Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Claire Saffitz

    Claire Saffitz19 days ago

    Skittles might be my favorite episode so far because everyone got involved! Watch for cameos from all your favorite test kitchen editors.

  2. Jon_bear B

    Jon_bear B12 hours ago

    Honesty I want to marry you, like my heart💘

  3. Dr. Sass

    Dr. Sass17 hours ago

    I really thought for the coating, that you'd pour over some very thin, hot, fresh jam, while they were skewered on metal skewers, let them sit for a bit, then blow fire over them fast, before freezing them/putting them in the fridge overnight. Or something close to that. Definitely didnt expect the shell to be like this. Still a great recipe though! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Elizabeth Elliott

    Elizabeth ElliottDay ago

    Claire Saffitz oddsw

  5. CyrusKad

    CyrusKadDay ago

    Could you attempt to make Girl Scout Thin Mints next??

  6. GBoz94

    GBoz9427 minutes ago

    i love this video so much i dont know how i got here

  7. billygowhoop

    billygowhoop39 minutes ago

    I love these videos because it feels like youre going on this long, emotional journey that always ends in a very satisfying and cathartic success.

  8. Phoebe Leong

    Phoebe Leong45 minutes ago

    Make gourmet oreos pleeeeeaaasee!!

  9. Aiswarya Rajeevan

    Aiswarya RajeevanHour ago

    What tf is rogue doing in a kitchen ? Gal get back to Charles or else logan will come looking for y.. oh wait he is dead

  10. Jimin Suga

    Jimin SugaHour ago

    okay youtube ! I WATCHED IT

  11. Ashley

    AshleyHour ago

    Who funds your projects? And where do I find a test kitchen to work in where someone will pay me to work in such an unprofessional, childish manner with no knowledge of the ingredients I have omitted or why they are used in the original product? Also why were you confused that your pulled sugar was greasy after you added grease (butter)?

  12. Amy Francillon

    Amy FrancillonHour ago

    Do Pastery Chef Attempts to make gourmet takis

  13. rest0red

    rest0red2 hours ago

    Skittles insides are the same taste for every colour, the different tastes come from the coating. You made it wrong, but good job.

  14. Himanshi Shekhawat

    Himanshi Shekhawat3 hours ago

    Sara from buzzfeed🤭🤭

  15. Twister

    Twister5 hours ago

    Amazon: "Can we copystrike Bon Appetit?"

  16. Lily Pily

    Lily Pily6 hours ago

    this came up in my suggested at least a dozen times

  17. LampP0st

    LampP0st8 hours ago

    Anyone else freak out when they show off the mounds upon mounds of the thing they're recreating (like the mounds of skittles) CAUSE THEY DON'T SHOW WHERE THEY GO AHHH DON'T WASTE

  18. Kyron Mayhew

    Kyron Mayhew8 hours ago

    if this is an ad for skittles, it worked, im heading to the store to get skittles

  19. Sarah Monique

    Sarah Monique9 hours ago

    Yellow, lime, and orange flavored candies were always given to folks you didn't like. Green apple was the best thing that happened to skittles is why I stopped eating the original for awhile.

  20. dark666105

    dark6661059 hours ago

    Don't they typically do the shells and the coloring and wax coating in a big tumbler with candies like these?

  21. Geovanni Rosales

    Geovanni Rosales10 hours ago

    I love this series and I love Claire's hair.

  22. Anthony Jaramillo

    Anthony Jaramillo10 hours ago

    Claire is thick not gonna lie 👀

  23. Aditya Prabhu

    Aditya Prabhu10 hours ago

    Why couldn't you find out how they were manufactured in the factory

  24. Trey Turnbull

    Trey Turnbull11 hours ago

    They changed green and red at the same time...used to be lime and cherry and now it’s green apple and strawberry

  25. Ally Marie

    Ally Marie11 hours ago

    i love this series!! you should try mike and ikes next!!

  26. Michael Bsharah

    Michael Bsharah11 hours ago

    Just out of curiosity, anybody happen to know what they do with all of the extra food from each "making a gourmet ___" episode?

  27. Branden Williams

    Branden Williams11 hours ago

    Try Gourmet PopTarts

  28. NeoAnt

    NeoAnt12 hours ago

    When did Polgara start doing youtube?

  29. Brayden kaedyn We littt

    Brayden kaedyn We littt13 hours ago


  30. Rosie L.

    Rosie L.13 hours ago

    Can you do pop tarts next :) should be a lot easier than what you’ve done previously so you can consider it a break

  31. Emily Manzano

    Emily Manzano13 hours ago

    Please try and make Pringles next, I would really love to see that. I love these videos.

  32. Bri NB

    Bri NB13 hours ago

    This series never fails to remind me why I love cooking but hate making pastries, cakes and candies.

  33. Gavin Helgeson

    Gavin Helgeson13 hours ago

    Make a Twix!

  34. Y&S FOOD!

    Y&S FOOD!14 hours ago

    Stunning video recording! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to catch this sort of content. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, world wide, and we are continually hoping to find inspirations and so ideas. Thank You.

  35. fewwef weffefwf

    fewwef weffefwf14 hours ago

    women being chefs is internalized misogyny. prove me wrong, if you can... this worthless brainwashed woman should be a nuclear physicist.

  36. Erin Celeste

    Erin Celeste15 hours ago

    More Brad!!

  37. David Ortega

    David Ortega15 hours ago

    Thats dedication wow

  38. Emma Kinzian

    Emma Kinzian15 hours ago

    Claire's problem solving skills are really impressive

  39. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime16 hours ago

    lime is better than green apple

  40. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark17 hours ago

    I love how every time she can’t get something right and brad suggests something she doesn’t do it... and then they do it and it works

  41. Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis17 hours ago

    Green Apple was a travesty, not only because lime is nearly the best flavor but that green apple is a really bad green apple flavor compared to other candies.

  42. Veronica Patterson

    Veronica Patterson17 hours ago

    you guys have way too much time on your hands...

  43. meipandafan

    meipandafan16 hours ago

    Veronica Patterson lol that’s their job. They’re paid to create interesting videos like this

  44. Alisson generoso

    Alisson generoso17 hours ago

    The guy touches it with a ring on his finger, that's digusting

  45. Harmony Brown

    Harmony Brown18 hours ago

    Claire should make gourmet instant pudding. Specifically pistachio pudding

  46. Rodrigo Ceballos Lentini

    Rodrigo Ceballos Lentini18 hours ago

    Oreos please!!!

  47. Madison Gordon

    Madison Gordon18 hours ago

    So I learned the a few years ago but it turns out skittles have absolutely no difference in taste. ALL COLURS TASTE THE SAME. They just smell differently so your mind just assumes the flavors. Eat some with your nose plug. THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME. Consider your childhoods ruined 😂

  48. Miss Monday

    Miss Monday18 hours ago

    "This is how I make my skittles" *explains* Me- NO

  49. catkasimir

    catkasimir19 hours ago

    loved this one. great job. not "sad" at all

  50. Giselle Lara

    Giselle Lara20 hours ago

    You should try and make salt water taffy!

  51. Semper Ludens

    Semper Ludens21 hour ago

    I love Brad's one liner bro science, that somehow seems to be the perfect solution every time.

  52. Hiba Tadlaoui

    Hiba Tadlaoui21 hour ago

    It’s the real life Anna. She has the white streak in the front ❄️❄️❄️

  53. ty figh

    ty figh21 hour ago

    I'd hella wife this woman up she's so beautiful. I'd low key wanna call her rogue.

  54. Alexa Alexandria

    Alexa Alexandria22 hours ago

    Maybe try making skittles, using a jellybean recipe only make it slightly firmer, for the coating is their a way to use a gentle setting on a rock tumbler (maybe a diy version), like they tumble the hard coating in the factory.

  55. Savannah

    Savannah22 hours ago

    gourmet cheez its?

  56. Jessica Haskins

    Jessica Haskins23 hours ago

    I know this is your job but I really admire your determination. I bake in my spare time so I understand you have to have a lot of patience and even then sometimes the final product isn’t what you hope for. You have so much creativity and you really have a passion for it. Keep it up 👌👌

  57. Breanne Jean

    Breanne Jean23 hours ago

    Now I want skittles

  58. MultiYougoigo

    MultiYougoigoDay ago

    it looks like slime

  59. castro sherwood

    castro sherwoodDay ago

    What an oddly interesting video, thanks.

  60. Gia S.

    Gia S.Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk about Brad being on paternity leave??!


    STILL SHOOKDay ago

    Wear gloves if you have to touch food this much 🤢🤮😷

  62. Fish Lover829

    Fish Lover829Day ago

    Remake discontinued snacks please like if u agree

  63. monkeyfunforidiots

    monkeyfunforidiotsDay ago

    "Think about the possibilities in the future!" "I'm not sure there's a whole lot." Half-sour Saffitz, everyone.

  64. River Dreaming

    River DreamingDay ago

    In uk we still have lime skittles

  65. LionMen Music

    LionMen MusicDay ago

    me: my brain isnt working brad: maybe if you compressed it ....

  66. Sidney Mathious

    Sidney MathiousDay ago

    I love your pretty hair so much and I was wondering if that grey is natural, or something you did to look different. You put plenty of work into trying to copy the skittles recipe and you finally came close to doing it. Congratulations on the progress you made and that of your co-workers who taste tested them.

  67. Sky Bluefeather

    Sky BluefeatherDay ago

    Brad's my new homeboy

  68. LadTv

    LadTvDay ago

    make me nutella

  69. Chaboii Leopold

    Chaboii LeopoldDay ago

    you: “hopefully no one gets salmonella from the raw egg whites” me: *has an immediate heart attack from the deep rooted fear of salmonella ingrained in me*

  70. Ariana Valdez

    Ariana ValdezDay ago

    You should make cheez it

  71. Star likes Macarons

    Star likes MacaronsDay ago

    Did anyone here acctually try this? XD this looked like the most complicated out of all their videos

  72. Nic Needs A Dab

    Nic Needs A DabDay ago

    Am I the only one that hates lime skittles

  73. Reath Greed

    Reath GreedDay ago

    Why does everything need to be gourmet

  74. Lauren Jean

    Lauren JeanDay ago

    this was great wow

  75. savannah richardson

    savannah richardsonDay ago

    Make gourmet Lil Debbie Honey bun

  76. Hoang-Viet Tran

    Hoang-Viet TranDay ago

    I love this series, keep it up!

  77. Anna Jubairah Dimaocor

    Anna Jubairah DimaocorDay ago

    She looks like Sarah Rubin

  78. Sydney Bajsa

    Sydney BajsaDay ago


  79. J K

    J KDay ago

    damn she attractive

  80. sketchy meow

    sketchy meowDay ago

    i miss lime skittles really bad

  81. Madam_Meow99

    Madam_Meow99Day ago

    Learning the dynamics and ingredients of Skittles was quite interesting. I like your less fake sweetener [real sugar] candy to the unnatural Skittles. I'd like to see what you get boiling down pure maple syrup and adding corn starch or powdered sugar. Would that even work? People would def by your version of homemade candy even if not necessarily Skittles-like.

  82. RoseisoutofherTOGA

    RoseisoutofherTOGADay ago

    This was boring.

  83. Ramata

    RamataDay ago

    She did a great job!

  84. Anthony Smith

    Anthony SmithDay ago

    not a fan of the overlapping edits. too much going on

  85. Lil Ashes

    Lil AshesDay ago

    she looked like glitterforever17 in the thumbnail

  86. Erin

    ErinDay ago

    Make gourmet pop rocks next!

  87. Tom Foolery

    Tom FooleryDay ago

    If I was the king of a country, I would have people hand make skittles for me in large bag fulls.

  88. JOEY Smith

    JOEY SmithDay ago

    I love skittles 😊😊😊😊🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  89. purpleskittles88

    purpleskittles88Day ago

    Love love love!

  90. Lucy Blades

    Lucy BladesDay ago

    This was a journey.

  91. Lauren

    LaurenDay ago

    Please do funyuns next!!

  92. Cup O Noodle

    Cup O NoodleDay ago

    *C O M P R E S S E D S U G A R*

  93. Tiana's Film

    Tiana's FilmDay ago

    I started eating skittles 😌

  94. Tillie Quinn

    Tillie QuinnDay ago

    In Ireland we have different flavors Red-strawberry Purple-blackcurrant Green-lime Yellow-lemon Orange is orange

  95. Tinderbox

    TinderboxDay ago

    Skittles must make it easier to lure small children to her cottage in the forest.

  96. Asquad .Meadow

    Asquad .MeadowDay ago

    Try and make those Caramel Apple Pops.

  97. crystal energy

    crystal energyDay ago

    Put your hair back when you’re cooking.

  98. soniaustralie

    soniaustralieDay ago

    So much less unnecessary damaging chemicals when its home made !

  99. chase r

    chase rDay ago

    try and make cheez its!!

  100. Butt Hole

    Butt HoleDay ago

    Brad is hot.

  101. Abby Lowe

    Abby LoweDay ago

    Clair ur not old. Put away the mother gothel hair and just dye it. Why the midlife crisis color?

  102. M Soda

    M SodaDay ago

    I miss the lime

  103. Qurat Ain

    Qurat AinDay ago

    Wow amazing... hardest work

  104. Anony Ninja

    Anony NinjaDay ago

    each of them weighs one gram *toss entire handful on scale, only weighs one gram*

  105. Kendra Pino

    Kendra PinoDay ago

    You should make gourmet cheez-it!!