Picture This (Official Music Video) - Annie LeBlanc


  1. Mia Torres

    Mia Torres3 minutes ago

    Love this song

  2. ItsAudrina

    ItsAudrina35 minutes ago


  3. millie jeffery

    millie jeffery42 minutes ago

    why are small kids who are getting famous off lipsyncing to people who can actually sing making music videos?? hello?? wheres the talent!?

  4. Annie Sergis

    Annie Sergis55 minutes ago

    You hit THREE MILLION subscribers Annie! Congratulations! Ilysm😘😘😘

  5. Isla Senft

    Isla SenftHour ago

    All I can say is ❤️❤️

  6. aliah canizales

    aliah canizalesHour ago

    cool music video u should listen to picture this by marvin dark

  7. Meli_ 06

    Meli_ 06Hour ago

    My Perfect Sommer Song 😍 thank You 👍🏼💕 Love this Song so much ✨i Love You Annie 🙈

  8. ChloeDoesItAgain

    ChloeDoesItAgainHour ago

    2:13 Annie did the L!!!!!!!

  9. Sky Pig

    Sky Pig2 hours ago

    Your other ones did not sound as good

  10. Izzy Martinez

    Izzy Martinez2 hours ago

    He looks like a little girl

  11. chloee gilbert

    chloee gilbert2 hours ago

    Like soo Autotuned xD

  12. Claudia Zavala

    Claudia Zavala2 hours ago

    Love this song sooooooo much

  13. Crazy Sister

    Crazy Sister2 hours ago

    Is you brother alive

  14. Malachi Daley - Somerset Drive PS (1470)

    Malachi Daley - Somerset Drive PS (1470)2 hours ago

    That's a girl

  15. OhMyStars

    OhMyStars2 hours ago

    Danielle Cohn cant even try to be you

  16. Evie Moffat

    Evie Moffat3 hours ago

    Annie’s mom should be so proud of her xx

  17. Chloe Fowler

    Chloe Fowler3 hours ago

    She’s really bad at makeup yikes

  18. theGlitterdiaries

    theGlitterdiaries3 hours ago

    love this!

  19. slimebird1224 !!!!!

    slimebird1224 !!!!!3 hours ago

    Hayley and Carson has to be together

  20. Gracie Robar

    Gracie Robar3 hours ago


  21. Ivon Dimitrowaaa

    Ivon Dimitrowaaa3 hours ago

    I love this song ❤❤

  22. Madison Creekmore

    Madison Creekmore3 hours ago


  23. Isabella Lorie

    Isabella Lorie4 hours ago

    2:26 be like WOW 😯

  24. emma's unique

    emma's unique4 hours ago

    2:24 i see u girl that vocie tho its soo good bo i really love u no mateer ur like my fav singrr

  25. Marvelous_Molecules

    Marvelous_Molecules5 hours ago

    I thought click delete was bad this is even worse O_o

  26. zyanya conde millan

    zyanya conde millan5 hours ago

    I could see Hayley and Billy in the back

  27. Ana Claudia

    Ana Claudia5 hours ago

    💝💝💝 i Love you

  28. Grace Milner

    Grace Milner6 hours ago


  29. adalie pena

    adalie pena6 hours ago


  30. Sydney Skokan

    Sydney Skokan6 hours ago

    I miss hannie😢 and Hayley needs an original song. Like if you agree

  31. RainbowSwirl Jenni

    RainbowSwirl Jenni6 hours ago

    That kinda looks like Maddie in the backround at 1:40, but it's not

  32. Janelle G

    Janelle G7 hours ago

    so good

  33. mäddïë thë äwëśøme persøñ

    mäddïë thë äwëśøme persøñ7 hours ago

    omg i love this song !! Like if you agree !

  34. ibtissem khaled

    ibtissem khaled7 hours ago

    Français ?

  35. Michelle Gallant

    Michelle Gallant8 hours ago

    your so dum your like 13 acting your like your 29

  36. Da Legit Cookie

    Da Legit Cookie8 hours ago

    That plug for her insta 😂😂

  37. Yost Dey

    Yost Dey8 hours ago

    Estaba buscado cobre y encontré mierda

  38. Mayasa Bushelaibi / Funny Videos

    Mayasa Bushelaibi / Funny Videos9 hours ago

    0:03 - 0:06 I thought the boy with the black shirt is Twaimz

  39. Dennis Erce

    Dennis Erce9 hours ago

    pls let carson read this comment

  40. Dennis Erce

    Dennis Erce9 hours ago

    this is a girl this is just my dad s account

  41. Dennis Erce

    Dennis Erce9 hours ago

    corson is so cute

  42. Isabell Navarrete

    Isabell Navarrete9 hours ago


  43. Teresa Wiley

    Teresa Wiley10 hours ago

    He is mine

  44. Courtney Griffis

    Courtney Griffis10 hours ago

    Those high notes tho 😍😍😍😍

  45. Nayeli Ambrosio

    Nayeli Ambrosio10 hours ago

    Love you annie 😀

  46. lea plays

    lea plays11 hours ago

    Very good anie.💎💎

  47. Nicole Anne

    Nicole Anne11 hours ago

    I love your new song Annie

  48. Ava Adney

    Ava Adney11 hours ago

    A little young for this don't we think

  49. JockNessMonster Jock Edwards

    JockNessMonster Jock Edwards11 hours ago

    This is so cringe

  50. glendy juarez

    glendy juarez12 hours ago

    Ewwwww 🤢🤮 Austin

  51. Marktbr

    Marktbr12 hours ago

    Sponsored by... Sprite taste good(because its sponsor)make sure to drink sprite XDLOL

  52. Girls Club

    Girls Club13 hours ago

    Amading 🤗❤️😍😍😍😍

  53. Aisha Imran Khan

    Aisha Imran Khan13 hours ago

    Annie dat song do #loveit Like if you agree

  54. Isabelle Vega

    Isabelle Vega13 hours ago

    i watch how you to meant and its so sweet

  55. Isabelle Vega

    Isabelle Vega14 hours ago


  56. madhu varshini

    madhu varshini14 hours ago

    this song is amazing. .. love you annie

  57. Lps Muffinid

    Lps Muffinid14 hours ago

    i love this song

  58. Matty Mckibben

    Matty Mckibben16 hours ago

    Omg there so cute together

  59. Khloè Horton

    Khloè Horton16 hours ago

    great song CANT STOP LISTNING TO IT by the way are you two really together?

  60. itsyagirll 2.0

    itsyagirll 2.017 hours ago

    2 things 1: I LOVE this song 2:where does she get her clothes

  61. Maia_Ariel_26

    Maia_Ariel_2618 hours ago

    Why is this SUCH A BOP

  62. Briged Arevalo

    Briged Arevalo18 hours ago

    The sprite shirt makes her look sassy

  63. Meghan Goudreau

    Meghan Goudreau19 hours ago

    Hope you pictured this !

  64. Mad Tastic

    Mad Tastic19 hours ago

    You sound amazing!!

  65. Elizabeth Russell

    Elizabeth Russell19 hours ago

    1004837282829292 time watching this😂💜

  66. Princessjuliettesworld

    Princessjuliettesworld20 hours ago

    Oh la la here were are listening to picture this😉

  67. Heathet

    Heathet20 hours ago

    2:03 is the BEST part of the song!!!!💓💓💓

  68. Isabella Arana

    Isabella Arana21 hour ago

    Annie your acting like a ho

  69. iiCouchPotato

    iiCouchPotato21 hour ago

    this is the best song she’s written so far 😩💛

  70. Mariam Paul

    Mariam Paul22 hours ago

    The boy is cute

  71. Anna Flores

    Anna Flores22 hours ago

    Beatiful relation💖

  72. Elizaslime world

    Elizaslime world22 hours ago

    Annie I wish I could write songs like u BC I try to write song but they don't make any sense

  73. 張子鈴

    張子鈴17 hours ago

    I agree

  74. Andy Zhao

    Andy Zhao22 hours ago

    When I first heard of her I thought it was some League of Legends strat xdd Any fellow nerds here who thought the same?

  75. Annie ho

    Annie ho22 hours ago

    sprite love this song! :)

  76. Morgan Wideman

    Morgan Wideman23 hours ago

    She's so pretty!!!! This song is so adorable and her vocals are amazing! 💞💞💞

  77. Nashla Camila Pozos Perales

    Nashla Camila Pozos Perales23 hours ago

    So amazing❤😻

  78. Lesly Placido

    Lesly Placido23 hours ago

    Annie I'm you biggest fan XD lol

  79. Marian Bautista

    Marian Bautista23 hours ago

    i love this song so so much

  80. Ms. crazy

    Ms. crazyDay ago

    What About hayden😞😞

  81. 張子鈴

    張子鈴17 hours ago


  82. Cami Ingram

    Cami IngramDay ago

    Good song though.

  83. Nissi Bamidele

    Nissi BamideleDay ago

    i love this song soooooo much!!!!!!!

  84. lally _01

    lally _01Day ago

    shes so beautiful!!

  85. Miley Espinoza

    Miley EspinozaDay ago


  86. Angelina mancini

    Angelina manciniDay ago

    Not good but come on it’s better then Danielle Cohn

  87. Lexa Graham

    Lexa Graham5 hours ago

    Angelina mancini stfu

  88. Peyton Johnson

    Peyton JohnsonDay ago

    The dude low key looks like a girl

  89. Virginia Baltazar

    Virginia BaltazarDay ago

    DON'T SAY THAT 😐😠😠



    why is this song so relatable

  91. Paisyn Murray

    Paisyn MurrayDay ago

    I am your BIGGEST fan will you follow me on snapshot plz it's Saige Hansen

  92. Paisyn Murray

    Paisyn MurrayDay ago

    You are only one month younger than me and are an AMAZING singer I love your song ordinary girl

  93. Paisyn Murray

    Paisyn MurrayDay ago

    You are only one month younger than me and are an AMAZING singer I love your song ordinary girl

  94. Paisyn Murray

    Paisyn MurrayDay ago

    I LOVE you Annie you are to beautiful and pretty!! Your songs are so good! I want to meet you in person!! ilysm Annie

  95. Sarahi AguilarMancha

    Sarahi AguilarManchaDay ago

    Annie noooooo why aren't you with hay en anymore

  96. asma moulahid

    asma moulahidDay ago

    love u austin

  97. asma moulahid

    asma moulahidDay ago

    love u annie

  98. Anabelle Bost

    Anabelle BostDay ago

    Love this song

  99. dmolina0710

    dmolina0710Day ago


  100. dmolina0710

    dmolina0710Day ago

    I like the song👍...just not the boy👎he looks like a grumpy cat 😾.

  101. Dajah Lennox

    Dajah LennoxDay ago

    She said drawing hearts in the sand with ur hands taped round my hips WITW

  102. Dajah Lennox

    Dajah LennoxDay ago

    But he singing is on point

  103. Sylvia Diaz

    Sylvia DiazDay ago

    good job annie and good luck with a girl named jo. i loved your sprite outfit as well.

  104. Chloe Rose

    Chloe RoseDay ago

    The chords remind me of "The Middle"