#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018


  1. Mola World

    Mola World10 hours ago

    I am creating art and love and everytime it gets deleted and suspended my channel hmmmmmmmmmm 🤔 🤔 🤔

  2. credulous

    credulous18 hours ago

    If there is any transparency on MReporter please remove it

  3. isla

    islaDay ago

    I'm so proud to be LGBT+! Everyone in the community is so strong. Let's keep fighting for equality. Don't listen to the haters! I just wanted to put a positive comment here. All I've seen is negativity and ignorance.

  4. Zach Davis

    Zach DavisDay ago

    I am so stupid

  5. A1dox

    A1doxDay ago

    Kind of Sus

  6. Zedonathin

    Zedonathin2 days ago

    This made me wish I wasn't Pansexual

  7. JackIsGold

    JackIsGold2 days ago

    Demonitization isn’t a controversial thing. It’s a *BAD* thing.

  8. David Jared

    David Jared4 days ago

    My eyes

  9. 10K subscribers with no videos challenge

    10K subscribers with no videos challenge5 days ago

    everyone needs to tone it down. and yes i am commenting bc i want subscribers pls help

  10. Mark Arellano

    Mark Arellano5 days ago

    The only way LGBTQ Shapes our world is by fuc*ing it up

  11. Curious Currents

    Curious Currents5 days ago

    And we thought we will have flying cars in the future, such a bunch of degenerates

  12. 10 thousand subs With no videos

    10 thousand subs With no videosDay ago

    This is the downfail of our soceity if we dont fix it up

  13. Angus00241

    Angus002416 days ago

    I'm a liberal myself, and I do not support MReporter forgetting about straight, white, and male creators. Some of them work very hard, and get nothing.

  14. brianyzq777

    brianyzq7776 days ago

    the jews were behind this

  15. Jun Han Tham

    Jun Han Tham7 days ago

    Please stop

  16. Jun Han Tham

    Jun Han Tham7 days ago


  17. Chelsey Wumbo

    Chelsey Wumbo8 days ago


  18. Bilan Elmi

    Bilan Elmi10 days ago

    Saw Mac,the queen😍, in the intro and immediately liked. Who else can relate?

  19. Serghei Damian

    Serghei Damian11 days ago

    May the Lord have mercy on your souls!

  20. Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer13 days ago

    MReporter Logic: LGBTQ > Straight Black > White The Paul Brothers > Everyone I’m not hating on people of any sexuality, race, nor am I hating on The Paul Brothers. *I’m just spreading love for MReporter’s amazing logic.* *-_-*

  21. Blueschese8 Briusas

    Blueschese8 Briusas13 days ago

    2018 fortnite

  22. leandro_thedank YT

    leandro_thedank YT13 days ago

    MReporter where's the Father's Day video

  23. leandro_thedank YT

    leandro_thedank YT13 days ago

    Ever wonder what LGBT stands for lets go bully those queers

  24. leandro_thedank YT

    leandro_thedank YT13 days ago

    God is with us

  25. Superhatman64

    Superhatman6414 days ago

    Where's memorial day

  26. Garrett Spencer

    Garrett Spencer15 days ago

    hahahahahahahahaha my youtube bookmark automatically takes me to this. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  27. Elijah last name

    Elijah last name15 days ago


  28. Алиса Алексеенка

    Алиса Алексеенка16 days ago

    Что это

  29. Queen Taylor

    Queen Taylor16 days ago


  30. jeeBuz

    jeeBuz19 days ago

    watching this video gave me an std

  31. *MCPE* *McXreepeR*

    *MCPE* *McXreepeR*19 days ago

    yup just a bunch of gays

  32. marvn

    marvn19 days ago

    Im a queer person

  33. -_-_-_-_-_

    -_-_-_-_-_20 days ago

    *"we are amazing because we are queer"* This sums up everything wrong with the current lgbt movement

  34. JohnJaggerJack

    JohnJaggerJack20 days ago

    I find it funny that most videos, if not all, published by youtube itself, all have negative feed back, yet they continue to publish even more, are these people that deep into the autism spectrum? Don't they get the message?

  35. B Bergan

    B Bergan20 days ago

    Being a homosexual doesn’t make you special. Being straight doesn’t make you special. What you are born with doesn’t make you special. What you do as a human is what defines you. Don’t use something genetic or something that happened during conception as your way of saying you are better or more unique.

  36. Unknown Potato

    Unknown Potato21 day ago

    On behalf of all us gays we do not approve this message 😂

  37. Karzak

    Karzak21 day ago

    I'm rather confused, what exactly is everyone's problem with this video? I'm by no means in support of SJW practices and political correctness, but from what i see in this video it's literally just about celebrating gays and transgender people. Is there some other reason everyone's disliking the video or is it just because youtube supports LGBTQ people? I'm genuinely curious.

  38. Dragon Fruit

    Dragon Fruit17 days ago

    Karzak sameee

  39. Manwitha thumbsupforaface

    Manwitha thumbsupforaface21 day ago

    Our next generation is fucked....

  40. Jelooboi

    Jelooboi21 day ago

    Defective creatures

  41. Lord Chanka

    Lord Chanka23 days ago

    I wonder (((who))) is behind this.

  42. Esther Heywood

    Esther Heywood24 days ago

    Tbh I spent the whole video reading the comments. Anyone else? °-°

  43. W3HACK3ERS

    W3HACK3ERS25 days ago

    Ha ha they have the geys

  44. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ26 days ago


  45. Fresco Bee

    Fresco Bee27 days ago

    Yeah, but where’s my food? Isn’t this LGBT? Lays Potato Chips Guacamole Bacon Teriyaki Chicken What a rip-off.

  46. richard that person u don't know

    richard that person u don't know26 days ago

    Tbh id be fine if they only gave the bacon. Lays is mostly air flavored

  47. these chips are good

    these chips are good27 days ago

    Can't even create babies

  48. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    If you hate gayness so much, blame straight people, they were the ones who made the children who were born gay

  49. ugly ass bish

    ugly ass bish27 days ago

    If you have a problem with pride month then Idk ignore it like LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS

  50. richard that person u don't know

    richard that person u don't know26 days ago

    I think that the main problem is a mix if how the mesage was sent and that this was on trending before by youtube

  51. Pablo Esteban Olaya Arias

    Pablo Esteban Olaya Arias29 days ago

    Thank God that in the next life they will be in "a better place"... Just don't forget to turn on the A/C ;)

  52. MetroidJunkie

    MetroidJunkie29 days ago

    Nothing against the LGBT community but do you really have to shove it into our face like that? Can't we just agree that people can do whatever they want as consenting adults and leave it at that?

  53. slicky hair

    slicky hairMonth ago

    Anyone wants food before scrolling down to comments im selling all kind of food

  54. Noah Weinberger

    Noah WeinbergerMonth ago

    We need a crusade

  55. Pixel_Mstr

    Pixel_MstrMonth ago

    *12year olds inserting message that goes like this* -i was lost but now after seeing this i relize i need to stick up for myself and tell every1 every five minutes that im a soy boy thank you youtube- *or something like* - this has restored my faith in humanity-

  56. Pixel_Mstr

    Pixel_MstrMonth ago

    I dont think they deserve a month with a disapproval rating this high

  57. extra

    extra22 days ago

    The reasons as to why this video has so many dislikes is mostly because: -MReporter has been demonetizing videos related to the LGBT+ community -Anti-gay ads have been popping up on LGBT+ creators. -Some of the messages in here are kind of off -MReporter just glossed over Father's Day

  58. 4fabulousDemigods DoveDaughterofAphrodite

    4fabulousDemigods DoveDaughterofAphroditeMonth ago

    i cannot believe there are more dislikes than likes!

  59. Gary Oak

    Gary OakMonth ago

    Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Don't be proud, be humble in your eternal gayness.

  60. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    but why not be proud?

  61. Eternus Gladiocis

    Eternus GladiocisMonth ago

    This was discusting. I once ate lesbian flesh. It tasted bad.

  62. Flying V

    Flying VMonth ago


  63. singer Touseef

    singer TouseefMonth ago

    sir iam pakistani my voice is so good plz support me you can see my MReporter channel

  64. Kaytlin Lee

    Kaytlin LeeMonth ago


  65. Man Utd

    Man UtdMonth ago


  66. Prolapsed Azzhole

    Prolapsed AzzholeMonth ago

    This video will give you AIDS

  67. Rozert Blind

    Rozert BlindMonth ago

    This is worse than watching a DC "humorous" movie.

  68. richard that person u don't know

    richard that person u don't know26 days ago

    Im guessing your referencing shazam?

  69. Jasoncr3ates9 ____

    Jasoncr3ates9 ____Month ago

    I hate homophobics

  70. Summer Breeze

    Summer BreezeMonth ago

    I am a Straight Bigot and Proud !

  71. Summer Breeze

    Summer BreezeMonth ago

    I am a Straight Bigot and Proud !

  72. Summer Breeze

    Summer BreezeMonth ago

    I am a Straight Bigot and Proud !

  73. Summer Breeze

    Summer BreezeMonth ago

    I am a Straight Bigot and Proud !

  74. Summer Breeze

    Summer BreezeMonth ago

    I am a Straight Bigot and Proud !

  75. Eclipse Sound

    Eclipse SoundMonth ago

    wtf is this is doing on youtube spotlight? this is disgusting...

  76. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago


  77. Granola Scout

    Granola ScoutMonth ago

    whats becoming an extinct race? me: straight people

  78. Granola Scout

    Granola Scout24 days ago

    KawaiiMittyNeko lol ok

  79. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    yes it's not true. Because you know sexuality isn't a race


    QWERT QWERTMonth ago

    Thankfully it's not true

  81. Floccinaucinihilipilification

    FloccinaucinihilipilificationMonth ago

    L gender G Dysphoria B doesn’t T empower Q you it gets u aids

  82. MrsLuigi

    MrsLuigiMonth ago

    "We're simply changing the world" oh yea for the worse

  83. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    and why is that

  84. PhatCrayonz

    PhatCrayonzMonth ago

    130k dislikes. I guess nobody likes this.

  85. manalu1640

    manalu1640Month ago


  86. Supreme T

    Supreme TMonth ago

    Proud to not have a father day I guess 🤦🤷

  87. Dan Claw

    Dan ClawMonth ago

    More dislikes then likes is Heaven TO my eyes

  88. Dan Claw

    Dan ClawMonth ago

    MReporter is gay.

  89. iS4vaqe2

    iS4vaqe2Month ago

    im proud to be straight

  90. A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber

    A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuberMonth ago


  91. James Kirk

    James KirkMonth ago

    The definition of sadness.

  92. waiting 90 days to change my name

    waiting 90 days to change my nameMonth ago

    Pause at 0:30

  93. jurassic josie

    jurassic josieMonth ago

    "We are amazing because we are queer." wtf

  94. richard that person u don't know

    richard that person u don't know26 days ago

    I can just imagine a kid watching this and telling their parents. "Mommy, im not an amazing kid am i?" "Of course you are sweetie. What made you think that?" "MReporter had a video with people saying their amazing cause their gay"

  95. Reality GMV

    Reality GMVMonth ago

    jurassic josie they think they such a special snowflake Until they get aids tho...(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  96. jjswag

    jjswagMonth ago

    You already have the rights you were fighting for, why do you have to keep pushing these videos in our faces, we get it, MReporter is really far left, stop pushing your agenda down our throats in every video

  97. Baeagon

    BaeagonMonth ago

    We want alex NOW

  98. Infantry Captain

    Infantry CaptainMonth ago

    Bring back Info Wars, bring back Alex Jones, F R E E S P E E C H N O W!!!

  99. Justin Temple

    Justin TempleMonth ago

    This is really gay tbh

  100. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    *N O F U C K I N G S H I T .*

  101. CarpusMedia Inc

    CarpusMedia IncMonth ago

    Infowars / Alex Jones banned?

  102. Noob Nooby

    Noob NoobyMonth ago

    Yeah, but why do you mention it on a Minecraft trolling video that was uploaded 1 year ago?

  103. Cady Grenier

    Cady GrenierMonth ago

    Why is this comment section so hateful damn

  104. Dragon Fruit

    Dragon Fruit17 days ago

    Cady Grenier ikr

  105. Eclipse Sound

    Eclipse SoundMonth ago

    Cady Grenier So what? you want everything to be nice and fluffy? this is war.

  106. Cady Grenier

    Cady GrenierMonth ago

    QWERT QWERT Good point, but I was just pointing out the homophobic comments. Trust me I am still mad about the Father’s day thing too, but the comments are still mean


    QWERT QWERTMonth ago

    Sugar Pimp Dorsey The CEO of MReporter is a Jew herself so I don't get your point. Also if anything, MReporter is more communist leaning than fascist leaning. Just a correction.

  108. Sugar Pimp Dorsey

    Sugar Pimp DorseyMonth ago

    Because youtube is run by antisemitic fascists

  109. Mr Ale

    Mr AleMonth ago

    What has the world turn into

  110. Mr Ale

    Mr AleMonth ago

    Danny Raven I’m actually fine with gay people but this is just fucked up

  111. Mr Ale

    Mr AleMonth ago

    Danny Raven it isn’t equality it’s madness

  112. Danny Raven

    Danny RavenMonth ago

    go green The world isn't going to end because of equality

  113. Rite Kunt

    Rite KuntMonth ago

    We should start a movement to protect normal gay people from these lunatics.

  114. Jastus Ha'ar

    Jastus Ha'arMonth ago

    **Looks at Dislikes** *Folks. We did it*

  115. Jastus Ha'ar

    Jastus Ha'arMonth ago

    The kingdom knight Yes. Now we wait for 2019.

  116. The kingdom knight

    The kingdom knightMonth ago

    Jastus Ha'ar mission acomplished

  117. Alyxendrr Paezaneo

    Alyxendrr PaezaneoMonth ago

    These people are destroying society

  118. Alyxendrr Paezaneo

    Alyxendrr Paezaneo12 days ago

    +KawaiiMittyNeko no you smartass the video.

  119. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko12 days ago

    +Alyxendrr Paezaneo oh yeah, you are right. These hate comments would make sense that they are destroying society

  120. Alyxendrr Paezaneo

    Alyxendrr Paezaneo12 days ago

    +KawaiiMittyNeko its right in front of you

  121. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    How though. I would love to see your evidence

  122. Parker Johnston

    Parker JohnstonMonth ago

    This video scares me.

  123. Meloettaluver22 Angie

    Meloettaluver22 AngieMonth ago


  124. Panic! At the Bible Study

    Panic! At the Bible StudyMonth ago

    this is clickbait. marty im scared

  125. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    not really though.

  126. Norway Tracking

    Norway TrackingMonth ago

    “We are amazing because we are queer” Oh no, I’m white, cisgender, male, straight, and Christian, I guess that makes me the absolute scourge of humanity!

  127. Ay ItzTony

    Ay ItzTonyMonth ago

    I’m also proud to be a black potato chip

  128. Ethan

    EthanMonth ago

    Send the gays to Mexico before trump builds the wall. Or better yet send them to Saudi Arabia so they can see what real oppression looks like.

  129. Parker Johnston

    Parker JohnstonMonth ago

    I heard that they aren’t gonna be able to build the wall... (darn it)

  130. JakeTheSnake05

    JakeTheSnake05Month ago

    This is gay

  131. X-Men CollectionZ

    X-Men CollectionZMonth ago

    That's a lotta AIDS.

  132. iMatt

    iMattMonth ago


  133. KawaiiMittyNeko

    KawaiiMittyNeko27 days ago

    Yes thanks for pointing out my homosexuality, I enjoy it very much thank you

  134. Titan Slayer

    Titan SlayerMonth ago

    If this is future, it's gonna be a dystopia for sure.