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OneRepublic - Connection (Audio)


  1. Diana THINGSS

    Diana THINGSS6 hours ago


  2. Diana THINGSS

    Diana THINGSS6 hours ago

    YAS i love this

  3. St Bastian

    St Bastian10 hours ago

    My friend : Can I Get Connection? Me : here is my pass **** Me Friend : watching MReporter overload Me :-----

  4. Brandi Nolastname

    Brandi Nolastname15 hours ago

    They're back!! Cool song !!! Love it

  5. Raquel campi

    Raquel campi23 hours ago

    C Co Con Conn Conne Connec Connect Connecti Connectio Connection Connectio Connecti Connect Connec Conne Conn Con Co C

  6. 우왕녕녕킹왕짱

    우왕녕녕킹왕짱Day ago


  7. David Hilton

    David HiltonDay ago

    Too commercial, I hate it.

  8. marissa • jewel

    marissa • jewelDay ago

    Who else is a kid from Oklahoma? Meeeee

  9. Mel Elaine

    Mel ElaineDay ago

    Thank you ad for bringing me here! i can't stop listening!

  10. jabon machaca

    jabon machacaDay ago

    sounds like canada erection lol

  11. Jojo Evans

    Jojo EvansDay ago

    Why no one told me one Republic was back !!!!! I’m a month late !!!

  12. BassBoostedTrap

    BassBoostedTrapDay ago


  13. Gloria Haymer

    Gloria HaymerDay ago

    Song of the world

  14. Gloria Haymer

    Gloria HaymerDay ago

    Love it

  15. gkennedy0969

    gkennedy09692 days ago

    So there is a part in this song that says "Kid from Oklahoma, man I eat basic." But the one I hear on the radio says "Kids from Oklahoma, man we don't waste it." So what gives? Unless I'm just crazy and imagining things.

  16. Opo4ki :D

    Opo4ki :D2 days ago

    2:28 228

  17. zack Mallon

    zack Mallon2 days ago


  18. Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas2 days ago

    The beginning is always going to be my favorite

  19. Haider Vlogs

    Haider Vlogs2 days ago

    Can i have a connection to my phone please

  20. Greenbloodgamer

    Greenbloodgamer2 days ago

    You should make an hour version of this

  21. Bex 101

    Bex 1012 days ago

    Can I getta connection? Can I, can I get a connection? This is their best song

  22. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco2 days ago

    Can I Get A Connection ?????

  23. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco2 days ago

    Blue Oyster Cult !!! THE GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1971-1981 SAW THEM 5 TIMES AT ...The Old Waldorf..444 Battery Street, San Francisco....Circa 1980....1981...Actually October 1980.....Snorting Cocaine on the Table...At 19 years of age....YUP!....And the waitress comes up and says..."Sir what would you like to drink ????"...I looked at her as I sniffed up the last powder and said...."I'll have a Jack and Coke"...Almost 40 years ago...And remember like it was "Yesterday"...Now Adays...You would be thrown in JAIL !!!!!!

  24. Under Cover

    Under Cover2 days ago



    VICTOR NKWONTA2 days ago

    I'm always losing connection like if you agree

  26. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Looks like JEW TUBE is Eliminating My Posts....OK JEW TUBE....If My name ends in an "O" or an "I" it's Mafia....And "Your Fate Has Been SEALED"....Like my father said....ALWAYS WATCH YOUR 6'O'CLOCK.....YOU DEMONS ARE GOING DOWN !!!!!

  27. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Just saw this last night on "Austin City Limits"...2 Bands I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF....HOLY CHIT !!!! Awesome Bands !!!! Here they are "TV ON THE RADIO"......and ...."THE WAR ON DRUGS"....God these Bands...They are AWESOME !!!!!!! And I'm a Blue Oyster Cult Fan !!!!!!! Deep Purple, ETC ! A 1970's Man....

  28. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    And hopefully be living on my Private Water Ski Lake In Antarctica....

  29. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Keith Moon ....THE GREATEST ROCK & ROLL DRUMMER -- EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take up the Drums when I turn 60.....

  30. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    If you live in "Dick Shooter" Idaho....The Middle Of NOWHERE.....You're priority in the "WIFI" space...Would be...Can I get a CONNECTION !!!!!

  31. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Don't forget 1 of the GREATEST ALT-ROCK BANDS EVER !!!!.... "YOUNG THE GIANT - MIND OVER MATTER"....Go You Tube It....And trust me...My first concert was December 2nd, 1978 --Black Sabbath and Van Halen.....Oakland, California.....Coliseum.....The Majority There were TOTALLY F'UKD UP ON EVERY DRUG AVAILABLE.....OZZZY ALMOST PASSED OUT ON STAGE !!!!!! Coming up on a 40 year Anniversary !!!!!!

  32. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Oh Lord....Between 1991 and 1995...I Had over 35 plus "CONNECTIONS"....GOD HELP US !!!!!! Hey Sal !!!! You Crazy Italian !!!!! We HAD A GREAT TIME IN THE ATLANTA BAR'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CRAZY MO FO !!!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY APARTMENTS DID WE END UP IN ??????

  33. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    And that was 23 Years Ago !!!!!

  34. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago


  35. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    God I Love Pussy of ALL KINDS !!!!!

  36. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    I would always ask Sal..."Hey check to see if there are any Cats in there ?"...He would say...NOPE ! Then 5 minutes after sitting on the couch with the Girlies....A Cat would come out and jump onto the Couch.....CAN I GET A CONNECTION-CONNECTION !!!!!

  37. Jon Balocco

    Jon Balocco3 days ago

    Take me home Country Roads...To the place...Where I belong !!!!!!! Away from these NEW AGE DEMONS !!!!!!

  38. Luna Star

    Luna Star3 days ago

    The beginning sounds like something from Ready Player One lol. Is it just me or? I loved the movie since I love all of the old and new games including VR so it was an awesome. 👌🏼

  39. QSY625

    QSY6253 days ago


  40. Yamikoshi

    Yamikoshi3 days ago

    when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere

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  42. Mountain Dogs

    Mountain Dogs3 days ago

    jeep add brought me here

  43. Kingofghouls ;D

    Kingofghouls ;D3 days ago

    I just heard this song on a car Commercial 😂

  44. EquinoXo

    EquinoXo4 days ago

    I saw these guys at stadium of fire at The BYU football place it was sick

  45. Natzx Olea

    Natzx Olea4 days ago

    Gimme Wifi! Im lonely 😢

  46. Jan Kuźma

    Jan Kuźma4 days ago

    Chorus is epic!!!

  47. Gloria Haymer

    Gloria Haymer5 days ago

    Love it wow this is nice

  48. John rae Mabini

    John rae Mabini5 days ago

    Heard this in the jeep advertisement

  49. 7 77

    7 775 days ago


  50. Ryan Kmetz

    Ryan Kmetz5 days ago

    14 million views and this song has only been out for barely 3 months. Yeah this’ll be a hit.

  51. Troy Bilharz

    Troy Bilharz5 days ago

    The commercial brought me here

  52. Nightcore_ hypnosis

    Nightcore_ hypnosis5 days ago

    Perfectly describes my life wow.

  53. Tahmina Aziz

    Tahmina Aziz5 days ago

    *me when I go to someone's house and I need the wifi😃*

  54. Connor Smith

    Connor Smith5 days ago

    The opening sounds like ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky"

  55. De_one_mH

    De_one_mH5 days ago

    That imagine dragons vibe tho...

  56. 16pack

    16pack5 days ago

    Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection?

  57. Badavi Evendiev

    Badavi Evendiev5 days ago

    It good , but Imagine Dragons one love in my heart❤❤

  58. Julia Malfoy

    Julia Malfoy6 days ago

    I Love this song❤️

  59. Terahawk

    Terahawk6 days ago

    Did the lyrics change or I didn't notice that part

  60. Flare Plays

    Flare Plays6 days ago

    What I play when my Wi Fi gone

  61. Matthew K Bryson

    Matthew K Bryson6 days ago


  62. Ryan Newby

    Ryan Newby6 days ago


  63. Minh Mẫn Trương

    Minh Mẫn Trương7 days ago

    Welcome back One Republic!

  64. meh person

    meh person7 days ago

    How to stop waiting for the ad if a ad keeps coming up exit the video and come back it should work if i dosent keep exiting the video and coming back

  65. Harvey The bloxxer

    Harvey The bloxxer7 days ago


  66. Niklas Nordin

    Niklas Nordin7 days ago

    I.E Basic?

  67. PrisonEarth

    PrisonEarth7 days ago

    "Can I get an erection"?

  68. I love you so much mom I love you so much mom

    I love you so much mom I love you so much mom8 days ago

    is so good

  69. I love you so much mom I love you so much mom

    I love you so much mom I love you so much mom8 days ago


  70. Hobo Magic

    Hobo Magic8 days ago


  71. Nexelity 2.0

    Nexelity 2.08 days ago

    0:30 - 0:31 - When there's 10 people in ur house and ur trying to get WiFi connection

  72. Christopher Carr

    Christopher Carr8 days ago

    This makes me want to hammer a butter knife into the side of my skull.

  73. Akash Tiwari

    Akash Tiwari8 days ago

    Yes the song is short. So I heard it twice to make it long

  74. Garrett Smith

    Garrett Smith8 days ago

    Anyone else here from the Jeep commercial😂😂

  75. 변수빈

    변수빈8 days ago

    beautiful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. N / A

    N / A8 days ago

    Whom ist watching in 2018 BC ! ! !

  77. kawtar laouej

    kawtar laouej8 days ago

    Me when my unlimited data is slow

  78. Rima Sinno

    Rima Sinno8 days ago

    The opening of this track reminded me of “paper planes” by M.i.a

  79. ItzJust._.Grant

    ItzJust._.Grant8 days ago

    IDC THAT THEY CHANGED THE MUSIC STYLE!!!! PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE IT GO AWAY, THINGS CHANGE!!! Ryan is still an amazing writer and singer so until he stops making music OneRepublic will truely be changed.

  80. victor de mello schimidt mello

    victor de mello schimidt mello8 days ago

    essa musica é boa pra caralho

  81. The god

    The god8 days ago

    me when i have 500 ping

  82. Brady W.

    Brady W.8 days ago

    Came here from the Jeep commercial

  83. Anthea Fong

    Anthea Fong8 days ago

    I definitely broke the replay button 100,000 times

  84. FuzzGaming58

    FuzzGaming588 days ago

    I haven’t heard this good of a song since Counting Stars from OneRepublic

  85. Özge Çolak

    Özge Çolak8 days ago

    imagine dragons-thunder

  86. 김용

    김용9 days ago

    this is good life ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  87. Nisha Tripathi

    Nisha Tripathi9 days ago

    These days my waves get lost in the oceans Seven billion swimmers, man I'm going through the motions Sent up a flare, I need love and devotion Traded for some faces that I never know, notion Maybe I should try to find the old me Take me to the places and the people that know me Tryin' to disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me If there's so many people here, then why am I so lonely? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Real friends, good friends, hard to find, let's face it Find the perfect tone and there's a flood in the basement Made a couple dollars now and I ain't tryin' to chase it Kids from Oklahoma, man we don't waste it I'm just tryin' to paint the picture for me Something I could give a damn about at maybe 40 Years and I be ready and willing and able to edit the story 'Cause there's so many people here to be so damn lonely Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? I can see it in my, see it in my reflection Oh, can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Lonely Right now, right now, I'm switching to a new lane Foot to the floor, man searching for the real thing Meet somebody else, sometimes ain't no shame Head to the clouds sayin' It's like can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? I can see it in my, see it in my reflection Oh, can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection? Try'na find the old me Lonely

  88. Pizza Lover

    Pizza Lover9 days ago

    Can I get a connection?

  89. Seokjin is my bias

    Seokjin is my bias9 days ago

    One of the The legend music band is back!!

  90. Habib Mashori

    Habib Mashori9 days ago

    Can i get a wifi connection?

  91. Carlo Leon

    Carlo Leon9 days ago

    Imagine dragons vibes..

  92. Y J

    Y J9 days ago


  93. Magical Unicorn

    Magical Unicorn9 days ago

    0:52 he should have said im HowToBasic

  94. Nakser 01J

    Nakser 01J9 days ago

    2 0 1 8

  95. J Barksdale

    J Barksdale9 days ago

    I'm 40 years old but this is pretty dope

  96. J Barksdale

    J Barksdale9 days ago

    I'm 40 years old but this is pretty dope

  97. Jason Bill

    Jason Bill9 days ago

    While listening to this I lost my WiFi Connection

  98. EZ Videos

    EZ Videos9 days ago

    What I say when I'm at mcdonalds

  99. Aimee Redwood

    Aimee Redwood9 days ago

    The beginning kinda sounds like MIA - Paper Planes

  100. Sasha J

    Sasha J9 days ago

    😊😊 the commercial brought Here I like 😁😁

  101. Manan Gouhari

    Manan Gouhari9 days ago


  102. Nikos Pantazis

    Nikos Pantazis10 days ago

    Remember counting stars

  103. fade2241

    fade224110 days ago

    Listening while surfin ha

  104. Mart Pinaro

    Mart Pinaro10 days ago

    Real friend ! Girlfriend ! hard to find, let's face it !!😑😀