Orange is the New Black: Season 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. Cindi Velasquez

    Cindi VelasquezDay ago

    Gooooooooooooooooood morning litchfield max

  2. Okay . . .

    Okay . . .2 days ago

    Who else fucking hates Linda from MCC? She’s such an annoying ass selfish bitch. I’m surprised nobody has tried snatching her wig! Also fuck man, the fact that Piper got to go home and Blanca and Taystee are having to face fucked up shit is so upsetting. I cried when Blanca realized she was going to get deported. I can’t wait for season 7! Who has any idea what’s going to happen? I really hope that Cindy speaks up, or that Mr. Caputo traps the actual murderer. I dunno! What about Alex!? So many questions...

  3. Andrea

    Andrea3 days ago

    OMG! Alex and Piper married!

  4. Leandro

    Leandro5 days ago

    You voted trump but you think that the blanca end is unfair... hipocrits

  5. I dance in sPaNiSh

    I dance in sPaNiSh6 days ago

    My friend said- Orange is the new Black. Trump came after Obama.

  6. Federico_YT

    Federico_YT6 days ago

    Wait, the song is a remix of the song/cover of criminal on American Horror Story!?!?!?!?!??

  7. Esther Lopez

    Esther Lopez6 days ago

    Por favor, productores y escritores!!! Hoy en dia muchos niños y adolescentes se encuentran sin supervicion en casa,,, abstenganse de hacer las peliculas con tanta pornografia.

  8. Eduardo Corrochio

    Eduardo Corrochio7 days ago

    Not a bad season this year. Worst thing: Badison with the cheesy Boston accent was such a cliche bully, without any interesting qualities. What a tedious bore. Second worst thing: Red (Kate Mulgrew) became foolishly blinded by a massive yen for revenge; a really lame story for this great character. But ... the ongoing feud between those two psycho sisters, new characters Barb and Carol Denning, was *great* ! And it was one of the most stupid and petty grudges ever written ... somehow deliciously riveting and also hilarious at times. Those two vicious idiots got exactly what they deserved in the final episode. Oh, and some really good acting there (both the present-day sisters and the younger flashback sisters).

  9. Alex

    Alex7 days ago

    where can i watch it if this season doesn't appear in netflix??

  10. Ben Phillipp

    Ben Phillipp8 days ago

    Are we goona ignore the fact that these fuckers took off Season 5 from Netflix ? ? ? !!!!

  11. F M

    F M8 days ago

    Happy to see Taylor Shilling leave, her character was completely overshadowed by the other amazing actresses. She should have left 2 seasons ago.

  12. Ana Torres

    Ana Torres8 days ago

    Muy buena la serie, más por favor 😂

  13. Tangeni Shikukutu

    Tangeni Shikukutu9 days ago

    This Loose-check(i know its spelt Luszcek) guy is not serious! xD

  14. rumvodkaf1

    rumvodkaf110 days ago

    Is this like OZ?

  15. Vince McMahon

    Vince McMahon11 days ago

    I want next season

  16. Grace Biddulph

    Grace Biddulph12 days ago

    I MISS MARITZA !!!! 💔💔💔Her and flaca were the best! #flaritza

  17. Jason Love

    Jason Love12 days ago

    Who said Gooood Morning,Litchfield Max?

  18. Christian Soza

    Christian Soza13 days ago

    We want Blanca free!

  19. cristian 6a fall

    cristian 6a fall13 days ago

    Karol and barb die

  20. cristian 6a fall

    cristian 6a fall13 days ago

    I love karol and barb

  21. Santiago Arrieta

    Santiago Arrieta15 days ago


  22. kkkapec

    kkkapec15 days ago

    See polish version its funny

  23. George Soceanu

    George Soceanu15 days ago

    Song pls

  24. Imma Goat

    Imma Goat16 days ago

    Did piscatella really died?

  25. Skye Terry

    Skye Terry17 days ago

    There is a series called "Avlu" here in Turkey. They are copying OITNB and people who have no idea of OITNB love it. Please make it stop I'm so sick of it.

  26. ZomeDash // Levi

    ZomeDash // Levi18 days ago

    Where's season 7 at tho

  27. Andrej Micic

    Andrej Micic19 days ago

    My girl hooked me up on this a month ago. I'm stuck with riots on season 5. I can't find episode 2, Can anyone Help?

  28. Kennedi breaux

    Kennedi breaux20 days ago

    I LOVVVED carol so much

  29. LHX Official

    LHX Official20 days ago

    Guys is oitnb any good? I might wanna watch it

  30. Ari orde

    Ari ordeDay ago

    It's worth watching

  31. nichorello 4 life

    nichorello 4 lifeDay ago

    its the best fucking show ever

  32. LHX Official

    LHX Official17 days ago

    +Moustafa Gabris alright thanks

  33. Moustafa Gabris

    Moustafa Gabris18 days ago

    It starts off good and then gradually gets worse with every season, season 6 sucked so bad

  34. Geen Naam

    Geen Naam20 days ago

    I kinda was dissapointed seeing season 6 i bet there is no season 7 comming but if they do i hope it will be like all the other seasons bc the last one was really bad in my opinion

  35. Gu VDL

    Gu VDL21 day ago

    song 0:17

  36. Juliana Alves Nunes

    Juliana Alves Nunes22 days ago

    What is the name of this song?

  37. Anonymous AS

    Anonymous AS22 days ago

    Why are people after likes ? Well can I get one please ?

  38. The Rev

    The Rev23 days ago

    Season seven needs to happen and this show needs to continue even without piper PLEASE

  39. Felix

    Felix21 day ago

    Don't worry, they're already making s7

  40. Fuck

    Fuck23 days ago

    Too bad I don't remember what happened in season 5. Fûck my memory.

  41. Noctisa Caelum

    Noctisa Caelum23 days ago

    I hate Piper so much

  42. Thien Huong Nguyenova

    Thien Huong Nguyenova23 days ago

    0:17 song ❔

  43. Vikthor

    Vikthor25 days ago

    a chier


    IMAN BELLA26 days ago

    Sad almost everybody left hope they’re coming back in season 7

  45. Alexander

    Alexander26 days ago

    This season was insane but with an almost happy ending!

  46. Alex Sushko

    Alex Sushko27 days ago

    OMG guys I am so touched by Season 6, it is so well done, and I love EVERY character in there, especially the tension between Mendoza and Ruiz lol :)

  47. Jan Gors

    Jan Gors27 days ago

    My ranking of black mirror episodes what do you think? 19. The waldo moment 18. Arkangel 17. Black museum 16. Crocodile 15. The entire history of you 14. Playtest 13. Hated in the nation 12. San junipero 11. Metalhead 10. Man against fire 9. White Christmas 8. 15 million merits 7. Be right back 6. Hang the DJ 5. The national anthem 4. Nosedive 3. Shut up and dance 2. USS Callister 1. White Bear

  48. kwnstantina mauro

    kwnstantina mauro28 days ago

    Should me more making out with alex and piper!morreee

  49. Aarusheee S

    Aarusheee S28 days ago

    Omg that asshole luschek😂😂😂🖕

  50. Dolly Dagger

    Dolly Dagger28 days ago

    Oh man I can't wait to watch this!

  51. Nikki Peoples

    Nikki Peoples28 days ago

    I watched episode six in only two days it was sooo good

  52. Roko Lokas

    Roko LokasMonth ago

    Chapman is mentally ill, its too much

  53. Joshua Kreider

    Joshua KreiderMonth ago

    1:40-1:50 is the most fuckin epic part of this. Especially the part with Taystee crying.

  54. Joshua Kreider

    Joshua KreiderMonth ago

    even after this fuckin season comes out I keep coming here to watch this trailer because it’s so fucking good 😩

  55. safana Albayti

    safana AlbaytiMonth ago

    why Israel star is there?

  56. Sergeibaka 77

    Sergeibaka 77Month ago

    But where's Bennett at though

  57. Celia Caputo

    Celia CaputoMonth ago

    Roll it out and wrist wrists churn the butter

  58. Sober Insanity

    Sober InsanityMonth ago


  59. bt tad

    bt tadMonth ago

    this trailer made me happy (: thank you for this miracle we call orange is the new black

  60. Ropsana Khanom

    Ropsana KhanomMonth ago

    When you’ve finished season 6 twice and now just fishing for breadcrumbs till season 7

  61. tracy mcenaney

    tracy mcenaneyMonth ago

    Sorry folks, I stretched it through season 5, was hoping season 6 would be better... You lost me with the first episode, Im out!

  62. Claudia Aparecida

    Claudia AparecidaMonth ago

    Alex V.?

  63. TeLeMea

    TeLeMeaMonth ago

    One of the best season. I liked that Carol-Barb war involving Frieda too. The some characters changed 😎

  64. doorran

    doorranMonth ago

    the old black is the new black.. .. orange is just propaganda.

  65. Sam Wells

    Sam WellsMonth ago

    I really want a copy of this version of the song just the song

  66. Jason C

    Jason CMonth ago


  67. Mikey Mike

    Mikey MikeMonth ago

    This season has been a complete and utter fucking horrible, over-acted, childish piece of useless garbage

  68. Me

    MeMonth ago

    The most annoying series ever made. How the fuck did they manage to get so many unsympathetic people together.

  69. Roko Lokas

    Roko LokasMonth ago

    Like the show but that intro is terrible. 1 min and 10 sec of pure ear destruction

  70. gore Sheep

    gore SheepMonth ago


  71. gore Sheep

    gore SheepMonth ago


  72. Rehannad Samara

    Rehannad SamaraMonth ago

    Season five really sucks

  73. Hey itz Fatou

    Hey itz FatouMonth ago

    I love this show, i finished all seasons.I hope there will be a season 7 and a season 8.I absolutely love this show❤️🧡💙👍👌

  74. dawn lolly

    dawn lollyMonth ago

    Just seen ut Oh it's so shit ul hate it

  75. Evie Al-Qa - Rafa

    Evie Al-Qa - RafaMonth ago

    What’s Piper gonna do now? Those who finished it all know what i’m talking about

  76. Xbox Fan2

    Xbox Fan2Month ago

    Kickball 🔥🔥😁

  77. M R

    M RMonth ago


  78. Sharon Guevarra Campbell

    Sharon Guevarra CampbellMonth ago

    That show is so fucked up the girl made an innocent fucking jail.... The system is the worst

  79. Boom

    BoomMonth ago

    Sharon Branche, Show is just trying to be realistic

  80. {cookiemonster} Stu:Dio

    {cookiemonster} Stu:DioMonth ago

    thye should give crazy eyes help not prison

  81. Ashley

    AshleyMonth ago


  82. Riggom

    RiggomMonth ago

    Who think too that Mrs.Cloudête Bad Bad the sadest story

  83. Bianca B

    Bianca BMonth ago

    Why didn't they ( Cindy and Suzanne) get rid of the gun the man planted?

  84. nurain shaikh

    nurain shaikhMonth ago

    when is season 7 gonna release.....

  85. Adam 86

    Adam 86Month ago

    Piper is the most insufferable annoying character ever created. I hope the ending of the show is her being locked in solitary for life.

  86. yomi001

    yomi001Month ago

    I love Gloria's face when Luschek was churning the butter. LOL

  87. Elizabeth Ornelas

    Elizabeth OrnelasMonth ago

    The ending left me feeling all kinds of ways.... 😵

  88. C H I E N A H D O L L

    C H I E N A H D O L LMonth ago

    I already Watch the episodes seem like it did not last that long thought it was going to be more than that but okay

  89. Ylenia Moriero

    Ylenia MorieroMonth ago

    Is so hot when Lorna said "Sometimes I wonder who's team you really on"

  90. Shini NiggerLord

    Shini NiggerLordMonth ago

    Is it just me or Season 5 and 6 are missing on Netflix?

  91. Adriauna Xx

    Adriauna XxMonth ago

    Bye dandelion!

  92. thelegend28878

    thelegend28878Month ago

    Piper gets out of prison

  93. Ms Thristty

    Ms ThristtyMonth ago

    Season 7 idea piper breaks Alex out of Max's

  94. glaucio pacheco

    glaucio pachecoMonth ago

    Sou assinante da Netflix quero que vocês me esclareçam porque vocês não estão colocando dublado em Português nenhuma série espero resposta isso é uma falta de respeito com nos Brasileiro s

  95. 12234d

    12234dMonth ago

    Who's the actress who plays the Asian prosecutor?

  96. Basiratu Larry

    Basiratu LarryMonth ago

    Just starting season 1. Woow with soo many comment . Wil be glad to feed my eyes...its going to be a Nice serie

  97. asspounderify

    asspounderifyMonth ago

    I'm so sick of burset. No one gives a fuck about her or her boringass backstory

  98. H.W

    H.WMonth ago

    Where’s Alex

  99. manya shukla

    manya shuklaMonth ago

    What is this songs name?!

  100. a_lovelymess_

    a_lovelymess_Month ago

    "Criminal" by Fiona Apple ...but it is a cover Version: /watch?v=2sNuJFSmMV8

  101. asspounderify

    asspounderifyMonth ago

    I love luschek

  102. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko4000Month ago

    That's some awesome stuff

  103. Tilly Dome

    Tilly DomeMonth ago

    What do you guys think about this season?

  104. N_Garpazias

    N_GarpaziasMonth ago

    I'm in Greece and I cant watch oitnb S6 why?

  105. Yessica A. Gomez

    Yessica A. GomezMonth ago

    when season 7 comes out the orange is the new black??

  106. Angelina Rosano

    Angelina RosanoMonth ago

    es todo de la 4ta temporada

  107. Rhonda Love

    Rhonda LoveMonth ago

    Season 6 was all I ever wanted and I wanted more.... TY Netflix

  108. mkleejr34

    mkleejr34Month ago

    Rhonda Love It clearly you haven't seen the last five seasons of show there was a lot missing this season like interesting characters for example.

  109. Capt Chemo

    Capt ChemoMonth ago

    Why did you dumb it down? The light security was more of a prison.