Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Deadpool Lee

    Deadpool Lee12 minutes ago

    That my name

  2. Saad Iftikhar

    Saad IftikharHour ago

    Holy shit im late to this but this video was uploaded on my birthday😂😂😂

  3. Cynthia Riles

    Cynthia Riles2 hours ago

    You lucky af

  4. Marius Merchiers

    Marius Merchiers4 hours ago

    He's a great interviewer, very relaxed, good questions!

  5. Martin Guenov

    Martin Guenov5 hours ago

    Marvel: Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history. Me: Jackesepticeye meets deadpool in real life

  6. Giant_ tamer99

    Giant_ tamer999 hours ago

    I love how they are being all life lessonish but they are just watching deadpool murder people

  7. nut zeeb

    nut zeeb11 hours ago

    You should watch green lantern with him

  8. Felix Kjellberg

    Felix Kjellberg12 hours ago

    2:36 play it first now go to 16:32 ALSO STOP AT 2:40 then

  9. Flaresha

    Flaresha12 hours ago

    I've never noticed how pale jack's skin actually is until this video 😂

  10. Bacon Sizzle

    Bacon Sizzle13 hours ago

    You missed the chance to entitle this "deadpool plays with himself".

  11. miiru

    miiru13 hours ago

    this was sweet

  12. Pandastrix

    Pandastrix13 hours ago

    Hey Ryan I met u at comic con nice to see u again

  13. Viewer Descretion

    Viewer Descretion14 hours ago

    I love how Ryan Renolds forgets he has such a huge following. "You seen when I followed you?" *Dude you're Ryan freaking Renolds*

  14. wild fales

    wild fales20 hours ago


  15. Hunter Kennedy

    Hunter Kennedy20 hours ago

    9:40 take a shot every time Ryan says "yeah"

  16. Cyndi Gragg

    Cyndi Gragg21 hour ago

    this is a cool vii

  17. SPNchick44

    SPNchick44Day ago

    Wow, that was really impressive Jack. If you were nervous, it definitely didn’t show. I know you had to be excited meeting Ryan Reynolds, but you played it smooth af. Nice job 👌

  18. Kevin Linaldi

    Kevin LinaldiDay ago

    Is this really happening?

  19. Mr.Rex. Gaming

    Mr.Rex. GamingDay ago

    I’m jelly

  20. Idahobliss bliss

    Idahobliss blissDay ago

    You got so much more irish

  21. Korey Leroy

    Korey LeroyDay ago

    Ryan looks like a really nice and chill dude

  22. Donny Emig

    Donny EmigDay ago

    How he 28 with gray hair Got a dig bick Did u read that wrong

  23. CoolCurler12

    CoolCurler12Day ago

    he has played video games TOON BLAST

  24. HelloYouTheSmiley

    HelloYouTheSmileyDay ago

    wholesome SO WHOLESOME

  25. Silly Fishy

    Silly FishyDay ago

    They say they love Nolan North and yet play it on mute

  26. Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos

    Help me get 9000 Subs without VideosDay ago

    Ryan: "What is he doing?" Me: Something your character would do in the Movie.

  27. Jenson Barnes

    Jenson BarnesDay ago

    Wait he's the the actor of deadpool

  28. wordybirdy

    wordybirdyDay ago

    Literally me when I tried to get back into video games. It was a mess. I'm so glad it wasn't on camera. XD

  29. Grass

    GrassDay ago

    Oh jack.. Please be the cameo in deadpool 3.

  30. Huffler

    HufflerDay ago

    I dunno Jackie boy, but this seems a little bit awkward

  31. Sarah james

    Sarah jamesDay ago

    I ship dead pool w the lucky girl!!!!!

  32. Solus White

    Solus WhiteDay ago

    So who else saw Ryan Reynolds swallow Calvin? (Giggity)

  33. rpmoore318

    rpmoore318Day ago

    Ryan's buttons look like nipples

  34. Braden Rowan

    Braden Rowan2 days ago

    dude you are so fucking lucky

  35. HCS Karios

    HCS Karios2 days ago

    Just got an ad of Toon Blast with Ryan Reynolds in it XD

  36. someone you might know

    someone you might know2 days ago

    I love that scene where he says "I don't feel so good" haha That was a huge success

  37. Dawn Rebbert

    Dawn Rebbert2 days ago

    It sounded like Ryan was losing his patience when jack was first teaching him...... And I was cringing, waiting for Ryan to raise his voice..... And I was, admittedly, a little scared...... Idk why.

  38. sean mc cann

    sean mc cann2 days ago

    Probably should've let him do the tutorial haha

  39. Ryan Bell

    Ryan Bell2 days ago

    But when a car dose Crash ME: Holy Shit! EDIT: Sorry it was so long

  40. TheUnknownJoker1

    TheUnknownJoker12 days ago

    Wow, Reynolds never played video games??

  41. Ryan Bell

    Ryan Bell2 days ago

    by the way Try forza Motorsport 7 Racing Game I go NASCAR

  42. Ryan Bell

    Ryan Bell2 days ago

    its a type of Race you have a Round Track you have Around 25 Cars or More And ALL Clean Racing

  43. Ryan Bell

    Ryan Bell2 days ago

    i saw someones Gamertag and it was BILLY bob in Titanfall 2 and he... Died! i shed a tear the good old days of Jacks Vids

  44. فيصل TM

    فيصل TM2 days ago

    He look like Deadpool and sound like him hhhhhhhhhh

  45. Scorpion Web

    Scorpion Web2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye help me with the Deadpool game I can't bet the 2nd boss

  46. Lu Kubin

    Lu Kubin2 days ago

    This is literally my boyfriend explaining me his ps4. Absolutely on point

  47. Christian's Reviews

    Christian's Reviews2 days ago

    Wow, Ryan Reynolds did a lot of the interviewing. 😂

  48. AstronomicFilth

    AstronomicFilth2 days ago

    Ryan is one of the few (or the only) actor/s who are ready to be in a MReporter video like this

  49. Kristján hrafn Stefánsson

    Kristján hrafn Stefánsson2 days ago

    Its green lantern and green pewdeipei

  50. cannedcatfood

    cannedcatfood2 days ago

    So awesome and fun! How were you so amazingly calm :D You are both hilarious and great

  51. Elleviathan

    Elleviathan2 days ago

    Jack teaching Ryan to play videogames is like me teaching my dad about Cognitive science It will EVENTUALLY work.

  52. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel Mendoza2 days ago


  53. Mr. Sniff

    Mr. Sniff2 days ago

    The stars have allined

  54. Mr.Montanio

    Mr.Montanio2 days ago

    I love his voice!!!

  55. Brenna The meme master

    Brenna The meme master2 days ago

    I was talking about this video with my friend today during P.E. and she told me about how she noticed that Sean was just being the biggest fan boy ever and how when ever Sean messed up he seemed embarrassed and I love that. Like TheOdd1sOut once said “senpais can have senpais too”

  56. Anime Awesomeness Bawsness

    Anime Awesomeness Bawsness3 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds He is Deadpool, but he can't play Deadpool...…… WTF!?

  57. Baldo Bradley

    Baldo Bradley3 days ago

    Ryan: SEAN

  58. Devan Whelan

    Devan Whelan3 days ago

    Play Spider-Man with Tom Holland!!!!!!

  59. Tyler Aten

    Tyler Aten3 days ago

    your lucky

  60. anthony we

    anthony we3 days ago



    MAGIX MAGIX3 days ago

    Who are you? I'm Batman

  62. Toya Ingraham

    Toya Ingraham3 days ago

    He is plus I love Ryan Reynolds

  63. Guido Jacobs

    Guido Jacobs3 days ago

    I'd love to see Jack's closet in five years. An RK800 uniform, a Deadpool costume, a Spiderman costume, a professionally tailored outfit for each ego, made by fans in the tailoring's going to be great.

  64. Yeimi Arevalo

    Yeimi Arevalo3 days ago

    I know it’s nun of my business but question Jack/Sean at 10:00 did you get a boner or bust a nut

  65. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star3 days ago

    I never knew who it was at first until I watched the first deadpool movie

  66. MeowMeowPants 14

    MeowMeowPants 143 days ago



    JOHN NURSE4 days ago

    NO WAY

  68. Hunter Hutton

    Hunter Hutton4 days ago

    OMG jack you are so lucky ask him if you meet him again how they made it look like his head came off in the explosion on the barrels in deadpool 2

  69. Hunter Varejcka

    Hunter Varejcka4 days ago

    deadpool is awsome

  70. Rap mon BTS

    Rap mon BTS4 days ago

    “Why wasn’t that in the damn movie?” That had me deadddd 😂😂

  71. Rap mon BTS

    Rap mon BTS4 days ago

    This is gold

  72. Mehdy Naserpour

    Mehdy Naserpour4 days ago

    Wow wow wow wow wow thats... How...

  73. Technomania

    Technomania4 days ago

    Rean Reynolds you are The luckyiest man in The hole youtube

  74. SYX

    SYX4 days ago

    The reason that teleportation wasn’t in the movie probably has something to do with the fact that the character in the chemical gave up the ability to do so in the 90’s because t made things “too easy”

  75. Chloe Butler

    Chloe Butler4 days ago

    Next goal: play Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Pratt

  76. ViktorPro15

    ViktorPro154 days ago


  77. The amazing Hotdog

    The amazing Hotdog4 days ago

    My favorite MReporterr and my favorite actor

  78. The amazing Hotdog

    The amazing Hotdog4 days ago

    My fa

  79. Carter Shaw

    Carter Shaw4 days ago

    Of. Deadpool

  80. Carter Shaw

    Carter Shaw4 days ago

    Ur lucky. My dad is a fan

  81. Nerfking 1000

    Nerfking 10004 days ago

    Doooon’tt curse 😥 please

  82. lolCandyKitty Gaming

    lolCandyKitty Gaming4 days ago

    It would be a dream come true to meet Ryan Reynolds! And it's awesome that you were able to do that, you're both a inspiration and I bet you both had a great time talking and playing games, I'm proud of you jack! You've come so far!

  83. Redboy 003

    Redboy 0034 days ago

    Wow Ryan Reynolds is my idol and you too Jack!!! I really want to meet you both.

  84. Smiley Kat23

    Smiley Kat234 days ago

    Omg this is awesome 😆 I would be freaking out meeting Ryan Reynolds! Then to be able to play video games with him? How awesome is that?! Awesome video, you did an amazing interview with him!

  85. Lee Gerweck

    Lee Gerweck4 days ago

    13:55 no jack we watch bc you're loud

  86. Kyle Juarez

    Kyle Juarez4 days ago

    The first movie is always the best one and yes I just watched this

  87. Feral

    Feral4 days ago

    Jack is makin it big man

  88. Good Flippy Idk

    Good Flippy Idk4 days ago

    lol "I've played deadpool, but i've never played deadpool" XD

  89. MCProGamerK

    MCProGamerK4 days ago

    Name a more iconic duo. I dare you.

  90. captain_awesome 21

    captain_awesome 214 days ago

    Play spiderman with tom holland

  91. Elvis Ro

    Elvis Ro5 days ago


  92. Issei Hyoudou

    Issei Hyoudou5 days ago

    Someone make a ryan Reynolds x jack septic eye slash fanfic

  93. Choral Seashelle

    Choral Seashelle5 days ago

    This got really deep...

  94. Lorenzo Barrios

    Lorenzo Barrios5 days ago

    I kinda want to see jacksepticeye become a member of the xforce in the xforce movie

  95. Raven 123

    Raven 1235 days ago


  96. Craig Scott

    Craig Scott5 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds gets it. The movie is better if the people working on it love it

  97. aidan werleman

    aidan werleman5 days ago

    Jack is gonna be in deadpool 3

  98. BDK gaming

    BDK gaming5 days ago

    My favorite actor

  99. DRAGON's House

    DRAGON's House5 days ago

    Your new best friend is my idol and in future i give my son name ryan

  100. XxωσlfιєgαмєяxX

    XxωσlfιєgαмєяxX5 days ago

    This is fucking hilarious 😂 I play like gun games and I’m a pro 1 like if one person that likes play call of duty online

  101. JosephBrai Channel

    JosephBrai Channel5 days ago

    Finally Sean has a friend XD I’m joking btw