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    That begin is so fantastic

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    We can imagine it only but can't do it nice brot

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    Woah i try that one i made it thanks

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    Awesome as hell

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    Tyler was your fifth grade teacher Mrs willett at mathews because I am in fifth and I have her

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    nice is ping

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    Wow that is nice

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    Qual língua que vocês falam eu falo português kkk é verdade

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    How do you guys buy it? I really love you guys. Your best Fans, David N.

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    Te amo Bude Perfect

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    Fucking hell that first one

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    Thank you for sharing this awesome video!very inspiring!

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    You re owasome

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    It is so good vidio is there

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    Rip panda 0:23

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    You want to reply to this question. How are you doing these things . Is this is edit

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    i love it

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    I love you dude perfect mostly the twins

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    How u all do this ...

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    That is amazing mannnnn awesome 😉😉😮😮😱😱😨😕

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    Where are you live

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    i can't tell if these people have degrees in physics or just practiced for a while

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    How else thinks the intros for ping pong trick shots are getting way out of hand

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    Looks hard to do

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    My favourite hovercup is dp

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    The long ball

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    Does alot of science come into play with these trick shots or they just talent+luck

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    I 💖 you

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    My favorite use is using it as a hockey puck

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    Why does Tyler get so excited when he lands his trick?

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    wow amazing



    amazing bro

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    Is that Gatorade in those plastic cups?


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    nince shot cor

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    Love DP

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    How much is the hovercup

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    When you do a trick shot. Why do you shout like that?

  50. nirmala Kudumula

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    This was the best ping ping trick shots. It was nice. How much time did you take the video. How much did the introduction take time

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    Man I thought the other 3 intros were crazy

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    not real all kinemastered

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    The worst thing is that dude perfect do not read our comments

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    endlich auf deutsch danke ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Realy cool u my fav yuotubers

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    It's just amazing bro

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    bottle flip bouncer👍👍

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    Nice always shoot hahahha

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    My personal favourite shot was the floppy rail dunker

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    Cadê os BR

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    Do ping pong trick 5

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    Just imagine if he missed it

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    The long shot

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    Who is watching in Septamber

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    the ping pong trick shots was the first DP video i ever saw

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    T g j n .

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    Please real life trick shots 3

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    Ilove your video

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    how could u do this

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    Can you do empty bottle flip

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    These videos are not real they are making yall fool!

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    I liked The long Ball the best

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    skill level: immortal

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    Дурак точно

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    1:09 they made the bucket land? hidden trick shots????? *cue* *illuminati* *theme*

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    I want a nerf

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    1:45 The legend says that these balls are still falling down

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