Opening a Celestial Storm Booster Box (36 Packs) **NEW**


  1. DinoShark2200

    DinoShark2200Day ago

    Stop 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Munchins

    Munchins2 days ago

    Ok, I'm done,

  3. Della Fellows

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  4. Charizard x gamer

    Charizard x gamer2 days ago

    1:21 that fat red butt tho!!! lmao

  5. Nunya Biz

    Nunya Biz3 days ago

    Custard-filled nodules

  6. KDSRirelandboy1

    KDSRirelandboy13 days ago

    SKEPTILE I won't say anything.

  7. Miruzilla

    Miruzilla6 days ago

    Uuuh...As someone who jsut started collecting TCG cuz of his vidoes *cough*....could someone tell me what kind of Sleeves he uses? Not the first "Layer" but the second one. Is it like a "hard" Sleeve=?

  8. Hasan Khalid

    Hasan Khalid6 days ago


  9. superTHICCboiii

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  10. Trey Strasser

    Trey Strasser7 days ago

    Someone needs to calculate all the money he made from cars vs how much he’s spent and yeah ik he doesn’t sell them all but like if one day he did and they were the same price as they are in the videos

  11. cyber_twin_gaming _01

    cyber_twin_gaming _017 days ago

    More is thus allowed on utube plz

  12. Inigo Abueg

    Inigo Abueg7 days ago

    stop abusing last cards that suck >=(

  13. Waluigi

    Waluigi7 days ago

    libtard ex


    MEMES 4LIFE8 days ago

    I have a energy which is like acro bike

  15. Steven Loger

    Steven Loger8 days ago

    The larvitar and pupitar are both the art from neo discovery

  16. Jack Clark

    Jack Clark8 days ago

    Does anyone ever feel like everyone tries to immediately redeem the code but also think “if I’m thinking that maybe everyone else is?”

  17. Joshua Relatado

    Joshua Relatado8 days ago

    So far so garbage😂😂

  18. Fake Yeezys Digga

    Fake Yeezys Digga11 days ago

    Lmao I just remembered at charmx at5:46

  19. Anthony ceto

    Anthony ceto13 days ago

    Let's hope no one used these codes I'm gonna redeem it for my little brother on his tablet

  20. Uri Alperin

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  21. None Nothing

    None Nothing16 days ago

    Who else got a yu gi oh ad

  22. Firelord64 BOI

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  23. Arubaruna

    Arubaruna17 days ago

    Shhhhhhh shut the fuck This is Ribrary

  24. GreenGo Charro!

    GreenGo Charro!18 days ago

    Custer back provides

  25. Rogue Spartan

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  26. Epsilonsama

    Epsilonsama19 days ago

    Apricorns were in the original Gen II games m8 and I think they came back for the remakes in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver.

  27. Nathaniel Mack

    Nathaniel Mack19 days ago

    I got a dig bick

  28. MsTheCommentator

    MsTheCommentator19 days ago

    Was it me, or did the two Bagon in a row at 6:30 just seem like lazy packaging?

  29. Aidil Zaqwan

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  30. josephi krakowski

    josephi krakowski20 days ago

    "I always wanted to sti-" Go on, finish the sentence.

  31. Joshgar Silva

    Joshgar Silva20 days ago

    5:48 i stopped here:p

  32. L

    L21 day ago

    The Deoxys went up in price a bit

  33. Disco Stu

    Disco Stu21 day ago

    Did anyone else think of ice poseidon when he said disabled jewish goblin 😂

  34. Feeding Bot

    Feeding Bot21 day ago

    do you guys think its old artwork? I don't remember if he said it or not

  35. A Slightly Disappointing Salad

    A Slightly Disappointing Salad22 days ago

    That "anti-matter" you see on and around the Grumpig are actually black pearls. It needs them to keep functioning and to basically live. You're welcome.

  36. Unsliced

    Unsliced22 days ago

    Asterisk brofist asterisk

  37. Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson22 days ago

    Anyone know believe in the Peeko

  38. Noah Murray

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  39. Ryan Huml

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  40. Cory

    Cory24 days ago

    983 (at the time) don't have swamp-ass :(

  41. Oquelly

    Oquelly25 days ago

    I hate how you screw up every other Pokémon pronunciation, but I can’t help but laugh whenever you flip out at every shiny card in the set

  42. Wellshem

    Wellshem25 days ago

    2017 : Get slapped with spaghetti while playing twister 2018 : Open pokemon booster Damn what a regression, superior apex to funny nerd.

  43. Brett Cabangbang

    Brett Cabangbang25 days ago

    8:16 i cringed so hard i felt like punching u

  44. Misanthropy Google it

    Misanthropy Google it26 days ago

    Thx fucker. Now I fucking buy Pokemon cards again!!! Only celstrial storm and evolutions right now.

  45. Crymble

    Crymble26 days ago

    Some of these artworks even I have seen and it has been over 10 years I haven't collected these cards

  46. Mambo Bola Numba 5

    Mambo Bola Numba 526 days ago

    Nothing beats this ASMR video ever.

  47. Morbid Magpye

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  48. Cracker Jew

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  49. G0BLiN

    G0BLiN29 days ago

    What that fucking ridge surface do 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. devonte anderson

    devonte andersonMonth ago

    Sableye is on crystal "meth", if you got the joke

  51. Crunchy Gaming

    Crunchy GamingMonth ago

    Shave that shit off your face

  52. Fletcher Elsholz

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  54. William William

    William WilliamMonth ago

    I'm pressing like

  55. The Box Breakers

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  56. The Box Breakers

    The Box BreakersMonth ago

    AUTOCON!!! Snake Freezes: YIKES!

  57. Nathan

    NathanMonth ago

    The reason all the artwork is old is because it’s an anniversary set, they do one every once in a while

  58. Nathan

    NathanMonth ago

    The Box Breakers I honestly haven’t followed Pokémon cards in a while, if you’re interested in playing the game I would look around online for the most viable set but if you’re going for money I think burning shadows has a lot of high value cards

  59. The Box Breakers

    The Box BreakersMonth ago

    I want to break a box of pokemon open....any ideas what box I should choose? Thanks

  60. Jaden Bissell

    Jaden BissellMonth ago

    I have the full art rayquaza GX

  61. joey wheeler

    joey wheelerMonth ago

    I dont even play pokemon tcg but this is interesting

  62. Edward no

    Edward noMonth ago

    If your Jewish, please don't burn

  63. Edward no

    Edward noMonth ago

    @TwentyØnePiløtsFangirl 666 I know he's Australian, I only wish garbage Pokemon cards were Jewish

  64. Nightmare Princess 163

    Nightmare Princess 163Month ago

    Max isn't Jewish he's Australian

  65. Miranda Toye

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  66. F!TduBz 1337

    F!TduBz 1337Month ago

    “Jesus Christ I’m gonna cum on these” omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣

  67. Vax Auto

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  68. •Nooby Gamer•

    •Nooby Gamer•Month ago

    EVERYTIME your exited to get the rare you get a regular rare XD but when your not..... B O O M

  69. King Droxie

    King DroxieMonth ago


  70. Glycine Airman

    Glycine AirmanMonth ago

    I'm Jewish you fuck! But damn that was funny, have a like

  71. Nightmare Princess 163

    Nightmare Princess 163Month ago

    Do you know what they call a Jewish Woman's boobs? Jewbs!

  72. Asher Cone

    Asher ConeMonth ago

    Like In Chat

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  76. Dean Wortman

    Dean WortmanMonth ago

    ay idk what you do with the extra cards (like the basics and such) but I like to paint them so if u wanna send them my way just lmk yeet n thanks

  77. U. Zi.

    U. Zi.Month ago


  78. Clayton Smith

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  79. DpoProductions

    DpoProductionsMonth ago

    6:30 wtf 2 different bagons back to back lmao y

  80. Avi Ben Shushan

    Avi Ben ShushanMonth ago

    "Shrine of punishment , that's where im going" lol...

  81. Uncle F

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  82. Tigergamma1500

    Tigergamma1500Month ago

    Help me get a Xbox one s

  83. Steven Howell

    Steven HowellMonth ago

    I got the full art tv reporter, so yes. She exists.

  84. JJ Productions

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  85. Mahad Amjad

    Mahad AmjadMonth ago

    I got gx ash greningja and alot of gx cards

  86. Gijs Pijnenborg

    Gijs PijnenborgMonth ago

    I beat you this time Max My most worthy card I pulled out of this box was... *The Rainbow Rare Blazekin GX*

  87. Weeby Tuna

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  88. Simon S.

    Simon S.Month ago


  89. Twenty Øne Pandas At The Discø

    Twenty Øne Pandas At The DiscøMonth ago

    5 year old small child- *clicks video for Pokémon cards* Max- I've always wanted to stick my dick inside a weepinbell. It looks like natures fleshlight. 5 year old- *scarred forever*

  90. Caleb Ford

    Caleb FordMonth ago

    That switch @4:25 is from Ex Crystal Guardians I think

  91. Ryan Bigger

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    FRHEAKYMonth ago


  93. CAD

    CADMonth ago


  94. CH Outdoors

    CH OutdoorsMonth ago

    I love your videos, I just hate the cussing

  95. Manuel Ayabar

    Manuel AyabarMonth ago

    0:42 LMAO

  96. North Equator

    North EquatorMonth ago

    O.O @14:49

  97. Swampert Master

    Swampert MasterMonth ago

    Hey don’t talk trash about mudkip

  98. Kingston Rathwell - Lisgar MS (1569)

    Kingston Rathwell - Lisgar MS (1569)Month ago

    Dude my first storm pack I got Steve

  99. Firey

    FireyMonth ago

    did you just become Hagrid in a matter of 2 years

  100. Raging Raichu

    Raging RaichuMonth ago

    You're fucking hilarious! XD Though them reusing old art kind of makes me mad.

  101. Braixen The Fox

    Braixen The FoxMonth ago

    I love these videos. I don't even play the trading card game,but I collect the cards.

  102. ias93

    ias93Month ago

    14:49 wtf max

  103. kyle crofts

    kyle croftsMonth ago

    Looking in the fridge at 3 am for some grapes for fuck sake XD

  104. KripsyKream

    KripsyKreamMonth ago

    The sableye from the beginning is from Chrystal dungeon

  105. Tinggro The Knight

    Tinggro The KnightMonth ago

    "GIVE ME MORE!!!" Lol