Phone Booth with Hugh Jackman and Shaquille O'Neal


  1. Julie Green

    Julie Green3 hours ago

    So this was filmed before the #metoo movement, but I'm cringing a tiny bit for Megan Boone

  2. Julie Green

    Julie Green3 hours ago

    Holy cow they are tiny compared to Shaq

  3. Appelsinsquis ,

    Appelsinsquis ,7 hours ago

    Hugh said Skandinavia and so the answere Finland but Finland isnt it Skandinavia

  4. Tim Rand

    Tim Rand12 hours ago

    Hugh Jackman almost became Hugh Blackman when Shaw almost fell on him

  5. Ronald James

    Ronald James17 hours ago


  6. Mikey G

    Mikey G19 hours ago

    anybody else realize as soon as blonde chick needed to get in the booth, shaq covered his crotch with both hands? xD

  7. Cami Olds

    Cami Olds22 hours ago

    He flipping said White House when it was 0:00 seconds like what???

  8. Ilham Kadir

    Ilham KadirDay ago

    Shaq likes to goof around sometimes we forget just how dominant and scary he was during his nba career.

  9. BladeY

    BladeYDay ago

    She got groped for sure

  10. Sakari Artto

    Sakari ArttoDay ago

    Finland is not in the Scandinavia.... Im dissapointed :(

  11. Hunter Smith

    Hunter SmithDay ago

    There is a lazer pointer pionting at hugh

  12. HOpe BeAtS

    HOpe BeAtS2 days ago

    Suomi perkele!! Torilla tavataan!!

  13. Sean N

    Sean N2 days ago

    The best part is the blue man

  14. fugly

    fugly2 days ago

    Suomi mainittu, torille!

  15. xxx Lyn Babii

    xxx Lyn Babii2 days ago


  16. Fernando

    Fernando2 days ago

    That white girl look like she really hated black peoples and wanted to go in hugh jackmans booth

  17. Morgan Boyer

    Morgan Boyer2 days ago

    I'm just saying how does someone grow that tall like my goodness 5:15 like look how tall he is compared to everyone

  18. Cucumber Salaaad

    Cucumber Salaaad2 days ago

    Wonder how many times women have claimed sexual assault/ harassment during this segment of his shows😂🤣😂🙈

  19. Coool Beeenz

    Coool Beeenz3 days ago

    Okay, but did anyone else see Alex give shack that first answer tho, triggered.

  20. Bilal Khan

    Bilal Khan3 days ago

    if this was 2018 the girl would sue a old man for sexual harassment

  21. John Curtis

    John Curtis3 days ago


  22. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago


  23. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago

    #Wolverine #Magnito

  24. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago

    #GeneralAutoInsurance..... Roll through

  25. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago


  26. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago

    5:02 #Glinda and #HarleyQuinn

  27. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago

    3:45 #Adam22

  28. KEN KEN

    KEN KEN3 days ago

    when the lady came inside i think shaq changed his answer in the biggest bone in the body like if you get it

  29. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks3 days ago

    #ShaquilOniel..... yo my ride got fucked up!!!! we have good faith in the #GeneralAutoInsurance..... and i* had my policy longer than 45 dayz.... i think there are errirs in the data base. #CelinaPowell #LilPump #Adam22

  30. Knee ger

    Knee ger3 days ago

    I thought the longest bone in your body was your spine

  31. Erik Dogáň

    Erik Dogáň3 days ago


  32. Jamie Aubrey

    Jamie Aubrey4 days ago

    That Poor Blue Man

  33. Emely Silva

    Emely Silva4 days ago

    Hugh at 4:05 is just precious lol

  34. Bruno's Memory

    Bruno's Memory4 days ago

    Its odd not seeing Hugh play a pissed off Canadian wild man

  35. Tarunima SinghSanawar

    Tarunima SinghSanawar4 days ago

    The Blue Man looks so much like Tape Face from America's Got Talent! (just without any hair)

  36. Call Me Al

    Call Me Al4 days ago

    I love drew and Jonathan would be funny if they had to go against each other in this

  37. Anabelle Perez

    Anabelle Perez4 days ago

    "Whatup Boy Boy" 5:37

  38. wildfireintexas

    wildfireintexas4 days ago

    I feel so sorry for Alex Treves.

  39. Tony

    Tony5 days ago

    I like how Hugh HAD to kiss that girl at the end xD

  40. games pro

    games pro5 days ago

    I loved the greatest show man

  41. Hestia Scamander

    Hestia Scamander5 days ago

    Shaq is obviously goinv to win because he has Fucking Alec Trevec

  42. LarDiaTor lars

    LarDiaTor lars5 days ago

    How hot is that dress!

  43. Han Solo

    Han Solo5 days ago

    6:22 he wrote ''Help'' im fucking dying

  44. NEBSpecialEdition

    NEBSpecialEdition5 days ago

    What a stupid game

  45. Hey Its Lexi

    Hey Its Lexi7 days ago

    ‼️Anything with Shaq is funny as HELL‼️

  46. O Bear

    O Bear7 days ago

    finland is not a Scandinavian country

  47. Jere Koivunen

    Jere Koivunen7 days ago


  48. Your Mom

    Your Mom7 days ago


  49. Your Mom

    Your Mom7 days ago


  50. Vixxen

    Vixxen8 days ago

    6:12 wtf is going on back there

  51. toivo jalonen

    toivo jalonen8 days ago

    Mä oon suomesta

  52. MsUltrafox

    MsUltrafox8 days ago

    5:00 Sound in Hugh Jackman's mind "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  53. Ashling

    Ashling8 days ago

    Gotta be honest. I don't usually watch this stuff but its 4 am and I haven't slept and Oh my God I just laughed so hard so long i was crying and couldn't breathe It was just the image at the beginning of Shaq in a small box then more people coming in was hilarious and then *it happened* and the first to join him was Alex oooooh my god

  54. Jøłster2008

    Jøłster20088 days ago

    6:58 help?? lol

  55. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez9 days ago

    Video name please? For educational reason 😁😂

  56. Angultra

    Angultra9 days ago

    Shaq takes up like 2/3 of the booth by himself lol

  57. WhackyCast

    WhackyCast9 days ago

    Suomi mainittu. Torilla tavataan!

  58. Teri Piper

    Teri Piper9 days ago

    Dear Est. "Jimmy" . . . What's Up! DOC? Today's Races! . . . Racin' Today . . . First . . . The "Littles' Mouses & Great Big Houses'" . . . . . . Camp Fire Singin' . . . Limb Monkeys' Swingin' . . . Dinner Bells' Ringin' . . . Micro-Soft Pingin' . . . MacIntosh Wingin' . . . Tinker Bell Dingin' . . . Big River Springin' Hoedowns' Bringin'! Every Bodys' Champ . . . I On Ship Shapes Superman Capes . . . . Of Fears, Fairs, Peers & Pairs! ALL IN . . . . . . "What's Up Doc"! Bugs Bunny(s) . . . . Carrot Sticks! Looney Tunes . . . Big Goons . . . Goonies Boonies . . . Tell ALL . . . Walks' Talks! That's what "Wally" says . . . About "Walk About Creek"! And of course . . . . . . The "Crocodile"! YOU TELL "WALLY"! . . . WALLY TELLS EVERY ONE! PROBLEMS' OUT IN THE OPEN! KNOW . . . MORE PROBLEM . . . NO MORE PROBLEM! Hope Fully . . . Democracy Works! IT IS "SUP POSED" TOO!

  59. Olli Vuorinen

    Olli Vuorinen10 days ago

    Finland isn't in scandinavia.

  60. Emiliano Brunetti

    Emiliano Brunetti10 days ago

    The blue man is Tap Face?!

  61. Gacha Phoenix

    Gacha Phoenix10 days ago

    Poor Megan she looked scared

  62. XxDJ-KravexX !

    XxDJ-KravexX !10 days ago

    Girl name ?

  63. Sstay

    Sstay10 days ago

    I bet the old man was getting excited

  64. Nayla Ahmer

    Nayla Ahmer10 days ago

    Poor shaquill

  65. goodguy abin

    goodguy abin10 days ago


  66. Anne Baskerville

    Anne Baskerville10 days ago

    I feel bad for Shaquille. Having all those people shoved into his booth. And by himself, he already fills up 98 percent of the booth.

  67. Lori J

    Lori J11 days ago

    Alex Tribeck was like wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones11 days ago

    Is he gay 0:47

  69. DR.CHEEZY 600

    DR.CHEEZY 60011 days ago


  70. jonhwatching

    jonhwatching11 days ago

    Shit, namedrop across generations much?

  71. Games :3

    Games :312 days ago

    suomi perkele

  72. Vilma Hyvönen

    Vilma Hyvönen12 days ago


  73. Alex Williford

    Alex Williford12 days ago

    Man Alex trebek is cramped with shaq and the property brothers while wolverine gets one member of the blue man group

  74. Taimur Chaudhry

    Taimur Chaudhry12 days ago

    lol shaq’s just standing there enjoying. the others are the ones uncomfortable lmao

  75. cloudneal

    cloudneal13 days ago

    hugh and the blue man is the best duo

  76. cloudneal

    cloudneal13 days ago

    an improvising blue man is the best blue man

  77. D&B vlog

    D&B vlog13 days ago

    8:28 Hugh’s face 😂

  78. Beth C.

    Beth C.13 days ago

    HUGH JACKMAN!!!!!!!! Tell him I’ve watched The Greatest Showman EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  79. OneSilentSalute

    OneSilentSalute13 days ago

    Hugh's partner couldn't even talk to him to give him hints and he still won

  80. Hi Jack

    Hi Jack13 days ago

    hugh with huge

  81. Casey Adams

    Casey Adams13 days ago

    This is the greatest SHOW!!! Get it yeah, no ok..... love you Hugh

  82. Owen

    Owen14 days ago

    2:45 that left me laughing for whole vid

  83. Abby Hanson

    Abby Hanson14 days ago

    jimmy is a baby

  84. Obey The Law

    Obey The Law14 days ago

    This host is an idiot.

  85. Gryffindor girl

    Gryffindor girl14 days ago

    8:21 the time ran out tho

  86. And Peggy

    And Peggy14 days ago

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan! P.s. It’s not Scandinavian. (I’m going to the corner now.)

  87. Jason Fredrick Myers

    Jason Fredrick Myers14 days ago

    How come they can fit so many people into bill and ted's phone booth but not these ones

  88. William H. Buttlicker

    William H. Buttlicker14 days ago

    The chick was looking at Shaq like any of his dates, with a “please tell me your dick is not proportionate” face 😂

  89. Happy Forever

    Happy Forever14 days ago


  90. Marselis Davis

    Marselis Davis14 days ago

    Shaq you like a mean big brother messing around kissing his bro on the cheek

  91. Dan Patrick

    Dan Patrick15 days ago

    Handsome alex, daddy

  92. Name change allowed every 30 days

    Name change allowed every 30 days15 days ago

    She’s hot

  93. OKC Celtics

    OKC Celtics15 days ago

    I SWORE I thought that was Mayor McCheese in the back lol

  94. Christiaan Voldstad

    Christiaan Voldstad15 days ago

    Meghan Boone would be perfect as a live action "Elastic Girl" from Incredibles

  95. zeljko granatic

    zeljko granatic15 days ago


  96. Anjuhlah Chen

    Anjuhlah Chen15 days ago

    He didn't get it in time tho

  97. Tiana Pi Tesr

    Tiana Pi Tesr15 days ago

    Like a millennial mime.

  98. Dylan Ellis

    Dylan Ellis15 days ago

    6:48 shaq thought he broke something 😂😂

  99. Paras Mahajan

    Paras Mahajan16 days ago

    5:23 guess which is the longest bone now

  100. Austyn Su

    Austyn Su16 days ago

    What’s the largest planet jupirdur