Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. King James

    King James2 hours ago

    I only watch Bc the edits are perfect and she’s weirdly hot

  2. Choshy Machen

    Choshy Machen4 hours ago

    Why didn’t she add gelatin it would solve the firming problem?

  3. OmegaOrigins

    OmegaOrigins5 hours ago

    I wish I was alive to eat a lime skittle

  4. Austin David Tipograph

    Austin David Tipograph5 hours ago

    Do Chex Mix!!!!

  5. emily rogers

    emily rogers5 hours ago

    Who misses the lime skittles 🙋‍♀️

  6. Lauren Beckerle

    Lauren Beckerle5 hours ago

    Green apple, I knew the green ones tasted gross last time. Lime! Lime! Lime!

  7. STEAK 8383

    STEAK 83835 hours ago

    Create your dream candy

  8. Gabe Martin

    Gabe Martin6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she's really beautiful?

  9. DJKrisyKris

    DJKrisyKris6 hours ago

    Get Claire to do an Eclair! Even if its not... part of the theme she does as I realize its probably just factory candy stuff

  10. Zoe Maple

    Zoe Maple7 hours ago

    Wow talking about working on your passion, that's determination really inspiring 😯

  11. TUNA

    TUNA7 hours ago

    this is like watching porn

  12. TUNA

    TUNA7 hours ago

    i wanna live there and devour everything they make

  13. Lydia Barrows

    Lydia Barrows8 hours ago

    I was eating skittles during this

  14. Kirb

    Kirb9 hours ago

    Compressed SUGAR

  15. 4hrbigos

    4hrbigos12 hours ago

    Love how much of a hard time Claire gives Brad for his ideas lol

  16. S.K.

    S.K.12 hours ago


  17. kairon156

    kairon15619 hours ago

    this is very interesting. I don't cook myself but I do sometimes wonder what it takes to invent a new candy or snack like this.

  18. everything lola

    everything lola22 hours ago

    I thought that was sara

  19. Apologetic Apologetics

    Apologetic ApologeticsDay ago

    Nah skittles are vegan. No butter 😢

  20. Jonathan L

    Jonathan LDay ago

    your fails seem it could taste great

  21. Banana Eater

    Banana EaterDay ago

    The new slime

  22. TheFirnd

    TheFirndDay ago

    I love brad

  23. TheFirnd

    TheFirndDay ago

    The edits are funny

  24. Ája Domonique

    Ája DomoniqueDay ago

    9:56 no, no no nu nu nuoo noooooooohhhhhaaa!!!!!

  25. Ryan

    RyanDay ago

    Somebody tell Marshawn Lynch

  26. kitty katbaby

    kitty katbabyDay ago

    I have no idea what they do with their leftovers but ever since I saw that da** video (from what I want to say was the tasty kitchen but I could definitely be wrong) on what would happen to all the leftovers and waste ingredients that come with the production of these types of food videos, I just can't get it out my head. And the kicker is, I'm NOT even one of those Eco health do-gooders or whatever the term is for it. No hate intended to them, I don't think what I've called them has any bad or negative description of what they do, unless u think do-gooder is negative then I apologize, but I see the term do-gooder just meaning someone trying to do good within any aspect of something. Anyway back to my point, ever since that video where they introduced that no waste concept into their videos like composting and so on, I can't help but see all that stuff she made that were unsuccessful attempts and wonder what happened to all of it? Not saying copy their idea, but would love to know thx

  27. VorteX

    VorteXDay ago

    reds da best

  28. Infinity Mind™

    Infinity Mind™2 days ago

    Grape ones are the best ones!

  29. Wraith Ferron

    Wraith Ferron2 days ago

    I was more disappointed about the change in the flavor of green than I should have been as an adult. I still haven't forgiven them.

  30. Arysta

    Arysta2 days ago

    I don't know why I watched this entire video. I feel insane now.

  31. Richard Pike

    Richard Pike2 days ago

    Claire: Brad what do you think Brad: *COMPRESS IT*

  32. Squilliam Fancyson

    Squilliam Fancyson2 days ago

    is it just me or does molly baz (2:17) look like ned from the try guys??

  33. Lori Brid

    Lori Brid2 days ago

    Oh hell NAW. That was a lot of work gurl. You're adorable and absolutely amazing

  34. julien

    julien2 days ago

    imagine being so rich you get entertained by candy

  35. Betsy Bundy

    Betsy Bundy2 days ago

    T Ta Tas Tast Taste Taste t Taste th Taste the Taste the r Taste the ra Taste the rai Taste the rain Taste the rainb Taste the rainbo Taste the rainbow Taste the rainbo Taste the rainb Taste the rain Taste the rai Taste the ra Taste the r Taste the Taste th Taste t Taste Tast Tas Ta T

  36. Oon-Hui Ng

    Oon-Hui Ng2 days ago

    It's like a less hipster less cutesy version of behind tasty....

  37. Gopnik Aleks

    Gopnik Aleks2 days ago

    C O M P R E S S E D S U G A R

  38. Jay Dox

    Jay Dox2 days ago

    Brad doesn't sugar coat things.

  39. Jay Dox

    Jay Dox2 days ago

    If I had one power, it would be taking things straight out of screens and putting them on my desk.

  40. sQuare

    sQuare2 days ago

    Wow Carla has NO FILTERS ON LMAO

  41. Dexter

    Dexter2 days ago

    Love Dexter :)

  42. imranp128

    imranp1282 days ago


  43. aoe roflstomp

    aoe roflstomp2 days ago

    believe it or not the real candy shells for m&m's and skittles come from insects

  44. Turnbuckle Chick

    Turnbuckle Chick3 days ago

    paused and ran to the corner store... I got me some SKITTLES!

  45. moon child

    moon child3 days ago


  46. kickitsmooth

    kickitsmooth3 days ago

    Theres no "S". 0/10

  47. James Sasek

    James Sasek3 days ago

    claire please make a wuheruthers original

  48. Monel Funkawitz

    Monel Funkawitz3 days ago

    Carnauba wax - secret ingredient.

  49. kemolowlow

    kemolowlow3 days ago

    7:32 Everlasting Gobstopper

  50. hal900x

    hal900x3 days ago

    She's struggling specifically because of omitting the hydrogenated oil, since the whole point of it is to remain stable at temperatures that healthy fats cannot.

  51. geroxnight

    geroxnight3 days ago

    this video keeps getting recommended to me.

  52. L Kelley

    L Kelley3 days ago

    R.I.P. Lime :(

  53. Rocklessness

    Rocklessness3 days ago

    or you can just buy it for 1 dollar

  54. Sumaira Mahmood

    Sumaira Mahmood3 days ago

    how can you not like skittles ?

  55. I do covers

    I do covers3 days ago

    So she technically pirated skittles😂😂😂

  56. Arleene M Hernandez Rechani

    Arleene M Hernandez Rechani3 days ago

    Do hot pockets

  57. davesway

    davesway3 days ago

    U suck

  58. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya3 days ago

    You look like rogue from xmen

  59. Matthew Pantoja

    Matthew Pantoja3 days ago

    I'm eating skittles while watching this

  60. messi10CR7

    messi10CR74 days ago

    I loveeee skittles

  61. silverbow 123

    silverbow 1234 days ago

    I lobe how Brad won in every step of this. Lol

  62. Apollo

    Apollo4 days ago

    Taste the rainbow claire

  63. Sparia

    Sparia4 days ago

    *C O M P R E S S I T*

  64. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight4 days ago

    i hate skittles but u shouldget the taco bell freeze of that.. so good.. i love a woman who knows how to use her hands.. and i love th guests when u know its not that serious but the sense of humor and easy to learn.. u get that vie and thats wen its worth.. good series.. catch the rainbow

  65. Caleb Romero

    Caleb Romero5 days ago

    God I love Brad

  66. saffron_ 2431

    saffron_ 24315 days ago

    You didnt make a purple one!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  67. josues magical world

    josues magical world5 days ago

    get Claire to make sweet tarts

  68. Madeline Pressly

    Madeline Pressly5 days ago

    I wish they’d turn the green back to lime. The green apple just taste weird compared with the other flavors.. but I hear there are still lime mix skittles called ‘Long Lost Lime’ 🍋

  69. Jonathan Alexander

    Jonathan Alexander5 days ago

    Lime > apple.

  70. Xavier Brenneman

    Xavier Brenneman5 days ago

    icing obviously isnt the coating

  71. Hannessomething

    Hannessomething5 days ago

    "uh, yeah, taste the rainbow"

  72. Dinese K

    Dinese K5 days ago

    4:14 my AP calculus teacher😂😫

  73. Kristian Gruezo

    Kristian Gruezo5 days ago

    Why does that one strand of gray hair make her so much more pretty

  74. kkjsml

    kkjsml5 days ago

    uh yeah! taste the rainbow Claire!

  75. Bulut

    Bulut5 days ago

    my 2,5 years old niece saw me watching this and she ask if She could visit you 😂😂😂

  76. kristen wad

    kristen wad5 days ago


  77. Marc-André Yelle

    Marc-André Yelle6 days ago

    Awesome work. I really enjoyed watching this :) Thank you for sharing your secret as well ! :)

  78. PussyPounder420

    PussyPounder4206 days ago

    So it Claire single?

  79. Zosma Videos

    Zosma Videos6 days ago

    I personally don't know what goes into the making of skittles but most commercial mass-produced cndy uses vacuum boiled sugar, I don't know what it does to the texture in hard candies but in soft candies in reduces the chewiness so that you can easily bite into them

  80. Dj1312

    Dj13127 days ago

    Please, next time do the M&Ms recipe !

  81. Katelyn Vogel

    Katelyn Vogel7 days ago

    I'm hungry

  82. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart7 days ago

    i’m glad they changed lime to apple

  83. Jdburko Gaming

    Jdburko Gaming7 days ago

    step 1: Write les infront of the skittles on the packet step 2: les skittles

  84. Bluemoo the gaming moon

    Bluemoo the gaming moon7 days ago

    i want

  85. Isabelle Rose

    Isabelle Rose7 days ago

    Wait the purple is grape and green is apple?! In the U.K., the purple is blackcurrent and green is lime.

  86. karaqi4

    karaqi47 days ago

    I would research first not last lmao

  87. Ranjiplays

    Ranjiplays8 days ago

    MReporter stop recommending me the same thing over and over

  88. YuuKanda07

    YuuKanda078 days ago

    H A R D C R A C K

  89. Jacob Moore

    Jacob Moore8 days ago

    or you couldve watched how its made and saw how they did everything instead of wasting weeks.

  90. ohstevoh

    ohstevoh8 days ago

    Why is everyone so mean to her!?

  91. Karla Ortega

    Karla Ortega8 days ago

    Brad is me when I’m high 😂

  92. arnie

    arnie8 days ago

    i’m not amused by the grey hair

  93. Randa Mcgahee

    Randa Mcgahee8 days ago

    going into week two yeah sad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Randa Mcgahee

    Randa Mcgahee8 days ago

    yeah they changed the green from lime green to green apple yeah sucks because strawberry and lime is my favorites then lemon and grape

  95. Liv Lenon

    Liv Lenon8 days ago

    so I know they all dressed like that? Why do they all dress so plain and like pioneers. something about these people annoy me

  96. Caleb Cole

    Caleb Cole9 days ago

    Can u make butterfinger

  97. Rufflesdapug yeet

    Rufflesdapug yeet9 days ago

    Umm there is grape to

  98. Curlyhead Keke

    Curlyhead Keke9 days ago

    I really want some skittles now

  99. Nyny Nyny

    Nyny Nyny9 days ago

    *I love skittles*

  100. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro9 days ago

    Lmao they’re all the same flavor.

  101. Kaytarra Correa

    Kaytarra Correa4 days ago

    No they're not