Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Andrea Mae Dela Cruz

    Andrea Mae Dela Cruz14 hours ago

    6:41 Claire: Would you say that I nailed it? Brad: NO Claire: Why? Brad: because you can't chew it Claire: But... shou... but... Brad and Andy: *laughs at Claire* PLEASE. I NEED that WHOLE SCENE.

  2. Jakob Mccormick

    Jakob Mccormick22 hours ago

    C O M P R E S S E D

  3. SlenderSera

    SlenderSera22 hours ago

    12:39 jump scare 😅

  4. juan torres

    juan torresDay ago

    This video reminded me that I used to swallow skittles by the handful as a kid, i saw the crunch mentioned and I remembered I hated the crunch but why was it my favorite candy? Cause I liked savoring it and then swalloring it.

  5. Freya

    FreyaDay ago

    6:37 ohhhhyouwho! She’s so cute

  6. kevin brookes

    kevin brookesDay ago

    no, skittles are vegetarian these are not as good!

  7. Kyle Thistel

    Kyle Thistel2 days ago


  8. mafmatics luv

    mafmatics luv4 days ago

    5:00 the guy in the blue overalls looks like alexi and brad looks like hopper wow

  9. mafmatics luv

    mafmatics luv2 days ago

    Random Guy reincarnated 🙏🙏

  10. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 days ago

    mafmatics luv alexei😢

  11. mafmatics luv

    mafmatics luv4 days ago

    i didn’t know there was a grape flavoured one

  12. Sammy chan

    Sammy chan4 days ago

    Grape is the best what are they talking about

  13. egg

    egg5 days ago

    *hard ball*

  14. Alice Ferry

    Alice Ferry5 days ago

    *opens fun size bag* *huge bowl of skittles right next to it*

  15. pawtucketpanda

    pawtucketpanda6 days ago

    You're missing classic candy making tools, like a taffy hook and roller. A hook makes pulling easier than using two hands. A roller with divots gets you a sheet of candy with balls on it. You roll it while it's still warm and once it cools, you can drop the sheet and pick up the balls (hence the term "lemon drop")

  16. Gabriella Glenn

    Gabriella Glenn6 days ago

    The brought lime back for like a month and I was so happy bc green use to be my fav

  17. no no

    no no7 days ago

    its funny how she asks everyones opinion and then she either doesnt want to hear it or she says she knows. if you dont want to hear it or already know whats wrong then stop asking people. you just want the time to act snobby. dye your hair while youre at it

  18. grace Goertzen

    grace Goertzen7 days ago

    Gourmet mentos

  19. S L

    S L7 days ago

    Green it's still Lime in the U.K. I hope it never changes! Also purple is blackcurrant, not grape.

  20. Jessica Wright

    Jessica Wright8 days ago

    I would love to see an episode on gourmet moon pies!

  21. alrictm52

    alrictm528 days ago

    I have all the stuff but the only thing missing is friends

  22. Mystninja

    Mystninja8 days ago

    Taste the rainbow Claire

  23. Crystal Gacha

    Crystal Gacha9 days ago

    No one: Not a living soul: Brad: CoMpReSs It

  24. Johnny Norton

    Johnny Norton9 days ago

    If you guys are upset that green is apple, here in the UK green is lime!

  25. DeeDee

    DeeDee10 days ago

    Hah, actually eating Skilles!

  26. Ruby Hart

    Ruby Hart10 days ago

    plz make beuno bars!!!!!

  27. lEilA

    lEilA11 days ago

    6:41 😂😂😂😂😌

  28. Leonardo Hill

    Leonardo Hill12 days ago

    Amazing wirk Claire

  29. DrKatBun

    DrKatBun12 days ago

    Wow I've never seen a company give a dad paternity leave, that's pretty amazing! ❤️

  30. Sahlea Tubbeh

    Sahlea Tubbeh12 days ago

    Claire is a fashion icon tbh

  31. Sahlea Tubbeh

    Sahlea Tubbeh12 days ago

    You should do hot tamales! Or another spicy candy

  32. Sahlea Tubbeh

    Sahlea Tubbeh12 days ago


  33. shravya koppala

    shravya koppala13 days ago

    Wow.. chris seems really strict..

  34. Adelice L

    Adelice L13 days ago

    The coating/color would work way better with a rock tumbler!! They're good for small batches, and the candy is constantly spinning, so you get perfectly even coats

  35. Nicole Mullen

    Nicole Mullen13 days ago

    Skittles are all the same flavour...

  36. Just an innocent Pomegranate

    Just an innocent Pomegranate12 days ago

    The inside is the same flavor but they're scented differently which is why they taste different.

  37. candaceyee

    candaceyee15 days ago

    i wanna see her make fruit roll ups

  38. Serena Cabral

    Serena Cabral15 days ago

    Claire can you please make gourmet maltesers

  39. Youtube Acc

    Youtube Acc16 days ago

    8:00 you just made edible slime

  40. Itz Blitz 'o'

    Itz Blitz 'o'17 days ago

    I love skittles

  41. Julia StClair

    Julia StClair17 days ago

    Should have done sour skittles too

  42. brawlkuribohabridged

    brawlkuribohabridged17 days ago

    Grape was too good for you...

  43. PrettyLuhEmari

    PrettyLuhEmari17 days ago

    I’ve seen this meme around a lot so I thought I’d try it: She attacc She protecc But most importantly Her sanity ain’t coming bacc No hate I love Claire 💜😊

  44. KimTheDorkyDiamond

    KimTheDorkyDiamond17 days ago

    I ate skittles while watching this

  45. A Doctor

    A Doctor17 days ago

    Brad was right the whole time

  46. IronBat

    IronBat18 days ago

    Grape skittles are the best skittles.

  47. Mark King

    Mark King18 days ago

    Claire is the reason why I watch this channel.

  48. Mark King

    Mark King18 days ago

    Green apple sucks. I wish they bring back lime.

  49. Jazzy Saxophone

    Jazzy Saxophone18 days ago

    CLAIRE: sour... almost chokes... i like it

  50. Christopher Sterling

    Christopher Sterling19 days ago

    You should give oatmeal cream pies a shot Claire! You would rock 'em.

  51. avery rios

    avery rios19 days ago

    4:39 you'll thank me later

  52. TheNumberOneRealis

    TheNumberOneRealis19 days ago

    Claire is super adorable Watching her struggle in frustration is super endearing haha

  53. juggleboy720

    juggleboy72019 days ago

    Praise 🙏 for not reproducing that horrible green apple. I was personally offended when they swapped out lime.