Post Malone Goes Undercover on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and Reddit | GQ


  1. OneOfKind Leo

    OneOfKind Leo12 hours ago

    Stop lying too theses people, The job of a Rapper is only for Elites and the Fallen Blood lines and when you do make it without the puppet master helper, they kill you and still your music. Hes Nothing but a Fake, Canada, Elite Rich Rapper. That Jesus Christ is going to have a Field day with their souls at Judgement day.

  2. Pamela Clifton

    Pamela Clifton19 hours ago

    I love u post

  3. brittney penfold

    brittney penfoldDay ago

    Can I just meet you and drink some beers? Greatest day ever!

  4. megaman3609 boss

    megaman3609 bossDay ago

    It's good that you don't smoke because it does serious damage to your lungs

  5. Bobby Moore

    Bobby MooreDay ago

    Do you actually drive a tank

  6. Finley McDaniel

    Finley McDanielDay ago

    His mustache looks like two dogs kissing 🥰🥰

  7. Kat Princess

    Kat Princess13 hours ago


  8. Alex B

    Alex B2 days ago

    Posty with a Metallica shirt👌👌👌

  9. I enjoy virtual worlds

    I enjoy virtual worlds2 days ago

    I wanna tickle is chin

  10. Spiderwoman99

    Spiderwoman992 days ago

    your cool

  11. Skye The Rager And Tekoah the noob

    Skye The Rager And Tekoah the noob2 days ago

    No wonder his name is “post” Malone

  12. Eric Valverde

    Eric Valverde2 days ago

    I see Metallica t-shirt I click!

  13. J and A Jones

    J and A Jones3 days ago

    I like be your songs



    Still waitin on that Christmas album



    Not exactly undercover but it’s post so idc

  16. Ixsy Mejia

    Ixsy Mejia3 days ago

    i love this oml he’s so chill

  17. Ultimate dab gaming And more

    Ultimate dab gaming And more3 days ago

    Post Malone more like PostPone MaStudentLoan

  18. Amy ASMR

    Amy ASMR4 days ago

    I love him even more now

  19. Defaultz Boiii

    Defaultz Boiii4 days ago

    I go to the same high school he went to @grapevinehigh his dad still lives here


    DA_LOCO_SHORTCAKE5 days ago

    Ever since I saw a picture of post malone's moustache that said it looks like two dogs kissing I couldn't unsee that pic so Every time I look at it it's like I can't unsee it bro😂💫💜

  21. Kim Harris

    Kim Harris5 days ago

    ILOVEYUO fomEden-Leigh

  22. Katie Gymnastics

    Katie Gymnastics5 days ago

    3:22 or “Kick it Jackie Chang” if you know what I mean 😂

  23. TJ

    TJ5 days ago

    My mom asks "what is Post Malone?" I say "what ever is after Malone, which comes after Pre-Malone

  24. Khan Masta

    Khan Masta5 days ago

    GQ does post Malone smell bad?

  25. RJRozen

    RJRozen5 days ago

    Waiting for that Christmas album to drop🔥😤🌲

  26. No Name

    No Name5 days ago

    Post malone is a rapper?

  27. ray mond

    ray mond6 days ago

    i love u post malone ur the best i love it when u rap

  28. xXxJakeExploitzxXx

    xXxJakeExploitzxXx6 days ago

    how do you get these people to be on your channel

  29. Donissia Padilla

    Donissia Padilla6 days ago

    All i see is 2 dogs on top of your lips, do you do it intentionally?

  30. Josh E

    Josh E6 days ago

    Bitchin' Metallica shirt.

  31. NAME :D

    NAME :D6 days ago

    omfg its actually him

  32. stgnina

    stgnina6 days ago

    this is no doubt the best video on youtube

  33. Thayna Barbara

    Thayna Barbara6 days ago

    I love this man

  34. Clifford West

    Clifford West6 days ago

    Post malone is Seth Rogen if Seth Rogen was a rapper

  35. SilverWhiteBlack

    SilverWhiteBlack3 days ago

    👎 no

  36. Badgerscool73 Life

    Badgerscool73 Life6 days ago

    I knew he was a nice guy!

  37. bryan gonzalez

    bryan gonzalez7 days ago

    Wtf I never heard his normal voice before

  38. QueenNiya

    QueenNiya7 days ago

    Yo my aunt found post Malones old meme of him dancing look it up 😂

  39. The Big Bad Wolf

    The Big Bad Wolf8 days ago

    I just realized that he wears a T-shirt Of Metallica

  40. Queen X

    Queen X8 days ago

    I wanna see Lil Pump do this...

  41. Yunk

    Yunk8 days ago

    I love you

  42. Adeline Crosby Morgenson

    Adeline Crosby Morgenson8 days ago

    Coming to this video after Lil Yachty’s video makes me sad and also just wants me want to be lil yachty’s friend even more

  43. Colin Reed

    Colin Reed8 days ago

    I bend the English language to my will 😂😂😂😂

  44. FourtenplayzYT [FP]

    FourtenplayzYT [FP]8 days ago

    It’s Actually Me - Post Malone

  45. Jordan Sena

    Jordan Sena8 days ago

    5:49 lol

  46. Gayatri Ramchandran

    Gayatri Ramchandran9 days ago

    I actually kinda like him :/

  47. Good Ol' joe

    Good Ol' joe9 days ago

    2:07 how about "malone, otamatone".😛😓😓😓

  48. Serirba Nolo

    Serirba Nolo9 days ago

    *woah don't zucc me dude*

  49. Katelyn Hart

    Katelyn Hart9 days ago

    I play the baritone

  50. Rainbow Bear

    Rainbow Bear9 days ago

    Why does he sound like a black but he’s white

  51. Chad Payne

    Chad Payne10 days ago

    If you don't like POST leave him MALONE!!!!!!

  52. JarjarPlay Playgame

    JarjarPlay Playgame10 days ago

    Post malone has an anti Hitler mustache

  53. Adrian Plays

    Adrian Plays10 days ago

    Happy Halloween? When the video was made in December

  54. Lacy Wiese

    Lacy Wiese10 days ago

    I like you

  55. Brandon Simon

    Brandon Simon10 days ago

    *You may not believe it but it's actually me*

  56. Espen Hagtun

    Espen Hagtun10 days ago

    Postpone Mastudentloan

  57. Yeet Yeet Meet Beet

    Yeet Yeet Meet Beet10 days ago

    "Rap about your kill death ratio" my guy mine is like 2.17 or sumthin.

  58. Cube Matrix

    Cube Matrix10 days ago

    Man, I hate that he started writing all over his face after this...

  59. psychocheff gaming

    psychocheff gaming11 days ago

    He looks way better like this but that mustash needs to go

  60. im nova

    im nova11 days ago

    Post Malone's middle school science teacher is my teacher @coach eason

  61. Destiny Butler

    Destiny Butler11 days ago

    I smoke camel crush😱😱

  62. TheConcho75

    TheConcho7511 days ago

    Omg my brother was also Post Malone for Halloween👌

  63. marissa

    marissa11 days ago

    wait, is it actually him?

  64. johnny benitez

    johnny benitez11 days ago

    Comment to me if you thought post malone has dark skin.

  65. Nite 508

    Nite 50811 days ago

    So weird seeing him tattooless

  66. Caleb harris

    Caleb harris11 days ago

    Post looks like my drunk uncle

  67. Consural

    Consural11 days ago

    Even though I don't care for his music at all, Post Malone is probably one of my favorite people ever because of how much of a cool and great guy he is. I can't relate to an overwhelming majority of musicians and celebrities in general, even if their tastes or thoughts are similar to mine. Post Malone is just like a normal guy, like he hasn't changed at all after fame. Like, what celebrity in the world would understand the joke and laugh at "Whoa don't Zucc me dude"? 1:17

  68. P A

    P A11 days ago

    no deodorant wtf

  69. A-level king

    A-level king11 days ago

    Feeling like a rockstar aren’t ya!

  70. Queen Roro

    Queen Roro12 days ago

    I will fall apart if you don't go flex with me at prom but if you do then congratulations *Hands Post Malone tickets*

  71. Mr Clean

    Mr Clean12 days ago

    Take a shower

  72. Brochacho

    Brochacho12 days ago


  73. pbj Trev23

    pbj Trev2312 days ago

    When post was n Syracuse ny what school did he go to???

  74. Sack y

    Sack y12 days ago

    He's ugly BTW hahaha

  75. Tyrone bear

    Tyrone bear12 days ago

    I loved this!

  76. nolbody11

    nolbody1112 days ago

    He seems like a nice person irl

  77. Kay Garcy

    Kay Garcy12 days ago

    He likes cats... ok he's gucking good.

  78. Jay Dub

    Jay Dub12 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 these are hilarious

  79. Cybill Etienne

    Cybill Etienne12 days ago


  80. Sol De La Riva

    Sol De La Riva12 days ago

    Malone. Cologne.

  81. Mikaylah Horn

    Mikaylah Horn12 days ago

    I need to meet post Malone

  82. JayTalks

    JayTalks12 days ago

    *_POST MELON_*

  83. Queen Jayla

    Queen Jayla13 days ago

    Rapname generators

  84. RebelCoonG59 *

    RebelCoonG59 *13 days ago

    $uicideboy$ need a song with post Malone

  85. MEXICAN Dino gaming

    MEXICAN Dino gaming13 days ago

    My teacher listens to post Malone

  86. Nayro 80

    Nayro 8013 days ago

    This video, has me liking Posty even more.

  87. Angel Wolf

    Angel Wolf13 days ago

    To be honest you look stoned

  88. Emmarie McDonald

    Emmarie McDonald13 days ago

    hes like a male emma chamberlain???

  89. Kiyoshi

    Kiyoshi13 days ago

    rap about your kill-death ratio

  90. Luke soliman

    Luke soliman13 days ago

    Why did he get that tatto on his face, i mean it’s cool that it says always tired, but why on his face?

  91. Evan Robinson

    Evan Robinson13 days ago

    How do you think that Bieber is a good person

  92. Gucci BC

    Gucci BC13 days ago

    Look lil dicky cousin

  93. Mario Muro

    Mario Muro13 days ago

    If post Malone had no tattoos, wore a striped button up, kept the mustache, and had a mullet.... he’d look like a truck driver

  94. McKenna P

    McKenna P13 days ago

    People said that this girl I go to school with looks like Post Malone.

  95. FrogBoss

    FrogBoss13 days ago

    Does postmolone never where jewelry?

  96. kato azaladze

    kato azaladze13 days ago

    i love post. he's so cuuuuuute

  97. Vannessa Allen

    Vannessa Allen14 days ago

    I love this man

  98. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha14 days ago

    Aye y’all look up Post Malone’s first song What happened😂😂😂😂

  99. roxie dagreatest

    roxie dagreatest14 days ago

    Billie Eilish next

  100. Shawn Adams

    Shawn Adams14 days ago

    I'd say Post looks like a homeless man, buuuuut.... I've never seen a homeless person with that many tattoos...

  101. Darkness -GG

    Darkness -GG14 days ago

    What rhymes with malone? Cologne