Product RED iPhones Coming Tomorrow!


  1. north bich

    north bich4 months ago

    Anyone else watching this in the red 8? Just me ...

  2. Ali Osman

    Ali Osman5 months ago

    Your chair and shirt matches with the red iPhone x

  3. Maradex Cove

    Maradex Cove5 months ago

  4. Erwan Brunet

    Erwan Brunet5 months ago

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  5. George Phillips

    George Phillips5 months ago

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  6. Mark Dangerfield

    Mark Dangerfield5 months ago


  7. Spring Austin

    Spring Austin5 months ago

    Why can't they introduce (Blue)?

  8. GamingPredator

    GamingPredator5 months ago

    i got the iphone 8 plus red, sexiest ihpone ive ever seen with my own eyes

  9. Brandon

    Brandon5 months ago

    Why should we care? apple are shit

  10. brian turcios

    brian turcios5 months ago

    So let me think? Am i going to spend another 900 bucks because is red? :/

  11. Nak Noy

    Nak Noy6 months ago

    I swear you are wearing red lipstick. haha

  12. Alexander White

    Alexander White6 months ago

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  13. SOUL R4G3

    SOUL R4G36 months ago

    I run a repair store in New York and someone already came in with one of those looking for a case and screen protector...took it out of the box right in front of me....gotta say with the glass instead of the metal it is the most appealing iPhone I’ve ever seen but this was like 3 or 4 days ago

  14. Everything KS

    Everything KS6 months ago

    Gold iPhone will be anounced in septmeber

  15. Anonymous Guy

    Anonymous Guy6 months ago

    Hey bro can you give me at least a iPhone 7

  16. Emmanuel Padilla

    Emmanuel Padilla6 months ago

    please have a Iphone blue 🤣

  17. Shenayah’s World

    Shenayah’s World6 months ago

    Y’all should of been put out red ...

  18. Abhimanyu Rajora

    Abhimanyu Rajora6 months ago

    Hey,I just have a question, My friend picked up an iPhone X,Silver and it has the FCC labels on the back,he was wondering whether if it is fake or not,something to note that he didn’t buy it directly from the Apple store

  19. Abhimanyu Rajora

    Abhimanyu Rajora6 months ago

    Hey,I just have a question, My friend picked up an iPhone X,Silver and it has the FCC labels on the back,he was wondering whether if it is fake or not,something to note that he didn’t buy it directly from the Apple store


    DB_OUTLAW6 months ago

    We need a IPhone X Product RED!!

  21. Martin marty

    Martin marty6 months ago


  22. Rory Wells

    Rory Wells6 months ago

    Fantasy define occasional temple head hard due.

  23. RichRoyalty

    RichRoyalty6 months ago

    Next Product Blue💙, Purple💜, and Yellow 💛

  24. LuckyGamer1378

    LuckyGamer13786 months ago

    imagine if the ipads were glass too! AND THEY HAD PRODUCT RED AND GOLD :O

  25. Ella Dunkley

    Ella Dunkley6 months ago

    aaa so thats why my phone got slower

  26. Craig Bellion

    Craig Bellion6 months ago

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    BRIAN MASRI6 months ago

    My favorite color is red and apple install the iPhone 8 product red

  28. Jaylord Servano

    Jaylord Servano6 months ago

    hey i bought iphone second hand and it stocks to Icloud activation. can you help me.??

  29. YTuberosity

    YTuberosity6 months ago

    It's red. That's it?

  30. Jadden

    Jadden6 months ago

    So should I get this? Or wait until the 6.5 iPhone comes out this year hopefully.

  31. UrSOUND

    UrSOUND6 months ago

    Get It. Iphone 8 red official song

  32. Fresh Mint

    Fresh Mint6 months ago

    One red 🅱️oi

  33. Grandfather Of YouTube

    Grandfather Of YouTube6 months ago

    Black screen

  34. Adam Adam

    Adam Adam6 months ago

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  35. Shaped Empire

    Shaped Empire6 months ago

    I think the red is the ugliest color. (My opinion)

  36. enrique bravo

    enrique bravo6 months ago

    It’s lit

  37. R l

    R l6 months ago

    And this is news?

  38. Ryan shock

    Ryan shock6 months ago

    calm down people its just a phone that is red from apple

  39. Cloud Watcher

    Cloud Watcher6 months ago

    Perfect timing, Apple. I’m getting a new iPhone next week. And it will be red.

  40. Matthew Narian

    Matthew Narian6 months ago

    If I were you right when the iPhone X protect red comes out you should do a video about it

  41. Emilio Guzman

    Emilio Guzman6 months ago

    Wish the apple logo wasnt silver tho

  42. Shreeya Chand

    Shreeya Chand6 months ago

    *breaks like 100 iPhones on purpose* "oh i'm crushed! i broke my iPhone by accident for the first time ever!"


    SCORPION KING6 months ago

    Going to buy a iphone 8

  44. The Pure Shit

    The Pure Shit6 months ago

    *_They Forgot To Make the PROUDECT GOLD and the PROUDECT Blue_*

  45. The Pure Shit

    The Pure Shit6 months ago

    ): I bought the space grey iPhone 8 plus and they announced the PROUDECT(Red) but when I knew what the PROUDECT (Red) background I really loved the company

  46. SuperCMTR CT

    SuperCMTR CT6 months ago

    Too bad no one will be able to afford this

  47. Andrew Elsworth

    Andrew Elsworth6 months ago

    I have an iPhone red it’s amazing

  48. Rob Santiago

    Rob Santiago6 months ago

    with red headphones jack

  49. Ahmad Musleh

    Ahmad Musleh6 months ago

    Any one focused on his tiny hair falling down

  50. JusticejXD

    JusticejXD6 months ago

    Can I have your iPhone X if you don’t want it XD contact me on Instagram if you don’t want it no more @therealjusticej

  51. zyd trip

    zyd trip6 months ago

    Even iphone 3g im not lucky to get :(

  52. iso G

    iso G6 months ago

    why is the front white?? looks horrible

  53. PrinceMaze

    PrinceMaze6 months ago

    why you got makeup on?

  54. Mike The security guard

    Mike The security guard6 months ago

    Is the iPod 6th gen getting the color red

  55. Pacifico

    Pacifico6 months ago

    Dang it's so red it looks like someone got murdered in that room lol

  56. lifan 98

    lifan 986 months ago

    Wow when you said iphone red, sounds so good that it could be the name of the next iphone lol

  57. Vishnu Rangiah

    Vishnu Rangiah6 months ago

    Make an update video on the r8

  58. Hight Horizon

    Hight Horizon6 months ago

    arnt they discontinuing the iPhone X soon in the year?

  59. Sergio Buryy

    Sergio Buryy6 months ago

    I have the silver 8 plus which is more like a white and the white glass looks sooo cool, the red glass is gonna look so cool I wish I could’ve stuck it out and just got the red instead of the silver I have now...

  60. Atom Atlas

    Atom Atlas6 months ago

    Wow Apple releasing innovations like Red color Phones... while Samsung are use to fight terrorism

  61. jay

    jay6 months ago

    Oh fuck off i cant even afford a iphone 6

  62. Saul Gland

    Saul Gland6 months ago


  63. o_olov3

    o_olov36 months ago

    Is anyone wondering why his weekend was bad??

  64. Jhovanne Alegado

    Jhovanne Alegado6 months ago

    Can i have it

  65. Christopher Aleman

    Christopher Aleman6 months ago

    The iPhone 7 rocks the iPhone (RED). The New Color Looks Kinda Wierd.

  66. Deyu

    Deyu6 months ago

    Dude I love *Product Red* products so muchhh I have a Product Red Silicone Case on my 6S😍

  67. 杨丛铭

    杨丛铭6 months ago

    The wallpaper on the iMac is so beautiful. Could you please share it with me? Thank you!

  68. Everyone

    Everyone6 months ago

    Can u trade in ur old 8+ for red one

  69. Gabriel Goes 14

    Gabriel Goes 146 months ago

    Red, blue, purple...... 😱 AMAZING

  70. Esther Senior

    Esther Senior6 months ago

    So they are making a red iphone x

  71. Ali Gaming

    Ali Gaming6 months ago


  72. my edges are now dust

    my edges are now dust6 months ago

    Nope, its April 9 and it's still now here

  73. Chill

    Chill6 months ago

    Can you do a review on these wireless earbuds here is the link

  74. Kaleb

    Kaleb6 months ago

    It’s tomorrow

  75. Marco Chavez

    Marco Chavez6 months ago

    The front IS black - employee of T-Mobile

  76. Olivia Is a name I call my own

    Olivia Is a name I call my own6 months ago

    Dang I literally just got the rose gold one

  77. yolittleboi lando

    yolittleboi lando6 months ago

    Why was your weekend bad

  78. Jamaal Armstrong

    Jamaal Armstrong6 months ago

    It would look way better and n the iPhone X

  79. Jamaal Armstrong

    Jamaal Armstrong6 months ago

    I just hoped that they would do it on the iPhone X

  80. Siwon Ryu

    Siwon Ryu6 months ago

    The iPhone 8 red just came out!!!!!

  81. xJustTxy

    xJustTxy6 months ago

    If a red iPhone X comes at wwdc, ima but that real quick

  82. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez6 months ago


  83. Tomek Tabaka

    Tomek Tabaka6 months ago

    I personally prefer the white screen as it smudges less and it looks cool, I think maybe Apple​ should offer the product red iPhone with white AND black fronts, that way they'll make more money as there clearly is a demand and it won't cost them anything extra since they already have all the parts made.

  84. Mahdi Jafari

    Mahdi Jafari6 months ago

    What about iphone 7 plus red gonna come back

  85. Jordan Hamilton

    Jordan Hamilton6 months ago

    Just bought the 8 in black😡

  86. Kevin Garrett

    Kevin Garrett6 months ago

    And here I am with my Blue S9 :/

  87. Shisuko

    Shisuko6 months ago

    Red and black.

  88. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess6 months ago

    It’s really obnoxious how 🍎 fanatics will praise this company as noble for making red iphone. When in reality if they were noble they would donate money to charity from their own money, not use it to sell more products and get more money. The cost of production of an iphone in their production lines in china isn’t even one third of the price they ask to consumers, most of the price you pay for brand name and the apple logo on the device, this company profits insanely every year selling their products to oblivious people who don’t know better. They didn’t have enough money to donate to charity with their own money? They had more than enough money to donate to Aids charity or whatever other charity by themselves with their own absurd earnings Apple fanboys are out of touch with reality

  89. William Boskofsky

    William Boskofsky6 months ago

    i to broke the front screen on my iphone 8+ early saturday morning :,(

  90. Catto Teaman

    Catto Teaman6 months ago

    Just when I got my new iPhone .-.

  91. Kai

    Kai6 months ago

    I wish I could get a Red iPhone 8 Plus. (Or 7 Plus)

  92. Kai

    Kai6 months ago

    I love the color Red

  93. Toast

    Toast6 months ago

    The red "iPhone" on the box is also cool

  94. Eli Ramii

    Eli Ramii6 months ago

    I’m like 100% sure I saw a girl with a iPhone 10 in gold and I was like wait they haven’t even released it

  95. Simon Haley

    Simon Haley6 months ago

    And a black front!! One thing that lets my red 7+ down :(

  96. rosstee

    rosstee6 months ago

    I just got a red case 😉

  97. Moises Vasquez

    Moises Vasquez6 months ago

    Lmfao apple zombies 🤑

  98. Enigma

    Enigma6 months ago

    The (RED) iPhone 8 is HERE! But are Apple sales down? 🤷‍♀️ Video on my channel!

  99. TonyBeLit 123

    TonyBeLit 1236 months ago

    Why can't we have an New color on the iPhone 8 instead of red?

  100. wildebunnie

    wildebunnie6 months ago

    if they put a black front on the red I'd be SOLD. but white? nah...