Pizza Hut Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Pizza - Food Review


  1. North Ayase

    North Ayase13 days ago


  2. Daniel Dambrosio

    Daniel Dambrosio21 day ago

    Grabs my heart tears it apart brings out the devil in me

  3. Fog

    Fog23 days ago


  4. Tenor HowlerMonkey

    Tenor HowlerMonkey23 days ago

    Pizza Hut Mad Men Fail: The pizza was not in a "Heart shaped box".

  5. Dude Guy

    Dude Guy2 months ago

    You look like a young Rowan Atkinson. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  6. firmly grasp it

    firmly grasp it2 months ago

    your face in the thumbnail is fantastic, John.

  7. Ashley Ayn

    Ashley Ayn2 months ago

    I love you dad

  8. moondust

    moondust3 months ago

    Aw you shouldnt have, Reviewbrah 💓😊

  9. Orea

    Orea4 months ago

    2 pins my boi

  10. rey pormento

    rey pormento4 months ago

    Do you even smile you look serius got any problem just comment man

  11. Jamie Shaw Gandy

    Jamie Shaw Gandy4 months ago

    Cut those pizzas right down the middle to match the broken hearts of all the lonely people eating low quality pizza on Valentines day 😂

  12. mikeg155

    mikeg1554 months ago

    One size and style because Pizza Hut dough is delivered to the store pre made and frozen. The old "Pizza Mia" pizza was the worst..they came with sauce and cheese already applied and were stored under the pizza station instead of in the cooler with the rest of the dough. It wasn't even the same kind of sauce and cheese used on the normal pizza's.

  13. Cryptic Vic

    Cryptic Vic5 months ago

    “It’s heart shaped, Just like they said it was” his eyes 😂

  14. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh Wizard5 months ago

    Nail-gun Analogy... waaaaaayyyyyyy over my head.

  15. Darla Kajca

    Darla Kajca5 months ago

    He is so darn cute. I wish more men had his manners,charm,knowledge,consideration,kindness....need I go on?

  16. Hannah martian00

    Hannah martian005 months ago

    That's one f***ing romantic pizza. I should order one of those next Valentine's day for my sweetie but ask for Hershey kisses and conversation hearts as toppings!

  17. Javieriscool Javierisnotcool DUDE!!!!!

    Javieriscool Javierisnotcool DUDE!!!!!6 months ago

    By the way why you always keep saying Ladies and gentlemen like 10.000 times

  18. Elyse Wagener

    Elyse Wagener6 months ago

    His lil’ lisp is so cute 😭

  19. S D

    S D6 months ago

    Him being so unconcerned with love and stupid shit is very attractive. 10/10

  20. I'm not gonna say

    I'm not gonna say6 months ago

    Is there a fetish for watching people eat? Seriously. I'm googling now to find out....

  21. J.R. Caldoon

    J.R. Caldoon6 months ago

    I love it when a video's thumbnail nails one of the best moments of the actual video. Your reaction to the pizza reveal is priceless, Sir.

  22. cjr1881

    cjr18816 months ago

    “Unusually long consumption sequence” - Reviewbrah

  23. Max Birkhimer

    Max Birkhimer6 months ago

    This is running on empty.. FOOD REVIEW!

  24. Maronator K

    Maronator K7 months ago

    6:12 after going down on my girlfriend for hours and she still hasn't cum

  25. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith7 months ago

    Rats love juicy pizza.

  26. ndn13

    ndn137 months ago

    2:09 wtf. Lol

  27. Zandra R

    Zandra R7 months ago

    2:09 will it be a good meme??

  28. manormachine100

    manormachine1007 months ago

    So romantic.

  29. ur mum gahy

    ur mum gahy7 months ago

    2:07 the best face ever

  30. DaJoozie

    DaJoozie7 months ago

    Pizzas come pre cut in america?

  31. Louis Collings

    Louis Collings7 months ago

    i don't wanna punch you in the face

  32. DoziYo

    DoziYo7 months ago

    Hi rat boy

  33. Pete Belle

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  34. T.V.I.M

    T.V.I.M7 months ago

    I put the image of you with the pizza on my keyboard

  35. Lizzieisuninterested

    Lizzieisuninterested7 months ago

    He's like lordes and Tom Hollands love child, it's amazing

  36. Styx Zero

    Styx Zero7 months ago

    Why not review inside the resturants? so you can get a full experience. Then you could review the staff, how clean it is and the food etc.

  37. Dylan Matthews

    Dylan Matthews7 months ago

    You’re awesome, just thought I’d remind you!

  38. Avery Malinak

    Avery Malinak7 months ago

    You make my weeksss

  39. Jikook Harling

    Jikook Harling7 months ago

    I'm in a long distance relationship. I ordered him this pizza on Valentine's Day (last year) on their website. He was really surprised. He ate the whole thing x'D

  40. Arjun Sriram

    Arjun Sriram7 months ago

    Why isn't this guy fat yet?

  41. McDude

    McDude5 months ago

    Can a god get fat

  42. Kamibo

    Kamibo7 months ago

    This is what i live for

  43. implicitsink

    implicitsink7 months ago

    ive gotten into the habit of watching your reviews when im eating and its kinda nice ngl lmao

  44. Scrap Minotaur

    Scrap Minotaur7 months ago

    I like how he acts very formal and serious, but he slides in jokes a lot. "WOW, it's heart shaped. Just like they said it was."

  45. Soup Gerald

    Soup Gerald7 months ago

    The way he executed that intro though.

  46. Ay0Lma0

    Ay0Lma07 months ago

    He is a true gentleman.



    Are u lonely

  48. Ciren Rose

    Ciren Rose7 months ago

    I love how he poses for the thumbnail at 2:07

  49. Super Tuxido

    Super Tuxido7 months ago

    It’s not cut becouse u can’t cut it evenly or without everything looking dumb

  50. Raisa Shams

    Raisa Shams7 months ago

    does review brah have a review bae? THE AUDIENCE NEEDS TO KNOW.

  51. Ray Lamb

    Ray Lamb7 months ago

    it just occurred to me right at 5:45 that he drives

  52. Ray Lamb

    Ray Lamb7 months ago

    i've been watching him for awhile and i just never thought of it idek

  53. Aliza Li

    Aliza Li7 months ago

    The irony of a valetines pizza thats uncut so you cant share it with anyone :,,,(

  54. Cerise Jones

    Cerise Jones7 months ago

    The amazing things is... there are no fucking edits in any of the videos I watched so far. These are unscripted and non edited videos.

  55. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy7 months ago

    That looks fucking delicious

  56. Turquoise TM

    Turquoise TM7 months ago

    2:09 this should be the face you show your girl when she ingores your heart shaped pizza

  57. N N

    N N7 months ago

    Mr bean

  58. Bree Nightly

    Bree Nightly7 months ago

    1:11 "it a hart shaped pizza it's a hart instead of a circle, let that sink in" 😂 😂 lol

  59. bee swarm

    bee swarm7 months ago


  60. thetylife

    thetylife7 months ago

    Hahaha...That face whilst showing the pizza....He should take up the mantle as the next Mr. Bean....

  61. Carlos Danger

    Carlos Danger7 months ago

    2:08 I really can't believe that there will be a real life Mr bean.

  62. Doc_ Raphi

    Doc_ Raphi7 months ago

    i come here for nirvana:/

  63. Leohardson Stevenson

    Leohardson Stevenson7 months ago

    That thumbnail!!!!!!

  64. JoJo

    JoJo7 months ago

    2:06 *You so, fucking, precious, when you, REVIEW.* *Hit me from the back and turn me BLUE.* *Boy I, lose my, self up, in that, pizza PI I I I IE.* *I just, had to, let you, know you're FINE.* 🎵🎵🎵

  65. lego technic

    lego technic8 months ago

    2:13 Or is it? * Vsauce music starts* A heart isn't shaped like that actually.

  66. Goosey Whispers

    Goosey Whispers8 months ago

    Did you take that pizza to a lovers lookout point

  67. lucky

    lucky8 months ago

    he had some sass in this video hahhaha

  68. swansong🕊

    swansong🕊8 months ago

    2:10 i cant lmaooooo

  69. SweetiePie Queen

    SweetiePie Queen8 months ago

    I like this dude heheh

  70. Belfry

    Belfry8 months ago

    I spent valentines alone too..

  71. Alexa Nova

    Alexa Nova8 months ago

    The most romantic pizza ever. Only if you come with it review brah. Marry me.

  72. Nikoli WhatzItToYa

    Nikoli WhatzItToYa8 months ago

    5:57 did he just admit to stealing that car?

  73. Nikoli WhatzItToYa

    Nikoli WhatzItToYa8 months ago

    2:20 internal monolog “well shit”

  74. GoOdGrIeF

    GoOdGrIeF8 months ago

    I guess they didn't cut it cause they wanted a whole heart not a broken one.

  75. Emma_The_Dingo .Denisdaily

    Emma_The_Dingo .Denisdaily8 months ago

    The stare that he gives the camera!!!LMBO 2:05

  76. Josiah Burnette

    Josiah Burnette8 months ago

    *nirvana plays in the background*....

  77. Kiefer

    Kiefer8 months ago

    2:08 That face tho.

  78. Jack

    Jack8 months ago

    They should of cut it like a broken heart emoji.

  79. Jack

    Jack7 months ago

    No women, no cry.

  80. Soshewent

    Soshewent8 months ago

    that guy but only if you're single😁

  81. pau 666

    pau 6668 months ago

    I could literally watch him sit there and eat in complete silence for hours

  82. Micah Alyssa

    Micah Alyssa8 months ago

    He’s so adorable 💞

  83. Lauren Hlad

    Lauren Hlad8 months ago

    kinda wanna hold this dudes hand..............

  84. Josh Andrews

    Josh Andrews8 months ago

    I wish Reviewbrah would show up to my door with a pizza like that

  85. Joe

    Joe8 months ago

    You have beautiful green eyes.

  86. Angelica Taylor

    Angelica Taylor8 months ago

    id date u

  87. Vertigo Lion

    Vertigo Lion8 months ago

    The time at night is actually perfect for the item review honestly

  88. Denzel De bruyn

    Denzel De bruyn8 months ago

    2:06 when you realize its the perfect moment for your thumbnail

  89. LilacFur

    LilacFur8 months ago

    𝐸 𝑁 𝐷 𝑂 𝑈 𝑅 𝑆 𝑈 𝐹 𝐹 𝐸 𝑅 𝐼 𝑁 𝐺

  90. Alex Castaneda

    Alex Castaneda8 months ago

    thats because pizza hut doesnt want to break hearts

  91. Scotty

    Scotty8 months ago

    Just imagine working a late shift at pizza hut and you see this dude, dressed all up, at two in the morning order a heart shaped pizza alone. This is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

  92. HighKing 9000

    HighKing 90008 months ago

    I guess Pizza Hut doesn’t wanna give someone a broken heart 💔

  93. Martyna Mucha

    Martyna Mucha8 months ago

    I just can't... you have perfect hands!

  94. Comixs Fan

    Comixs Fan8 months ago

    Classy man you are

  95. # The NX Switch?

    # The NX Switch?8 months ago

    2:09 When you need a thumbnail but it feels awkward in the video XD

  96. Tori Ana

    Tori Ana9 months ago

    Hes the cutest

  97. Clorox bleach splash less

    Clorox bleach splash less9 months ago

    What makes it different from any other pizza?

  98. DracoKen

    DracoKen9 months ago

    Adapt.Overcome.I M P R O V I S E

  99. Platypus

    Platypus9 months ago

    2:06 when she asks you if you want nudes

  100. Zest Central

    Zest Central9 months ago

    Jokes and memes aside this guy is like the only good food reviewer.

  101. Vereniise

    Vereniise9 months ago

    He looks so disappointed every time he looks at the pizza 😂

  102. Kayla

    Kayla9 months ago

    I about died when he said well that’s nice it’s not cut 😆😆😆

  103. Sofia Friend

    Sofia Friend9 months ago

    I love how he calls himself reviewbrah.

  104. The Electro Falcon

    The Electro Falcon9 months ago