Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Anthony Hunt

    Anthony Hunt2 hours ago

    Best Thing Ever! How have I not found this earlier?

  2. Da super_saiyen

    Da super_saiyen3 hours ago

    I really want to see the video where jack found out about Ryan following him because I want to see him freak the fuck out lmao. Great vid jack

  3. Claudia Caron

    Claudia Caron5 hours ago

    wow... two of the most handsome men this world has come accross in the same room.

  4. Aiden Wilson

    Aiden Wilson6 hours ago

    When Ryan touched jack pretty sure he fucking passed out of joy inside

  5. Aiden Wilson

    Aiden Wilson6 hours ago

    Btw Ryan Reynolds has a MReporter channel better get a like from jacksepticeye

  6. Aiden Wilson

    Aiden Wilson6 hours ago

    That was so fucking awkward at the start the cringe

  7. - theperfectname

    - theperfectname8 hours ago

    "who's that?" ""my dad. Haven't seen him in years."

  8. Charles Fish

    Charles Fish9 hours ago

    Who really wanted to see Ryan's send off? :D

  9. JakePaul StillDabsOnTheHaters

    JakePaul StillDabsOnTheHaters10 hours ago


  10. lolasum sumi-san

    lolasum sumi-san11 hours ago

    I came here for the laughs and shit and yes i got that but i also got the warm and fuzzy feeling inside so... I call it a win!!

  11. Tanveer Hannan

    Tanveer Hannan11 hours ago

    jeez ryan reynolds looks much different in the movie than in real life

  12. Kiyahni Redd

    Kiyahni Redd11 hours ago


  13. lolasum sumi-san

    lolasum sumi-san11 hours ago

    2:37 Ryans reaction when Sean says 'speaking of asses' XD

  14. Foxy’s Cove

    Foxy’s CoveDay ago


  15. Sakura Cat

    Sakura CatDay ago

    Now you can brag to markipliyer that you played video games with Ryan renolds

  16. Abo Mal

    Abo MalDay ago

    Jack: no you're awesome Ryan: no you're awesome

  17. SLIMEcutepop Popsloppopcuteslimepopopopopo

    SLIMEcutepop PopsloppopcuteslimepopopopopoDay ago

    Jack can I plz get a heart ♥️ plz or a comment

  18. charmaine poynter

    charmaine poynterDay ago

    I'm just happy he said castlevania, lol. woot woot for a classic:)

  19. boundbyblood axle

    boundbyblood axle2 days ago

    I wonder how much he paid Ryan or did Ryan offer

  20. Antonio Luković

    Antonio Luković3 days ago

    I love how nervous Sean is in this, but still trying to act cool

  21. Felis Corax

    Felis Corax3 days ago

    "You died as Deadpool" Brutal.

  22. Typical Gamer Elite

    Typical Gamer Elite3 days ago

    Nathan Drake is now deadpool? ..... I don't understand

  23. Nisha Rani Das

    Nisha Rani Das3 days ago

    This is deadpoool

  24. Nisha Rani Das

    Nisha Rani Das3 days ago

    Isn't Ryan Reynolds deadpool hmmmmm I know him

  25. Nisha Rani Das

    Nisha Rani Das3 days ago


  26. CitrineFool6429

    CitrineFool64293 days ago

    It’s detective pikachu!!!

  27. pronotfound

    pronotfound3 days ago


  28. DarkPanda 101

    DarkPanda 1013 days ago

    Jack in his head be like : yyyeeeaaaahhgggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mariano Begay

    Mariano Begay4 days ago

    I know him he from toon blast

  30. H i

    H i4 days ago

    Ryan:"We never say no to kids" Me:😨 Ryan:"That are going through something" Me:😥

  31. thedog zues

    thedog zues4 days ago

    I'm a huge fan Ryan I love deadpool 2 and 1

  32. SytrusGaming _

    SytrusGaming _4 days ago

    Ive seen all the deadpool movies

  33. SytrusGaming _

    SytrusGaming _4 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds I luv u no hòmo

  34. Shawn Wheeler

    Shawn Wheeler4 days ago

    I honestly love Deadpool so thank you Ryan Reynolds

  35. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole4 days ago

    Jack and Ryan are in the same video

  36. Beatabianca

    Beatabianca4 days ago

    Now you can play detective pikachu with him.

  37. Psychotic Angel

    Psychotic Angel4 days ago

    I paid more attention to the actual interview rather the gameplay

  38. uroš car

    uroš car4 days ago

    Jor stupid

  39. Hayden Pritchard

    Hayden Pritchard4 days ago

    Jack I love both of you guys so much oh my god fucking savage

  40. John Paul Tajan

    John Paul Tajan4 days ago

    Now play spiderman with dust

  41. Samuel Bravo

    Samuel Bravo5 days ago

    Oh I Know Ryan Reynolds He's That Pikachu Guy :D

  42. Hadeel Alshammari

    Hadeel Alshammari5 days ago


  43. Pixel PerfectYT

    Pixel PerfectYT5 days ago

    This is fake. It’s clearly edited

  44. Benjamin Haglund

    Benjamin Haglund5 days ago

    Help pewdiepei

  45. Malik Playz 10

    Malik Playz 105 days ago

    Omg Ryan Reynolds

  46. udula induwara

    udula induwara5 days ago


  47. Destinyklan destine

    Destinyklan destine5 days ago


  48. Jack Grazer

    Jack Grazer5 days ago

    Lucky bastard 😂😂😂👍

  49. Eleanor Maya

    Eleanor Maya6 days ago

    Wait what. CASTLEVANIA? *immediately puts him on my Top1 spot best actor of all time* :O ♥__♥

  50. redhawk 1609

    redhawk 16096 days ago

    Jack u are not screaming are u ok

  51. IronBrutesRage

    IronBrutesRage6 days ago


  52. Low Battery

    Low Battery6 days ago

    “Speaking of asses”....😳

  53. Leonel6

    Leonel66 days ago

    I love the part when ryan said:"SEAN I DON'T KNOW HOW TO JUMP TELL ME HOW TO JUMP"..

  54. Steven Taboni

    Steven Taboni6 days ago

    This is more like a pod cast with Dedpool the game in the background.

  55. Charlotte Leddington

    Charlotte Leddington6 days ago

    love dead pool really excited and happy you did this vid

  56. smiley games

    smiley games6 days ago

    Im amazed at ur composure i would have to freak tf out before the camera rolled and i would still be strange on camera so i congrats u for ur composure

  57. Sirat Uddin

    Sirat Uddin6 days ago

    I wish he said 9 year old

  58. noah ameha

    noah ameha6 days ago

    jack: i have a new best friend ryan reynolds old best friend of jack: slow cry (with sad violine song)

  59. StormKun2212

    StormKun22126 days ago

    My favorite part about deadpool 2 was when Ryan/Wade had baby legs 😂😂😂

  60. jamez/the pro light

    jamez/the pro light6 days ago

    Yes unbernt dead pool

  61. Pinky :3

    Pinky :36 days ago

    Im gonna touch them all over

  62. Kian Capisen

    Kian Capisen6 days ago

    Heyy is ryan renols

  63. Callingtrain 600

    Callingtrain 6006 days ago

    Who thinks Ryan should do a voice recording of him as deadpool so we can get the chance to hear him in person

  64. Xxxfirewolf musicxxX

    Xxxfirewolf musicxxX6 days ago

    I love that game

  65. Avia Ethan

    Avia Ethan7 days ago

    Ryan should ask the Deadpool director to add teleporting to Deadpool!

  66. Star Fazer

    Star Fazer7 days ago

    Wait there's a deadpool movie 3?????


    HOSTILE CONNELL7 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Jack

  68. Mirrak the first dragonborn

    Mirrak the first dragonborn7 days ago

    Wait... didn't you play in x men origins...??

  69. super john 123

    super john 1237 days ago

    Jack:Speaking of Asses.. Ryan: *○___○*

  70. iam Shooky

    iam Shooky7 days ago

    @0:21 we got a fire ass shot.

  71. meme master32

    meme master327 days ago

    Jack is the type of guy who is just a loving caring person thats hilarious and actually cares about other people which is what makes him one of the best people I know and he's also one of my greatest role models ever if I could actually get to meet him in real life I would tell him how much I look up to him.....Thank you Jack for making us look up to you and becoming better people

  72. Edgar Venecio

    Edgar Venecio7 days ago

    2:55 Ryan `do you wanna play for a bit...’ meanwhile jack plays the entire time 😂 like for he could see

  73. Holiday mashup Fox

    Holiday mashup Fox7 days ago


  74. KPH3

    KPH37 days ago


  75. turtle tot

    turtle tot7 days ago

    You should do a vid with ben affleck playing batman

  76. RareLilLlama -ROBLOX

    RareLilLlama -ROBLOX7 days ago


  77. Kyle Kenol

    Kyle Kenol7 days ago

    as soon as you passed the controller the video pause that is how insane this is

  78. Flying Sandwich

    Flying Sandwich7 days ago

    Oh Detective Pikachu is here

  79. Sillytube NIGHTTUBE

    Sillytube NIGHTTUBE7 days ago

    No way 😱😱😱😱 You played with the actor of deadpool

  80. Andrey Kusanagi

    Andrey Kusanagi7 days ago

    you really should've let him go through the tutorial first.

  81. blind tree man

    blind tree man7 days ago

    This game has not aged well at all.

  82. Damien Covey

    Damien Covey7 days ago

    Your friendly neighborhood cool guy

  83. Boomer Playz

    Boomer Playz7 days ago

    I’ve played deadpool but I haven’t played deadpool 😆


    PUGSLY4LYFE7 days ago

    make a vid with Susan Wojcicki (ceo of youtube)

  85. Cooker Cook

    Cooker Cook7 days ago

    Playing Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool

  86. Armando Auditore

    Armando Auditore7 days ago

    I know Ryan, yeah He is Pikachu right?

  87. wolf buds

    wolf buds7 days ago


  88. WhiteTiger Gaming

    WhiteTiger Gaming7 days ago

    I wish I could of walked into a room and saw these two

  89. Ethan Dominy

    Ethan Dominy7 days ago

    Fing naturall

  90. Rizq Umar

    Rizq Umar7 days ago

    I think this is how jack was dreaming he was playing a character in DP2

  91. Rewa Saenghoi

    Rewa Saenghoi7 days ago

    What about ditective Pikachu

  92. Aydan Rebel

    Aydan Rebel8 days ago

    OMG it’s pikachu comment if you get the reference

  93. Izac Jones

    Izac Jones8 days ago

    Your so cute you look like a baby owwwwwwn

  94. Michael Mejia

    Michael Mejia8 days ago

    Was that man really on fire

  95. NoobTube

    NoobTube8 days ago

    I just realized I have the same last name as Ryan Reynolds

  96. gibichai yay

    gibichai yay8 days ago


  97. gibichai yay

    gibichai yay8 days ago

    I love that Ryan said deadpool 2 was supposed to be a family movie but it's rated r and it's not family friendly

  98. stealhard 00

    stealhard 008 days ago

    Waw jack wow

  99. Koala Kam

    Koala Kam8 days ago

    i know him he is the guy in turbo and he is in the new pokemon movie

  100. Kim Soriano

    Kim Soriano8 days ago