Phone Booth with Hugh Jackman and Shaquille O'Neal


  1. Bre Francis

    Bre Francis20 minutes ago

    I love how the first thought of both of the Property Brothers was to *CLIMB THE DAMN BOOTH* 😂

  2. Bre Francis

    Bre Francis22 minutes ago

    I PRAY for anyone that is claustrophobic and playing this game😂

  3. Bre Francis

    Bre Francis29 minutes ago

    You *can’t* lean on me😂

  4. Sales Assoc.

    Sales Assoc.Hour ago


  5. Sandra Cambar

    Sandra Cambar5 hours ago

    Congratulations for 20 MILLION subscribers!!!

  6. Rajeev Mohan

    Rajeev Mohan6 hours ago

    I thought it's Luis saurez

  7. Pame Flor

    Pame Flor9 hours ago

    O mundo quase acabou quando o Shaquille tropeçou. Kkkkk

  8. renne vee

    renne veeDay ago

    Suomi mainittu torille

  9. Kristian Milicic

    Kristian MilicicDay ago

    If shaq would get an erection he would kill someone in that booth

  10. Laina Laina

    Laina Laina2 days ago

    When the Scott bros started to get in the booth I DIED!!!!!!

  11. dhruv upreti

    dhruv upreti3 days ago

    Blue Guy looks like vision with painted face so he can hide from Thanos

  12. robbietheking69

    robbietheking693 days ago

    they should be naked after a sport session why all this embarassing just press bodies

  13. Gabriela Griguis

    Gabriela Griguis5 days ago

    Kkkk ever

  14. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow5 days ago

    People are gonna talk about shaq in the comments and I’m just like how long did it take you to spell shaq without auto correct took me 3 times have a good day!

  15. Reanon Harris

    Reanon Harris5 days ago

    They can shove the property brothers in my booth

  16. Tam Vo

    Tam Vo5 days ago

    My favorite Hugh Jackman movie is REALLLLLLLL STEALLLLLLLLLL

  17. Hope Draws

    Hope Draws6 days ago

    Never realized how funny the host of jeopardy is

  18. Hugo Vuori

    Hugo Vuori6 days ago

    Suomi mainittu

  19. Schullo mat

    Schullo mat6 days ago

    the blue Men Group guy looks like the young Dustin Hoffman....


    THE ANTI UNIVERSE6 days ago

    Look at that last dumbass straight up went under that chick to see her..............maybe 😂😂😂

  21. fariah khan

    fariah khan7 days ago

    The scott brothers 😍 eee

  22. Baker Jordan

    Baker Jordan7 days ago

    The moment Hugh said to blue man, “people” lol

  23. Jacqui Donaghey

    Jacqui Donaghey8 days ago

    Aw, Hugh didn't get his Shaq hug.

  24. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar9 days ago

    Damn shaq got erection confirmed !!

  25. Katelyn McDaris

    Katelyn McDaris10 days ago

    Why does that blue man look like Jenna Marbles when she turned herself green😂

  26. Itz_The_Real_CHAWS

    Itz_The_Real_CHAWS10 days ago

    It’s Shaq’s super bowl party in his booth!

  27. Roanna Data

    Roanna Data11 days ago

    Nha: kor g&

  28. Jeremy Herald

    Jeremy Herald11 days ago

    Shaq is too hilarious. He always seems to have a good time with Jimmy

  29. Potablo

    Potablo12 days ago


  30. Shorts World

    Shorts World12 days ago

    If you listen with headphones just before Hugh Jackman says white house you can here someone telling him over the phone . 8:18

  31. Haydar KIR

    Haydar KIR13 days ago

    5:33 Shaq had to move his hands to answer the phone.

  32. Fire Master Entertainment

    Fire Master Entertainment13 days ago


  33. seafarer koi

    seafarer koi14 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is nothing without the beard

  34. J K

    J K14 days ago

    Wow I actually laughed this time...

  35. Hayley Bates

    Hayley Bates14 days ago

    pause at 2:40 :]

  36. Lana.bby -

    Lana.bby -14 days ago

    Hugh is incredibly handsome😭❤️

  37. Frannn C

    Frannn C15 days ago

    Hahahah I love this

  38. Sandy Rocks

    Sandy Rocks15 days ago

    Shaquille O’Neill is just a wonderful human being

  39. Sandy Rocks

    Sandy Rocks15 days ago

    Friend: have you ever just imagined being in a room with your three biggest heroes Me:

  40. Nina McMullen

    Nina McMullen15 days ago

    The blue man is me in actually any social situation

  41. Bhakti Purnamasari

    Bhakti Purnamasari17 days ago

    I would love to join mr Jackman in the phone booth

  42. Sorayan13

    Sorayan1318 days ago

    When you thought hugh jackman was a huge jacked man... He looks like a miniature of himself next to shaq.

  43. Angela Holbrook

    Angela Holbrook18 days ago

    That was definitely entertaining. Hopefully everybody in shacks boost smelled really good

  44. hannah lambert

    hannah lambert19 days ago

    i love the blue man group and the blue guy who was just so weird well all they are but that one is so cute on the way hes just so clueless

  45. hijikata kagi

    hijikata kagi20 days ago

    5:12 the big guy is protecting people from his dick XDDDDDDDDDD

  46. Talissa S

    Talissa S20 days ago

    He is totally guessing everything and getting it all right it’s hilarious!!

  47. Orleans BeGole

    Orleans BeGole20 days ago

    my two husbands wow

  48. mamis 67

    mamis 6721 day ago

    I'm from finland

  49. Matthew Mcmullen

    Matthew Mcmullen23 days ago

    The sauna

  50. Chelsea O’Dwyer

    Chelsea O’Dwyer23 days ago

    Hugh Jackman my favourite Aussie actor, anyone else?

  51. Killykiller17 /Sadie

    Killykiller17 /Sadie24 days ago

    I clicked because I saw a blue man. I have seen The blue man group twice

  52. I type random comments.

    I type random comments.24 days ago

    The blue man is so much like Jenna Marbles 😂😂

  53. Anita O

    Anita O24 days ago

    6:15 idk why but I died of laughter when the shadow of one of the property brothers was rubbing his leg on the other brother

  54. Myra Gonzalez

    Myra Gonzalez25 days ago

    Poor Megan !!! I can see the discomfort look in her eyes.

  55. Randy Angel

    Randy Angel25 days ago

    Who is still watching in 2019?

  56. Keagan Magary

    Keagan Magary25 days ago

    I was laughing so much 😂

  57. Domingo Labuguen

    Domingo Labuguen25 days ago

    This is the greatest show

  58. Domingo Labuguen

    Domingo Labuguen25 days ago

    From the greatest showmen

  59. Maria Gonzalez

    Maria Gonzalez25 days ago

    does anyone else notice that Jimmy has changed so much throughout the years like physically?

  60. Avianna Zampardi

    Avianna Zampardi26 days ago

    Megan Fox literally looks like she is gonna die in a clostraphobic accident

  61. Matthew Gillis

    Matthew Gillis27 days ago

    My name is huge how do you do

  62. Phillip Bishop

    Phillip Bishop27 days ago

    This was funny. Thanks for not mentioning politics throughout the whole thing!


    HIZZZUH28 days ago

    @3:43 when blue man saw Shaq LMFAOOOOO fck

  64. Ms.Poindexter選手

    Ms.Poindexter選手28 days ago

    Wow he’s really big

  65. Scarlett

    Scarlett28 days ago

    Hugh has spent a lot of time with blue people (Raven).

  66. FerretJohn

    FerretJohn28 days ago

    I want to see WWE's Braun Strowman vs Peter Dinklage

  67. Echo Animations

    Echo Animations28 days ago

    Shaq is legit like a foot taller than both of them lol.

  68. Iyce Phoenixx

    Iyce Phoenixx28 days ago

    Shaq needs to play Kingpin

  69. JMB

    JMBMonth ago

    Shaquille seems sweet! Love sweet big guys.

  70. Captain Cairo

    Captain CairoMonth ago

    Shaqu is such a gentle giant

  71. 7DeadlySSJG's

    7DeadlySSJG'sMonth ago

    Hugh Jackman interacting with a Blu man. Never thought that of all things would be funny as all hell

  72. Cat Greyson

    Cat GreysonMonth ago

    It's so weird seeing a single Blue Man

  73. Joseph Rajan

    Joseph RajanMonth ago

    they are very clumsy

  74. Patrick O'Brien

    Patrick O'BrienMonth ago

    This is a great game.

  75. M Gil

    M GilMonth ago

    Poor Shaq!!

  76. Katie ALDC!!!

    Katie ALDC!!!Month ago

    7:29 watching them on tv while watching this

  77. Jayden Connor

    Jayden ConnorMonth ago

    2:34 Cause he's Black LMAO!!!

  78. Horse girl 14

    Horse girl 14Month ago

    That blue man ofdwred me a mouth marshmallow. I never forget a face

  79. X.activeruby.X Xx

    X.activeruby.X XxMonth ago

    Roses are red I’m wearing a vest shaquille o neals pregnancy test

  80. Gin B

    Gin BMonth ago

    I love ( phone booth ) hahaha Nice add with shaq

  81. Dylan Anderson

    Dylan AndersonMonth ago

    Is that the guy from Kazaam?

  82. Artur K

    Artur KMonth ago

    Hugh Jackman is very smart

  83. Choirul Yakfi

    Choirul YakfiMonth ago

    Always love hugh jackman. Wish he was my dad

  84. Yami

    YamiMonth ago

    Hugh had the advantage in this challenge lmao he used to be a teacher

  85. Paulina Guerrero

    Paulina GuerreroMonth ago

    I’d kill to be in a phone booth with Hugh Jackman

  86. Zeus Bolt GT

    Zeus Bolt GTMonth ago

    i thought meghan moon was miley cyrus

  87. Lauren Aksdal

    Lauren AksdalMonth ago

    oh my. the blue man is MY FAVORITE

  88. Sophie Rich

    Sophie RichMonth ago

    can you PLEASE do a phone booth with Kevin Hart PLEASEEEEE !!!!!!

  89. Collin Yang

    Collin YangMonth ago

    Damn that girl thought she bout to get pregnant if she goes in the booth with shaq

  90. Matthew Levy

    Matthew LevyMonth ago

    *5.10 rejected 😂

  91. Andrew Hawkins

    Andrew HawkinsMonth ago

    I wouldn't mind being trapped in a phone booth with Megan Boone.

  92. Dauntless Ravenclaw

    Dauntless RavenclawMonth ago

    I guess you could call him a Shaq in the box

  93. Jalka Rahi

    Jalka RahiMonth ago

    Torilla tavataan

  94. ᗩᑌǤᑌᔕ丅 Ǥᗩᑕᕼᗩ

    ᗩᑌǤᑌᔕ丅 ǤᗩᑕᕼᗩMonth ago

    I met Hugh Jackman He was at My Uncle’s Art Gallery and I Happen to come along and Meet him It was Really Exciting and I photobombed A photo of a fan with him as well!

  95. wadsash Potato

    wadsash PotatoMonth ago

    I love Hugh jackman

  96. Super Erdnuss

    Super ErdnussMonth ago

    0:48 awwww❤️

  97. Shami Singh

    Shami SinghMonth ago

    This is too funny!

  98. Joel Bulger

    Joel BulgerMonth ago

    I could not do that even though I'm not claustrophobic I will become one that's just too much

  99. Keya Menon

    Keya MenonMonth ago

    Jimmy how do u know Shaq is an outie 😭

  100. Cherie Laub

    Cherie LaubMonth ago

    I sure love you guys in a tuxedo you guys look great tonight

  101. Teagen Smith

    Teagen SmithMonth ago

    I need new bedding. Anyone know where Shaq buys his suits?