Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Lucy Link

    Lucy Link5 hours ago

    Oml there was a lime skittle?!

  2. Xin Dee

    Xin Dee5 hours ago

    "Take 3 of your friends..." bold of you to assume i have friends

  3. michelle pecht

    michelle pecht7 hours ago

    I’ve watched about four episodes so far and if there’s one thing I learned is that, that brad is always right

  4. youtube subscribe

    youtube subscribe8 hours ago

    Uh yeah, taste the rainbow Claire. -brad 2018

  5. Linda Cunningham

    Linda Cunningham8 hours ago

    *she lists everything you have to do to make them for like 5 minuits as my mind is blown by all the steps* Me: Or just buy them at the store for like $1 for 7 packages LOL On my moms acc. Btw!!!

  6. Tomboy. tv

    Tomboy. tv8 hours ago

    this was the best thing iv seen in my life!

  7. sTaTiiCz Wolf

    sTaTiiCz Wolf9 hours ago

    she rocking that stran of gray hair

  8. Panterlo Art

    Panterlo Art10 hours ago

    13:23 But store-bought skittles are vegan...

  9. Fabio Lubisco

    Fabio Lubisco10 hours ago

    “It’s the stuff you gave me” sassy af Brad 9:35

  10. Aditi Cholkar

    Aditi Cholkar10 hours ago

    just eat the original instead -_-

  11. heatmonster420

    heatmonster42011 hours ago

    Hahahha great video

  12. Lauren

    Lauren12 hours ago

    If you remove the petroleum from it, you've already improved it a thousand times over

  13. Heidiguard

    Heidiguard12 hours ago

    I missed the bit where you mix the flavour components in. Is that an industry secret? You start with the citrus peel etc. and 'set aside' and we never see it again until the balls are rolled and suddenly have that colour. Huh? What happened? I re-watched by couldn't find the instant you put that in...

  14. eaf27

    eaf2714 hours ago

    wow Claire is beautiful. What an incredible person.

  15. Mura The Fox

    Mura The Fox14 hours ago


  16. Rachel Doane

    Rachel Doane14 hours ago

    I think she may be the world’s most patient person. She’s like the little train that could in pastry chef form.

  17. Mirana Arthemidor

    Mirana Arthemidor15 hours ago

    Claire: i do sorta feel like they have to have colour. Brad: uh yeah, taste the raindow claire. WHEEZINGGGGGGGGGGG

  18. Immacula B.

    Immacula B.16 hours ago

    Grape is my favorite. I am sad

  19. Tropic Berry

    Tropic Berry17 hours ago

    Rip grape

  20. Daughter of Poseidon

    Daughter of Poseidon18 hours ago

    This is basically “How to Try to Make Edible Slime”

  21. Daughter of Poseidon

    Daughter of Poseidon18 hours ago

    Try making a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Any flavor.

  22. Day Kim

    Day Kim18 hours ago

    I’m gonna make only the strawberry flavor

  23. Jessica Huang

    Jessica HuangDay ago

    She kinda reminds me of Sara from Buzzfeed😅. Am I the only one?!

  24. Zoë Thompson

    Zoë ThompsonDay ago


  25. -Sir. PotatoMan- -

    -Sir. PotatoMan- -Day ago

    4:15 And thus dragon beard candy was made.

  26. Madelynn McElroen

    Madelynn McElroenDay ago

    You should try making starbursts next

  27. NotJoeK 4

    NotJoeK 4Day ago


  28. Dj Albert

    Dj AlbertDay ago

    Watch at half speed 😂😂😂 you won't regret it hahah

  29. Blizxt

    BlizxtDay ago

    Brad will annoy her to death one day.

  30. Blizxt

    BlizxtDay ago

    Does anyone ever wonder what happens to all the food or in this case skittles that they use in the start that are dumped all over the table?

  31. 187SicknesS

    187SicknesSDay ago

    She's pretty

  32. Anna Williams

    Anna WilliamsDay ago

    If i was her i would grab them all and run

  33. painfvll

    painfvllDay ago

    Chris sounds like Ryland

  34. Nicole

    Nicole2 days ago

    Who thinks that apple skittles are way better than lime?

  35. Ingrid Cabrera

    Ingrid Cabrera2 days ago

    Omg gourmet Skittles sound amazing. Lemon is my favorite 💛

  36. Ary Fuentes

    Ary Fuentes2 days ago

    Damn I want that much skittles in my life

  37. Emma McGreal

    Emma McGreal2 days ago

    Yes I loved the lime it was so much better. I still love skittles nonetheless

  38. Stephen Ullom

    Stephen Ullom2 days ago

    Anyone in the comments dare to try this?

  39. SelinaCat

    SelinaCat2 days ago

    I don't really understand why so many people in the kitchen are working with their hair down. I mean, I know I'm not unique when I say my would be gross. Her I get cause she's in the video but I'm actually more looking at the guys in the background who are...ya know, cooking...😖

  40. yoxredwolf

    yoxredwolf2 days ago

    i hate skittles

  41. Isha chan

    Isha chan3 days ago

    Here. I finally watched it. Now stop recommending it to me.

  42. Ryan Moulder

    Ryan Moulder3 days ago

    Why is everyone there SO beautiful

  43. Eduardo Ruiz

    Eduardo Ruiz3 days ago

    Brad is a savage

  44. Ty Piper

    Ty Piper3 days ago

    Green apple skittles are my favorite. 🤐

  45. Superpreston Adventures

    Superpreston Adventures3 days ago

    She’s so wasteful

  46. Mag

    Mag3 days ago

    YASS thank you for returning to the OG lime skittle 💕 Original flavors from best to eh: grape 😍, strawberry, lime, lemon, green apple, orange

  47. Sherpa Jones

    Sherpa Jones3 days ago

    Needed a pill press for this.

  48. Melinda Burns

    Melinda Burns3 days ago


  49. buddyroach

    buddyroach3 days ago

    she looks too young to have gray hair. or was that intentional?



    its a birth mark

  51. Levonne Evans

    Levonne Evans3 days ago

    Did she used to work for buzzfeed?

  52. YCH_Nation

    YCH_Nation3 days ago

    **Hopefully no one dies of salmonella**

  53. Julia Meow

    Julia Meow3 days ago

    What about purple?

  54. Noah Landman

    Noah Landman3 days ago

    It's only "gourmet" if your using exotic ingredients. These ain't gourmet.

  55. leyna Serrano

    leyna Serrano3 days ago

    First couple of attempts ruined skittles for me ._.

  56. tostogo

    tostogo3 days ago


  57. Carys Carson

    Carys Carson4 days ago

    Damn she no da wae

  58. Timmy Rossen

    Timmy Rossen4 days ago

    Molly is so cute!!😍😍

  59. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan4 days ago

    This woman looks 27 and she is freakin rockin the grey streaks! Wtf

  60. PetFriendAmy

    PetFriendAmy4 days ago

    Watching this while eating Skittles is the proper way to watch This was super interesting though! I've never really thought about what goes into making a Skittle, haha.

  61. Dan S

    Dan S4 days ago

    8:07 Brad wins!

  62. Ayla Thorp

    Ayla Thorp4 days ago

    But grape is the best

  63. Brittney Nicole

    Brittney Nicole4 days ago

    You get the hard shell by tumbling the skittles together like smoothing rocks.

  64. Oonacorn Unicorn

    Oonacorn Unicorn4 days ago

    This is tye first video of them i watched and at first i thought claire was stacie london

  65. NomNomMotherfucker

    NomNomMotherfucker4 days ago

    8:32 That excited sound Brad made when he realized that it was tasting time lmao

  66. thebaejazelle

    thebaejazelle4 days ago


  67. Melinda Burns

    Melinda Burns4 days ago

    There MReporter, I've clicked on it. Stop recommending me videos I don't wanna watch.

  68. Adrienne Michel

    Adrienne Michel4 days ago

    😂😂😂so not worth it.... buy a bag...

  69. yeojin yoon

    yeojin yoon4 days ago

    Hi!!! Can you please make pop-tart????

  70. Vegtori

    Vegtori5 days ago

    Awesome part of Skittles is that it is vegan candy. I was sad animal products had to be put into this, overall very interesting video I'm studying food science.

  71. JinxPop

    JinxPop5 days ago

    Pretty bold of you to assume I have three friends to pull Taffy with

  72. lol

    lol5 days ago

    skittles are all the same flavor fight me

  73. Sammi ss

    Sammi ss5 days ago

    How dare she say the strawberry is too sweet.

  74. DuckDudeJD

    DuckDudeJD5 days ago

    lime was so much better

  75. Abrein Schaffer

    Abrein Schaffer5 days ago

    Here face when she ate the skittle 😂

  76. StrayKid

    StrayKid5 days ago

    Do not tell me i'm the only one who noticed more grey in her hair by the end😂

  77. Nancy M

    Nancy M5 days ago

    omg i love Brad

  78. Nancy M

    Nancy M5 days ago

    who else is watching this only because MReporter would not give up on suggesting this video

  79. Bob Smash

    Bob Smash5 days ago

    Why didn't you use, like, a rock tumbler on an angle and pour or squirt the coating sugar into the tumbler while the candies are rolling about?

  80. Bob Smash

    Bob Smash5 days ago

    You can do the same thing with the coloring.

  81. Diego Reyes

    Diego Reyes5 days ago

    14:17 That reference is everything

  82. Diego Reyes

    Diego Reyes5 days ago

    14:17 That reference is everything

  83. J Corbett

    J Corbett5 days ago

    Claire, I love you. Let's make this happen.

  84. Agamemnon Butterscotch

    Agamemnon Butterscotch5 days ago

    I'm gonna guess production at the Skittles factory is quite a bit more efficient than this.

  85. Christina _ Productions

    Christina _ Productions6 days ago

    Does anyone else love when she reads the ingredients?? I think it’s so funny

  86. mckenna vlogs

    mckenna vlogs6 days ago

    Skittles are my favorite candy thank you for making me walk them at 1 in the morning 😂😂

  87. LaneVader 11

    LaneVader 116 days ago

    I want all those skittles

  88. blackestjake

    blackestjake6 days ago

    Wtf is this? You made gourmet skittles? So random. I need to see more! Subbed!

  89. Galaxydino

    Galaxydino6 days ago

    i thought gourmet meant stacked food

  90. Guy Dupree

    Guy Dupree6 days ago

    I think she has a little crush on Brad🤗

  91. Gothbitch clique

    Gothbitch clique6 days ago

    She looks so young

  92. antiisocial

    antiisocial6 days ago


  93. Kawaiiramencup

    Kawaiiramencup6 days ago

    I never thought this much about candy

  94. Nina Nolan

    Nina Nolan6 days ago

    pleaseeeee make warheads i would die to see that video!!

  95. runescape gamez

    runescape gamez6 days ago


  96. Xsuprio

    Xsuprio6 days ago

    Who has actually done this? I will ask you not to lie, Internet.

  97. Lazy bros

    Lazy bros6 days ago

    1:02 best way to describe a skittle


    ZACHARY RIVERA7 days ago

    they flash freeze the she'll so the inside won t melt. then put it in a drum with wax an it spins on it side to give it the shiny look.

  99. Shanna Moxley

    Shanna Moxley7 days ago

    .....or just buy a bag of skittles lol. That was way to complicated. She pretty much made Mentos I don't think they were even close to skittles. Did anyone even try this?

  100. Carmen Stephens

    Carmen Stephens7 days ago

    why do i get the feeling that they all are secretly pissed off with her or genuinely find her annoying lmao xD

  101. Cameron Crump

    Cameron Crump7 days ago

    brad's sad story, he got hooked on chef grade heroin and now is obsessed with the made up technique of sugar compression

  102. Sydney Stafferton

    Sydney Stafferton7 days ago

    How did she resist the temptation of eating all of those skittles at the beginning?