Pillsbury - The Overlooked History


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    Great video,

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    Burger king sucks those mother fuckers forget my sweet and sour sauce every fucking time Lol

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    You need to work on your voice inflections. Ending a sentence that is a statement of fact, as if it were a question, sounds really lame. It's annoying. Or rather= it's annoying ? huahhh? :-/

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    It’s crazy how all the major big companies we see and became use to are all in one big loop of ownership.

  6. Bill McMinn

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    A whole video about Pillsbury and not a single mention of Pizza Pops? What’s with that!

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    MMMMMMmmmmmmmm COOOKKKKKIIIEEESSSS!!!!! :( Now I'm hungry for cookies... :(

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    do swier coke cole

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    It really triggers me that you pronounce "bury" as "berry" :P

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    That explains it.

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    The UK :D

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    Where are you from?

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    That illustration of Charles Pillsbury looks so much like Louis CK

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    I'm sorry America but what the fuck is a crescent. It's called a croissant, deal with it

  15. Kampfmesser

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    You can live in what was once the largest mill in the world, the Pillsbury A Mill. The mill has been converted into lofts. Also that mill was built as a response to the Washburn A Mill, that was then the largest mill in the world.

  16. True Blade

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    Two of my favorite treats are Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the morning and their wonderful crescents with dinner YUM!!

  17. Taelor Watson

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    I know they sponsor The Simpsons d'oh

  18. David Livingston

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    I knew Pillsbury owned Burger King, mostly because when BK expanded to Australia, they couldn't use the name. So Pillsbury gave the man who would be behind the Australian version a list of names he could use. The one he used? Hungry Jack's!

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    Theres literally 0 reason to dislike this. Except for the ad at the beginning. And thats only if you hate nordvpn

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    Do what you can! Then get a huge loan from your rich dad, HA, It's the Trump lesson #1. 🙄

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    Does General Mills also make Pillsbury flour?

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    Minneapolis represent!!!

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    Wow didnt know any of that but the present day stuff

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    I read "overcooked"

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    Would have been better if you called it "The overcooked history" I know it's baking but shut up let me make bad puns in peace ok?

  26. Company Man

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    But it's baking, not cooking Introverse.

  27. Nikki

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    Out of all the company stories I’ve watched today this is the best. Wholesome. Small beginning with one man and his dad, becoming a large company. Then helping other companies out. It’s cool.

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    *>Doesn't mention the Mill City incident.* smh

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    The burger king

  30. Elle MBee

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    I'm surprised you didn't mention their bake-off. I think it was and is a big deal for them.

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    Nope..knew NONE of this...

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    I read the title as The Overcooked History and was really intrigued lol

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    You didn't mention anything about their mascot or how it was created. I'm disappointed.

  34. Sharan Ravigopal

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    Dude you make a better Pillsbury commercial than the company itself haha

  35. Jenny Manhattan

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    It would be so awesome if Charles got to see all the company has done over the years.

  36. Jenny Manhattan

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    +Company Man I agree. I've thought of that a lot... Early companies that exploded post the founders lifetime.

  37. Company Man

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    Absolutely but at least he did live to see its early success.

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    yay Minneapolis. Thats where I am Mpls St Paul.

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    I like most if not all your videos. I always learn stuff about products or companies Most people are familiar with. This channel is like the History channel of the 90's. not calling you outdated just saying you actually drop knowledge and history not just BS reality tv like the history channel does now. And lastly that damn Doughboys scarf use to be blue damn it!!!!!!

  40. James L

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    This is all luck.. remember with 1 successful businessman there are thousands that took their own life because of risky business. Being careful is build into our gene and hence we survive while some other animals don't

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    The Pillsbury Dipshit

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    Yeah, um.... Holy F**k

  43. stephen t

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    The First question of the video. I was the dairy freezer guy for 6 years overnight stocking... pilsbury would put the line up on sale allllll the time... easy bunker items.

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    Same Pillsbury by far

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    I know General Mills owns pillsbury I can’t believe they own Torino’s and Burger King

  46. Chanel Oberlin

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    Vocal fry

  47. Richard Cushing

    Richard Cushing2 months ago

    In this case, I was most shocked by what you did NOT mention: Pillsbury flour. We hardly ever buy the Pillsbury refrigerated or frozen products. But, we have frequently purchased Pillsbury flour in five and ten pound bags. :-)

  48. Company Man

    Company Man2 months ago

    I mentioned it when I was listing their products in the beginning.

  49. HotWax93

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    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and the like need to watch the first five minutes of this video to see just how great capitalism REALLY is. And BTW, I suspect that General Mills had to sell the cake mix business to Smucker's in order to keep the Betty Crocker brand.

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    Tostino's, liquid lava in your mouth. 😄

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    You forgot the boxed cake

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    Pillsbury - The Overcooked History


    NATHAN COPELAND2 months ago

    I associate Pillsbury with Ghostbusters

  54. Abimelech Sanders

    Abimelech Sanders2 months ago

    I have never seen a Pillsbury products for almost a decade now in my country, the Philippines. I remembered that their last product that i saw in a commercial was a breading mix that can also be mixed with water.

  55. Glorified Nuggets

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    All I think about when I think about pillsburry is burnt Halloween cookies in the middle of the year watching power rangers movies

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    Omg I live in Minnesota. And Pillsbury are still all around especially with General Mills.

  57. Dapper Capper 101

    Dapper Capper 1012 months ago

    And well the Pillsbury commercials are not as popular but they still exist even though they had changed over the past 149 years.

  58. Jeff Liss

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    Charles Pillsbury sure made a lot of dough.

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    Nope. I knew NONE of this haha! Great video!

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    Burger King thing.


    BAI GAMING2 months ago

    Charles struggled, so he goes and asks his daddy for financial help. Not much of a struggle to me.

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    Do a vid on sears or another on kmart. Or do Target.

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    1,000th comment

  64. TheElectricMantyke 1921

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    999 comment

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    Do a video on Campbell's. They are in dire straights since acquiring Snyder's-Lance.

  66. Josh Derak

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    I knew about the Burger King. I worked there for awhile and that's why they have those little Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They bought BK in 1967. Grand Metropolitan in 1988/9. Diageo in 1997. Then in 2002, was bought by a private equity firm TPG Capital. That then sold 31 percent of their stake in BK to 3G Capital. In 2014, BK acquired Tim Hortons and now their coffee sucks. Funny story, Wendy's owned Tim Hortons from 1995 to 2005. Anyway, it's on Wikipedia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Burger_King

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    You should do a video on purple

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    Most of all American companies were started by white men most of our inventions were invited by white men thank you white man thank you

  69. Kyle

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    Anna wrong

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    Kyle that’s bc they were the only one who society allowed to do it

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    Ah pillsbury. The mark of a minnesotan grandma.

  72. Cheezy T

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    also 9:09 my guy, the pillsbury mills are on the other side of the river. should be behind you.

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    its Bimbos cousin btw on the topic could you make a video about the mexican Bimbo company its quite big

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    Did you know the Pillsberry mansion is owned by the National federation of the blind??

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    Lesson 1: Have a dad who can loan you some DOUGH. Great video and channel.

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    Idk why but when I was little I would always get the Pillsbury dough boy mixed up with the Michelin man

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    it was godfather's pizza I own one

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    I just thought pillsbury made crescent rolls and cake mixes...

  79. Naturenerd1000

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    Never thought Burger King was owned by Pillsbury and maybe the reason why Burger King became a huge chain.

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    a family guy flashback episode pops in my head

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    I read that as overcooked.

  82. OM19 MO79

    OM19 MO792 months ago

    I'd never thought Pillsbury was that big. Here in Mexico, the company could never make it and it's something that you''ll probably find incredible. After the Mexican goverment led by Salinas opened the trade with other countries after years of protectionism, a lot of brands from America and Europe started to take over and killed many traditional brands. For example, the biggest chocolate makers, La Azteca, lead the market for decades, even with the competition by Hershey's, but when Mars entered the Mexican market, it quickly went bankrupt and was bought by Nestlé. That same story repeated a lot, except with the Pillsbury brands. No one bought the dough tubes when they arrived because most people don't bake their own bread and cookies at home and we were used to get our cookies and pastries already baked, either from local bakeries or from the supermarkets, packaged by Bimbo or Gamesa, which never lost their foot on the market. The Green Giant vegetables couldn't make it either against the big brands that were already established like Del Fuerte or Herdez. Today, you can't find either Pillsbury or Green Giant products in most stores, unless it's a specialized store that imports those products. Only Burger King managed to get a share of the fast food market but even that brand struggles against KFC and McDonald's and dozens of locations have closed every year since 2010. Maybe you should make a video about big brands that failed in foreign markets, like Pillsbury.

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    Awesome video. Learned a lot. Burger King was also the most shocking part of their history.

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    Hey company man can you cover a video on konami? Most people in the west hate them for their practises in the gaming industry but in japan they are a mich bigger company than gaming they do everything from bars of soaps to gyms and restaurants. Please do a video on konami

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    I always do what I can. I lost wood one time, so I used popsicle sticks and tape to get the job done!

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    I would love to see a profile done on General foods. That's an interesting story...

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    PilsbErry makes the best dough products.

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    Pillsbury used to own Burger King and Haagen Dazs? Shocked.

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    Do unilever please

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    Do a video on epic games

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    Are there any Burger Kings left? I thought they all closed down!

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    It is a great boon that the yt algorithm led me to your channel.

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    Boogie should lose some weight.

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    Pillsbury: the overcooked history

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    Good overall coverage but you could've probably covered one or two of those major companies (at least the ones that well known, e.g. BK or haagen-dazs) in the amount of time you dedicated to "not talking" about it. Still a fan though! Keep up the good work. Cheers

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    Not even close.

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    Jenna Fischer's Dad is one of the patent holders of the tubes you get biscuits in.

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    Those toaster strudels are bomb af tho. 1 Raspberry + 2 icing packets = Best mid-day snack.

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    NoRdVpN man holy fucc

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    the sponsorship thing was f#cking annoying

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    Success can be created during war time, and it doesn't have to be doing anything related with weapons.

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    lol the advertisement was pillsbury

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    for some reason when i watch these videos i have to put it at 1.25 speed

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    Binge watching your videos- AWESOME!

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    Appreciate it Matthew.

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    I didn't know Pillsbury owned so much stuff.

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    You should've said "An overCOOKED history!"

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    e. my brother is annoying. ayyyy

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    Pillsbury cinnamon role grands are the best! also the cookies too!

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    Bumble Bee tuna was a product in the Pillsbury portfolio.

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    They added sucralose to Toaster Strudels, which pissed me the hell off because I used to love them!