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OneRepublic - Connection (Audio)


  1. Стар Баттерфляй

    Стар Баттерфляй7 days ago

    😃😃😄😁😆 I dance

  2. Adriane Bohanon

    Adriane Bohanon8 days ago

    My mom said give me a connection to WiFi, we played this song and the connection worked again

  3. Paypl TM

    Paypl TM14 days ago

    C Co Con Conn Connec :)

  4. Josh Gardner

    Josh Gardner16 days ago

    When u tryna find a girl who struggling the same way u are and has the same twisted beatiful personality u have!

  5. Gabriele Russotto

    Gabriele Russotto16 days ago

    Very,very good

  6. spike8913

    spike891320 days ago

    a sense of deja-vu.....

  7. Walrimar Santos

    Walrimar Santos20 days ago

    Beautiful song

  8. Weda Pradnyana

    Weda Pradnyana21 day ago


  9. Laila San Salvador

    Laila San Salvador23 days ago

    This is my fav song I listen to it 24 7. I want to thank my friend for introducing this song to me love u💋

  10. Ginger Paw

    Ginger Paw23 days ago

    Can I connection come on were the hell is the wi-fi

  11. Diana Harper

    Diana Harper23 days ago

    This song is like Thunder from Imagine Drahons. Like if you agree

  12. Da Ghostler

    Da Ghostler24 days ago

    The beginning sounds like M.I.A. - Paper Planes

  13. Sarah Vongunten

    Sarah Vongunten25 days ago

    Me at home looking for WiFi

  14. kunalmalik82

    kunalmalik8225 days ago


  15. Veritho 813

    Veritho 81326 days ago

    is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ziperzc

    ziperzc28 days ago

    Is see it in my reflection

  17. ziperzc

    ziperzc28 days ago

    This song refereces to me can i get a connection

  18. Juan Rojas

    Juan RojasMonth ago

    like si vienes por supermanualidades

  19. John Stacy

    John StacyMonth ago

    I need a connection.

  20. Landon Cummings

    Landon CummingsMonth ago


  21. kingslayer wolf's

    kingslayer wolf'sMonth ago


  22. Taufik Adhitia

    Taufik AdhitiaMonth ago

    Simple song from one this from indonesia...

  23. Jack101 - MineBrothers

    Jack101 - MineBrothersMonth ago

    Anyone notice they changed the lyrics from "i.e. Basic" to "we don't waste it"?

  24. Julia Brooke

    Julia Brooke29 days ago

    Jack101 - MineBrothers omg I thought I was the only one

  25. Alice Sortor

    Alice SortorMonth ago

    want add my music player love this song

  26. Sara Vanan

    Sara VananMonth ago

    kishan zil

  27. Sara Vanan

    Sara VananMonth ago


  28. Agentplays71

    Agentplays71Month ago

    Me trying to find signal while at my grandparents

  29. Candela •

    Candela •Month ago


  30. Sam Willoughby

    Sam WilloughbyMonth ago

    I actually thought this was one direction for some reason...

  31. Bonnet 22

    Bonnet 22Month ago

    I like it sounds

  32. diantalvic

    diantalvicMonth ago

    The first thing I ask when I go around someone elses house

  33. Cindy Ramos

    Cindy RamosMonth ago


  34. Mia C

    Mia CMonth ago

    **sings to wi-fi router**

  35. Brooke Williamson

    Brooke WilliamsonMonth ago

    This song is awesome

  36. Ainsley Callaghan

    Ainsley CallaghanMonth ago

    The only bad part about the song is that...... IT ENDS

  37. Ainsley Callaghan

    Ainsley CallaghanMonth ago

    Car commercial brought me here

  38. Boo

    Boo2 months ago

    The beginning of this song sounds so familiar so close to another song and I can't figure it out 🤔

  39. Ciara Newberry

    Ciara Newberry2 months ago

    I live in Oklahoma and the normal song says " kids from Oklahoma, man we don't waste it" but the radio edit says "kids from Oklahoma i.e. basic" like what the fuck

  40. Iron Anims

    Iron Anims2 months ago

    I love this song

  41. Dru N

    Dru N2 months ago

    They stole the opening beat from someone... someone help me please... it's on the tip of my tongue

  42. Cindy Ramos

    Cindy Ramos2 months ago

    dont not

  43. Cindy Ramos

    Cindy Ramos2 months ago

    but no way this song is way to cool then mine ok

  44. Cindy Ramos

    Cindy Ramos2 months ago

    OK Ya that right

  45. an_unoriginal_person

    an_unoriginal_person2 months ago

    i just realized the clouds are moving i feel very retarded now

  46. Bushra Nabas

    Bushra Nabas2 months ago

    At 00:50 .. is it “i.e. basic” or “man I ain’t basic” 😂

  47. Maianna Huntington

    Maianna Huntington2 months ago

    kids from oklahoma man: i.e basic

  48. JustNick 11th

    JustNick 11th2 months ago

    2018 November?

  49. Cuphead Baru

    Cuphead Baru2 months ago

    2:30 The worst part

  50. Volaire

    Volaire2 months ago

    I sang a cover of this song if you all can check it out :)

  51. PlanetParadise

    PlanetParadise2 months ago

    Me searching for mdma

  52. Mr. nerd Comedy

    Mr. nerd Comedy2 months ago

    1:03 when the WiFi stops.... 😂😂😂

  53. Maianna Huntington

    Maianna Huntington2 months ago

    need a wifi connection instead of saying can i get a connection.

  54. Christopher Watson

    Christopher Watson2 months ago

    This is a good for everyone to hear

  55. Paradise Waterchime

    Paradise Waterchime2 months ago

    I love this song how did they come up with it

  56. Scp 173

    Scp 1732 months ago

    me looking at my phone at my grandmas house

  57. Kevin Lacquement

    Kevin Lacquement2 months ago

    Kid from Oklahoma I eat basic

  58. Phoenyx Petersen

    Phoenyx Petersen2 months ago

    Anybody else considering OneRep spiritual music?

  59. it queen

    it queen2 months ago


  60. Elyas Martinez

    Elyas Martinez2 months ago

    2:29 lollooooloolooll

  61. Chovy Chow

    Chovy Chow2 months ago

    Why is dis so short ):

  62. Ish

    Ish2 months ago

    Is it me or does the opening sound awfully like Mr blue sky?

  63. Andrew McMillan

    Andrew McMillan2 months ago

    Watching the music video made me think of how people are so connected to their iPhones that people don’t know how to communicate properly and it’s hard to connect with people

  64. Babsm08

    Babsm082 months ago

    These are the words I say out loud..

  65. ardo Rama

    ardo Rama2 months ago

    Enak lagunya

  66. -//Vicky Faith//- AKA StargazingPrayers

    -//Vicky Faith//- AKA StargazingPrayers2 months ago

    free replay 0:00

  67. 손상민

    손상민2 months ago

    I want wifi please I want to leason this song

  68. Joe ROBBINS

    Joe ROBBINS2 months ago

    cool road trip song

  69. railzip

    railzip2 months ago


  70. Ethan Buckles

    Ethan Buckles2 months ago

    can you do a givaway

  71. Ethan Buckles

    Ethan Buckles2 months ago

    drop alike please

  72. Ethan Buckles

    Ethan Buckles2 months ago

    I really like this song. Nice job guys. LIL PUMP

  73. D3LTA

    D3LTA3 months ago

    "I eat basset" or "we don't waste it"...

  74. Jarian

    Jarian3 months ago

    WHAT IS HE REALLY TALKING ABOUT WIGGLE WIGGLE? I DID THIS BY MYSELF I SWEAR!! TOOK 18 MINUTES!! These days my waves get lost in the oceans (he jumped off the fortnite map) Seven billion swimmers, man I'm going through the motions (people jumping to tilted towers from the battle bus) Sent up a flare, I need love and devotion (getting 2v1`d he needs help.) Traded for some faces that I never know, notion (bought faces for his roblox character) Maybe I should try to find the old me (Take off Skull Trooper and put on Ghoul) Take me to the places and the people that know me (titled towers) Tryna disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me (DDosing his oppontes and asking for help from a nerd) If there's so many people here, why am I so lonely? (Landed Dusty, no poeple near him) Can I get a connection? (wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Good friends, good friends hard to find, let's face it (Noone accepts his friend requests on roblox.) Bought the perfect home and there's a flood in the basement (AH SHIT SEASON 7 CAME EARLY AND FLOODS HAPPENED) Made a couple dollars now and I ain't tryna chase it (Hes streaming and mr.beast has joined) Kids from Oklahoma, man we don't waste it (man I ain't basic) ( I'm just tryna paint the picture for me (no painting in fronite bitch) Something I could give a damn about at maybe 40 (Hes been in that game for so long he doesnt give a damn) Years and I'll be ready and willing, be able to edit the story (he lost, but wants to say he won the fucking tournament) Cause there's so many people here to be so damn lonely (SHIT HE LANDED AT THE FACTORY) Can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) I can see it in my, see it in my reflection( he sees the wifi adaptor in the bathroom mirror) Oh, can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Lonely (lodge) Right now, right now, I'm switching to a new lane ( driving with a golfcart and sees a kid on other side) (yeet) Foot to the floor, I'm searching for the real thing (CANT FIND A DAMN SCAR) Met somebody else, sometimes ain't no shame (Crossteaming LITTLE BIT** Head to the clouds sayin' (shit he did a rift to go) It's like can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) I can see it in my, see it in my reflection (still in the bathroom and sees the wifi adaptor in the mirror) (wtf) Oh, can I get a connection?(wifi) Can I get, can I get a connection?(wifi) Tryna find the old me (GET THE FUCKING GHOUL KID Lonely (lodge) Edit #2 please liek :)

  75. Hanna Nagy-Leranth

    Hanna Nagy-Leranth3 months ago


  76. Hanna Nagy-Leranth

    Hanna Nagy-Leranth3 months ago


  77. Jesse Sotelo

    Jesse Sotelo3 months ago

    October 19 2018. Anyone?

  78. Геля Мооn

    Геля Мооn3 months ago

    Аааааааа! ОБОЖАЮ ЭТУ ПЕСНЮЮЮ!!!! ОР!

  79. Delfina Alvarez

    Delfina Alvarez3 months ago

    this song is so cool i love this song

  80. Thomas Nguyen

    Thomas Nguyen3 months ago

    I swear he says kids from Oklahoma i.e basic

  81. vincent fred

    vincent fred2 months ago


  82. Random Paladin kid

    Random Paladin kid3 months ago

    i l o v e t h I s s o n g

  83. Katie Apgar

    Katie Apgar3 months ago

    The Facebook song. :3

  84. Morgiana Yuu

    Morgiana Yuu3 months ago

  85. Kordo

    Kordo3 months ago

    Greets from Poland To OneRepublic :-)

  86. Julie Freeze

    Julie Freeze3 months ago

    Us to

  87. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 months ago

    Who came here because of the new jeep ad ???? All I can say is ---Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yit TFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compressed that's GTFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. jackthemaster283

    jackthemaster2833 months ago

    This is me with my Wi-Fi

  89. Aubrey S

    Aubrey S3 months ago

    Ok at 0:50 do they say “I eat basic” or “we don’t waste it” I’m super confused

  90. Katie Apgar

    Katie Apgar3 months ago

    Its I.E. basic. :P

  91. Nejc Deržič

    Nejc Deržič3 months ago

    The bast music

  92. Alayna Lanie Gurl 37

    Alayna Lanie Gurl 373 months ago

    Lol guys I love this song!!!

  93. jacksonplayz72

    jacksonplayz723 months ago

    yea can i have a internet connection can i can get a internet connection (far away) nope kid

  94. Hannah Lynn

    Hannah Lynn3 months ago

    Its ironic bc while listening to this song I lost signal and I was struggling to get a connection

  95. Tylor Withrow

    Tylor Withrow3 months ago

    can I get a connection?

  96. Ethan Buckles

    Ethan Buckles3 months ago

    this song is really good

  97. Cuty Lovely

    Cuty Lovely3 months ago

    Connection by wi-fi like ;)

  98. jasmine white

    jasmine white3 months ago

    hope this will get the attention it deserves

  99. Charles Fitzgerald

    Charles Fitzgerald3 months ago

    This is a fine song no it's my favourite list though but just fine

  100. Jadie Rishe

    Jadie Rishe3 months ago

    Best song everrrrrr 😎

  101. lloyd walters

    lloyd walters3 months ago

    Wise words from such a young man, you are a great singer and composer. Thank you

  102. Piper wilson

    Piper wilson3 months ago

    Does anyone notice that one of the lines in this song of different from the version in the music video? I wonder why?

  103. Lisa Kruk

    Lisa Kruk3 months ago


  104. JacobB477

    JacobB4773 months ago

    I love the electric synthesizer sounds!