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Panama v Tunisia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 46


  1. Wahid koraishi

    Wahid koraishi6 hours ago


  2. Manunchhuangi Chhuangi

    Manunchhuangi ChhuangiDay ago

    Croatia scored 22 goals and Tunisia scored only 5 goals well done Crotia

  3. N-Dru HOTT

    N-Dru HOTT3 days ago

    I really regret Panama haven't reached anything at this World Cup

  4. Frank Miranda

    Frank Miranda4 days ago

    Impressive game for both teams. Tunisia wins their first game match in 40 years while Panama still had their moment when they scored their first world cup goal against England. Their goal in this match does not count since it was an own goal. Either way, they made their country proud for playing in their first world cup ever. Who knows? Maybe they'll come back someday.

  5. eduardo arellanes

    eduardo arellanes7 days ago

    1:29 😂

  6. ilyass Abennay

    ilyass Abennay8 days ago

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  7. Best of the Best

    Best of the Best9 days ago

    Panama had the best team of all the World Cup in the first 45 minutes of this game , the proof is that panama ended the first half with a best result 1 and Túnez cero ... all the Guys of the first 45 min are from the capital , in the second half bolillo changed this team by adding several guys from other provinces

  8. JoséLuis AyúPradoBarrios

    JoséLuis AyúPradoBarriosDay ago

    what the fuck is wrong with you

  9. Gabriel sensva

    Gabriel sensva14 days ago

    PAN 1 - 0 TUN PAN 1 - 1 TUN PAN 1 - 2 TUN

  10. Eni TIPS TV

    Eni TIPS TV18 days ago

    Panama no

  11. Capitan 57

    Capitan 5720 days ago

    No todos debutan metiendo gol

  12. Niksa Milisic

    Niksa MilisicMonth ago

    Bad luccky for Panama of this Wrold Cup.😭😭😭

  13. Faheem Akhtar

    Faheem AkhtarMonth ago

    panma good

  14. Capitan 57

    Capitan 57Month ago

    2 a 2

  15. santiago123XD XD

    santiago123XD XDMonth ago


  16. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariMonth ago

    We were though.Couldn;t make it.I love my country had beaten pANAMA.

  17. ConMan

    ConManMonth ago

    Of all respect to Panama even though their team might not be the best, congrats on your first world cup and the goals scored

  18. Romax 24245

    Romax 24245Month ago

    I hope you had a good time playing against the Top teams in the World Cup. If you want to get back, well, good luck with that

  19. Rodrigo Sacca

    Rodrigo SaccaMonth ago

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  20. Anël Máster

    Anël MásterMonth ago

    El segúndo gol de Panamá era goooooool...Nunca vi a Luis Tejada.. Haciendo falta...en ese mundial le robaron mucho a Panamá m

  21. Jian gonzáles de leon

    Jian gonzáles de leonMonth ago

    Wtf 1:28

  22. Farhat Ferdous Abir

    Farhat Ferdous AbirMonth ago

    When Bosnia and Herzegovina entered the played splendid

  23. Despoinak Armeni

    Despoinak ArmeniMonth ago

    Σε εσκισε η τυνησια παναμα

  24. seven Kitty

    seven KittyMonth ago


  25. Roney Schweicerski

    Roney SchweicerskiMonth ago

    Panama lose

  26. Roney Schweicerski

    Roney SchweicerskiMonth ago

    Tunisia Win of panama this points 1 x 2

  27. crazymonster57

    crazymonster57Month ago

    tunisia don't have a bad team they just got a hard group to compete in

  28. Youssef Rebah

    Youssef RebahMonth ago

    تونس سجلت 5 أهداف أكثر من المانيا بطلة العالم

  29. SwedenBall

    SwedenBallMonth ago

    Tunisia Looks european

  30. Giovana Barsallo

    Giovana BarsalloMonth ago

    hello i am is panama

  31. Panamaball countryballs

    Panamaball countryballsMonth ago

    Odio tunez odio tunez odio tunez tunez no existe Panameños ellos se creen los mejores no pensemos en eso

  32. Ahmad Sahyony

    Ahmad SahyonyMonth ago


  33. Ahmad Sahyony

    Ahmad SahyonyMonth ago

    Tunisa 🖒🖒

  34. Victor Gadiel Glz.

    Victor Gadiel Glz.Month ago

    Con todos pierdes Panamá

  35. Ame d'Msp

    Ame d'Msp2 months ago


  36. diana sarmiento

    diana sarmiento2 months ago

    Panama 🇵🇦 was so mad

  37. Md Ruhit

    Md Ruhit2 months ago

    Akta like dilam

  38. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan2 months ago

    Muslims vs Muslims

  39. Waail Yousaf

    Waail Yousaf2 months ago

    Worst match ever

  40. adam 7890

    adam 78902 months ago

    Panama fin played

  41. Buster Andreasen

    Buster Andreasen2 months ago

    I like Panamas fans if they far behind like against England were they still cheered when they scored the first goal even if they were behind 6-1 im from Denmark and i would just give up if i was behind with 2 or more, but congratulations tunesia🇹🇳 and good job Panama🇵🇦


    VERA RSCHEN2 months ago

    ilove tunesia🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳❤❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Im Mariodg507

    Im Mariodg5072 months ago

    El segundo gol de Panamá si valia!!!!!!!! Que lastima ese VAR no sirve

  44. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc2 months ago


  45. Mexico loves south America

    Mexico loves south America2 months ago

    both are good but I think Panama is better from Mexico

  46. mr borris

    mr borris2 months ago

    1:29 wtf

  47. Shenzil Briffa

    Shenzil Briffa2 months ago

    2 same goals by tunisio

  48. Rodrigo Riofrío

    Rodrigo Riofrío2 months ago

    pelea de invalidos

  49. Maysem Djebbi

    Maysem Djebbi2 months ago


  50. PlayFutbol Panamá

    PlayFutbol Panamá2 months ago

    esa delantera hay que mejorarla... No tenemos un "9" señores

  51. Ibrahim Siyar

    Ibrahim Siyar2 months ago


  52. Penguin air

    Penguin air2 months ago

    Молодец Тунис 🏆⚽

  53. farro loco

    farro loco2 months ago

    Árbitro comprado era gol de Panamá

  54. Abdifatah Adam

    Abdifatah Adam2 months ago

    Name of the commentator please! ?

  55. Dulcemar

    Dulcemar2 months ago

    Congratulations!!! from Panamá :)

  56. Joseph Haaa

    Joseph Haaa2 months ago

    Yeess 🇹🇳🇹🇳

  57. Moisés Alcântara Paulino

    Moisés Alcântara Paulino2 months ago


  58. vlad costin staicu

    vlad costin staicu2 months ago

    Why he denied the last Panama's goal? There was no offside

  59. Andrew Sigthorsson

    Andrew Sigthorsson3 months ago

    Khazri man of the match for me

  60. minh quan ngo

    minh quan ngo3 months ago

    Tunisia beat Panama by 2-1

  61. rita de cassia abbatepietro

    rita de cassia abbatepietro3 months ago

    Assim que se faz! Tunísia! !

  62. Waail Yousaf

    Waail Yousaf3 months ago

    Panama is bad in football and always will be bad in football

  63. David Schultz

    David Schultz3 months ago

    Panama scored the same number of goals as Germany in this World Cup.

  64. Xyphles

    Xyphles3 months ago

    Who else didnt watch this?

  65. Gaashaan Tv

    Gaashaan Tv3 months ago

    khazri u faq derr

  66. VictorQ

    VictorQ3 months ago

    Orgullo de mi país 🇵🇦

  67. YassINonO . TV

    YassINonO . TV3 months ago

    Congratulations Tunisia from tunisia ha ha

  68. José carlos acosta

    José carlos acosta3 months ago

    Ahora Bélgica se concentró a no regalar balones demás, su fútbol se vio muy bien ante Inglaterra. Por el tercer lugar en esta justa/Junio/14/2018.

  69. Lamia Sakib

    Lamia Sakib3 months ago


  70. Kevin Price Boateng

    Kevin Price Boateng3 months ago


  71. Aquiterz.

    Aquiterz.3 months ago

    Équipes pommers mdrrr

  72. Krackz Play

    Krackz Play3 months ago


  73. Youssef Mrabet

    Youssef Mrabet3 months ago

    Khazri is a midfielders and he managed to score 2 goals and make 2 assits playing as a striker

  74. Stapf o no estás ?

    Stapf o no estás ?3 months ago

    Soy de Panamá 🇵🇦

  75. Aneel Kunwar

    Aneel Kunwar3 months ago

    Panama fans are celebrating like they have won world cup

  76. HaHeyHoy

    HaHeyHoy3 months ago

    Panama Champion!!

  77. Will OFV

    Will OFV3 months ago

    How are Panama fans not raging about their disallowed goal? It was completely legal, it'd of been a right goal and would of got them a point

  78. Led Targaouschi

    Led Targaouschi3 months ago

    Nope, it was two consecutive fouls from the Panamanian attackers which made the referee stop the game...if anything, the Panamanian attacker should've got a yellow card for playing after the referee has stopped the game

  79. Wiss Wiss

    Wiss Wiss3 months ago

    tunisie ❤❤❤

  80. Technology Consultant

    Technology Consultant3 months ago

    Tunisia Played Super game what a team Work, Fantastic G⚽ALS..✍👍

  81. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko Ayari3 months ago

    Could've finish 5-2 to Tunisia if we didn't miss chances.2-1 is a satisfaction result for me as a participant.Turn-out game around was never easy.

  82. Rablo Esco

    Rablo Esco3 months ago

    well done tunisia

  83. Josse Padilla

    Josse Padilla3 months ago

    Panamá :(

  84. Xakim Xoliqov

    Xakim Xoliqov3 months ago


  85. MultiWILLIE

    MultiWILLIE3 months ago


  86. Rogue AK47

    Rogue AK473 months ago

    Tunisia revenge on Panama for England.

  87. Rogue AK47

    Rogue AK473 months ago


  88. JAVIX

    JAVIX3 months ago

    Buen trabajo Panameños, se les quiere mucho

  89. Oleg Leonenko

    Oleg Leonenko3 months ago

    These wild creatures are playing football!!! Respect!!!

  90. Victor Hill

    Victor Hill3 months ago

    Que viva futbaaĺl

  91. ماهر عبدالحنان

    ماهر عبدالحنان3 months ago

    تونس تونس

  92. Armando Almanza

    Armando Almanza3 months ago

    La vergüenza de Concacaf.

  93. Sarah I

    Sarah I3 months ago

    Bro I'm so proud 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳

  94. H F

    H F3 months ago

    we lost against belgium 5-2 I am not proud

  95. Gabby Crane

    Gabby Crane3 months ago

    Congratulations every country that competed in the World Cup...👏👏❤❤❤💋💋

  96. Alick Kino

    Alick Kino3 months ago

    love tunisia from germany . i was rooting for tunisia to win

  97. Alick Kino

    Alick Kino3 months ago

    Danke thanks

  98. ThePunisher014

    ThePunisher0143 months ago

    Viele Grüße an Sie :) ᴛɴ♥ᴅᴇ

  99. LOUAYI

    LOUAYI3 months ago


  100. ben vas

    ben vas3 months ago

    jesus xt died n arose forgave all ur sins trust him

  101. Samuel Quiros

    Samuel Quiros3 months ago

    Ovalle that's shit

  102. Konki

    Konki3 months ago

    Tunisia perfect team

  103. Mahdib Mba

    Mahdib Mba3 months ago


  104. Patrik Offik

    Patrik Offik3 months ago


  105. SH삼공이

    SH삼공이3 months ago

    Thank you for the wonderful game in Panama, Tunisia. Congratulations. Tunisia👍👍

  106. Jorge Luna

    Jorge Luna3 months ago

    Nadamas fue hacer el ridiculo Panamá a Rusia jajaja y como es costumbre metiendo a México, cuando la selección de méxico ni los hace dn elmundo jajaja