Pillsbury - The Overlooked History


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    Can U do Nike I mean ik that’s what U want too

  2. accquizzer

    accquizzer2 days ago

    My wife is a baker, so I know about Pillsbury outside their pre-made doughs, like their cakes, but I did not know about Burger King

  3. DextrousGinger X

    DextrousGinger X10 days ago

    That mill is now a museum in Minnesota

  4. K9 Gaming

    K9 Gaming12 days ago

    Dang a lot of big companies that started in my home state of Minnesota

  5. CrowVow

    CrowVow16 days ago

    My grandpa(in law) is Charles grandson but he's dead :(

  6. Tajpizza52

    Tajpizza5219 days ago

    5:20 plays Tomodachi Life All-Time favorite food

  7. infichif

    infichif24 days ago

    Pillsbury Dough Boy started out white and now he's a person of color...….very racist.

  8. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

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    Lol 1869...18 -->69👫-->🤰

  9. aCeLiFyVS

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    i thought the title said over cooked lol

  10. TFrills

    TFrillsMonth ago

    The world was a different place in 1869. All the markets were open for expansion. now the odds are stacked against the average person. There chance of moving up in the social hierarchy today is very slim compared to times in the past. I take no inspiration from it at all.

  11. Peach Kidd

    Peach KiddMonth ago

    hey mike you should uhhh talk abt Redbubbles shitty business model!

  12. Moddi Waldemar-Lima

    Moddi Waldemar-LimaMonth ago

    This company don’t exist here in Norway!

  13. Greg Muniz

    Greg MunizMonth ago

    Pillsbury owning Burger King really lowered my view on them as a company.. Shameful!

  14. Coach B

    Coach BMonth ago

    I'm most shocked that Pillsbury only.got 2 billion$ for Burger King in 2002.

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  16. Marlene De La Cruz

    Marlene De La CruzMonth ago

    Do food for less!!!!

  17. kartoonfanatic

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    So at some point the King of Horrifying Mascots called the tiny, adorable ball of Dough-Boy "Daddy?"

  18. omnis Tried

    omnis TriedMonth ago

    More like the over cooked history AM i. rIgHT

  19. PSP Guy

    PSP GuyMonth ago

    Why does the narrator whine all the time? He sounds like he isn't sure if what he's saying is correct or not.

  20. Brian MCCULLY

    Brian MCCULLYMonth ago

    Had no idea Pillbury was such a giant company at one point. Really enjoy your channel.

  21. Zach Abe

    Zach AbeMonth ago

    do a video on the boxtop

  22. Sord33

    Sord33Month ago

    The tone you said, "Burger King" made it a lot more funny for some reason.

  23. Andrew Orr

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  24. Blue Gym

    Blue Gym2 months ago

    You forgot to mention one of their major restaurant chains that was related to their roots--their pie shop business: Poppin' Fresh Pies/Village Inn/Bakers Square.

  25. Olli Olivine

    Olli Olivine2 months ago

    where do i see if this is a paid sponsorship because it feels like one. Pilsbury is going down in a bad way but........

  26. Brian Schneider

    Brian Schneider2 months ago

    Pillsbury also invented microwave popcorn, but sold it, because they did not think that anyone would use popcorn that was not made on a stove.

  27. Nate Scott

    Nate Scott2 months ago

    Next video should be General Mills!

  28. Altearithe

    Altearithe2 months ago

    The area where the old flour mills has a museum in the old Washburn flour mill. There's tours, interactive things, and you can even go up in the old grain elevator. So if you're ever interested in seeing and learning about the mills here in Minneapolis, I really recommend visiting. Note that there is an admission fee, but you can stay as long as you want. Oh and the old Pillsbury Mill across the river from Washburn mill is now artist lofts.

  29. ohla300

    ohla3002 months ago

    They make all the foods I actually like to eat because they taste really good.

  30. Matthew Meeks

    Matthew Meeks2 months ago

    Pillsbury had its hands in a lot of pies, didn't they?

  31. Iowa Android

    Iowa Android2 months ago

    Ni🅱️🅱️a what? 5:19

  32. Cindy Diaz

    Cindy Diaz3 months ago

    Geez does any company own itself anymore!!? It’s like sad all companies are owned by some other bigger company..

  33. Caden Hood

    Caden Hood3 months ago

    I demand 78% off. No less.

  34. SouthCalifas619

    SouthCalifas6193 months ago

    They used to sell white sandwhich bread, but no longer do.

  35. Suzanne Smith

    Suzanne Smith3 months ago

    I didn’t know hardly any of this! Very interesting!

  36. Indurain Perez

    Indurain Perez3 months ago

    Sunny delight juice????

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    Hoo Hoo!

  38. Margaret Schultz

    Margaret Schultz3 months ago

    I would like to see videos on Nestle and Kraft

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    please review guinness

  40. 마리야ᄏᄏᄏ

    마리야ᄏᄏᄏ3 months ago

    I like Pillsbury biscuits i remember eating them from my childhood with my breakfast in the morning

  41. Blood Type Optional

    Blood Type Optional3 months ago

    Lesson number one: borrow money from daddy

  42. Nams Shah

    Nams Shah3 months ago

    Yes .. for me too Burger King .. They bought and sold also ..

  43. Nams Shah

    Nams Shah3 months ago

    Video on Warren Buffet Portfolio companies would be interesting to know

  44. Jord David

    Jord David3 months ago

    Good video

  45. Denis Schulz

    Denis Schulz3 months ago

    I am surprised HOW big Pillsbury is... In Germany, they are not called Pillsbury, but "Knack und Back" which basically means "Pop and Bake", obviously referring to their unique packaging. I actually used to think that this is a relatively small german company... :D

  46. Nicholas Littlejohn

    Nicholas Littlejohn3 months ago

    No healthy choices here.

  47. Bill Groeller

    Bill Groeller3 months ago

    #companyman #suggestion The 3M company, please.

  48. SWLinPHX

    SWLinPHX4 months ago

    I still have my official 7 inch Pillsbury Dough Boy figure complete with a stand that my mom got for me in the early 1970s when I was just a little kid.

  49. LissaSun

    LissaSun4 months ago

    Diago getting taken over by a subsidiary of a province in China was interesting.

  50. Anthony DiDomenico

    Anthony DiDomenico4 months ago

    Never had any clue about Burger King being part of Pillsbury?

  51. kyrie irving

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    I want you to know that we don’t care if your video is longer then like 12 minuets

  52. Company Man

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    I appreciate it Noah but you can't speak for everyone.

  53. James

    James4 months ago

    Yea that one ☝️ the Burger King thing hit me in the stomach

  54. Carrot Network

    Carrot Network4 months ago

    In Minnesota it is common during school for them to teach us a bit of our state history, so I knew of them being from around here. We learned a fair bit about how they were one of our biggest companies but nobody told us this much.

  55. Junior Koos

    Junior Koos4 months ago

    You should do a video about Family Dollar and Dollar General 2 dollar stores owned by the same company

  56. Nick

    Nick4 months ago

    10,000 dollars in the mid 19th century was probably worth a fucking million today. I don't think he just borrowed some money from his typical-wealth of the time dad.

  57. John Johnson

    John Johnson4 months ago

    The Doughboy should have a goatee in honor of the founder

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    nice vid

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    Outstanding research preparation and video presentation.

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    Well thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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    What about the mascot?

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    I just hope it’s not the over cooked history haha

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    No. What an interesting video.

  64. Joseph Catanzarit

    Joseph Catanzarit4 months ago

    So wut they turn dough to dough

  65. Little Mac

    Little Mac4 months ago

    I totally thought the title was an "Overcooked" history. Mainly because I have personal experience. I always seem to burn the damn cinnamon rolls if I'm not super careful. Uhhhhh the struggle is real.

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    Great video,

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    VPNs👏don't👏stop👏account👏hacks They encrypt information to stop locations and interceptions *not* protect your account, that's what 2 factor authentication is for. By this, I mean you are not safe.

  68. Jeremy R

    Jeremy R5 months ago

    Burger king sucks those mother fuckers forget my sweet and sour sauce every fucking time Lol

  69. Sloppy Turtle

    Sloppy Turtle5 months ago

    You need to work on your voice inflections. Ending a sentence that is a statement of fact, as if it were a question, sounds really lame. It's annoying. Or rather= it's annoying ? huahhh? :-/

  70. Jay75Euro

    Jay75Euro5 months ago

    It’s crazy how all the major big companies we see and became use to are all in one big loop of ownership.

  71. Bill McMinn

    Bill McMinn5 months ago

    A whole video about Pillsbury and not a single mention of Pizza Pops? What’s with that!

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    MMMMMMmmmmmmmm COOOKKKKKIIIEEESSSS!!!!! :( Now I'm hungry for cookies... :(

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    do swier coke cole

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    It really triggers me that you pronounce "bury" as "berry" :P

  75. Company Man

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    That explains it.

  76. 04smallmj

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    The UK :D

  77. Company Man

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    Where are you from?

  78. mdr

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    That illustration of Charles Pillsbury looks so much like Louis CK

  79. NotAVelociraptor

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    I'm sorry America but what the fuck is a crescent. It's called a croissant, deal with it

  80. Kampfmesser

    Kampfmesser6 months ago

    You can live in what was once the largest mill in the world, the Pillsbury A Mill. The mill has been converted into lofts. Also that mill was built as a response to the Washburn A Mill, that was then the largest mill in the world.

  81. True Blade

    True Blade6 months ago

    Two of my favorite treats are Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the morning and their wonderful crescents with dinner YUM!!

  82. Taelor Watson

    Taelor Watson6 months ago

    I know they sponsor The Simpsons d'oh

  83. David Livingston

    David Livingston6 months ago

    I knew Pillsbury owned Burger King, mostly because when BK expanded to Australia, they couldn't use the name. So Pillsbury gave the man who would be behind the Australian version a list of names he could use. The one he used? Hungry Jack's!

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    Theres literally 0 reason to dislike this. Except for the ad at the beginning. And thats only if you hate nordvpn

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    Do what you can! Then get a huge loan from your rich dad, HA, It's the Trump lesson #1. 🙄

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    Does General Mills also make Pillsbury flour?

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    Minneapolis represent!!!

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    Wow didnt know any of that but the present day stuff

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    I read "overcooked"

  90. IntroverseYT

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    Would have been better if you called it "The overcooked history" I know it's baking but shut up let me make bad puns in peace ok?

  91. Company Man

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    But it's baking, not cooking Introverse.

  92. Nikki

    Nikki6 months ago

    Out of all the company stories I’ve watched today this is the best. Wholesome. Small beginning with one man and his dad, becoming a large company. Then helping other companies out. It’s cool.

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    *>Doesn't mention the Mill City incident.* smh

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    The burger king

  95. Elle MBee

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    I'm surprised you didn't mention their bake-off. I think it was and is a big deal for them.

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    Nope..knew NONE of this...

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    I read the title as The Overcooked History and was really intrigued lol

  98. plmvirginiauva

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    You didn't mention anything about their mascot or how it was created. I'm disappointed.

  99. Sharan Ravigopal

    Sharan Ravigopal6 months ago

    Dude you make a better Pillsbury commercial than the company itself haha

  100. Jenny Manhattan

    Jenny Manhattan6 months ago

    It would be so awesome if Charles got to see all the company has done over the years.

  101. Jenny Manhattan

    Jenny Manhattan6 months ago

    +Company Man I agree. I've thought of that a lot... Early companies that exploded post the founders lifetime.

  102. Company Man

    Company Man6 months ago

    Absolutely but at least he did live to see its early success.

  103. A Kayfabe

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    yay Minneapolis. Thats where I am Mpls St Paul.

  104. Fabian Everyday

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    I like most if not all your videos. I always learn stuff about products or companies Most people are familiar with. This channel is like the History channel of the 90's. not calling you outdated just saying you actually drop knowledge and history not just BS reality tv like the history channel does now. And lastly that damn Doughboys scarf use to be blue damn it!!!!!!

  105. James L

    James L6 months ago

    This is all luck.. remember with 1 successful businessman there are thousands that took their own life because of risky business. Being careful is build into our gene and hence we survive while some other animals don't

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    The Pillsbury Dipshit

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    Yeah, um.... Holy F**k

  108. stephen t

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    The First question of the video. I was the dairy freezer guy for 6 years overnight stocking... pilsbury would put the line up on sale allllll the time... easy bunker items.