Orbital Test Vehicle 5 (OTV-5) Mission


  1. Luca Moldovan

    Luca MoldovanMonth ago

    How will you transport the BFR?

  2. nachomasterCR

    nachomasterCR3 months ago

    21:26 and we'll meet again tomorrow. incredible.

  3. Commander Salamanders

    Commander Salamanders3 months ago

    This is my favorite Falcon 9 launch to date.

  4. Benjamin Jacobson

    Benjamin Jacobson4 months ago

    So. Much. Reusability

  5. Wolfy480

    Wolfy4804 months ago

    Hurricane Irma?

  6. Wizbang FL

    Wizbang FL4 months ago

    very impressed that they land basically back in the same area as the launch. a lot of good planning and engineering to allow the vehicle to be able to go up, deliver, and then turn around and go home.

  7. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE4 months ago

    Thanks that BFR land mostly on land, because its easier.

  8. Josh/현규

    Josh/현규5 months ago

    Reusable space transport × Reuable rocket booster = Lit af

  9. Delmat

    Delmat6 months ago

    Is this the block 5 falcon 9 version?

  10. F.A.L.9

    F.A.L.96 months ago


  11. 01spasatel

    01spasatel7 months ago

    Good job.

  12. BazilRat

    BazilRat8 months ago

    It's become so routine that SpaceX are landing rockets. It makes it hard to remember that this is one of the hardest things to do in rocket science... Looking forward to Falcon Heavy. Remember, Elon himself stated there's about a 60% chance of a RUD. It's why he's put his own Tesla roadster on top rather than an actual science payload. If it works? It's great PR. If it doesn't... it's a $250,000 car that's just been scattered across the launchpad, not a multi-million-dollar satellite or a boring boilerplate weight load.

  13. theptown91

    theptown919 months ago

    15:45 did you guys see that light in the back and then disappeared

  14. Alexis Finch

    Alexis Finch7 months ago

    That's the stage 2 booster

  15. Balen Mars

    Balen Mars9 months ago

    those 4 special metal fins or rudders are actually taken from US military, which means the US government is seriously involved in spacex, which really makes us ask, is spacex really private?! the answer is clearly no, it's only on papers

  16. Daniel Farnes

    Daniel Farnes9 months ago

    Why was the commentary recorded in the canteen?

  17. LifeLogIn

    LifeLogIn9 months ago


  18. StarkosGuy

    StarkosGuy10 months ago

    16:28 ISS!!??


    FOLLOWER COMPANY10 months ago


  20. THEBOY610

    THEBOY61010 months ago

    can i join you

  21. SUNGEAR59

    SUNGEAR5910 months ago

    Something I'll never get sick of watching ))Who would of thought we would watch things like this on live tv let alone call it routine

  22. Logan Baird

    Logan Baird10 months ago


  23. Muup Muup

    Muup Muup10 months ago

    All sorts of awesome

  24. Rikardot Moraless

    Rikardot Moraless10 months ago

    chupen la cayampa saldos desde chile xd

  25. High Way

    High Way11 months ago

    Учитесь, ватники! Это вам не петухов из говна лепить :-)

  26. Robert Woko

    Robert Woko11 months ago

    love those cafeteria sounds in the background,lol

  27. MeepTicoMeep Gaming

    MeepTicoMeep Gaming11 months ago

    in decenmber when they do the iss crew change screw russia just get spacex

  28. ThexBorg

    ThexBorg11 months ago

    Never get bored watching those landings

  29. EvenStar LoveAnanda

    EvenStar LoveAnanda11 months ago

    Why does all he's rockets look like a dick? Maybe he's trying to compensate. On second thought he is also getting into tunnels now. Hmmmm. He has concoured the surface with the E-Car, than Space with rockets. Then the Underground with tunnels.... Hmmmm.

  30. EvenStar LoveAnanda

    EvenStar LoveAnanda11 months ago

    I am go for lunch guys.....

  31. awa arch

    awa arch11 months ago

    amazing company plus it is designing its rockets for benefit of humans not for war

  32. MrFelixify

    MrFelixify11 months ago

    hey look at that. proof the earth actually is round. I wounder what flat earthers have to say about this?

  33. MrStgaard

    MrStgaard11 months ago

    Balance a structure like that with rockets, is a work of art. Almost unbelievable.

  34. Alice Thunder

    Alice Thunder11 months ago


  35. Dököll Solutions

    Dököll Solutions11 months ago

    Very nice weather, truly nice landing...

  36. LukZ Piano

    LukZ Piano11 months ago

    17:25 Spacejunk below the right Grid Fin!

  37. Dustin Smith

    Dustin Smith11 months ago

    Whenever the rocket separated, what happened to that piece that came off at 15:30?

  38. Erick Morales

    Erick Morales11 months ago

    21:12 Ahhh! the moment when your child just graduated from High School

  39. Cestarian Inhabitant

    Cestarian Inhabitant11 months ago

    Amazingly accurate landing, I couldn't even land a helicopter that accurately!

  40. The One

    The One11 months ago

    So it reaches space in under 3 mins, and is back on the ground in just over 8 min. Amazing. stick a couple of windows up top, add seats and there's your space tourism ride. No need for virgin galactic et al. $20,000 a go x5=$100000.

  41. Ben Burns

    Ben Burns11 months ago

    Wow absolutely amazing I hope I get to go to space one day.

  42. Deep Biniwalle

    Deep Biniwalle11 months ago


  43. Scooby TX

    Scooby TX11 months ago

    never shows the actual trajectory nor supposedly going past the atmosphere in a front facing camera. fish eye lens cropped on the landing feet

  44. Susanta Goswami

    Susanta Goswami11 months ago

    wow, it's called real beauty......

  45. SirCiop

    SirCiop11 months ago

    The fact that looks an easy thing, is the proof SpaceX did it right

  46. LiLCLEMO

    LiLCLEMO11 months ago

    I'll never get tired of watching these land

  47. Don Lewis

    Don Lewis11 months ago


  48. nuclearping

    nuclearping11 months ago

    Goose bumps. So amazing. :)

  49. korrdavl

    korrdavl11 months ago

    Double sonic boom baby!

  50. Scott

    Scott11 months ago

    that is just tremendous!

  51. excuse me

    excuse me11 months ago

    I like how they add "earth" in the location at the beginning it's like A very subtle 😉 (we boutta be on mars mmmhmmm)

  52. Franco B

    Franco B11 months ago


  53. Mega Zhaba

    Mega ZhabaYear ago

    Future is already here, granny)

  54. Ninjafox

    NinjafoxYear ago

    Seriously, these people can launch a rocket, make it go up to space, drop off a payload, and finally land all under 10 minutes. And they do it every month.

  55. sniperwipers

    sniperwipersYear ago

    What is that @15:46 ?

  56. MrArbeter

    MrArbeterYear ago

    camera fail when landing but still impressive

  57. Nghiêm Văn Tú

    Nghiêm Văn TúYear ago

    I hope I can change something like this =))

  58. T VS

    T VSYear ago

    19:20 I Can almost see my house from here!

  59. Redman147

    Redman147Year ago

    Love how the camera outside caught the sound and shock wave from the sonic boom as Falcon 9 came back under the speed of sound. Beautiful.

  60. Lunatic _

    Lunatic _Year ago

    fuck i always thought the clouds would be so much higher .... wtf :D

  61. Leone

    LeoneYear ago

    Tried to explain to my dad how a tube of metal falling towards earth at 5500km/h manages to stop and land peacefully in 60km. He didnt believe me until a showed him this video

  62. Hus 9

    Hus 9Year ago

    now earthlings can build big solar panels in space woohoo . good job earthling on step closer to singularity

  63. Emmet Dallat

    Emmet DallatYear ago

    Watched it then and there, forgot these land almost straight away and missed this part :/

  64. namcost

    namcostYear ago

    haha Nasa 2.0. all that god damn money, records third person flight into "space" then magically shows us first person once its "in space". i want cameras, not that wide angle bullshit, showing multiple view points, from the launchpad up. one looking out inti space, one looking at the ground, and one looking out towards the side. show me the whole launch. until then, nasa 2.0 and its bullshit lies multiplied by spacex doing the same bullshit wanna know why elon musk got so emotional, when he did that interview, and they talked about how other scientists said "you can't do it" and all the other negativity? THE TRUTH IS they told him that we've never been to space and its all a lie, and like a little kid he's out to prove them wrong and show we can go to space. but we cant. not in my lifetime, not in anyone alive todays timeline. funny, all these astronomers with amazing telescopes, yet cant find a single satellite... even nasa's "live" shit neglects showing these 1000s of satellites. hell, nasa shows the earth live, not a single cloud, i walk outside and its cloudy as fuck, yet "live". wake up people.

  65. namcost

    namcostYear ago

    Read my point, and it went right over your little head. Did I ask for how 3rd person views work? NO. I said that if they can put a camera on the fucking rocket looking at its ass, why not one facing space? and why not one perpendicular facing the side of the rocket? And I said that regardless of where the camera is, it cuts views from going into space, to magically in space. And you give me a lecture on 3rd person view and zooming.... you are dumb as fucking bricks, so I guess you are gullible.... CGI ain't shit these days, are you fucking serious? I got a friend who literally makes assets for video games, he claims it would only take about a week or so with a proper team to make an exact cgi replica of a rocket launch.... nasa, and all these "high dollar" rocket agencies don't have enough money for a small team? fuckers have a team 3-4 times larger if not more than any smaller company that "takes months to make cgi". get the fuck out of here kid.

  66. namcost

    namcostYear ago

    same bullshit. russian video 1 i watched, 3rd party view from the ground, then cut to rocket in space. second russian video, first person view of rocket looking at its ass (thrusters) and as it reaches a certain height, the camera feed is cut, and then magically we are in space again. youtubed three ESA videos. one was cheap cgi and not an actual rocket video, one was cgi the whole way through clearly denoted by many issues in the video, and the third video is just like the rusky video, nasa and space x, rocket launch, cut to magical space journey. do people really fall for this bullshit? is being gullible that easy?

  67. AmxCsifier

    AmxCsifierYear ago

    0 to 60 in 10 seconds.. The Model S is way faster

  68. MnihPL

    MnihPLYear ago


  69. Юрій Борисов

    Юрій БорисовYear ago

    SUPER! Bravo!!!

  70. 馬渕淳文

    馬渕淳文Year ago

    When it is "Apollo 11" it seems you used a studio set, how about this? If you work the reasoning "Can you prove that this is not CG?", I think that this is undeniable and that no one will already be aware that a country is already not planning on prestige or prestige When human beings fell in the moon about half a century ago, and when they returned to the earth safely, a faraway dream came true, America engraved its name in human history, a new competition was done Is it there? At this stage, it is a murder plan that there is no way to go back to a certain planet to go to a planet.The first thing you need to research and develop is that human beings will withstand hibernation for more than two years in a zero gravity state Whether it can be resuscitated or not, the finding obtained by doing a two-year zero gravity hibernation experiment using a monkey or a dog may be a big achievement If Russia and China are returning from that planet rocket If it were to make it, it will be the reach of "Glory of human history" beyond reaching Mars.

  71. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    What the hell are you saying?

  72. Elsie Hannam

    Elsie HannamYear ago

    It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times I watch the stage one return to earth and land so smoothly.

  73. Warp Lapse

    Warp LapseYear ago

    What happened to the second stage?

  74. MrTagnan

    MrTagnan11 months ago

    Warp Lapse I believe it de orbits a few weeks after launch, so it should have burned up in atmosphere by now

  75. Brandon Gonzalez

    Brandon GonzalezYear ago

    I love you guys.

  76. Shawn Durkin

    Shawn DurkinYear ago


  77. Robert Rustenbeck

    Robert RustenbeckYear ago

    This does NOT get old!

  78. Green Tea

    Green TeaYear ago

    15:46 16:28 ufo ;d

  79. RWBHere

    RWBHereYear ago

    Memo to Boeing: US American accents are hard enough for native English speakers to understand without you obfuscating the spoken audio with loud and distracting music. Please give us a chance to decipher the message which you are failing to convey. Please don't waste your money on the music. The advertising budget can be used much more effectively by being more minimalistic with presentations. Thank-you.

  80. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    Nobody in any English-speaking country should have any problem with the American English being spoken, and the music is not all that loud. This is just about the most generic, flat presentation possible.

  81. Drawing Fire

    Drawing FireYear ago

    Why does it always sound like it's recorded in the cafeteria?

  82. FutureMartian97

    FutureMartian97Year ago

    Because they are set up in the back of the cafeteria. No joke.

  83. pinoji

    pinojiYear ago


  84. smietnik

    smietnikYear ago

    Brawo! Brawo! Brawo!

  85. S1baar

    S1baarYear ago

    Why no vapor cone?

  86. Luis Valencia

    Luis ValenciaYear ago


  87. Marks Ntl

    Marks NtlYear ago

    Have you got a short version of this that would interest the general pubic that I could share?

  88. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    Use the failed landing compilation!

  89. Massimo898

    Massimo898Year ago


  90. Fa. Ho.

    Fa. Ho.Year ago

    Flawless Victory

  91. Yassine

    YassineYear ago

    Just amazing 😍

  92. mrmichaelmw

    mrmichaelmwYear ago

    Shit that was awsome Good work

  93. E3meliZ 678

    E3meliZ 678Year ago

    21:08 Landing

  94. E3meliZ 678

    E3meliZ 678Year ago

    12:43 For lauch

  95. E3meliZ 678

    E3meliZ 678Year ago

    you make them so cheap😰 Soon i can afford to go mars

  96. André Botelho

    André BotelhoYear ago

    Elon Musk vai salvar a espécie humana da extinção!

  97. warny1978

    warny1978Year ago

    Don't play rocket golf with a spaceX engenner unless you're a NASA engeneer working on New Horizons probe.

  98. Sergio Jovino

    Sergio JovinoYear ago

    17:22 wtf was that thing rolling behind the X shuttle ?!? O.o

  99. Sergio Jovino

    Sergio JovinoYear ago

    another thing at 17:41 from the bottom to the top right side o.O

  100. depolarization

    depolarizationYear ago

    I came in my pants. You owe me, SpaceX

  101. Kipkemoi Kiptum

    Kipkemoi KiptumYear ago

    What happened to stage 2?

  102. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    For now, it just burns up in the atmosphere.

  103. Technical BdH

    Technical BdHYear ago

    Ami Bangladesh take .. Ami elon musk k bolchi. .. Ami 0 class porechi kintu Ami onek buddiman. Upnar sopno gulo jano amar kache Chole asche. Kintu. Amar kache akhono onek idia ache. Jegulo upni akhono janenna ..Ami hardware kaskori ekdom nikhut vabe .. Electric r Elections r makanical maker. Please contact me.. And my family.. Please sir

  104. StarlightVisual

    StarlightVisualYear ago

    The hoverslam maneuver, one of the most badass things in space flight. Full stop.

  105. Mark DelAguaro

    Mark DelAguaroYear ago

    Excellent! Welcome to the 21st century! Thank you

  106. MCWinterCraft

    MCWinterCraftYear ago

    That's the most beautiful video I've ever seen in my life

  107. jeetenz hurlollz

    jeetenz hurlollzYear ago

    they are so awesome, i hear cutlery in the background,like they having some kinda dinner party while the rocket is landing.

  108. Tom King

    Tom KingYear ago

    Man, I feel sorry for the competition. Its almost feel like is unfair right now but you know what, they laughed their *** off when SpaceX failed and failed again from the beginning. Oh well.

  109. TheWindigomonster

    TheWindigomonsterYear ago

    Why does it always sound like there's someone washing dishes behind the announcer?

  110. Dante800

    Dante800Year ago

    The studio SpaceX uses for their livestreams is right next to the cafeteria.

  111. brucekerr3

    brucekerr3Year ago

    o. the best first stage photography i've seen yet, Bar none. I mean W oW. This is a new benchmark for you guys, ould have liked to see something of stage two but i understand usaf and all thet but WoW just the same