Phone Booth with Hugh Jackman and Shaquille O'Neal


  1. FanTasy

    FanTasy21 hour ago

    Shaq got in the booth, but he was the same size as the booth. He became one with that booth 😂

  2. Decline To state.

    Decline To state.Day ago

    i like how alex was quick to give shaq the answer just so he doesnt get it wrong. LOL

  3. Arven Villanueva

    Arven VillanuevaDay ago

    Hugh is so handsome. 😍

  4. Gabe Mooney

    Gabe Mooney2 days ago

    0:48 lol

  5. TheArcticTumbleweed

    TheArcticTumbleweed2 days ago

    4:35 -- Sorry, my personal google is malfunctioning.

  6. Navya Sreeyad

    Navya Sreeyad3 days ago

    Damn that guys too tall

  7. Gaby

    Gaby3 days ago

    The only people I recognize here is jimmy and the property brothers 😂 now I gotta do my research

  8. Teenage Mutant Piana Turtle

    Teenage Mutant Piana Turtle5 hours ago

    how the hell do you not know who Shaq , Hugh Jackman, Alex trebek, or blue man is?

  9. Jurassic Lark

    Jurassic Lark3 days ago

    The Blue Man's just like THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR

  10. Jessica Fletcher

    Jessica Fletcher3 days ago


  11. Kendall Babb

    Kendall Babb3 days ago

    Meghan was so uncomfortable as the only woman, she was like "Erm, ok..."

  12. Kendall Babb

    Kendall Babb3 days ago

    Hugh's face at 4:44. LOLOLOLOL

  13. Rasskull 7

    Rasskull 73 days ago

    Shaq is a terrifyingly lovely man

  14. Tanya Sehgal

    Tanya Sehgal3 days ago


  15. David Igleniec

    David Igleniec3 days ago

    Squirty Spice o.0

  16. Apoorva Joshi

    Apoorva Joshi4 days ago

    Wanna see the most awkward hug in human history? 0:24 😂😂😂

  17. Jillian Henderson

    Jillian Henderson4 days ago

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  18. krissmaster 83

    krissmaster 834 days ago

    Finland is not an Skandinavian country

  19. pat a

    pat a4 days ago


  20. D.I.Y. Carley

    D.I.Y. Carley4 days ago

    This is so funny but also so awkward...

  21. MrFargSouce

    MrFargSouce5 days ago

    what is the blue man group 😂😂

  22. Dragonhunter 117

    Dragonhunter 1175 days ago


  23. PrometheusOfficial

    PrometheusOfficial6 days ago

    Does Shaq really and unironically think that the earth is flat?

  24. TheHazeMonster

    TheHazeMonster7 days ago

    Shaq could honestly be scary af if he wasn't such a lovable giant

  25. YTP Fanboy999

    YTP Fanboy9998 days ago

    They should have also had Gordon Ramsey and Jake from State Farm

  26. YTP Fanboy999

    YTP Fanboy9998 days ago

    The most random crossover

  27. Shelton Ray

    Shelton Ray8 days ago

    What a set up

  28. Emre Altan

    Emre Altan8 days ago

    All my idols are in this channel

  29. Muffin XD

    Muffin XD8 days ago

    Miranda sings needs to do one of these

  30. Vincent Than

    Vincent Than8 days ago

    Does the blue man at 3:50 comes with Bluetooth?

  31. Hello Bitch

    Hello Bitch8 days ago

    5:06 she just denied o Neal's handshake

  32. DepressoExpresso

    DepressoExpresso9 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is my waifu

  33. Duality

    Duality10 days ago

    Megan Boone is sort-of perfection.

  34. Duality

    Duality10 days ago

    Hugh and the Blue Man is now my go-to for describing myself, to myself.

  35. Duality

    Duality10 days ago


  36. hAk

    hAk11 days ago

    seems like Megan purposefully lost that round to get more dicks in :D

  37. Luna ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Luna ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ12 days ago

    The way Hugh Jackman talk you can tell he’s Australian... AND IM AUSSIE TOO!!!!! If you didn’t know Hugh is AUSSIE!!!

  38. Lola Martin

    Lola Martin12 days ago

    How the hell did Hugh Jackman get everything correct

  39. Pravoizavlijesvijeta

    Pravoizavlijesvijeta12 days ago

    they tried to get shaq in prison.white america at it again...;)

  40. chokothedog

    chokothedog12 days ago

    Props to the blue guy, he's amazing. Seen some shit, I bet.

  41. Amaury Mora

    Amaury Mora12 days ago

    6:48 Shaq got scared to death, he thought he broke something 😂

  42. Minnie Maus

    Minnie Maus12 days ago


  43. Susanna Poutiainen

    Susanna Poutiainen12 days ago

    Finland mentioned!! Torilla tavataan!

  44. Buğra çalışkan

    Buğra çalışkan12 days ago

    One second i thougth i didn't close pornhub

  45. Exixia

    Exixia12 days ago

    OMG... Hugh and fallon look really tiny!

  46. Saitama

    Saitama13 days ago

    She felt the D

  47. Manjinder Singh

    Manjinder Singh13 days ago

    Just WoW

  48. DaWolfCave and friends

    DaWolfCave and friends13 days ago

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  49. Rebecca Pramme

    Rebecca Pramme14 days ago

    Was jimmy scared of Shaquille ?😂

  50. Seth Whigham

    Seth Whigham15 days ago

    i'm surprised that Alex Trebek didn't write help instead hee hee

  51. Draco Harris

    Draco Harris15 days ago

    He play basketball and WWE wrestling

  52. Voortimies

    Voortimies15 days ago

    Suomi mainittu!!

  53. Napkin Beano

    Napkin Beano16 days ago

    I’m silently waiting for a furry to be one of the mystery strangers

  54. Frederico Pacheco

    Frederico Pacheco16 days ago

    5:21 I lost it.,..

  55. punklejunk

    punklejunk16 days ago

    Such random celebrity guests, no rhyme or reason, which makes it more fun.

  56. HYBRID xXx

    HYBRID xXx17 days ago

    Is it just me or did the blue man look like vision from avengers

  57. Shaun Anthony Paez

    Shaun Anthony Paez17 days ago

    This is the greatest show!!!!!!0

  58. 10 minutes straight

    10 minutes straight17 days ago

    What school did Hugh go to? And where can I find it?

  59. April Q.

    April Q.18 days ago

    ALEX TREBEK. AND SHAQ. IN ONE PLACE!!!! This has completed my life😃😃😃

  60. Jomana

    Jomana18 days ago

    whaddup boi boi

  61. Jh and Lm music

    Jh and Lm music18 days ago

    I know jimmy must have felt like a prisoner who dropped his last soap when Shaq bent down and kissed him on the cheek

  62. AntiTrollSpray

    AntiTrollSpray19 days ago

    As an Ohioan I thought for sure Mr. Mets was gonna be fuckin' Brutus Buckeye lol

  63. Flaming Rainbows

    Flaming Rainbows19 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon + Shaquille O'Neal = OTP? Or wait? Alex Tribec + Shaquille O'Neal? What is OTP? Wait, hang on, Hugh Jackman + BLue man group man = OTP?

  64. French avu.

    French avu.20 days ago

    He should do this with cardi b

  65. Galaxy The soccer player

    Galaxy The soccer player20 days ago

    Omg what up boi boi made me laugh

  66. Mansi Purohit

    Mansi Purohit21 day ago

    5:00 Hugh tries to change his answer to Saturn LOL

  67. Tahmina Malek  Sonia

    Tahmina Malek Sonia21 day ago


  68. Dave Rosario

    Dave Rosario21 day ago

    Anyone notice at 5:06 how she didn’t shake Shaq’s hand

  69. Unicorn70204 B

    Unicorn70204 B22 days ago

    5:32 the blue man 'help'

  70. MeLiMetiss

    MeLiMetiss22 days ago

    So cool

  71. Mhurts

    Mhurts22 days ago

    All girls, 1 guy in 1 phone booth

  72. Tomi Hopponen

    Tomi Hopponen22 days ago

    Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

  73. Ana B

    Ana B24 days ago

    The property brothers omgggg 😍😍😍

  74. Mishakingcollins

    Mishakingcollins24 days ago


  75. Supremacy.

    Supremacy.24 days ago

    I think I’ve just blued myself.

  76. Liam Lyons

    Liam Lyons25 days ago

    The dude with the giant head is Mr Met, I haven’t watched the whole video

  77. dakota berlin

    dakota berlin25 days ago

    At the end shack is LITERALLY the only one with breathing room

  78. xhamsters .1

    xhamsters .125 days ago


  79. Joey Scroggs

    Joey Scroggs26 days ago

    I knew Finland invented the sauna from Total Drama

  80. Стефан Цветковић

    Стефан Цветковић26 days ago

    Shaq is hilarious i love HIM !!!!!!!

  81. UltimateGaming

    UltimateGaming27 days ago

    megan got groped af

  82. Hayden

    Hayden28 days ago

    5:10 puts his hands on his d*ck 😂

  83. Ryan Gloeckle

    Ryan Gloeckle28 days ago

    Shaq is a big lovable teddy bear

  84. Falcon 10348

    Falcon 1034828 days ago

    Hugh jackman is actually the best human ever

  85. 4peX pred4t0r

    4peX pred4t0r29 days ago

    2:31 I thought he was finna say mine

  86. Kalila Hargreaves-Hunt

    Kalila Hargreaves-Hunt29 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is very smart

  87. The Roblox Specalist

    The Roblox Specalist29 days ago

    hugh jackman is really smart lol

  88. kwn spir

    kwn spir29 days ago


  89. Dr.Phoenix

    Dr.Phoenix29 days ago

    DAMN. I always knew Shaq was big but he's a GIANT!

  90. Shashank Mehta

    Shashank Mehta29 days ago

    lol crazy people haha

  91. Lana Halawani

    Lana HalawaniMonth ago

    The blue men are scary 😂😂😂😓 who r they?

  92. HELLO!

    HELLO!Month ago

    They knew goid and well all those people weren't going to fit in the booth with Shaq

  93. Jamie svedberg

    Jamie svedbergMonth ago

    When Meghan got in and saw Shaq she looked like she just saw a ghost. 🤣😂😂

  94. Declan F.

    Declan F.Month ago

    Who forgets baby spice

  95. Declan F.

    Declan F.Month ago

    Alex trebek and Shaq are the greatest off couple in history. Blue man and high Hackman are second:

  96. Hajra Talib

    Hajra TalibMonth ago

    I love the property bros

  97. mamam00c0w

    mamam00c0wMonth ago

    One of the many times my kids’ science projects taught me something! Go Jupiter a.k.a. Big Blue!

  98. Bobbie Daniel

    Bobbie DanielMonth ago

    I know this is obvious but damn .. Shaq is tall

  99. Dance Monster

    Dance MonsterMonth ago

    0:50 someone in the crowd shouts gayyyyyyyy

  100. destroyer Cody

    destroyer CodyMonth ago

    She was like "Santa I was always being a good girl and I didn't ask for this." XDD

  101. Alien Queen 11

    Alien Queen 11Month ago

    HE LIKE 10 FEET TALL 'o'