Post Malone Explains His Ink | Tattoo Tour | GQ


  1. Aniket Sarkar

    Aniket Sarkar3 days ago

    He looks good without face tats .

  2. JustMyOpinion IMO

    JustMyOpinion IMO3 days ago

    Eww don’t tread on me. 🤮

  3. Josh

    Josh4 days ago

    we need an updated one of these!

  4. Jackobro18 Rap

    Jackobro18 Rap5 days ago

    He should get X and peep on his hands

  5. Jackobro18 Rap

    Jackobro18 Rap5 days ago

    29th like boiii

  6. Sloshy Eye

    Sloshy Eye7 days ago

    Hey man...does it hurt?😂😂

  7. Majsner Balíkos

    Majsner Balíkos9 days ago

    If he dont get tupac on one of his fimgers he is a gonner for me

  8. orlando zuñiga

    orlando zuñiga11 days ago

    0:55 now i hate those guys

  9. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray11 days ago


  10. Jason Hernandez

    Jason Hernandez12 days ago

    Young post

  11. Junior Hernandez

    Junior Hernandez12 days ago

    Little did we know he wasn’t joking about getting a sword tattood on his face lol

  12. Oscarson 3

    Oscarson 313 days ago

    We need an update!!!

  13. Lars Ambrosia

    Lars Ambrosia13 days ago

    2 years later and he got the sword.

  14. It's Me

    It's Me13 days ago

    Tattoos are ugly, pretty much on everyone, all the time, ever, always, yup. massive studies show the reason people get tattoos, low respect for body, not everyone but when you talk to people, often the people who don't stop getting them, yes... there's a reason. I'm normally not judgmental but this stuff is mental

  15. Matt Schwarz

    Matt Schwarz16 days ago

    Nice Dimebag tat on his left hand

  16. Matt Schwarz

    Matt Schwarz16 days ago

    Maybe right hand

  17. Shawn Gannaway

    Shawn Gannaway17 days ago

    "I might get a sword on my face" *actually does it* #respect

  18. Fudge Nugget101

    Fudge Nugget10117 days ago

    He seams so sweet by the way he talks

  19. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah18 days ago

    put x on ur finger

  20. Daisy Vasquez

    Daisy Vasquez19 days ago

    Do Kevin Gates tattoo tour

  21. Toxtu

    Toxtu19 days ago

    And he did sword on face

  22. Ritwik Ranjan

    Ritwik Ranjan21 day ago

    These tattoos are so bad!!

  23. Teddy O'Shell

    Teddy O'Shell21 day ago

    I did a funny country cover of Rockstar if anyone would be interested in checking it out.

  24. Simmy Norman

    Simmy Norman21 day ago

    I love his music but he is so ugly looking lol..

  25. dport finest

    dport finest22 days ago

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  26. Pistol Pete

    Pistol Pete22 days ago


  27. S.J. GoombaMUSIC

    S.J. GoombaMUSIC22 days ago

    Lol his body has WAY more tats on him 2 years later lol

  28. Katy L

    Katy L23 days ago

    Now he has his iconic barb wire tat on his face 😂

  29. Mizanur Rahman

    Mizanur Rahman23 days ago

    Get a bath malone

  30. Esteban Perez

    Esteban Perez24 days ago


  31. cameron carroll

    cameron carroll25 days ago

    Can he also explain why he never takes a shower


    JAKESTEED25 days ago

    Lame, wigger with mickey mouse tats

  33. bhavish mohabeer

    bhavish mohabeer26 days ago

    Post malone

  34. Dejan Knezevic

    Dejan Knezevic26 days ago


  35. Dima Jonblat

    Dima Jonblat29 days ago

    I love this dude

  36. yuyu yeyy

    yuyu yeyyMonth ago

    I wanna taste his lips he's so attractive god

  37. Cam Chapin

    Cam ChapinMonth ago


  38. Cameron Burrows

    Cameron BurrowsMonth ago

    It’s super weird not seeing him without the face tats

  39. Hobo Bobo

    Hobo BoboMonth ago

    And now he's dead 😭😭😢😢 RIP Post Malone

  40. FilthyLivin

    FilthyLivinMonth ago

    I bet all my money hes gonna get Mac Miller tatted on one of his fingers

  41. Jerry Ramsey

    Jerry RamseyMonth ago

    Don't forget to clean your nails, ha!

  42. x Fwtymn

    x FwtymnMonth ago

    Before the face tats

  43. TheSandero

    TheSanderoMonth ago

    We need a new vid xD


    GAMINGWITH N8Month ago

    He looks so different now

  45. Aidan Flaherty

    Aidan FlahertyMonth ago

    Dimebag Darrel

  46. Jason Kuy

    Jason KuyMonth ago

    I thought it was bizzy bone in the thumbnail

  47. Sophie X

    Sophie XMonth ago

    hey man does that hurt

  48. Kyle

    KyleMonth ago

    He just has a very punchable face


    DANE DA BOSSMonth ago

    He’s gonna have to buy him a new tattoo 😂


    GECKO GAMINGMonth ago

    Tf he has a playboi

  51. Jonny Goodrich

    Jonny GoodrichMonth ago

    Re-do with the face tats.. I want to here what those were about

  52. MaddenMobileKing 15

    MaddenMobileKing 15Month ago

    lol his sword is now on his face

  53. Chloe Padilla

    Chloe PadillaMonth ago

    Do an upgrade for one

  54. Ties Booij

    Ties BooijMonth ago

    1:44 thought he was kidding back then...... he wasn’t

  55. Taylor Warden

    Taylor WardenMonth ago

    Which tattoo your favorite?

  56. Bridgette Curley

    Bridgette CurleyMonth ago

    Those finger tattoos are the best I have ever seen, the sheer detail on John Lennon's face holy

  57. sebaswildboy

    sebaswildboyMonth ago

    its incredible so small yet so detaileed

  58. Gem State Anglers

    Gem State AnglersMonth ago

    The real og

  59. Jorge J Perez

    Jorge J PerezMonth ago

    1:11 thought he was gonna mention Metallica's Black album cover 🤷🏽‍♂️

  60. Samsung's Apple

    Samsung's AppleMonth ago

    0:38 dime

  61. 999

    999Month ago

    And he did get a sword on his face. Lol

  62. J D

    J DMonth ago

    He said he was gonna get a sword on his face. And he did hella long after. Commitment.

  63. overwatch splittail

    overwatch splittailMonth ago

    "I don't get the hate.. waaahh" Yeah, because you know nothing about sybolism, greed, the power elites, or anything and all things psychopathic.



    Justin Bieber was in the same school as Post Malone

  65. Fiona Lee

    Fiona LeeMonth ago

    So this was before he actually got those face tattoos

  66. luke teamshitbox

    luke teamshitboxMonth ago

    Ayyy I see dimebag on there #ripdime

  67. poslix246

    poslix246Month ago

    this needs an update tbh

  68. Suicideinsilence

    SuicideinsilenceMonth ago

    so much respect for tattooing all those legends!

  69. Corie Rayvon's Side Nigga

    Corie Rayvon's Side NiggaMonth ago

    *Well he wasn’t lying when he said he was going to get a sword tattoo on his face*

  70. John Seybold

    John SeyboldMonth ago

    You guys need to get him back on this

  71. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony LopezMonth ago

    Fast foward to 2018 and he actually got a sword on his face...

  72. Ethan Mojo

    Ethan MojoMonth ago

    I like posty more without the forehead tattoo

  73. nemesiiss69

    nemesiiss69Month ago

    Justin bieber is a great example of inspiration

  74. AT OCDesignzz

    AT OCDesignzzMonth ago

    Please don't mess your adorable face up with a bunch of tats plzzzzzzzz! I don't mind the ones you have now 2018 Just don't do the cross on your forhead!

  75. Leanna Perry

    Leanna PerryMonth ago

    wow and now he has all these face tats and a portrait of peep... who did not like him... lol

  76. Shamanic Bear

    Shamanic BearMonth ago

    Number 1 on the radio but cant hire a good tattoo artist

  77. joevocaine

    joevocaineMonth ago

    Austin likes snakes

  78. carl_trash 14

    carl_trash 14Month ago

    "HeY mAn DoeS thAt hurT"

  79. Max Otto

    Max OttoMonth ago

    Oh no, not face tattoos

  80. Max Otto

    Max OttoMonth ago

    Nice dimebag tattoo Pantera for life

  81. Pete Patraglia

    Pete PatragliaMonth ago

    At least he doesn’t try to talk like a mulignan like a lot of these wigger types do.

  82. Polar Life

    Polar LifeMonth ago

    I never knew u met justin beiber

  83. Pexxan

    PexxanMonth ago

    1:42 And so he did..

  84. Your A Wizard Harry

    Your A Wizard HarryMonth ago

    Update now

  85. Taylor Warden

    Taylor WardenMonth ago

    How old are you?

  86. The Boy

    The BoyMonth ago

    he does now have a claymore on his face

  87. Kaleb Hall

    Kaleb Hall2 months ago

    Update video?

  88. Abc Abc

    Abc Abc2 months ago

    I looooove his Gadsden tattoo! 1:12

  89. LPS Milky

    LPS Milky2 months ago

    Why do I love his laugh

  90. Judospoopdog

    Judospoopdog2 months ago

    It's crazy, because I'm watching this now (August, 2018) and hes covered

  91. MadEagles InsanitY

    MadEagles InsanitY2 months ago

    I saw a Kurt Cobain tattoo on his finger. Atleast it looks like him. 😀

  92. Josh Myatt

    Josh Myatt2 months ago

    Bruh u need get lil peep on yo finger

  93. David Ferguson

    David Ferguson2 months ago

    I love at the end how he starts talking about the sword he’s gonna get on his face

  94. Josh Hudson

    Josh Hudson2 months ago

    You slowwww. Check out therealak05

  95. XvMatrix

    XvMatrix2 months ago

    we need an updated one

  96. Dawson Glenn

    Dawson Glenn2 months ago

    I never realized how nerdy post Malone really is.

  97. Haley B

    Haley B2 months ago

    I am really surprised he doesn't have a Budweiser tat

  98. MMV Games & Vlogs

    MMV Games & Vlogs2 months ago

    my favorite tat on post has to be the DTOM snake

  99. Jackson MacNevin

    Jackson MacNevin2 months ago

    it's so strange to seem him with no face tattoos

  100. Mox_au

    Mox_au2 months ago

    i'm gettin MOM tattooed on my liver, and i was thinking about a kidney piercing

  101. Jim Paterson

    Jim Paterson2 months ago

    wow looking back post malone actually got a sword on his face

  102. riley undissclosed

    riley undissclosed2 months ago

    I hope he would put vinny on there to someehere jist cuz