PROJECTIONS, Episode 28: Hardlight VR Haptics Suit!


  1. xxGjbbyxx

    xxGjbbyxx7 days ago

    I for one dont exactly want haptics, unless it remains, very limited, to very small amounts of feedback. Once it gets to the point where you can die in game, and actually die in real life as a synced cause, its doing way too much. At that point, you can have your haptic feedback. I'll reject the tech.

  2. Ryan Christensen

    Ryan Christensen18 days ago

    How is it that the Killing Floor horde mode impressed ANYONE? It is awful. I'd forgive them but it is STILL awful more than a year later. The co-op networking in that game is atrocious and you fight in a minuscule, poorly designed area, doing dreadfully unimaginative things with no reason to keep playing. It's no wonder it was free, as Mr. Gibson declared so benevolently multiple times... I was bored within minutes. WTF is wrong with "AAA" VR developers? They design a buggy, gimmicky "VR experience" game that's clearly just a cash-in on the new technology and then balk at its sales performance and negative reviews *cough* Borderlands 2 VR. Overhaul a REAL game, nearly ANY AAA game from the last 10+ years, UNABRIDGED, and watch it sell headsets. The hardware devs should be greasing the hell out of game developers to re-produce hit games. It seems like easy money to me! Why doesn't EA/DICE redux Battlefield 2 for VR? Hell, I'd gleefully take BF1942! There are dozens and dozens of massively popular old IPs with low system requirements that could print money for these companies and fuel further development of the technology simultaneously. I am completely fed up with the "VR Experience" game mentality, it's regressive and is establishing a terrible trend in VR development. How about a little industry stewardship from the software megacorporations? Bethesda is the only AAA entity that seems to give a shit, they are a perfect example of the potential sales performance and proper (relatively) handling of a full VR adaptation. In the meantime, I'll be giving my money to the indie VR devs. Tripwire and 2K aren't getting a damn thing from me again.

  3. void_Presence

    void_Presence2 months ago

    I want a suit like this that just provides body tracking, without the haptics. Currently the only option for full body tracking is the Vive trackers, which is only compatible with the Vive.

  4. russ hess

    russ hess3 months ago

    Needs to be compatible with ps4

  5. Bryced

    Bryced5 months ago

    I made a video on smartphone vr

  6. Sue Sturges

    Sue Sturges7 months ago

    Where do you get a suit? Are they being made yet. Please answer!

  7. Max SMoke

    Max SMoke9 months ago

    If you like Killing Floor, you *REALLY* should see "Dead Effect 2 VR". It's a fully realized type of the same game but set in space, with deep weapon and character options. I've played with my friend online tons of times, we even leave the 3rd player slot open for others to drop in. Little cheap when that other player is max-leveled, but still very exciting.

  8. The Dood

    The Dood9 months ago

    "lets see if people want it more or less complex" ............. did he really think there was a possibility people wanted it to be less complex? lol... "uh no yeah, I want my haptic suit to be really simple, just one section on my chest, no more"

  9. Richard Clark

    Richard Clark10 months ago

    I was hoping for something a bit more sophisticated than some webbing and a few rumble packs glued on to it - what a load of crap - a school science project

  10. Hossam Zayed

    Hossam Zayed10 months ago

    this is great and all but they don't compare to Tesla Suit or HaptX Gloves or even ARAIG Suit

  11. Zach Wicker

    Zach Wicker10 months ago

    Someone needs to make a suit with electric shocks like the muscle tensioners. With nodes that are strong enough to go through clothes for more of a punch ...beware pace makers!

  12. oren88

    oren8810 months ago

    Please test the new Tesla Suit ?

  13. Tunakann

    Tunakann10 months ago

    Why do they keep focusing on shooters? That's such a waist of potential..

  14. Chiller Killer

    Chiller Killer10 months ago

    Waiting for shipment hopefully it's good soon

  15. StackableGold

    StackableGold10 months ago

    Good movie.

  16. Samuel Nilsson

    Samuel Nilsson11 months ago

    Wait, a kickstarter that actually delivered? Didn't know that was a thing that could happen.

  17. SilverSigh

    SilverSigh9 months ago

    This kickstarter has most certainly NOT delivered. I'm one of the first fifty backers and I have still yet to receive my suit. At this point it's over seven months beyond the promised delivery date, and who knows how much longer it will take - if I ever receive the suit. Additionally, they've lowered the price for people that pre-order from their site. I'm only the line for over $100 more than what non-kickstarters will end up paying. One poor super backer is on the line for $2000+ more than retail. Great way to treat your earliest supporters...

  18. Max Wyght

    Max Wyght10 months ago

    Samuel Nilsson Not just a kickstarter, but a new niche of hardware kickstarter. The last two kickstarters I remember are Oculus and Bragi

  19. Mark Heath

    Mark Heath11 months ago

    Cough cough what about haptic sex?

  20. MangAnimE

    MangAnimEYear ago

    Reminds me of the vests you used to be able to get years ago

  21. Keano Gaming

    Keano GamingYear ago

    Will the hardlight vr compatible with the oculus rift?

  22. kublukichuo

    kublukichuoYear ago

    I just cannot wait to see a Mass Effect built for VR with such an immersive accessory, for example, the use of the bionic arm in-game with the trackers in the forearm of the suit.

  23. jaqs smith

    jaqs smithYear ago

    killing floor isn't zombies.

  24. Willie Gonzales

    Willie GonzalesYear ago

    What Camera are you guys using?


    GEEKYDOMYear ago

    I would like to have haptics on all major body parts, i.e arms upper lower, legs, chest, back, hands via controller, and feet bottom for walking and jumping. Anything like this as a minimum would increase immersion in my opinion. Tried some unique haptics at SIGGRAPH this summer that were really promising. Love your videos! :-)

  26. Alexander Tepper

    Alexander TepperYear ago

    Omg what fucking losers honestly I really cant not dislike you guys cause you all lie in your videos

  27. Alexander Tepper

    Alexander TepperYear ago

    My god if I reviewed this stuff people wuld be consumers to it fucking idiots like asian man with the goggles already or norm lol

  28. Alexander Tepper

    Alexander TepperYear ago

    You two a couple lol

  29. N8UR NURD

    N8UR NURDYear ago

    "...maybe you're on Skype,"... you pronounced Discord wrong, Jeremy.

  30. Logan Jorgensen

    Logan JorgensenYear ago

    I think those are the right people to be working on it, good first model and tackling support through indirect paths so they can be added well to any platform even after the fact. Yeah make the sleeves a separate purchasable piece, should help the price point model and allow consumers to focus on what experiences they want to buy rather than forcing one.

  31. Mr Lewis Science Videos

    Mr Lewis Science VideosYear ago

    I wonder if the name is reference to the British Sitcom Red Dwarf where they have a hardlight hologram

  32. Lan Hikari

    Lan HikariYear ago


  33. Eric Fortin

    Eric FortinYear ago

    Is it me or there is no shadows in the Killing Floor demo ?

  34. aP1atypus

    aP1atypusYear ago

    5:45 I watched this as a squirrel was running around my body.

  35. R/C 101

    R/C 101Year ago

    Good show but does the co-host always have to be so condescending to Norm, he's not like that with other people he interacts with. Norm puts up with it like a real pro.

  36. Michael Hudgins

    Michael HudginsYear ago

    I purchased Invisible Hours based on this video and WOW it is my favorite VR game to date. I watched most of the different stories last night (my first playthrough I just stuck with the detective). I can't believe how amazing it is! I hope I get to see more just like it.

  37. Tom Morgan

    Tom MorganYear ago

    I love these videos, because you guys aren't afraid to have an interview with a developer and then immediately tear them apart afterwards. Respect.

  38. AdrianVex

    AdrianVexYear ago

    Haptic suit. Force senses. Give me a Star Wars game where the Force surrounds me. Let me feel the Force around me; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.

  39. MarquisDeSang

    MarquisDeSangYear ago

    Even Stephan Paddock got bored playing VR wave shooter after 10 minutes.

  40. MarquisDeSang

    MarquisDeSangYear ago

    I always use a "Buttkicker" tactile subwoofer for all VR simulators. And it makes the experience so real compared to just VR.

  41. Cryptonitor

    CryptonitorYear ago

    07:27-07:40! OH YEAH! Awesomeness in customizing! Love this idea of just being able to clip on a addon with a magnet and get your own vision realized

  42. Fueled By Force

    Fueled By ForceYear ago

    Body massage suit please

  43. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    MrMegaPussyPlayerYear ago

    Looks neat, and I inda want this, but it is never going to be supported widespread ... since too little people will have it.

  44. Monstah Jones

    Monstah JonesYear ago

    I hate haptics. i'd prefer tracking more.

  45. Jake Downs

    Jake DownsYear ago

    skip suits, jump straight to neural interface

  46. vannoo67

    vannoo67Year ago

    Yawn. Wake me up when it can apply force feedback to my joints.

  47. Dennis Richards

    Dennis RichardsYear ago

    VR needs the following as a base level. 1) VR headset 2) Motion tracked controllers. 3) Omni-directional treadmill solution. 4) Software/content that takes full advantage of the above hardware including a full ground up VR operating system.

  48. Dennis Richards

    Dennis RichardsYear ago

    .............. Nope, I'm pretty much as in the loop as you can get.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    1) Check 2) Check 3) Nope, that shit died once room-scale became a thing. You con't go prone on a omni-treadmill. 4) Check You seem several years out-of-the-loop of current VR..............

  50. Uki Malefu

    Uki MalefuYear ago

    we all want a holodeck, but that will take a while


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Already been around for a year. You can turn your playspace into the Star Trek holodeck. Unless you are talking about a real holodeck, then no, either never going to happen or not in our lifetime.

  52. SPcamert

    SPcamertYear ago

    Glad to see someone from Rochester doing something awesome. Also, I'm really distracted by Jeremy in the background of this interview.

  53. ygalion

    ygalionYear ago

    Well... All VR things are moving slowly. Imagine, you need 700 for glasses, probably 400 for haptic suit around 2k worth pc and dont forget games. Also can ad other VR devices, like running platform for 800, so together can leave 5k... Sad

  54. ygalion

    ygalionYear ago

    Dude, i gues you are from US where people for doing nothing get a lot of money when everything already is cheaper than in other countries. :D Do not believe in those PC who says that are VR ready. 600$ pc will not be able to run games on 1080p with 100Hz (only cheap games), but VR needs 2x more of that.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Nope. Not even remotely true. VR is moving exponentially with over 2.5 million owners of Rift/Vive and over 1.5 million PSVR owners. The most expensive system is the Vive, which costs $600 (Rift is $400), This (ridiculous and you don't need) haptic suit costs $630, and a VR-ready PC starts at about $600. Plus there are bundle deals where you can get a Rift/Vive and VR-ready PC for $1200-$1400. Also, omni-treadmill died when room-scale and locomotion became a thing. You can't go prone on an omni-treadmill, lol. Now please, stop spreading false information.

  56. Mike McKee

    Mike McKeeYear ago

    This just does not seem interesting. I feel like this is old tech. This has been done before right? To me its just another 3rd party accessory with no standardization, and we all know how well that works.

  57. shaun smit

    shaun smitYear ago

    They need to do a 2,000 Sq ft room with blow up cover like in speed paint ball. Where you can see the cover through the vr, but it is enhanced with the video. You can move around like normal without cords, and hide and gun. When they get to this point I'll be excited about vr.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Yup, there are VR arcades and even some VR warehouses for what you are asking for, they are becoming very poplar and are popping up all around the world in major cities.

  59. mwiz100

    mwiz100Year ago

    I'm really glad to see more haptics systems coming up, I feel that's going to be a major step for VR. I've gotten to experience the bHaptics system with the Vive and it was super awesome. They do have the advantage of a LOT more points so they get a pretty high set of resolution. The headset haptics is also pretty slick, really gives you the sense of contact to your head.

  60. Richard Ross

    Richard RossYear ago

    Y'all have a sweet rumble pack. Even in its current stage, this probably would be TERRIFYING if it was tastefully folded into a horror game.

  61. Centurion Fragger

    Centurion FraggerYear ago

    next step for vr , the holodeck ...


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Last year we had the ability to make our playspace the holodeck from Star Trek. Yawn.

  63. AfonsodelCB

    AfonsodelCBYear ago

    I really want you to make a video where you use all of the best VR equipment together, for a maximized VR experience

  64. AfonsodelCB

    AfonsodelCBYear ago

    sorry are you watching something else? did I completely misunderstand this video? This video is about the VR Haptics suit. All it does is vibrate different parts of your torso. They've shown many other cool VR gadgets. My suggestion was to put them all together for a demo. To be honest though I stopped watching this video half way so it's possible I just didn't notice them doing it, but I find it unlikely. if that's what happened let me know, because I'm not gonna watch 20 minutes just to make sure.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    That's what this video is.................

  66. IdioticDust

    IdioticDustYear ago

    I had an idea like this, but instead of vibrations, little painless electric shocks, but sadly no money = no original idea :(


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Because people would die or easily sue becasue it causes bodily harm.

  68. Quintin Flower

    Quintin FlowerYear ago

    Is the person in the back playing robo recall?

  69. Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding

    Random Tech, Auto, Security, & SkateboardingYear ago

    Way too early to be investing any serious amounts of money into this area. Already one of the biggest barriers to me using my Vive frequently is simply the time and effort that is required to have just a quick gaming session. My PC is in my bedroom, but my room doesn't have enough area to use my Vive in, so I have long HDMI and USB 3.0 cables running into my attic and back down into my living room. So, for even just a basic gameplay session, I have to go into my living room, disconnect my wands from their chargers, turn them on, sit them in the middle of the floor, get my headset and set it onto the floor in the middle of the room, go back to my bedroom, turn on SteamVR, wait for everything to be connected, then put the headset on, put my earphones on, and start my gaming session. If anything goes wrong, I have to take the headset off to go back to my PC and resolve the issue. Adding something like a haptics suit just adds more time and effort to this equation, and at this point, I just don't think the benefit outweighs the cost.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    These are all problems that are exclusive to you, not the VR system, lol. Also, you ever tried streaming your video signal to the TV where you do VR? C'mon now, use your brain, most of your problems are solved just by asking yourself what you could do differently.

  71. arleas

    arleasYear ago

    You don't have to start steam VR from the computer. Just turn on your controllers and wait.

  72. Fluster Cluck

    Fluster CluckYear ago

    Why don't they try to use electric shock to implement the more "gut punch" feeling


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Because people would die or easily sue becasue it causes bodily harm.

  74. Hyper-Enforcer

    Hyper-EnforcerYear ago

    You guys should look at axon vr haptics there’s an article in Forbes where they compare the tech and stuff in real life to the book ready player one haptic suits gloves and rigs Match the tech used in the book so check it out it looks awesome and the article mention axon vr a lot

  75. TheTukTuk2008

    TheTukTuk2008Year ago

    Always good to see new AR/VR stuff from you guys!👍

  76. Digital Dirk

    Digital DirkYear ago

    Now we just need a VR fleshlight mount for some haptic feedback for... "better games" ;)


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    You're about two years late on that idea.

  78. marek pastyrik

    marek pastyrikYear ago

    haptick hug ? is my mind dirty or was that VR porn implementation

  79. serpathius

    serpathius6 months ago

    haptic hug? more like haptic tug


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    People hug eachother in VR. It's weird.

  81. Pillock

    PillockYear ago

    How much of this is within reach of the average consumer?

  82. Pillock

    PillockYear ago

    I'm guessing you're talking in USD? The Vive in Australia is about $999 The Rift about $590, for the PC I should be ok, if not there's another $1400. Expensive stuff for something that is still in it's infancy, but until the quality of the games improve it doesn't really matter. You mentioned tracking, from what I've seen the Vive seems to be the best, where you actually walk around,until the cords tangle, instead of teleporting in little bursts, or snapping around as you look behind, but for that you need a pretty large room, or a dedicated space, again average user?


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    All of it. As long as you are making minimum wage and not taking care of 3 kids in an overpriced area. A VR-ready PC and Vive/Rift will cost you around $1200-$1400 for a bundle or build yourself, or around $1600 to buy a separate pre-build and the VR system sepratly Rift costs $400 and Vive costs $600, with the only real difference is that tracking is much better for the Vive and has no noticeable jittering (and the system is future proof since all future VR manufacturs like LG and Pimax have backwards compatibility with the lighthouse tracking and controllers). This silly haptic suit that no one would buy cost $600. It's a gimmick. Norm and Jeremy were being nice about it, but they are right, the haptic system is pointless and doesn't add immersion.

  84. James Duffy

    James DuffyYear ago

    Nearly 700 bucks is INSANE

  85. Littlebigwatcha

    LittlebigwatchaYear ago

    whatever this thing is plus 299 dollars worth of food: 999 bucks some brick that has a camera: 999 bucks

  86. Cookie Panda

    Cookie PandaYear ago

    It would be better to make a suit that makes your muscles contract via electricity, that way you can make the player feel pain too >:]

  87. Samuel Stone

    Samuel StoneYear ago

    Have you heard of a tens unit? It does just that. Can you imagine a game that contracted your leg or arm when you got shot. Try playing a vr fps from the floor. lol

  88. USSEG

    USSEGYear ago

    I never see them move much at all in any of these games. Such as in this one are you locked in position until you use the damn teleport or if you have a 20ft play area could you move around at least in that space before having to teleport?

  89. Sho Jo

    Sho JoYear ago

    USSEG I'm not even going to call it a pet peeve that I have but if you have 20 feet of space in VR why the hell not move around? It drives me crazy when people don't.

  90. E

    EYear ago

    It must be weird working on this tech while commercial VR is dying and developers are jumping ship.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Koolala Correct, however, big gaming stuidos ARE really getting into VR, nearly every large studio at E3 this year told everyone they are putting a lot of money into VR R&D. Hell, did you not see that Bethesda built 3 of their biggest games from the ground up for VR? Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Doom? Ever heard of those games? Rockstar even built some VR for LA Noire and said they plan on investing into more VR content.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    +R Did you not watch E3 this year? Nearly every major gaming studio revealed they are pouring time, money and effort into VR. Bethesda surprised everyone that they went full-time on bringing out 3 of their titles built from the ground up as VR titles. Commercial VR is officially in full swing currently. There are 2000+ games and the VR dev group is growing exponentially. You have to be blind in order to not see this obvious reality.

  93. MarquisDeSang

    MarquisDeSangYear ago

    You must be a VR Virgin to say that.

  94. Sho Jo

    Sho JoYear ago

    Dariyan Jones Pay him no mind. He's from one of the flat game companies.

  95. Koolala

    KoolalaYear ago

    Its very much growing, especially in the indie scene. Big companies don't really want to get in on it, but they don't really like to innovate. I really wonder why people are so salty about this, can't things just be cool?

  96. Jacob Shelley

    Jacob ShelleyYear ago

    I do not see haptics suits being viable for the home. I do see them being used in theme parks and businesses that specialize in VR experiences. They are high cost. But even if they can lower the cost, they take up unwanted space and just like many add ons' for consoles. They are not often used.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Jeremy proved the best point that it made no difference to the immersion, which is the point of the haptic suit. It's a gimmick, nothing more.

  98. doifhg

    doifhgYear ago

    I guess it was only a matter of time until someone made a haptic suit, but hey hey kf2 lol

  99. TheGlamourNazi

    TheGlamourNaziYear ago

    I’m literally so upset watching that guy use those controllers without the straps on just because they’re loud.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Kinda weird, I haven't heard about many people that have flung their controllers. I have never thrown my controller and I've been playing my Vive since pre-order.

  101. Cyber Corpse

    Cyber CorpseYear ago

    TheGlamourNazi the straps look like shit. I really am hoping for hand tracking vr gloves to appeal to everyone

  102. FacelessNiceGuy

    FacelessNiceGuyYear ago

    wow had to skip 20 mins to actually see game play

  103. Meowcow42

    Meowcow42Year ago

    pretty sure most people are checking out the cool ass suit here, dude.

  104. Jason Tower

    Jason TowerYear ago

    Wonder if they will find the copper key?

  105. Jonathan Dixon

    Jonathan Dixon10 months ago

    I understand that reference

  106. Starfire 213

    Starfire 213Year ago

    Max Power lol will finding the gate take ANOTHER 5 YEARS?

  107. Zack Nemo

    Zack NemoYear ago

    When can I have da sex?

  108. Super Milena

    Super MilenaYear ago

    Fuck suits I want the helmet from Sword Art Online

  109. Reaper The Rager

    Reaper The RagerYear ago

    Vive just funded a startup for a mind controller so it could happen.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Yea, not going to happen in our lifetime.

  111. beastly

    beastlyYear ago


  112. phil verhey

    phil verheyYear ago

    let's fix that: _"Fuck suits I want fuck suits from PornHub Online!"_ .. that's more 'internet' appropriate.. LOL

  113. Cyber Corpse

    Cyber CorpseYear ago

    Super Milena I wish I could have vr the size of sun glasses someday

  114. machine god

    machine godYear ago

    I think its too erly

  115. nithia

    nithiaYear ago

    The big thing right now is the cost to develop is very high with the limited install base promise. The price needs to come down on the devices to bring the prices down enough for most people to get, but more people have to buy them for the price to come down, and more content needs to be made for more people to buy them, but more people need to buy them for more and better content to be made. It is an endless feedback loop. Having both PS VR and the Gear VR does mean there are a lot more people that can get VR now and not only the people with powerful PCs. Which will make it something that content developers may make dedicated content and not just something added onto a normal game and then either offered as an extra mode or sold as a VR game just for the gimmick. Right now VR is about 30 years old and I would place it at the PS2, Game Cube, original Xbox generation when comparing it to council systems. In about 5 years it will be better but still might not be what you are waiting for but will be in the PS3, Wii, 360 generation, and then if it survives the next 5-10 years after that it will likely be at the point everyone wants it to be now, but may not be at the point you want it to be at then. As far as socially acceptable AR/VR glasses go the closest thing is Google Glass but that is not officially out yet, but that only covers AR because VR has to fully put you into the world. something as small as glasses is just not realistic yet due to needing the space for the screens. Even then they would have to be more like goggles rather than glasses as if you have ever used VR than even the slightest amount of light that gets into the headset can over power the image you are viewing. However with Gear VR it can use the phone camera for pass through which all it would take is for someone to make an AR app, but you would lose some of your field of view and your depth perception is a bit off so from experience I would not recommend that method be used. Also there is the problem of how hot the phone gets and the battery life when using the Gear VR. I have used Gear VR using a Galaxy S7 Edge. We are still in the early adopter phase with this generation of VR (as VR has been around for about 30 years now) and I predict it will be another 5 to 10 years before we see VR as the more common place for games and use of tech similar to Ready Player One, but even then it will not be people walking around with VR setups on. As far as the future of AR goes we will have to see what happens with Google Glass when they finally bring it to the market, but I predict it will be similar to how Bluetooth headsets were/are. AR wont really go full mainstream until you can have them as small as contact lenses or even implants, but there is a Black Mirror episode that covers the issues with that. Really there is no need for AR either as most of the practical uses are already covered with the phone in your pocket or, if you got one, a smart watch, and if you need that on your face that is just way too lazy. Also may things you may use AR for can be done with apps on your phone and its camera already. Not to mention AR could be a way for advertisers to push ads right into your face as you pass by their store, and I for one don't want some kind of twitter feed in my vision all day and things popping up trying to sell me something or tell me extra information about something. If I pass by something that I want to know more about I can google it. Are there places where AR would work? Sure, AR would work well as a HUD in your car that shows you your instrument panel in a place where you don't have to look away from the road or some kind of GPS map layout or waypoints. It could be useful in work applications that require you to use both hands a lot while also needing to reference something at the same time such as medical, engineering, fire/emt, police, or military, and at a very basic use could be used as a teleprompter during meetings or lectures. But AR in a day to day everyone wears it all the time type of situation what is really the need there? If some day AR gets to the point of how it was in the anime RIN in the future act than that would be interesting, but the best things you will ever get from AR is personal advertisements, waypoints/maps, gimmicky art/games, being able to see peoples social media info around their head like their name and job title or something; which is a bit creepy and impersonal, and for insecure social media addicts to always have their feed in their field of view. TL:DR: Yes it is still early to get into VR (even though it is 30 years old now), but if you want to support the development of VR and the things that go with it right now is not a bad time to pick some things up from those who you like what they are making as it will likely be 5-10+ years before it gets to the point you want which is the average lifecycle of council systems so you can think of VR now as the PS2, Game Cube, and original Xbox generation. If you want VR get it now and then get what comes out in the future. AR for everyday use is dumb.

  116. machine god

    machine godYear ago

    Timothy Showers I wood of whanted a few years let tech get better

  117. Cyber Corpse

    Cyber CorpseYear ago

    machine god I honestly thought we were more high tech than a brick on the face attached to a massive computer. I thought we would have more socially acceptable ar/vr glasses and much cooler than this.

  118. Setsu Imazawa

    Setsu ImazawaYear ago

    Let Adam Savage turn a Pellet gun (Airsoft Pistol) into a Real gun

  119. USSEG

    USSEGYear ago

    The airsoft materials are far to incompatible to even think of this. You would have to replace so much it would be easier to just machine a pistol from scratch. Be like making an apple out of an orange.

  120. Luca Loos

    Luca LoosYear ago

    You should have a look at the dentistry simulator from Moog, it is a VR simulator with force feedback.

  121. Bill Bronson

    Bill BronsonYear ago

    The only part of the body that needs to experience rumble is the groin area

  122. Richard Clark

    Richard Clark10 months ago

    Just don't get a short circuit!

  123. GtheMVP

    GtheMVP11 months ago

    lol why is it odd? We all want to bang hot chicks in the holodeck after-all.

  124. First Name and Last Name ples

    First Name and Last Name plesYear ago

    phil verhey lol no. Just mentioning they're a thing. It's a bit odd

  125. phil verhey

    phil verheyYear ago

    so you're the guy ravaging VR porn peripherals at conventions!

  126. SpookyWut

    SpookyWutYear ago


  127. Kenny4ag

    Kenny4agYear ago

    Do people actually desire this sort of experience I feel like most gamers have already moved on from vr

  128. serpathius

    serpathius6 months ago

    I just don't wanna buy one because I feel like a superior one will come out a week after purchasing.

  129. bloxyman22

    bloxyman22Year ago

    Most gamers have not even tried VR. Meanwhile us who have actually tried and bought the high end headsets have hard time going back to the flat screen, as you do not feel like you are physically there. This is something you just cannot understand until you have actually tried it yourself.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    +Alcroms Then buy the Pimax 8k when it comes out next year.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    "moved on from vr" What? No, gamers are moving TO VR. Are you blind? Have you not seen the insane growing number of VR owners and players? Over 2.5 million Rift/Vive owners and over a million PSVR owners?

  132. gregSmar

    gregSmarYear ago

    Agreed cmdskp. I can't go back to console if I am just gaming by myself. I definitely have issues with my Rift experience right now ("god-rays", resolution, FOV, wired headset), but after the experience of immersion I just can't go back to a flat world.

  133. pumpuppthevolume

    pumpuppthevolumeYear ago

    haptics will be always super generic and not worth it at all.... but vr is incredible

  134. julien hunt

    julien huntYear ago

    Get on onward, and I will buy it

  135. Jan

    Jan9 months ago

    first of all the onward dev has to bring out actual updates to the game lmao

  136. MrMorrigan

    MrMorriganYear ago

    When he said where they produce the tech i rolled my eyes. A chinese person is going to copy that and they have already all your planes you send the production xD

  137. Imrahil

    ImrahilYear ago

    No. Haptics are not limited by feedback. It's the input that's lacking to the point of utter uselessness.

  138. Eliott

    EliottYear ago

    Porn. Porn is coming

  139. Azolot Loner

    Azolot Loner9 months ago


  140. phil verhey

    phil verheyYear ago

    coming? umm it already arrived .... convention floors VR sex dolls and VR sex toys(heads, pelvis', connected fleshlights) get ruined by people... heck they even have full suits you put on with male/female attachments. Pornhub has full on 360 degree VR movies .. for 2 years now!

  141. Gary Boyer

    Gary BoyerYear ago

    naihanchin, LOL. Amateur. :)

  142. naihanchin Kempo

    naihanchin KempoYear ago

    until we half three arms it won't work ;P

  143. Zack Nemo

    Zack NemoYear ago

    Eliott 1000% braced

  144. Vape God

    Vape GodYear ago

    how much longer until full dive vr?

  145. Michael Tsagaris

    Michael TsagarisYear ago

    Probably like 20 years, or more, really depends on somebody making a big leap style breakthrough in BCI (brain computer interface) technology. The problem being that most BCI's require either powerful scanning technology to penetrate the brain or surgical modification to the skull itself.

  146. beastly

    beastlyYear ago

    so 3 year old care about all senses immersion? I think they just want a nintendo switch or ps4.

  147. Vape God

    Vape GodYear ago

    no the truth of the matter is full dive vr hasnt been created yet so there is no real definition of it yet. when i mention full dive vr i dont care about immersion because im not a 3year old. full dive is in reference to full immersion yes but immersion of all senses, with a full neural dive where all your senses are being simulated. the most vr has is 3 senses right now but everything is physical not a device hooked up to your body where the virtual world actually has an imoact on your physical body.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Technically the Rift/Vive is full dive VR because it's complete immersion and you easily forgot where you are other than in the VR world.

  149. beastly

    beastlyYear ago

    vr pool?

  150. Emcee Schwartz

    Emcee SchwartzYear ago

    sega interactor strikes

  151. craig blackwood

    craig blackwoodYear ago

    Is vr really gonna be better?

  152. The Sneakyfox

    The Sneakyfox10 months ago

    I think thaat this specific haptic suit looks terrible but a good one like the one in ready player one look sick

  153. jamie klein

    jamie kleinYear ago

    EVOLICIOUS vr is fun.but not great atm.


    EVOLICIOUSYear ago

    Don't listen to to Grenherb, he has no clue about what current VR is and what it is like. VR is great right now and only getting better.

  155. phil verhey

    phil verheyYear ago

    only when the VR sex dolls are durable enough to survive 1 measly convention

  156. Grenherb

    GrenherbYear ago

    realistically not for another 30-50 years and longer. until they can make a full suit or a helmet that you can put on and control everything with brain power, the current stuff isnt that great it's just wii controllers with head tracking.