Old School Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. cank klevon

    cank klevonMinute ago

    Bahasa indonesia menjadi terjemahan

  2. estillb

    estillb2 hours ago

    All of those, but COMBINED

  3. anika friedmann

    anika friedmann3 hours ago

    Garett has a ponytail!

  4. Imara Rice

    Imara Rice3 hours ago

    Coby aged better

  5. Junior Jauma

    Junior Jauma3 hours ago

    I didn't recognize Garrett

  6. David Ayead

    David Ayead6 hours ago

    Honestly ty, you look like kld Messi

  7. Jennifer Galloway

    Jennifer Galloway11 hours ago

    Tyler looks like a 50-year-old tie

  8. Jeffery Brodie

    Jeffery Brodie15 hours ago

    WOW! no thought the title pic was clickbait.

  9. Maddux Moores

    Maddux Moores16 hours ago


  10. Mramazing 2468

    Mramazing 246818 hours ago

    cory aged better sry coby

  11. balaji balu

    balaji balu19 hours ago

    And also the cycle race of dude perfect

  12. balaji balu

    balaji balu19 hours ago

    Please try the basketball into its net by kicking it with your leg

  13. CJ And AJ

    CJ And AJDay ago

    You were a huge inspiration to me I post my own vids on baseball football an so on

  14. Funny Frends

    Funny FrendsDay ago


  15. EBOY_Gaming 69

    EBOY_Gaming 69Day ago

    It runs n the family

  16. Jeremy Waid

    Jeremy WaidDay ago


  17. Odin Lovell

    Odin LovellDay ago

    Who else thinks that ty with the hair in the video is better than his hair in every other video lol

  18. Cyzik 2

    Cyzik 2Day ago

    Subscribe to me

  19. Ridho Thea

    Ridho TheaDay ago

    Isn't that you

  20. Kenzie March

    Kenzie MarchDay ago

    Old man Jenkins

  21. raeley antonio

    raeley antonioDay ago

    Cory aged better to be honest

  22. sarah bonora

    sarah bonoraDay ago


  23. Ramzi El Awar

    Ramzi El AwarDay ago

    You look 89

  24. Danzel-Joseph Kohinga

    Danzel-Joseph KohingaDay ago

    Coby has aged better

  25. Ethan Lee

    Ethan LeeDay ago

    No stunt doubles were injured during the making of this video

  26. Turkster 5512

    Turkster 55122 days ago

    I’ve been watching this channel since they started in a backyard with a few chairs and a basketball hoop and ty is still my favorite out of all of u guys

  27. Daffa Raihanda

    Daffa Raihanda2 days ago

    Please do challange die perfect

  28. Gabriel Santos

    Gabriel Santos2 days ago

    Tyler reminds me of a old John wick kind of

  29. Brody Alderman

    Brody Alderman2 days ago

    Do you people like chicken?i like chicken.

  30. VGVrocks I Love YouTube!

    VGVrocks I Love YouTube!2 days ago

    You should play for a basketball team

  31. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo2 days ago

    Ty in 3000

  32. Maxwell Milling

    Maxwell Milling2 days ago

    Cory aged better

  33. Mykel Hobson

    Mykel Hobson2 days ago


  34. armi dayrit

    armi dayrit2 days ago

    Ty looks like john wick

  35. Dylan Plumridge

    Dylan Plumridge2 days ago

    Old night at the museum guy

  36. Tayyip Aktaş

    Tayyip Aktaş2 days ago

    Neden insanların arasında yapmadını daha afilli olmazmıydı 🤔

  37. Big boi baseball

    Big boi baseball2 days ago

    Why does garret look like the dude


    WLG SIOTOS2 days ago

    ty you are the best grandpa in the world

  39. tt player

    tt player2 days ago

    Dude Perfect this is the best video you've done and the best song you've ever used + one of the best movies ever

  40. jeffkind 2112

    jeffkind 21122 days ago


  41. Lu Ben

    Lu Ben2 days ago


  42. geoD flattest

    geoD flattest2 days ago

    I think Ty looks like morgz dad not Martin but his dad

  43. MohammadIsmael

    MohammadIsmael2 days ago

    TY looks like uncle joy



    This is how legends are made....

  45. Amanda Banks

    Amanda Banks3 days ago

    Lol great video

  46. Jacob Fiore

    Jacob Fiore3 days ago

    That intro at 0:17 still haunts me this day

  47. Rachel Longley

    Rachel Longley3 days ago

    The twins

  48. christian angelo Buenaflor

    christian angelo Buenaflor3 days ago

    Supeer cool(

  49. Colin Bellows

    Colin Bellows3 days ago

    Who’s coby and who is Cory 👨🏼‍🦳👨🏼‍🦳

  50. Drew Dupart

    Drew Dupart3 days ago

    Just look at my name , am I considered uncle Drew?

  51. HeZZeR YT

    HeZZeR YT3 days ago

    0:09 At that time, the elderly parted their backs

  52. Teddiursa Yoshi216

    Teddiursa Yoshi2163 days ago


  53. Angelina Hooks

    Angelina Hooks3 days ago


  54. Акжол сеитказиев

    Акжол сеитказиев3 days ago

    я вас абажаю

  55. Onzhela Babskova

    Onzhela Babskova3 days ago

    oh, i. am from Russia, and I like see your video)

  56. Marius Krüger

    Marius Krüger3 days ago

    DudePerfect in 30 years... 😀

  57. Maosty Mirenis

    Maosty Mirenis3 days ago

    Prank people with this Please

  58. Văn Hùng

    Văn Hùng3 days ago


  59. samuel verčimák

    samuel verčimák3 days ago


  60. I’m good Not bad

    I’m good Not bad3 days ago

    3:09 old steph curry

  61. Aulia 12

    Aulia 123 days ago


  62. Nam Nguyễn Văn

    Nam Nguyễn Văn3 days ago

    Gê gê

  63. Như Nguyễn

    Như Nguyễn3 days ago

    team VIỆT NAM

  64. oconnor vuki

    oconnor vuki3 days ago

    1995 baby

  65. ZDay -YT

    ZDay -YT4 days ago

    Anyone notice Jesus here?

  66. Fajarsaputraz 05

    Fajarsaputraz 054 days ago

    so you know how old your face will be😅😁

  67. It's kai ninjago

    It's kai ninjago4 days ago

    You look sick

  68. Pavlo Paramyeychuk

    Pavlo Paramyeychuk4 days ago

    Who is from 2019 like !

  69. Lillian Trosper

    Lillian Trosper4 days ago

    Anyone commenting in 2020??

  70. XiA Z

    XiA Z4 days ago

    i like dp (*^ω^*)

  71. Shark puppets 8 Cousin

    Shark puppets 8 Cousin4 days ago

    ty aged better

  72. Mr. ZAP TOP

    Mr. ZAP TOP4 days ago

    Есть русс

  73. Carolyn Nance

    Carolyn Nance4 days ago

    Now, how are you going to get that all off?

  74. reden ocampo

    reden ocampo4 days ago


  75. Marley Moilanen

    Marley Moilanen4 days ago

    I love this video

  76. cún con channel

    cún con channel4 days ago


  77. Mr. DaRkNeSs

    Mr. DaRkNeSs4 days ago

    Also the song was super cool 👌👍

  78. 김유찬

    김유찬4 days ago

    3:18 x2 wow

  79. Nda Susan

    Nda Susan5 days ago

    Is the best, I like it

  80. J Yank

    J Yank5 days ago

    Ty looks like an old Doctor Strange!

  81. Letty Uribe

    Letty Uribe5 days ago

    Ty you look like Santa claus

  82. Lao Yang

    Lao Yang5 days ago

    My name is Noah

  83. Michelle Huang

    Michelle Huang5 days ago

    Cody's got the old man part down

  84. Jed Maddocks

    Jed Maddocks5 days ago

    ty looks like m dad when he is older

  85. Gregan Menezes

    Gregan Menezes5 days ago

    My uncle joe

  86. jamie burns

    jamie burns5 days ago

    Ty Looks Like Pop Like Grampop

  87. FroztByt

    FroztByt5 days ago

    Cody looks like the Vulture in spider-man homecoming😂

  88. coop dog

    coop dog5 days ago

    Ty aged better

  89. mega pham

    mega pham5 days ago


  90. puem Pai

    puem Pai5 days ago

    เอาอีกคับสนุกมาก เอามีสัพไทยอีก

  91. 黒猫物語

    黒猫物語5 days ago


  92. Jonathan Mejia

    Jonathan Mejia5 days ago

    olds with pervert face.

  93. Vincent Giese

    Vincent Giese5 days ago

    Go out on the street and prank lil kids Ona basketball court like this. Challenge them and beat them

  94. luchinho 10

    luchinho 105 days ago

    Trucco inutile

  95. Benjamin Irahola

    Benjamin Irahola6 days ago

    Hola son re pros

  96. Lyph Fields

    Lyph Fields6 days ago

    Michael Jordan style Tyler

  97. Belinda beli

    Belinda beli6 days ago

    You should look like that in overtime

  98. D & T

    D & T6 days ago

    0:08 they just broke a world record they broke before

  99. Melon Monster

    Melon Monster6 days ago

    Ty looks like obi wan...

  100. Mazing Marty

    Mazing Marty6 days ago

    2:46 looks like Abe Lincoln 😂

  101. Kaleb & Hailey's Super Fun Channel

    Kaleb & Hailey's Super Fun Channel6 days ago

    I love you