People Review The New Barbie Bodies


  1. Cheyenne W

    Cheyenne WHour ago

    When I was younger I didn’t even notice that they were all one shape. I just liked putting them in the different clothes.

  2. #Nolife #Tomanyships

    #Nolife #Tomanyships21 hour ago

    I never wanted to look like barbie I just wanted to braid her hair! Why do adults think little kids wanna look like a plastic doll. All this is proving is that adults are jealous of a doll

  3. Zack likes to snack

    Zack likes to snack22 hours ago

    Why are little girls so fascinated with dolls. They just sit there and look pretty. Even when I was a girl I didn't like them. Especially the ones that don't have joints so you can make them move like a human instead of both hands at their sides. Toys for boys DO SOMETHING. The cars move. The action figures and stuff have voice boxes and some cool thing they can do. Dolls just SIT.

  4. Slime Beach

    Slime BeachDay ago

    I would literally get a Barbie and within five minutes my brother already destroyed it with markers a gave it a haircut

  5. the middle man

    the middle manDay ago

    I use to take the clothes off my sister's barbies

  6. Shumsheia Johnson

    Shumsheia Johnson4 days ago

    I have the 1st doll

  7. Tumblr Fat!ma

    Tumblr Fat!ma5 days ago

    who's watching this in 2018

  8. shadan khansary

    shadan khansary5 days ago

    Am I the only one that the Barbies body didn’t bother me???

  9. AlexanderHamilton636

    AlexanderHamilton636Day ago

    Same... Like I knew they were fake. I knew they were just dolls.

  10. Lexi Maryland

    Lexi Maryland5 days ago

    2:40 no one does that

  11. Wild Coconut_ 77

    Wild Coconut_ 775 days ago


  12. Laurel Reed

    Laurel Reed6 days ago

    Their toys when I was younger I didn’t care what the barbies looked like I just cut their hair and worked on designing their houses no kids care

  13. It'sMeSada

    It'sMeSada6 days ago

    When I was a little bit younger I loved Barbie’s, I was just scared of everyone making fun of me so I always hid my Barbie’s. I still have my Barbie’s because I want to save them for my child if they like Barbie’s.

  14. Lea Ziesing

    Lea Ziesing7 days ago

    I would be annoyed by the dolls, because they can't move their arms, That's annoying! Also I would have pulled their heads off, cut their hair and still wouldn't see any difference, because a child doesn't care, most of the time it still wants the old Barbie, because she has so much more accessories and stuff:>

  15. meadow

    meadow7 days ago

    they should make less white barbies i feel like because that’s almost their whole color. they need more mixed and black dolls.

  16. Caroline Watts

    Caroline Watts7 days ago

    I don’t think kids will care

  17. julia_ XXX

    julia_ XXX7 days ago

    6 year olds don’t even care about the bodies shape. The only thing their going to look at it barbies boobs. We all know that’s true😂

  18. Felix Williams

    Felix Williams9 days ago

    I agree that it really is important for young children to be able to know that they’re beautiful and amazing no matter their body size

  19. Thelesbowithapen

    Thelesbowithapen9 days ago

    I only cared about making my barbies make out. I've always been gay...

  20. RadRedRacerAnimates

    RadRedRacerAnimates9 days ago

    they need customizable barbies i would actully buy barbies lol

  21. Kawaii Llama

    Kawaii Llama9 days ago

    I’m gonna say it... I don’t care about the shape of them I just wanted their clothes and always did their hair like I a hairstylist. I’m done .

  22. Mkp

    Mkp10 days ago

    I never wanted to look like barbies I just loved playing with them. Barbies to me were just dolls to have fun with! :)

  23. Kaitlyn DSOUZA

    Kaitlyn DSOUZA10 days ago

    lol i never cared about their bodies or skin tones all i cared about was the HAIR once my mom bought me this special barbie who's hair you could dye and i absolutely loved it. she went on a rave and got streaks all different colours of the rainbow. she was living THE life.

  24. Mahkenzi Woodard

    Mahkenzi Woodard11 days ago

    My cousin has a curvy barbie

  25. ally.

    ally.11 days ago

    I never really cared about the shape or colour of barbies. I just played with their hair and tried not to lose the shoes.

  26. Venush

    Venush12 days ago

    I'm glad they can FINALLY stand

  27. Hope Miller

    Hope Miller12 days ago

    When I was about 6 years old, I remember thinking that when I was older I would be skinny and pretty like Barbie, so it does impact some children's perceptions of themselves.

  28. Cinnabunn ii

    Cinnabunn ii13 days ago

    My sister keeps her barbies naked ;-;

  29. Mackenzie Robinson

    Mackenzie Robinson14 days ago


  30. Tessa the randomist

    Tessa the randomist14 days ago

    I just enjoyed playing with barbies and dressing them doing there hair. I always used tissue and stuffed it under the cloths to make a different body shapes.

  31. Moress Skie

    Moress Skie15 days ago

    0:20 i have that doll!

  32. :Jelly:

    :Jelly:16 days ago

    It’s mainly adults that want to look like a Barbie lmao

  33. Jordan Masters

    Jordan Masters16 days ago

    I’ve never had a black doll even though I’m a black child I only had one and I took it everywhere since it looked like me

  34. braiden d

    braiden d16 days ago


  35. Maggie the unicorn

    Maggie the unicorn16 days ago

    I'm 13 and still play with barbies...

  36. Ruthanne Fields

    Ruthanne Fields17 days ago

    I grew up with barbies and I never thought barbies were what I wanted to look like. I just thought she was pretty

  37. Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh17 days ago


  38. yetlaura89

    yetlaura8917 days ago

    My mom doesn't wanna buy me neither a curvy neither a petite doll cuz she says they look different

  39. Hanna Chen

    Hanna Chen18 days ago

    The lady in the circle glasses is my mood 😜😂😂

  40. Joelwino

    Joelwino18 days ago

    oh she's hot iT's A mAnS fAuLt ThIs iS oversexualization In tHe mEdIa

  41. Snowebo Plays Gacha

    Snowebo Plays Gacha19 days ago

    They remind me of monster high dolls now

  42. I don't know nan molla

    I don't know nan molla20 days ago

    Wait what if I'm tall and curvy?

  43. chewycat12

    chewycat1222 days ago

    Nobody is saying that children are being sad they can’t look like Barbie. The problem is the subconscious message it sends about that being the only ‘normal’.

  44. Leave Me Alone

    Leave Me Alone28 days ago

    Kids don’t care... it’s just a doll 🙃

  45. Twin Reiff

    Twin Reiff29 days ago

    Oh boy. It’s a toy. Stop digging into it and making Barbie something that it’s not. Shut up. Thanks b.

  46. Harleyxdaily x

    Harleyxdaily x29 days ago

    All I did with dolls was playing, Making hairstyles and making clothes for them . I didn't care how they looked like

  47. Lynn Lee

    Lynn LeeMonth ago


  48. RedK5

    RedK5Month ago

    I hate the new barbies

  49. Ethan Rinehart

    Ethan RinehartMonth ago

    Can i say black or do i say african american lol

  50. taes pickle

    taes pickleMonth ago

    I had one of those creepy dolls that u can turn the belly and then there was a baby.

  51. Catherine Valentina Poplett

    Catherine Valentina PoplettMonth ago

    They should have a flat chested Barbie

  52. GummiBear's World

    GummiBear's WorldMonth ago

    What child looks at a Barbie and looks and thinks "I need to look at this"

  53. Rɪᴠᴇʀ

    RɪᴠᴇʀMonth ago

    I paid NO attention to the bodies of dolls, and they didn't affect my expectations in myself one bit.

  54. Philip Hamilton

    Philip HamiltonMonth ago


  55. Yellow Diamond

    Yellow DiamondMonth ago

    Hear me out. I wish barbies would stay the same size because even from the older barbies to the more recent barbies they have changed in size so the clothes don’t fit. I JUST WANT THE CLOTHES TO FIT ALL BARBIES SO I DON THAVE TO ORGANIZE THEM.

  56. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel PuddingMonth ago

    Person: This is amazing that their including different body types and skin types! Me:Oh my god! The potential for repaints!

  57. Peytan Llewellyn

    Peytan LlewellynMonth ago

    I play with all the types of Barbies

  58. 정현박

    정현박Month ago

    I just f*cked up my younger sister’s XD

  59. Flybster 101

    Flybster 101Month ago

    I stopped watching as soon as that girl said "that's a man making that design there" LIKE CAN WE JUST NOT. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT BARBIE PLEASE

  60. Dark Note Productions

    Dark Note ProductionsMonth ago

    I once colored an entire Barbie black with sharpie

  61. CandyCloud Productions

    CandyCloud ProductionsMonth ago

    Do people even understand if barbie dolls, heck even any doll in general, had a realistic body, the legs wouldn''t be able to bend. They make the dolls fairly thin for a reason, that reason being articulation as well as universal doll clothing sizes.

  62. kina meen

    kina meenMonth ago

    Black barbie is more attractive than other 😘

  63. Violet Jean Garcia

    Violet Jean GarciaMonth ago

    that moment when for you that curvy body still skinny

  64. emotionalhoney 22

    emotionalhoney 22Month ago

    Why is curly like the nicest guy ever


    MONEY MONEYMonth ago

    really this won't affect kids only the whiny ones kids get barbies to braid their hair and draw on them unless your a teenager u won't get affected or wanna be blonde and be skinny

  66. Lucid memories

    Lucid memories2 months ago

    I hate being fat and tall,I'm like a freaking giant

  67. XxIcy WolfxX

    XxIcy WolfxX2 months ago

    in my opinion i think the "curvy" dolls a still not that (excuse my language) fat.

  68. Second Breakfast

    Second Breakfast2 months ago

    Really all these cunts do is complain. She’s black but then she’s still unrealistic because she’s wearing heels. SMH

  69. Night Grace Moon

    Night Grace Moon2 months ago

    Please review Little Miss No Name

  70. Danni Gacha :P

    Danni Gacha :P2 months ago

    There should be a made to move ken my little cousin and sister would love that

  71. watercolor Gacha

    watercolor Gacha2 months ago

    I’m da tall gurl XD

  72. Revanna Marquez

    Revanna Marquez2 months ago

    There was only one thing that entered my thoughts when i have a barbie doll “ im ganna braid this barbie’s hair”. I didn’t really cared how it looked like, as long as i could play with it

  73. MADTASTIC !!

    MADTASTIC !!2 months ago

    I don’t really cares but I’m glad they made this because they don’t look the same.

  74. RANDOM Videos 1

    RANDOM Videos 12 months ago

    It’s just a doll 🙄

  75. slime _squishies

    slime _squishies2 months ago

    Lemme ask why adults are doing this ? Shouldn't it be children

  76. Larissa Harrod

    Larissa Harrod2 months ago

    Barbie was one of my favorite toys of all time me and her both love the color pink and I love the fact that she had blond hair and I always wanted blonde hair but then again I also wanted red hair like The Little Mermaid are you guys going to go against her to

  77. Pandicorn

    Pandicorn2 months ago

    the curvy barbie is the barbie that looks the most like an average human.

  78. Ophelia Jane

    Ophelia Jane2 months ago

    All these Barbies are for the adults to boost their self esteem. I haven’t heard of a little 6 year old girl mad because she doesn’t look like the Barrie. They just want to have fun and when people make EVERYTHING the way THEY want it it ruins the fun ness of something I you understand what I mean.

  79. MadMoon Studio

    MadMoon Studio2 months ago

    Kids just want to play with them... It's not that deep lol

  80. Wonder Girl

    Wonder Girl2 months ago

    Next i want to see a gay barbie like wearing a rainbow shirt that says love is love and a rainbow flag in her hand and she comes with maybe a girlfrenid named Kennedy instead of ken mattel should like totally hire me

  81. amanda lee

    amanda lee2 months ago

    who's 14 and still play barbie? just me? ok

  82. Funky Mango Girl

    Funky Mango Girl2 months ago

    Spoiler Alert: They can all fit into the same clothes

  83. • believe •

    • believe •2 months ago

    Im a pear body

  84. Anisha Saravanan

    Anisha Saravanan2 months ago

    I never cared about how they looked. I just played with the.

  85. J C

    J C2 months ago

    "You shouldn't look at a plastic toy and be like, that's what I need to look like, that's what I need to become"... but are adults going to be giving their child the doll that looks the most like them or what??

  86. Shay Van Buren

    Shay Van Buren2 months ago

    Looking at all the coments, ppl didn’t really think of her as a role model. They just wanted to braid their hair and change her shoes. So know idrk why the fat dolls and flat feet were invented it did nothing but ruin my love for dolls, I didn’t care about them anymore😐


    THEDERPYDUCHESS AnanyaDEBRIS2 months ago

    Body postitivity dont scribble on ur faces kids!

  88. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 months ago

    WE WERE ALL CHILDREN. I NEVER THOUGH " hmmm this blonde white girl wearing pink sure is hot. I want to be her." I'm black with short hair. I always have had short hair though...

  89. Yanni Green

    Yanni Green2 months ago

    This is ridiculous, tbh my favorite Barbie's are the first ones and the 70s ones. But, kids are not looking at Barbie's body and shape. Are you serious? I never had blue eyes or blonde hair and never not once was I thinking about me with blonde hair or blue eyes or white. I'm perfectly fine with myself. And all I had were white Barbie dolls. I did an essay on barbie my freshman year of college. People really forget that Barbie is plastic and her none obtainable measurements are obtainable for a fake person. Personally I want the old Barbie's to come back, the adults that are insecure are the ones that are making these comments. And if, your child is thinking about wanting to become barbie, then you as a parent need to start parenting ur child better. Don't change Barbie cause she don't fit worldly views, train ur child to have a better mindset of themselves. I hope those are not the only three options of Barbie's I can get, cause I want to buy the old Barbie's with the none obtainable measurements. (for humans that is)..... Rag dolls didn't look like anybody but people were OK with that. so, why cant people be OK with this???? What is going on with this world??? Never in doll history did a doll actually, realisticly, look like a real person.

  90. Annie Youtuber ORIGINAL

    Annie Youtuber ORIGINAL2 months ago

    Petite means small in french *please like so more people can know*

  91. Katttybri Hamilton

    Katttybri Hamilton2 months ago

    I am like...fourteen and I still play with Barbies. I love Transformers and I sew my own clothes for my Barbies. Then I make both Transformers and Barbies team up against bad guys. Idc. 😝😁 Forever young!

  92. Really ugly but Not ugly

    Really ugly but Not ugly2 months ago

    The new fashionista dolls are the best! There are all types of genders, body sizes, size, hair (colors and cuts), skin tones, clothes, and people (Britains, Africans, Americans, ETC.) Sorry, just wanted to point that out

  93. JQIsabella

    JQIsabella2 months ago

    These barbies were made for the adults and not the kids

  94. Faye Gwenn

    Faye Gwenn2 months ago

    But.. who even cares? It’s a frigging doll guys. It’s. A. Toy.

  95. stantaeyeon

    stantaeyeon2 months ago

    Me : *sees Ariel* Me : I want a fish tail when I grow up. I want hair that stays beautiful under water. I wanna sell my soul and voice for a boy I saw for one day!

  96. May Poon

    May Poon2 months ago

    Sweat pants Barbie, that I can relate to.

  97. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel Pudding2 months ago

    0:58 That shade at Mattel tho😂😂😂

  98. Kelsey Clough

    Kelsey Clough2 months ago

    Cabage patch kids were the only dolls i liked because i didnt think they looked creep

  99. Paige Kirk

    Paige Kirk2 months ago

    Won’t the cloths not fit on the different body types dolls? Does each doll then have to have a specific wardrobe? It just evokes unpractical.

  100. Art Cross

    Art Cross2 months ago

    I know I’m late to this but the only problem I can see happening with these dolls is that kids will get sad someone else’s Barbier is bigger, smaller, curvier etc. Like, they’ll be sad that the other barbues are “better” in their opinion

  101. youthdom

    youthdom2 months ago

    0:35 not really though.