1. Colleen Ballinger

    Colleen Ballinger7 months ago

    Trent has chosen to keep his life more private. But today he opens up about his experience being hard of hearing and getting the cochlear implant. We were surprised to find out that once you get the cochlear implant it can take months and sometimes years to learn how to hear! But it is definitely worth the hard work if you want to do it. Trent loves his cochlear implants and this is his story! :) From now on I will make sure all of my videos have closed captions. It might take 24 hours or so to process after I upload, but I assure you that I am paying to have all of my videos captioned properly from now on. Thanks for watching!

  2. Sydney Griffin

    Sydney Griffin6 days ago

    Colleen Ballinger your the best a don't let any body talk about your family your strong and Gogol luck 🍀❤️

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    I love u and Trent so much❤💙💚💛🧡💜⛄⛄

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    Colleen Ballinger omg I love u so much

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    Colleen Ballinger. The vid of ur brother and u made my heart melt with happiness

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    Colleen Ballinger ñthank you so much for sharing! 😍😍😍

  7. Rylie Hall

    Rylie Hall3 hours ago

    Trent seems so sweet I wish we Could see him more but I respect his privacy

  8. Audrey Guo

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    OMG at 3:23, she said "she gonna teach me how to be a mom, since Im going to have BABIES." LOL u mean baby not babies

  9. littleshadow girl

    littleshadow girl5 hours ago

    I had the an add that was about a coleen and she was talking about her def son getting choclea impalnts

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    I love this

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    Aww bless him xx 🤗


    ABIGAIL FISHER12 hours ago

    My favorite Olga waiter is hard of hearing

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    this video is adorable :"

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    I love you and Trent!!! Pleeeeease make a vid with you Corey and Trent doing something fun and funny full of u 3 laughing! That would be soooo heartwarming omgggg I love y’all so much!!!!

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    Nvm I lied it’s the other way around

  16. Terri Greene

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    Did anyone else see the fact that Colleen look so much like Bailey I WAS LIKE OMG

  17. Anna S.

    Anna S.Day ago

    I have parents who are both deaf my mom who is completely deaf and my dad who is hard of hearing so i feel ya

  18. Ashley Doyl

    Ashley DoylDay ago

    I took ASL in college. I love it!! I love interacting with the Deaf Community and Hard of Hearing community. When I have deaf guests come into my work I always walk up with the server and introduce them and then communicate their needs for the Deaf guests. It makes me so happy to be able to communicate with them and help them out when needed 🤟

  19. Monica Ann

    Monica AnnDay ago

    People are so mean😠 and impatient,they should have at least give him a chance

  20. Reetta Laitinen

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    I think that your brother is just awsome! Like all of your siblings💓

  21. The chipmunk Gymnastics group

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    When he was little he looked like my book buddy!!

  22. Claire Singleton

    Claire SingletonDay ago

    I’m deaf and I have cochlear implants and I had two operations and had them since I was 2 and 4

  23. sidney scroggins

    sidney scroggins2 days ago

    My brother is deaf so I feel and understand this so much.

  24. Enchanting Elizabeth

    Enchanting Elizabeth2 days ago

    Why don't you or your family sign when talking to your bother? That would make his life so much easier and he would feel included in the conversations. Anyone who speaks a second language knows that Google translate is not accurate, I guess it's not common knowledge for some people.

  25. Aubreyvlogs 827765

    Aubreyvlogs 8277652 days ago

    Trent seems so kind .

  26. Jessica Wolf

    Jessica Wolf2 days ago

    It makes me so sad how some adults act towards hard of hearing. I feel like children are so much more understanding i try to make sure my daughter knows how many different people their are in the world and how people are people no matter what

  27. Jessica Wolf

    Jessica Wolf2 days ago

    Trent seems so kind hearted and just an over all loving person

  28. Tricia Todd

    Tricia Todd2 days ago

    i love trent so much i hope he has a very nice day 💕

  29. Madelyn Moench

    Madelyn Moench2 days ago

    This is so inspirational. Partly because I am hard of hearing but not completely deaf, but I do wear hearing aids. Thanks Colleen for making my day.

  30. Queeny Capewell

    Queeny Capewell2 days ago

    I know how u feel my friend Alfie he what you're brother is going through

  31. Kim Hartsfield

    Kim Hartsfield2 days ago

    I am just now watching this and if you go back when Trent was little with that blonde hair, Parker looks so much like him!!!

  32. Bobdaredpanda Rules

    Bobdaredpanda Rules2 days ago

    This video is amazing for me. I am also hard of hearing and I wear a hearing aid. I could have a treatment but I don’t know wether to do it or not

  33. Okletsplay Royale high

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    thought through my own head and my own EYES how can you think with ur eyes 😂

  34. Rachael McKeeman

    Rachael McKeeman2 days ago

    Trent is a very kind hearted man. And he is very sweet like you and he is very good at lip reading and he is a very special because of his deafness

  35. Htalbot72 Ukulele

    Htalbot72 Ukulele2 days ago

    Trent! Stay strong don’t let anyone bring u down! Ur awesome!

  36. Sofie Schou Mølgaard

    Sofie Schou Mølgaard2 days ago

    What a beautiful video! Trent seems such a lovely person - tell him thank you for making this video with you from me! Such an important topic and very emotional to watch!

  37. Tasmiah Hussain

    Tasmiah Hussain2 days ago

    This video is really close to my heart because my best friend and cousin and auntie are deaf so thanks for making this video

  38. MelxLife!

    MelxLife!2 days ago

    3:25 she said she was about to have babies was it only me who noticed that (she gave birth now!!)

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    Your a loser

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    Your such a loser

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    u look so much like Bailey when u were little

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    1:22 they all look like Christophers kids! oh my gosh so cuteeee

  47. Lola Robertson

    Lola Robertson3 days ago

    Btw you are so beautiful

  48. mary cruz reyesperez

    mary cruz reyesperez3 days ago

    I'm not death but I know sign language so if you meat some one you can hit me up I love you and your family video

  49. ソフィー // sophi

    ソフィー // sophi3 days ago

    I started learning sign language around 6th grade, and people have asked “when are we going to use this?” This is why we need sign language. Inclusion. ❤️

  50. Kamila Benallal

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    He seems so sweet!

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    I love you so much collen you look so much like baily as a kid love ya

  52. Brendan Niemczak

    Brendan Niemczak3 days ago

    I love this video so much! I’m so glad Trent could share this story with us! This video made me emotional! Trent is so sweet and he is a great person!

  53. Geeky Craft

    Geeky Craft3 days ago

    Love this video. Im deaf in one of my ears and may go deaf in my other ear and most people dont know about the deaf comunity and what its life and just dont have much of a idea of it or what its like. So I love that a big youtuber like you is puting this out there for more people to see. 💕💕💕

  54. Madison Brudon

    Madison Brudon3 days ago

    My friend jj has the same thing

  55. Ashlynn298

    Ashlynn2983 days ago

    This hits close to home. My sister has a cochlear implant in her right ear, and a hearing aid in her left. She slowly lost her hearing over the years and she’s almost completely deaf now. I think this is really nice for you to show your brothers experience, so more people can see what it’s like for the hard of hearing ❤️

  56. olivia thompson

    olivia thompson3 days ago

    Colleen: oh he’s got the hug song! Trent: yeah I don’t understand that at all.

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    2k people missed the like button...clumsy bastards

  58. Valentina Vanja Vujkovic

    Valentina Vanja Vujkovic3 days ago

    Ah... I wish it could help my dad if we buy one of those things.. He is totally deaf he can't hear anything, and the doctors said that nothing colud help him... I wish he can hear me..

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    Ok I’m sorry but those lights in the background at the beginning kept blinking and it was bothering the crap out of me

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    He is so handsome I love your siblings, he is not weird I help people love it I was emotional, love you

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    Colleen you and your brother look so adorable when you are children 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    I know this is old but I’m hard of hearing and I understand trent because a teacher was shouting at me before because I couldn’t hear and everyone seems to get annoyed when I can’t hear :(

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    Your family is gorgeous, love you #HATERSBACKOFF!!

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    This was the most inspiring video that I have ever watched on your channel. I loved it!!!!!!!! Can you make more videos like this?💕😍💕

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    Trent seems so nice and kind I am more aware of deaf people now

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    Bless him so much xx

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    If only I could marry Trent, he is so cute and sweet!

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    This is such an interesting video! It also made me realise that subtitles aren't always correct on videos so it's time to check through them all!

  69. Jennifer Gilmour

    Jennifer Gilmour3 days ago

    This is such an important video. My brother has hearing aids but doesn’t need the implant. I’ve seen him go from being confident to completely self conscious and growing his hair to cover his ears or sometimes not wearing them and others having difficulty to communicate with him. I like you had a fond and close relationship with my brother growing up. I was there when he went from analog to digital hearing aids and it was difficult for him. He used to hear everything as one sound but digital meant he could hear where the sound was coming from and how far away it is etc. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to him. X

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    Bro and sis goals 💕💖🌈

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    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll ssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    My sister does American sigh language but she isn’t deaf she just loves doing it

  73. Isabell Cave

    Isabell Cave4 days ago

    I was crying about how people gave up on him but I hope he doesn’t have to go through that again

  74. Elle Fox

    Elle Fox4 days ago

    This was so informative, witch I deeply appreciate. I also look up to your relationship with your siblings, and hope that I’ll be like this with mine

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    He’s so precious 🥰

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    So sweet!

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    Omg Colleen looks so much like Bailey

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    Yay CC!!

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    So u had blonde hair when u where little ... did u dye it to brown

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    Arhh my god he is so sweet xx

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful brother.

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    Oh God 😭 Now *I LOVE HIM* ❤️❤️❤️

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    Reading the comments make me so happy but sad like tears of joy

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    Trent and Colleen as children literally look like bailey and Jacob now ❤️ So cute !!!!

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    I love seeing your sweet pibble peeking her head into the kitchen when you were sitting at the table 😍

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    Why are people so mean I wish I was deaf to feel how rude people can be its good I'm learning sign language

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    The people that hit the dislike button are pretty clumsy they meant to like it

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    At 9.33 he swore


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE snow yayay4 days ago

    Trent seems soooooo caring

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    bailey looks so much like colleen when she was younger omg 😂😂😂😂

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    I'm Praying for you.🙏🙏🙏

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    Trent don’t let any tell u are different u are just like a of us and everyone stay strong u are doing a good job I am sorry

  94. Avia lives With slime

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    I feel so bad for Trent but no one should treat him different he I just like all of us

  95. Ashton Keeler

    Ashton Keeler5 days ago

    Hey, my name is Ashton and by the way I am a girl. im 14 years old, I grew up being deaf. My mom found out I was deaf when I was three. I do ASL and I really loved it and I can talk too like I am hard hearing. And I went to deaf school. I really loved my school like Soo much! I wish I could meet you in real life... And I had this dream that I met you at my school. But I bet that will NEVER happened. But that's okay. I want to let you know that I love you and I'm your biggest fan. And your so funny! It would be so fun! Thanks for reading if you ever did. - Ashton

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    Colleen and Trent were such cute kids!!

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    I am literally tearing up

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    I love your vlogs with your family

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    tell your brother I said hi and I feel really bad for your brother Trent

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    Let's be real, I'm pretty late but: DID YOU SAY YOUR DOGS NAME IS BLAZE?!!??!!? THATS MY DOGS NAME!! And your brother is so cool Colleen

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    Me and my brother are 4 days apart Read more That is 4 years and 4 days apart

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    This makes me so emotional! I’m so glad you all have each other, Trent you are amazing!!

  103. Jerie Denver

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    This got me so emotional.. my dads deaf in one ear and he more less lip reads me, all off his sisters and brothers are also have hearing loss so this video really got to me!, my hearing isn’t the best.. so I just lip read to make sure the I’m no what there definitely saying. Thank you for sharing his story

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    I have a friend that’s like that💜💜💜💜I love y’all 💜💜💜💜💜and my friend💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    Dude Bailey looks like Colleen when she was younger

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