People Apologize to Their Teachers


  1. Lisa it the best Lisa number One

    Lisa it the best Lisa number One4 hours ago

    *Vale Genta😍😍*

  2. J PEC1

    J PEC15 hours ago

    Vale Genta

  3. Pneuma Espiritu

    Pneuma Espiritu10 hours ago

    I'd like to apologize to our economics teacher, all of us didn't went to his class one day and we were hiding from the other classroom and he was confused because he kept waiting and no one came so he left.

  4. Anette Moreno

    Anette Moreno13 hours ago

    1:15 she looks like Vale Genta

  5. Bpan

    Bpan13 hours ago

    hey man... your getting old

  6. Attraction Plays

    Attraction Plays13 hours ago

    2:12 jojo siwa?

  7. Tim Gann

    Tim Gann14 hours ago

    White girl still seems drunk or coked up..

  8. Josue Palomares

    Josue Palomares14 hours ago

    *The weed joke tho and she made it legal*

  9. Cambria Vos

    Cambria Vos18 hours ago

    1:57 yooooo i have friends who go there

  10. ThePessimistAdam

    ThePessimistAdam20 hours ago

    Mr grets? mr. regrets?

  11. Fidan Alizada

    Fidan Alizada22 hours ago

    I would never))

  12. Ger -

    Ger -Day ago

    This channel always gets me with the thumbnails

  13. kookie bantan

    kookie bantanDay ago

    I would like to apolgies to my head of displin master for calling him "bald eagle"

  14. chanell

    chanellDay ago

    Boy you could stay in the “bubble” the evil witch trapped you in i ain’t likin this, now lemme go to your which so she can bibbity bop me out of this video 💀 I’m kidding, already liked it!

  15. JYC

    JYCDay ago

    1:13 be honest you guys are here cause of her

  16. That Serpent Sammy

    That Serpent SammyDay ago

    Am I the only one who clicked on this video because they saw Vale Genta

  17. l Ency l

    l Ency lDay ago

    In 5th grade I slipped a piece of salami under my vegetarian teacher’s slice of pizza and um... well... I’m not sorry

  18. Sun Flower Playz YT

    Sun Flower Playz YTDay ago

    It’s Vale! Lele Pons best friend

  19. Stoned Koala

    Stoned KoalaDay ago

    had a Indonesian teacher called mr mooy do not know how to spell that name it is pronounced like moo like a cow with a e sound but he was so easy to laugh at whenever you ask him a question he would tell u the answer then say it is so obvious

  20. Zinther Z

    Zinther Z2 days ago

    1:40 that guy so cute

  21. Nae nation 4life

    Nae nation 4life2 days ago

    I hate my teacher

  22. Charlotte Martinson

    Charlotte Martinson2 days ago

    tbr some of my teachers need to apologize to their students...

  23. phoenix jane

    phoenix jane2 days ago

    i go to tesoro !!

  24. xo_ queen

    xo_ queen2 days ago

    The girl in the thumbnail looks like Maia Mitchell

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    Great way to get people to subscribe jimmy😉

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    i only click on this video for that chix

  27. Zachy W

    Zachy W2 days ago

    the guy with F tattoo and a dog on his shoulder is really a nice picture lol

  28. Void

    Void2 days ago

    Teacher.... I’m sorry for fingering my girl in your class, she kinda had a weird face while I was doing it. And you never knew. At least I’m still with her teacher

  29. Llama.Scented Slimes

    Llama.Scented Slimes2 days ago

    The worst thing I ever did was switch names with my friend in my maths class he still thinks my names Hannah

  30. Kevin L

    Kevin L2 days ago

    1:13 H.O.T

  31. Francis Villaroel

    Francis Villaroel2 days ago

    1:15 one of the pretiest American women ive ever seen.

  32. sheryl goh

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  33. • Porpyderp •

    • Porpyderp •3 days ago

    “At least I learned something in school ya know?” I learned nothing.

  34. Kaitlyn Tat

    Kaitlyn Tat3 days ago

    The meanest thing I did to my teacher was tell her her armpits were hella stinky and hairy

  35. Julie xoxo

    Julie xoxo3 days ago

    *3:23** fOwGiVe mE*

  36. Alexa Soto

    Alexa Soto3 days ago

    Dang that dude with the chiwwawa is savage

  37. Alexa Soto

    Alexa Soto3 days ago

    The 2nd girl looks like LeLe Pons friend

  38. Parisa Tahsin

    Parisa Tahsin3 days ago

    1:13 Vale from lele pons

  39. Ghalyah Sahel

    Ghalyah Sahel3 days ago

    I would like to apologise to my principal in my high school for opening the fire extinguisher in her office .. i'm so sorry

  40. Little Bee

    Little Bee3 days ago

    Vale!!!! 🤩

  41. Geedwozer

    Geedwozer3 days ago

    ''Stuck sticky paperpieces in her curly her cause it was curly'' come on, that's bullying.

  42. Caroline Nguyen

    Caroline Nguyen3 days ago

    Second girl is friends with a celeb

  43. Keythy Lopez

    Keythy Lopez3 days ago

    Omg that’s vale leles sister

  44. # Mase

    # Mase3 days ago

    how did he put the car on the roof

  45. okayemma

    okayemma3 days ago

    Sorry to my teacher in first grade on behalf of the student that threw a chair at you also sorry to the teacher in 6th grade on behalf of the student that said he was going to orgasm in class I'm very sorry

  46. 23_Maycee Miller

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    Am I the only one who clicked on it bc the thumbnail bc she has been in leles vine

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    Isn’t that Lele pons Sister? Or Cousin? Danm

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    At 1:14 she looks familiar

  49. Serenity Tavarez

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    1:17 VALE!!

  50. SmolSoph

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    3:32 wtf is that guy in the back (behind the tree and in front of the car) doing?? XD

  51. Nick Lammers

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    He's observing the tree.

  52. Lance Cruz

    Lance Cruz4 days ago

    Is no one gonna notice that the thumbnail was Vale Genta???? 😂😂😂

  53. Lorenzo Morales

    Lorenzo Morales4 days ago

    Reporter: you want to appreciate your teacher what you have done wrong to him/her Me: ya I used to put a litter on the quiz until the paper burns and said to them "I'am lazy"

  54. Khanan Bt

    Khanan Bt4 days ago

    I just hate the jokes on teachers. It just make learning sound like a joke.

  55. Khanan Bt

    Khanan Bt4 days ago

    Teaching is the most dificult job in now days

  56. Nala Dragneel

    Nala Dragneel4 days ago

    @2:30 kiba from Naruto as a grown-up old fart

  57. Valerie j R . DSouza

    Valerie j R . DSouza4 days ago

    I my country we have something called teacher day and we miss some class's

  58. steve

    steve4 days ago

    i forgive u jimmy tell me who did that!

  59. The jez

    The jez5 days ago

    *miss siwa?* JOJO WHAT WAS YOUR LAST LIFE?

  60. Clara Mariano

    Clara Mariano5 days ago

    “At least I learned something in school you know” mood

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    oof the girl in the thumbnail is GORGEOUS

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    Clicked on this because Vale was in the thumbnail

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    Lele pons friend vale is on this

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    vale ganteee

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    Did anyone know vale from some of lele pons videos

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    i hope kimmel never dies

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  69. Jarrett Perry

    Jarrett Perry6 days ago

    The worst thing I ever did was when I was in 8th grade my friend Jake pulled out a condom right before the end of first hour Art so we decided to fill it with soap and put it on our teachers desk. After class we heard commotion in her room and when we decided to peak our heads in we saw her crying in the arms of Mr. Lovett, one of the principals, crying about how terrible her students treat her :(

  70. Kenya Jerez

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    This video was published on my birthday 🎂🎁🎈😱

  71. BC 04

    BC 046 days ago

    Sorry for falling asleep in class

  72. Divine Feline

    Divine Feline6 days ago

    That girl admitted to underage drinking on national television

  73. Kennedy Westcott

    Kennedy Westcott7 days ago

    In high school there was this one teacher who was also later than the students so we would be standing out in the hall 6 minutes after the bell rang.. we started not showing up to class and everybody just went to the small room behind the study hall.

  74. Nina Barnes

    Nina Barnes7 days ago

    The 2nd one looks familiar

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    thats valegentaaaa

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    2018 anyone

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    1:13 she is lele’s friend

  79. Takashi

    Takashi8 days ago

    we just gonna ignore the fact that the dude at 2:30 has "F**K YOU" Written above his nose?

  80. Nope Nope

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    1:16 vale genta?

  81. Trinity Morris

    Trinity Morris8 days ago

    I did not tell the teacher i recorded her when we were at recess....

  82. Darren Li

    Darren Li8 days ago

    Shouldn’t be saying sorry and should be saying thanks for having me

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    Why does the girl in the thumbnail so familiar 🤨

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    The first girl they talk to is on Logan Paul’s MReporter channel

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    1:15 isn’t that the girl from lele pons vines ??????????

  86. TT’s Blessings TV

    TT’s Blessings TV9 days ago

    I guess I’ll apologize to all the teachers who got disrespected by me. Idk exactly who or what I’ve done but I deflee had a bit of an attitude 😭 also sorry to my guidance counselor and principal because i told them i fight teachers too.. they kept trying to calm me down and it was pissing me off😂

  87. TheLegendarySpark - Gaming

    TheLegendarySpark - Gaming9 days ago

    I am sorry to my teacher for not paying attention with the tragedy story

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    1:13 That’s lele pons sister

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    wow the girl in the thumbnail is so pretty😪 i wish i was pretty

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    Oop buddy you’re stuck

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    Anyone recognise the second one

  92. Kleine Maya

    Kleine Maya10 days ago

    I was suicidal in primary-school,so my teachers should apologize to me. I have some mental issues and that's why I can't do math. It just won't get into my head because of some wires that are attached wrong. One of my teachers came up to me and said:"Hey. I discussed it with some other teachers and I think you are lying." *I get a frown* "I think you are good at math." "I'm sorry ma'am, but I really don't know the answers to these questions." "Yes you do."

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    "We stole his car and put it on the roof" ...Fun at parties he must be XD

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    1:15 isn't that a youtuber

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    Wait ur teacher sent u to the liquor store 😂😂

  99. Ice Cream Lover

    Ice Cream Lover13 days ago

    I'd like to do nothing. I was an honors student and never got in trouble, except I apologize for giving attitude to my 8th grade English teacher.

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    I see vale genta, I click❤

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    Wait is that Vallea from lele pons vids