1. Colleen Ballinger

    Colleen Ballinger4 months ago

    Trent has chosen to keep his life more private. But today he opens up about his experience being hard of hearing and getting the cochlear implant. We were surprised to find out that once you get the cochlear implant it can take months and sometimes years to learn how to hear! But it is definitely worth the hard work if you want to do it. Trent loves his cochlear implants and this is his story! :) From now on I will make sure all of my videos have closed captions. It might take 24 hours or so to process after I upload, but I assure you that I am paying to have all of my videos captioned properly from now on. Thanks for watching!

  2. Ayla Miller

    Ayla Miller21 day ago

    Colleen Ballinger omg I love u so much

  3. Isobel Buchanan

    Isobel BuchananMonth ago

    Colleen Ballinger. The vid of ur brother and u made my heart melt with happiness

  4. Manuel Corta

    Manuel CortaMonth ago

    Colleen Ballinger ñthank you so much for sharing! 😍😍😍

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  6. Maddison Heaton

    Maddison Heaton2 months ago

    My friend has chocliar implants and it makes him soso happy he can hear better that normal humans. He is so pozitive about it he is called connor he is one of my best friends

  7. Willie B Productions

    Willie B ProductionsHour ago

    Look I really don’t care about all the haters. P.s Trent is really cool. He is an inspiration

  8. It’sGamingZ GatchaGirl

    It’sGamingZ GatchaGirl3 hours ago

    I love how close they are

  9. Chippy Abbott

    Chippy Abbott3 hours ago

    Young Trent looks like Jacob

  10. Cindy

    Cindy3 hours ago

    So she's a millionaire and coundn't buy her family a new house...

  11. Emma Alford

    Emma Alford6 hours ago

    My older brother and I are a year and half apart

  12. Norm Raea

    Norm Raea8 hours ago

    OMG in that video you looked just like Bailey.

  13. tay maramba

    tay maramba8 hours ago

    It ok because I am deaf

  14. Miss Caky

    Miss Caky10 hours ago

    Colleen i have too cochlear implant

  15. BTSARMY lolbye

    BTSARMY lolbye11 hours ago

    Collen looks like Baily and Trent looks like Jacob. Soo cute❤️

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    Bailey looks just like u when u were younger

  17. Dylan’s Tube

    Dylan’s Tube14 hours ago

    This Is Heart Warming... Btw Did Anyone See Colleens Mother About To Walk Into The Kitchen? 😉

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    Taylor Dockery14 hours ago

    I'm hare of hearing

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    Sew, Let's Craft21 hour ago

    I know sign language 😁

  21. Blue Kitkat

    Blue KitkatDay ago

    God bless dear Trent. He is amazing just the way he is. He should be treated equal by & to everyone; not treated differently just because of his hard of hearing and cochlear implant. Remember; *This is to everyone* - Stay positive & Be YOU! You are amazing just as you are! 💗💕❤😄👍

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    Wait... Miranda Sings???

  23. SoftVSeokk

    SoftVSeokkDay ago

    Trent is blessed to have a sister like you! God bless y'all

  24. Kaitlyn Jordan

    Kaitlyn JordanDay ago

    There is this kid at my school named Trevor who has autism and he is in basketball and he shot it and made it, all you could here was clapping and cheering for Trevor.

  25. GusGusTheHammy

    GusGusTheHammyDay ago

    I have a deaf friend named Maya and I like to talk to her in sign language

  26. Shahed Alsarhan

    Shahed AlsarhanDay ago

    Trent seems so nice I feel very bad for him

  27. Hanna Gonzalez

    Hanna GonzalezDay ago

    And I wish Trent the best and God bless u guys

  28. Hanna Gonzalez

    Hanna GonzalezDay ago

    My name is averyanna and I am hearing and I have been signing ever since I was 9 years old and I am 12 know I have always loved people that are deft or hard hearing

  29. Alessandra Jensen

    Alessandra JensenDay ago

    As someone with hearing problems, I am so grateful to watch this and know I’m not the only one going through the hard stuff

  30. Tubbly Bubbly

    Tubbly BubblyDay ago

    this is the first video i have ever seen with mention of CMV. My big sister is almost in her third trimester her with her first child (a little girl) and we found out when she was in the very early weeks at she had had CMV while she was pregnant and its been such a scary road so far because no one really knows what is in store for this wonderful little baby. I just pray all goes well and shes born happy and healthy.

  31. Ammer Fares

    Ammer FaresDay ago

    i feel bad

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    Stephanie Billy2 days ago

    My cousin is deaf

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    Where is her belly bump

  35. dreaming

    dreaming2 days ago

    He seems like such a sweet guy

  36. ASMR AY

    ASMR AY2 days ago

    My grandpa just got cochlear implants so I totally relate! ❤️

  37. Lisa Slusher

    Lisa Slusher2 days ago

    I love your guys relationship and closeness ♥️ I use to work at subway and we had a few customers that were deaf and I was always kind to them and patient.

  38. Jake_And_Ellie_katie Lol

    Jake_And_Ellie_katie Lol2 days ago

    Bless him x

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  40. Heather Adkins

    Heather Adkins3 days ago

    My mom is deaf which this is her accounts btw and I Michelle am deaf to I have an older sister and she was supposed to be deaf according to what the doctor said but it skipped her, and when I was born I got deaf, and I have hearing aids too, I'm starting to hear voices low now, and I'm only 13, it is hard growing up being different from some people, they always ask questions, they even ask if it was true, some questions hurts, and I can read lips very well when I don't have hearing aid in, also I use captain all the time, when I listen to music I hear what I think I heard, but then when I turn on the captain, it so different then I heard, and it sad for video that don't have captain it makes me mad, but I love you Colleen

  41. Kaitlyn Flory

    Kaitlyn Flory3 days ago

    For those people that disliked this, you are crazy. This is awesome

  42. ISABEL Graham

    ISABEL Graham3 days ago

    I was tearing up watching this!!Trent is an inspiration❤️xx

  43. zombielover25

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    Who are the douchenozzles that are giving this video thumbs down?


    JA'NIYA COLEMAN4 days ago

    Your probably not going to answer to this but how did he get death.🤷🤷 NOT TO BE RUDE OR ANYTHING

  45. MADx2plustheBabyCrew

    MADx2plustheBabyCrew4 days ago

    My 1 year old son was watching this with me and it relaxed him It made me want to cry I try very hard already to teach him that it's okay to be different and he just relaxed and wanted to kiss the screen just made me emotional

  46. Laura Hogenmiller

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  47. Eve Lagasse

    Eve Lagasse4 days ago

    I love this video thank you for making this you are the best and I feel so bad that people are mean to him because of his hearing

  48. Sarah Gill

    Sarah Gill4 days ago

    He is soooo sweet 💛

  49. Ensomhet 7654

    Ensomhet 76545 days ago

    If i was trent i wouldn't want people to know i was related to her lmao.

  50. cool as lps 2538

    cool as lps 25385 days ago

    I have a brother his name is Dominic is special needs but I love him so much

  51. Ella Jeddry

    Ella Jeddry5 days ago

    my friends brother is deaf and had to get implants and his teachers has to use a device to help him hear, so I understand what Trent is going through

  52. aRuN jYoThIs

    aRuN jYoThIs5 days ago

    the cartoons about your childhood.. just precious. lots of love....

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  54. SAHRA Sharif

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    my brother has an egg plant to

  55. hana hana

    hana hana5 days ago

    think about if you were deaf would you be happy if they were bulling you now so be nice to each other

  56. Jennifer Miller

    Jennifer Miller6 days ago

    close cap helps a lot for me

  57. Dani dd

    Dani dd6 days ago

    This makes me so emotional because I have a sister like him too

  58. Alexandra Cheski

    Alexandra Cheski6 days ago

    God pless him , thank the lord he could hear.

  59. Aydon Stevens

    Aydon Stevens6 days ago

    You all were so cute as little kids😊

  60. PokePotter Animations

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    What does she mean other issues

  61. Penelope Sacristan

    Penelope Sacristan6 days ago

    Love you Colleen, love you Trent😍

  62. ILoveMorgan And many more

    ILoveMorgan And many more7 days ago

    Its so sad to hear that from a cold Trent has hearing problems

  63. Caragh Campbell

    Caragh Campbell7 days ago

    keep on . thanks for sharing the video your so faithfully

  64. Taystee

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    Colleen looks like bailey as a kid sorry if I spelt names wrong 😂



    Is it just me or does bailey looks EXACTLY like child Colleen

  66. Kera Hawkins

    Kera Hawkins8 days ago

    My brother is completely deaf and when he got the coaler implant things he could be a tiny bit. But he didn’t like them so he doesn’t where them anymore

  67. Gryffindor

    Gryffindor8 days ago

    I know how to fingerspell in ASL, and I sometimes sign when I speak and have encountered some deaf people, and even have a teacher that is hard of hearing, and I have asked him to teach me ASL, so that if I ever encounter anyone that is deaf, or hard of hearing, I can communicate with them. I also want to say that Trent is very inspirational, and think that it was very brave of him to tell his story.

  68. domonique reynolds

    domonique reynolds9 days ago

    The best video you’ve ever done! Thank you and I special thanks to your brother Trent! I’m so glad he was willing to share his story with the world!💋

  69. shakiara clarke

    shakiara clarke9 days ago

    Bless him bless you both ❤️

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  71. Lmar Fahad

    Lmar Fahad10 days ago

    Bless Trent and let him have a long life filled with joy and happiness!! We will support you and colleen❤️❤️ we love you just the way you are!!!

  72. TeaAddict

    TeaAddict10 days ago

    Thank you very spotlighting your brother! My brother is hearing impaired from CMV too and I am very proud of him, he has to work harder than those without hearing loss, but in the end he's just like everyone else. ❤️

  73. Ndewashe Matemera

    Ndewashe Matemera10 days ago

    i love his voice

  74. Verenne Vacher Mardini

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    Love him

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    Trent is so nice and cute! He is very brave and strong

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    Her brother Trent is so sweat and nice like if u agree

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    I absolutely loved this video. thank you for sharing

  78. Star Animations

    Star Animations11 days ago

    Im actually taking college classes to learn ASL and become an interpreter

  79. Arianna Calderon

    Arianna Calderon11 days ago

    I love Trent sm 💗

  80. Loom Room

    Loom Room11 days ago

    Trent is such an inspiration and he reminded me of my little brother because he has down syndrome and I love both of them to the bottom of my heart

  81. Virginia Sirna

    Virginia Sirna11 days ago

    Colleen and her siblings all look like P B and J as kids

  82. Gigi The potato

    Gigi The potato11 days ago

    I loved this video, Trent seems so sweet and I loved hearing his journey. People need to learn that, deaf, blind, or even special needs are people too and want to be treated like it. It saddens me that some people are so rude.

  83. Caitlin Kelly

    Caitlin Kelly11 days ago

    Hes the sweetest i freakin love Trent

  84. E Po

    E Po11 days ago

    SHUT UP WOMAN and let HIM speak!!!! Sheesh!!!

  85. Jennifer Posner

    Jennifer Posner11 days ago

    he is so nice and I wish I could meet him

  86. The Little Princess, Olive

    The Little Princess, Olive11 days ago

    AWESOME. I mean my mom is a ASL Interpreter with more then 20 years of experience. And I know quite a lot too!

  87. Bani Bunny Chu Mu

    Bani Bunny Chu Mu12 days ago

    I was born deaf....Reason: My ear holes were closed off so I had surgery on it! I can hear well now but I can send sympathy to all of the deaf or hard of hearing people.

  88. Lexie Rae

    Lexie Rae12 days ago

    omg i have that hoodie

  89. jennifer half

    jennifer half12 days ago

    Well. You heard it here first. If your baby is squishy then its deaf. Very insightful..

  90. jennifer half

    jennifer half12 days ago

    Love yo Trent. He is awesome!!!!

  91. Melissa Zelaya

    Melissa Zelaya12 days ago

    I’ve been watching your videos for years now and I’ve always wondered about Trent. I knew he was disabled and I really hoped that he would make more of an appearance. I’m so happy you made this video ❤️

  92. rawabi mohammed

    rawabi mohammed12 days ago

    Omg your brother is so sweet

  93. Sophie From WNY

    Sophie From WNY12 days ago

    Trent is so kind I’ve watched this video already but never commented about Trent I just wanted to say watching those videos of Trent and u as kids was so heart warming I’m so happy for you Colleen you have one of the best siblings in the world Trent has a heart non like other people love u Colleen and Trent!❣️

  94. K.Ramos

    K.Ramos13 days ago

    This made me see through a diffrent perspective

  95. madison lord

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    omg i almost started to cry :(

  96. Layla Floyd

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    I’m glad that he opened up and shared with everyone❤️❤️

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    Awh her brother seems like the sweetest person ever

  98. Caroline Watts

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    Why does this have 1.9k dislikes

  99. David Perez

    David Perez13 days ago

    My mom and dad. Are deaf to your may not believe me but I'm telling the truth

  100. Kayli Gingell

    Kayli Gingell14 days ago

    Omfg I love your brother so much i just feel something for deaf people blind people and even “special” needs people I feel they all deserve the best and I’m glad he has a sister like you to support him and respect him

  101. Alexa Brandmeyer

    Alexa Brandmeyer14 days ago

    Your brother is amazing

  102. Josie Brauning

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    Awwww! He is so cute!!!❤️ I love you guys!!

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    I don't know if it's just me or was colleen blonde? I'm so confoooosed rn

  105. Minčii Szabová

    Minčii Szabová14 days ago

    I'm also deaf, I have implants. But I do not listen well, I have a hard time hearing ... but I enjoy watching your videos. I am living Slovakia