1. Colleen Ballinger

    Colleen BallingerMonth ago

    Trent has chosen to keep his life more private. But today he opens up about his experience being hard of hearing and getting the cochlear implant. We were surprised to find out that once you get the cochlear implant it can take months and sometimes years to learn how to hear! But it is definitely worth the hard work if you want to do it. Trent loves his cochlear implants and this is his story! :) From now on I will make sure all of my videos have closed captions. It might take 24 hours or so to process after I upload, but I assure you that I am paying to have all of my videos captioned properly from now on. Thanks for watching!

  2. Abby Blanchard

    Abby BlanchardDay ago

    Colleen Ballinger I'm 12 years old and my best guy friend he's kinda my bf but not really cuz I'm 12 if you know what I mean anyway he's deaf and we have to use sign language and this video made me smile and almost cry I love u

  3. Zenia claure

    Zenia claure21 day ago

    I feel so bad for your brother

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    Colleen Ballinger 💞💞💞

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    Colleen Ballinger Hello, Humans. TERRANCE OUT

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    Colleen Ballinger #AlexiaBOSS

  7. Melissa McCarthy

    Melissa McCarthyHour ago

    you have a deaf brother i need to know more about you

  8. Mabelarmunoz

    MabelarmunozHour ago

    My mom is hard. Of hearing so I get it

  9. Aprile Camiolo

    Aprile Camiolo2 hours ago

    I love him❤️

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    Elisabeth Ellen3 hours ago

    This was the cutest thing ever!💕💕

  11. Maddi Arndt

    Maddi Arndt4 hours ago

    I can't even explain how appreciative i am that you brought attention to the captions and also talking to trent about how rude people are with hard of hearing i lost my hearing in my left ear about 10 months ago its very frustrating and sadly can't afford a hearing aid cause insurance are trash and dont cover it since im not 18 anymore 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ but you bringing up the captions helps so much i cant really understand without them hopefully other youtubers realize its actually a problem 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  12. Princess Production

    Princess Production17 hours ago

    I’m so happy trent survive (:

  13. Isabel Watkins

    Isabel Watkins17 hours ago

    Poor Trent. I hope he’s ok

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    He’s so sweet 😭😭

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  16. Lillie Mae

    Lillie MaeDay ago

    I understand because I’m deaf and I was born deaf to I am not fully but I wear a hearing aid so it’s okay to be deaf

  17. Joey O'Brien

    Joey O'BrienDay ago

    This was beautiful

  18. Nathalie Steers

    Nathalie SteersDay ago

    I am deaf! Both ears and I wear being aids. It’s true, enunciate instead of being louder... it helps. I guess most of us do read lips 😫 thanks for the closed caption now 👏🏿

  19. Gabbi Sellers

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    He's so cute

  20. Gabbi Sellers

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    I love him lmao

  21. Beti Barrentine

    Beti BarrentineDay ago

    I never watch your video or I have no clue who you are. Sorry about that. I just clicked on this video. You seem an amazing person. So I dont relate with your brother but I do have a special need aunt who can’t talk at all. When she was little she was born without a thyroid and that made her do everything slow and when she grow up she can’t like think and talk at the same time. When she goes out she tries to talk but people are mean as usual but nothing can stop her. She can draw so amazing and that’s how she communicates with my family. I know what bullying is. I was bullies all my life. Coming from a different country people do that. What I was trying to say I am a huge Christian person who believes in the Lord. I have no clue if you are or not don’t care what you are but one thing I have learned from being a Christian that no one is perfect and if you have sin you can pick the rock and throw it to the person if you have sin then look up to the Lord. He is a human being who it takes time to think and talk and listen. We are all different and that’s what it makes us special. Don’t know if you will answer me or not but I have something like what you are going through in your family.

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  23. Karyn Manning

    Karyn Manning2 days ago

    My great-grandfather died when he was 3 because he had the same thing that your brother had I feel real bad for you and your brother I'm so sorry

  24. Michala Thomas

    Michala Thomas2 days ago

    Trent you seem like a kind and awesome person I can’t believe people would give up trying to communicate with you! I am glad to hear his story!!! I absolutely loved this video!

  25. BlondeGirl

    BlondeGirl2 days ago

    he is really handsome and so cute! I do really appreciate it that he gave us the opportunity to get to know him and his story. It was interesting so see what he thinks about it. He seems to be one its easy to get along with! i did love this video alot. And him even more LOL have a great but above all a private life full of nice things and people, Trent.

  26. Keylee Pineda Rodriguez

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    Hopfully no body is mean

  27. Gwen Tafla

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    Wait you were BLOND!!!

  28. chris lee

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    I never liked to watch captions...and i rarely watch you tubes since the auto caption is not good at all..

  29. Emm_thepanda

    Emm_thepanda2 days ago

    This is why I’m learning asl for people who can’t hear at all and don’t have implants or hearts no aids

  30. Maddie Garstka

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    (not relevant) is that pineapple on that pizza?

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    The only time we saw Trent on a video on my family music video

  32. sky max

    sky max2 days ago

    Omg hes awesome and seems so nice 😁

  33. K H

    K H3 days ago

    Ahhhhh I am deaf and have CI's too!

  34. Brad Weinrauch

    Brad Weinrauch3 days ago

    I know sign language

  35. Shayla Hicks

    Shayla Hicks3 days ago

    My older brother is profoundly deaf

  36. Stormie Warbington

    Stormie Warbington3 days ago

    i love this video... I feel like he is such a gentle and beautiful soul.

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    This is great he is so brave to come out

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    Nawww I love u guys ❤️❤️❤️

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    finally there's a youtube that I know that will put in guuuud CC cuZ honei I need i

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    Oh my god, I got a cochlear implant ad! What's the odds of that happening 😂

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    Awwwww. This video is soooo sweet!! 😭😭❤️❤️ Truly beautiful! ☺️❤️😪

  44. Trenton Fox

    Trenton Fox4 days ago

    My name's Trenton and I'm half deaf

  45. CupcakeUnicorn Joy

    CupcakeUnicorn Joy4 days ago

    This has made me so emotional, Colleen! I love your family and you thanks for sharing this story.

  46. Ellie Mass

    Ellie Mass4 days ago

    I have two cochlear implants!!

  47. robin kuhl

    robin kuhl4 days ago

    I am death in my left ear by just got hearing aids last May it's been really tough for me especially because I'm not boid at my coop when I went back so it's been really tough for me

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    I feel so bad for trent

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    Younger Colleen reminds me of bailey

  50. Ann Junge

    Ann Junge4 days ago

    Colleen, just wanted to tell you, my daughter's online school is now offering asl as a class that will count toward her forign language class. She will be taking atleast 2 years. And congrats to trent on his implants.

  51. that weirdo

    that weirdo4 days ago

    I knew somebody who was autistic in my primary school and everybody made fun of him because of the way he laughed and talked and what he heard

  52. Sky Halliday

    Sky Halliday4 days ago

    Im hard of hearing in mh right ear from my concussion

  53. Maya Bangsgaard Hansen

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    Trent is amazing ❤️

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    we love trent he seems so sweet

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    He made me cry

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    This is very beautiful.

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    I love this video because my mom is deaf .

  59. Helen Stack

    Helen Stack4 days ago

    by the way I respect totally that you want to keep it private

  60. Helen Stack

    Helen Stack4 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Little message for Trent: Well done for being brave enough to share this. Your amazing. !!!

  61. RoCa_wolf Ava

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    Why did a hearing aid as come up

  62. American Girl Dolls, Squishies And More!

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    Colleen looks like bailey, for some reason

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    My parents are deaf

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    You looked exactly like Bailey Ballinger

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    This is so beautiful Your so lucky to have an amazing brother like Trent 😊😊😊😊

  66. Tova H

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    This was a beautiful video Colleen! Your brother seems like a lovley person, just as you. His personality seems to be so sweet. Thank you for this video!

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    I love Trent I feel sorry for him

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    i can’t even explain how sweet trent is. he seems like the coolest guy ever and he is just so inspiring!!

  69. Cailyn Leake

    Cailyn Leake5 days ago

    I have 2 aunties who are deaf. They are amazing and because of them, my mom became an audiologist of an ear doctor. It’s hard but I love them as much as the rest of my family

  70. Cailyn Leake

    Cailyn Leake5 days ago

    They both have implants too

  71. Anne Ngo

    Anne Ngo5 days ago

    This was very interesting and informative! The cochlear implant ad was educational too lol but I’ve always wanted to learn ASL to communicate with those who need it as well!

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    0h why do they be mean to hem

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    He is so sweet.

  74. Sandrasyppli

    Sandrasyppli5 days ago

    This brings tears to my eyes! I'm so happy something like this is an option for people who need it! :) I'm partly deaf too and in a lucky place to still hear sounds and talk to people without any device but still have some help in my every day life. He is so sweet!

  75. Vittj17

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    This is a great video and I think that you have done well. I hope you have fun on the rest of your tour!

  76. Riho Z

    Riho Z5 days ago

    Hi Colleen, could you do a favor?? Could you make some ASL videos? I have a hard of hearing and almost going deaf. So I thought I wanna learn sign language and C sign language.

  77. Joseph Owusu

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    omg while i was watching the vid a ad about cochlear implants XD

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    I think his voice is buteyful

  79. Genius Playz

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    Lol beautiful

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    When ur mom stopped her self from coming in bc she saw her recording

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    The captions make your videos more accessible to me. Thank you for providing closed captions!

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    I CAN’T BELIVE PEOPLE DISLIKE THIS!! People like him.. Inspire me so much!!

  84. lia pendarvis

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    When he said that some people were being rude that just broke my heart

  85. Rankirria Knight

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    I'm deaf too!

  86. Taylor Nicole Beauty

    Taylor Nicole Beauty5 days ago

    I absolutely love this video !! One of my friends is partially hard of hearing and she’s always reading my lips or asking me to speak louder. I’m so glad that Trent is doing well with his implants!

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    I saw him at Camino Market place working at the movie theater

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    What size are ur shoes?! 4:18

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    i was THIS CLOSE to crying

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    Did anybody else get the ad about the hearing aids thing? I thought that was cool.

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    God bless him

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    OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and I never noticed if or how Trent talks weird I thought he was Norman and I thought he just had a deep voice XD ❤️😂😍😘😝👶💜😚😜

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    this is the cutest video ever

  94. Stine Innerdal

    Stine Innerdal6 days ago

    Thank you for telling your brothers story. My mom struggles with bad hearing, Tinitus and Meniége desease. I do understand her, but hearing the story about your brother and how he sometimes got treated by people, is something that needs to be focused on. People need to have patience and respect that everyone's not perfect. It's insane to think that just because your hearing is bad, people walk away.. I'm really happy to see that your brother is doing so well and also have an instrument to improve their life. Thank you both for telling this story!!

  95. Xendebets

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    Your brother is so sweet! ❤️

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    Trent and the rest of your family are so strong ❤️❤️💋

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    When I was watching this a deaf video came up

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    I’m actually deaf in my right ear and I have a hearing aid

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    My little brother is deaf aswell as having other health issues, this video is so lovely to see x

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    wth i was watching this vid a second time and right now when they are talking about the implants and it shows an ad about the implants ! like it pops up!

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    He is my uncle

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    Omg look up bunky woods army neck down

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    GWEN AT 11:09 HEHE I SEE U