Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Gustav Gamingdk

    Gustav Gamingdk3 hours ago

    The American Dream 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Strive

    Strive3 hours ago

    I bet Ryan was trying not too make a joke about something while they were talking about the topic of tellin people your issues

  3. Abby Liu

    Abby Liu3 hours ago

    I don't have a *cool* *send off*

  4. Benjamin Goodlich

    Benjamin Goodlich3 hours ago

    Are you Irish?

  5. ICloudZe

    ICloudZe3 hours ago

    *Im getting dead*

  6. THEdarkKNIGHT

    THEdarkKNIGHT3 hours ago

    Thank you guys you made my day

  7. Jacky Boy

    Jacky Boy3 hours ago


  8. Abby Liu

    Abby Liu3 hours ago


  9. Tate j

    Tate j3 hours ago

    only watched because of Ryan.

  10. MDVision

    MDVision3 hours ago

    *D O M O R E W I T H H I M*

  11. Jacky Boy

    Jacky Boy3 hours ago


  12. Ryan Rhymes

    Ryan Rhymes4 hours ago

    What, he's not a gamer? Disliked, unsubbed, no longer a deadpool movies fan.

  13. Kent The Robloxian Goat

    Kent The Robloxian Goat4 hours ago

    i remember this you played it and now my dream back

  14. Luigi Gamer

    Luigi Gamer4 hours ago

    jacksepticeye i never noticed how thin your arms are no offense.

  15. Kyle Hall

    Kyle Hall4 hours ago

    sean you should do a movie

  16. CreativeJustice

    CreativeJustice4 hours ago

    Who’s watching this after seeing the film?

  17. TheFurriestOne

    TheFurriestOne5 hours ago

    Ah, that was great fun! XD

  18. Alissa Playz

    Alissa Playz5 hours ago

    This is why I love MReporter XD

  19. EREN Doan

    EREN Doan5 hours ago


  20. ForgetYourRegrets

    ForgetYourRegrets5 hours ago

    "We're all just hurdling through space on a giant green and blue doom machine."

  21. EshaDeDoge Youtube

    EshaDeDoge Youtube5 hours ago

    Saw dp2 twice lol

  22. S9 ReBeL

    S9 ReBeL5 hours ago

    Hes in xmen to


    CJT GAMES6 hours ago

    Dont you just love Ryan Reynolds🔥🔥comedic and emotional haha

  24. Amy loves cookies

    Amy loves cookies6 hours ago

    Jack you are so lucky

  25. Rhys Causon

    Rhys Causon6 hours ago

    Never played Deadpool so you skip passed the tutorial... dude! Why?!

  26. Jeffery the demon

    Jeffery the demon6 hours ago

    IM SORRY JACK BUT OMG I CAN SEE THE fanfiction now jack x Ryan or jack x dead pool thos are going to be some wet joicey messed up story's like guys come on Ik every one wants this so some one please start wrighting

  27. CloudTSLS

    CloudTSLS6 hours ago

    Funny how jack is promoting deadpool even though his viewers primarily consists of 4-12 year old kids that are not even allowed to watch the movie

  28. Pipe Gamer

    Pipe Gamer6 hours ago


  29. Dan Is a man

    Dan Is a man6 hours ago

    Like if you’re Irish

  30. long ass chin

    long ass chin7 hours ago

    boii was cringing the whole time that i couldn't make it to the second minute

  31. PrincessGrell16

    PrincessGrell167 hours ago

    Just saw DP2 and LOVED IT!!!! I cried twice!

  32. Mary Price

    Mary Price7 hours ago

    Oh my gosh no fare I wanna play deadpool with ryan renalds

  33. Sayori

    Sayori7 hours ago

    "I don't have a cool send off " Jack in mind:oh yes Jack:OH NO

  34. dirty dirtneck

    dirty dirtneck7 hours ago

    the person who plays deadpool never played deadpool

  35. Lucas Cervini

    Lucas Cervini7 hours ago

    Its funny that the ads I got were just trailers of deadpool 2

  36. Layne Craig

    Layne Craig7 hours ago


  37. Laughing Coyote

    Laughing Coyote8 hours ago

    A lot more deep talks and less jokes than I would have expected. Still, always great seeing Ryan.

  38. Gemma Turner

    Gemma Turner8 hours ago

    Deadpool playing dealpool is the funniest thing ever irl he the best at playing deadpool and in games he sucks

  39. Kaworu Nagisa

    Kaworu Nagisa8 hours ago

    That's a real handshake.

  40. The great googly moogly

    The great googly moogly8 hours ago

    Oh god Ryan Reynolds I would give anything to meet him,ANYTHING.

  41. Jaiden Morse

    Jaiden Morse8 hours ago

    Hmmmm... So Jack and Ryan are buddies and talk about butts and play video games. That's nice

  42. PositiveSarcasm

    PositiveSarcasm8 hours ago


  43. The Life Of An Amature beatboxer

    The Life Of An Amature beatboxer8 hours ago

    Who else likes The Hitmans Bodyguard

  44. Aqealise Aquamarine

    Aqealise Aquamarine8 hours ago


  45. Bre E

    Bre E8 hours ago

    I love Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool💜🏃

  46. Emily Spearman

    Emily Spearman8 hours ago

    i dont have a cool send off! -reaches for pants-

  47. Christian Brown

    Christian Brown8 hours ago


  48. Rath Issac Pace

    Rath Issac Pace9 hours ago

    Nolan north should voice reynolds voices

  49. ThePoisonousSpider

    ThePoisonousSpider9 hours ago

    I really feel like dead pool should be in fortnite it just suits it a lot

  50. G

    G9 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds seems like such an awesome dude!!

  51. TheMMBroz

    TheMMBroz9 hours ago

    the guy in blade trinity

  52. Antony Loretz

    Antony Loretz9 hours ago

    No fuckn way!

  53. Risto J

    Risto J9 hours ago

    You are here in a SONY London?

  54. Jacob f

    Jacob f9 hours ago

    Deadpools playin with himself😂

  55. Avion Epps

    Avion Epps9 hours ago

    Jack and Ryan need to do more collaborations in the future. Maybe even see Jack in a DP movie.

  56. Auden The Ice Dragon

    Auden The Ice Dragon9 hours ago

    I just saw Deadpool 2 in theaters and it was *HILARIOUS!!!*

  57. Lily Carpenter

    Lily Carpenter9 hours ago


  58. Cameron4anime

    Cameron4anime9 hours ago


  59. Caitlyn Caccamise

    Caitlyn Caccamise10 hours ago

    This is something I didn't know I needed 💕💕

  60. Camille Villanueva

    Camille Villanueva10 hours ago

    This made me subscribe

  61. Gord Gilchrist

    Gord Gilchrist10 hours ago

    Oh my god!?

  62. Smokey McJoint

    Smokey McJoint10 hours ago

    Oh fuck this shit, this fucking bitch and his fanbase of 12 year old adhd kids don't deserve this shit.

  63. adam

    adam9 hours ago

    thats the target audience of dead pool.

  64. ChaoticXRIOT

    ChaoticXRIOT10 hours ago

    They look like a gay couple

  65. Daayum

    Daayum10 hours ago

    I came here after a text popped up on Pewds phone while he was recording a game for his channel! It said you were doing some Deadpool stuff! Lol.

  66. BloodSlayA

    BloodSlayA10 hours ago

    Dislike for the disrespect to high Hackman he’s a great wolverine

  67. Geesh

    Geesh10 hours ago

    What's up cock suckers??!

  68. Bastian Salen

    Bastian Salen11 hours ago

    This was a little cringy sorry Jack

  69. Chris Nelson

    Chris Nelson11 hours ago

    I don’t know who Deadpool is but it looks cool when you play it

  70. Nimue

    Nimue11 hours ago

    I love ryan so much. Id turn gay for him in a heartbeat

  71. Monkeybandit2

    Monkeybandit211 hours ago