Old School Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. mustafa kilbas

    mustafa kilbasHour ago

    Taylor mannnn


    DEN PLAYHour ago

    What music???

  3. Poyutedaboss

    PoyutedabossHour ago

    coby aged way better

  4. Diya Chowdhury

    Diya ChowdhuryHour ago

    Ty looks like Santa Claus

  5. ADictionary -Minecraft

    ADictionary -Minecraft2 hours ago

    Meanwhile I can't even score a normal basketball goal...

  6. Oliver Ranasinghe

    Oliver Ranasinghe3 hours ago

    Cody looks like bif from back to the future

  7. saeed Ahmed Khan

    saeed Ahmed Khan4 hours ago

    😂🤣🤣old man... super 👍

  8. Anjali Parmar

    Anjali Parmar5 hours ago

    Coby old better

  9. Suzanne Tracey

    Suzanne Tracey5 hours ago

    I don’t even notice any difference their still young in my book

  10. Domenic Fatone

    Domenic Fatone5 hours ago

    Ty is Jesus

  11. OK.

    OK.5 hours ago

    Far away cost looks like a cerial killer

  12. lachlan keller

    lachlan keller5 hours ago

    first shot you made in 40 yrs

  13. Brian Mcwhorter

    Brian Mcwhorter6 hours ago

    Or purple hoser

  14. Brian Mcwhorter

    Brian Mcwhorter6 hours ago


  15. Metal Sword

    Metal Sword6 hours ago


  16. maria rose baker

    maria rose baker6 hours ago

    Ty age pretty well lol

  17. every thing for you

    every thing for you7 hours ago

    Old is gold

  18. Supin Paeprakon

    Supin Paeprakon8 hours ago

    ty looks like Abraham Lincoln

  19. Quinlan Hay

    Quinlan Hay8 hours ago

    Wow there so good

  20. Alex Gabovitš

    Alex Gabovitš8 hours ago

    TY is like grandpa!

  21. Karnata Abhinav

    Karnata Abhinav8 hours ago

    Coby looks like grandma

  22. Laney Valenzuela

    Laney Valenzuela8 hours ago

    Is it me or does Tyler look like old Zohan

  23. QTanimations

    QTanimations9 hours ago

    who saw the thumbnail and thought their dads were playing?

  24. Tjax1124

    Tjax112410 hours ago

    Like yes you know it was good too honey honey I’m sorry just checking on your appointment today

  25. Tjax1124

    Tjax112410 hours ago

    You guys are crazy 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  26. Tjax1124

    Tjax112410 hours ago

    OMG 😯 has to bring some new life into our work day tomorrow

  27. Tjax1124

    Tjax112410 hours ago


  28. Luca Odisho vlogs and mansuperboy9

    Luca Odisho vlogs and mansuperboy910 hours ago

    Cory aged better no offense coby

  29. EAC

    EAC10 hours ago

    Imagine playing against these people and getting your ankles crossed.

  30. Mariotime 345

    Mariotime 34511 hours ago


  31. Don't Reset

    Don't Reset11 hours ago

    👕 👖 👌 Got em’

  32. sameer adina

    sameer adina11 hours ago

    the super hook shot

  33. Bailey Hewitt

    Bailey Hewitt12 hours ago

    Old ty can floss Keeping with trends

  34. オビナ

    オビナ13 hours ago

    So they just did the same thing the whole time

  35. jesu alino

    jesu alino13 hours ago

    i love this

  36. Gavin Batt

    Gavin Batt13 hours ago

    You guys need to do a sandcastle building contest.

  37. thodoris mantzoros

    thodoris mantzoros14 hours ago

    The intro is dope

  38. Jeremy Owens

    Jeremy Owens14 hours ago

    I think Tyler should be the new Micheal Jordan

  39. AcelaRailfan2150

    AcelaRailfan215015 hours ago

    What senior citizens do out of the retirement home

  40. draw some

    draw some15 hours ago

    it would be hilarious if all of you went to a real game like that and pretended to be old went down to the court and watch everyone be amazed

  41. Solena Skylar

    Solena Skylar16 hours ago

    I thought it was gonna be with their dads again but then I didnt notice the mannequin .__.

  42. Mr. CashMoney

    Mr. CashMoney16 hours ago

    The Uncle Drew Crew 😂

  43. Yiotes Magotes

    Yiotes Magotes16 hours ago

    Ty looks like uncle drew

  44. Luis Chaves

    Luis Chaves17 hours ago


  45. Kathy Gonsalez

    Kathy Gonsalez17 hours ago

    They can tell this to your gran kids

  46. Chop Chip chon

    Chop Chip chon18 hours ago

    100 points

  47. Caesar Ghias

    Caesar Ghias18 hours ago


  48. Agario Legend

    Agario Legend18 hours ago

    Ty looks like Mack from The Thing

  49. Carter Baer

    Carter Baer19 hours ago

    Corey aged better than Kobe but overall Tyler aged the best

  50. ChocolateChip12310

    ChocolateChip1231019 hours ago


  51. Gerike T

    Gerike T19 hours ago


  52. DNF Gamer

    DNF Gamer20 hours ago

    They should be professional basketball player's

  53. Roheal Khan

    Roheal Khan6 hours ago

    DNF Gamer to you

  54. Обычный Человек

    Обычный Человек20 hours ago

    Что за хуйня , пиздец кнш, склейка

  55. Scott M

    Scott M21 hour ago

    Coby and Tyler aged the best

  56. Blake Evans

    Blake Evans21 hour ago



    NINJAHACKERF22 hours ago

    I'll never get a like edit: I just got one, Oh it was me

  58. thodoris mantzoros

    thodoris mantzoros14 hours ago

    I gave you a like


    NINJAHACKERF19 hours ago


  60. XxxFancyStyle ***

    XxxFancyStyle ***19 hours ago

    NINJAHACKERF 👍 there I'll help you

  61. Gaming M

    Gaming M22 hours ago

    I think they both aged the same

  62. Kate Squires

    Kate Squires23 hours ago

    Its crazy to think at one point they'll look like this when they're old

  63. OscarZhu0503 OscarZhu0503

    OscarZhu0503 OscarZhu050323 hours ago

    Do a video with all the bloopers.

  64. Leah Rochholz

    Leah Rochholz23 hours ago

    Cory aged well lol

  65. Jerome Nolan

    Jerome NolanDay ago

    Ty looks like Ty

  66. lakshman prasad

    lakshman prasadDay ago

    That's funny😂😂😂😂😂😂☺😊

  67. Harsh Adukia

    Harsh AdukiaDay ago

    Cody resembled vulture!!!

  68. Channel Deleted

    Channel DeletedDay ago

    This is emotional

  69. Jellybean 2000 Unicorn

    Jellybean 2000 UnicornDay ago

    Ur-Opa wie alt wirst du

  70. Thea Hermano

    Thea HermanoDay ago


  71. Intz51

    Intz51Day ago

    Cody can play the old dude perfect! 😁

  72. Ayaan Barque

    Ayaan BarqueDay ago

    Yo dude perfect so old when I told them to act their age they died

  73. Trikx

    TrikxDay ago

    Grandpa *Savage Unleashed*

  74. Pineapple Productions

    Pineapple ProductionsDay ago


  75. L' ours blanc

    L' ours blancDay ago

    Ty looks like old biff in back to the future

  76. XxLeonismewxX

    XxLeonismewxXDay ago

    ty is john wick old

  77. the galaxy game

    the galaxy gameDay ago

    You grandpa

  78. Nathan Hahn

    Nathan HahnDay ago


  79. Kadusa

    KadusaDay ago

    cody is awesome

  80. Super Sayian Savage

    Super Sayian SavageDay ago

    That shot was nice

  81. Bilog Miranda

    Bilog MirandaDay ago

    Ty likes cool trick shots!!!!!

  82. Prodigy Prime

    Prodigy PrimeDay ago

    What the heck. you cant even tell witch twin is witch because of the make up. but i think the one on the left is Cory and the one on the right is Cody, correct me if i'm wrong.

  83. Tyler Swinney

    Tyler SwinneyDay ago

    Corey looks like bad grandpa

  84. Andy Thompson

    Andy ThompsonDay ago

    That makeup job is INSANELY realistic. I actually didn’t recognize them in the intro until he got up and did the trick shot. Lol

  85. Sneh Shah

    Sneh ShahDay ago


  86. Gabriella C

    Gabriella CDay ago


  87. Justin Tugade

    Justin TugadeDay ago


  88. Joshua Durnan

    Joshua DurnanDay ago

    cory aged way better

  89. Clem4Vlogs

    Clem4VlogsDay ago

    Yall look so cool and realistic

  90. Dylan Kellogg

    Dylan KelloggDay ago

    Unkle drew

  91. Dr.Gaming23

    Dr.Gaming23Day ago

    John wick

  92. Vince Easy youtube games

    Vince Easy youtube gamesDay ago


  93. נויה בן יחזקאל

    נויה בן יחזקאלDay ago

    Ty looks good in white tho

  94. Nele De Bolster

    Nele De BolsterDay ago

    age better out of the twins

  95. Nele De Bolster

    Nele De BolsterDay ago


  96. Beth Hollis

    Beth HollisDay ago

    Coby aged better

  97. Saraa Alaa

    Saraa AlaaDay ago


  98. Santiago Rendon

    Santiago RendonDay ago


  99. Rong Zhou

    Rong ZhouDay ago

    Old habits die hard

  100. Garan Hynek

    Garan HynekDay ago

    Your brother

  101. LoLmast3rJam

    LoLmast3rJamDay ago

    Why does Cory look like Stan Lee

  102. susan birch

    susan birchDay ago

    Drunk santa

  103. Adventures Through Storytime With Alan

    Adventures Through Storytime With AlanDay ago

    Coby aged better

  104. Will Webb

    Will WebbDay ago

    Ty looks like an old man