. Think about it

  32. KikiNeko XD

    KikiNeko XDMonth ago

    The only good part about this video was the beat drop

  33. Little Kitty Meo

    Little Kitty MeoMonth ago

    This video is so straight

  34. Alley Perry

    Alley PerryMonth ago

    Why are there no good comments like why are all of the comments homophobic

  35. Nic 2751

    Nic 2751Month ago


  36. Tom

    TomMonth ago

    I'm afraid to comment on this without getting banned. I guess I'm allowed to say I don't like it?

  37. Lincoln SL

    Lincoln SLMonth ago

    0:13 seconds in and already we’re talking about things that aren’t real. Queer just mean gay but “I’m special somehow”

  38. The Highlight God

    The Highlight GodMonth ago

    HA GAY

  39. Rebecca Morrison

    Rebecca MorrisonMonth ago

    I'm bi

  40. Beans Everyday

    Beans EverydayMonth ago

    Pinche Maricon

  41. John Smith

    John SmithMonth ago

    It's okay to be a white straight Christian.

  42. Justin Vancuran

    Justin VancuranMonth ago

    We are amazing because we are queer that’s a bit sexualityist

  43. Justin Vancuran

    Justin VancuranMonth ago

    Straight pride FTW

  44. Weekly Coach

    Weekly CoachMonth ago

    I’m gay and I’m seriously offended by how MReporter uses the absolutely worst kind of humans to represent my community.

  45. Ouo Productions

    Ouo Productions2 months ago

    this video made me straight so i had to watch all 5 shrek movies again

  46. Blu Regard

    Blu Regard2 months ago

    That's all you want to be, and that's all that you'll be.


    BACON NATION2 months ago

    Ha gaaaaaaaay

  48. Walter Ramirez

    Walter Ramirez2 months ago

    When y'all straight people fight for basic rights, fight CENTURIES for equal rights, not be judged for only preference, come out to ignorance, been bullied for being a person, FINALLY have same sex marriage in the US, not being allowed to marry in a lot of different countries, cultures, and religions THEN you can have a pride month till then stay humble

  49. Lucius Madden

    Lucius Madden2 months ago

    I would rather be a gay than the person who made this

  50. Lord Sage

    Lord Sage2 months ago


  51. Jun Han Tham

    Jun Han Tham2 months ago

    Please stop

  52. Juu Moro

    Juu Moro2 months ago

    Tf is wrong with these people



    Proud to create but not procreate

  54. MoCaRiBlogs Bloblo

    MoCaRiBlogs Bloblo2 months ago

    its normal being straigh

  55. Owenb

    Owenb2 months ago

    The smallest group always has the loudest voice. Remember that

  56. Ismael Quishpe uwu

    Ismael Quishpe uwu2 months ago

    Iam Queer

  57. Chad Thundercock

    Chad Thundercock2 months ago

    I love being striagh

  58. fars M.D

    fars M.D2 months ago

    اش الهدف

  59. Professor Wumbo

    Professor Wumbo2 months ago


  60. wudup3x

    wudup3x2 months ago

    MReporter hates their users

  61. AvGeek

    AvGeek2 months ago

    Our founding fathers would be disappointed

  62. Oli Cansdale

    Oli Cansdale25 days ago

    Glad my country doesn't have your founding fathers then.

  63. Matt M

    Matt M2 months ago

    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."

  64. KingOfTheCosmos

    KingOfTheCosmos2 months ago

    It’s okay to be straight

  65. Cant Outsmart Me

    Cant Outsmart Me2 months ago

    It's normal to be straight.

  66. Karel Carbonneau Montpellier

    Karel Carbonneau Montpellier2 months ago

    Let's Get Bread Today or Let's Get This Bread

  67. wesley colon

    wesley colon2 months ago

    They chose to do this

  68. Raeve 1997

    Raeve 19972 months ago

    wesley colon , So... when did you choose to be straight ?

  69. Crying laughing Emoji

    Crying laughing Emoji2 months ago

    Look MReporter puts homophobic ads on lgbt content creator people and what? You know what does that means.

  70. Cristian Perez

    Cristian Perez2 months ago

    I identify as a zebra.

  71. King Of Dreams

    King Of Dreams2 months ago


  72. Thabet Zidan

    Thabet Zidan2 months ago

    Very bad video, coming from a pro-LGBT. Where’s the display of other members of the community? The doctors, engineers, influencers and other remarkable people.. The gay community isn’t only about guys wearing make up or dragging, it’s much more than that.

  73. OTF ʟ5ғ

    OTF ʟ5ғ2 months ago

    Ewwwwww fcking disgusting video. bro i legit puked, this is mental illness...

  74. Lachlan Ward

    Lachlan Ward25 days ago

    OTF ʟ5ғ wtf is wrong with you.

  75. R3n470 D'arrigo Herrera

    R3n470 D'arrigo Herrera2 months ago



    ALGORITHM IS A DANCER2 months ago

    I was hoping the dislikes would be because of how hypocritical MReporter is since they're so anti-gay but are preaching about lgbt creators as if they care about them

  77. mr jn

    mr jn2 months ago

    why the likes can't win?


    LISTEN LINDA2 months ago

    mr jn Bc of people like me!

  79. Ambulance_Boy

    Ambulance_Boy2 months ago

    more dislikes showing that no one should be proud of this video!


    LISTEN LINDA2 months ago

    Ambulance_Boy that’s the whole point!

  81. Alex the Railfanning Redneck™

    Alex the Railfanning Redneck™2 months ago

    More dislikes than likes and rightfully so.

  82. DxD ツ

    DxD ツ2 months ago

    why do we make homosexuality a good thing?

  83. DxD ツ

    DxD ツ2 months ago

    TheeIcePanther lmao facts

  84. TheeIcePanther

    TheeIcePanther2 months ago

    Because some people have a mental illness

  85. KatyNoodles

    KatyNoodles2 months ago

    Excuse me wtf. Why does everybody need to make everything about lgbt.

  86. Matorum Physiker

    Matorum Physiker2 months ago

    To be gay IS a genetic MISTAKE in your DNA. Deal with IT!

  87. SamuelTalksStuff Gamer

    SamuelTalksStuff Gamer2 months ago

    It’s funny because there only talent is there sexually

  88. SkynetX

    SkynetX2 months ago


  89. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet2 months ago

    Where is MilesChronicles??

  90. f2p forever

    f2p forever2 months ago

    Wtf did I watch

  91. れん-Ren

    れん-Ren2 months ago

    "We're simply changing the world" heh not in my country you're not

  92. dr1489 _

    dr1489 _2 months ago

    This is the orientation vid when you arrive in hell

  93. sappy music

    sappy music2 months ago

    Lesbian only 😍😍❤❤

  94. Sebastian L

    Sebastian L2 months ago

    I was gay as hell since i was 12 but this video managed to make me straight again. Thans MReporter, very cool

  95. Ishaan Vatus

    Ishaan Vatus2 months ago

    Please end it now I can't take it anymore

  96. Shyru#Celestial-Master

    Shyru#Celestial-Master2 months ago

    Proud to distort the true. Bunch of attention seeking mentally disturbed individuals.

  97. David's Stupidest Videos

    David's Stupidest Videos2 months ago

    Ur mom gay

  98. Héctor Alejandro Berrelleza Urias

    Héctor Alejandro Berrelleza Urias2 months ago

    Me encantó 🏳️‍🌈❤

  99. Héctor Alejandro Berrelleza Urias

    Héctor Alejandro Berrelleza Urias2 months ago

    +TheeIcePanther no pedí tu opinión...

  100. TheeIcePanther

    TheeIcePanther2 months ago

    No me encantó😒🖕

  101. Miles Gomez

    Miles Gomez2 months ago

    0:55 this should have been in reverse. They should make good content and just so happen to be LGBT. Not being LGBT makes them good.

  102. Adepic

    Adepic2 months ago

    The only people creating anything useful nowadays are engineers and scientists. Y'all just whining.

  103. My Master

    My Master2 months ago

    Im gay and i find this offensive.

  104. Issei Hyoudou

    Issei Hyoudou2 months ago

    Im offensive and i find this gay LUL

  105. No Name

    No Name2 months ago

    The girl’s arms are showing. DEMONETISED!

  106. case commie

    case commie2 months ago

    The only thing positive in this video is HIV

  107. Carl The Bear

    Carl The Bear2 months ago

    That like ratio 😂😂😮

  108. Jake Schweiss

    Jake Schweiss2 months ago

    White straight and proud

  109. im so white

    im so white2 months ago

    all of the people shown in this video will never contribute anything to society

  110. K8

    K82 months ago


  111. Mechanical Lion

    Mechanical Lion2 months ago

    Our queen is HEREEEEEEEEEE

  112. H. Ch.

    H. Ch.2 months ago

    Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja Sorry. This is so ironic.

  113. Jesus LM

    Jesus LM2 months ago

    CALLE Y POCHE 😍😍 COLOMBIA 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  114. Music Box

    Music Box2 months ago

    Support MusicBox channel 🙏 ❤