Overhauling your old bike


  1. Ron Cooke

    Ron CookeMonth ago

    You must have a nice clean bike keeping your fingers so clean, i remember to put gloves on when half way though replacing the chain. Good video

  2. TheElgreko

    TheElgrekoYear ago

    I have an old bike with rust all over but have some collor .. i dont want to paint it how i restore it with gasoline and rub?

  3. Edward Meunier

    Edward MeunierYear ago

    Change the video title. This is not an overhaul.

  4. Kamlesh Birla

    Kamlesh BirlaYear ago


  5. Strategic Thinker

    Strategic Thinker2 years ago

    "old" bike.

  6. Luciano Narno

    Luciano Narno3 years ago

    I had a horrible experience with Finish Line wet lube, it attracted dirt and grime like a magnet. Did it work properly for you? Maybe I was using it wrong, or putting too much, anyhow I switched to the dry kind.

  7. Luciano Narno

    Luciano Narno2 years ago

    @Action Filmz Yeah! Ive been using dry lube for some weeks now and its been working perfectly for me here in Mexico City. I clean it every 200 km, which is about every week for me.

  8. Action Filmz

    Action Filmz2 years ago

    The type of lube depends on the riding conditions in your area so if you ride in dry areas it would be in your best interest to use the dry lube to repel dirt and dust.

  9. QuixoticQuaver

    QuixoticQuaver3 years ago

    You have a very 'British Military' voice.

  10. Tim Thornton

    Tim Thornton4 years ago

    I like the two bottles of mind lubricant.

  11. coolcamaro12

    coolcamaro124 years ago

    That was one rusty chain!

  12. cbr

    cbr2 years ago

    nothing compared to mine lol

  13. Cawg Sugr

    Cawg Sugr5 years ago

    Is this your bike? He is ready. No problems.

  14. Oliver Barcham

    Oliver Barcham5 years ago

    Thanks this is very useful

  15. fillipou13

    fillipou135 years ago

    nice one (video) my friend!! show as more with new bikes....MTB full suspenssion(sry my english)

  16. One-Punch Mcgee

    One-Punch Mcgee6 years ago

    lol, still tho jam on a blunt with some good tunes while repairing ur whip is fun

  17. London Cyclist

    London Cyclist6 years ago

    Thanks Justmeted1969 - I think you are right - there isn't as much content in this video as I'd like and we're actually soon going to be working with someone to produce some much higher quality videos for everyone.

  18. justmeted1969

    justmeted19696 years ago

    Great video. Only thing I'd suggest different is that while you did talk about cleaning the bike with de-greaser, etc, you should mention that it's super important to clean all the gunk out of the cassette and the front cogs before putting on the new chain. Maybe mention how to lube it properly, too.

  19. nodresiak

    nodresiak7 years ago

    Alcohol to repair a bike. That is a much better Idea than pot because you tend to work a lot slower

  20. Mark Salvador

    Mark Salvador7 years ago

    I didn't know it required jack daniels to overhaul a bike :D

  21. London Cyclist

    London Cyclist8 years ago

    @SATURDAYateSUNDAY not much you can do - just stick it in there and battle through the symptoms!

  22. London Cyclist

    London Cyclist8 years ago

    @HLaB75 A good suggestion. I kind of assumed people would know this as it says on the chain checker packaging. But I've added to the video to be sure.

  23. HLaB75

    HLaB758 years ago

    When you show the chain checker you may like to explain the difference between the 0.75% side and the 1% side. ie at 0.75% the chain is worn but won't have done any damage to the cassette; at 1% the chain is very worn/ liable to snap and will most likely have done to the cassette.