People Review The New Barbie Bodies


  1. Night Grace Moon

    Night Grace Moon2 hours ago

    Please review Little Miss No Name

  2. Denny :P

    Denny :PDay ago

    There should be a made to move ken my little cousin and sister would love that

  3. Galaxypixel Gacha

    Galaxypixel GachaDay ago

    I’m da tall gurl XD

  4. Revanna Marquez

    Revanna MarquezDay ago

    There was only one thing that entered my thoughts when i have a barbie doll “ im ganna braid this barbie’s hair”. I didn’t really cared how it looked like, as long as i could play with it


    MADTASTIC !!Day ago

    I don’t really cares but I’m glad they made this because they don’t look the same.

  6. RANDOM Videos 1

    RANDOM Videos 1Day ago

    It’s just a doll 🙄

  7. slime _squishies

    slime _squishiesDay ago

    Lemme ask why adults are doing this ? Shouldn't it be children

  8. Larissa Harrod

    Larissa Harrod2 days ago

    Barbie was one of my favorite toys of all time me and her both love the color pink and I love the fact that she had blond hair and I always wanted blonde hair but then again I also wanted red hair like The Little Mermaid are you guys going to go against her to

  9. Pandicorn

    Pandicorn2 days ago

    the curvy barbie is the barbie that looks the most like an average human.

  10. Skye

    Skye2 days ago

    I'm lowkey crushing on Yessica

  11. Ophelia Jane

    Ophelia Jane2 days ago

    All these Barbies are for the adults to boost their self esteem. I haven’t heard of a little 6 year old girl mad because she doesn’t look like the Barrie. They just want to have fun and when people make EVERYTHING the way THEY want it it ruins the fun ness of something I you understand what I mean.

  12. MadMoon Studio

    MadMoon Studio3 days ago

    Kids just want to play with them... It's not that deep lol

  13. Wonder Girl

    Wonder Girl3 days ago

    Next i want to see a gay barbie like wearing a rainbow shirt that says love is love and a rainbow flag in her hand and she comes with maybe a girlfrenid named Kennedy instead of ken mattel should like totally hire me

  14. amanda lee

    amanda lee3 days ago

    who's 14 and still play barbie? just me? ok

  15. Funky Mango Girl

    Funky Mango Girl3 days ago

    Spoiler Alert: They can all fit into the same clothes

  16. • believe •

    • believe •4 days ago

    Im a pear body

  17. Anisha Saravanan

    Anisha Saravanan4 days ago

    I never cared about how they looked. I just played with the.

  18. J C

    J C5 days ago

    "You shouldn't look at a plastic toy and be like, that's what I need to look like, that's what I need to become"... but are adults going to be giving their child the doll that looks the most like them or what??

  19. Shay Van Buren

    Shay Van Buren5 days ago

    Looking at all the coments, ppl didn’t really think of her as a role model. They just wanted to braid their hair and change her shoes. So know idrk why the fat dolls and flat feet were invented it did nothing but ruin my love for dolls, I didn’t care about them anymore😐



    Body postitivity dont scribble on ur faces kids!

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous6 days ago

    WE WERE ALL CHILDREN. I NEVER THOUGH " hmmm this blonde white girl wearing pink sure is hot. I want to be her." I'm black with short hair. I always have had short hair though...

  22. Yanni Green

    Yanni Green6 days ago

    This is ridiculous, tbh my favorite Barbie's are the first ones and the 70s ones. But, kids are not looking at Barbie's body and shape. Are you serious? I never had blue eyes or blonde hair and never not once was I thinking about me with blonde hair or blue eyes or white. I'm perfectly fine with myself. And all I had were white Barbie dolls. I did an essay on barbie my freshman year of college. People really forget that Barbie is plastic and her none obtainable measurements are obtainable for a fake person. Personally I want the old Barbie's to come back, the adults that are insecure are the ones that are making these comments. And if, your child is thinking about wanting to become barbie, then you as a parent need to start parenting ur child better. Don't change Barbie cause she don't fit worldly views, train ur child to have a better mindset of themselves. I hope those are not the only three options of Barbie's I can get, cause I want to buy the old Barbie's with the none obtainable measurements. (for humans that is)..... Rag dolls didn't look like anybody but people were OK with that. so, why cant people be OK with this???? What is going on with this world??? Never in doll history did a doll actually, realisticly, look like a real person.

  23. Annie Youtuber ORIGINAL

    Annie Youtuber ORIGINAL7 days ago

    Petite means small in french *please like so more people can know*

  24. Katttybri Hamilton

    Katttybri Hamilton9 days ago

    I am like...fourteen and I still play with Barbies. I love Transformers and I sew my own clothes for my Barbies. Then I make both Transformers and Barbies team up against bad guys. Idc. 😝😁 Forever young!

  25. Siya_ Runway

    Siya_ Runway12 days ago

    The new fashionista dolls are the best! There are all types of genders, body sizes, size, hair (colors and cuts), skin tones, clothes, and people (Britains, Africans, Americans, ETC.) Sorry, just wanted to point that out

  26. JQIsabella

    JQIsabella13 days ago

    These barbies were made for the adults and not the kids

  27. Faye Gwenn

    Faye Gwenn14 days ago

    But.. who even cares? It’s a frigging doll guys. It’s. A. Toy.

  28. stantaeyeon

    stantaeyeon19 days ago

    Me : *sees Ariel* Me : I want a fish tail when I grow up. I want hair that stays beautiful under water. I wanna sell my soul and voice for a boy I saw for one day!

  29. May Poon

    May Poon19 days ago

    Sweat pants Barbie, that I can relate to.

  30. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel Pudding19 days ago

    0:58 That shade at Mattel tho😂😂😂

  31. Kelsey Clough

    Kelsey Clough20 days ago

    Cabage patch kids were the only dolls i liked because i didnt think they looked creep

  32. Paige Kirk

    Paige Kirk22 days ago

    Won’t the cloths not fit on the different body types dolls? Does each doll then have to have a specific wardrobe? It just evokes unpractical.

  33. Art Cross

    Art Cross23 days ago

    I know I’m late to this but the only problem I can see happening with these dolls is that kids will get sad someone else’s Barbier is bigger, smaller, curvier etc. Like, they’ll be sad that the other barbues are “better” in their opinion

  34. Todak

    Todak23 days ago

    0:35 not really though.

  35. Vicky

    Vicky23 days ago

    4 year olds be on MReporter these days #2018

  36. Regina Weiss

    Regina Weiss24 days ago

    Stop blaming the Barbie. Its the magazines , media and the people that influence girls!

  37. l i n n : :

    l i n n : :24 days ago

    was there an asian barbie :| bc bitchj if i dont see an asian barbie- its still not right

  38. Coralie Tiefel

    Coralie Tiefel24 days ago

    I love the new dolls, it shows that all people are different.

  39. Shishtar Suga

    Shishtar Suga27 days ago

    Me as a lil gurl wanted to look like Batman I’ll go home

  40. Aoife Campbell

    Aoife Campbell28 days ago

    And they're Frey-ands❣🤷‍♀️

  41. Zoe Alyssa

    Zoe Alyssa28 days ago

    Curvy Barbie looks like a normal human being 😂

  42. Katie Harte

    Katie HarteMonth ago

    I played with the original barbies all through my childhood it really didn’t affect my confidence as a child at all

  43. duustin crawford

    duustin crawfordMonth ago

    But did they change ken

  44. GuardedHeart

    GuardedHeartMonth ago

    Bruh the skin tone or the shape never mattered, at least how I played with the dolls was the same way I played with a teddy bear so it didn’t really matter what they looked like. All my dolls ended up naked, covered in crayon, and forgotten at the bottom of the toy bin.

  45. Jackiie Is Dead

    Jackiie Is DeadMonth ago

    I always played with trucks and mud, and on the rare occasion an action figure.

  46. Dblove

    DbloveMonth ago

    What’s wrong with making Barbie dolls in different body types. Regardless if the kids notice, it’s a positive change I say.

  47. Candycandycandy land Who

    Candycandycandy land WhoMonth ago


  48. Cynthia Pickett

    Cynthia PickettMonth ago

    Love the new dolls, but as usual, these dolls will appeal more to activists and collectors than to children.

  49. Trish O'Halloran

    Trish O'HalloranMonth ago

    BLACK BARBI CAMME OUT WHEN I WAS..?.. I will only tell u if u sub to me ore

  50. my opinión

    my opiniónMonth ago

    Moms : i don't want my kids growing thinking that been skinny is healthy. Also moms: stop eating you stinky pig that's why you are so fat and nobody's loves you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  51. BasicxllyTGG

    BasicxllyTGGMonth ago

    *An' She just liek "Ok" and then they frands.*

  52. Samara Vázquez

    Samara VázquezMonth ago

    What about being tall and curvy

  53. Broken Pencil

    Broken PencilMonth ago

    I don’t care for the body type change, they don’t really represent a lot of body types. And where are all the red heads? In real life I have only ever seen at the most 2 redheaded dolls with the Barbie brand. Don’t get me started on American Girl Dolls. None of the hair on those are even near my color. It’s ridiculous, I know, but being semi-poor at a Catholic private school, I always wanted an AGD, especially bc my friend had like six plus a custom one. But one that barely resembled me cost like $140 AT LEAST. Now that I’m older I realize what a ripoff the doll industry is.

  54. Msp Dj2550

    Msp Dj2550Month ago

    I normally don’t play with dolls I only use the clothes for stuff(I draw them) but I feel like these dolls show kids that it doesn’t matter what size or how tall u are that’s y I like them

  55. ClickForLia

    ClickForLiaMonth ago

    Honestly, Curly spoke out the best

  56. Alana Morris

    Alana MorrisMonth ago

    I have a VERY pretty curvy Barbie with pink hair and a sunflower sundress!

  57. Fleek Smith

    Fleek SmithMonth ago

    Who else uhhh ripped their barbies heads off....

  58. Rachel White

    Rachel WhiteMonth ago

    I always painted my dolls, I also wanted to curl their hair but it would melt 😂I love the new variety

  59. Paprika

    PaprikaMonth ago

    *A 6 year old child is bot gonna be like,* ‘hmmm, my barbie doll is not thiccc so I do not like thicccccc people’

  60. Cantaloupix

    CantaloupixMonth ago

    The real problem is not the dolls, but the parents. If the kids play with barbie dolls and feel insecure about themself, how would they know you're "supposed to be thin" if the parents didnt do something first?

  61. Mylee the edgy potato

    Mylee the edgy potatoMonth ago

    What about different Ken body types? There should be more than just that muscular body.

  62. my opinión

    my opiniónMonth ago

    They did them it just didn't got as popular as this

  63. Pandora Sims

    Pandora SimsMonth ago

    The white girl is so rude...

  64. Deadsher/

    Deadsher/Month ago

    I don’t like buzzfeed and how they act like they’re ‘woke’ and honestly there are so many other reasons I don’t like buzzfeed

  65. Mahal Kita

    Mahal KitaMonth ago

    I like barbie before because they feel much heavier and much nicer

  66. ainin's animator

    ainin's animator2 months ago

    When i was a 5-6 i think if i have a barbie i will cut their hair like me but now i have long soo i regret that 😂

  67. Morgan LaBeth

    Morgan LaBeth2 months ago

    None of these have realistic body's.

  68. Chiara G

    Chiara G2 months ago

    I want a barbie who can twerk

  69. BooBooBunny

    BooBooBunny2 months ago

    It's kind of weird how people are getting mad over this, I thought millenials were all about change. If our society is changing everyday (in music, art, fashion, technology, etc) why not toys too? 🤔

  70. Nickisyadaddy Yt

    Nickisyadaddy Yt2 months ago

    I want my minecraft barbies reeeeeeeeeeè

  71. el'jenno

    el'jenno2 months ago

    I didn't really care about the body types when I was little, I always just did their hair and clothes😅😅😅

  72. E Grace

    E Grace2 months ago

    I use to make my Barbies fight and fall of cliffs and run there cars of cliffs

  73. Cassie

    Cassie2 months ago

    Honestly when I was younger I never cared about what my Barbies size/shape was I just wanted what I called “different color” barbies so they all wouldn’t look the same 😕

  74. kate

    kate2 months ago

    I love the new Barbies cause not everybody is blonde, skinny with blue eyes but something we need is latino Barbies Brazilian barbies👍😆

  75. NerdLady100

    NerdLady1002 months ago

    I played with used bratz growing up cuz I was broke... most of them were missing their shoes lol.

  76. Tabby Cat

    Tabby Cat2 months ago

    "Always wearing high heels. That's a man's design" sorry but Barbie was manufactured by women get ya facts right 😂😂

  77. AwkwardPhangirl

    AwkwardPhangirl2 months ago

    Who really cared about how their toys looks like. These adults are pathetic, kids do not care about how their barbies look, they just want to play with them. I rarely played with barbies, but I didn’t care how they looked like.

  78. kate

    kate2 months ago

    AwkwardPhangirl well not everyone is blonde skinny with blue eyes some little girls wanted Barbies that look like them😆

  79. potterhead 101

    potterhead 1012 months ago

    I wish there was a app to make your own barbie

  80. Aye okay Maybe

    Aye okay Maybe3 months ago

    Why does this become such a big deal? When I was younger I didn’t care about being pretty or the shape of my body I only wanted to get new clothes and cute shoes for my barbies

  81. Delilah DD

    Delilah DD3 months ago

    If I get a Barbie doll I was like no thanks ._. It scare me it do scare me

  82. Caroline Madison

    Caroline Madison3 months ago

    1950's: Someday there'll be flying cars!! Now: Grown adults find it "meaningful" that there is a doll that looks like them

  83. Mary Sherrill

    Mary Sherrill3 months ago

    The woman who created Barbie designed the doll after her daughter.

  84. kate

    kate2 months ago

    Mary Sherrill no she designed them because she wanted little girls to have something to dress and mess with there hair cause that's what most little girls like and all the boy toys were like cars and trucks and stuff like that. Barbie was designed after a sexualized doll she was blonde with blue eyes and skinny that is where the idea and designing came from.

  85. sunny flower

    sunny flower3 months ago

    is2g all people care about these days is skin color and body shapes. it’s SO annoying. kids dont worry about this bullsh**. i grew up loving barbies and playing with barbies, even now i dont compare myself to KIDS DOLLS because it’s ridiculous!

  86. - bubblyslvt -

    - bubblyslvt -3 months ago

    They're taking this too seriously lol, when I had Barbies I didn't care what they looked like, I was bored and young.

  87. Ella Kociba

    Ella Kociba3 months ago


  88. sjtheWolf Boss

    sjtheWolf Boss3 months ago

    K don't know about u, but the different size barbies make me feel worse.

  89. Dog Expert

    Dog Expert3 months ago

    00:59 Pervert!..... That's what most peep say..

  90. Sophie Bryant

    Sophie Bryant3 months ago

    I had all sorts of barbies and I loved them all

  91. Laryssa Phillabaum

    Laryssa Phillabaum3 months ago

    Maybe if everyone stopped talking about Barbies Body SO Much they would remember she has had: 180 Careers She owns three homes She's been to Space She runs for president every electoral season. She graduated from Collage. But somehow she is a bad roll model for girls, Whateves

  92. Oh. My. WOW!

    Oh. My. WOW!3 months ago

    1:27 *inhales* Let’s be friends.

  93. Mc’quaid Asmr

    Mc’quaid Asmr3 months ago

    cant please anyone these days lmao

  94. T i n X cx

    T i n X cx3 months ago

    I have the blonde one irl :)

  95. The Indestructible Queen of Retards

    The Indestructible Queen of Retards3 months ago

    I always wanted to make my barbue wear flats and stand on her own. Too bad these barbies didn't come out when I was younger😢😢😢

  96. Jaygames 50516

    Jaygames 505163 months ago

    I really think that Barbie should also come out with barbies that look like disability’s cause not only kids that’s don’t have disability’s play with barbies

  97. Cookiekat art

    Cookiekat art3 months ago

    As someone who adored Barbie when I was younger, I feel like it's only the adults that make an issue with Barbie, you never hear children talking about "how self conscious Barbie makes them feel". I also don't see a problem with barbies size because the majority of the girls at my school have her body type.

  98. Rachel Stephens

    Rachel Stephens3 months ago

    Barbie is for kids, not bitter, overweight adult women who have to project their insecurities on corporations. None of my Barbies looked like me, but IDGAF because my Barbies were able to levitate to the second floor of their Barbie Fold n' Fun House that had no access door. It was about imagination, not reality.

  99. nostalgic vibes

    nostalgic vibesMonth ago

    BooBooBunny that's what u think

  100. nostalgic vibes

    nostalgic vibesMonth ago

    JellyPreserve did you just say *uwu*

  101. BooBooBunny

    BooBooBunny2 months ago

    Barbie is stupid.

  102. Georgia Ballard

    Georgia Ballard3 months ago

    The "Curvey" Barbie is cool but, it's still not like a (I don't wanna say fat) bigger person. I'm speaking g from experience. I hope they come put with a Barbie that is at least a little bigger

  103. Lisa

    Lisa3 months ago

    Ive never thought I had to look like Barbie and I loved playing with them when I was younger.

  104. Aurora Sloan

    Aurora Sloan3 months ago

    I have the petite one

  105. Tatiana Melody

    Tatiana Melody3 months ago

    "Im gonna ask my makers If I can wear falt shoes to I can go to the club" "and then she will be like okay" AND NOW THERE FRIENDS 😂

  106. Tiara Staples

    Tiara Staples3 months ago

    This is the first buzzfeed episode that I’ve seen that showed people with different conflicting point of views👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 great job buzzfeed,,