Opening a Celestial Storm Booster Box (36 Packs) **NEW**


  1. Two Suns

    Two Suns2 hours ago

    Hey does your daddy trump buy you those Pokémon cards lol

  2. Kaworu Nagisa

    Kaworu Nagisa4 hours ago

    When you cut to opening a new pack right after holding Stevens resolve I seriously thought you ripped it in half

  3. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown5 hours ago

    Sucks how these boxes are mapped and you know roughly how many ultras a box would yield

  4. 03sting Gaming

    03sting Gaming5 hours ago

    Does anyone know how much the Pokémon trading card game is???

  5. Real Black Lion

    Real Black Lion8 hours ago

    3:09 no

  6. person of interest

    person of interest10 hours ago


  7. Rex1255YT dd

    Rex1255YT ddDay ago

    And get a life

  8. Rex1255YT dd

    Rex1255YT ddDay ago

    You and your language sucks and you a the wrest get beder language don't swear

  9. Deer_Avadale

    Deer_AvadaleDay ago

    Just imagine NuzLeaf taking of its mask and it transforming into Sneasel!!?!?

  10. Deer_Avadale

    Deer_AvadaleDay ago

    *BRO FIST*

  11. Deer_Avadale

    Deer_AvadaleDay ago

    On 13:23 I cant believe that theres a wwe move in there its CorkScrew Kalisto usually uses it in wwe, I would kinda imagine deoxys doing a corkscrew and slamming them 50 feet in the ground.

  12. creeperboy dyg

    creeperboy dygDay ago

    If that is worth 25 bucks what’s a shiny full art mega primal Groudon ex?

  13. Deer_Avadale

    Deer_AvadaleDay ago

    I might just be dirty minded but does the Medicham look like a dick!?!?!

  14. A R O N M

    A R O N MDay ago

    14:50 same

  15. Denisse Silva

    Denisse SilvaDay ago

    btw I subscribed and hit the notification button

  16. Denisse Silva

    Denisse SilvaDay ago

    I love your vids

  17. I qualify as an attack helicopter

    I qualify as an attack helicopterDay ago

    What's the point of ads if you get demontized

  18. Donald Duckei

    Donald DuckeiDay ago

    Goose my anemy

  19. Monarch Man

    Monarch ManDay ago

    i like you butt your lang is not ok butt i like you

  20. SqawkyPig

    SqawkyPigDay ago


  21. White DogX

    White DogXDay ago

    I like the sounds effect when good card appears. quality

  22. Raul Escareno

    Raul EscarenoDay ago

    this guy is how to basic

  23. some random cuber yt

    some random cuber ytDay ago

    1:35 you sayd it right the first time

  24. Andrej Villania

    Andrej Villania2 days ago

    So... I got to wondering. Why are we watching a guy unbox things when we can buy or own and unbox it ourselves xD

  25. LordTen

    LordTen2 days ago

    How do you know all these prices

  26. Matthew Bakley

    Matthew Bakley2 days ago

    Leafy has a channel called Daily Dose of Internet. He just takes random content from the web, says a couple of words about it so he doesn't get copyrighted, then profits.

  27. ADgamin g

    ADgamin g2 days ago

    How much my for my ancient mew card

  28. Devin Avant

    Devin Avant2 days ago


  29. Challenge Central

    Challenge Central2 days ago

    At 12:05 it sounded like a howtobasic grunt🤔🤔

  30. brandon emmons

    brandon emmons2 days ago

    Haaa this nigga funny

  31. Assassin Chief

    Assassin Chief2 days ago


  32. Raven Jackieboy

    Raven Jackieboy2 days ago

    4:10 link..?

  33. Things With Kev

    Things With Kev2 days ago


  34. jimi van den akker

    jimi van den akker2 days ago


  35. Rock McThornberry

    Rock McThornberry2 days ago

    this is like cocaine

  36. Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos2 days ago

    Rip leafy

  37. Rio Foster

    Rio Foster2 days ago


  38. Boris Velikov

    Boris Velikov2 days ago

    As a magic player i see the price of those cards and i laugh so hard. I wish magic cards where that cheap hahahaha

  39. MöseKaplan

    MöseKaplan2 days ago

    Good job!

  40. Meestic

    Meestic2 days ago

    i got a rainbow scizor gx on my first pack of that set, not kidding i fucking screamed at the top of my lungs

  41. Iz_ya_ boi_Connor

    Iz_ya_ boi_Connor2 days ago


  42. Jeremy Pool

    Jeremy Pool2 days ago


  43. Jeremy Pool

    Jeremy Pool2 days ago

    I got mega steelix

  44. Jeremy Pool

    Jeremy Pool2 days ago

    How much is it please let me know

  45. Loan Bodin

    Loan Bodin3 days ago

    How did you knew the value of your cards ? It interess me

  46. poppingwyth Brian

    poppingwyth Brian3 days ago


  47. xXRedScopezGamingXx

    xXRedScopezGamingXx3 days ago

    gulpin deez *ad*

  48. plspeng

    plspeng3 days ago

    Max: gulpin these n- Ad:

  49. Texan Pride

    Texan Pride3 days ago

    Right before he said "nuts" at 11:24, i got an ad which first words were "nice things"

  50. Tyler Eardley

    Tyler Eardley3 days ago

    I got a electrode GX like yours but with different artwork

  51. Kristal  Wickkiser

    Kristal Wickkiser3 days ago


  52. itsdogE

    itsdogE3 days ago


  53. itsdogE

    itsdogE3 days ago


  54. Danny A

    Danny A3 days ago

    Asterisk ✊🏻 Asterisk

  55. lekim ha

    lekim ha3 days ago


  56. Aspen

    Aspen3 days ago

    I remember opening one random pack and getting a full art mega latios but I’m really sad now because I’ve lost it lol

  57. Red Duty

    Red Duty3 days ago

    loves pokemon, knows every pokemon spells wrong sceptile

  58. OG_Kush

    OG_Kush4 days ago

    Do a collaboration with leokimvideo.

  59. Wolff

    Wolff4 days ago

    You idiot

  60. Joa Cringe 2087

    Joa Cringe 20874 days ago

    Build a wall

  61. Kelsey Maclin

    Kelsey Maclin4 days ago

    *"eybrows on fleek for someone who is literally a ball"*

  62. Christoffer Wielandt Bunkeflod 7A Sct Hans Skole

    Christoffer Wielandt Bunkeflod 7A Sct Hans Skole4 days ago


  63. Matt Fu

    Matt Fu4 days ago

    anyone could just use the code cards btw...

  64. ferdis7

    ferdis74 days ago

    *Rigid Surface Intensifies*

  65. Spritzoll

    Spritzoll4 days ago


  66. Owen Crawford

    Owen Crawford4 days ago

    All gx’s are full art

  67. TakovichGaming

    TakovichGaming4 days ago

    you're hilarious LMFAO!

  68. Weird Al

    Weird Al4 days ago


  69. the supermonkey

    the supermonkey4 days ago

    for real ??? who play pokemon cards today

  70. Zakaria Khairi

    Zakaria Khairi4 days ago

    you know what max should do is have a total of all the money made at the end of the vid+the price of the box

  71. Zakaria Khairi

    Zakaria Khairi4 days ago

    as in the card total

  72. Lucas Isdahl

    Lucas Isdahl4 days ago

    U look like a cave man😂

  73. Muhmoud sraj

    Muhmoud sraj4 days ago

    I got from these packs a SUPER RARE evryone wanted it i didnt know its rare but i didnt trade it i forgot name but i stop playing with it

  74. realplays lol

    realplays lol4 days ago


  75. Comedy PantsTV

    Comedy PantsTV4 days ago

    Ligma sugma tugma slugma

  76. Volty 2007

    Volty 20074 days ago

    No one liks pokemon anymore ....

  77. StoryShift Asriel Dreemurr

    StoryShift Asriel Dreemurr4 days ago

    Me: do you find pokemon booster packs anoying to open? maxmoefoePokemon: yeah, why? Me: great, i do to

  78. Rambo Gilligan

    Rambo Gilligan4 days ago

    Wasting my life away watching this boi open booster packs. Well edited though, so I was entertained... So 8/10 Docked 2 points because at the end I regained consciousness, and realized I was watching half an hour of pokemon cards instead of sleeping or editing videos.

  79. Isaac Lasley

    Isaac Lasley5 days ago

    I wasnt going to like, but then 21:15 happened. Cant deny it.

  80. MrZurata

    MrZurata5 days ago

    "Some sort of Jewish goblin, hording all the gems"

  81. - Orejo -

    - Orejo -5 days ago


  82. Pixle

    Pixle5 days ago

    Press like in chat. Ima like my own chat

  83. Pixle

    Pixle5 days ago

    I can’t even like myself

  84. Yikes

    Yikes5 days ago


  85. MVR_Jedi

    MVR_Jedi5 days ago

    My favorite Pokemon is Blaziken, so at 8:19 you already know what happened

  86. The Duke Of Dorks

    The Duke Of Dorks5 days ago

    Off to the shrine of punishment

  87. The Duke Of Dorks

    The Duke Of Dorks5 days ago

    Thank you for your service max

  88. Mason Hummer

    Mason Hummer5 days ago

    *brofist* to keep the blood pumping

  89. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez5 days ago

    I love you aaaaa

  90. Moxley Planet

    Moxley Planet5 days ago

    I have shiny mega gengar ex

  91. Alexander The Beyblader and Nintendo Fan

    Alexander The Beyblader and Nintendo Fan5 days ago

    Fat rattata more like fattata

  92. FantaBoy212 /YT

    FantaBoy212 /YT5 days ago

    10:41 You think Donald Trump will be buying a shit ton of these packs to find this wall?;

  93. Krispy

    Krispy5 days ago

    I'm starting to think some of that art work is possibly reused.

  94. Erik Hedberg Karlsson

    Erik Hedberg Karlsson5 days ago

    Now this was a really entertaining video. :)

  95. tonald drump kill me plz

    tonald drump kill me plz5 days ago

    dosnt he have a kid and hes yelling weird ass shit

  96. ジョナス Lustige Katzen

    ジョナス Lustige Katzen5 days ago

    *BROFISTS* you wanted it

  97. Yoni Parnas

    Yoni Parnas5 days ago

    Jewish goblin?? Look at yourself you ugly motherfucker

  98. Ubi

    Ubi5 days ago


  99. chbrules

    chbrules6 days ago

    Max finally hit puberty, eh? Nice neckbeard, guy.

  100. Agu Cotti

    Agu Cotti6 days ago


  101. Phoenix DBZ fan

    Phoenix DBZ fan6 days ago

    Reprint set

  102. Young G

    Young G6 days ago

    for some reason this channel reminds me of iDubbz for some reason dont ask why...