Opening a Celestial Storm Booster Box (36 Packs) **NEW**


  1. Simon

    Simon19 hours ago

    This is weirdly interesting.. but what is the code card and what is it you cant look at? Also is the price u give on those rare cards accurate?

  2. Cole Christenson

    Cole ChristensonDay ago

    9:53 sounds like the guy in my basement

  3. Dontdoitpweez

    Dontdoitpweez2 days ago


  4. CaseOfSpaides

    CaseOfSpaides5 days ago

    Rotomdex let's you peek and doesnt flip I think.

  5. makenna newbury

    makenna newbury6 days ago

    * brofists * uwu owo

  6. Hector Zuniga

    Hector Zuniga7 days ago


  7. Carpigg

    Carpigg8 days ago


  8. Linus Halpin

    Linus Halpin9 days ago

    "Exit, stage right." *Throws it stage left.*

  9. flaming dragons

    flaming dragons11 days ago

    14:50 hes not playing i feel him you act like its a joke😂

  10. Kayla Harmon

    Kayla Harmon12 days ago

    Kids could be watching this like my seven year old son and you curse way to much.

  11. Jaiden Baker

    Jaiden Baker12 days ago


  12. GallopingWalrus

    GallopingWalrus13 days ago


  13. Billy Creme

    Billy Creme13 days ago


  14. Will Braithwaite

    Will Braithwaite13 days ago

    Stakataka. Keeping out ludicolo since 2016

  15. Willykidtv

    Willykidtv16 days ago

    The old art is because it’s a ruby and sapphire reprint set

  16. El Destino

    El Destino17 days ago

    Max: *Wants Corporate Sponsorship from Nintendo. @14:50 Max: "I always wanted to stick my dick in Weepindoll, It looks like...uh Nature's Fleshlight"

  17. Tom Jankovic

    Tom Jankovic19 days ago

    I love the regiice rummaging in the fridge at 2 AM for some shredded Cheese meme

  18. Samuel Licon

    Samuel Licon20 days ago



    ANIME TRAPS20 days ago

    14:48 14:57

  20. Niek Appeldoorn

    Niek Appeldoorn21 day ago

    Boosters got really expensive where I live like 6 euro (9.5 aud)

  21. Niek Appeldoorn

    Niek Appeldoorn21 day ago

    It used to be half of that price

  22. Phoenix Nuggetts

    Phoenix Nuggetts24 days ago

    *brofist's ass* i love you maxxie

  23. ThePerfectDiamondBoi 231

    ThePerfectDiamondBoi 23124 days ago


  24. Vemomat !!

    Vemomat !!26 days ago

    R.I.P big *NUT*

  25. Damian Swagwicki

    Damian SwagwickiMonth ago

    When you said "how" you pronounced Hau better than you did when you tried

  26. Michael Duka

    Michael DukaMonth ago

    Weepinbell - Natures Fleshlight Pokemon

  27. XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX

    XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxXMonth ago

    heyy, you just pulled celesteela from a celestial storm-box... get it...? CELESTEELA...? CELESTIAL [storm]...? no...? okay.

  28. Indiana John

    Indiana JohnMonth ago

    Disabled Jewish Goblin ^x^ couldn't stop laughing.

  29. Noah B

    Noah BMonth ago

    *bro no*

  30. 1994 Toyota Supra MKIV Twin Turbo

    1994 Toyota Supra MKIV Twin TurboMonth ago


  31. Gallade Gaming

    Gallade GamingMonth ago


  32. the almighty meme dinosaur boi

    the almighty meme dinosaur boiMonth ago

    Redgyice is edgyice.

  33. Caleb Walker

    Caleb WalkerMonth ago

    Weepingbell = Nature’s Flesh Light

  34. Kevin Carrera

    Kevin CarreraMonth ago

    Fuck you'll

  35. Galaxy Herbert

    Galaxy HerbertMonth ago

    5:54 charmos opeing

  36. ranasallouha

    ranasallouhaMonth ago

    I got deoxys holo

  37. Shyqu

    ShyquMonth ago


  38. Nicholas mooney

    Nicholas mooneyMonth ago


  39. Rodrigo Barajas

    Rodrigo BarajasMonth ago

    Bro this nigga is wild 😂😂😂😂😂 he said I wana stick my dick in weepinbell I’m done

  40. JamesPlays Games

    JamesPlays GamesMonth ago

    I got a rainbow version of his electrode gx

  41. Santi Martinez Islas

    Santi Martinez IslasMonth ago

    Sableye more like DIsAbLeyE

  42. Admiral Adam

    Admiral AdamMonth ago

    *brofist* because I have 34 chromosomes. EDIT: "I always wanted to stick my dick in Weepinbell." -Maxmoefoe 2018

  43. 4.-Luis Manuel Caballero Reynoso

    4.-Luis Manuel Caballero ReynosoMonth ago

    That is a door?

  44. H R

    H RMonth ago

    P sure there’s the same pattern going on here as with your scamtendo video.

  45. Meko

    MekoMonth ago

    Your soothing voice makes me sleepy

  46. CorbPapa

    CorbPapaMonth ago

    Max man, keep it up yung hustler.

  47. Max Tidd

    Max TiddMonth ago


  48. clyde254

    clyde254Month ago


  49. Arion Valencia

    Arion ValenciaMonth ago


  50. Lonestarjoe 25

    Lonestarjoe 25Month ago


  51. Radioactivity Gaming

    Radioactivity GamingMonth ago

    2:47 I thought that hiker said hitler, and when max reacted to the apricorn maker, I thought it was because of a trainer called hitler.

  52. K.Y. Wong

    K.Y. WongMonth ago

    and metang

  53. K.Y. Wong

    K.Y. WongMonth ago

    and metagross

  54. K.Y. Wong

    K.Y. WongMonth ago

    gimme that Spinarak

  55. KissShot

    KissShotMonth ago

    funny to ask nintendo to sponsor while acting like that

  56. Antonio Carrasco

    Antonio CarrascoMonth ago

    The jirachi packs have the best pulls max. I got the rainbow rayquaza, 2 full arts. And nearly all my gx cards from jirachi packs.

  57. Kyle Louis

    Kyle LouisMonth ago


  58. this name is so long stop wasting your time bruh

    this name is so long stop wasting your time bruhMonth ago


  59. Senai Sambini

    Senai SambiniMonth ago


  60. Sili Bot

    Sili BotMonth ago


  61. Animated Girl

    Animated GirlMonth ago

    Bby boi fuc mah yeet

  62. IlidioPMF Gamer

    IlidioPMF Gamer2 months ago


  63. IlidioPMF Gamer

    IlidioPMF Gamer2 months ago


  64. IlidioPMF Gamer

    IlidioPMF Gamer2 months ago

    I like that a lot

  65. Batch-Of-Pengus

    Batch-Of-Pengus2 months ago


  66. Joshua Avard

    Joshua Avard2 months ago


  67. Cr1ng3 .3x3

    Cr1ng3 .3x32 months ago

    Getting a booster for Christmas, I'm hyped!

  68. I, Ben Shapiro. Want 10k subs without a vid.

    I, Ben Shapiro. Want 10k subs without a vid.2 months ago


  69. AnimeMagikarp

    AnimeMagikarp2 months ago

    6:30 he got 2 bagons in a row

  70. genericyoutuber 89

    genericyoutuber 892 months ago

    I don't want to but *brofist* I want to die

  71. TheCreature 43

    TheCreature 432 months ago

    I have 2 full arts

  72. Will Freeman

    Will Freeman2 months ago

    I know Jack shit about pokemon.

  73. Brixton Blum

    Brixton Blum2 months ago

    I nutted when max pulled the bike

  74. Joshua Powell

    Joshua Powell2 months ago

    may sound dumb. but I have been wanting to buy packs for a while, but watching these gets my by. well my girlfriend who knows i been wanting to open pack goes grocery shopping and grabs me a pack of celestial storm. I was not expecting it at all. Now I have started my collection

  75. tuna4746

    tuna47462 months ago

    It seems like maxmoefoe has tuorrettes

  76. josh munton

    josh munton2 months ago

    bit late but i bought 1 pack and got a Rayquaza GX Full Art Rainbow rare I got that hyper rare

  77. TheCrimsonDM Plays

    TheCrimsonDM Plays2 months ago

    Is that jewish goblin from the Crystal Caves pack, aka my favorite pack?

  78. Adnan Alrazhi

    Adnan Alrazhi2 months ago

    *BROFIST* Show me Vegana

  79. Speed Racist

    Speed Racist2 months ago


  80. dio boii

    dio boii2 months ago


  81. EvanWhitt

    EvanWhitt2 months ago


  82. Noice M8

    Noice M82 months ago


  83. ya boi Josh gaming

    ya boi Josh gaming2 months ago

    I have that jirachi i found it while opening the sun and moon celestial storm,i also found ultra necrozma

  84. Angel Magana

    Angel Magana2 months ago



    BRYCE LYNCH2 months ago

    Dude your funny

  86. Quality Underground Records

    Quality Underground Records2 months ago

    Many of the carda here are reprints man.

  87. Beary Slimes

    Beary Slimes2 months ago


  88. Zacque Q

    Zacque Q2 months ago

    “Let’s get my fat sausage fingers off Steven”

  89. the survivelest

    the survivelest2 months ago


  90. KettleCheddar

    KettleCheddar2 months ago

    I have a couple cards from the 5th generation, and some of the artwork used on these cards are literally from the 5th gen as well. Most notably, the Phanpy and Skitty cards.

  91. Oswap

    Oswap2 months ago


  92. Deneuve

    Deneuve2 months ago

    1K dislikes all from the Jews.

  93. TVv 1

    TVv 12 months ago

    Oh my god hahaha banana ball sack

  94. Johnathan Niedospial

    Johnathan Niedospial2 months ago


  95. James Sargeant

    James Sargeant2 months ago

    I love the disabled Jewish goblin

  96. Dante Hart

    Dante Hart2 months ago

    At 2:13 is that alolan Rattata a misprint? The call for the boss energy cost symbol looks like a smudged normal energy.

  97. Connor Milne

    Connor Milne2 months ago


  98. hi rats

    hi rats2 months ago

    Hau is pronounced how

  99. Cartoon Hater

    Cartoon Hater2 months ago


  100. Sanjay Krishna

    Sanjay Krishna2 months ago

    Did I just hear "'m gonna cum on this? "

  101. Ben Brown

    Ben Brown3 months ago