PROJECTIONS, Episode 21: Valve's SteamVR "Knuckles" Controllers


  1. Arnò Mezzanotte

    Arnò Mezzanotte2 days ago

    They actually called it knuckles LOOL

  2. controllerbrain

    controllerbrain2 days ago

    No way. It's Will Smith from FOO!

  3. Feral

    FeralMonth ago

    Vr tech takes so long to come out. Fuck. Take my money and gimme.

  4. runforitman

    runforitmanMonth ago

    13:52 that layout of controls is known as “Mode 2”, if you want a better way of saying it

  5. Saherk

    SaherkMonth ago

    release date ???????

  6. VR Friends

    VR FriendsMonth ago

    Curious about this controller they look better then the usual ones, can wait to try them out even do they sort off look like the Oculus controllers hope that has nothing to do with it might be only a coincidence .

  7. James O’Loughlin

    James O’LoughlinMonth ago

    @valve /bump/

  8. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor JesusMonth ago

    17:50 disney product placement is everywhere! the heart of te'fiti! XD

  9. TechnoGiraffe

    TechnoGiraffe2 months ago

    Its settled, I’m buying a vive, the only reason I would buy a rift is for the touch controls. But with this new project, I can be a bit more confident in the vive’s future.

  10. Macrowave

    Macrowave2 months ago

    Will it be manufactured in Uganda?

  11. Zanite

    Zanite2 months ago

    Touchpad technology is for laptops, not controllers . I rest my case

  12. TheTukTuk2008

    TheTukTuk20082 months ago

    Isnt Oculus Touch already where its at with gesture and such?!

  13. TheTukTuk2008

    TheTukTuk20082 months ago

    kendokaaa ah, yes, I understand.

  14. kendokaaa

    kendokaaa2 months ago

    Nope. It has a few gestures but not full finger tracking

  15. Alex Courrier

    Alex Courrier2 months ago

    I assume the bowl trackpad design is to better simulate a joystick while still being a trackpad, replacing the force feedback of a spring with the users thumb pressure to center itself. Wish they would have gone into how well that works.

  16. don walls

    don walls2 months ago

    I can see those flying off people hands a lot

  17. Craigape

    Craigape2 months ago

    "Did I drop the chalk? Yeah I did." *body contorts horrifically while calmly reaching for digital chalk*

  18. Zykrah

    Zykrah2 months ago

    great for VR Chat, really makes the Ugandan knuckles experience more wholesome

  19. KANEDA

    KANEDA2 months ago

    the game design is horrible, the fingertips should slim, there is certain rules to animation that are there for a reason, they seem realy creapy, like amputated fingers, that creeps people out subconsciously

  20. SoopaFlyism

    SoopaFlyism2 months ago

    Imagine using this for porn.

  21. Vista

    Vista3 months ago

    steam vr Ugandan Knuckles

  22. Daniel

    Daniel3 months ago

    looks like a shitty copy of the oculus controllers

  23. Giffy

    Giffy3 months ago

    almost a whole show in VR, this is great!!

  24. Level 99

    Level 993 months ago

    i wish Valve wouldnt shove those fucking trackpads down our throats. i want these controllers to have regular analog sticks instead.

  25. Lyndan

    Lyndan3 months ago

    This Jeremy guy... Sounds so familiar.. I keep thinking of Sean Astin, but I'm not sure..

  26. Lyndan

    Lyndan3 months ago

    Do they keep saying an elastic strap is magic?

  27. randyx007

    randyx0073 months ago


  28. Robert Grimm

    Robert Grimm3 months ago

    how do we go into warhammer 2 with vr???

  29. Atlas Atkinson

    Atlas Atkinson3 months ago

    I'm not a fan of the track pad. I like the analog sticks of oculus touch.

  30. yelar

    yelar4 months ago

    'one of a kind' has 4

  31. Narcissist Margarine

    Narcissist Margarine4 months ago

    that animation shit will go nowhere. Knuckles are cool tho.

  32. CrustyLovesSpreks

    CrustyLovesSpreks4 months ago

    Come out and take my money already

  33. -

    -4 months ago


  34. Michal Valta

    Michal Valta4 months ago

    I wonder how long it will take before we will get some bugs and glitches because of buggy middle finger censorship. :D

  35. alex fluffy fox

    alex fluffy fox4 months ago

    Shut up and take meh money

  36. Zek Bukandara

    Zek Bukandara4 months ago

    Aqua teen hunger force reference ftw now im going to download porn at 14kb/sec lol

  37. F4c2a

    F4c2a5 months ago

    dis is da wae my bruddas

  38. Solid Gamer

    Solid Gamer5 months ago

    just watch at 7:25 and get ready for laughter!!!

  39. TornadoFire

    TornadoFire5 months ago

    do you kno de wae knuckel boi?

  40. Rokon

    Rokon5 months ago

    7:10 Who else is stoked for the sequel to Facade?

  41. CumberCube

    CumberCube5 months ago

    Dey kno de wae

  42. ・ ́ω・m

    ・ ́ω・m5 months ago

    No offense but the demo is laggy and not working well on tracking the hands.

  43. Talamon

    Talamon5 months ago

    And still not so much as a blipp on the radar.

  44. 3st

    3st5 months ago

    Good luck looking up "VRchat knuckles support"

  45. MasterSteve26

    MasterSteve265 months ago

    Do u no da wey?

  46. General Shrooms

    General Shrooms5 months ago

    Ugandan knuckles joke

  47. Optillian

    Optillian5 months ago

    Do you know de way of de deval?

  48. joey garcia

    joey garcia5 months ago

    Instead of using capacitor, why not use the proximity sensor that theremin uses?

  49. MooMoo1323

    MooMoo13235 months ago

    No. These knuckles do not kno da wae my bruddahs. But i like the design my bruddahs, we must clok. * clok* *clok * *clok *

  50. Levi Moore

    Levi Moore5 months ago

    This was announced on my birthday. woah.

  51. Konsento

    Konsento5 months ago

    I like how they are moving their individual fingers

  52. MisterKatzy

    MisterKatzy5 months ago

    They dont knwo THE WAY they dont have ebola

  53. CubedPotatoesHD

    CubedPotatoesHD5 months ago

    I cant talk about it now, but i will in... *checks watch* 2 1/2 to 3 weeks

  54. CubedPotatoesHD

    CubedPotatoesHD5 months ago

    Do u kno de uwei

  55. Mathef

    Mathef5 months ago

    Mah Bruddah!

  56. Optillian

    Optillian5 months ago

    You need to have ebola to know de way.

  57. Jemunoz

    Jemunoz5 months ago

    do you kno de wei

  58. Optillian

    Optillian5 months ago

    You need to have ebola to know de way.

  59. Larry The golfclub gaming

    Larry The golfclub gaming5 months ago

    The oculus already did the finger sensor thing

  60. Andrew G

    Andrew G5 months ago

    Any day now....


    IVAN GREY6 months ago

    That's Not the Fresh Price.

  62. doghous3

    doghous36 months ago

    Gives some interesting opportunities for creating cartoons...

  63. fakiirification

    fakiirification6 months ago

    I want these so bad, every few weeks i google it up to see if theres a release date yet. LOL

  64. Leggir

    Leggir7 months ago

    Waiting impatiently...

  65. beastly

    beastly7 months ago

    valve makes ugly shyt.

  66. Mark Lemus

    Mark Lemus8 months ago

    With Fallout 4 only on Vive and now the Knuckle controllers on the horizon, I might have to get one. Oculus is doing the best it can and still has the superior visuals inside and out

  67. Mark Lemus

    Mark Lemus8 months ago

    I want mine RED

  68. lolrofl

    lolrofl8 months ago

    Being able to flip people off in virtual reality. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

  69. Gerald L

    Gerald L8 months ago

    I like how he checked his watch to make sure it was actually two or three weeks.

  70. jetso2000

    jetso20008 months ago


  71. Swibble

    Swibble8 months ago

    I wish this was more about the controllers and less about that dudes shitty failed project

  72. Chris Collins

    Chris Collins8 months ago

    I still don't see the function of these new controllers. It seem like VR is becoming more of a gimmick. Besides a few standout titles that conveniently immerse you in gameplay that REQUIRES VR, it's not presenting anything we can't already do faster, better and more polished. Throw in some backpacks, thirty sensors in a large garage and VR gloves (get rid of the immersion-breaking controllers) and maybe the skepticism will dissolve...... along with dropping the prices on just about everything. Otherwise, we're stuck with a few job simulator clones, PSVR sickness and another 3D drawing app. "Oops I dropped the chalk." *warps in and out of existence*

  73. Kenny Rosas-Mondragon

    Kenny Rosas-Mondragon4 months ago

    Chris Collins vr gloves are a bad idea. If I were to pick up a gun I want to actually hold some thing not just pretend to hold something.

  74. DrPandaman2525

    DrPandaman25258 months ago

    I know they are prototypes, but for the release versions, I hope that add groves to the knuckles for your fingers to rest in. I feel like that would help with making sure the fingers line up one for one better and more accurately.

  75. jezioo

    jezioo8 months ago

    Hey! its the later Johny Bravo

  76. nobody

    nobody9 months ago

    valve has the best controller designers. please make this work for rift

  77. Kat Coe

    Kat Coe9 months ago

    bahaha norms mic picks up wills voice hahaha

  78. Viola the Raccoon

    Viola the Raccoon9 months ago

    This is gonna help sooooo much for gun simulations and such.

  79. Cpt BaconNipple

    Cpt BaconNipple9 months ago

    I'm excited for these, but not excited for that absolute shite 3 hour battery life.

  80. Matt Longden

    Matt Longden9 months ago

    i really wish leap motion would release a juiced up v2 of there controller, it has lot of potential and is perfect for VR

  81. Ceribo

    Ceribo9 months ago

    Still waiting for physical feelings and being able to move freely without bumping Into shits

  82. DjIns1ght

    DjIns1ght9 months ago

    So what was special announcement on Sept 6th?

  83. Talemire

    Talemire9 months ago

    He's a little too white to be Will Smith lol.

  84. reznoire

    reznoire9 months ago

    22:33 10/10

  85. Yoshimatsu414

    Yoshimatsu4149 months ago

    So dope!

  86. IBToeySlap

    IBToeySlap9 months ago

    1:03. half life 3?🤔 ಠ_ಠ

  87. SixMarbles

    SixMarbles9 months ago

    I hope a third party makes a wrist strap for it. Otherwise I'm gonna chuck one through a wall trying to throw a grenade in Onward :D

  88. cetusipy

    cetusipy9 months ago

    That clickbait to get you interested in the knuckles demo that turns into a wills new company extravaganza. hahahah.

  89. Soljakid1995

    Soljakid19959 months ago

    I really want to be able to make my own 3D models in this, is that a option?

  90. PowerhousePR

    PowerhousePR9 months ago

    WHY??? ...... Who designed these and said: Oh this is a very intuitive way to game..? Why don't just build Gloves? Even with a glove you can grab other controllers as well while always keeping track of your whole hand and gestures.

  91. planet topulity

    planet topulity9 months ago

    Watchin this w/o sounds in the middle of the night 👁___👁

  92. Sam Carpenter

    Sam Carpenter9 months ago

    I really want to create a creepy low poly version of myself in VR now.

  93. xaroxero

    xaroxero10 months ago

    I recall a prototype glove being made a few years ago that had the ability to replicate touch through resistance provided with motors and reverse electrovibrations. It'd be neat to see this in a future VR platform. Pick up a gun and you feel the texture of the grip and find that it's quite "solid." Very cool concept. Hopefully this happens before we're all old and gray.

  94. tenshi7angel

    tenshi7angel10 months ago

    Shut the fuck up, and take my money!!!! :D

  95. I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers

    I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers10 months ago

    VR was DOA decades ago. NO ONE is going to revive it. It's a stupid fad and useless. If ANY of the automakers used it or other corps., they sure fucked up, because US cars are the worst in the world. And I know sure as hell the Germans never use VR for building cars.

  96. I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers

    I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers9 months ago

    I've been in the IT industry longer than you've been alive. You don't know shit compared to me.

  97. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones9 months ago

    Lol. People like you crack me up when you say VR is a fad. I'm pretty sure you're just a troll though.

  98. CMDR lJITimate

    CMDR lJITimate10 months ago

    If anyone says that this is just copying the Oculus controller just remind them that basically every generic controller you can buy is based off the original PS1 controller

  99. Pascal Brax

    Pascal Brax10 months ago

    The irony of their t-shirts!

  100. TheRumpletiltskin

    TheRumpletiltskin10 months ago

    they just need to put motion trackers on elbows, arms are fixed.

  101. That Dude

    That Dude10 months ago

    Still a huge controller with weird design as the wands

  102. Bungylunn ,

    Bungylunn ,10 months ago

    Wait. Will smith?

  103. westingtyler ideas

    westingtyler ideas10 months ago

    wow! i'm a rift dev, and i had no idea the controls could still be improved so much. not having to grip anything is a BIG deal. this looks great!

  104. calencor

    calencor10 months ago

    want to play some vr fighting games with these!

  105. GamingOverall

    GamingOverall10 months ago

    Those asses

  106. Suzuki Halwende

    Suzuki Halwende10 months ago


  107. Hisho

    Hisho10 months ago

    Steam vr and knuckels

  108. FusedVR

    FusedVR10 months ago

    Digging that foo toon shader

  109. BroudbrunMusicMerge

    BroudbrunMusicMerge10 months ago

    Knock knock it's knuckles