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  1. lil jimmy

    lil jimmy9 hours ago

    Jeff I know it’s a late comment but who is sombras rival cuz widow an reaper have one so who is sombras

  2. Nonus Businissus

    Nonus Businissus12 hours ago

    Throw in some more lootboxes with potential bans to those who post memes on social media. You are god fcking cancer at this point blizzard.

  3. Kevin Diaz

    Kevin Diaz17 hours ago

    Don’t nerf junkrat Jeff no one wants that nerf, if you are then give the tire more health like 125 and the concussion mine 90 Damage

  4. Abdullah Kwt

    Abdullah Kwt20 hours ago

    I can't for (LC202)

  5. Abdullah Kwt

    Abdullah Kwt20 hours ago

    Please why I can't play over watch

  6. Sniperhack1982 Williams

    Sniperhack1982 Williams23 hours ago

    I want a new way to get mercy's cute spray cause you can't after her update

  7. xjantsix

    xjantsixDay ago

    i wish the next character was estonian...

  8. Marcos Suarez

    Marcos SuarezDay ago

    Overwatch wtf the game dint even logged in i was in loading i lag out and i loss sr and am suspended

  9. Marcos Suarez

    Marcos SuarezDay ago

    Seriously i feel like uninstalling like seriously suspended for 2 hours

  10. Black

    BlackDay ago

    it's left 4 dead

  11. Johny Galstyan

    Johny GalstyanDay ago

    At what time does the event end exactly?

  12. Tacky Ranch

    Tacky RanchDay ago

    Yea April 30th when season 3 ends. 😎

  13. Prime Online

    Prime OnlineDay ago


  14. DankestWarrior Z

    DankestWarrior ZDay ago

    Can you make the assassin a playable hero

  15. maria hayes

    maria hayes2 days ago

    Can you please make overwatch for mobile devices??!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 愚昧之神Nano

    愚昧之神Nano2 days ago

    Are we gonna get a anniversary event this year. I really would like the zarya and hanzo skins. And many more. If u bring it back im very thankful

  17. Crazy Shadow

    Crazy Shadow2 days ago

    Its will be the best event ever neverrrr

  18. Redskulls

    Redskulls2 days ago

    Wye the game uptate 2 times a day

  19. Elijah Hardin

    Elijah Hardin2 days ago

    add the assassin as a playable character in the future

  20. Ryan Andersen

    Ryan Andersen2 days ago



    PIM SLICKENS2 days ago

    Nerf brigggggget!!!


    PIM SLICKENS2 days ago

    Nerf moira

  23. Bunny Rabbit

    Bunny Rabbit2 days ago

    Wow, 21 freaking gig update on ps4? No thanks. I'm so done with OW. Make me download one gig here and there, fine, but I'm so tired of these massive downloads when memory space is already limited. And for those of us with decent enough internet to play but not necessarily download these large files in one day, the event will probably be over by the time it's finished anyway. I'm not exaggerating. It sucks that I'm going to miss an event. I guess it doesn't matter, the toxic gamers are what turned me off to begin with and caused me to not find out about this until now. I'm sure no patch will ever get rid of them...

  24. c4 egale

    c4 egale2 days ago

    plz let us play as heavy assult lol

  25. c4 egale

    c4 egale2 days ago

    wtf blizzard people can play as heavy assult XD

  26. Jan Weijenberg

    Jan Weijenberg2 days ago

    Best overwatch do you please wannna make a dutch map🤗

  27. Skadi

    Skadi2 days ago


  28. Jack Garcia

    Jack Garcia2 days ago

    Jeff make character that breaks gravity

  29. Brian Nguen

    Brian Nguen2 days ago

    Why sombra so thicc tho

  30. Da Queen

    Da Queen2 days ago

    Me: See's sombra with short hair Me:*inhales* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah SHES SO CUTE Me: *plays overwatch on Xbox one* Overwatch:update required Me:OWO SAY WHAT *updates overwatch* Xbox one:*Overwatch update done* Me:*plays overwatch* *at the end of the game* Overwatch:loot box Me:*opens* OWO SHORT HAIR BBY

  31. Shane Kid

    Shane Kid3 days ago

    Why not you guys make the heavy assault trooper a new tank hero for talon

  32. Major Felix

    Major Felix3 days ago

    Does anyone know what the title of the soundtrack from this video ? ;_; 0:00 - 0:36

  33. GaMzEe MaKaRa

    GaMzEe MaKaRa3 days ago

    Make your next hero an Italian defender.

  34. Jason Galloway

    Jason Galloway3 days ago

    My ps4 broke 😭

  35. rajawali perdana

    rajawali perdana3 days ago

    Fix rank plz

  36. Metodi Gadzhev

    Metodi Gadzhev3 days ago


  37. LoganGamer645 Bruh.

    LoganGamer645 Bruh.3 days ago

    Ever since I started playing in this event, I got 5 legendaries in a row. One of them was the Null Sector Skin for Orisa.

  38. Gaming with big

    Gaming with big3 days ago

    I know this has nothing to do with the event but I wish Mercy could be better cuz I think she is literally dead and all those Mercy Mains are quitting

  39. hue

    hue3 days ago

    Literally dead? She is still alive technically. XD I get what you mean though, people still play her though.

  40. OnlyTrevor

    OnlyTrevor3 days ago

    So why is Bastion a character

  41. Haroon Amani

    Haroon Amani3 days ago

    Petition to *DELETE BRIDGITTE*

  42. Haroon Amani

    Haroon Amani3 days ago

    event is cool and all but seriously *DELETE BRIDGITTE*

  43. XENON - Trap Music

    XENON - Trap Music3 days ago

    Subscribe me

  44. NAXAKY

    NAXAKY3 days ago

    Papa jeff my wish is skin trade system can u make my wish come true pls😇

  45. Kytrex

    Kytrex4 days ago

    Blizzard you better nerf brigitte or you’re gonna lose your entire fan base

  46. German God

    German God4 days ago

    The girls got extra thicc


    MEGAGAURDIAN 66294 days ago

    Idk if (do they call themselves Blackwatch? Or is it just Overwatch Archives) are good or evil or in the middle.

  48. Enrico Mateja

    Enrico Mateja4 days ago


  49. kaymicstro

    kaymicstro4 days ago

    Maybe the assassin could be a possible future hero that could be working for talon

  50. xMagic666

    xMagic6664 days ago


  51. minecraftgamerboy 361

    minecraftgamerboy 3614 days ago

    The installation keeps on crashing



    is that me or mei recieved a nerf in her ult, it doesnt feel like before, blizz please fix, they can still save themselves when they were supposed to be frozen,just saying😤

  53. UtopianMovie973

    UtopianMovie9734 days ago

    I don't want stop overwatch update and I don't want overwatch to be old.

  54. The god Gamer_*

    The god Gamer_*4 days ago

    Please put Mercy like before👏🏻

  55. DeathPixelGamin -Nerf

    DeathPixelGamin -Nerf4 days ago

    Can you make an Ana cinematic story

  56. s3xypie

    s3xypie5 days ago

    "We ekthhhecuted our plan" :I


    GODJOEY5 days ago

    "You are the light for the whole world." - Jesus - Matthew 5:14

  58. Activities of SPA

    Activities of SPA5 days ago

    I wish u can make an android game like this

  59. RioRenz

    RioRenz5 days ago


  60. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger5 days ago

    Can you do a video on cheaters making us leave the occasional game (approx 1 in 33 games), when someone is so obviously cheating that it makes it impossible to stay (a timewaste a sniper shooting us two at a time, infinite health, infinite flight (for Pharah) etc).... but your customers end up being punished by Overwatch also, by the Devs constantly putting customers in (fake?) games where Overwatch Devs deliberately end the game as soon as it eventually starts. A swipe policy.

  61. chris berg

    chris berg5 days ago

    So I doubt this’ll happen but ik I’m not the only one who’d really like to see multiple abilities for each hero outside of their current ones. That way you can play how you want to and it changes up how you would pick and chose your fights. Like if Winston had an ability like in the very first trailer where he picks you up, slams you on the ground, then proceeds to beat tf outta you, you might wanna think more carefully about getting too close to him next time. Or if Genji incorporated more ninja into his play style like a jump kick that would stun his opponent or something. Maybe he could have an ability like the assassin from retribution. Idk just some food for thought

  62. Sir Jedsalot

    Sir Jedsalot5 days ago

    Remove overtime it is annoying

  63. Matthew Warren

    Matthew Warren5 days ago

    Delete Junkrat, Symm, Bastion, Torb, and Mercy or I'm selling my copy so some idiot doesnt waste their money buyin a new copy for you

  64. Long Quang

    Long Quang5 days ago

    Does anyone know how to remove someone from avoid as player list on PS4 I am unable to

  65. Jessica Roehrig

    Jessica Roehrig6 days ago

    Jeff I’m a big sombra fan and I think that from her film it shows her climbing to the top of volskaya industry and I wanted her to be able to climb walls like genji and hanzo

  66. lttlb Music

    lttlb Music6 days ago

    Ia that blackwatxh sombra I see?

  67. Nerf Ghost YT

    Nerf Ghost YT6 days ago

    Can you in the overwarch team take in jackpack cat in the game plz

  68. Surya Putra

    Surya Putra6 days ago


  69. jeffry saul

    jeffry saul6 days ago

    Stupid blizzard

  70. Matías Pardo Blanco

    Matías Pardo Blanco6 days ago

    nerf Brigitte

  71. ArtsyRamen

    ArtsyRamen6 days ago

    I like how the profile pic is now the blackwatch logo

  72. Kamaree Joppy

    Kamaree Joppy6 days ago

    Older Mac a Olsr sister D,e,v

  73. Biothrawn

    Biothrawn6 days ago

    Featuring Overwatch Episode Left for dead.

  74. Trond Granli

    Trond Granli6 days ago

    Me: retirubiton hmmm ok uprising f*** yeas

  75. Luigi Castrejon

    Luigi Castrejon7 days ago

    It’s funny how you guys find the need to nerf mercy when you should really be looking at other hero’s to nerf umm idk maybe like tracer or maybe you should just give mercy a buff in the way that she could defend herself easier bc she always gets targeted in every competitive way no matter what the situation is

  76. IsThatAProGenji?

    IsThatAProGenji?7 days ago


  77. David Hong

    David Hong7 days ago

    What, no animation this time?

  78. AmpEdition

    AmpEdition7 days ago

    Haven’t played OW since I found Paladins 😎

  79. L O S T

    L O S T7 days ago


  80. BTS army forever

    BTS army forever7 days ago

    jungkook loves it ..kookie💚

  81. Jakub Baranovic

    Jakub Baranovic7 days ago

    make a hero from Slovak republic pls.Be a nice man Jeff. :)

  82. EG 20

    EG 207 days ago

    Remember when overwatch won game of the year that was a good year

  83. angela mercy

    angela mercy7 days ago

    I wish i can join ;-;

  84. pup yotthap TH

    pup yotthap TH7 days ago

    jeff how to win comp the people is troller why pls ban people troller

  85. Sir Niksu

    Sir Niksu7 days ago

    Can you do something to that when somebody leaves in comp beacause its so stupit that Somebody was leave And we lose for that

  86. TheAshtonB

    TheAshtonB7 days ago

    This isn’t Fortnite...

  87. Cat

    Cat7 days ago

    Why does Reaper have a lisp gosh darnit?

  88. Daniel Herring

    Daniel Herring7 days ago

    Add the 2 kids as new heros

  89. john paul fraley

    john paul fraley7 days ago

    this is for jeff kaplan. from, jp, autistic overwatch fan. i asked team fortress to make a buisness proposal to you. team fortress 2 is a team based shooter with 11 or 12 classes in total with weapons that do different damage or help them in combat. i thought of another kind of multiplayer action.team fortress 3. ill give you the list. scout=reaper/enforcer. reaper with no teleportation powers but has super speed, has a hammer that fires shots that stuns them, and has great regeneration. heavy= orisa, zarya, roadhog with whole hog as main weapon/heavy assault,OR-14. they all have 2000 health but their weakness are their legs and back. they each have weapons that have different effects like damage, speed, and ammo rounds. sniper=widowmaker/sniper. heres their weapons. the normal weapon for widowmaker, dps assault rifles, sniper rifles, and their only ability is the mine. engineer=torbjorn/bastion. torbjorn can have turrets, sentries, teleporters, and shield dispenser/generators. bastion can deploy or transform into rotary turret, stinger turret, thumper turret, shield detonator stand, and teleporters. spy=sombra/asassin. sombra has a mixture of revolvers, submachine guns, and counterstrike knives she can use. she has her cloak, and she has the sapper a.k.a. the translocator. the asassin has cloak, but she also has a asassinate ability that can cling on to an enemy and does'nt get off until he is killed, translocator is weakness. civilian=doomfist/blackhand. he has all his normal abilities, but his weapons have different effects. commando=solider 76 with fusion drivers, assault rifles, and shotguns./ nulltrooper. they have heavies, assaults, and close range. based for picking off enemies. medic=mercy/slicer. they have healing weapons like healing staffs, biotic rifles, neddle smgs, and sound amplifiers. but they have the ability to nano boost them when they have their ult up and make the player invincible. demoman=junkrat detotrooper. they have grenade launchers, tommy guns with explosive rounds, and card flingers. their only way to fly up is their mines. solider=pharah/eradicator. they shoot rocket propelled projectiles at you with rocket launchers, plasma cannons, and feather guns. merasmus=brigette/cyborg slicer. they have whips, they have unlimited of the knockback ability, and they help the other teammates around her in battle. pyro= symmetra/pyrotechnics specialists. they have weapons that butns enemies and their abilities rely on deflecting and supporting. gamemodes: A.K.A mann vs machine. normal: payload. assault. ctf. team deathmatch. uprising/retribution/junkensteins revenge. alternative modes: search and destroy(one team defends a generator and the demoman plants the bomb) jailbreak. blackwatch and talon(like gardens and graveyards in garden warfare, but instead has one team defend the generator from the enemies trying to take the objective. if they capture all three, you have to head to the next objective depending on map)

  90. Genji Shimada

    Genji Shimada7 days ago

    Doomfist should get a one punch man skin... I really just said that, wow

  91. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson7 days ago

    Buy frsh instead of the video

  92. Albanianator

    Albanianator7 days ago

    Bring back Mayhem, stop removing it from arcade, it's played more then CTF.

  93. Tamim Al-suwaidi

    Tamim Al-suwaidi7 days ago

    Please remove Symmetra from the game.

  94. Garrison Ridgway

    Garrison Ridgway7 days ago

    Shut up and take my money

  95. Lolishy TAS

    Lolishy TAS7 days ago

    That Assassin *_T H I C C_*

  96. gottagofast20

    gottagofast207 days ago

    My man's Lucio is looking like Killmonger from Black Panther.

  97. 4tnite Vidz

    4tnite Vidz7 days ago

    Terrible update I hate it horrible! Just disappointed...

  98. aissa938

    aissa9387 days ago

    This is lit

  99. Paul Witzenburger

    Paul Witzenburger7 days ago

    I'm fine with the Archives loot box items being a part of this seasonal event, but I would love to see the Archives PVE missions be a permanent menu selection. Just like Quick Play, Competitive, and the Game Browser. So we can play the PVE missions all year round.

  100. Dom  Sroka

    Dom Sroka7 days ago

    Bring us more lore.misssions!! Comp is dead! Brigittie is trash and will finally kill comp undoubtedly. just give us more lore best thing in the world of overwatch

  101. IBelive InMe

    IBelive InMe7 days ago

    From 30 loot boxes no blackwatch genji. 0 legendaryes from 30 boxes... wow... im gonna cry on the floor now... ,,TECHNYCAL DIFFICULTYES"

  102. brotato chip

    brotato chip8 days ago

    they changed their logo to the blackwatch logo for retribution