People Apologize to Their Teachers


  1. Madhav Gupta

    Madhav Gupta2 hours ago

    Long live maximillianmus

  2. Magic Mikey

    Magic Mikey4 hours ago

    Did anyone recognise that girl on the title screening or what ever it is?????

  3. Savannah Aguirre

    Savannah Aguirre9 hours ago

    Isn't thats vale leles friend ????

  4. Alyson Fernanda

    Alyson Fernanda10 hours ago

    That’s Vale Lele Pons friend

  5. Saya Jung

    Saya Jung10 hours ago

    I only know the girl from Guilty Party...

  6. prem swaroop

    prem swaroop12 hours ago

    That's Val genta

  7. Jays Fantasy

    Jays Fantasy13 hours ago

    Mrs.uhal 🤣

  8. Elis Jacobsen

    Elis Jacobsen13 hours ago

    The second girl looked like Lele Pon’s Friend

  9. ThatWeirdGirl Christina

    ThatWeirdGirl Christina14 hours ago

    I’m sorry Ms.Wyss.... but math sucks🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Morgane Jenne

    Morgane Jenne14 hours ago

    Isn’t that girl from the thumbnail in some of lele pons vines?

  11. Kendra Gray

    Kendra Gray15 hours ago

    vale right?

  12. Kendra Gray

    Kendra Gray15 hours ago

    wait isnt the second girl lele pons friend?

  13. melanieee

    melanieee16 hours ago

    1:26 that's valeeee

  14. DIY with ya gal Sadeem

    DIY with ya gal Sadeem17 hours ago

    1:17 isn't that the girl who did vines with Lele pons?

  15. Not weird ASMR

    Not weird ASMR18 hours ago


  16. Hannah Prothero

    Hannah Prothero18 hours ago

    1:51 IS THAT RYLAND?!!?

  17. Allison Walker

    Allison Walker18 hours ago

    2:10 the girl has AirPods

  18. Frida Campuzano

    Frida Campuzano18 hours ago

    Vale Genta! Aka Lele Pons Best friend

  19. Equestrian lover 101

    Equestrian lover 10118 hours ago

    The 2 girl looks familiar

  20. Origami With Rami

    Origami With Rami19 hours ago

    No Just No

  21. Raihan Bakhshi

    Raihan Bakhshi22 hours ago

    1:13 is she lele pons's cousin?

  22. What's up

    What's upDay ago

    That is so funny that they had to blur out a piece of his face

  23. Nicholas Barranco

    Nicholas BarrancoDay ago

    (Because I’m not a perv) how many people clicked on the video just because of the thumbnail?

  24. Noy Siravanh

    Noy SiravanhDay ago

    Isn’t that ASMR darling

  25. Amazing Artist123

    Amazing Artist12322 hours ago

    No? Where?😂

  26. Melissa Ledezma

    Melissa LedezmaDay ago

    Is that lele pons friend

  27. Pineapple queen 101

    Pineapple queen 101Day ago

    2:11 those air pods tho

  28. Gamer 16

    Gamer 16Day ago

    1:21 that’s Lele Pons friend!

  29. Paul 6

    Paul 6Day ago

    2:08 flexing with the air pods

  30. Life’s Good

    Life’s GoodDay ago

    The second person is a viner, I’m sure

  31. Jaelene Martinez

    Jaelene MartinezDay ago

    The second girl and lele pons are friends

  32. вяιєllє ѕιмѕ

    вяιєllє ѕιмѕDay ago

    1:22 OMG IS THAT...

  33. Walter Perry

    Walter PerryDay ago

    very nice see good heart person. wonderful video

  34. Renee Jin

    Renee Jin2 days ago

    1:15 I thought that was vale ( lele’s friend ) cos she looks exactly like her!

  35. Casually Cheyenne

    Casually Cheyenne2 days ago

    1:14 I seen her on Rudy Mansuco’s Channel

  36. Paola C

    Paola C2 days ago

    Clicked cause I saw Natalie Barbu on the thumbnail.

  37. lauren nudell

    lauren nudell2 days ago

    1:16 Mrs. *Siwa?*

  38. Alex Corser

    Alex Corser2 days ago

    1:13 is lelepons' friend or somthin'

  39. Isabella Galvez

    Isabella Galvez2 days ago

    I legit saw my dads cousin in this video I’m shook 💀💀


    BAD VIBES FOREVER2 days ago

    2:07 it smells like broke in here AirPod jokes 😎

  41. Ari XXX

    Ari XXX2 days ago

    How about they apologise to the students because we are the ones giving them a job 😂

  42. Kim HyoJong's Dangerous Jawline

    Kim HyoJong's Dangerous Jawline2 days ago

    I'm homeschooled...there's a lot of things I should apologize for to my mom...🤣🤣

  43. Grecia Yúdice

    Grecia Yúdice3 days ago

    OMG Vale Genta is on this video!!!

  44. Kimberly Valdez

    Kimberly Valdez3 days ago

    I broke a computer ( I stepped on it ) And I blamed it on someone 😂😂🤙🏼🤙🏼 sorry Chris 😂

  45. davyie jonesee

    davyie jonesee3 days ago

    Few decent teachers in my experience. The rest of them were just evil socialist.

  46. XxxAriia

    XxxAriia3 days ago

    This was on May nine my bday

  47. Kmoran2341

    Kmoran23413 days ago


  48. Josh Kraft

    Josh Kraft3 days ago

    vale sit on my face

  49. Lily Vaughan

    Lily Vaughan4 days ago

    I spilt permanent painting ink on a teachers laptop *accidentally*

  50. Aoife otoole

    Aoife otoole4 days ago

    " we stole his car and put it on the roof " That cant be true * reads his shirt and his forehead

  51. Nylah Jade

    Nylah Jade4 days ago

    Who tapped this video just for valé

  52. Nylah Jade

    Nylah Jade4 days ago

    I want to apologize to my first grade teacher… Ms Parks… I was trying to hold my Pee in and when I went up to her desk to ask her to go to the bathroom I Peed right in front of her. Ms parks from brown elementary if you are reading this..😅😅my bad!

  53. Mirna Andrade

    Mirna Andrade4 days ago

    Crenchall VIRGINIA omfg my school is right next to it lol

  54. LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips

    LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips5 days ago

    Oh btw the woman in 2:15 is rich she can smell the broke in all of you

  55. LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips

    LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips5 days ago

    What did teachers do to us, like i get they put all the work into their projects and work and think really hard on fun things to do for us BUT, they are a pain in the ass.

  56. LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips

    LiteWrld - Fortnite Clips5 days ago

    I freaking hate all my teachers

  57. Sofia Khan

    Sofia Khan6 days ago

    Omg 2:07 she sounds just like Annie and Hayley’s mom in bratayley

  58. Jaeli Bleau

    Jaeli Bleau7 days ago

    1:26 that's Vale, Lele pons best friend.

  59. Alyah That’s me

    Alyah That’s me7 days ago

    Ill SAVE YOU FROM THE WIZZARD OF OZ -clicks supscribe-

  60. eeriest

    eeriest7 days ago

    amy howorth could definitely get it

  61. Mathu

    Mathu8 days ago

    Thumbnail girl is hot af.

  62. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns9 days ago

    damn kicking your teacher...haha

  63. Karolina Kovács

    Karolina Kovács10 days ago

    I was in high school and at the time I just got a chemistry teacher, she was new to everything, and a lot of times she said stupid things like; Shut up, because I can’t see the board! Now I appologize for laughing at her, because I had terrible classmates who took everything dead seriously, even me and we shouldn’t have wasted her time. Sorry.

  64. Anthony Cervantes

    Anthony Cervantes11 days ago

    My 6th grade teacher was crying and while everyone was in silence I thought it would be funny to make a fart noise

  65. Rosen Lovis

    Rosen Lovis12 days ago

    i had one teacher i was not nice to, and im not sorry for that. she was just in the wrong job. we one time had pe and she subbed in, but instead of doing sports, (it was like 90° outisde) we had to copy some biology books. that women took literally all the fun out of everything.

  66. Somdutta Bose

    Somdutta Bose13 days ago

    Smokers aren't cool. They're the real assholes.

  67. Jenna Simpson

    Jenna Simpson13 days ago

    was the second girl vale??

  68. Pablo Soriano

    Pablo Soriano14 days ago

    The drunk girl is a famous youtuber valegenta

  69. Matthew Phelps

    Matthew Phelps14 days ago

    How tf do you get a car on a f***ing roof.

  70. Shout in the void

    Shout in the void14 days ago

    so jimmy also does the thumbnail trick...nice


    UNAVAIL ABLE14 days ago

    1:46 danielle bregolli

  72. Garcelle Pierre

    Garcelle Pierre14 days ago

    The guy with the dog would ve gotten way more hit

  73. bryant bejarin

    bryant bejarin14 days ago

    How much does jimmy pay the last guy?

  74. Insane gamer abdul jr

    Insane gamer abdul jr14 days ago

    I apologise to my dance teacher for banging her daughter

  75. Eenath Ibrahim

    Eenath Ibrahim2 days ago



    A CROOKODILE15 days ago

    I need to apologise to my teacher Sorry for the prank calls at midnight for a year ,PS she was mean

  77. Without being Mean

    Without being Mean15 days ago

    I am very sorry for knocking out Assistant principal Mr. Aguilar. I really regret it. It's been 25 years ago but I think about my worst day at work and that doesn't come close.

  78. Hey Mcfly

    Hey Mcfly15 days ago

    1:30 oh look is a g-nome

  79. 김정희

    김정희16 days ago

    1:15 We all thought she was going to say something different..

  80. MaxPro

    MaxPro16 days ago


  81. jmarks881

    jmarks88116 days ago

    sure someone did it sure some one cough jimmy cough

  82. Tech Help Portal

    Tech Help Portal17 days ago

    Teachers deserve life without parole

  83. ShinyStarThatIsNotSoShiny

    ShinyStarThatIsNotSoShiny17 days ago

    is no one going to talk about how the girl in the thumbnail is lele pon's best friend?

  84. 白鳥シエル

    白鳥シエル17 days ago

    This happened to me when I was in 3rd grade or something. I was bullied by one male teacher. What happened was the aircon in the class was too cold, so I kept my arms under my shirt with just a hand sticking out from short sleeve to write. My male teacher saw it and he made me wear my uniform backward-front and made me walk around the school like that while I was crying. A female teacher saw it and she stood up for me. She told him it wasn't okay and he started yelling at her for telling him what is okay or not. Since she was a female and was younger than him, he was really offended. He began bullying her after then. She couldn't take it longer than a year and she just quit her job. I really really want to apologize to that female teacher, Ms. Li. 😢

  85. zoila khan

    zoila khan17 days ago

    My deepest apologies to my 3rd grade teacher Mr Markesey at Park Ave Elementary in Cudahy, CA in 1982. He was a Tall white surfer guy & so cool. When you have a relative that is in the same class the teacher is definitely in for a treat. In this case it was My Cousin Fransisco who was the same age & my partner in crime. I remember weekly Parent, teacher conferences where either my mother who worked or my aunt who also worked had to get off early to go hear the weekly shenanigans of the Zoila & Fransisco comedy hour. both my mother & Aunt would come out of each conference in tears from laughing at the teacher explaining our antics an confused because they did not know how too punish us. Mr Markesey explained it just like this Zoila sings the commercials & Fransisco dances them! LOL! This poor man! Apparently the year he retired back in 1994 we had a cousin in his class & on the last day of school he gave a moving speech in front of the whole school & later that night my lil cousin calls me up & asked me if I was the Zoila that was in Mr Markesey's class? I said yes & ooooh my god how did you know that i asked? She mentioned that he was retiring & he made this big o speech & he mentioned that in his whole teaching career he had never has a pair of students like Zoila Chaviano & Fransisco Fernandez that were such an entertainment & delight. He went on to say that he would not be surprised if we became a Comedy writing team. Did not happen but this story is a true as they shy is blue. Great memeories.

  86. Brielle Steed

    Brielle Steed17 days ago

    Omg it's vale lake pond friend omg

  87. star ella

    star ella17 days ago

    I see Vale at 1:16

  88. sNippSss bts

    sNippSss bts17 days ago

    I'd take this opportunity to apologise to all my teacher....all

  89. Uhmmaliciaa

    Uhmmaliciaa17 days ago


  90. Ashley Gamboa

    Ashley Gamboa18 days ago

    Who clicked because they saw Vale? 😂

  91. Brian Timpone

    Brian Timpone18 days ago

    I made my 5th grade teacher cry

  92. sai dezee

    sai dezee18 days ago

    This is not really serious but in 3rd grade we had to have 5 stars to have free time when i didn't had enough i would still Seth card and changed it my name sometimes i still stars form people

  93. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones18 days ago

    It’s too bad he’s a funny guy. But couldn’t be more ignorant about the world around him how it works

  94. falerdog

    falerdog19 days ago

    they are all paid actors it's fake. the last guy the Mexican was on set of Conan or some late night show as regular cast member he was with the band and had a mic or he was supposued to be the recording studio usher.

  95. Johan Sunnberg

    Johan Sunnberg19 days ago

    Poor teachers I am so so happy 😁 that people are understanding finally the importance of their tough jobs 👍👍👍

  96. Teddy FitzGerald

    Teddy FitzGerald19 days ago

    2:31 I don't understand what she is saying, I only speak broke

  97. F1 airsoft costom gunworks

    F1 airsoft costom gunworks19 days ago

    Ok he said it let’s get in a fight about the NRA

  98. Victor Ma

    Victor Ma19 days ago

    I clicked because of the beautiful chick

  99. mexican13badass

    mexican13badass19 days ago

    Omg its Vale

  100. Matt Ayala

    Matt Ayala19 days ago

    1:35 that nigga look like a smurf

  101. Random Films

    Random Films20 days ago

    3:25 he looks like Sid from the ice age

  102. Random Films

    Random Films19 days ago

    Jenna Drake his eyes kinda do

  103. Jenna Drake

    Jenna Drake19 days ago

    Random Films no he doesn’t

  104. jeff powell

    jeff powell20 days ago

    I have no apologies to any of my teachers. the ones that I disrespected deserved disrespect, and the ones that were respectful received my respect. Creepy teachers trying to score with freshmen girls giving them 'A's and candy, racist teachers, cruel because they were unhappy, not in the military style of character building. The vast majority of my teachers were pretty cool and cared about the students. You will find bad in any profession.

  105. courtney mckee

    courtney mckee20 days ago

    3:18 looks like the guy in ice age