Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth


  1. i dont read replies

    i dont read replies2 hours ago

    I swapped twins a few weeks ago 🤔

  2. maxi1187

    maxi11872 hours ago

    We should let these dumb ass animals go extinct already.

  3. Cyclone 0

    Cyclone 02 hours ago

    Stupid pandas

  4. Ruchit Patel

    Ruchit Patel2 hours ago


  5. Jason M

    Jason M2 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be easier just to get rid of pandas and just keep the brown bear?

  6. Danny 626

    Danny 6262 hours ago

    Panda 🐼 care = state time

  7. I Hi

    I Hi2 hours ago

    I freaked out at 3:06

  8. Kelcey Thayer

    Kelcey Thayer2 hours ago


  9. Hunter Allen

    Hunter Allen2 hours ago

    Hooman please stop this

  10. Blank

    Blank2 hours ago

    Imma steal your cub

  11. TheGaming Panda

    TheGaming Panda2 hours ago

    This is so cute!

  12. Jon Dante

    Jon Dante2 hours ago

    Lmao. This is funny and fucked up, but nice.

  13. MysticalMiner 1

    MysticalMiner 12 hours ago


  14. Josue Guzman

    Josue Guzman2 hours ago

    That guy has balls trying to take away that cub, that panda is a killer lol

  15. Freedog13

    Freedog132 hours ago

    Pandas are Nazi's

  16. Mark Andrew Graham

    Mark Andrew Graham2 hours ago

    Pleasantly surprised with Sir David Attenborough’s wonderful voice. Worth the watch just for that

  17. Magickchris

    Magickchris2 hours ago

    I want a panda as my pet they look so cuddly

  18. Gery D

    Gery D2 hours ago

    Учудвам се на евтините Ви номера....наистина

  19. Tin Do 003

    Tin Do 0032 hours ago free laptop my dudes

  20. Soap God

    Soap God2 hours ago

    Congrats on number one trending!

  21. Uniquely _Myself

    Uniquely _Myself2 hours ago

    I'm weak that panda like "I love you but this honey water good" 😂😂

  22. TunicNinja

    TunicNinja2 hours ago

    Now this is what i want on trending MReporter

  23. .sevy

    .sevy2 hours ago

    Honey water > Newborn

  24. FireKAT91

    FireKAT912 hours ago

    2:19-2:21 "You're gonna give that back right? Oh well, water." But seriously, you have to admire the patience and hard work the keepers put into this.

  25. handyMandy

    handyMandy2 hours ago

    This deserves number 1 trending

  26. Kujo Jotaro

    Kujo Jotaro2 hours ago

    Classic panda cub vid being #1 trending

  27. GrayifiedX

    GrayifiedX2 hours ago

    Lazy bitch.

  28. Wendy Miller

    Wendy Miller2 hours ago

    Well it's not like they can count

  29. JeyZuChoi DawDu

    JeyZuChoi DawDu2 hours ago

    So cute ❤️🐼

  30. Laird Wheeler

    Laird Wheeler2 hours ago

    I saw this happen In real life in Chengdu during spring break.

  31. Wesley Martin

    Wesley Martin2 hours ago please vote

  32. Drgnwire

    Drgnwire2 hours ago

    lady: i’ll trade you honey water for your baby panda: deal

  33. Poon Hunter Since 83

    Poon Hunter Since 832 hours ago


  34. Commonsense 8283

    Commonsense 82832 hours ago

    why is this on trending.I mean it's cool any all but w h y

  35. Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia2 hours ago

    just give one of the pandas babies to a goose, I heard they are really good at taking care of pandas

  36. Hyunsoo Park

    Hyunsoo Park2 hours ago

    panda panda i got broads in atlanta

  37. Fire Nation Files

    Fire Nation Files2 hours ago

    Holy moly this is #1 on trending 😱

  38. Crystal Nerd

    Crystal Nerd2 hours ago


  39. A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium

    A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium2 hours ago

    Damn Pandas with their cute ass furry puff face cheeks.

  40. Fire Nation Files

    Fire Nation Files2 hours ago

    Pretty panda ❤

  41. Lord Owl Turtle Master

    Lord Owl Turtle Master2 hours ago

    3:07 phew I thought it was going the wrong way

  42. xfactor541

    xfactor5412 hours ago


  43. EA 1017

    EA 10172 hours ago

    One is an actor and the other is a stunt double don’t be fooled

  44. Brittany Songer

    Brittany Songer2 hours ago

    Good job on 1 on trending!!! 😁

  45. 1000 Subs With No Videos

    1000 Subs With No Videos2 hours ago

    Cuz they’re pandas they look the same like some that aren’t twins

  46. Stefan Pham

    Stefan Pham2 hours ago

    My mom would give me up for honey water

  47. Zayn Kloski

    Zayn Kloski2 hours ago

    That looks like an awesome job

  48. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy2 hours ago


  49. Night Fire

    Night Fire2 hours ago

    I was literally just there

  50. Davina J

    Davina J2 hours ago

    Ok I thought we were gonna see the mothers reaction to seeing 2 cubs 🤦🏽‍♀️

  51. opdefiant

    opdefiant2 hours ago

    Just let them go extinct already. They're a horribly adapted species.

  52. Jason Blundell

    Jason Blundell2 hours ago

    How is this on trending

  53. Gibby Balise

    Gibby Balise2 hours ago


  54. David Kimbel

    David Kimbel2 hours ago

    I didn’t know I much I needed this in my life right now

  55. Tichelle Garrett

    Tichelle Garrett3 hours ago

    Good story but I was saddened by the bars.

  56. J Rams

    J Rams3 hours ago

    The day she realizes it’s another one, it’ll kill the baby. Don’t underestimate a mother.

  57. Promise EDEN

    Promise EDEN3 hours ago

    If only they would treat human mothers this good at hospitals.

  58. That Loser

    That Loser3 hours ago

    I guess u can say she’s being BAMBOOZLED

  59. A Cup Of Tae

    A Cup Of Tae3 hours ago

    I wonder how the first lady who gave birth to twins reacted (^_^;)

  60. Nasser Feed

    Nasser Feed3 hours ago

    It's interesting how Chinese people resist eating Pandas

  61. mmmkay

    mmmkay3 hours ago

    What a horrible barren cage, she doesn't even get a bunch of leaves to sit on

  62. Cragonos Kritirea

    Cragonos Kritirea3 hours ago

    Why do people think pandas are completely useless they are good for other animals and plants

  63. YoBoySavage_YT

    YoBoySavage_YT3 hours ago

    I feel bad for her staying in a cage her whole life

  64. Alex

    Alex3 hours ago

    We must protect these beautiful creatures🐼🐼🐼

  65. Sarah & Ali

    Sarah & Ali3 hours ago


  66. SnAtCheD

    SnAtCheD3 hours ago

    Me if I had kids

  67. Bob Bobby

    Bob Bobby3 hours ago

    #1 Trending, woah 😮

  68. Johnny White

    Johnny White3 hours ago

    Of course she didn't know. All pandas look alike. So how's she supposed to know which ones are twins and which aren't?

  69. Lol Cinders

    Lol Cinders3 hours ago

    Why do you have to keep them held here when they can be in the wild?

  70. Frizy007

    Frizy0073 hours ago

    This is so cute I could explode! :'D

  71. Nine Nifty Facts

    Nine Nifty Facts3 hours ago

    How is this #1 on trending?

  72. Drawing With Zawad

    Drawing With Zawad3 hours ago

    The pandas are so beautiful!😍😍 What an amazing creature!😍💜

  73. teddy jackson

    teddy jackson3 hours ago

    Such a dangerous job

  74. Alex Gould

    Alex Gould3 hours ago

    But what if the baby panda tells the mom panda about the other baby panda

  75. Nalis Solus

    Nalis Solus3 hours ago

    Looks like a prison cell though. Also formula milk, hmm. edit: Reading that they do it to increase the population gives me a more positive look at it though.

  76. Average Steve

    Average Steve3 hours ago

    Panda child protective services

  77. Sean Marren

    Sean Marren3 hours ago

    That's horrible. What's the point of making the panda think it only has one baby

  78. Young and Healthy with Jeunesse

    Young and Healthy with Jeunesse3 hours ago

    So funny when the caretaker tried to steal the baby

  79. Fred the fish

    Fred the fish3 hours ago

    P A N D A S

  80. MR.NYC16GT

    MR.NYC16GT3 hours ago

    BALL SACK...

  81. Honey Badger359

    Honey Badger3593 hours ago

    Free the pandas from jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Oshea321

    Oshea3213 hours ago

    i got broads in atlanta

  83. R Carter

    R Carter3 hours ago

    2:20: "Take her I needed a break anyways😂😂💀"

  84. Isaac D.C.

    Isaac D.C.3 hours ago

    Me as a parent 😂👌

  85. Decorous Vlogs

    Decorous Vlogs3 hours ago

    Like my comment it’s not hard to do

  86. ChilledCheese

    ChilledCheese3 hours ago


  87. Namida

    Namida3 hours ago

    Turn out she has energy for two cubs, they are just a lazy mothers!

  88. SuperNova

    SuperNova3 hours ago

    Can we eat em?

  89. Brooklynyte

    Brooklynyte3 hours ago

    The babies are probably like "Ah, finally some incubator time! Mama's been roughing me up all day!" lol. That baby looked so comfy in the incu!

  90. Fearlessnugget

    Fearlessnugget3 hours ago

    The bbs are so small!!

  91. Brooklynyte

    Brooklynyte3 hours ago

    I love it, the panda knows she keeps going for the baby!

  92. Kaya Nelson

    Kaya Nelson3 hours ago

    *why is she in a cage*

  93. Garrett Choi

    Garrett Choi3 hours ago

    Oh shoot my baby! *This water’s pretty good tho*

  94. Kiyanoush

    Kiyanoush3 hours ago

    Remember I'll come today with a bowl of honey to take the other baby!

  95. Mai 3

    Mai 33 hours ago

    Aww 💖💕💓

  96. Nicaveli

    Nicaveli3 hours ago

    Man these animals are so stupid sadly

  97. SOS Save Our Seas

    SOS Save Our Seas4 hours ago

    This is so genius! And pandas are so cute!

  98. AaronsVids2

    AaronsVids24 hours ago

    That cement floor must feel wonderful

  99. ElectroSalvo

    ElectroSalvo4 hours ago


  100. Petra_Kalbrain

    Petra_Kalbrain4 hours ago

    Ingenious plan. I just hope it works out in the end. What would happen if momma discovers the truth? Will she allow the swapping to continue in order to nurture both her babies? Or will instinct kick in and make her ignore one of them completely? A fascinating experiment indeed!