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  1. Brandon Borula

    Brandon BorulaHour ago

    You have to do this to me evrey single tiiiiimee😭😂😂😂

  2. Darius 49

    Darius 49Hour ago

    cyka blyat

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  5. Discarded Rat67

    Discarded Rat678 hours ago

    Should this video have a million views cos all of the parts have a milliokn

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  8. Aj Boozer

    Aj Boozer13 hours ago

    Cat and dog, is my favorite

  9. Elijah Luna

    Elijah Luna14 hours ago

    alex:AHHHHHH IM SO SORRY Me:no no your not alex we both know that

  10. Xanly XD

    Xanly XD15 hours ago

    i also said i love you to my mom....

  11. guts on the mic

    guts on the mic17 hours ago

    oh god. not again .

  12. TheGamingPanther

    TheGamingPanther19 hours ago

    Who else was forced to watch static shock as a kid because their Dad wouldn't stop watching it.

  13. Olivia That one

    Olivia That one19 hours ago

    Ahhhhhh I changed my username and I hate it good video ha

  14. Icing Captain

    Icing Captain20 hours ago

    He should just take her to the party

  15. SeNsEi Spxctre

    SeNsEi Spxctre21 hour ago

    Alex: “Before I talk about that” Me: *Quickly checks if the video is longer*

  16. Toxic bull

    Toxic bull22 hours ago

    Wow this story is far beyond good👌🏽

  17. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos23 hours ago

    S U P E R O O F M O M E N T

  18. GamingCloud 95

    GamingCloud 9523 hours ago

    0:57 I was gonna say i luv u. But not anymore. *Im gonna say the N word* I dead thought thats what he was gonna say

  19. Archie Juleff

    Archie Juleff23 hours ago

    I’ve been subscribed for 1000 years he still isn’t finished with the babysitter stories

  20. Moto Mori

    Moto MoriDay ago

    Hey Alex!!! Can you do more Pickle dipper episodes!!!!????

  21. razvan7

    razvan7Day ago

    *I didn't want to end it on a cliffhanger I swear* *me:FUUUUUU*

  22. DeezOP

    DeezOPDay ago

    Still not over? Just came to check on the channel and find it still on a cliffhanger...

  23. Gloo Stick

    Gloo StickDay ago

    I look Kenan and Kel

  24. just thinken studios

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  25. Alfie Mahoney

    Alfie MahoneyDay ago

    This series is the fakest thing I’ve ever heard in a long time, Like seriously can you just tell us it’s a lie already or do you just want to be known as one of MReporter’s biggest liars.

  26. I kermet suiside Dlooom

    I kermet suiside DlooomDay ago

    2:20 Alex Clark has left the building

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    EL DIABLODay ago

    I clicked the subscribe button

  29. alangaming101

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    Plz realise the next part quick

  30. SASHI

    SASHIDay ago

    Id have shot up the school but ok

  31. Pierre pia Dela peña

    Pierre pia Dela peñaDay ago

    Why vrv isn't available in my country😥😫😭,i feel so sad i can't watch Alex's favorite childhood cartoon😭

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    If just one person just clicks the subscribe button. (Gets 4million subscribers)

  33. Vihari the army

    Vihari the armyDay ago

    u was at da club

  34. Nisha K Nair

    Nisha K NairDay ago

    Its been a long time

  35. Gredlon

    GredlonDay ago

    Just give us the motherfucking script

  36. TurboRobots

    TurboRobotsDay ago

    How old were you and her?

  37. ApexPredator372

    ApexPredator372Day ago

    Please make part 12

  38. Hoane

    HoaneDay ago

    Bin off the babysitter make an 11 part series on the salsa

  39. polloppo

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  40. ShineyUmbreon And my Friend Bloodmoon98

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  41. ShineyUmbreon And my Friend Bloodmoon98

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  42. CuRe_Vinhzzz

    CuRe_VinhzzzDay ago

    He’s probably gonna invite her to his grandma’s birthday

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  44. Dark Wolf God99

    Dark Wolf God99Day ago

    Wooooow alex

  45. QWERTY Jay

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    I remember when 2017 Alex got 1million subs.😅just random comments

  46. It's Your Highlights

    It's Your HighlightsDay ago

    My girlfriend just broke up with me. My first ever girlfriend. And i was her first boyfriend! And it’s sooo hard 😩💔

  47. elliot  daniel Lagos  Martines

    elliot daniel Lagos MartinesDay ago

    Wow how much he will extend this story

  48. Justin Maignan

    Justin MaignanDay ago

    I feel that this series is fake

  49. Sean Espinosa

    Sean EspinosaDay ago

    My Guy is pulling a Ceeday For this series ×4

  50. Yvng_FrostyVon

    Yvng_FrostyVonDay ago

    Wait...so this is his present day girlfriend/wife right?

  51. lazy fox

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  52. Not Aaden

    Not AadenDay ago

    Who else wants him to make more of these?

  53. MJAestheticFilms

    MJAestheticFilmsDay ago

    Dude it’s been literally more than a year since the 1st Part

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  57. Kyle Haines

    Kyle HainesDay ago

    ......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU ALEX?!?! I waited this long, what felt like forever, for yet another cliffhanger, where half the video was spent on a sponsored ad? You couldn't have put that in another video and made this one the full script you wrote? Whyyyyyy? 😢😢😢😢😢

  58. Kyle Haines

    Kyle HainesDay ago

    Finally!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's about time!

  59. ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻_Vyper

    ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻_VyperDay ago

    1980:i bet there will be flying cars in the future 2019: im dating my babysitter

  60. AdamIsHere

    AdamIsHere2 days ago

    I like the story and all but you’re cringe

  61. Random Access

    Random Access2 days ago

    It's starting to bore me :( please finish this soon

  62. Captain obvious

    Captain obvious2 days ago

    You’re really milking this one dry

  63. Its Jeffy

    Its Jeffy2 days ago

    1:35 Will Smith has joinded the GAME

  64. Apex player Don't judge or I take your takis

    Apex player Don't judge or I take your takis2 days ago

    Alex can you leak my channel

  65. Alexis i dont know what to put on a last name

    Alexis i dont know what to put on a last name2 days ago

    I was so hyped but when I heard "another video" I screamed 🤣🤣🤣 I need to know

  66. Alexis i dont know what to put on a last name

    Alexis i dont know what to put on a last name2 days ago


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    But aren’t you married

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    I subscribed because he told me to

  69. Pancakemix

    Pancakemix2 days ago

    Why does this reminds me of domestic girlfriend

  70. Anthony Marks

    Anthony Marks2 days ago

    Omg that a great idea 😂😂😂

  71. samuel allen

    samuel allen2 days ago

    are you married to cliffhangers if so um what the hell

  72. ExOTiiC_V1P3R -

    ExOTiiC_V1P3R -2 days ago

    Uhhh hurry up

  73. Angel Sanchez Orozco

    Angel Sanchez Orozco2 days ago

    R u happy i subed

  74. Samuel Guzmangat

    Samuel Guzmangat2 days ago

    Wait, alex, my sources say my hero academia is an anime, not a cartoon.

  75. Angel Sardon

    Angel Sardon2 days ago

    This going be good

  76. Mast3r

    Mast3r2 days ago

    when the hell will you finish this series

  77. MarcoJoeGaming 1234

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  78. lentera nusa siregar

    lentera nusa siregar2 days ago

    Animate stop Jesus:*BLESSING STOPS*

  79. Sliver Stormmz

    Sliver Stormmz2 days ago

    Dude you just like WB

  80. 1_hitdelete

    1_hitdelete2 days ago

    Omg can u plz made it longer like add 3 min to be 10 min like one episode of cartoon

  81. Daniel Segura

    Daniel Segura2 days ago

    Everyone loves my hero academia


    NICULLTM2 days ago

    How many more of these bullshit fake stories are you gonna make?

  83. Mad man

    Mad man2 days ago

    You kinda look like Steve carrel alex

  84. islandstar

    islandstar2 days ago

    Only availible in the u.s 😭 BTW I LOVE UR CONTENT dude its the best thing ever and u always make my day! I love ur channel so much i watch every single video that u post! Im speechless🤙🔥❤

  85. Jeff Almazo

    Jeff Almazo2 days ago

    I miss rocket power and the og game

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    Jokes on you I have premium already

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    I'll charge you for your room OMG that's a great idea!

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    Went Home

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    I love ur videos and the upload schedule ur the best

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    7 minutes isnt alot of time

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    Your funny dude😆😂😄😅😃

  92. JakeThe Scar

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    Roses are red Violets are blue I loved alex clark now I hate him So should you

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    Watch Lucky star please

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    Liana Eshky2 days ago

    Let me guess your wating for season 4 my hero academia


    NONNIE PLAYS3 days ago


  97. discrod Memes XD

    discrod Memes XD3 days ago

    Granny how old are you? Granny: *Yes*

  98. LynX

    LynX3 days ago

    I have a good idea Alex Clark you should Marry your sister

  99. Adrian Mendez

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    I’ve never seen 1 of his videos without a sponsor

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    You’re killing me smallz