Orange is the New Black: Season 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. Heisenberg Gota

    Heisenberg Gota2 hours ago

    damn im a 40 years old 6’5 270 pounds male and this show is the shit

  2. Mb Meme

    Mb Meme2 hours ago

    Don’t tell me tasty scared 😦

  3. Ta Lu

    Ta Lu2 hours ago

    I will watch it but does anybody else think the trailer looks a bit boring?

  4. topdog2332 beast

    topdog2332 beast3 hours ago

    I can't wait!!

  5. Driaa Golden

    Driaa Golden3 hours ago

    I think this is about them finding out who shot the security guard and no one wanting to snitch out daya which is why red says they have nothing yet to lose and why the guard says “why are you lying”

  6. crazzi-j north

    crazzi-j north3 hours ago

    My mind is blown I can’t wait

  7. R W T

    R W T3 hours ago

    Just finished season 5. What a train wreck! I had to force myself to finish it. The first 4 seasons were so incredible. I really hope this one is better.

  8. Orange Is The New Black

    Orange Is The New Black3 hours ago

    10 DAYS

  9. ya mom said I could

    ya mom said I could3 hours ago

    Fucking ayyyyyyyyyy. This is gonna be soooooo damn good plus I've been waiting forever to just see this trailer. Lmao

  10. TaeTaeLA

    TaeTaeLA4 hours ago

    The intro sounds weird

  11. G2H3LL

    G2H3LL4 hours ago

    I watched the entire series for the first time in four days to be prepared for this

  12. Gary A

    Gary A4 hours ago

    Oh a new season! The last one made me start beating my wife again

  13. ezloh

    ezloh4 hours ago

    time to renew my netflix subscription

  14. aye ,

    aye ,4 hours ago

    Will they have bunk mates or not?

  15. Żarówka

    Żarówka4 hours ago

    Flaritza [*]

  16. Morgan Kimble

    Morgan Kimble4 hours ago scared too 😳

  17. Ana Celestina

    Ana Celestina5 hours ago


  18. Checho uwu

    Checho uwu5 hours ago


  19. Neice One

    Neice One6 hours ago

    Okay reason why Linda is still there is because Caputo told he head chick she was in the psych ward when she tried to tell them at Litchfield, the head chick gets mad cause as you could see her and Caputo has this love hate thing going they find out she's not an inma tree but keep her there so she won't press charges or file a lawsuit because having an outsider in the shitty prison you run doesn't look good plus payback stay in your place from th e head chick as we seen Linda will do anything to belong she will probably join a gang to survive or they actually transfer her to psych for saying she works for MCC until she so out of it she loses her mind

  20. Brittany Underwood

    Brittany Underwood6 hours ago

    Seriously who sings this cover of Fiona Apple’s Criminal??? I can’t find it anywhere!

  21. JustJA

    JustJA6 hours ago

    Please bring mendez back

  22. TrinzySpencer

    TrinzySpencer6 hours ago

    Hope to see Stella that’ll be very interesting ☺️

  23. Maxine Rhodes

    Maxine Rhodes7 hours ago

    im so excited except i dont have netflixxxxx ugh maybe i can stream it?

  24. soha rafiq

    soha rafiq7 hours ago


  25. Logan Krywoszej

    Logan Krywoszej7 hours ago

    How long :)

  26. Hazaa Alawadhi

    Hazaa Alawadhi7 hours ago

    The thing confuses me in season 2 or 3 where did that bennet dude disappear

  27. Vylkeer

    Vylkeer8 hours ago


  28. MrStealYourkill :

    MrStealYourkill :9 hours ago


  29. 이리듐

    이리듐10 hours ago

    알렉스는 안보이네ㅠㅠ 니콜 헤어바뀌니까 완전 딴사람 됐네

  30. Froggy Infinity

    Froggy Infinity10 hours ago

    Hopefully Piper disappears once and for all.

  31. F.B.i Agent

    F.B.i Agent10 hours ago

    I want some more RED scenes

  32. redanarchy baby

    redanarchy baby10 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaa IAM SO EXCITED

  33. Burningflame 19

    Burningflame 1910 hours ago

    I can't wait!

  34. Roseana Mateo

    Roseana Mateo11 hours ago

    We know Luis is in max and that people probably told what she did.

  35. Chuck Tabbi

    Chuck Tabbi12 hours ago

    This season can't be any worse then the last I will give it another go

  36. Nuhneh Lati

    Nuhneh Lati13 hours ago

    I hope Gloria got her ass!

  37. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus15 hours ago

    Suzanne is gonna die this season you heard it here first. Calling it

  38. It's WayHaught

    It's WayHaught15 hours ago

    Where is alex?

  39. darla john

    darla john15 hours ago

    Diese Serie nervt einfach nur...ich hab diese scheiß Vorschau jetzt schon zum 100.mal gesehen..und werde die Serie nicht schauen🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  40. kapitanpochie

    kapitanpochie15 hours ago


  41. YouTube Trash

    YouTube Trash17 hours ago

    Where's Alex?

  42. Kdejaj

    Kdejaj18 hours ago

    I was in times square and there was a big are billboard for the new season!

  43. depois da meio dia

    depois da meio dia18 hours ago

    Cadê a Alex

  44. Jodie Oh

    Jodie Oh18 hours ago

    where's Al? :|

  45. Pablo Jurado

    Pablo Jurado18 hours ago

    Our criminal justice system is a joke

  46. richiee J

    richiee J18 hours ago

    god!!! Where is alex 😲😲😲

  47. Nadire A

    Nadire A19 hours ago

    I’m so excited!!!

  48. Infinite Elevator Music

    Infinite Elevator Music20 hours ago

    Black Cindy is like THE best, and the girl who was standing on the table in the riot. I can’t wait for this season

  49. Maya_27

    Maya_2720 hours ago

    I've never been more excited for anything in my life (wait I said that last season)

  50. Top Fortnite

    Top Fortnite20 hours ago

    I still can't get over Poussey's death.

  51. Kylie Just a girl

    Kylie Just a girl4 hours ago

    Top Fortnite toooo

  52. ALEX

    ALEX4 hours ago

    Nymeria Lannister bitch u right!

  53. Nymeria Lannister

    Nymeria Lannister5 hours ago

    If people are watching trailer for s06 then they shouldn't be mad about spoiler from s04

  54. Lux Livii

    Lux Livii10 hours ago

    Maybe u should put spoiler in your comment

  55. JustinT1010

    JustinT101011 hours ago

    Felix no he wasn’t.

  56. Im Viince

    Im Viince20 hours ago

    K hype is real

  57. Black Kid

    Black Kid20 hours ago

    I’m still on season 6 XD

  58. Jodi Kinman

    Jodi Kinman20 hours ago

    Needs to hurry tf up

  59. Amber Boxley

    Amber Boxley20 hours ago

    I feel like daya has a new crushhhh 🤤

  60. killuanatsume

    killuanatsume21 hour ago

    Ok everyone is like 'Where is Alex' well Where is Pennsatucky!?!

  61. Aaron Molo

    Aaron Molo17 hours ago

    killuanatsume She was there, when they were playing catch with the basketball. I wonder if Coates turned her in or she got caught

  62. Dr Narcota

    Dr Narcota22 hours ago

    Great. Now I have the theme song in my head for the next 12 years. Worse than doing time.

  63. booflol.morlock

    booflol.morlock22 hours ago

    I miss Pousey :(

  64. Joanne Ysunza

    Joanne Ysunza22 hours ago

    Now they are here. 😍😭

  65. Soph Tulle

    Soph Tulle22 hours ago


  66. Arianna _lyf

    Arianna _lyf22 hours ago

    I sense a binge coming on !!!

  67. Callum

    Callum23 hours ago

    Pipers bunkie In s2ep1 does 4 poos a day

  68. Namida Kudasaki

    Namida KudasakiDay ago

    wow... it looks like a reboot, can't wait to watch it O.O

  69. Adesua Dynast

    Adesua DynastDay ago

    Lol I’m still on season 2

  70. Mooky Blaylock

    Mooky BlaylockDay ago

    Maritza won't be in this season so there goes my reason to watch unless Piper shows her tits

  71. sorrowsuperstar10

    sorrowsuperstar1022 hours ago


  72. Angie Morales

    Angie MoralesDay ago

    That time of year when i stay up binge watching 😫

  73. Brianna Hodges

    Brianna HodgesDay ago

    anyone know who covered Fiona apple song 'criminal?' ?

  74. Lil_Reese

    Lil_ReeseDay ago

    Holy. Fuckin. Moses. WHERE THE FUCK IS ALEX?!???!!!!!?!! Also I wonder who’s the lousy criminal (I wonder if it’s Alex)

  75. Saoirse Stapleton

    Saoirse StapletonDay ago


  76. JR R

    JR RDay ago

    Nobody cares about this show anymore

  77. Nicola Simpson

    Nicola SimpsonDay ago

    Oh man sure gonna miss Poussey Washington 😢

  78. Li A

    Li ADay ago

    So daya is okay right

  79. sorrowsuperstar10

    sorrowsuperstar1022 hours ago

    right ?? i can't wait to see what the hell happened to her !?

  80. Jenna McDowell

    Jenna McDowellDay ago

    Omg when all their pictures were on the wall the guy had little pieces of paper that said 10+ and life! Why was Nicky labeled as a riot leader btw? Also, WHERE IS ALEX VAUSE MY QUEEN?!?!👓👓👓

  81. Lou Gallegos

    Lou GallegosDay ago

    I watched two seasons and don’t t think I can take watching four more seasons of angry lesbians and women.

  82. Marlène Kickouama

    Marlène KickouamaDay ago

    I can't wait! This show changed my life!

  83. Bath House Becky

    Bath House BeckyDay ago

    Can’t wait.

  84. christelle2194

    christelle2194Day ago

    Lolly !!!!!!!

  85. Quality Con-trolling

    Quality Con-trollingDay ago

    I died laughing at the end...that lady is my girl. That face was priceless

  86. Saint Katie

    Saint KatieDay ago

    why does the narrator sound like jinkx monsoon

  87. lemoentje citroentje

    lemoentje citroentjeDay ago

    Yes lolly is back

  88. Beth McCracken

    Beth McCrackenDay ago

    Hurry the hell up, I'm missing my prison gals !!!!!

  89. wattlesong

    wattlesongDay ago

    Such a FINE series, thank you to the writers for your work. S5 was tragic, but brilliant. This does look very frightening, a very long way from The Lake scene for sure.

  90. Eduarda Lorena

    Eduarda LorenaDay ago

    Música da Fiona Apple:Criminal

  91. GHnine Ofeleven

    GHnine OfelevenDay ago

    Time to call it a wrap!

  92. Nameless

    NamelessDay ago

    Can I just talk about how much I am in love with the ‘good morning litchfield max’

  93. 3.7M likes

    3.7M likesDay ago

    Alex vause is likely to be 1: Dead (due to being shot at pool) 2: at another facility/prison 3: kidnapped by a person sent by cubra 4: escaped during the pool or while doing the count outside (Oof idk why i made this)

  94. The Drag Bible

    The Drag BibleDay ago

    Anyone got this version of fiona Apple criminal! X

  95. Szlendak

    SzlendakDay ago

    I dont understand what hes saying ? 1:55

  96. Angie Gonzalez

    Angie GonzalezDay ago

    For those asking where Alex is, remember Piscatella broke her arm and she needed medical attention

  97. Angie Gonzalez

    Angie GonzalezDay ago

    Gonna finish the season in 3 days and regret life until the next season comes out 😂

  98. Hay. Cali

    Hay. CaliDay ago

    Brook Soso, Maritza, Nora and Alex is not in Season 6!!! Why oh whyyy

  99. محمد gaming 1234

    محمد gaming 1234Day ago

    1:34 I see you 6ix9ine 😂😂

  100. Tamás Farkas

    Tamás FarkasDay ago


  101. I wanna be FIT!

    I wanna be FIT!Day ago

    I've been stuck on season 2 for a few years, guess I need to catch up! 7/16/18 @ 9:15A.

  102. Mikayla Yoder

    Mikayla YoderDay ago

    Where is Alex???

  103. Niikki Ragland

    Niikki RaglandDay ago

    Oh shhhhhyyyyyyt!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  104. Scarlett

    ScarlettDay ago

    Whats the Name of the Song?

  105. hey bih

    hey bihDay ago

    this is the only american show i follow and im so hyped holy shiiiit

  106. LC Clairissian

    LC ClairissianDay ago

    Where is Stella! I need Ruby Rose in my life right now. Stelllllllaaaaaaaa

  107. David S

    David SDay ago

    0:10 - 0:15 ! finally getting us a hot ass C.O !!