Post Malone Goes Undercover on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and Reddit | GQ


  1. Adida Boy

    Adida Boy2 hours ago

    Post malone is the best rapper #postmalone

  2. Meliana Rodriguez

    Meliana Rodriguez2 hours ago

    “A lot Of Autotune” At Least He Admitted Unlike Others 🤣

  3. Rachel H

    Rachel H2 hours ago

    Why does Post Malone 'smoke'

  4. Katie F

    Katie F4 hours ago

    I thought I didn’t like him but he actually is really chill, genuine, and funny.

  5. Cj Romanowicz

    Cj Romanowicz4 hours ago

    M E M E T A L L I C A

  6. Savesky Bodoh

    Savesky Bodoh5 hours ago

    Wish that there were any questions about him and team crafted. 😓😓😭😓😓

  7. Meowy Meow

    Meowy Meow5 hours ago

    Malone rhymes with provolone

  8. Aryaman Sinha

    Aryaman Sinha5 hours ago

    Post Malone is such a dear. He’s such a nice dude.

  9. FoxeyPlays

    FoxeyPlays6 hours ago

    Melone with the reverse hitler stache

  10. ThatLovableWolf

    ThatLovableWolf7 hours ago

    "Posted that one! Oh Sh**" That had me dead xD

  11. Agustin Torres

    Agustin Torres8 hours ago

    Who else died at 5:49😂😂(thank me later)

  12. golden Rylan

    golden Rylan9 hours ago

    I want to go with the flex

  13. golden Rylan

    golden Rylan9 hours ago

    I like post malone

  14. Mabdullah Mabdullah

    Mabdullah Mabdullah13 hours ago

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  15. Paige xoxo

    Paige xoxo9 hours ago

    this is honestly the most waste of space ever

  16. Dexterphab

    Dexterphab17 hours ago


  17. Zack Guarnera

    Zack Guarnera19 hours ago

    I'm not necessarily into his music but he seems like such a chill dude. We need more people like him.

  18. Boltor53

    Boltor5320 hours ago

    At least he's not lil,Malone

  19. YoUrMoMDOTcOm

    YoUrMoMDOTcOm20 hours ago

    I was born in Syracuse too! I’m currently living there as well

  20. Karima Newman

    Karima Newman21 hour ago

    His voice does NOT match his face his voice is so sweet and cute

  21. Derek Michaud

    Derek MichaudDay ago

    What about insta

  22. Fandom Edits

    Fandom EditsDay ago

    He’s just the cutest

  23. It's.Raigzz

    It's.RaigzzDay ago

    I dont hate him he just isn't my thing but he does seem pretty hilarious though, feel like him and my best friend could chill and talk about cats while i accompany cause he seems cool

  24. Jesse Love

    Jesse LoveDay ago

    I didnt know post malone likes metallica

  25. Victor Bendix

    Victor BendixDay ago

    i though he had gold teeth with diamonds on it. turns out there just yellow

  26. Polar Life

    Polar LifeDay ago

    Like when you say with the goat ish "ive seen you with your other d uu u ude

  27. Lamborghini Lover 29

    Lamborghini Lover 29Day ago

    I Didn’t Know You Were Like This In Real Life

  28. Mert

    MertDay ago

    What the HECC

  29. Mr. French Toast 1123

    Mr. French Toast 1123Day ago

    5:17 "Let's get weird. but please remember the rules."

  30. Austan Duane

    Austan DuaneDay ago

    Hes makeing ?m

  31. Virginia Rowell

    Virginia RowellDay ago



    \\THEMADHATTER!//Day ago


  33. khwezi lourdes

    khwezi lourdesDay ago

    Post Malone doesn't wear deodorant 😂

  34. MADE in KOREA

    MADE in KOREADay ago

    i love him

  35. Louise Clarke

    Louise ClarkeDay ago


  36. Christopher Phillips

    Christopher PhillipsDay ago

    He looks like a reject garbage pail kid.

  37. søulless cørpse

    søulless cørpseDay ago


  38. anuna

    anunaDay ago

    Be there...or be square. ~Foreign Swaggers

  39. Solida Butler

    Solida ButlerDay ago

    😂 why musk but you're music is 💢💣💜💜💜

  40. SicK- NicK

    SicK- NicKDay ago

    Pre malone=seed Water Malone🍉 Post Malone= human

  41. Sheeeit

    Sheeeit2 days ago

    Only rapper who can actually speak English

  42. Loger Coo

    Loger Coo2 days ago


  43. Ghoui

    Ghoui2 days ago

    Be there or be Square Me: Tom and Jerry meme

  44. Ghoui

    Ghoui2 days ago

    Malone colone

  45. cambria word

    cambria word2 days ago

    U look like my dad too

  46. Mrs. Wells

    Mrs. Wells2 days ago

    Karl Malone is my dad's cousin actually

  47. goofiest zombie

    goofiest zombie2 days ago

    I guess I’m just really thinking about lo-call of duty

  48. Imana zi1488

    Imana zi14882 days ago

    Gross, ugly, degenerate jew garbage. Comment on that post😂

  49. Anto57

    Anto572 days ago

    real nice dude

  50. Andres Alonso

    Andres Alonso2 days ago

    Hey de chino

  51. Andreas Malik

    Andreas Malik2 days ago

    I used rap name generator and I got Metalic Malik 😂

  52. Smiley Bear

    Smiley Bear2 days ago

    I have a 5.59 kd ratio in gta

  53. Default Skin Nation

    Default Skin Nation2 days ago

    *What the hecc*

  54. Maximillianmus

    Maximillianmus2 days ago

    Water malone

  55. KrisTheLegend

    KrisTheLegend2 days ago

    Goat malone

  56. Dusty Hollier

    Dusty Hollier2 days ago

    Honest Guy

  57. trap storm

    trap storm2 days ago

    WWW. juice world lucid dreams .com

  58. Tide podcast

    Tide podcast2 days ago

    He likes CATS

  59. vibelikemadeline

    vibelikemadeline2 days ago

    “That’s a great question, I feel like I was snuffed.” Nice. 👌🤙😂

  60. Josh Emery

    Josh Emery2 days ago

    post looks exactly like my cousin

  61. Larscj

    Larscj2 days ago

    plz drop christmas album

  62. Isabella Tomlison

    Isabella Tomlison2 days ago

    r u the dude that was in rock star????? I'm a fan of u and bts

  63. A.N.A.

    A.N.A.2 days ago

    His mustage looks like two dogs kissing. Just saying Editing: wow ok I'm not the only one thinking that.



    why all the hate to austin

  65. panda4life 0

    panda4life 02 days ago

    # better now

  66. KotaBro

    KotaBro3 days ago

    Haha that was great! I actually just started doing pranks/social experiments. I hope I can be as good as you one day!

  67. Kathryn Whitbeck

    Kathryn Whitbeck3 days ago

    He’s an alumn there.**

  68. Leno Kong

    Leno Kong3 days ago

    Remember when post Malone knew sky does minecraft and trueMU four years ago?

  69. Jhonathan Jhonathan ;D

    Jhonathan Jhonathan ;D3 days ago

    *Rap about your kill death ratio* Alright thnx mate

  70. RelapseRunner

    RelapseRunner3 days ago

    The fact that I expected him to have somewhat of a deeper voice was surprising. He sounds....chill

  71. Lailonie th gmaer

    Lailonie th gmaer3 days ago

    I don't understand how people can hate on post malone he is very nice he doesn't brag like other rappers he's lit and his music is incredibly lit so like what's wrong with him..... Like if you agree..

  72. TwixhMallowz

    TwixhMallowz3 days ago

    "Rap about what you like" My k-d, my dog, my car, how parents don't understand you I don't like any of those things

  73. BunzFX

    BunzFX3 days ago

    Water Malone


    PHOENIX GAMERZ3 days ago

    malone rhymes with cologne

  75. Earnest Ethic

    Earnest Ethic3 days ago

    I know you guys probably see this a lot. Rappers trying to get their name out by posting comments about their music. But this is the only way I can. I just ask for 3 minutes of your time to check out my material. I recently released a new lyric video. Please check it out, I won’t disappoint. Thank you to everyone who has. I have 0 subs right now but thank you if you choose to ride with me through this journey!

  76. Kuban AID

    Kuban AID3 days ago

    Shaya Labouf is your brother?


    NECTAR FX3 days ago

    *what the heck*

  78. Lucid Jackson

    Lucid Jackson3 days ago

    Whitney means cocaine in houston

  79. Frances Caraballo

    Frances Caraballo3 days ago

    He has a baby face.

  80. IrrackObama

    IrrackObama3 days ago

    Why his face yellow

  81. KetChuP PlayZ

    KetChuP PlayZ3 days ago


  82. Post Malone

    Post MaloneDay ago


  83. KetChuP PlayZ

    KetChuP PlayZ3 days ago

    It’s a joke

  84. Orlando GamingYT

    Orlando GamingYT3 days ago

    Disappointed that no one on social media mentioned his moustache looks like to dogs kissing (or at least it wasn't shown in the video anyway)

  85. Gaming Sphinx

    Gaming Sphinx3 days ago

    Post Malone likes Metallica!... I like Post Malone!!

  86. Isabelle Wolfy

    Isabelle Wolfy3 days ago

    0:42 HAHHA FAIL

  87. ImportFreak

    ImportFreak3 days ago

    Post malone really doesnt seem too bad. Post gimme ur xbox user ill totally do some call of duty XD

  88. SquelchingSpinach37

    SquelchingSpinach374 days ago

    3:00 me

  89. erlinga miltine

    erlinga miltine4 days ago

    Post malone your my favorite singer and i like the song better now and jackie chan and i listen to all your oficial. Music video every day and sing it and dance

  90. Astra Sullivan

    Astra Sullivan4 days ago

    we smoke the same cigarettes lmao

  91. LilHoose

    LilHoose4 days ago

    The typing noise is satisfying

  92. Sister Payne

    Sister Payne4 days ago

    Oh my I love your songs whoever puts out hate on u they are stupid

  93. Rene Betek

    Rene Betek4 days ago

    Been a fan since white Iverson hi

  94. aryan gurumukhi

    aryan gurumukhi4 days ago

    Malone Cologne

  95. SSSWORLD Samson

    SSSWORLD Samson4 days ago

    The thing is with post Malone is u can actually understand most of the words he says

  96. Brooklyn Tanner

    Brooklyn Tanner4 days ago

    Please play r6siege instead of cod

  97. Jennifer Hubbartt

    Jennifer Hubbartt4 days ago

    Omg he actually talked

  98. Tallinn Tiideberg

    Tallinn Tiideberg4 days ago

    Good guy and funny

  99. Rocktricks P

    Rocktricks P4 days ago

    Post Malone is weirdly likeable omg

  100. Priyana Sahni

    Priyana Sahni4 days ago

    My best friend was scared of post and I loved him! I was very harshly judged and I obviously didn’t care! Then she buys tickets to his concert and doesn’t invite me! Wtf she loves u more than I do! U r an amazing inspiration and plz keep it up! Ilysm post

  101. Nya and Jas

    Nya and Jas4 days ago

    why does post malone remind me of my friend's dad so much??? he has the long hair and same voice and everything



    WHO? Is this guy famous or something?

  103. Simmy Rose

    Simmy Rose4 days ago