Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. contingent exe

    contingent exe18 minutes ago

    You wear glasses? When? Man you look old.

  2. TingsterTdubs 148

    TingsterTdubs 1482 hours ago

    I love deadpool

  3. Mia Boumis

    Mia Boumis2 hours ago

    Haha. Cable looks exactly like my step dad 😂

  4. Jarred Todd

    Jarred Todd2 hours ago

    How did y'all meet

  5. Vicky Panda

    Vicky Panda4 hours ago

    Two of my favorite guys, together, just talking and playing Deadpool. Awesome. You did great Jack

  6. Hannah 2003

    Hannah 20034 hours ago

    Is jack a vampire?

  7. Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai6 hours ago

    Lol Ryan and Jack want a great combo.

  8. Johnaton Clarke Clarke

    Johnaton Clarke Clarke7 hours ago


  9. g gymnastics

    g gymnastics7 hours ago

    Hang out with Hugh Jackman

  10. Lita Ellis

    Lita Ellis7 hours ago


  11. Dominick Steffens

    Dominick Steffens7 hours ago

    I am watching dead pool while watching this

  12. that guy rock

    that guy rock8 hours ago

    I wanted to watch it all but i havent seen dp 2 yet :(

  13. Cameron Haselton

    Cameron Haselton8 hours ago

    HOLY SHIT! I didn’t know this was something I needed in my life until now.

  14. Frothy Memes 69

    Frothy Memes 698 hours ago

    Speaking of asses😂

  15. William Reed

    William Reed9 hours ago


  16. Peraditor Wade

    Peraditor Wade9 hours ago

    I love you both not in gay way though

  17. super Hamilton fan

    super Hamilton fan9 hours ago

    Fucking god man i woulds so kill to meet Ryan Reynolds...not litterly but Jack you are so FUCKING lucky!!!!!!

  18. animelover 234

    animelover 23410 hours ago

    I really want to see the new movie so glad to hear it a good movie

  19. animelover 234

    animelover 23410 hours ago

    I love the actor

  20. animelover 234

    animelover 23410 hours ago

    I love rian Reynolds

  21. SpyxRym •

    SpyxRym •10 hours ago

    If Deadpool were to Meet the avengers wouldn’t it be hard to put the guy from the future in Deadpool and thanos in the same scene?

  22. Juantavien Taylor

    Juantavien Taylor11 hours ago

    Despoil itched his butt

  23. Juantavien Taylor

    Juantavien Taylor11 hours ago

    Your lucky

  24. Creptid

    Creptid12 hours ago

    Next is pratt

  25. Captainunderhead

    Captainunderhead13 hours ago

    ryan aka bill lol

  26. William Vinyard

    William Vinyard13 hours ago

    I have officially lived my two favorite people in one room

  27. Wilco Smit

    Wilco Smit13 hours ago

    OMG, this is sooooo great...... Not your normal basic stuff questions from/to..... But actually also questions from Ryan to Sean, Awesome.... We want more, we want more..... ;-)

  28. Pyro VA & Art

    Pyro VA & Art13 hours ago

    If I ever hear that you're in a Deadpool movie, I'm gunna tell my mom, who would never let an 11 year old like me watch Deadpool, to take me to the movies IMMEDIATLY and let me watch it so I can see my favorite MReporterr in a movie he loves.

  29. Nether 02

    Nether 0214 hours ago

    you actually met Ryan Reynolds? sick dude, keep meeting those celebs!!

  30. Carter Woods

    Carter Woods14 hours ago

    What is the Disney joke?!?!


    TIGERBIGHEAD14 hours ago

    I loves this so much

  32. TimelessVisionary -TheMageofTime-

    TimelessVisionary -TheMageofTime-15 hours ago

    Nice to see how far Jack's come

  33. Sharee Wheeler

    Sharee Wheeler15 hours ago

    I love you jack keep up the good work

  34. Indya Smith

    Indya Smith16 hours ago

    OMG my two favorite people in the same place

  35. DWBOSS4

    DWBOSS416 hours ago


  36. Emeryleigh Jurado

    Emeryleigh Jurado16 hours ago

    I love dead pool !!!

  37. Earl Wilbur A. Nogra

    Earl Wilbur A. Nogra17 hours ago


  38. Hairu Al Akmal Bin Mohammad

    Hairu Al Akmal Bin Mohammad22 hours ago

    Wow wow

  39. Julian Delgado

    Julian Delgado23 hours ago

    Funny vid

  40. Nathan Whyte

    Nathan WhyteDay ago


  41. Luisa Carrillo

    Luisa CarrilloDay ago


  42. Dace Face

    Dace FaceDay ago

    U guys r amazing

  43. Bobby Hostetler

    Bobby HostetlerDay ago

    Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds

  44. TalTico The YT

    TalTico The YTDay ago

    Ryan renolds Im your fan wish you see that i love your ant man and the wasp film

  45. Knut Øystein Lund

    Knut Øystein LundDay ago

    I love deadpool

  46. The majestic breeze

    The majestic breezeDay ago

    Jack:*marks ryan reynolds off of bucket list* Also Jack:next up chris pratt( *manically rubs chin hair*)

  47. MissAnime 2196

    MissAnime 2196Day ago

    Shawn is the whole reason I like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool and Rick and morty and this video made me laugh the whole time two of my favorite people

  48. Rebuilt flea

    Rebuilt fleaDay ago

    How the HELL does he have 19 million subscribers?

  49. uncle Bob

    uncle BobDay ago

    Your skin tone next to Ryan's is so funny

  50. Izzy Troiano

    Izzy TroianoDay ago

    I love this video tour playing with my favourite man a.k a deadpool

  51. Bub Arn

    Bub ArnDay ago

    Maximium effort

  52. mitchell krupp

    mitchell kruppDay ago

    Who ever disliked this video ure a fukin retard

  53. Steven Walker

    Steven WalkerDay ago


  54. pastel alice

    pastel aliceDay ago


  55. Logan Dewinter

    Logan DewinterDay ago


  56. Logan Dewinter

    Logan DewinterDay ago


  57. carlos Marquez

    carlos MarquezDay ago

    Meet tom holland

  58. Logan Dewinter

    Logan DewinterDay ago

    Soooooooooo. Aaaaawwwwsoooooooommmmmm

  59. Kicking a wall on sundAe

    Kicking a wall on sundAeDay ago

    Simply... beautiful

  60. Galaxy Narwal

    Galaxy NarwalDay ago

    The collab no one asked for,but the collab we needed

  61. back white Ramirez

    back white RamirezDay ago

    oh my goooooooooooood

  62. Callum Southall

    Callum SouthallDay ago

    I would be freaking out because I would be with Deadpool

  63. Lolbyte

    LolbyteDay ago

    Ryan Reynolds is like Captain America in this situation

  64. xx TheVenomousMango xx

    xx TheVenomousMango xxDay ago

    Great way to ask your new bestfriend Ryan renolds about the guy who who is full Metal about his but

  65. Gianna Brier

    Gianna BrierDay ago

    this is amazing :)

  66. Brion macdonald

    Brion macdonaldDay ago

    I want to see a video without any dislikes!

  67. Dakota Tucker

    Dakota Tucker2 days ago

    What The fuck

  68. Chelsie Protz

    Chelsie Protz2 days ago

    Oh seán😂❤️

  69. Nick Aday

    Nick Aday2 days ago

    Show him da jse voice deadpool video

  70. Isabella Soto

    Isabella Soto2 days ago

    Omg I am a huge fan of deadpool all my family will watch it all together and laugh I love the movie

  71. Metro carlos

    Metro carlos2 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds

  72. Christopher Sloan

    Christopher Sloan2 days ago

    I fucking love Deadpool

  73. Smashbro 64

    Smashbro 642 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is awesome

  74. Jackie The Savage

    Jackie The Savage2 days ago

    ryan reynolds: its a family film *shows clips in the movie that doesnt look like a family friendly scene*

  75. Princess Zichi

    Princess Zichi2 days ago

    Jack was probably fangirling so hard when Ryan touched his knee

  76. Dominic Anstatt

    Dominic Anstatt2 days ago

    Pretty convincing stunt double!😂😂

  77. Samuel Edwards

    Samuel Edwards2 days ago

    Awesome :)

  78. Aiyana Buchanan

    Aiyana Buchanan2 days ago

    My heart can't take this. I love it too much it hurts... I love him so much.

  79. cody roy

    cody roy2 days ago

    What if Deadpool cut off his dock and fucked himself with it

  80. Dammeddragon 619

    Dammeddragon 6192 days ago

    Is it just me but is Jacksepticeye playing with Ryan on MReporter. If this comment puts your mind in the gutters then give it a like

  81. Dalton Spurlock

    Dalton Spurlock2 days ago

    Omfg he is so funny❤

  82. Iris Bosch

    Iris Bosch2 days ago

    This is precious

  83. Tug Cypher

    Tug Cypher2 days ago

    I love Jimmy Buffett smooth reference there Sean

  84. Colm Murray

    Colm Murray3 days ago

    What game is he playing and is it on Xbox

  85. Sislover1124126

    Sislover11241263 days ago

    Welp, you can tell Jack was trying so hard to keep his cool🤣

  86. Tara Croskery

    Tara Croskery3 days ago

    Two Gods, One Video, One Legendary Experience.

  87. William Foss

    William Foss3 days ago

    Dream come true!

  88. handmade gamer

    handmade gamer3 days ago

    Ryan renolds you might not see this but if you do, you should let jacksepticeye have a cameo in Deadpool 3.mabye even in a shot with Stan lee

  89. blaze 46

    blaze 463 days ago

    Also sean you are super calm and if you could tell e how you do it

  90. blaze 46

    blaze 463 days ago

    Will deadpool fight thanos

  91. Jake Castle

    Jake Castle3 days ago

    It's because jack is a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. dabber king

    dabber king3 days ago

    You look rlly different

  93. Cameron Steven

    Cameron Steven3 days ago

    This is actually amazing 😂

  94. Gucci gavin Gucci

    Gucci gavin Gucci3 days ago

    Omg I'm a big fan of dead pool aka Ryan Reynolds

  95. Isaac Mian

    Isaac Mian3 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Dan Reynolds brothers?

  96. NightWolf12

    NightWolf124 days ago

    Hey Séan at Lear U got your dream to meet him

  97. blackear danny

    blackear danny4 days ago

    It was painfull to watch. worst than Conan play rocket league

  98. Alek Hailey

    Alek Hailey4 days ago

    At some parts got sad

  99. nxmb tbh

    nxmb tbh4 days ago

    Are you gonna interview Chris Pratt

  100. NitroNinja 94

    NitroNinja 944 days ago

    Deadpool 2 is my favorite movie and Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor. This was awesome to watch and would be amazing to meet Ryan Reynolds in real life.