Opening a Celestial Storm Booster Box (36 Packs) **NEW**


  1. iknewsabowasnotdead

    iknewsabowasnotdead2 days ago

    Idk much about pokemon except for the first gen anime I watched during my childhood but something about these lottery-type package opening videos is strangely addicting to watch... o_o

  2. King Gamer

    King Gamer2 days ago

    I opened a sun & loon celestial storm booster pack and iT was green and i got Charizard x BREAK and Espeon gx and i didn’t get a code in that pack does that means its fake? Oh and is that charizard x break like 10$ value or more?

  3. kirk

    kirk3 days ago

    asterisk brofist asterisk

  4. Allan Luca Schubert

    Allan Luca Schubert3 days ago


  5. MysTHICC Paper

    MysTHICC Paper4 days ago

    my jokes WHISMUR mom gives me alot of money for my birthday Put a BAGON my dick why is he LAVITARying that is LOTAD creepy. im gonna go and MEDATITE on my room SLUGMA dick around

  6. Aidens youtube channel

    Aidens youtube channel5 days ago

    Have you ever got a houndoom full art ex and textured with shiny all over

  7. Ricky Barnes

    Ricky Barnes5 days ago

    I don’t even like Pokémon but I can’t stop watching this motherfucker

  8. iknewsabowasnotdead

    iknewsabowasnotdead2 days ago

    dude same

  9. Jason _tracing

    Jason _tracing5 days ago

    im jewish

  10. Dustin Wilson

    Dustin Wilson6 days ago

    I know some of these are old videos, but I'm checking out all of your shit... It's nostalgic I dig it

  11. Dustin Wilson

    Dustin Wilson6 days ago

    dude you crack me up...i fucking love this shit man I wish I did what u do

  12. The Yiddish and the the Jew group

    The Yiddish and the the Jew group7 days ago

    I like even do ima jew respect ✊

  13. DPPTAnimations

    DPPTAnimations7 days ago

    I have a Stakataka GX.

  14. IzNahteen

    IzNahteen9 days ago

    "HEY GUYS!" *Hey Man :D*

  15. Lester Walit

    Lester Walit9 days ago

    10:32 Stakataka du forlorar du

  16. Zeplinex45

    Zeplinex4510 days ago

    10:15 is that a shiny solrock?

  17. noiseyboy bran

    noiseyboy bran10 days ago

    How many times will you say 🥜 sack

  18. TNTbomber 2079

    TNTbomber 207911 days ago

    Gulpin... Gulpin deed NUTZ!

  19. Johney Drago

    Johney Drago11 days ago

    *BROFIST* Yeah I'm a little late, but I loved this opening.

  20. Sceptile UX

    Sceptile UX12 days ago

    6:41 does max not know hes a amazing poet?

  21. Johnny Delgado

    Johnny Delgado12 days ago

    Did any one els see he got 2 bagons at 6:30

  22. THANOS

    THANOS12 days ago

    0:05 looks like John Wick with a neck beard

  23. Gengar

    Gengar13 days ago

    I have a mega swampass

  24. KickazzKorean

    KickazzKorean13 days ago

    I would love to know what card sleeve you use, I need some bad and I’m having trouble trying to pick the ones I really want.

  25. Marshall Roels

    Marshall Roels13 days ago


  26. Kaiser The Draconic Knight

    Kaiser The Draconic Knight13 days ago

    I got a golden hidden ultra secret rare from my 20th+ booster pack

  27. Brian Bradley

    Brian Bradley13 days ago


  28. Brian Bradley

    Brian Bradley13 days ago

    14:50 🤐

  29. Felix aus der 2B

    Felix aus der 2B14 days ago


  30. CozyPlayz

    CozyPlayz14 days ago

    Me in the dark just looking for the goldfish at 1 am I'm watching this a 1 am and just did that

  31. nicole baker

    nicole baker15 days ago

    0:01 Why does he kind of like Bucky Barnes? That hair tho.

  32. Odie The catfish

    Odie The catfish14 days ago

    Boi look at yo haircut take yo kids to soccer practice lookin ass

  33. Zanatrion

    Zanatrion15 days ago


  34. Antonio Salinas

    Antonio Salinas16 days ago

    Thiccccc rat

  35. Mr. Tee Vee

    Mr. Tee Vee16 days ago


  36. Watery Guffman

    Watery Guffman17 days ago

    I think that's reused artwork, I definitely recognise that one

  37. Ryan Bradly

    Ryan Bradly18 days ago

    Shhhhh it's free real estate

  38. yeehaw

    yeehaw20 days ago

    I don't know why but I laughed so hard when Max said: (Whispering) "Shhhhh, Shhhhhh. This is a Library. Shhhhhhut the fk up." - 24:24

  39. Tarulinna

    Tarulinna21 day ago

    I watch these for the " 1 2 3 to the back, get rid of the energy card SMACK"

  40. dark_matter_man

    dark_matter_man22 days ago


  41. Nibbles Jack

    Nibbles Jack22 days ago


  42. Aquarius Rivera

    Aquarius Rivera23 days ago


  43. Josh Moores

    Josh Moores23 days ago

    10:23 “Ooooh we’ve got the reverse custard back” - Maxmoefoe

  44. Max Gibbons

    Max Gibbons23 days ago


  45. seven glue

    seven glue25 days ago

    Storm in English *english storm sounds*

  46. Lazer Reiner

    Lazer Reiner26 days ago

    im jewish

  47. Sharkster25 _

    Sharkster25 _26 days ago


  48. I am a potato

    I am a potato27 days ago


  49. tamer anim8es

    tamer anim8es27 days ago

    im actually jewish and the sableye is relatible

  50. Spleen

    Spleen27 days ago

    this some kind of asmr to it

  51. Eleven_ Gamer

    Eleven_ Gamer27 days ago


  52. Samiyah Muhammed

    Samiyah Muhammed27 days ago

    Actually not the worst