Product RED iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Released!


  1. Tianyuan He

    Tianyuan HeMonth ago

    *The phone was in perfect shape.>>>**** But it did not work with my Xfinity account (uses Verizon network). Too bad. Nice phone. They did a quick refund, about a days turnaround. Pretty incredible.*

  2. silvia lozano

    silvia lozano5 months ago

    Wait is the red still available to this day??

  3. ExTrEmE Bloxy Gaming

    ExTrEmE Bloxy Gaming5 months ago

    How much does it cost

  4. russell smith

    russell smith7 months ago

    Wish I had a IPhone

  5. orcawhalecolin

    orcawhalecolin7 months ago

    I have a sliver 8 but man the red looks amazing!!

  6. thedeanofmean121_gaming

    thedeanofmean121_gaming8 months ago

    I have it

  7. Tyliyah S. Keyes

    Tyliyah S. Keyes8 months ago


  8. shiemah kincy

    shiemah kincy9 months ago

    Mines coming today ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Kings Domain

    Kings Domain9 months ago

    I ordered my 8 PLUS red through T-Mobile & received it within literally 26 hours! This is the best purchase from Apple and I wouldn’t trade this for the X . 8 Plus all the way!

  10. How-To APPL

    How-To APPL9 months ago

    They released the black and red way too late. They knew what they were doing.

  11. shahbaz khan

    shahbaz khan9 months ago

    I m happy with my s8 plus...!!

  12. Takahiro Nagao

    Takahiro Nagao9 months ago

    Finally I got this phone!!!

  13. REALS

    REALS9 months ago

    Aye, will there be an IPhone 8 s this year?

  14. NoCoolNameJim

    NoCoolNameJim9 months ago

    I got the iPhone 8 Plus red

  15. るみりん

    るみりん9 months ago


  16. Subaru

    Subaru9 months ago

    I don't like red color, but after I see the ads it's just wow...

  17. azun azan

    azun azan10 months ago

    what a song name that in another iphone 8 red commercial on youtube ads?really need help!!

  18. Clinton Neal

    Clinton Neal10 months ago

    I bought the Product Red iPhone 8 Plus, it arrived a few days ago & I would highly recommend it as an iPhone worth buying. However DO NOT buy the iPhone X because the notch is horrific. I actually prefer the classic style of the 8 Plus, the glossy red is amazing and I also would recommend buying the matching Product Red genuine leather case from Apple because it matches and protects that gloss from scratches. The genuine leather case also makes holding the phone a lot more comfortable, better grip and less slippery. I would have loved to buy a Product Red iPad but I got the new gold baseline iPad too and again I would highly recommend this product, in Australia the new baseline iPad is the best value tablet on the market even beating Samsung- I actually would have preferred Samsung because of the OLED screen but the only comparable product was double the price from them. So in this case and its quite rare- Apple has the best value baseline tablet out there and it even supports the Apple Pencil which I didn't buy but someday will pick one up on sale.

  19. Thomas Knoll

    Thomas Knoll10 months ago

    The Alfa Romeo of iPhones

  20. Vaino Lehtonen

    Vaino Lehtonen10 months ago

    Protein own pass secret judge TV in promising.

  21. Pat Molzen

    Pat Molzen10 months ago

    The white front was better.

  22. san kunthea

    san kunthea10 months ago


  23. The wonderful wonder

    The wonderful wonder10 months ago

    Im so mad because i just got the regular 8 a week ago and i wanted the red 7 but i didnt hear about it

  24. fadedOTAKU

    fadedOTAKU10 months ago

    Waste of money literally

  25. jakob arnold

    jakob arnold10 months ago

    Loyalty himself security investigator difficulty flash awful dirty translate appeal complaint United gesture.

  26. Slime Asmr

    Slime Asmr10 months ago

    How long will it be sold for

  27. Wazkey -_-

    Wazkey -_-10 months ago

    how much is it

  28. Feyzullah Aslan

    Feyzullah Aslan10 months ago

    what is the name of your music

  29. Pep Sus

    Pep Sus10 months ago

    it look good

  30. Mj Mueller

    Mj Mueller10 months ago

    i think they will do it for the iphone x cause they figured out how to do the red with glass so....

  31. Mia Smith

    Mia Smith10 months ago

    yeooo i want you to a video a reveiw

  32. Zac Richards

    Zac Richards10 months ago

    pray truly like highway explosion framework ritual prime brief French drunk world.

  33. Shrekwazowski

    Shrekwazowski10 months ago

    I’m actually crying, then I made my self bleed...BLOOD IS RED

  34. Timex Bot

    Timex Bot10 months ago

    I have allergy from X. I have dreams comes from 8.

  35. Abul Kalam

    Abul Kalam10 months ago


  36. YAMBOW x

    YAMBOW x10 months ago

    It's stupid buying a phone that costs £1,200 just buy a car

  37. Blue fire

    Blue fire10 months ago

    China Red

  38. Dudu Zadok

    Dudu Zadok10 months ago

    Hello where can I invite the iPhone Imitation Link Thank you I'm from Israel

  39. hitarth meena

    hitarth meena10 months ago

    Sir please Giveaway to me SIR Please Big fan from INDIA.

  40. LuckyGamer1378

    LuckyGamer137810 months ago

    i actully like the white bezels with PRODUCT (RED)

  41. Galaxy iOS

    Galaxy iOS10 months ago

    Love this phone colour

  42. Mr world

    Mr world10 months ago

    Looking cool with black front ;I like this red&black iphone😘😘😘😘😍😍

  43. Silver Angeles Woodlawn

    Silver Angeles Woodlawn10 months ago

    Looks Gorgeous!!!!

  44. Ace •

    Ace •10 months ago

    If you already have an iPhone 8 can you change your color with no charge ?

  45. Dark Rose

    Dark Rose10 months ago

    That’s SAVAGE bro!!....

  46. Foiled GaMer

    Foiled GaMer10 months ago

    I really want a red iPhone now but an not red Android still is okay

  47. Eric Berrios

    Eric Berrios10 months ago

    Hey everythingapplepro what’s your choice of iPhone?🤔🤔

  48. leito shifan

    leito shifan10 months ago

    I want an iphone but no money

  49. Connor Leonard

    Connor Leonard10 months ago

    just a question so I'm a 13-year-old kid in middle school rocking an iPhone 3 so I was wondering if you could donate a red iPhone 8 or 7 I really don't care but I think this is worth a shot. Please respond if you are willing to do a giveaway or something to the channel or considering selling the red iPhone 8 or 7. Thank you

  50. Tim Custer

    Tim Custer10 months ago

    I want the iphone 8 red I just got the iphone x

  51. TrashCan Records

    TrashCan Records10 months ago

    Am I able to trade in my 8+ Space Gray for Red in Verizon?

  52. Lick me like a Lollipop

    Lick me like a Lollipop10 months ago

    TrashCan Records if it's 15 days old or less u can

  53. Junior Martinez

    Junior Martinez10 months ago

    Until how long will they produce these product red models?

  54. Azio Prism

    Azio Prism10 months ago

    *if the apple logo was golden on the RED, it would look absolutely BONKERS ;)*

  55. Ricardo Fialho Henriques

    Ricardo Fialho Henriques10 months ago

    Now there will be a white front mod

  56. white trash

    white trash10 months ago

    S9 is 500 hundreds dollars cheaper., only stupid people would the extra money for a iphone.

  57. Josh

    Josh10 months ago

    Why the hell did apple put a black front on it? It looks terrible. Not buying that one now. Nearly did until I saw the black front...

  58. Krazed

    Krazed10 months ago

    my fav colour is red and i bought my 8 plus the day before it came out i regret my life choices 😭

  59. Akkisetty Rajankith

    Akkisetty Rajankith10 months ago

    Is there white also for the screen

  60. Alfie Rayner

    Alfie Rayner10 months ago


  61. おにおん

    おにおん10 months ago


  62. Jadden

    Jadden10 months ago

    The iPhone X should be red with the silver / chrome side. It would match the chrome Apple logo and with a black screen .. love it. I’m waiting for the 6.5 iPhone hopefully releasing this year

  63. GeneralGaming7274

    GeneralGaming727410 months ago

    if you pause at 0:50 what is order 4.10. Is it the phone 4.10?

  64. Karl

    Karl10 months ago

    Gimme iphone please T_T

  65. Porkkhead porkchop

    Porkkhead porkchop10 months ago

    If they had made a black screen on the iPhone 7 product red I would’ve gotten it.

  66. Porkkhead porkchop

    Porkkhead porkchop10 months ago

    Man i should upgrade my iPhone 8 Plus now. That looks better I like the black on red.

  67. SjN7HETIK

    SjN7HETIK10 months ago

    fuck u Apple, we want the SE2 not this shitty gay 'i'Phone6SSSS. Stupid timcook, u are able just to suck, every day u r still in Apple, u r spitting on Job's face. Go fuck yourself, lower the prices, re-make a well made, fluid iOS and RE-START making awesome products instead of trying to sell us old hardware refurbished!

  68. nodnarb power

    nodnarb power10 months ago

    You sound sick, & weak.

  69. Abdur Rehman

    Abdur Rehman10 months ago

    Will you unbox them?

  70. vic tea

    vic tea10 months ago

    It’s about time they finally offer the Product Red iPhone with a black front! I always thought the white looked tacky now it’s classy.

  71. Haksal

    Haksal10 months ago

    Thinking of getting this Red 8+ instead of the X. What do you guys think? It's using the same A11 Bionic chip anyway right?

  72. Lucy Hale

    Lucy Hale10 months ago

    If they put a black font on the 7 last year I would’ve gotten the red but I got the iPhone 7 Plus matte black last year and now I’m using the IPhone X space grey

  73. Ika Strawberi

    Ika Strawberi10 months ago

    Do you think I can afford to buy 8 plus? I'm using iphone 6 plus.. whyyyyy does apple have to be sooooooo expensive?


    PARIS AND J10 months ago


  75. Nikko Playz

    Nikko Playz10 months ago

    EverythingApplePro Have you ever considered or thought about reviewing a red skin or some sort for the iPhones? I know technically it isn't "Product Red" but it is a red skin after all! Just an idea.

  76. TopSecretVid

    TopSecretVid10 months ago

    Thought the iPhone 10 will be killed off? So why make it in different colors at this point?

  77. MJ Wild

    MJ Wild10 months ago

    Can someone help me with this? I plan on getting the iPhone 8 Plus Product Red, but I can’t decide on the storage space (64gb and 256gb). I want to be able to keep the phone for about 3+ years after paying it off. I love the way this color looks with the black front on it. I currently have a 6s Plus (64gb), paid off, but I’m falling towards the 256 on the 8, but at the same time I’m thinking about price differences. So my question is; Should I get the iPhone 8 Plus with the 64gb or 256gb?

  78. Lick me like a Lollipop

    Lick me like a Lollipop10 months ago

    MJ Wild 256 for over 3 years

  79. Latavia SLAYZ

    Latavia SLAYZ10 months ago

    I hope apple doesn't start making more iphones just like the X bc that iPhone is so ugly😂😂

  80. Hippie Ninja

    Hippie Ninja10 months ago

    Still waiting for that red iPhone X

  81. Barking Spider

    Barking Spider10 months ago

    X or nothing.

  82. Vinodkumar Rajan

    Vinodkumar Rajan10 months ago

    What the use of RED, when most of us cover it with a case?

  83. Tinger

    Tinger10 months ago

    Love you talked about the reason Apple release RED products 🙌🏻

  84. maluboo on ig

    maluboo on ig10 months ago

    Im asking my mom for this 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  85. Babe don't Care :3

    Babe don't Care :310 months ago

    This is what i want. Red combine black.😍😍

  86. amit singh

    amit singh10 months ago

    Just for red matte finish we need to pay 150 dollor more 🙄🙄

  87. Blackman Whitesuit

    Blackman Whitesuit10 months ago

    I wonder how much money goes to charity. I hope Apple is really using this popularity to push more funds then profit. Cool deal.

  88. captain punch

    captain punch10 months ago

    Wow everything apple pro makes good music

  89. Catchy Slogo

    Catchy Slogo10 months ago

    Do u think the product red would have looked even better if the ring around the 2nd gen Touch ID button was colour red and the to earspeaker was red making the hole phone look like It had a lot more effort put in the just a different shell.🤷🏻‍♂️

  90. Chris the Hylian

    Chris the Hylian10 months ago

    Apple said the reason why the iPhone X won't be getting a Product RED edition is because the stainless steel trim prevents the back from getting the correct tint of red, however the aluminum one on the 8 and 8 Plus allow it to work. I'm not sure how that works, but it's good to know a reason is present.

  91. Ben Amaru

    Ben Amaru10 months ago

    Waiting for the

  92. evan

    evan10 months ago

    i think theyre done with making colors for iphone X

  93. Dakota Taylor

    Dakota Taylor10 months ago

    Is apple making an iPhone 7s

  94. Juan Gome

    Juan Gome10 months ago

    Iphone 7 red plus

  95. Juan Gome

    Juan Gome10 months ago

    Ill pay u 300- 400 for the plus

  96. Juan Gome

    Juan Gome10 months ago

    In the back

  97. Juan Gome

    Juan Gome10 months ago

    How much u want for them iphone 7 in red

  98. Juan Gome

    Juan Gome10 months ago


  99. Tay K

    Tay K10 months ago

    Personally red and white are better.

  100. enrique bravo

    enrique bravo10 months ago

    Oh I’m getting this one 8 Plus 256 gb