Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Camille09

    Camille094 hours ago

    Oops didn't watch the whole video whoops

  2. Camille09

    Camille094 hours ago

    What about grape?

  3. Rahma Wairimu

    Rahma Wairimu8 hours ago


  4. Elle Minto

    Elle Minto14 hours ago

    Claire and Brad remind me if Suki and Jackson from Gilmore girls

  5. Iam Credo

    Iam Credo15 hours ago

    “Compressed sugar” 😂😂

  6. Nicholas Deutsch

    Nicholas Deutsch18 hours ago

    Love all of these episodes! Couldn't think of a better ~host~, love Claire's personality!

  7. eating is gr8

    eating is gr820 hours ago

    13:08 I feel like Claire doesn't like Carla 😂 . I also feel like Carla is jealous of Claire because Claire is doing great.

  8. Preston Hardy

    Preston Hardy20 hours ago

    Fake, these didn’t come from the rainbow 🌈👀😱

  9. jjuullieett R

    jjuullieett RDay ago

    Does Claire like Brad because it’s ovi?

  10. CarsAndCulture

    CarsAndCultureDay ago

    Has she been abducted for the past 10 years or does she get an elitist kick out of saying she hasn’t had normal people snacks in such a long time?

  11. Elizabeth Shwe

    Elizabeth ShweDay ago

    is brad on paternity leave? is he married? does this mean claire and brad can't be a thing

  12. Juliana Rumple

    Juliana RumpleDay ago

    i´d love to work there.

  13. TastedMarshmallow Gaming

    TastedMarshmallow GamingDay ago

    Which is more stressful gourmet skittles or gourmet ferrero rocher

  14. Jeanie Nguyen

    Jeanie NguyenDay ago

    shoutout to the og skittles when the green ones didn’t taste bad 😔

  15. TheWittyGeek

    TheWittyGeekDay ago

    We need more Molly. She's quite attractive.

  16. christopher fieb

    christopher fiebDay ago

    Claire and Brad are a good team

  17. Britney Waldron

    Britney WaldronDay ago

    Ingredients: sugar, poison, sugar

  18. Madmouse 101

    Madmouse 101Day ago

    I like grape .-. I like grape and strawberry *the others can SUCK IT*

  19. KP Movie Studios

    KP Movie StudiosDay ago

    Brads the man!

  20. SpaceCat -

    SpaceCat -2 days ago

    Y'all should make a gourmet lunchable

  21. CBos$King

    CBos$King2 days ago

    I hate how it’s difficult for Claire to take criticism. She only want to hear “the good things”

  22. Thea Maidwell

    Thea Maidwell2 days ago

    Yeah, taste the rainbow Claire 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😂

  23. nova official.

    nova official.2 days ago

    No one: .... Brad: *_C O M P R E S S E D S U G A R_*

  24. Netli

    Netli2 days ago

    Brad is awesome lol

  25. Crosstongue

    Crosstongue2 days ago

    oh my i never had skittles in a long time now. Lime was my fave too sad

  26. orange_min

    orange_min3 days ago

    everyone is talking about how rude they thought the lady at 13:13 was but that was honestly my favorite part lmfao if she’d said that to me I’d have died laughing 😂😂

  27. Mei trong

    Mei trong3 days ago

    Can you try to make the famous Japanese cream cheese cake?

  28. Mary Casanada

    Mary Casanada3 days ago

    the guy in the blue shirt/polo sounds like Ryland Adams( Shane's bf) haha anyone else hear it?

  29. TheBlindRaptor 74

    TheBlindRaptor 743 days ago

    And yes Lime should be back. They changed it in 2009 or 2010

  30. TheBlindRaptor 74

    TheBlindRaptor 743 days ago

    Make some STARBURSTS

  31. Chester Mercado

    Chester Mercado3 days ago

    Brad’s got the best idea again

  32. J

    J3 days ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only that doesn’t like grape. When I eat skittles I leave all the grape ones in the bag and give them to my sister to eat

  33. steve Dumbrova

    steve Dumbrova3 days ago

    Love the Claire

  34. Mamma Ferret

    Mamma Ferret4 days ago

    I honestly like them with the white outside. It's like an inverted skittel.

  35. maximus bugati

    maximus bugati4 days ago


  36. Aleister Adino

    Aleister Adino4 days ago

    this two looks good together

  37. Ice Cream †

    Ice Cream †4 days ago

    in conclusion brad is always right

  38. Allan Haywood

    Allan Haywood4 days ago

    How do I get work in this company?


    HEPHAESTUS4 days ago

    You're a terrible human being

  40. Stanley Tam

    Stanley Tam4 days ago

    They don’t use fruits

  41. ZeneTube

    ZeneTube4 days ago

    pleassssseeeeee do Takis

  42. Vincent Ziffle

    Vincent Ziffle4 days ago

    HyGroscopic! ;)

  43. Brenda Sotomayor

    Brenda Sotomayor4 days ago

    Claire is so pretty.

  44. Avni Samuel

    Avni Samuel5 days ago

    Why do they bring a ton of the thing that they are making that day Edit: after reading my comment I realized it makes little sense. Those of you who understand can reply😂

  45. Emaline L.

    Emaline L.5 days ago

    It's so weird eating Skittles while watching this ...

  46. ItsMichaelBrogan

    ItsMichaelBrogan5 days ago

    That clay thing is what Danny Gonzales needed

  47. Maya S

    Maya S6 days ago

    I think this episode gave Claire PTSD.

  48. Lost in the Stars

    Lost in the Stars7 days ago

    I don't know who edits these videos but I love his/her sense of humor

  49. Pilar Dejesus

    Pilar Dejesus8 days ago

    “ uh yeah, taste the rainbow claire” 💁🏽‍♀️

  50. Wandering Alice

    Wandering Alice8 days ago

    results were very short & confusing...kinda left us hangin

  51. Ivan Gogole

    Ivan Gogole9 days ago

    Yikes couldn’t she put her hair away while cooking? Of course she is professional though...

  52. Edward Holmes

    Edward Holmes9 days ago

    In the UK green Skittles are lime and purple are blackcurrant as opposed to apple and grape :)

  53. June L

    June L9 days ago

    She forgot to mention mixturing the bowl of flavour into the taffy.

  54. Tate Pedersen

    Tate Pedersen10 days ago

    I agree, green apple flavor is disgusting! Lime was way better

  55. Sushi lover

    Sushi lover10 days ago


  56. Vanilla How

    Vanilla How10 days ago


  57. jonas poon

    jonas poon12 days ago

    i had enough of this ugly halr

  58. jonas poon

    jonas poon12 days ago

    disturbing hair

  59. jonas poon

    jonas poon12 days ago

    keep it all black pls

  60. Christopher Reese

    Christopher Reese12 days ago

    This . . . (tap, tap, tap) . . . Did not work. Makes me laugh every time . . .

  61. Sophie Ross

    Sophie Ross12 days ago

    the old green was my favorite T^T R.I.P. Lime

  62. Stella Mantikou

    Stella Mantikou13 days ago


  63. Quashaun Deberry

    Quashaun Deberry13 days ago


  64. Sule_ TURBO

    Sule_ TURBO13 days ago

    grape yuck lol

  65. Lass-in Angeles

    Lass-in Angeles13 days ago

    As superficial as you can get. At least the magazine has recipes that you can eat. What the hell are you making? 100% sugar junk sprayed with chemical dyes that will destroy your nervous system, while the sugar gives you yeast, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, wrinkles, indigestion, gas, bloating, collapse of your insulin system, and ages you faster. Well done! Teach people how to eat more crappy junk! This is how you spend your time and a professional test kitchen resources. Nothing but a huge waste of money making junk food so that kids can become fatter than they already are. And by the way, why is your hair all over the place in a kitchen around food? Disgusting! This is not a social club where you spread your long hair around and let it drop all over the food. Wear a cap and tie that hair back military style with cap in the presence of food. As unprofessional as it gets. Dirty, junk food full of hair and nerve damaging chemical dyes. Toxic junk to eat and to watch. Yuck!!! You should be cited by the restaurant inspectors.

  66. Güber McSanchez

    Güber McSanchez13 days ago

    Coatings are applied in what is basically a giant cement mixer. Evenly coats and compresses the candy.

  67. Kevon Cart

    Kevon Cart13 days ago

    The Mandela effect I know the green was always lime never green apple flavour......thank God someone remember the green being lime

  68. Sv Magz

    Sv Magz13 days ago

    Lime was better.

  69. Shannon McCarthy

    Shannon McCarthy14 days ago

    Please please please definitely do M&Ms next!!!!😍😍😍😍

  70. Jadden

    Jadden14 days ago

    but the real question here.. how do you make the sour skittles?!?

  71. Lucia Breccia

    Lucia Breccia14 days ago

    Claire, please make the melona ice cream.

  72. Sarah Mousseau

    Sarah Mousseau14 days ago

    brad used to be my fav lil helper but i gotta say amiel is really funny too

  73. The Gaming Alien

    The Gaming Alien15 days ago

    Brad: Compress it BrAD ThaTs NoT A ThiNg

  74. Desi J Richert

    Desi J Richert15 days ago

    Claire you are the smartest, most beautiful cook I've ever watched. I love your segments.

  75. Spacetrooper656

    Spacetrooper65615 days ago

    How have these people not have any junk food for like 20 years

  76. Pax TheGOAT

    Pax TheGOAT15 days ago

    This woman somehow always finds a way to make all these foods homemade.

  77. II Reza II

    II Reza II16 days ago

    looks like hell to make - _-

  78. Angelita bonita Bailey

    Angelita bonita Bailey16 days ago


  79. Bryan Tenegal

    Bryan Tenegal16 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Brad and her are getting it on

  80. Layne Sietsema

    Layne Sietsema16 days ago

    Make goldfish

  81. GlitchyPhoenix Gaming

    GlitchyPhoenix Gaming16 days ago

    Use grape juice

  82. StinkyGinkle

    StinkyGinkle16 days ago

    Skittles all taste the same, its the fragrance thats diffrent

  83. jorgenvei

    jorgenvei17 days ago

    I think it needs more compression

  84. Some Weeb

    Some Weeb18 days ago

    c o m p r e s s

  85. Blossomness Studios

    Blossomness Studios18 days ago

    At 4:38 literally my favorite part.

  86. lanny29

    lanny2918 days ago

    Subscriber 3,178,103

  87. Jamie Denise

    Jamie Denise19 days ago

    I love that Brad just lets Claire buy and destroy whatever utensils needed to make these videos 😂

  88. Jamie Denise

    Jamie Denise19 days ago

    I love that Brad just lets Claire buy and destroy whatever utensils needed to make these videos 😂

  89. Michael Sgarioto

    Michael Sgarioto19 days ago

    I love how Andy's butt is unintentionally (maybe?) is in everyone of Claire's videos. Also, please make gourmet zebra cakes.

  90. Zoe Silva

    Zoe Silva19 days ago

    U should make cheez it

  91. Madison Beining

    Madison Beining19 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Claire and Brad should date

  92. jammybap

    jammybap20 days ago

    green apple and grape? American flavorings are so strange. The rest of the world purple = blackcurrant.

  93. subi mano

    subi mano20 days ago

    Does anyone not like grape? It's my favorite :(

  94. cortiees

    cortiees20 days ago

    Um, is Brad single?

  95. Veronica James

    Veronica James20 days ago

    This is super random but brad kind of looks like the guy who play tevya in the touring cast of fiddler on the roof.

  96. Donald White

    Donald White20 days ago

    Listen just send me all the “fails”

  97. David Hillman

    David Hillman20 days ago

    So she can pronounce pastillage but not nougat?

  98. Kyla Carney

    Kyla Carney21 day ago

    Brad and her are cute together is this just me orrrr

  99. Gabrielle Mackabee

    Gabrielle Mackabee21 day ago

    “Brad what is that ?” “The thing you gave me” “WELL CAN YOU PICK IT UP?”

  100. Gilang Luthfi

    Gilang Luthfi21 day ago

    That's Alex from Alex eat it all