People Apologize to Their Teachers


  1. Dayanara Espino

    Dayanara Espino29 minutes ago

    J Ji Jim Jimm Jimmy

  2. Tali and Meli

    Tali and Meli3 hours ago

    That girl is friends with lele pons

  3. imdangerousandfluffy aj

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  4. Katy TV

    Katy TV17 hours ago

    1:18 she looks familiar

  5. Logic Studios

    Logic Studios17 hours ago

    Pause at 3:19

  6. Lisa Mwafy

    Lisa MwafyDay ago

    Umm.... i never brought in my homework for a whole year in 5th grade

  7. Demia Beach

    Demia BeachDay ago

    Thats lele sister from the vines

  8. Anya Binoya

    Anya BinoyaDay ago

    The thumbnail is lele's sister remember lele's vine well vine old but u remember



    Thumbnail her name I think her name is Vale she’s Lele Pons’ friend

  10. Katie Huynh

    Katie HuynhDay ago

    The thumbnail...that girl looks like lelepons sister

  11. Goldxo Gamer

    Goldxo GamerDay ago

    The first girl is Lele Pons friend

  12. Jessica Alcala

    Jessica AlcalaDay ago

    The second girl on the list looks like one of her friends from Lele Pons vine

  13. Adelai The Immortal

    Adelai The ImmortalDay ago

    I’d like to apologize to my teachers for making fandom references every five seconds.

  14. lylicus

    lylicus2 days ago

    i’m doing it now bc highschool is starting soon. hm (8th grade)mrs spanish teachers who’s name was so long too hard to spell out or just say i cheated in one of my spanish tests with my friend and you came up to the girl behind me and caught her out for cheating and not us. 2nd grade mrs averna i made fun of you for all of elementary school and middle school. oh my chinese teacher in 7th grade all of my friends made fun of you bc you gave us a test on quizlet on a computer and told us we could take it 1 more time if you didn’t like your score uhm i’m pretty sure everyone in our class took it more than 5 times and got a 90+. oh and all but one of my teachers in the ending half of 7th grade i never did any of the hw you assigned me besides math bc she was nice and funny. Oh and i failed all your tests but you guys still passed me with B’s and A’s. I apologize bc ur classes were boring and all i did was sleep and draw okay i’m done sike no i’m not first half of 8th grade sorry s.s i did all my work and tests just when you were talking i was making sarcastic comments but from doing that i made a friend right next to me :D oh and in general i’d like to apologize for being absent for so long, and saying i was sick i wasn’t i was playing games :D

  15. LittleMissSweetie Pie

    LittleMissSweetie Pie2 days ago

    That girl on the thumbnail is friends with Lele pons

  16. Cold Glass Of Milk

    Cold Glass Of Milk3 days ago

    I'd like to apologize to my Language Arts teacher for looking her up online and finding out she is a sex offender.

  17. Ava Ava

    Ava Ava3 days ago

    I am in grade 11 so I have 1 more year to think about who I should apologize to but I will not apologize to my grade 9 math teacher because he deserved what he got. In second grade I threw my pencils at my teachers head because I did not win a game that who I will say sorry to.

  18. Shay's Channel

    Shay's Channel4 days ago

    Omg the 2nd girl

  19. Xochilt Jimenez

    Xochilt Jimenez4 days ago

    Omg yay vale was in there she was in the thumbnail

  20. trackerjacker666

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    The mayor one killed me

  21. cecilia diaz

    cecilia diaz5 days ago

    his nra joke was garbage.

  22. Mackenzie Malacara

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  23. Caleb Maes

    Caleb Maes5 days ago

    Holy crap what are the odds. 1:13 that his Vale Genta. She was Lele pons best friend in high. School

  24. blink_igot7 stan

    blink_igot7 stan5 days ago

    I wanna apologize to my 1st grade teacher for telling everybody that Santa wasn't real

  25. Miss Young 36

    Miss Young 365 days ago

    I want to apologise to my teacher for when I was 10 I threw a compass at her 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  26. Kdjdj 1

    Kdjdj 16 days ago

    How do you get a car on the roof of a school

  27. my name start with an A

    my name start with an A6 days ago

    2:31 that tattoo tho...😂😂😂😂

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  29. Vlogs by F&T

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    I came here cuz I saw lele pons Friend vale

  30. TheDarkDragonEye

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    I live in prince George Virginia

  31. renad ibra

    renad ibra6 days ago

    The first girl she’s lele pons’s friend

  32. Isaac Husk

    Isaac Husk6 days ago

    “we stoled his car and put it on the roof.”

  33. Rob gaming 2

    Rob gaming 26 days ago

    id like to apologize to my 2nd grade teacher for peeing on my pants

  34. cyan shades

    cyan shades6 days ago

    Mayor !? 😂😂😂 that was funny

  35. aubrey

    aubrey7 days ago

    Woooooo the thumbnail is Vale from Lele Pons!!I love lele pons and vale!

  36. Klea G

    Klea G7 days ago

    Who came her cuz of the thumbnail. VALE ❤️❤️!

  37. Tricia Fredrick

    Tricia Fredrick7 days ago

    2:36 why???? would you get a tattoo like that???

  38. Noilany Afin

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  39. triniti brown

    triniti brown7 days ago

    Why be nice to teachers most of my high school teachers were asshats

  40. Noushin Goudarzi

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    Thumbnail girl ! Hi

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    The thumb nail is lele pons friend

  46. 444 UnicornSparkles 444

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    VALEE! 1:14 though xD

  47. Jesus Mejorada

    Jesus Mejorada9 days ago

    This one teacher last year came in and i would bring food in every day in a backpack and id bring out a small bag of chips and a koolaid and shed throw them away and ide bring out another and shed trow it away and i kept doing the same thing every day and it was her first year there and we made her quit before the semester was even over💀

  48. I love Fillie, GIRL 101

    I love Fillie, GIRL 1019 days ago

    The thumbnail is keel pond friend or sis from vine

  49. Perrin Harley

    Perrin Harley9 days ago

    I'm sorry Ms. McCartney for being the nicest kid in class and then turning out to be the class prankster... Sorry!

  50. Tina Reviews

    Tina Reviews10 days ago

    That dog though

  51. Sofia Tomasiello

    Sofia Tomasiello10 days ago

    Actually 1:20

  52. Sofia Tomasiello

    Sofia Tomasiello10 days ago

    1:29 is a utuber

  53. Dhay Albosalih

    Dhay Albosalih10 days ago

    So this was in 2nd grade there was a teacher and his name was mr Gerber And i made the nickname mr burger for him

  54. Ariel Dominguez

    Ariel Dominguez10 days ago

    I know I am late but I always was that one student who got in trouble for anything that student that every teacher hated nut secretly loved at the same time cuz they thought I was smart

  55. Oo UniPlays

    Oo UniPlays10 days ago

    I would never forgive my 1st grade teacher for what she’s done to me, I imagine if I was on that show 😂😂 I would’ve been like Fuk YOU 1ST GRADE TEACHER

  56. Mimi The Goat

    Mimi The Goat10 days ago

    Valeria from lele? :o

  57. sebas44gtr

    sebas44gtr11 days ago

    Ya I put a fart bomb in my teachers class and she was crying and throwing up 😬

  58. CoolDragonGuy :D

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  59. Nasra Ibrahim

    Nasra Ibrahim11 days ago

    I recognized the girl on the thumbnail. I saw her in lele pons video

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    Kyra Jay12 days ago

    1:24 she looks familiar to me

  63. -Skywalker-

    -Skywalker-12 days ago

    ultimate clickbait thumbnail

  64. karimkopra

    karimkopra12 days ago

    smoke to look cool thank u usa

  65. Aiden Simons

    Aiden Simons12 days ago

    The checkbook one the guy is high

  66. sweetie _cream13

    sweetie _cream1312 days ago

    The girl in the thumbnail she’s in lele pons vine #ripvine

  67. Claire Delaney

    Claire Delaney12 days ago

    I apologize for having you as a teacher!?! Grrrrrr

  68. Uprising Dynamic

    Uprising Dynamic12 days ago

    6th Grade I Had A Subsitute For A Week And My Friend And I Pretended We Were Autistic For The Whole Week

  69. cookie crumble

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    Vale! ❤️

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    I love you thumbnail girl!

  73. ʜᴀʀʀɪs ᴛᴜʙᴇ

    ʜᴀʀʀɪs ᴛᴜʙᴇ13 days ago

    Fake -_-

  74. CuteSquiggles YT

    CuteSquiggles YT13 days ago

    My brother had a teacher his name was Mr Art and we called him Mr fart

  75. violeta ortigoza and I

    violeta ortigoza and I13 days ago

    1:26 thats vale lele pons friend

  76. Kymori Cameron

    Kymori Cameron13 days ago

    I have no regrets

  77. daizy barron

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  78. Persephone Knight

    Persephone Knight13 days ago

    I hope my math teachers children die. And then he dies of misery.

  79. LLI GUY

    LLI GUY13 days ago

    1:13 Name or Instagram for research purposes for my Ph.D in propulsion engineering?

  80. Bella Min

    Bella Min13 days ago

    Grade one joke: what do you find in a clean nose? Fingerprints. I had to stand in the corner.

  81. Marcos Barquero

    Marcos Barquero13 days ago

    1:25 That girl apears in a lele pone vine 😂

  82. Dallas Faaui

    Dallas Faaui13 days ago

    *I saw Vale 😂 so I clicked*

  83. Arjan Chadha

    Arjan Chadha13 days ago

    LA County Jail? WTF

  84. Anaïs Bellefeuille

    Anaïs Bellefeuille14 days ago

    *Dоеs аnуоnе wаnnа 4.d.d.ult сhаt with Ме аnd sаtisfу Ме tоnight?* *I'аМ sо h.о.r.n.у?Рlеаsе сhаt with Ме hеrе* ⇛ 🔥 🔥

  85. Azariah Blunt

    Azariah Blunt14 days ago

    I called my teacher ugly and noisy but I’m not sorry about it😂

  86. Baby Bear

    Baby Bear14 days ago

    Dat one moment when ur teacher says good morning and u are the only one who says it back XD

  87. xPretty

    xPretty14 days ago

    Wasn’t the girl in the thumbnail was in quite a few lele pons vines?

  88. peachy.

    peachy.15 days ago

    VALE! ♥️

  89. TGS Vize

    TGS Vize15 days ago

    The guy who stole his teachers car and put it on the roof of the school.must have just gotten out cause he was wearing jail uniform

  90. Scott Sokachitch

    Scott Sokachitch15 days ago

    Did anyone see the face tat at 2:30 ?

  91. Nutella Lover

    Nutella Lover15 days ago

    2.38 had a tattoo that was very rude

  92. louis kim btshark

    louis kim btshark16 days ago

    The girl in the thumbnail is like pins friend

  93. Joshua Bloodsworth

    Joshua Bloodsworth16 days ago

    Los Angeles county jail lol

  94. Zlata Princess

    Zlata Princess16 days ago

    valeeeeeeee i love you 😍😘😘😘❤️

  95. Paige Shanley

    Paige Shanley16 days ago

    1:13 valeeeee geeeeennnnttaa ccchhhhiiiicccccaaaa💖💖

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  98. Egbert Copplind

    Egbert Copplind17 days ago

    what a cool piercing! 2:15

  99. Sanjay Annamalai

    Sanjay Annamalai17 days ago

    If the woman at 1:46 had red hair, how many of you think she would like Danielle Bregoli? (Bhad Bhabie)

  100. Chillish

    Chillish17 days ago

    I wanna apologize to my 6th grade teacher bc I raped her