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  1. Samir Samra

    Samir Samra49 minutes ago

    Well, you wear a T-Shirt for the best Bend ever "METALLICA" so are you listen to Metallica songs, as well as your genre music is Rap not thrash or heavy metal Music ? Anyway I respect you, that you wear a t-shirt for Metallica and you have some nice songs

  2. LaAnthony's Tv

    LaAnthony's TvHour ago

    Postmalone is a good singer to us

  3. ZooPY ZooP

    ZooPY ZooP2 hours ago

    What rhymes with Malone? WATER MELONE

  4. Prince Obispo

    Prince Obispo2 hours ago

    post malone rhymes with watermaloneee

  5. Matías Arteaga

    Matías Arteaga11 hours ago

    This is the most likable famous solo artist

  6. Naomi Aponte

    Naomi Aponte11 hours ago

    6:15 dead😂💀

  7. Royal & Catherine

    Royal & Catherine12 hours ago

    Post malone said girls like his musk, No thats mustyness.

  8. ØøfMvpOG HD

    ØøfMvpOG HD12 hours ago

    Fuckn get it right mate

  9. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    I say shotgun, you say wedding14 hours ago

    Honestly, though, for every Post Malone, with tats all over their faces, there's about 10,000 others that are jobless...because of tats all over their faces. It's so trippy to me that this is a thing.

  10. MeLoN Meister

    MeLoN Meister14 hours ago

    Post malone and marshmello =MARSHMALONE please make a Song

  11. i got yes jam

    i got yes jam15 hours ago

    I would love to be friends with this dude he gives a great vibe

  12. Dramatello

    Dramatello16 hours ago

    So.... post posts comments on post related posts as post Malone.

  13. emmLALAlala

    emmLALAlala16 hours ago

    *his dogs kissing moustache*

  14. HamTheHorseLover

    HamTheHorseLover17 hours ago

    did he just...... SHOWER????

  15. Spark The dragon

    Spark The dragon17 hours ago

    Whats the thing about black people beeing rappers only

  16. Blurbyy

    Blurbyy17 hours ago

    Post Malonalisa

  17. Salama

    Salama20 hours ago

    Rap about something you want. Bhad bhabie:🤔🤔🤔 Badd babie: *gucci flipflops*

  18. Cleo Grove

    Cleo Grove21 hour ago

    I already loved him but now that I know he loves his cat I love him even more

  19. Immoral Sina

    Immoral Sina21 hour ago

    You look like my cat doe doe she is manly. O_o

  20. Max/Matthew Fu

    Max/Matthew Fu22 hours ago


  21. CrAzYN8TIVE 12

    CrAzYN8TIVE 1222 hours ago

    How can no one like u. U make awesome music #postmalone

  22. Chicken Feet, Babe

    Chicken Feet, Babe23 hours ago


  23. James MustPlay

    James MustPlayDay ago

    Make a song about COD then, lol...

  24. Anju Prova Dutta

    Anju Prova DuttaDay ago

    He should make a song on Call of Duty MW4(2019)

  25. Annabelle Robertson

    Annabelle RobertsonDay ago

    0:48 he says it so casually

  26. Ballers In The Making

    Ballers In The MakingDay ago

    Watch this Kid play basketball. Andrew Abubaker A.K.A. Double A.

  27. who do you know here

    who do you know hereDay ago

    7:57 it’d be nice if Post Malone just hosted a party where everyone attending would dress up as Post Malone

  28. Coconut Bomber

    Coconut BomberDay ago

    Where’s my Christmas album?

  29. Izidro Longoria

    Izidro LongoriaDay ago


  30. Core Frisk

    Core FriskDay ago

    Post Malone's mustache looks like two dogs about to kiss.

  31. Carter The Vlogger

    Carter The VloggerDay ago

    I would like to meat you one day in Florida

  32. Spencer Dengler

    Spencer DenglerDay ago

    I can smell him through the screen

  33. Candy Cane

    Candy CaneDay ago

    Mah boi post Malone

  34. Dark Days

    Dark DaysDay ago

    Check out my sons new rock band on dark days

  35. _ískօ_ _

    _ískօ_ _Day ago

    My brother says I look like you xD


    THE ALPHADay ago



    THE ALPHADay ago

    He is so frank

  38. 1000 subscribers without a video

    1000 subscribers without a video2 days ago

    Do Post Malone Watch Anime? Post Malone:Yes I Do.Hentai Too. Ahah

  39. Krista Pulliam

    Krista Pulliam2 days ago

    Still waiting for Post to come back to Reddit😂😂

  40. singh Bonal

    singh Bonal2 days ago

    😲😲😲 it's true

  41. Rebecca Chen

    Rebecca Chen2 days ago

    I luv this man. Protect him at all cost

  42. greenghost3737

    greenghost37372 days ago

    Post malone pops Syracuse alumni and he born in my town till 9 yrs old. Bro is even better than I thought.

  43. Regine Grace Garcia

    Regine Grace Garcia2 days ago


  44. Gabrielle Nebel

    Gabrielle Nebel2 days ago

    uwu i love him

  45. Grace Usher

    Grace Usher2 days ago

    The fact that post Malone probably just appropriately used a semicolon... There is basically nothing unattractive about this person. Period.

  46. Shelley B

    Shelley B23 hours ago

    I got weirdly excited about that as well. Every time I watch him I love him more.. he’s the best.

  47. ei rum

    ei rumDay ago

    i don't think they're actually typing

  48. Stephanie Vega

    Stephanie Vega2 days ago

    His mustache looks like 2 dogs kissing idc if that’s weird

  49. Sten Lepp

    Sten Lepp2 days ago

    Do Wiz Khalifa next

  50. FIB 32

    FIB 322 days ago

    “ she’s a real mcasswhole “ I really don’t know why that’s funny but it is

  51. Melissa Glez

    Melissa Glez2 days ago

    Love Post Malone huge fan i love his personality

  52. ShQiPe e MaLiT

    ShQiPe e MaLiT2 days ago

    Question: How Does Post Malone smell like? Answer: I dont smoke anymore

  53. José Alexander Rodríguez Espinoza

    José Alexander Rodríguez Espinoza2 days ago

    Malone rhyms with Elon

  54. Biancé De Beer

    Biancé De Beer3 days ago

    Love Post Malone

  55. Booker The Wolf

    Booker The Wolf3 days ago

    I swear Post Malone looks like every homeless guy ever

  56. glock31357sig

    glock31357sig3 days ago

    Not a fan of his, but this actually changed my view on em. Seems like a genuinely nice and cool guy.

  57. bella

    bella3 days ago

    weird. i was born when i was nine too.


    BENIE BLESS3 days ago

    Dude your crazy man this is why I love you and your songs and believe me I listen to it everyday like More than 20 times my favorite one is better now I’m latino and I have find peace and your songs I don’t know why!

  59. Ann_Madi

    Ann_Madi3 days ago

    I love his song sunflower

  60. Ps it's Maria

    Ps it's Maria3 days ago

    such a cool dude

  61. Melina Mendoza

    Melina Mendoza3 days ago

    He looks like one of those depressed kids that hates everyone and doesn’t even sing and just screams, but his voice when he sings is beautiful and he’s so chill

  62. Nicole Schroeder

    Nicole Schroeder3 days ago

    Ayyy I’m going to the same college he did

  63. Hope Geiger

    Hope Geiger3 days ago

    I love you Postie. I am probably one of your number 1 fans. I’m 10 years old. I really enjoy how you get through your days with the hate and everything. I wish everyone could have a positive attitude like you! ☺️ Ps, if you see this could you reply! Eeeeeek. Best Day Of My Life

  64. Leah Pierce

    Leah Pierce3 days ago

    Literally the best person ever I literally wish I could be his bestfriend ❤

  65. I need a life

    I need a life3 days ago

    Rap about what makes you happy ur perants not understanding you

  66. failed Fetus Deletus retardio

    failed Fetus Deletus retardio3 days ago


  67. Gacha- -stars

    Gacha- -stars3 days ago

    Why does post Malone’s mustache look like two dogs kissing??

  68. BlueApples_What

    BlueApples_What3 days ago


  69. Jordan Salmora

    Jordan Salmora3 days ago

    He reminds me sooo much of David (dobrik)

  70. XxDragonNitexX Pro

    XxDragonNitexX Pro4 days ago

    My favorite song by post Malone is better now

  71. Nick Curry

    Nick Curry4 days ago

    Is anyone noticing he's wearing a metallica shirt

  72. Izzy

    Izzy4 days ago

    His shirt tho..... 👌🏼💙

  73. Rosaamor RamirezMendez

    Rosaamor RamirezMendez4 days ago


  74. Alexis Dias

    Alexis Dias4 days ago

    God I love him 😂

  75. hi my name's Catrina

    hi my name's Catrina4 days ago

    6:09 same bro...

  76. John Sidorakis

    John Sidorakis4 days ago

    where is Syracuse, New York I wonder. Considering I live in Syracuse, I am curious if we ever crossed paths

  77. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko3 days ago

    If you live in Syracuse why are you asking where is Syracuse?

  78. Vanessa green

    Vanessa green5 days ago

    such a legend

  79. Mikuláš Straka

    Mikuláš Straka5 days ago

    More importantly, “Malone’s” rhymes with “Cones”

  80. Rasmus Hansen

    Rasmus Hansen5 days ago

    Legend 🔥

  81. Mich Mu

    Mich Mu5 days ago

    He's so sweet

  82. Pedro Ortiz

    Pedro Ortiz5 days ago


  83. XxxChef KobexxX

    XxxChef KobexxX5 days ago

    Kill death ratio had me dead😂

  84. Christen Cummings

    Christen Cummings5 days ago


  85. Shiv Deepak

    Shiv Deepak5 days ago

    1:47 water melon

  86. The jester

    The jester5 days ago

    I got a question How do you type so fast😂

  87. Original G

    Original G5 days ago

    “His mustache looks like two dogs kissing” lmaooo

  88. christos Gr

    christos Gr5 days ago

    the stash needs to go, just shave it off or grow a beard dude jesus christ

  89. Finn Anata

    Finn Anata5 days ago

    Tf. The Pilly Roller? That’s lit

  90. Slender Man

    Slender Man5 days ago

    *is it possible to be a successful white rapper these days* well have you heard of a guy called marshal matheres aka slim shady aka eminem he is pretty successful white rapper

  91. Rafael Ferreira

    Rafael Ferreira5 days ago

    Kd os br mano?


    FELIPE KRAEMER5 days ago

    I feel so happy when someone says that they’ve quit smoking.

  93. Ben Borja

    Ben Borja5 days ago

    FELIPE KRAEMER same bro....praise Jesus

  94. Harsh Cone

    Harsh Cone5 days ago

    I like how straightforward he is like on the last question. What a guy.

  95. Lillian Aragon

    Lillian Aragon5 days ago

    Omg I’m in love with post Malone (not in a weird way) and I almost died hearing his actual voice!!!!!!!!!! I’ve dreamed about meeting him my friend even wants to get me a signed post Malone album shh no one knows that my friend told me

  96. caraxox

    caraxox5 days ago

    Adore him honestly nobody better 🤷🏻‍♀️

  97. John Bolanos

    John Bolanos5 days ago

    He look weird without his tattoos

  98. Cayden j

    Cayden j5 days ago

    I wanna be post Malone

  99. shiiCorpse

    shiiCorpse5 days ago

    I really like him. Need to be his best friend ❤️😂

  100. Typical Person

    Typical Person5 days ago

    Whoa Dont Zucc Me Dude

  101. Cindy Adame-Rivera

    Cindy Adame-Rivera5 days ago

    A real MacAsshoe😂😂😂

  102. C Yurkky

    C Yurkky5 days ago

    I like how he has a Metallica shirt on lol

  103. Haley Wood

    Haley Wood5 days ago

    “I don’t wanna go Post mALONE to prom, go with me?”

  104. KEBABILÔNICO Filipe

    KEBABILÔNICO Filipe6 days ago

    Wait did he stop smoking?

  105. H Lazer

    H Lazer6 days ago

    big fan of post malone