Post Malone Explains His Ink | Tattoo Tour | GQ


  1. Imported Triggermen

    Imported Triggermen20 hours ago

    At least he doesn’t try to talk like a mulignan like a lot of these wigger types do.

  2. Polar Life

    Polar LifeDay ago

    I never knew u met justin beiber

  3. Pexxan

    Pexxan2 days ago

    1:42 And so he did..

  4. Your A Wizard Harry

    Your A Wizard Harry3 days ago

    Update now

  5. Taylor Warden

    Taylor Warden3 days ago

    How old are you?

  6. The Boy

    The Boy4 days ago

    he does now have a claymore on his face

  7. Kaleb Hall

    Kaleb Hall7 days ago

    Update video?

  8. Abc Abc

    Abc Abc8 days ago

    I looooove his Gadsden tattoo! 1:12

  9. LPS Smarties

    LPS Smarties10 days ago

    Why do I love his laugh

  10. spookyjimclique

    spookyjimclique10 days ago

    It's crazy, because I'm watching this now (August, 2018) and hes covered

  11. MadEagles InsanitY

    MadEagles InsanitY10 days ago

    I saw a Kurt Cobain tattoo on his finger. Atleast it looks like him. 😀

  12. Josh Myatt

    Josh Myatt12 days ago

    Bruh u need get lil peep on yo finger

  13. David Ferguson

    David Ferguson12 days ago

    I love at the end how he starts talking about the sword he’s gonna get on his face

  14. Josh Hudson

    Josh Hudson16 days ago

    You slowwww. Check out therealak05

  15. XvMatrix

    XvMatrix16 days ago

    we need an updated one

  16. Dawson Glenn

    Dawson Glenn16 days ago

    I never realized how nerdy post Malone really is.

  17. Haley B

    Haley B16 days ago

    I am really surprised he doesn't have a Budweiser tat

  18. MMV Games & Vlogs

    MMV Games & Vlogs17 days ago

    my favorite tat on post has to be the DTOM snake

  19. Jackson MacNevin

    Jackson MacNevin19 days ago

    it's so strange to seem him with no face tattoos

  20. Mox_au

    Mox_au20 days ago

    i'm gettin MOM tattooed on my liver, and i was thinking about a kidney piercing

  21. Jim Paterson

    Jim Paterson23 days ago

    wow looking back post malone actually got a sword on his face

  22. riley undissclosed

    riley undissclosed23 days ago

    I hope he would put vinny on there to someehere jist cuz

  23. riley undissclosed

    riley undissclosed23 days ago

    Bro got dimebag on his finger thats amazing

  24. Younique Jackson

    Younique Jackson27 days ago

    who came hear to see how post malone talk?

  25. Alfie Saunders42

    Alfie Saunders4228 days ago

    An update is well overdue

  26. dutchschaefer

    dutchschaefer29 days ago

    Tattoos are for losers. Justin beaver has the shittiest tattoos ever.


    FRMONSIVAISMonth ago

    Yup. Another waste of flesh. Pretending to be black.

  28. Kirishima Haruto

    Kirishima HarutoMonth ago

    the facetats really messed him up. he was so cool without them

  29. Savannah Berry

    Savannah BerryMonth ago

    I wish this was a video that actually was about all his tattoos. Too short

  30. Miss Juju

    Miss JujuMonth ago


  31. Guilherme Sardo

    Guilherme SardoMonth ago

    “I might get a sword on my face ahahah”and 1 year later he actually does xd

  32. vanessa Hernandez

    vanessa HernandezMonth ago

    He should get Xxxtentacion on his finger

  33. chopper dragger

    chopper draggerMonth ago

    Post "poser" malone

  34. megan grace

    megan graceMonth ago

    1:42 and he did

  35. Ma

    MaMonth ago

    He got a country accent

  36. paris snow

    paris snowMonth ago


  37. Bubby85

    Bubby85Month ago

    Ironically now he has the sword on his face

  38. JazzHagen

    JazzHagenMonth ago

    This guy makes me feel soo old

  39. Rokas Bruzas

    Rokas BruzasMonth ago

    Update please!!

  40. Rosa Garcia

    Rosa GarciaMonth ago

    Okay but they have to get Chris Brown to explain his tattoos. Like prontooooo

  41. Zorn07

    Zorn07Month ago


  42. Gibran Colbert

    Gibran ColbertMonth ago

    What an idiot

  43. toddsjaws todd

    toddsjaws toddMonth ago

    Your face looks like a ham that got dropped on the floor of a barbershop

  44. Phyllis Wilton

    Phyllis WiltonMonth ago

    i love him 😂

  45. Harrison Brown

    Harrison BrownMonth ago

    looks like he ended up getting the sword lmaooo

  46. A Nicol

    A NicolMonth ago

    No idea who this is. He seems so... clever...

  47. Gabe-fartpoop peepants

    Gabe-fartpoop peepantsMonth ago

    Post Malone goes to the all the homeless communities and steals all the dirty stinky underwear and socks to hang up in his tour bus

  48. Big E Chez

    Big E ChezMonth ago

    We need post to get an x tattoo on his finger




  50. Ramo John

    Ramo JohnMonth ago

    He do everything to look ugly

  51. Big E Chez

    Big E ChezMonth ago

    Ramo John English plz

  52. Xonyuji

    XonyujiMonth ago

    he actualy got the claymore on his face now

  53. MoonFlower

    MoonFlowerMonth ago

    I wanted explanation for the Kagome tattoo

  54. Laura Kuzma

    Laura KuzmaMonth ago

    You're so freaking cute. I think you're my soul mate. I want to meet your cat.

  55. Magnus Vernersen

    Magnus VernersenMonth ago

    This needs an Update !!!



    Let's hope x is put on one of his fingers..

  57. Zam0rak41

    Zam0rak41Month ago

    Isn't that the same snake off the Black Album lol? 1:00

  58. SoFlaChile6493

    SoFlaChile6493Month ago

    He really did get the sword on his face lol

  59. Rey'Na Riggans

    Rey'Na RiggansMonth ago

    He was not joking about the face tattoos thing

  60. lil sar

    lil sarMonth ago

    hes so sweet too good for this world

  61. Ozla Tube

    Ozla TubeMonth ago

    he hangs with Justin a lot !!! it like he makes your music post

  62. Galaxycloud 77

    Galaxycloud 77Month ago

    Can u do $uicideboy$ ink explained ? That be lit if u can #G59

  63. gnarwhal 777

    gnarwhal 777Month ago

    2 years later he actually has a sword on his face🤺

  64. pepeh dawg

    pepeh dawgMonth ago


  65. David Olof

    David OlofMonth ago

    no tatoos in the face there

  66. Joe D

    Joe DMonth ago

    Do an update!!!

  67. Gino

    GinoMonth ago

    Beiber is older than Post😂😂😂

  68. Nicholas Barenas

    Nicholas BarenasMonth ago

    Post Malone is the best music maker ever

  69. Gustav Iversen

    Gustav IversenMonth ago

    Do a part two, he’s got so many new tattoos done 🙏🙏🙏

  70. Attention

    AttentionMonth ago

    Tats awesome. Get it?

  71. Rachel Bohl

    Rachel BohlMonth ago

    Well he got that sword face tattoo after all!

  72. Faryal Anser  Sheikh

    Faryal Anser SheikhMonth ago

    Look at his nails

  73. Tavo Trujillo

    Tavo TrujilloMonth ago

    Those finger tatoos are really cool

  74. Kokomiu

    KokomiuMonth ago

    He even has more now do another video

  75. King Hen

    King HenMonth ago

    Who’s the guy on the left?

  76. R.I.P XXX Rosado-Pabon

    R.I.P XXX Rosado-PabonMonth ago

    Imagine he had XXXtenctaion on his hand... 😭

  77. Morgan Bermy

    Morgan BermyMonth ago

    Justin is 2 years older than Post. Whaaaat?!

  78. Strain

    StrainMonth ago

    U gonna get x on ur knuckles

  79. jack fein

    jack feinMonth ago

    does Post Malone play dark souls?

  80. Hobo Bobo

    Hobo BoboMonth ago

    He now actually has a sword in his face

  81. Joachim Koka

    Joachim KokaMonth ago

    he really got the sword on his face lmao

  82. Joachim Koka

    Joachim KokaMonth ago

    Updated video asap

  83. rah blud

    rah bludMonth ago

    make an updated one

  84. Laura Aguirre

    Laura AguirreMonth ago

    He did get a sword 💙

  85. ReyeS

    ReyeSMonth ago

    It's night and I'm homalone

  86. Marshall Gilchrist

    Marshall GilchristMonth ago

    Love the Dimebag finger tattoo

  87. Dylan King

    Dylan KingMonth ago

    “I might get a sword on my face”

  88. Alexandra De Leon

    Alexandra De LeonMonth ago

    0:37, Clean his nails

  89. Sancheezy ·

    Sancheezy ·2 months ago


  90. Anthony Koluder

    Anthony Koluder2 months ago

    Hes gpt way more tats now, I want answers

  91. The Cardassian

    The Cardassian2 months ago

    "I might get a sword on my face" And he did.

  92. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson2 months ago

    Update: he got a Claymore on his face

  93. bryan81

    bryan812 months ago

    Well he wasn't lying about what he'd get and where lol. We need an updated version!

  94. Em Perryman

    Em Perryman2 months ago

    Updated version pleSse

  95. the book was way better

    the book was way better2 months ago

    "I might get a sword on my face. like a claymore. ROCK AND ROLL" - Post Malone 2016

  96. Mercedes G.

    Mercedes G.2 months ago

    Love this guy! 😂

  97. Trash :-D

    Trash :-D2 months ago

    Posti 🧡

  98. Shaboi Cam

    Shaboi Cam2 months ago

    Man of his word, he got the Claymore on his face fo sho!


    REAL’S GAMING2 months ago

    I think we need some re-explaining

  100. mattloy

    mattloy2 months ago

    Some foreshadowing he said he was gonna get a sword on his face and he did

  101. M1sterFancyPants

    M1sterFancyPants2 months ago

    Bruh that's an M16, not an F16 (a fighter jet) 😂😂