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  1. Matias Vazquez

    Matias Vazquez3 minutes ago


  2. Matthew Pawlik

    Matthew PawlikHour ago

    3:23 shot sots lokes sexy for camera lol

  3. Collin Crawford

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  4. Emanuel Rožić

    Emanuel Rožić2 hours ago

    I think garret is gona leave dude perfect team☹

  5. Kyle Brantley

    Kyle Brantley2 hours ago

    March 2019??

  6. Frits Worm

    Frits Worm4 hours ago

    Very cool itro

  7. Sandi Purbianto

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  8. john kenny

    john kenny8 hours ago

    Hockey use for hover cup

  9. Mubashar Hassan

    Mubashar Hassan10 hours ago

    This is awsme bro

  10. Leh Leh

    Leh Leh14 hours ago


  11. Bender Boyz

    Bender Boyz15 hours ago

    How long did it take to make that intro?

  12. Did You See That Trick Shots

    Did You See That Trick Shots16 hours ago


  13. Sahil Bakshi

    Sahil Bakshi16 hours ago

    The long ball

  14. ThAnOsCaR

    ThAnOsCaR18 hours ago


  15. Todd Gorman

    Todd Gorman20 hours ago

    That intro amazing tho

  16. Emily West

    Emily West22 hours ago

    I love your videos you guys are amazing

  17. Thederpdude76 Gamer

    Thederpdude76 Gamer23 hours ago

    Two minutes and two seconds of an intro =(

  18. Kebrina Brizan

    Kebrina BrizanDay ago

    The stair stepper 11 bounces right?

  19. Mystic The Mythic

    Mystic The MythicDay ago

    I wonder why they still havent gotten 4mil

  20. 5000 subscribers Without videos

    5000 subscribers Without videosDay ago

    Do these people actually have real jobs

  21. Shark Boi

    Shark BoiDay ago

    I don’t have a favourite use for the hover cup because I watched this vid, saw everything it could do, bought the cup and realised that I can’t find any purpose for the hover cup apart from putting drinks in it. And then I thought to myself: I have bought a cup that is more expensive than a regular glass that has no other functions. Then I thought: well at least it promoted a bunch of people who make compilations of the most dope trick shots out there.

  22. Vlad Kapranchikov

    Vlad KapranchikovDay ago

    круто очень

  23. Crazy Janine

    Crazy JanineDay ago

    You're really amazing!

  24. Humnoy Phutiwat

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  25. Mateus De Castro

    Mateus De CastroDay ago

    Awesome intro

  26. Mateus De Castro

    Mateus De CastroDay ago

    Awesome into

  27. Vince Umali

    Vince UmaliDay ago

    Ping pong trick shots 5 plss

  28. sirisha kalahasti

    sirisha kalahastiDay ago

    Bottle flip bouncer

  29. Nina Thornton

    Nina ThorntonDay ago

    How long did that take?

  30. Anime Hunter

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  31. Alistair Kerr

    Alistair KerrDay ago

    44k disliked Dude perfect:oof

  32. MaSoN CoPpEsS

    MaSoN CoPpEsSDay ago

    Everybody like this vid so we can get it to 4 million

  33. Trick Shots Galore

    Trick Shots GaloreDay ago

    tired of misplacing your lamps everyone? MEEEEEEE😂

  34. Ace Dross

    Ace DrossDay ago

    When Mom leave you alone for 5 minutes

  35. Gavingrabs10

    Gavingrabs10Day ago

    do a star wars edition please

  36. Isaac Dobrin

    Isaac DobrinDay ago

    Every like I get I will add a cookie

  37. Isaac Dobrin

    Isaac DobrinDay ago

    Starting now

  38. WanderIsBae 101

    WanderIsBae 1012 days ago

    Ty sounds weird?

  39. Алексей Трухляк

    Алексей Трухляк2 days ago

    Как в июле вы хотели 4 лома а сейчас у вас 34 ляма

  40. Benjamin Boettiger

    Benjamin Boettiger2 days ago

    WOW like

  41. Henry Wernow

    Henry Wernow2 days ago

    Do they have merch?

  42. TheCFOPGuy

    TheCFOPGuy2 days ago

    putting a explosive in the hoverkup and passing it to my enemy :-]

  43. gouse shaik

    gouse shaik2 days ago

    How is it possible

  44. canal R7

    canal R72 days ago

    1:14 the barrel lends

  45. romane henry

    romane henry2 days ago

    Fortnite ?

  46. antonio gabriel

    antonio gabriel2 days ago

    Y Yo You You s You se You see You see t You see th You see thi You see this You see this i You see this in You see this in 2 You see this in 20 You see this in 201 You see this in 2019 You see this in 2019? Like pls

  47. Boys Studio CZ

    Boys Studio CZ2 days ago

    Kdo cz?

  48. EvansFamilyLegoProject

    EvansFamilyLegoProject2 days ago

    Yo I’ll give you 10m like if I cod

  49. Jonathan Salcedo

    Jonathan Salcedo2 days ago

    You guys are freaking awesome

  50. Jack Beavins

    Jack Beavins2 days ago

    pda (pig latin)

  51. Alex Su

    Alex Su2 days ago

    how much time do you guys have to make these intros!

  52. Michael Schnellbacher

    Michael Schnellbacher3 days ago

    I subscribd and likt

  53. Benjamin Tran

    Benjamin Tran3 days ago

    1:05 Way better than Coby's rocket

  54. Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn

    Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn3 days ago

    Legends on the loose!!!

  55. Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn

    Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn3 days ago

    Mabye they have been training their whole life! :3😉

  56. Dylan Holland

    Dylan Holland3 days ago

    Cup slider

  57. Lori Orenstein

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  58. Bordan

    Bordan3 days ago

    I like the plane one

  59. Luise Hoffmann

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  60. Brenden Mitlyng

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  61. tudo sobre tudo

    tudo sobre tudo3 days ago

    Alguém Brasileiro??

  62. Gustavo Faraco

    Gustavo FaracoDay ago

    É claro, meu filho! 😎

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  65. Shemshedin Dauti

    Shemshedin Dauti3 days ago

    Tyler is the best

  66. nathan morales

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  67. Magnus Nissen

    Magnus Nissen3 days ago

    Best 6 mins of my life

  68. Shaneka Phillip

    Shaneka Phillip3 days ago

    make new video

  69. Maddie Moo

    Maddie Moo3 days ago

    I wonder how many times they lose their voices

  70. Mudsy36

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  71. Roland Polai

    Roland Polai3 days ago

    I’m your biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. M S

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  73. NIT MAM

    NIT MAM3 days ago

    march 2019!😁

  74. Dakshin Vamsi

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  75. TNC Teaghan, Nanuk and Cian

    TNC Teaghan, Nanuk and Cian3 days ago

    Where is ty from in like a coutry

  76. Leanne Message

    Leanne Message3 days ago

    play fonite

  77. Matt De

    Matt De3 days ago

    if you get the start wrong how do you set it all up again

  78. Bayley Giblin

    Bayley Giblin3 days ago

    it must of took days to set up the first shot

  79. Morgan Stoodley

    Morgan Stoodley3 days ago

    lol, it's 2019 and they don't even have 3 mil likes, let alone 4!

  80. Threatless

    Threatless3 days ago

    Favorite hovercup use: to drink out of



    DP you guys inspired me to make my own trick shot video its called fire orange trickshots

  82. 성준윤

    성준윤3 days ago

    이사람들 누구인지 아시는분?

  83. Thomas Campbell

    Thomas Campbell3 days ago

    How long does it take u guys to build these contraptions in the intros?😂

  84. _mamaKid_ Captian

    _mamaKid_ Captian3 days ago

    Play pingpong with...Pan

  85. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan3 days ago

    I believe DP is the most professional youtube channel and deserve alot of credit

  86. Jake Sooley-Orfalian

    Jake Sooley-Orfalian3 days ago

    Hi I love you 🤟

  87. SIFT

    SIFT4 days ago

    Меня больше удивляет 39 млн подписчиков

  88. TEAM父义 义父RK

    TEAM父义 义父RK4 days ago

    Who Watching Now.....

  89. samuel oluwadamilola

    samuel oluwadamilola4 days ago

    Tataly don't dislike 44 thousand

  90. Anisha Syed

    Anisha Syed4 days ago

    2019 anyone

  91. Alo Nkgf

    Alo Nkgf4 days ago

    My nam is hussein

  92. Alo Nkgf

    Alo Nkgf4 days ago

    Welike togams

  93. Kiran Mai

    Kiran Mai4 days ago

    Very nice

  94. 7 7

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  95. Choco and Mixy Plays

    Choco and Mixy Plays4 days ago

    It would be an interesting twist if they had failed.

  96. Булат Гареев

    Булат Гареев4 days ago

    И вот оно стоило того

  97. reshma khatun

    reshma khatun4 days ago

    First is superb

  98. Toby Manaton

    Toby Manaton4 days ago

    Lol pause at 3:22 Cody is officially an alien

  99. Mauricio Garcia

    Mauricio Garcia4 days ago

    How come coby can do trick shots but he loses in battles

  100. Clare Khan

    Clare Khan4 days ago

    Sub to dude savage

  101. Levushka Levin

    Levushka Levin4 days ago

    Сукааа переведите это все ваши действия монтаж наёбщики сосните хуй!

  102. KelkyJr 07

    KelkyJr 074 days ago

    When the into takes up half of the video Amazing

  103. Lucas Riley

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    Best intro

  104. AL FATAH Chanel

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    Subc me and i'll subc back