Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer


  1. Luke_Hobb2

    Luke_Hobb2Hour ago

    i’m baffled is this a big joke??🤣

  2. NoGameNoLyfe

    NoGameNoLyfeHour ago

    Pikachu ? Is that you ?

  3. Tabea Tamm

    Tabea TammHour ago

    Hm, I don't want to pay for the same movie again, but if I don't, I'm missing out on the extra scenes. -.-

  4. Djoakcliff

    DjoakcliffHour ago

    Yea I still see pikachu

  5. Ruqaiyah Hussain

    Ruqaiyah HussainHour ago

    #1 trending in India....kudos✌

  6. syed md imran

    syed md imranHour ago

    Really fox did it?? They insulted themselves?? 😂😂😂😂 Waiting for Deadpool to enter Marvel Studios.. then it will be real fun

  7. KidKu

    KidKuHour ago

    Holy shiat

  8. Squid Animations

    Squid AnimationsHour ago

    2 Deadpools in 2018 and 2 Captain Marvel movies in 2019

  9. V Tech Bro

    V Tech BroHour ago

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  10. Zain ALATTAR

    Zain ALATTARHour ago

    Im 11 but I understood the up reference that it made me lose it 😄😄😄

  11. Djoakcliff

    DjoakcliffHour ago

    You've got to be kidding me

  12. Andrew

    AndrewHour ago

    Ryan Reynolds couldn't play deadpool better

  13. Goat the immortal

    Goat the immortalHour ago

    They have to stop

  14. Abhishek Bahuguna

    Abhishek BahugunaHour ago

    Wtf was that 😕!

  15. Божественная Свет

    Божественная СветHour ago

    Once upon a cliché 🙄

  16. Menit official

    Menit officialHour ago

    PG-13? this is gonna be a flop.

  17. SpencerZ353

    SpencerZ353Hour ago


  18. Jerecho Bal

    Jerecho BalHour ago

    Plot twist : Deadpool with turn into a yellow little creature and will be named pikachu

  19. :3 Coolio

    :3 CoolioHour ago

    So Deadpool finally got help? Is that why is pg-13?


    6THIS GUY PLAYING9Hour ago

    wait is there a new movie cooming???

  21. Aimless Gamer

    Aimless GamerHour ago

    Rip Stan lee

  22. john Baldock

    john BaldockHour ago

    So No Point Watching Then!!!!!

  23. Evil Duck Pyro

    Evil Duck PyroHour ago

    I think in the post credits deadpool goes to stan lee's grave

  24. Raiden Mxt

    Raiden MxtHour ago

    Beatles produced by Nickelback duuude I died !!!! Lol !

  25. Swapnil Rana

    Swapnil RanaHour ago

    Who all have seen The Princess Bride

  26. COCA COLA :D

    COCA COLA :DHour ago

    Christian friendly Deadpool

  27. Jazaray

    JazarayHour ago

    Loved the trailer, it was really funny. But... Deadpool isn't Deadpool if it's got a PG-13 rating.

  28. lo smarties ol

    lo smarties olHour ago

    No just no deadpool is great just the way it is

  29. Google It

    Google ItHour ago

    Waiting for it

  30. Seopop

    SeopopHour ago

    Yeah! This christmas is going to be lit.i am going to watch this

  31. Gaming with Jaspreet

    Gaming with JaspreetHour ago

    The name's deadpool

  32. yogissjKaio

    yogissjKaioHour ago

    Marvel licensed by Fox :) haa haa nicey

  33. Laura Cristina De La Espriella

    Laura Cristina De La EspriellaHour ago

    So he's not gonna curse if this is not rated r

  34. Scooter Scooter

    Scooter ScooterHour ago

    People curse in PG-13 movies... Just not as much

  35. Banagher Links

    Banagher LinksHour ago

    Hi Yukio!

  36. Frank Smith

    Frank SmithHour ago

    What's funny is that this version is still 15 in the UK! The same rating as the R rated version. I'm being serious! www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/once-upon-deadpool-film

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  38. kenshi

    kenshiHour ago


  39. Pawan Shah

    Pawan ShahHour ago


  40. WrongWhey Bro

    WrongWhey BroHour ago

    Wait is this real

  41. WhoCoversItBetter - SongUloved

    WhoCoversItBetter - SongUlovedHour ago

    New deadpool movie with no bad words and watch it on TV😘🍀😍

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    1k subscriber without video plz help meHour ago

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  43. The British Maniac

    The British ManiacHour ago

    I thought this was a joke

  44. miraal.b

    miraal.bHour ago

    Why'd I start to tear up at the Up reference?

  45. Dan Derieg

    Dan DeriegHour ago

    My parents never let me watch deadpool (of course I did anyways) because they were rated r now I can watch them without getting in trouble

  46. Massed_Up

    Massed_UpHour ago




    Cada BR CARAIO

  48. Mason Brooks

    Mason BrooksHour ago

    Princess bride

  49. Manjeet Vishwakarma

    Manjeet VishwakarmaHour ago

    What is PG 13

  50. Scooter Scooter

    Scooter ScooterHour ago

    a movie rating...

  51. Akash Kumar

    Akash KumarHour ago

    Please Do Not Dubb in hindi by Ranger Singh.

  52. Honey badger Burrito

    Honey badger BurritoHour ago

    I’m disgusted

  53. Anup K47

    Anup K47Hour ago

    #1 trending in india

  54. Scooter Scooter

    Scooter ScooterHour ago

    No one cares about India...

  55. Daggah Zorrora

    Daggah ZorroraHour ago

    Hey Fox, big fan here. Just wondering if this is an out of season April Fools Joke?

  56. DBKidz

    DBKidzHour ago

    Hold up is this real, because if it is. Im out

  57. c j

    c jHour ago

    once again ranbeer 😂😂

  58. DominoChild

    DominoChildHour ago

    How did they pull this off with no promotion what so ever to this reveal?

  59. TIM TAG

    TIM TAGHour ago

    I hope stan lee is there

  60. Emre UYAR

    Emre UYARHour ago

    ABD dışında gösterime girmeyecekmiş 😢

  61. Soham Jadhav HYPER BLAZE

    Soham Jadhav HYPER BLAZEHour ago

    What is this exactly..... Is this a new MOVIE or old movie comes again

  62. Scooter Scooter

    Scooter ScooterHour ago

    new movie

  63. Jay Lee

    Jay LeeHour ago

    Sad no one got that Deadpool's telling the story to the kid from The Princess Bride.

  64. Zark Muckerberg

    Zark MuckerbergHour ago

    Not my greatest fap

  65. Haardik Butola

    Haardik ButolaHour ago

    Why it would go hit ? Because the fans wanted it. Why it would go flop ? Because the fans already have seen it.

  66. Akash Mane

    Akash ManeHour ago

    I want in Hindi

  67. caleb

    calebHour ago

    idk if a PG-13 deadpool movie would be that good but I'd probably still watch it

  68. Destrojah2

    Destrojah2Hour ago

    You got me at " Boop ! "

  69. Zeus

    ZeusHour ago

    Big crap!!!! Why would i watch this chit!???

  70. bettergetdave

    bettergetdaveHour ago

    Im sorry, im so confused is this a joke or what?

  71. Yoshi Stover

    Yoshi StoverHour ago

    I don't care if it's purely for milking and is probably trash and doesn't even have plot. Take.my.money.

  72. Avishkar 2001

    Avishkar 2001Hour ago

    Who will buy a ticket of first premier movie which is once upon a deadpool ??? Is there any body???

  73. Guayabas

    GuayabasHour ago

    I'm losing interest in Deadpool


    CELEBXOHour ago

    Is it movie or short film

  75. Izham Roslan

    Izham RoslanHour ago

    *Pikapool and now this!!!*

  76. ashish chanchlani fc

    ashish chanchlani fcHour ago

    0:43 "We are Marvel" lol you can hear the hurt in deadpool's voice. xD

  77. Andi Nur

    Andi NurHour ago


  78. Peter Fritzsche

    Peter FritzscheHour ago

    This isn’t real

  79. mosfet51

    mosfet51Hour ago

    Cringing here.

  80. J

    JHour ago

  81. Stefan Brown

    Stefan BrownHour ago

    Princess Bride room and the ol chee too

  82. ChrisCrun

    ChrisCrunHour ago

    Holy cow I cantttt waittttt

  83. Mauro Valente

    Mauro ValenteHour ago


  84. Nicko Vox

    Nicko VoxHour ago

    It’s like Beatles were produced by Nickleback 😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Bigde Sehzade

    Bigde SehzadeHour ago

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  86. Solex299

    Solex299Hour ago

    Ok either this will be great, or every non-censorship based change was just shown in the trailer and the rest of it is literally just a PG-13 cut with these added scenes stuck in. I hope its the 1st outcome, but as Fred Savage just said, "its Marvel licensed by Fox; that's like if The Beatles were produced by Nickleback..."

  87. bhopali pathik

    bhopali pathikHour ago

    Please watch this video. Who hate politics. mreporter.net/v/video-2yW5KY-MmYA.html


    BASITH PHHour ago

    Okay I’m definitely watching this

  89. Kutty Durai

    Kutty DuraiHour ago

    India waiting for this , also India state tamilnadu also in tamilnadu it's trending #7

  90. Alsaud Manalao

    Alsaud ManalaoHour ago

    Wish this movie has a Stan Lee Cameo

  91. JTDiamond Gamez

    JTDiamond GamezHour ago

    R.I.P King Marvel, he will be forever remembered....

  92. Gb Designer

    Gb DesignerHour ago

    diamond pultin

  93. Isabella Hurley

    Isabella HurleyHour ago

    I want to see this really badly and I get why they’re only showing it for one day but uhhh why is that one day a Wednesday?? Am I the only one seeing a problem here?

  94. al zul

    al zulHour ago

    whose fred?

  95. The Mavericks

    The MavericksHour ago


  96. Emily Cho

    Emily ChoHour ago

    I cannot wait!!!

  97. Jay Sonu

    Jay SonuHour ago

    Is it just me who thinks it's getting a lot of Deadpool at this point?

  98. pilots at my panicking romance

    pilots at my panicking romanceHour ago

    Pg-13 i cant believe you've done this

  99. MyndZero

    MyndZeroHour ago

    and so the toning down of deadpool begins!

  100. Scott Miller

    Scott MillerHour ago

    Is this real? Or did they make a fake Trailer? I’m confused. IMDB has no record of it

  101. Andrew Torrens

    Andrew TorrensHour ago

    it's real

  102. JTDiamond Gamez

    JTDiamond GamezHour ago


  103. Andrew Torrens

    Andrew TorrensHour ago

    December 12th I think

  104. nicholas fotou

    nicholas fotouHour ago

    Oh my God. Fred savage back in that room having been kidnapped by deadpool... Glorious