People Living With Disabilities Review Characters With Disabilities


  1. Jo WL Leung

    Jo WL LeungHour ago

    In casting actor with disability for Artie's role. A lot of comments go into how a disabled actor can't do what an able-bodied actor can. What about the other way around. All the things an abled body can't do while a wheelchair user can! Of course the team can choose who they want and how they want it, it's their show. Just thinking it may give a different level of artistic possibilities. After all, the show is about celebrating variety of talents right!?

  2. stiras1

    stiras111 hours ago

    I don't get why they didn't like What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Leo did an amazing job. I know kids like that, so he didn't do a poor job. It was realistic. It is also a movie about a family's struggle, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Lots of families struggle for different reasons. Why should we hide that some families with kids who are disabled struggle? It is the truth. Much better to get it out in the open then pretend it doesn't happen.

  3. Abygaelle

    Abygaelle17 hours ago


  4. Starry Night

    Starry NightDay ago

    The way Glee handled Artie, bisexuality and Asian characters sucked sooo bad. I'm glad that show is over

  5. See My Way Elin Williams

    See My Way Elin Williams2 days ago

    Why isn’t Dare Devil in this? Or any blind/deaf reviewers???

  6. Asl Cuber

    Asl Cuber3 days ago

    I like wonder but my main gripe with it that the character wasn’t deaf like they said in the movie overall the person who played him did really well

  7. TeaandFiona

    TeaandFiona5 days ago

    I always thought Dinklage was hot even in Elf

  8. Morgan MacRae

    Morgan MacRae6 days ago

    peter, goddamn why does he do it to us

  9. MnMPryoBanana

    MnMPryoBanana11 days ago

    Good stuff.

  10. Pretty Little Liar

    Pretty Little Liar11 days ago

    What an inspiration. "We want to be inspired too".. What a slap in the face. Wake up humanity!

  11. Jolie Mwah

    Jolie Mwah12 days ago

    I loveeeeee this! Its refreshing to hear such insight, thank God for the internet because this can definitely be addressed all over the world! We want to see more of this!

  12. Karissa Santana

    Karissa Santana14 days ago

    Could y'all make a similar video of: Deaf people Review Characters that are "Deaf" In TV and Movies?

  13. Ed Lothia

    Ed Lothia15 days ago

    They didn't bring up Jamie Brewers AHS roles which I think are so great! especially from "coven"


    LUCIA CURRAN LANE18 days ago

    I didn’t see that part in glee

  15. Jennifer .S

    Jennifer .S19 days ago

    What about Reggie in Call The Midwife? Those episodes get me in tears every time. He's such a great character!

  16. Nicola Locke

    Nicola Locke20 days ago

    The crush is real!

  17. Hannah G

    Hannah G21 day ago

    As a person with many disabilities, I feel like the majority of what they say in this video is petty and purposefully negative. Nothing annoys me more than people nit picking the hell out of things. By the time it got to the discussion of Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, I was just plain annoyed.

  18. Esme.Equine

    Esme.Equine23 days ago

    Look. Just because you are disabled, doesn’t mean you can be the police on “properly portrayed disabled people.” It’s sad, that you have to go through what you go through, but please, don’t get mad at directors and actors for trying. It’s like saying just because I’m white I can criticize the movies with white females and say “well this isn’t how I live, I’m offended by the character.” That isn’t right.

  19. CrappyOneshots

    CrappyOneshots23 days ago

    No bran?

  20. Phoebe Congloebe

    Phoebe Congloebe24 days ago

    Where's Sean Murphy from The Good Doctor?

  21. SlothSlow

    SlothSlow25 days ago

    Wish they added Ivar the Boneless from Vikings probably one of the more badass characters on the show (After Ragnar and Bjorn)

  22. Gianna Faith

    Gianna Faith25 days ago

    Wow that guy is a savage 😂

  23. Andrianna Lu

    Andrianna Lu25 days ago

    what about Dustin from Stranger Things?

  24. Mike Danek

    Mike Danek26 days ago

    "I'm here, and I'm hard to kill." That is hands down one of the most badass things anyone has ever said.

  25. jennifer yvette reyna

    jennifer yvette reyna27 days ago

    I can see why people would find Leonardo DiCaprio's acting offensive but I don't agree that the movie is supposed to make the audience feel sorry for the family because of Arnie's disability. The story is about Gilbert and his struggle to take care of his family while trying to live his own life. The relationship between Arnie and Gilbert is a big part of the story but it isn't all there is to the movie. Also, you can't forget that the Arnie wasn't the only character in the movie with a disability. The mother is morbidly obese and is a shut in.

  26. Darmath

    Darmath28 days ago


  27. Cait P.

    Cait P.28 days ago

    It's also worthwhile noting that using "name actors" can be a really good in for people who otherwise aren't exposed to media featuring disabled people, and the choice of actor very rarely impacts a character's narrative (the writer and director do) .

  28. Cait P.

    Cait P.28 days ago

    Would have been great for you guys to touch on what successful movies featuring disabilities exist from the 90s onward so your audience have some inspiration about what they can look up and watch.

  29. Dino Saurus

    Dino Saurus28 days ago

    If you don't have people on the panel with cognitive diabilities, don't review those characters. In Particular, don't review characters with cognitive disabilities that severely affect them. How do you know that your panel doesn't also have misconceptions about cognitive and intellectual disabilities?

  30. TheIrishninjas

    TheIrishninjas26 days ago

    Disability is such a broad spectrum that even if they were to add people with cognitive disabilities to the panel, people would still complain. I think the point of this is to say that as a whole, the disabled community is represented poorly in society.

  31. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez28 days ago

    I can't believe no one thought to bring up Simon Birch, who tf??

  32. Super

    Super28 days ago

    That guy has really gross hands

  33. Jessica Bushell-Hale

    Jessica Bushell-Hale28 days ago

    I am curious what people with disabilities think of the woman from Kingsman. She was an amputee with leg blades and about as over the top as any other character in the movie.

  34. AD Queen

    AD Queen29 days ago

    Super cool! It is super interesting of hearing their poin of view since I have a compleatly different one

  35. Lauren M

    Lauren M29 days ago

    I love the disability content please keep it coming, most aren’t talking about disability.

  36. Kayla Packer

    Kayla Packer29 days ago

    If anyone wants a story of a disabled person doing amazing things, there's a movie called an Uphill Climb. It won a mid America Emmy award. It's about a man with cerebral palsy. It goes through the steps of his day to day life while also documenting the insane things he's accomplished including climbing to base camp of Mt. Everest.

  37. Kayla Packer

    Kayla Packer29 days ago

    The man's name is Kyle Packer and he's my dad.

  38. torinju

    torinju29 days ago

    Am I am the only one that is relieved they liked Tyrion? He is one of my favorite all time characters and I would have been really disappointed if I found out I was missing something horrible about his portrayal.

  39. Joseph Cabral

    Joseph Cabral29 days ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t do my left foot!

  40. 천재짱짱맨뿡뿡

    천재짱짱맨뿡뿡Month ago

    I mean yeah but leo did a fantastic job at that role. I dont think any abled human could portray a condition like that so consistently and naturally. offensive or not, that took serious talent on his part.

  41. Heavy Object

    Heavy ObjectMonth ago

    With biomechanics everything is possible

  42. Makemehappy

    MakemehappyMonth ago

    Is it bad to say i think these guys are biased

  43. TheIrishninjas

    TheIrishninjas26 days ago

    Well, able-bodied people tend to be biased as well, so it balances out.

  44. Tsukuri Takeshiro

    Tsukuri TakeshiroMonth ago

    This video was so wonderful. Could you guys please do a similar one for Trans people and for Autistics, or people with mental disorders, please? I would love to see more people like me weighing in on the perceptions that Hollywood and such seem to have on persons like me and how people like me react to it.

  45. Marco Barragan

    Marco BarraganMonth ago

    the girl in black is amazing

  46. Anne van Lierop

    Anne van LieropMonth ago

    I expected to see American Horror Story on here! There's a lot of disabled characters there that I really loved, especially Nan in Coven and the disabled characters in Freak Show (the ones played by disabled actors). It would have been easy (and lazy writing) to make their disabilities the 'horror' part of the show but it didn't seem that way to me. I can only watch it as an able-bodied person though so it would've been nice to get a different perspective.

  47. Joelx27

    Joelx27Month ago

    Yo that guy Christopher was my substitute teacher he is an amazing guy man love that guy

  48. Scrappy Coco

    Scrappy CocoMonth ago

    Judging by title this is the most pointless video..

  49. TheIrishninjas

    TheIrishninjas26 days ago

    What makes it 'pointless', in your opinion?

  50. HaichaoTeaLover

    HaichaoTeaLoverMonth ago

    I think this was a bit unfair, especially in the case of Glee. I think the best actor should play a role, regardless of if the actor himself is disabled or not. That's like saying you can't have a war drama without real soldiers as actors, or a gay character without the actor having to be gay too, and so on. It feels weird to me to say "I don't want people to pity us, I don't want to get a prize just for being what I am" but then also expecting every disabled role to only be given to disabled actors? Specifically in case of Archie, the actor portrayed him really well, and his character arc was much more than "his disability". Glee was a positive show - everyone had some problems they had to grow from and overcome. Archie not only learnt to love himself with his wheelchair, he encountered many other typical teen problems too that he eventually got over, just like any other character in the show.

  51. R L

    R LMonth ago

    it is easy to justify casting non-disabled actors in disabled roles when there are no famous actors who have the disability the filmmakers are portraying but it sucks because people like me - autistic psychotic people - never get to see ourselves on screen in a realistic light. we project onto caricature characters like harley quinn or deadpool because there are /so few/ neurodivergent characters who are portrayed well that we have to settle with literal cartoons for solidarity until we make friends online who share experiences. and that's just my own experience as someone whose disabilities are easy to hide and pretend dont exist. stop using us as inspiration porn. at least Peter Dinklage can demand it, but i want every disabled actor to have that power.

  52. Creighton Harris-Dorsey

    Creighton Harris-DorseyMonth ago

    This is nice...but they all seem so bitter. I guess no one remembers Corky from Life Goes On either. But yeah this all seemed a little like lets give angry people a platform. I have worked in special education, and worked with people who are physically and developmentally challenged, and none of them seem this jaded/angered by television shows. I have a 14 year old who loves the Good Doctor and says its not real but the doctor is incredible (and cute)

  53. The Redcoat

    The RedcoatMonth ago

    Stop pushing diversity, you don't need to see someone like yourself in media to be happy about your disability. Just be yourself.

  54. JoinMeInDeathBaby

    JoinMeInDeathBabyMonth ago

    Where is Matt Murdoch/Daredevil?

  55. Lucas A

    Lucas AMonth ago

    do a mental health one!!!! review stuff like mental illness portrayed in american horror story (violet and tate), to the bone, 13rw, etc

  56. Yung Mayonaise

    Yung MayonaiseMonth ago

    The dude with fucked up arms is the best thing ever

  57. Sustainable Dallas

    Sustainable DallasMonth ago

    This is a video worth watching! Not something I often see from Buzzfeed. Well done this time & thanks participants for bringing wisdom and light to a topic I didn't have a lot of information on

  58. bexnmoo

    bexnmooMonth ago

    I have asperger's, tourette's, and gender identity disorder. (Those are just the prominent ones)

  59. Erm !

    Erm !Month ago

    Have we done invisible disabilities? Like Crohns.... Cept watching a character run to the bathroom every 30 minutes prolly isn't all that interesting lol.

  60. Hazel Nut

    Hazel NutMonth ago

    Wonder? The book was better.

  61. Fantastic Elastic

    Fantastic ElasticMonth ago

    Fake and gay

  62. Douch Mush

    Douch MushMonth ago

    Where is nemo

  63. Douch Mush

    Douch MushMonth ago

    You can dance in a wheelchair when you get drunk

  64. Teddi

    TeddiMonth ago

    I don't see the problem with Leo's acting. He was portraying a character with a mental disability, not a physical one.

  65. Padraig Pearse

    Padraig PearseMonth ago

    Joseph Merrick?

  66. Courtney Dowell

    Courtney DowellMonth ago

    I like that you guys included good and bad examples

  67. VaellieTheAngel

    VaellieTheAngelMonth ago

    they really should have given more clips for Artie. He does reach the point of loving himself for him, but it takes a realistically long time to reach that. The fact is, he loved dancing when he was able to walk, and when that was taken away, yea, he could still dance with his upper half, but he couldn't be as expressive. it took a large part of the series for him to get to the point where he could accept his own reality. He was a beautiful, complex character, and the way Glee handled his and other character's disabilities was awesome.

  68. VaellieTheAngel

    VaellieTheAngelMonth ago

    and with Becky, I enjoyed her so much. She was spunky, she was expressive. She played off of Sue so well and she was this incredible way of expressing confidence despite disability. IN particular (i mean, spoilers if you haven't already watched Glee) when Sue's sister, who also suffered from down syndrome, died, and becky sort of filled that little gap in Sue's heart, I felt that so much. This goes for every other disabled character in glee (and there are quite a few) you get to see them work through that, you see them struggle and try their best.

  69. KennedyEbony

    KennedyEbonyMonth ago

    Walter Jr. is freaking awesome. He doesn't exist as a walking pity party to incite feelings of "Aww, that poor sweetie. Hang in there, little guy!" Nope. He is a regular teenager--rebellion, sass, and all. Hell, even Walter Sr. turned the whole "passive cancer patient" stereotype on it's head! He is not a victim. People have hurt him, but he hurts right back. He IS the danger.

  70. Morgan Rackley

    Morgan RackleyMonth ago

    but there are kids with Down syndrome who act very similarly to Leonardo DiCaprio's character. It's just on the more extreme end of the spectrum

  71. Tangeled Princess

    Tangeled PrincessMonth ago


  72. Lelanick Santiago

    Lelanick SantiagoMonth ago

    I feel like that episode where Arty dreams of dancing was used to show what he could actually do not the character, the actor.

  73. Susan Sharp

    Susan SharpMonth ago

    Is it crazy that I don't see the disability?I see it...I am not blind but I see people and not the disability...maybe the way I was raised...who knows.

  74. Leslie Sauceman

    Leslie SaucemanMonth ago

    Peter Dinklage is handsome and a great actor.

  75. Topidoit

    TopidoitMonth ago

    I was waiting for gilbert grape to show up

  76. ThePiccoloCat

    ThePiccoloCatMonth ago

    3:58 Daveed! :O


    I'M KAYD BABYMonth ago

    As a disabled person, the lack of characters that I can relate to, definitely influenced my self-esteem growing up. I forget how isolated I felt, and how much I struggled until I watch things like this, and it hurts, but it needs too. How can you ever heal if you do not acknowledge that you have been wounded?

  78. Anopolis

    AnopolisMonth ago

    handicapped people with TONS OF MAKEUP.....and scripted as a mother..its not sincerer its gross

  79. Nater Tater

    Nater TaterMonth ago

    These people sound like they are full of spite.....

  80. 7 Luna

    7 LunaMonth ago

    I love these people

  81. kyle magaro

    kyle magaroMonth ago

    When I worked at a day care I experienced the family of two of my favorite kids go from not knowing about there 2 year olds down syndrome, to not knowing what to do, to being embarrassed for him at times, to eventually accepting him and working with him to the point where I was the only person outside of the family that even knew at the day care. Now they were lucky enough to be very wealthy though, he had speaking, walking, education, socialization, basically everything you could think of, tutors.

  82. Serai3

    Serai3Month ago

    It's not about names, it's about talent. They look for the best actor, not the biggest name.

  83. thandi garrett

    thandi garrettMonth ago

    Hey! What about JJ from Speechless?

  84. QuickPlay

    QuickPlayMonth ago

    I have a polydactyl thumb. Am I disabled?

  85. J B

    J BMonth ago

    everyone has a crush on Peter dinklage

  86. Pillbo Baggins

    Pillbo BagginsMonth ago

    Becky was fantastic in Glee, she was hilarious. "get me some chocolate or i'll cut you!"

  87. hulas shoupe

    hulas shoupeMonth ago

    i have a 90%curve in my spine and nf1 /2

  88. hulas shoupe

    hulas shoupeMonth ago

    tyren is a pimp

  89. Brynn Money

    Brynn MoneyMonth ago

    No Ivar the Boneless!? That’s disappointing. I really wanted to know what they thought of that character.

  90. juliamadeline

    juliamadelineMonth ago

    does the blonde woman have a youtube channel or blog or anything!? She is so well spoken, i’d love to hear more from her!

  91. SpellMagic0

    SpellMagic0Month ago

    Game of thrones' midget is a hunk omg

  92. Cyberkitt

    CyberkittMonth ago


  93. My Sweet Pets!

    My Sweet Pets!Month ago

    Honestly I wasn't going to watch Wonder because I read the book and I new it probably wasn't going to be as good, but Daveed Diggs was in it so...

  94. Heaven Atsbeha

    Heaven AtsbehaMonth ago

    R.J. Mitte!!!

  95. Jim Jong Jung

    Jim Jong JungMonth ago

    Didn't want to touch sheldon cooper eh? Or any other adult with a non physical disability? Well, it's cool you tried. I guess I shouldn't have expected more than the topical.

  96. Vincenza8907

    Vincenza8907Month ago

    Oh god buzzfeed what have you done? These people are not an authority on what people with disabilities experience. Only their experience. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio spent extensive time with someone who was mentally disabled, so you should blame that guy.

  97. Sarah Jane Schaddelee

    Sarah Jane SchaddeleeMonth ago

    Why is my girl toph not on here?

  98. KennedyEbony

    KennedyEbonyMonth ago

    Freaking love Toph. <3 I guess they wanted to go for real people, though.

  99. Elda Marker

    Elda MarkerMonth ago

    🤔 Is dwarfism a disability? It's a genetic condition that obviously affects your growth & body structure, but I don't understand how it would disable a person?

  100. DJLuke420

    DJLuke420Month ago

    "We move the same, omg that amazing" self absorbed

  101. Kenny Lassen

    Kenny LassenMonth ago

    wow just when you think buzzfeed couldnt be a worse company - this is the idiotic

  102. Sophie Williams

    Sophie WilliamsMonth ago

    If they only showed them clips from the shows, it's not an accurate picture of the whole character.

  103. Pastel Kitten

    Pastel KittenMonth ago

    They all are allowed to have there opinions and they're disabled anx I'm not. But I do think theyre taking everything a bit to far. They seem to be oversensitive to everything. Like just because you have a disability doesn't mean you know about them all so don't be oversensitive

  104. 브룬도ᄆ

    브룬도ᄆMonth ago

    why only male characters? what about arizona from greys anatomy? what about any other female character? just ONE, maybe?

  105. Ennello

    EnnelloMonth ago

    I still don't think it's representative to have physically disabled people react to mentally disabled people. I can imagine it's a completely different struggle... This video does give a good image of what a disabled person deals with, but I still wonder what it would be like for mentally disabled people.

  106. Juliette K.

    Juliette K.Month ago

    Christopher is such a cutie.