Papa John - H3 Podcast #174


  1. basma jo

    basma joDay ago

    Ethan you interrupted him soooo much 😖

  2. Amanda

    AmandaDay ago

    Ethan was pretty annoying in this one

  3. Amanda

    AmandaDay ago

    Papa John is awesome..

  4. Insomnimatic

    InsomnimaticDay ago

    You can tell from the way Papa John's attitude was during the whole interview that he is seriously a great, humble, caring, and down to earth guy. I personally never thought the way he portrayed himself in the commercials is, in actuality, who he really is but watching this interview proves that I was 100% wrong. He keeps everything upbeat, answers Ethan and Hila's questions to the best of his ability, and was able to keep his cool even through Ethan cutting him off mid-sentence and asking repeating / revealing questions that may have not been appropriate. I'm glad Papa John took the opportunity to be on this podcast with one of his biggest fans and had this as an outlet for information that he felt the public needed to hear. Side note: I agree that Ethan should have stopped cutting John off during the interview but I can't help but feel he may have been star struck. This may be the reason why he couldn't just let the man talk. In any case, Papa Bless!

  5. 토끼아기

    토끼아기Day ago

    Papa John's broke up with Papa John...

  6. Andrew W.

    Andrew W.Day ago

    Plausible and perhaps even likely that Schnatter was set up. Frankly, I’m more interested in the greed and malfeasance being slowly uncovered. I couldn’t care less about Papa John’s personal views on race. I would surely be more concerned if my money were tied to his loose lips. None of it adequately explains John’s dishonesty regarding basic facts. Q: “Do you have the recording?” A: “Yes.” Later, in the same interview: “I do not have the tape.” 😐 Which is it? The thing with liars is that they lack credibility and intend to mislead. The lawyer in me can’t help but think it was foolish that he was allowed to sit for this podcast interview. It could inadvertently demonstrate the soundness of removing him. It’s too bad. He did a good job talking pizza and was likeable, in my opinion, especially as the interview progressed. His passion and knowledge for a high quality product is admirable.

  7. MightyTax

    MightyTaxDay ago

    This cleared the papa for me

  8. Teddie Taylor

    Teddie TaylorDay ago




    i used to work at papa John's as a younger guy, i remember working late til 2am and seeing endless papa john schnatter faces smiling at me from the giant stacks of prefolded pizza boxes almost like i was being mocked by him, i remember wishing the absolute worst on him and trying to hex him. didn't realize it worked

  10. Jenna Legendary

    Jenna LegendaryDay ago

    Why is he so handsome (I mean papa ) but Ethan to 😂💕

  11. Justin R

    Justin RDay ago

    I posted a little while ago about how I thought the Papa John interview would be awkward. Shoenice or a imitator was the only one to reply to that comment. ( I choose to believe it was the real Shoenice) I was completely wrong. I took Papa for a meme, some infomercial character, a joke, an advertising thing... but when you hear him speak he's remarkably intelligent. He shows dignity and decorum beyond his years. I can't help but be a little floored. For someone who's nearly a billionaire it just feels like I'm listening to my uncle! Such a down to earth character! Papa Bless.

  12. Alan Lee

    Alan LeeDay ago

    Surely the bread dough is the most crucial it's all chemical reactions. The rest comes naturally with heat.

  13. Panteha Abareshi

    Panteha AbareshiDay ago

    can anyone tell me where hila's chain is from ?

  14. Overly Derpy

    Overly DerpyDay ago

    E: call me papa PJ: *uncomfortable laugh grows louder*

  15. Moony

    MoonyDay ago

    this is so cringy

  16. Alan Lee

    Alan LeeDay ago

    I don't think so. It's just breaking the ice.

  17. 3s3.7cy

    3s3.7cyDay ago

    Good grief, how many times can you ask the same question?

  18. racc attack

    racc attackDay ago

    Never had papa John's maybe I should

  19. Acadia Mercer

    Acadia MercerDay ago

    These types of interviews are my favorite. Everyone says read the room Ethan blah blah but that’s what I love about Ethan. He’s uncontrollably himself to a fault. Papa John is such a stiff, PR type of guy. He never has had and never will again, have an interview like this one. It wouldn’t be like Ethan to follow the rules of PR etiquette and Papa knew that before he did this podcast. He’s been watching this for 8 years.

  20. Fake Blitz

    Fake BlitzDay ago

    I was eating dominos today

  21. Sander De hans

    Sander De hansDay ago


  22. Phillip Metcalf

    Phillip MetcalfDay ago

    1:31:25 turn on captions why youtube do Papa johns like that 😂

  23. 조대현

    조대현Day ago


  24. 조대현

    조대현Day ago


  25. xDakem

    xDakemDay ago

    Wow, the pizza here in Italy is really really another thing. No big corporative. Like the coffees. We have just 1 Starbucks. Literally thousand and thousand of independents pizzeria. Thousand and thousand of independents bar. Here making coffee and pizza isn't something a corporate can really do... Because you can choose, and if a small 2 people pizzeria work better than Papa's John, we go there. So like... in my city, we know the good ones from the bad ones. And we have so many kind of pizzeria no corporate can do. You can go in one and is fine to eat there, another ones is good for take away. And on bar we go for enjoying a coffee, not just to drink a beverage. That's why the Starbucks can work just work in big city with tourists. Not "true" city.

  26. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey SmithDay ago

    Papa John is nice to listen to...but Ethan keeps interrupting him :(

  27. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_KendrickDay ago

    Just because you don't like or agree with the current president doesn't mean you have to be disrespectful to the country or our flag.

  28. infinite 4 destruction

    infinite 4 destructionDay ago

    I think papa John had one of the best pizzas of all time but imma let you finish

  29. Adam Burroughs

    Adam BurroughsDay ago

    When I think Ethan can't be a worse question asker... he gets an interview with someone involved in a lot of delicate scandal.

  30. Menback FTW

    Menback FTWDay ago

    1:27:30 armor "chinks" might not be the best word to use considering his current situation lmao

  31. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_KendrickDay ago

    Guarantee you whoever they brought in from DC are the people who leaked that phone call and gave it to Forbes. It has their fingerprints all over it.

  32. Mr. AC

    Mr. ACDay ago


  33. Brianna Bauman

    Brianna BaumanDay ago

    lol he seems like a cool dude

  34. moriah

    moriahDay ago

    PAPA WE LOVE U IN WISCONSIN MY BOI. Please go on tour papa. xoxo

  35. L. Keller

    L. KellerDay ago


  36. Grasshopper Main

    Grasshopper MainDay ago

    Ok constructive criticism that you'll hear from everyone, even that guy that was deleted. Stop making your guest and audience uncomfortable

  37. T Hess

    T Hess2 days ago

    The Papa ad I got for the heart pizza says "we leave it uncut because we dont want to break your heart"

  38. Elite Gains

    Elite Gains2 days ago

    I’m new here but from the comments looks like You Aren’t on Par with the Almighty Joe Rogan in terms of how You Speak with Guests

  39. Inspired Enough

    Inspired Enough2 days ago

    One of the best podcast I’ve ever seen. I learned more here about business, than I’ve ever did in school.

  40. cam g

    cam g2 days ago

    I see the Howard stern influence here...good job papa Ethan 🙏 papa bless

  41. Alejandra Garcia

    Alejandra Garcia2 days ago

    Papa Johns saying “Let me finish” to Ethan when he wanted to interrupt him. That was my favorite part 🖤🖤🖤

  42. Falcon Soarer

    Falcon Soarer2 days ago

    2 hours of Ethan interrupting 🤣😂

  43. Diares

    Diares2 days ago

    Well Papa...the worst thing about betrayal is, that it never comes from people you hate, but rather more from people you trust the most

  44. Hikid

    Hikid2 days ago

    you know that papa probably has a lot of ghost stories

  45. James S

    James S2 days ago

    This podcast really humanized Papa. I haven't ate his pizza in years but I might give it another try. And Ethan, I love your interviewing style because you don't play it safe.

  46. Thundergun Express

    Thundergun Express2 days ago

    You are a terrible host lmao so many instances of you trying to finish his sentences and misunderstanding him. Hang it up bud this ain't for you

  47. Francis Vergara

    Francis Vergara2 days ago

    Ethan, I thought you were a great dude. Turns out you’re a two-faced snake. Screw you.

  48. Lee Calhoun

    Lee Calhoun2 days ago

    he’s absolutely right. With all the rules they kept changing, they made everything so much more complicated and inefficient for customers and employees all the time. It really seemed nobody in the higher ups ever worked in food and bev or delivering. Used to work for them and pizza hut. I still enjoyed the jobs though. It was fun. Lol i thought when he was kicked out theyd change the name cause it’s too “patriarchal” or something...

  49. Chuong Do

    Chuong Do2 days ago

    the interruptions...

  50. Public Alaskan

    Public Alaskan2 days ago

    Ethan needs to shut the hell up.

  51. Jenny

    Jenny2 days ago

    Papa John didn't want to give his employees healthcare. Papa John is a dick.

  52. Luke Loeser

    Luke Loeser2 days ago

    Very uncomfortable interview. How the heck does this perv get podcast?

  53. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 days ago

    "What you INspect is what you EXpect." Goddamn, Papa Bless!

  54. Chad Vlogs

    Chad Vlogs2 days ago

    Free papa

  55. Hope Morrison

    Hope Morrison2 days ago

    Whatever happened to PewDiePie being on the podcast Wed????

  56. Piano Roots Music

    Piano Roots Music2 days ago

    This pod made me get papa John's and I'm in canada but it's still the best pizza out there

  57. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson3 days ago

    Finally went back and listened to this podcast, wish I had known him back in the day when he started because I would like to be a humble millionaire too. Sucks being a humble bum instead 😖 I’m not religious either but no higher power has helped me with 400 milly lol good for him tho, just wish I knew him so he could teach me how to kick some ass in life too He does seem like a good guy, Papa Bless 😇👍👏

  58. alexis watson

    alexis watson3 days ago

    I ate their Philly cheesesteak pizza last summer and literally had to have my gall bladder removed the next morning 😂

  59. Ello G

    Ello G3 days ago

    He had to even say “Let me finish” 🤦‍♀️ Please stop interrupting your guest.

  60. Carlie Flowers

    Carlie Flowers3 days ago

    So they have erased Papa as a spokesperson from their world so does that mean Papa could open a new pizza company called Papa's House?

  61. Neverever evernever

    Neverever evernever3 days ago

    Where did Papa John's start up again?

  62. James S

    James S2 days ago

    Yeah, he kept repeating that "broom closet" line, trying to make himself appear like an underdog, instead of what he actually is: Damn-near a billionaire.