Pizza Hut Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Pizza - Food Review


  1. hyperreed

    hyperreed5 days ago

    It's easier to just use a hammer. Getting out a nail gun and then firing up the compressor just to hang your pizza is a bit of overkill.

  2. Kayla is in love with herself

    Kayla is in love with herself19 days ago

    The weird thing is, I was about to give this pizza one time for my Valentine this year, but my ass didn’t and now its one of the biggest regrets I made in my whole life...😔

  3. Brandon Anquino Tavira

    Brandon Anquino Tavira27 days ago

    2:07 when i stare at a person for too long

  4. Mode 7

    Mode 72 months ago

    Going down the Running on Empty playlist, I feel like I enjoy your videos from 2016-2017 the most compared to your other content. Don't know why.

  5. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriter2 months ago

    Be careful with that thumbnail. Also, nice tie!

  6. Simply Subliminal

    Simply Subliminal2 months ago

    Absolutely hate making these. Plus, they're more expensive than a regular 14" pizza, less toppings, and we don't even cut it. Why people buy crap like this I will never know. It isn't "sweet" it's fucking pizza, take someone out to dinner for fucks sake.

  7. Kandi Hinshaw

    Kandi Hinshaw2 months ago

    That's the same way it is with Papa John's heart-shaped Pizza they don't cut it for you but they do give you a pizza cutter with the pizza it's a plastic one they send with it because their Pizza is actually a thin crust heart-shaped pizza and not a regular crust heart-shaped Pizza that should have sent you with a little pizza cutter she cuts Pizza

  8. Puto Celular

    Puto Celular2 months ago

    You should've worn a corny valentine's tie with hearts.

  9. Jet Lag

    Jet Lag2 months ago

    Her: I like romantic guys. ReviewBrah: 2:06 Her: [faints]

  10. CF G

    CF G3 months ago

    I've been drowning in your heart shaped pizza for weeks.

  11. James Jorgensen

    James Jorgensen3 months ago

    Pizza Hut = too salty. 🙁

  12. Joseph juice

    Joseph juice3 months ago

    Happy Valentine's day

  13. nameless

    nameless4 months ago

    I honestly thought my speakers were playing this instead of my headphones just because how it sounded

  14. Everyday Cuber. !Of The Fallen!

    Everyday Cuber. !Of The Fallen!4 months ago

    They shouldve put flavored condoms in the box

  15. Josh Frank

    Josh Frank5 months ago

    I woulda whooped a pizza hut cutter employees ass. This would've taken peressush moments away from that quick smash in the back seat.

  16. Josh Frank

    Josh Frank5 months ago

    Bad spelling on my part, but why in the H would u want to send your girl a whole pizza. Happy valentine's day fatty enjoy.


    BRITTANY THOMPSON5 months ago

    At 2:08 that me when the teacher says we have a paper due tomorrow 😂😂😂😂


    BRITTANY THOMPSON5 months ago

    I can't decide if this kid is like 13 or 20

  19. Jason Kilian

    Jason Kilian5 months ago

    2019 anyone..just bought one this Valentine's day 🤗

  20. Violet Beauregarde

    Violet Beauregarde5 months ago

    I just ordered one because it was on sale lol

  21. steely wheeley automobiley

    steely wheeley automobiley5 months ago

    We need to get a reviewsistah for him soon

  22. Richard Head

    Richard Head6 months ago

    I was manager for Pizza Hut NPC international for 8 years. Most every store sells expired dough. if you buy thin crust and it is bubbled it is expired if you buy Pan dough and its pale flat or has small scales it is expired. the veggies are used until to slimy to touch. The meat is used until its gone regardless of expiration dates. they will remove it from bags and place these items in poly containers with new labels. Every store has massive mold in their walk ins. They promote managers that have low scorecards while under investigation for stealing. If you have ever got Pizza in the St. Louis area you are eating at your own risk.They try to sucker their employees into sighing on to DeVry even though its not accredited and has a history just like ITT Tech and its a matter of time before they get shut down also and they call it a benefit. They have zero love for their employees. The culture they have built is terrible. when a store manager has to explain in front of 80 managers to the agm that they are not reading a P&L statement right even though they are teaching a class about it gets promoted you have to wonder how they even became an area manager in the first place and how did they monitor their stores performance. Once you go to the agm level of management you only show up at your stores when your bosses are in town. If you plan to work as a crew member be ready for the lowest wage they can give you. congrats on 18000 a year if you are a shift you might make 22k a year if you are a manager you can expect to be taken advantage of constantly by the company You will work all the hours your kids are out of school just to meet the 11 point schedule. You will work every weekend and almost every holiday. they did give paid holidays off starting 2017 but then except for 2 of use that kept the documentation everyone had to work them anyway. No reminder. They have had actual meetings about not letting the union in and how unions hurt the employees when actually they help the employees from all of these practices. as they make you stay open when the news is begging you to stay off the roads and they even extended their hours from 11 close on new years to 1 so that it ruins everyone's new years eve that has to work some stores didn't even sell 1 pizza. They announce all inspections and do a mass clean up the few days before just to pass if there is ever a inspection in the more urban stores that are way filthier from lack of skilled management they will still pass because the locations scare the inspectors into extremely short visits and they will hang out in a all white store for hours on end waiting. they expect a manager and a driver to get all the prep done before the rush even as you pump out 40 orders and that driver is on the road the entire time. you must answer the phone within 4 rings around 16 seconds yet you have to wash your hands for 20 seconds and the response was specifically you don't have to wash the food off your hands to use the phone and computer but you do to return to work. so many disgusting practices have been made main stream that it is embarrassing to work for pizza hut. I challenge you to get a decent Pan crust Pizza from Arnold Pizza Hut or a stuff Crust not so expired that it doesn't even stick and blows out. ask to see your pizza before you pay for it and determine if I am lying for yourself. They use garlic butter to hide the paleness of the dough. there was 80 stores in my region and I would only have eaten at mine and 1 other. Yes I am a disgruntled employee but if they had been human I would still be there and that's why I am done keeping their secrets. EAT AT OWN RISK...APPLY AS ONLY LAST RESORT.

  23. Kris V

    Kris V7 months ago

    " get it while the gettin's good " aha yeah my bro told me that bout hitten the snatchh 😂

  24. Kegne kenkai

    Kegne kenkai7 months ago

    Tackling a pizza with that white shirt I am speechless

  25. North Ayase

    North Ayase8 months ago


  26. Daniel Dambrosio

    Daniel Dambrosio8 months ago

    Grabs my heart tears it apart brings out the devil in me

  27. χαиαχ

    χαиαχ8 months ago


  28. Tenor HowlerMonkey

    Tenor HowlerMonkey8 months ago

    Pizza Hut Mad Men Fail: The pizza was not in a "Heart shaped box".

  29. Dude Guy

    Dude Guy10 months ago

    You look like a young Rowan Atkinson. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  30. firmly grasp it

    firmly grasp it10 months ago

    your face in the thumbnail is fantastic, John.

  31. Ashley Ayn

    Ashley Ayn10 months ago

    I love you dad

  32. moon

    moon11 months ago

    Aw you shouldnt have, Reviewbrah 💓😊

  33. Orea

    OreaYear ago

    2 pins my boi

  34. Jamie Shaw Gandy

    Jamie Shaw GandyYear ago

    Cut those pizzas right down the middle to match the broken hearts of all the lonely people eating low quality pizza on Valentines day 😂

  35. mikeg155

    mikeg155Year ago

    One size and style because Pizza Hut dough is delivered to the store pre made and frozen. The old "Pizza Mia" pizza was the worst..they came with sauce and cheese already applied and were stored under the pizza station instead of in the cooler with the rest of the dough. It wasn't even the same kind of sauce and cheese used on the normal pizza's.

  36. PARZIVAL2049 YT

    PARZIVAL2049 YTYear ago

    “It’s heart shaped, Just like they said it was” his eyes 😂

  37. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh WizardYear ago

    Nail-gun Analogy... waaaaaayyyyyyy over my head.

  38. Darla Kajca

    Darla KajcaYear ago

    He is so darn cute. I wish more men had his manners,charm,knowledge,consideration,kindness....need I go on?

  39. Hannah martian00

    Hannah martian00Year ago

    That's one f***ing romantic pizza. I should order one of those next Valentine's day for my sweetie but ask for Hershey kisses and conversation hearts as toppings!



    By the way why you always keep saying Ladies and gentlemen like 10.000 times

  41. Elyse Wagener

    Elyse WagenerYear ago

    His lil’ lisp is so cute 😭

  42. S D

    S DYear ago

    Him being so unconcerned with love and stupid shit is very attractive. 10/10

  43. I'm not gonna say

    I'm not gonna sayYear ago

    Is there a fetish for watching people eat? Seriously. I'm googling now to find out....

  44. J.R. Caldoon

    J.R. CaldoonYear ago

    I love it when a video's thumbnail nails one of the best moments of the actual video. Your reaction to the pizza reveal is priceless, Sir.

  45. cjr1881

    cjr1881Year ago

    “Unusually long consumption sequence” - Reviewbrah

  46. Max Birkhimer

    Max BirkhimerYear ago

    This is running on empty.. FOOD REVIEW!

  47. Maronator K

    Maronator KYear ago

    6:12 after going down on my girlfriend for hours and she still hasn't cum

  48. Mark Smith

    Mark SmithYear ago

    Rats love juicy pizza.

  49. ndn13

    ndn13Year ago

    2:09 wtf. Lol

  50. Zandra R

    Zandra RYear ago

    2:09 will it be a good meme??

  51. manormachine100

    manormachine100Year ago

    So romantic.