People Review The New Barbie Bodies


  1. Amy Anime Lover

    Amy Anime Lover8 days ago

    Disney needs to do this with their princesses

  2. Se A

    Se A10 days ago

    I am a naturally skinny and a little tall woman. I have breasts but zero butt! When I saw the new barbie dolls, I asked myself why my body type is not considered as normal, too. Why make the other body completely disappear from the stores (I have been in) and ONLY offer thick body type Barbie dolls. Something is wrong in the society. I'm already feeling terribly unattractive, since big butts become a trend. Now this.

  3. J G

    J G11 days ago

    As a child I always had trouble taking clothes off Barbie dolls so maybe this would be easier. Also, love that they can stand up on their own!!!

  4. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi12 days ago

    All I needed when I was 6 years old was a Barbie that I could play with. I didn't care whether they were skinny or fat, black or white. They're only ever gonna care if we keep all of this up. Just give them a goddamn toy and let them play with it

  5. How To Survive

    How To Survive13 days ago

    “Those are men making those designs there” Jeez get over yourself. It’s a freaking doll.

  6. Iconic

    Iconic19 days ago

    I’m glad they make the feet flat now. It was annoying how I had to ALWAYS hold them upwards lol

  7. Marina Ívina :3

    Marina Ívina :319 days ago

    the black Barbie is better than the original

  8. #Lemonade Cake

    #Lemonade Cake20 days ago

    Only reason I even used my barbies was to give them haircuts

  9. Madeline Abigail Lukito

    Madeline Abigail Lukito20 days ago

    But i never see barbie's body as perfect. Big boobs, perfect booty, v shaped face, big eyes,etc Just thin. That's it. Even some dolls, i consider not so pretty.

  10. Adriana

    Adriana23 days ago

    Fun fact I never played with barbies

  11. Asmr Meadow

    Asmr Meadow27 days ago

    who else played with bratz dolls. there were only like two 'white' or ligher toned bratz dolls.

  12. Glor¡a Green

    Glor¡a Green27 days ago

    I remember the bratz

  13. v's fingernail

    v's fingernail29 days ago

    I think its good because when I was younger I never knew dark skinned people existed because barbies were always light skinned and I grew up and started watching the tv and saw people who were dark skinned (that was probably the most stupidest thing I ever thought)

  14. fredo Fred

    fredo Fred29 days ago

    Barbie was fun because she was THAT kind of girl... the rich thin tall one with good hair and nice boobs. The Super Model Of The World kind... Now she is just normal boring girl... No glamour or fun.

  15. Alma Martínez

    Alma Martínez29 days ago

    I never really cared about my dolls just being white its just a toy A toy is not gonna determind i cant be anybody its a toy I never cared what they need to change is humans we need stop seeinv color if we can get past that

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    Secret Zexyula TeloivMonth ago

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  19. Chloe Wilson

    Chloe WilsonMonth ago

    I had barbies when I was younger I used to rip their legs off then try to reattach them.

  20. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer BrownMonth ago

    It’s always about the bodies- never about what Barbie really does. Barbie is a kid’s toy that portrays a female president, engineer, vet, doctor...but anyone only ever cares about the thin body and blonde hair. It’s completely in line with sexism. Like yeah make some diversified friend dolls but stfu about Barbie being “too conventionally beautiful or unrealistic” like a movement is necessary because most kids don’t care and they shouldn’t be taught to care about what others- let alone pieces of plastic --look like.

  21. Ivy Carola

    Ivy CarolaMonth ago

    Listen to these Whitney feminist bitches

  22. hon

    honMonth ago

    shut uuuuuuup in what world does kids want to have specific body shapes as barbies

  23. whatever why

    whatever whyMonth ago

    Whose waiting for those BTS dolls

  24. Iamsad 69

    Iamsad 69Month ago

    Why are people always complaining about the proportions or dolls? I get the whole “unrealistic standards of beauty affecting young girls” but has nobody ever heard of stylization? If the designers made the dolls too realistic then they would fall into the uncanny valley. I do think helping young people learn to love who they are and to be confident is important, however, sometimes making a fun toy that doesn’t give people nightmares is a higher priority for toy manufacturers.

  25. love bunnie-mack

    love bunnie-mackMonth ago

    When I was younger, my brother and I were too busy melting the Barbie dolls’ faces and hair with the lamp . I didn’t even notice they were all white 😂

  26. NutellaGiraffe 13

    NutellaGiraffe 13Month ago

    I didnt care about how they looked, all i done was attempt to do their hair, dress them, and try find matching pairs of shoes 😂

  27. Cryzz xx

    Cryzz xxMonth ago

    Lmao I just played with barbie dolls I didn’t care about their body shape.

  28. It's Feli

    It's FeliMonth ago

    This is so true!

  29. Clara Smith

    Clara SmithMonth ago

    Men don't really care for tall girls. White people are always forcing their looks onto society.

  30. Clara Smith

    Clara SmithMonth ago

    Why is the white barbie curvy?

  31. RIGBY

    RIGBYMonth ago

    I cant be the only girl who never liked to play with dolls. I used to prefer plushies.

  32. Ida Kržišnik

    Ida KržišnikMonth ago

    I have barbie with big nose and affro

  33. mystcyoongi

    mystcyoongiMonth ago

    Anybody else ripped off their heads and burnt them? Ok..

  34. gudetama

    gudetamaMonth ago

    I saw some Barbies in Walmart they were thicccc!

  35. Svana Iceland

    Svana IcelandMonth ago

    That's a *MEN* making that design right there

  36. Taylor’s Show

    Taylor’s ShowMonth ago

    There’s always gonna be one person who takes offence to barbies. Always. We can’t please everyone.

  37. Just Callie

    Just CallieMonth ago

    It’s unrealistic that everybody is skinny and gorgeous

  38. Just Callie

    Just CallieMonth ago

    They need to be different body sizes because #stylehasnosize

  39. Shrek_is_bae Yas

    Shrek_is_bae YasMonth ago

    Most of my barbies were naked idk why I couldn’t find any clothes for them


    ASHLEY MOSHERMonth ago


  41. Ali Harris

    Ali HarrisMonth ago

    I’m going to be honest i never played with Barbies because i really didn’t see the point

  42. Love_Ariana

    Love_ArianaMonth ago

    I love the new doll looks they look a lot better tbh

  43. anime chan

    anime chanMonth ago

    I cut my doll hair when I was 7 and I kinda was good but terrible at the same time and her hair was blond all the to her back and had a pink stric

  44. Flaming Fox

    Flaming FoxMonth ago

    This is more Feminists review barbies more than people

  45. The Magsterz

    The MagsterzMonth ago

    Would anyone else cut their Barbie's hair

  46. Fortnite Fan

    Fortnite FanMonth ago

    I miss the old barbies! They were prettier 😭

  47. Bloody Mary

    Bloody MaryMonth ago

    Yay new Barbies with different body types... wait now none of the Barbie clothing I already have fits..,now I have to buy all new clothing...just like Mommy.

  48. oh boy

    oh boyMonth ago

    you have to complain about everything don't you?

  49. Irene

    IreneMonth ago

    0:53 PETITE?

  50. Angelica UmbrellaKiller

    Angelica UmbrellaKillerMonth ago

    all i thought about barbies as a child was "...she would look good with a mowhawk...MOOOOOOM WHERE'S THE SCISSORS"

  51. Hope I feel like death

    Hope I feel like deathMonth ago

    0:35 really? You needed to bring the whole man thing into it. What the heck does that even have to do with this. It’s irrelevant.

  52. Gacha Avril

    Gacha AvrilMonth ago

    I'm inlove with those barbies!! I WANT THEM! ❤💖😥

  53. katie x

    katie xMonth ago

    So 6 year olds want a curvy barbie

  54. katie x

    katie xMonth ago

    Make a skinny barbie

  55. Andy Fennell

    Andy FennellMonth ago

    That's good. Some children need toys they can identify with.

  56. Aphrodisiac Tresspasser

    Aphrodisiac TresspasserMonth ago

    Strong, independent women getting offended by plastic figures.

  57. Rach H

    Rach H21 hour ago

    True lmao

  58. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilMonth ago

    I was never really into Barbies since I’ve always had Bratz Dollz, but, alright. If people like it, i love it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  59. Natalie Harrison-Lim

    Natalie Harrison-LimMonth ago

    Damn all I did with my barbies was make clothes out of tissue for them and send them on dates with other barbies🤷🏻‍♀️

  60. karina gentzler

    karina gentzlerMonth ago

    I didn't like barbies I thought they looked "fat" I liked the monster high dolls cuz they are "Skinny" now that I think about that its pretty messed up

  61. me

    me2 months ago

    I'm a Barbie collector, and this bothers me. Projecting grown up fears on a child is horrendous! Mattel has done an injustice to children everywhere by producing dolls based on grown up fears. Let them be kids.

  62. GPizzle :v

    GPizzle :v2 months ago

    1:26 "and they're *frAyANds* "

  63. Jules_ 90

    Jules_ 902 months ago

    The Fuck,I used to just like playing witj Barbies I never compared myself to her.

  64. reagan knabb

    reagan knabb2 months ago

    In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  65. reagan knabb

    reagan knabb2 months ago

    In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  66. reagan knabb

    reagan knabb2 months ago

    In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  67. кall

    кall2 months ago

    The Barbie company or whoever makes the dolls should make customizable dolls on a website so girls can have a “mini them” or like them as a doll? Wait what

  68. Jinx Vi

    Jinx Vi2 months ago

    Love curves barbies

  69. Carly Michelle

    Carly Michelle2 months ago

    When I played with barbie All I did was made her go into adventures I made her into a doctor A surfur A model for me to design clothes for hee And other things All and all I just thought of my barbie as a friend who wanted to do everything so I helped her

  70. cupritecupcake

    cupritecupcake2 months ago

    When did this happened? What did i miss?

  71. •Lemon Berry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ• Berri

    •Lemon Berry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ• Berri2 months ago

    They’re toys

  72. ShortAMVs 017

    ShortAMVs 0172 months ago

    They are just dolls. Girls don't think about their bodies when they are young, they just want to play with them. Just stop with all of this body acceptance, don't make a problem that wasn't even there in the first place.

  73. Alexis Casson

    Alexis Casson2 months ago

    1:24 I never played with Barbie but if I did that’s how it would be 🤣🤣🤣

  74. wow Liz

    wow Liz2 months ago

    It wasn't dolls that made me self conscious it was more celebrities.

  75. lisacarden

    lisacarden2 months ago

    With different shape barbies comes different shaped clothes. So you have to buy more clothes to fit each individual barbie. Marketing scheme at its best.

  76. L&W Cosplays Biggest Fangirl

    L&W Cosplays Biggest Fangirl2 months ago

    Lol I just played with my dolls I didn’t even know people cared about the barbies bodies.

  77. Emma Harder

    Emma Harder2 months ago

    1:08 yasssssss!

  78. Hi_I'm_ Selen

    Hi_I'm_ Selen2 months ago

    Sup peeps, go check out ma channel. I made a VeRy eDuCaTiOnaL vid, with all my love and care.

  79. Than Thar

    Than Thar2 months ago

    I had a Barbie...but I had a nightmare about it, and I gave it to a friend who wanted it😂

  80. Pika Chu

    Pika Chu2 months ago

    I love the new barbies. I dont understand what the problem is with them. If you like the original,then get that.

  81. SpaceKiddo

    SpaceKiddo2 months ago

    I didn’t wanna look like a Barbie, I wanted her damn pink convertible

  82. I live in the 70s

    I live in the 70s2 months ago

    very very very old barbies are the best

  83. honey bun

    honey bun2 months ago

    “im sorry I don’t mean to undress her but-“

  84. Cervitaur Rose

    Cervitaur Rose2 months ago

    I never had a problem with the original Barbie design, just that they all looked the same. Im glad there's variation now.

  85. Gracie Palmer

    Gracie Palmer2 months ago

    Did Barbie really affect people?

  86. Olivia Aldanondo

    Olivia Aldanondo2 months ago

    Links this if the body size and shape literally didn’t bother you at all as a child

  87. Martina Diaz

    Martina Diaz2 months ago

    When I was younger I loved playing with Barbie, braiding her hair, sewing clothes and stuff. It never crossed my mind that I wanted to look like her.

  88. Trash Bien

    Trash Bien2 months ago

    Honestly, if you feel offended by a Barbie doll, then you need to rethink everything 😂

  89. Yamel Camel

    Yamel Camel2 months ago

    This is why people had rag dolls or sewn dolls 40 years ago

  90. Ducky_nabs :3

    Ducky_nabs :32 months ago


  91. Talvan Sisters

    Talvan Sisters2 months ago

    I never really cared about my Barbies body shape, I just wanted to play,play,play.

  92. SEOULJOY _

    SEOULJOY _2 months ago

    I don’t think a 6yr old is gonna care about the skin color or body shape of a doll. Or at least i didn’t care, I just wanted to play with their and hair and clothes. kids don’t see in eyes of an adult, so this is more of a thing you think about as you get older.

  93. Im Bored

    Im Bored2 months ago

    It won’t affect the majority of kids. It doesn’t affect the majority of kids. Kids don’t think about the body shape of their toys because they are KIDS. People need to stop thinking that children look through the same eyes adults do, because usually they don’t.

  94. Sadge30

    Sadge302 months ago

    They should start making Barbie dolls that look like Eugenia Clooney. They could make an anorexic special edition of her.

  95. Kirsten Lunsford

    Kirsten Lunsford2 months ago

    Little girls don’t care guys like it’s just about dressing them and having shoes and pretending they’re going places I never cared as a little girl


    SNOWMAN LIGHT2 months ago

    What is this, buzzfeed???

  97. A Person

    A Person2 months ago

    I love these barbies. My sister’s best friend has a little sister that’s almost 5 and my sister has one of these dolls. I always say about the curvy Barbie “this one is my favorite, she is so pretty” Just to teach her that individuality is ok.

  98. Madi and Ali R

    Madi and Ali R2 months ago

    1:06 XD

  99. Roxanne June

    Roxanne June2 months ago

    I never took any notice of Barbie's body shape. I was too busy ripping her head off and trying to flush her down the loo...

  100. Minty Heart

    Minty Heart2 months ago

    i have always cringed or hated barbies. i did not like dolls at all when i was 6 years old

  101. luke warm milk

    luke warm milk2 months ago

    They’re just dolls. People are seriously getting mad over a piece of plastic. Tbh kids aren’t going to pay much attention to their bodies and skin tones, they’re just going to want to play with them. Kids aren’t really educated about different races and body types when they’re like 5. Feel free to argue, this is just my opinion

  102. Charity McCutcheon

    Charity McCutcheon2 months ago

    I have the Barbie in the thumbnail