Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Plazma Dragon

    Plazma Dragon4 hours ago

    9:25 Wtf is dis so emotional THIS IS DEADPOOL WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!

  2. Game GamERS

    Game GamERS6 hours ago


  3. Andrew Ray

    Andrew Ray10 hours ago

    O my god I love Deadpool

  4. BitterSalty

    BitterSalty11 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye and Ryan Reynolds, two of my favorite men ever to exist, they're bost so fun and soft cinnamon rolls


    XTENKEINEIN Lofi13 hours ago

    I have not seen you in a while

  6. Austinmeeker Meeker

    Austinmeeker Meeker15 hours ago

    Dang we need more of this lol play games with Ryan.

  7. The Destroyer

    The Destroyer16 hours ago

    I wish the vid was 1000hours long

  8. money mims

    money mims17 hours ago

    On deadpool jokes


    RUNNYEGGEYE Gamez18 hours ago

    Absolutely top MReporterr Jack... Gave me a lot of inspiration to start my channel 🌟👍🏻

  10. Luke Edwards

    Luke Edwards18 hours ago

    Love you Mr. Reynolds

  11. Conner Troutman

    Conner Troutman18 hours ago

    I'm 9 and have seen both of them and played one of the games

  12. Bryan Hany

    Bryan Hany19 hours ago

    Deadpool is a badass I bet you I will not get lots of likes

  13. Hunter Roberts

    Hunter Roberts19 hours ago

    Jack and Ryan, thank you so much for making this video encouraging people to go out inspire people to put their problems behind their back and do things you love and not to try to be anyone they're not. I love you guys keep up the good work with your careers

  14. Meme meme Cat

    Meme meme Cat19 hours ago

    I think that vid game is dumb deadpool can NOT DIE

  15. Kareem Williams

    Kareem Williams20 hours ago

    Its official Jack is too famous

  16. Slenderman Gamer

    Slenderman Gamer21 hour ago

    What's my name

  17. Shay Cormaic

    Shay Cormaic21 hour ago

    How. Mutch did you pay this man

  18. Sarah Urutia

    Sarah Urutia22 hours ago

    I don’t want to make anyone feel bad but I have a pice missing. When I was seven my mom committed suicide ☹️😕☹️😕☹️😕☹️

  19. Shay Cormaic

    Shay Cormaic21 hour ago

    Sarah Urutia ya sure don't wanna make anywon feel bad

  20. Dexter JONES

    Dexter JONES23 hours ago

    No fucking way you met Ryan renalds

  21. Shay Cormaic

    Shay Cormaic21 hour ago

    Dexter JONES fuck your dumb he's right there

  22. Ben Hircock

    Ben HircockDay ago

    It’s nice to see that he is bad at something

  23. Sad Sponge

    Sad SpongeDay ago

    18:38 kinda cool but very disturbing

  24. Khiêm Hồ

    Khiêm HồDay ago

    Oh cm'on Canada.

  25. W4runn3r Tides

    W4runn3r TidesDay ago


  26. Brooks Steinke

    Brooks SteinkeDay ago

    Ryan/deadpool/waid needs to make his own MReporter channel soon.

  27. TheCadezilla

    TheCadezillaDay ago

    I don’t think they could have picked a better person to play Deadpool

  28. LC Productions

    LC ProductionsDay ago

    Hey Ryan. People say that when you did Green Lantern it was bad. Honestly i thought you were AMAZING! You are the reason why i like DC. But your Deadpool was waaaaaay better. Your the best actor bro!!

  29. Adam Gibbs

    Adam GibbsDay ago

    Ryan I love u

  30. shadow demon

    shadow demonDay ago


  31. Payton Hill

    Payton HillDay ago

    Can you tell Bruce Wade how he made his hands look like they were broken in the movie

  32. SIRMINER6 Gaming

    SIRMINER6 Gaming2 days ago

    Deadpool plays Deadpool

  33. Ralf Kasavi

    Ralf Kasavi2 days ago

    2:45 "I'm getting dead.. I'm dead" Ryan Renolds-2018

  34. Karizza Rodriguez

    Karizza Rodriguez2 days ago

    I freaking LOVE Ryan Reynolds in ‘The Proposal’

  35. Karizza Rodriguez

    Karizza Rodriguez21 hour ago

    Shay Corm who is ur favorite/ who caught your eye first

  36. Shay Cormaic

    Shay Cormaic21 hour ago

    Karizza Rodriguez wym

  37. Karizza Rodriguez

    Karizza RodriguezDay ago

    Chis who’s ur bias ☺️☺️

  38. Chis

    ChisDay ago

    U know i can see ur an Army right . Coz im an army too!!

  39. ty gang 4 life

    ty gang 4 life2 days ago

    so lucky

  40. Gatlin forestadventures

    Gatlin forestadventures2 days ago


  41. SilverCactus 32

    SilverCactus 322 days ago

    These kind of videos are always cringey

  42. Ryan Sweeney

    Ryan Sweeney2 days ago

    He finally is meeting a famous dude

  43. Tanner Hays

    Tanner Hays2 days ago

    Who is that monster that’s engulfed in flame? That’s my dad I thought it was my mother in law

  44. Michael Norwood

    Michael Norwood2 days ago

    Playing Deadpool with Deadpool

  45. Ares Myers

    Ares Myers2 days ago

    There might be a Deadpool 3 because juggernaut is still alive

  46. BloxyMan Bloxy

    BloxyMan Bloxy3 days ago

    my sister and bro met him

  47. Christoph PinApple

    Christoph PinApple3 days ago

    Nothing says family like watching a guy decapitate other guys with katanas. That's the type of family friendly content MReporter needs

  48. Mr. GalaxyParrot

    Mr. GalaxyParrot3 days ago

    Just like Ryan renolds also played Green lantern, Chris Evans also played human torch

  49. I don't know

    I don't know3 days ago

    Nice Now *never say that again*

  50. Elaine Ryan

    Elaine Ryan3 days ago

    Jack my friend made Irish spider you are Sean parker

  51. Elaine Ryan

    Elaine Ryan3 days ago

    Also he,s thanos

  52. mzc

    mzc3 days ago

    This > KSI interview

  53. Egg

    Egg4 days ago

    Jack alone: LEMME HAVE THE WHEEEEEEEEEL Jack with Ryan Raynolds: Here you can have the wheel This is not the jack i knew

  54. Bossatronyom

    Bossatronyom4 days ago

    You know jack if you teleport you doge the attaks and wont get wammy

  55. NinjaGreninja12 Is A Huge Nerd

    NinjaGreninja12 Is A Huge Nerd4 days ago

    This shoulda been called “playing DeadPool with DeadPool”

  56. the tablit gamer

    the tablit gamer4 days ago

    Omg I would love to meat Ryan Reynolds

  57. Freak You Think You Thought BOI

    Freak You Think You Thought BOI4 days ago

    Speaking of 🍑es?

  58. Victor Veloso

    Victor Veloso5 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is lucky to be getting a chance to play with Jack

  59. Giboo euu

    Giboo euu5 days ago

    I bet the only reason why we clicked on this video is because of Ryan

  60. Spena

    Spena5 days ago

    Deadpool can't play Deadpool?

  61. Pika aaa

    Pika aaa5 days ago

    You lucky mother fucker.

  62. joman27 Ω

    joman27 Ω5 days ago

    „I need to grow my tumors...“

  63. RCgalaxy

    RCgalaxy5 days ago

    Why is this recommended to me 10 MONTHS LATE GOD-DAMMIIIIIT!!!

  64. officer cow

    officer cow5 days ago

    The Merc with a mouth

  65. Dale Thom

    Dale Thom5 days ago


  66. REA PER

    REA PER5 days ago

    You lame he rockes

  67. iron assasin

    iron assasin5 days ago

    Got an ad of deadpool NOICE

  68. Manny Lopez

    Manny Lopez6 days ago

    Su Tart. *Life for agree*

  69. DiGiX

    DiGiX6 days ago

    Ryan-i don't have a cool send off *pulls out meat Scepter*

  70. My Average Life

    My Average Life6 days ago

    This is cringy as fuck

  71. jffyhff Jankowska

    jffyhff Jankowska6 days ago

    Jack: there are other people that play games. Ryan: yea, sure.


    SFPDL GAMING6 days ago

    Jack is nervous

  73. ISSY-BEE and friends

    ISSY-BEE and friends6 days ago

    I love Ryan renolds

  74. Its texmike817

    Its texmike8176 days ago

    I love how he offers you to hold it for him while he sits there! Lmfao!!!!!

  75. The Ultimate Super-Boy

    The Ultimate Super-Boy6 days ago

    Awesome Video,Jacksepticeye!😎😎👍👍I like,when you met Ryan!😁😁😁😁😁

  76. Jordan Kay

    Jordan Kay6 days ago

    happy irish day

  77. Guadalupe Pacheco

    Guadalupe Pacheco6 days ago

    that is awesome he's my favorite actor

  78. Madison Skovran

    Madison Skovran6 days ago

    i wish i could meat so many people but i cant and i know ill never meat those people

  79. Own Beast

    Own Beast6 days ago

    😳it’s desposeto

  80. HUNTER g

    HUNTER g6 days ago

    This vid made made me sub

  81. Brenton Priest

    Brenton Priest6 days ago


  82. Anubus come forth

    Anubus come forth6 days ago

    I bet he also is looking back to green lantern

  83. Korv Mannen

    Korv Mannen6 days ago

    Best buds🤣😀👍


    BUDDEOGAME6 days ago

    Mark-i-moo must be so jealous!

  85. Desmo

    Desmo6 days ago

    Pls tell him to not play in any pokemon movies... shit

  86. Fran bell-shanahan

    Fran bell-shanahan7 days ago


  87. YEET jeff

    YEET jeff7 days ago

    eeeeeee 88ip

  88. Kitodylan Babich

    Kitodylan Babich7 days ago

    How’d you get contact with Ryan to ask him to play?

  89. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan Edwards7 days ago

    My name is ryan

  90. The Crazy Lady.

    The Crazy Lady.7 days ago

    Is it just me or does Ryan look grumpy af ? xD

  91. SuperMario 67432

    SuperMario 674327 days ago

    Deadpool !!!

  92. Toni Arizola

    Toni Arizola7 days ago

    10:22 the feels section :(

  93. TheNotSoTrophyHunter

    TheNotSoTrophyHunter7 days ago


  94. Colton Hall

    Colton Hall7 days ago

    For my birthday I got diedpool2

  95. Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson7 days ago

    I still think it should've been Ryan renolds

  96. Jaxon//// Gadeen hos

    Jaxon//// Gadeen hos7 days ago

    Deadpool playing deadpool hmm

  97. Majin/Lil Kek

    Majin/Lil Kek7 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds looks so sad on the thumbnail

  98. Rowan Deichmann

    Rowan Deichmann7 days ago

    Just forget markeplier and 🔫💀🥧 just make new frends

  99. ajjcool10

    ajjcool107 days ago

    They literally have perfect chemistry together.

  100. GJC

    GJC7 days ago


  101. real nan mc sugar

    real nan mc sugar7 days ago

    i didnt know that ryan renolds was the actor for deadpool but as soon as i heard that voice i knew it XD

  102. Ryan Hall

    Ryan Hall7 days ago

    Your SOOOOO lucky

  103. k k

    k k7 days ago

    Finally it's happened my two favorite people in the world have teamed up

  104. Aiden Cameron

    Aiden Cameron7 days ago

    I bet if Ryan would kill green lantern he would say I’m satisfied

  105. sans the skeleton

    sans the skeleton7 days ago

    I was watching this and I kept playing this in my head "common you pineapple fucker"

  106. UK the British CountryHuman

    UK the British CountryHuman7 days ago

    I feel like Jack and Ryan are BFF's the Moment they Meet. They literally have the Same Personality.

  107. Several gaming Kid

    Several gaming Kid7 days ago

    Deadpool is MY FAVOURITE,You Are SO Lucky