Post Malone Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ


  1. Jacki Jackson

    Jacki Jackson20 hours ago

    His tattoos on his fingers are amazing :O ❤

  2. Mike Honcho

    Mike HonchoDay ago

    Fml the idiots have taken over.

  3. Sammy Plueddemann

    Sammy Plueddemann2 days ago

    your a rap star not arock star stop being a poser

  4. comical cameoloeon

    comical cameoloeon2 days ago

    Post Malone is awesome

  5. Kevin Ramsar

    Kevin Ramsar2 days ago

    I appreciate this video since I'm a fan

  6. Trittysmalls

    Trittysmalls5 days ago

    Playing basket ball with Justin beber

  7. Chaotic Kris

    Chaotic Kris6 days ago

    If Jesus was rapper he'd look like post...haha

  8. canadian pet Tub3r

    canadian pet Tub3r7 days ago

    people only hate because they are jealous its not them LMFAO!

  9. Debz Mah J

    Debz Mah J7 days ago

    😭😭😭💉😭😭😭 Posty💉 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💖

  10. my boyfriend cheated and I'm FUCKING EXPOSING HIM

    my boyfriend cheated and I'm FUCKING EXPOSING HIM7 days ago

    This need a part 2

  11. Vesuvius

    Vesuvius8 days ago

    Always Tired

  12. Vincent Gigante

    Vincent Gigante9 days ago

    Look at him now

  13. Joshua Meyer

    Joshua Meyer9 days ago


  14. FBJ 122

    FBJ 12210 days ago

    Well he wasn't kidding...

  15. Baggy balls

    Baggy balls10 days ago

    I think he likes tattoos .

  16. lukonawesome

    lukonawesome11 days ago

    There needs to be a part 2

  17. Hello My Name Is T.J.B

    Hello My Name Is T.J.B13 days ago

    It’s crazy looking back at him without the tattoos


    SHANNON16 days ago

    Time for a Part 2 lol.

  19. Jack Hill

    Jack Hill18 days ago

    Remake this now he had more 😎

  20. Andrew Power

    Andrew Power20 days ago

    Anyone able to get a good picture of the tattoo at 3 seconds? The head with the orange and blue paint please 😩

  21. Jocelin cream

    Jocelin cream22 days ago

    Post Malone knows the amendment wow

  22. sarah monaghan

    sarah monaghan23 days ago

    Wow ... his girlfriend , can say she got fingered by. Kurt ,Elvis Presley , John Lennon, oh n Malone,, all in one day. Nice tats though.

  23. Jacob Mercado

    Jacob Mercado26 days ago


  24. X_Xan

    X_Xan26 days ago

    1:43 He got that tattoo alright

  25. Nischal Khanal

    Nischal Khanal27 days ago

    1:00 Is that black album's snake?

  26. lisa G

    lisa G29 days ago

    his nails is too gross

  27. soccermc 23

    soccermc 23Month ago

    Omg he’s such a baby in this

  28. Bubble jellyfish

    Bubble jellyfishMonth ago

    I hate that the video was made before like half of the tattoos

  29. Yvette Beliz

    Yvette BelizMonth ago

    I love Post Malone ❣️

  30. Marc Ello

    Marc ElloMonth ago

    I’m a trendy loser that has no backbone... bro that’s a cool tat the whole crew all got the same one

  31. jeffkoh cruz

    jeffkoh cruzMonth ago

    im out..he said justin bieber..

  32. Sir Mount

    Sir MountMonth ago

    Gadsden snake!!! Don’t Tread On Me

  33. ashleigh watkins

    ashleigh watkinsMonth ago

    “I might get a sword on my face”

  34. ryan eades

    ryan eadesMonth ago

    What’s so great about face tattoos?

  35. InkedLoisLane

    InkedLoisLaneMonth ago

    Needs to break down a bar of soap...

  36. Tabatha Feucht

    Tabatha FeuchtMonth ago

    He was a actually cute before the face tats. 😍

  37. Kaden Barry Hayford

    Kaden Barry HayfordMonth ago

    It was my dream to go to Annapolis navy academy and join the navy and that dream came true but after being in for 4 years I got a tattoo on my back and I was told that I had to remove it or I would be kicked out of the navy so I removed it and stayed in for 6 more years and got out.once I got out I got a navy tattoo on my army and my entire arm was a tattoo of a f14 a tomcat which is the jet I flew

  38. Kaden Barry Hayford

    Kaden Barry HayfordMonth ago

    Not kicked out but I was put on payed leave until I got it removed it’s stupid that back when I was in the navy you couldn’t have tats but

  39. AstroG73

    AstroG73Month ago

    Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Elvis and Im assuming that is Dimebag D

  40. Dimiterkil Koni

    Dimiterkil KoniMonth ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  41. JJ -

    JJ -Month ago

    Part 2????

  42. Eunick Nobe

    Eunick NobeMonth ago

    Updated video!!

  43. Jordan Phillips

    Jordan PhillipsMonth ago

    Yesss! Much respect for the “Don’t tread on me” tattoo. 💪🏻🐍

  44. luke clearwater

    luke clearwaterMonth ago

    2019 Yep he did get a sword on his face :)

  45. Kobe The Frobe

    Kobe The FrobeMonth ago

    when posty jacks off, he’s major disrespecting his favorite artists

  46. Rileigh Baker1

    Rileigh Baker1Month ago

    I don't get the hate people give him he is a great rapper/singer and he inspires people I respect him and his choices.

  47. Kork Wahmett

    Kork WahmettMonth ago

    Respect cause of the Dimebag tattoo

  48. Barbie ann

    Barbie annMonth ago

    Who is your guy in Dallas I'm in the area

  49. Thomas Sarman

    Thomas SarmanMonth ago

    1:08 did he say am-16? 😂

  50. Gabby Quigley

    Gabby Quigley2 months ago

    He did get the sword on his face lol

  51. Gustavo Arantes

    Gustavo Arantes2 months ago


  52. King Evaded

    King Evaded2 months ago

    Yall need an uptade he has more lmao

  53. Billy Grey

    Billy Grey2 months ago

    Sad about the face tatts because he's a handsome dude (especially now that he's lost some weight and cut his hair).

  54. joost van arragon

    joost van arragon2 months ago

    His knuckle tattoos are fg solid man the detail

  55. Nick P

    Nick P2 months ago

    Update vid pls!!!

  56. Ruk Pefert

    Ruk Pefert2 months ago

    Updated version please

  57. Rassmey Sopheavy

    Rassmey Sopheavy2 months ago

    That laugh at the end 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  58. Frannie N

    Frannie N2 months ago

    so down to earth

  59. Michael gilland

    Michael gilland2 months ago

    Did he really say that snake was wrapped around an F-16?? F-16 is a fighter jet bro.... Palm meet face 😂 it's alright though I won't hold that against you

  60. Luis Brouwer ii

    Luis Brouwer ii2 months ago

    3 years later and he actually got the claymore on his face lol

  61. M- GTA

    M- GTA2 months ago

    He has so many more tattoos now

  62. Cringe Fest

    Cringe Fest2 months ago

    Do an updated version

  63. Ty Washington

    Ty Washington2 months ago


  64. Amy

    Amy2 months ago

    Post looks so strange without the barbed wire on his forehead

  65. X Productions-

    X Productions-2 months ago

    1:00 nice Kevin Durant tattoo.

  66. Allison Snow

    Allison Snow2 months ago

    Posty please don’t get tattoo on your face it’s already so cute and beautiful don’t ruin it

  67. Oriah Glynn

    Oriah Glynn2 months ago

    I love post malone hes cool I'm being real. He's on of my best and favorite singers

  68. Daniella Ramirez

    Daniella Ramirez2 months ago

    I mean I like his songs but why get so many tattoos???

  69. NumericalOrder

    NumericalOrder2 months ago

    He wasn’t joking about the sword..

  70. ani mac

    ani mac2 months ago

    I love his music 😍

  71. Ibrahim Kekec

    Ibrahim Kekec2 months ago

    this needs to be updated

  72. joost van arragon

    joost van arragon2 months ago

    the finger tattoos are so wel done wtf the detail

  73. Jada Stokes

    Jada Stokes3 months ago

    GQ please have YG explain his tattoos.

  74. Rey'Na Riggans

    Rey'Na Riggans3 months ago

    He wasn't kidding about the face

  75. davus

    davus3 months ago

    he did the sword

  76. Robert BOOBMYST Schirillo

    Robert BOOBMYST Schirillo3 months ago

    Did he say it’s a snake wrapped around an F-16? Lol M-16 maybe

  77. Xxx_MusikIsMySoul_xxX I like food

    Xxx_MusikIsMySoul_xxX I like food3 months ago

    *Smacks the like button because of his Kurt Cobain tattoo*

  78. Cara Fusco

    Cara Fusco3 months ago

    We need an update 💕🙌

  79. James Temperley

    James Temperley3 months ago

    “Felt like he was tattooin mah soooul”

  80. TheConcho75

    TheConcho753 months ago

    "Justin did apoligize, but... he's still gonna have to buy me a new one" 😂

  81. Mary S

    Mary S3 months ago

    Do ZAYN Malik next!!

  82. Chris Pena

    Chris Pena3 months ago

    I wish they would do an updated video, now that he has a sword

  83. Will Turner

    Will Turner3 months ago

    Updated vid of this please

  84. morganne alyse

    morganne alyse3 months ago

    and he did get a sword!! ❤️

  85. morganne alyse

    morganne alyse3 months ago

    i need an update on this because now he’s covered

  86. ジャズ

    ジャズ3 months ago

    why did you do a tatto when


    SPACE KID3 months ago

    Who came here after his lil peep tattoo

  88. Sauli

    Sauli4 months ago

    Do another one with him

  89. tim

    tim4 months ago

    need a new version of this

  90. Shawn Davis

    Shawn Davis4 months ago

    please try and get Conor McGregor for this

  91. •Eggos•

    •Eggos•4 months ago

    Soon he would get his barbed wire face tattoo

  92. Odd Future

    Odd Future4 months ago

    Make an update please!!!🔥🔥💯💯💯

  93. YourBoi Stephen

    YourBoi Stephen4 months ago

    GQ how to I become a model?

  94. Marex

    Marex4 months ago

    Look at his nails omg

  95. Zero IncPro

    Zero IncPro4 months ago

    part 2 hahah

  96. Arisce T

    Arisce T4 months ago

    Dimebag Darell John Lennon Kurt Cobain Elvis presley YOU'RE THE MAN POST MALONE!!!

  97. robert boyce

    robert boyce4 months ago

    I can't believe he has a tattoo of dimebag and Kurt on his finger! Love it

  98. Golden madMaker

    Golden madMaker4 months ago

    Counting banda hallelujah lujah lujah

  99. Take It Eazy

    Take It Eazy4 months ago


  100. Take It Eazy

    Take It Eazy4 months ago

    we need an update video

  101. princess

    princess4 months ago

    I love his music and his personality but I really don’t know how i feel about the whole 2A stance :///