Old School Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. Cienna Leah

    Cienna Leah4 minutes ago

    You guys still look good old

  2. Jeff Hayes

    Jeff Hayes7 minutes ago

    I've never seen ty do the floss before lol

  3. Rajveer Singh

    Rajveer Singh23 minutes ago

    Pls do cricket trick shots

  4. Josh winder

    Josh winderHour ago

    Legends ❤️👍💯

  5. Nikeyshia Crawford

    Nikeyshia CrawfordHour ago

    uncle drew

  6. Anthony Montanez

    Anthony MontanezHour ago

    unclaimed drew

  7. Aditya Jha

    Aditya JhaHour ago

    Tyler aged best

  8. Jose Edwin Enerio

    Jose Edwin Enerio2 hours ago

    Do old school editor edition 2!

  9. SGMS21

    SGMS212 hours ago

    a oldguy

  10. Mars_cheb Mars_cheb

    Mars_cheb Mars_cheb3 hours ago

    с требун это точно монтаж

  11. Frootloop Chewer

    Frootloop Chewer3 hours ago

    Ty looks like an older Ty like if you agree

  12. TylerMacDrake Gomez

    TylerMacDrake Gomez3 hours ago

    Dude perfect i'm from philippines i'm watch evry day dp😅 plss like this coment dp

  13. Prathvi's official

    Prathvi's official4 hours ago

    i want my old age like this

  14. Aly Vining

    Aly Vining4 hours ago

    Dude perfect should try out for basketball t

  15. sathiya seelan

    sathiya seelan4 hours ago




    lolololololololololololololololoololol i am french

  17. Mohamed Zahan Ayyaril Mohamed Shahir

    Mohamed Zahan Ayyaril Mohamed Shahir5 hours ago

    you guys are awesome

  18. Frapp

    Frapp5 hours ago

    When your 90 yr old Grandpa is secretly Michael Jordan 😂😂

  19. Kollin Borger

    Kollin Borger5 hours ago

    This was hilarious

  20. Livia Salian

    Livia Salian5 hours ago

    The most styllish granny's I hv ever seen

  21. Alexander Gabrielle

    Alexander Gabrielle5 hours ago

    Old man can make a team in NBA 👴👴👴

  22. Kate Pedroza

    Kate Pedroza5 hours ago

    I love the twins

  23. Kate Pedroza

    Kate Pedroza5 hours ago


  24. vardhineedi sri rama krishna

    vardhineedi sri rama krishna6 hours ago

    Can anyone can tell me how to make an intro like dude perfect. Bcoz i like it.please tell me

  25. Jerry wess

    Jerry wess6 hours ago

    You still got it

  26. jerilyn calites

    jerilyn calites6 hours ago


  27. Cantik Decoration

    Cantik Decoration7 hours ago

    Please dude perfect the yoyo play to the challenger ok im waiting thank you.

  28. Zhengheng Lim

    Zhengheng Lim7 hours ago


  29. A Z

    A Z8 hours ago

    You should prank basketball players with the old skin And win

  30. ZenX Crew

    ZenX Crew8 hours ago

    Sub to me

  31. Ivanovic66

    Ivanovic669 hours ago

    Ty looks like Bastian Schweinsteiger :DD

  32. thanos Garos

    thanos Garos10 hours ago


  33. Ashraf Ali

    Ashraf Ali10 hours ago

    Also zaid ali

  34. Станислав Курченков

    Станислав Курченков10 hours ago

    I love basketball 🏀🏀🏀

  35. Ashraf Ali

    Ashraf Ali10 hours ago

    Also visit it's aumsum time channel

  36. Najma  Mubasher

    Najma Mubasher11 hours ago

    Ty looks like fast and furious 9 new hero ☺

  37. Michael Samms

    Michael Samms11 hours ago

    These old guys are balling

  38. Abdul Sadi

    Abdul Sadi11 hours ago

    Dude perfect bout to beat pewdiepie like if u agree

  39. HMY Home

    HMY Home12 hours ago

    I thought they were really old

  40. Ernie Loewen

    Ernie Loewen12 hours ago

    wow u guys old

  41. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer12 hours ago

    Garrett and Cody looked very very Very Very different

  42. Gregory Daniels

    Gregory Daniels12 hours ago

    ty look like uncle Drew

  43. Itz Amy

    Itz Amy12 hours ago

    How you all do that you all have a lucky life :0

  44. Mrjanky Theman

    Mrjanky Theman12 hours ago

    Ty looks like Abraham Lincoln

  45. Justyce Wilson

    Justyce Wilson13 hours ago

    ty looks like sana

  46. Bgdawg Gunn

    Bgdawg Gunn13 hours ago

    Which one is Coby and which is Cory

  47. _Lil_Alpha_

    _Lil_Alpha_13 hours ago

    tyler looks better older XD

  48. FHH 04

    FHH 0413 hours ago

    Do a hockey stereotypes... PLEASEEEEEEEE🤞

  49. JadeVerrick Edquid

    JadeVerrick Edquid13 hours ago


  50. Clark Kent Otoc

    Clark Kent Otoc13 hours ago

    Tyler must be a basketball team

  51. Eli Baggins

    Eli Baggins14 hours ago

    Strong ass old people

  52. Andrew Dingman

    Andrew Dingman14 hours ago

    Good video

  53. Super Pads Light Kit

    Super Pads Light Kit14 hours ago

    Imagene these peoples are in NBA or MUNDIAL CUP

  54. abrell80

    abrell8015 hours ago

    Ty looks like uncle drew

  55. sunnykwan111

    sunnykwan11115 hours ago

    holy crap you guys make it look so easy

  56. Adrely gymnastics Torres

    Adrely gymnastics Torres15 hours ago


  57. Henrique Villarinho

    Henrique Villarinho16 hours ago

    Dude was perfect

  58. Cgirl Rutledge

    Cgirl Rutledge16 hours ago


  59. pipit kiken

    pipit kiken17 hours ago

    Wow this old guy can ball can you teach me

  60. Hannah Hamm

    Hannah Hamm17 hours ago

    Both 'cause I can't tell them apart.

  61. Nolyn Bradford

    Nolyn Bradford17 hours ago

    Go DP

  62. Supr3me _523

    Supr3me _52317 hours ago

    Ty looks like the scientist Albert Einstein 🤣 🔬

  63. Harold Habben

    Harold Habben17 hours ago

    Do another stereotype vid

  64. Laysha Martinez

    Laysha Martinez17 hours ago

    I know where you are and I’m your biggest fan

  65. Devansh Patel

    Devansh Patel18 hours ago

    i like pokemon

  66. Drawing Maniac

    Drawing Maniac18 hours ago


  67. Drawing Maniac

    Drawing Maniac18 hours ago

    Tell and doing trick shots how you can tell the twins apart

  68. Rieka Sakura98

    Rieka Sakura9818 hours ago

    50 years later..

  69. Anésio Nogueira

    Anésio Nogueira19 hours ago

    Se é loko

  70. Joseph Rabinow

    Joseph Rabinow19 hours ago

    Hi Cody I am going to be a monster truck driver when I’m 18

  71. Marcello Damaiz

    Marcello Damaiz19 hours ago

    I tought the first clip was real old people 🤣

  72. Dinko West

    Dinko West19 hours ago


  73. Clement Link

    Clement Link19 hours ago

    Old white guy

  74. Mad Tiger

    Mad Tiger19 hours ago

    With love from Russia

  75. Mark Vakulchik

    Mark Vakulchik20 hours ago

    Ty looks like my gram-pa, lol. like for like

  76. m52 Dragon Slayer

    m52 Dragon Slayer21 hour ago


  77. Blake Campbell

    Blake Campbell21 hour ago

    Next Time you guys make another video can you put on God's plan clean version please

  78. Rehan Junaid

    Rehan Junaid22 hours ago

    Make stereotypes

  79. lalit jhunjhunwala

    lalit jhunjhunwala23 hours ago

    Super cool old people

  80. H4Y03N 5U11IV4N

    H4Y03N 5U11IV4NDay ago

    To looks like Jack frost in the Santa clause movie

  81. Misael Carrillo

    Misael CarrilloDay ago


  82. H4Y03N 5U11IV4N

    H4Y03N 5U11IV4NDay ago

    My dad is actually 62

  83. mega lucas DeaD

    mega lucas DeaDDay ago

    Son los mejores del mundo

  84. Endang Pudiastuti

    Endang PudiastutiDay ago

    Grandpa Cody :"v Between laugh and scarry to see you. Ur expression was so funny haha

  85. S8an

    S8anDay ago

    Ho are the new guys

  86. LivioDino Dab kolliser der dabbt Wie eib zerdabteri

    LivioDino Dab kolliser der dabbt Wie eib zerdabteriDay ago

    Your so good 😮 thanks that you make Videos 🎥👍

  87. Claire & Jimmy

    Claire & JimmyDay ago

    You should meet uncle drew

  88. Joshua Mcmillan

    Joshua McmillanDay ago

    Harrison Ford is who ty looks like

  89. Huseyin Beyazkaya

    Huseyin BeyazkayaDay ago

    You look like a human

  90. Katherine Faro

    Katherine FaroDay ago


  91. Rashmi Menon

    Rashmi MenonDay ago

    100 percent dude perfect

  92. Tina Harper

    Tina Harper2 hours ago

    Rashmi Menon

  93. LimitGaming

    LimitGamingDay ago


  94. Harvey Quirante

    Harvey QuiranteDay ago

    Please giv me money im poor:(

  95. Jairo Sauceda

    Jairo SaucedaDay ago

    Do old school editor edition 2

  96. Jairo Sauceda

    Jairo SaucedaDay ago

    Do old school editor 2

  97. ItsCameron

    ItsCameronDay ago

    Garret looks like willie Nelson

  98. Praise Walison

    Praise WalisonDay ago

    My first comment

  99. Songrat เพชร

    Songrat เพชรDay ago


  100. Songrat เพชร

    Songrat เพชรDay ago


  101. FunTimeTom

    FunTimeTomDay ago

    you are amazing as old people Th and everybody else