[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Perfect - Pentatonix


  1. SwankyPants

    SwankyPantsHour ago

    Who saw this from FBE first?😂

  2. The Titan

    The TitanHour ago

    CELLO FTW! Any cello players here?

  3. Maulana Ismail

    Maulana Ismail2 hours ago

    Please cover trumpets - jason derulo,please

  4. Me Duh

    Me Duh2 hours ago

    U would not guess how many times I replayed this over and over again

  5. Shiloh Marfil

    Shiloh Marfil3 hours ago

    I love the bass. Who is that?

  6. Crafty Cat

    Crafty Cat2 hours ago

    Shiloh Marfil Matt Sallee :)

  7. Randriantsoa Henri

    Randriantsoa Henri4 hours ago

    Thanks PTX ! All is perfect.


    HAO MING6 hours ago

    Can you guys cover AVICII’s songs?

  9. V Reacts

    V Reacts7 hours ago

    You guys keep bringing the fire. Thank you for finding Matt btw. I didn't mention this before but he's the PERFECT piece to the puzzle. I reacted to this.

  10. iiRoyal

    iiRoyal7 hours ago

    Kevin even pulled out Beyoncé, this is their best song yet.

  11. KalebTateGaming

    KalebTateGaming7 hours ago

    Where have I heard this before...

  12. Doo Voo

    Doo Voo8 hours ago

    perfect of instrumental, or perfect of cinematography, or perfect or choreography, or perfect of someone/thing else? sorry, too weak

  13. minsekai

    minsekai8 hours ago


  14. Pablo Frias

    Pablo Frias9 hours ago

    Kevin is a damn impressive musician, that cello solo basically steals the whole song for me

  15. Aubry Blackburn

    Aubry Blackburn9 hours ago


  16. gladys d masita

    gladys d masita10 hours ago

    PERFECT 💞😭

  17. Faith Magawa

    Faith Magawa10 hours ago

    What happened to only using ur mouths 👄 NO INSTRUMENTS 🎻

  18. its Des

    its Des10 hours ago


  19. Roblox Mayra

    Roblox Mayra10 hours ago


  20. Asah Cibane

    Asah Cibane10 hours ago


  21. joao marcos lemes

    joao marcos lemes12 hours ago

    I found a love for me Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me 'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Not knowing what it was I will not give you up this time But darling, just kiss me slow Your heart is all I own And in your eyes you're holding mine Baby, I'm dancing in the dark With you between my arms Barefoot on the grass Listening to our favorite song When you said you looked a mess I whispered underneath my breath But you heard it Darling, you look perfect tonight Well, I found a woman Stronger than anyone I know She shares my dreams I hope that someday I'll share her home I found a lover To carry more than just my secrets To carry love, to carry children of our own We are still kids, but we're so in love Fighting against all odds I know we'll be alright this time Darling, just hold my hand Be my girl, I'll be your man I see my future in your eyes Baby, I'm dancing in the dark With you between my arms Barefoot on the grass Listening to our favorite song When I saw you in that dress Looking so beautiful I don't deserve this Darling, you look perfect tonight Baby, I'm dancing in the dark With you between my arms Barefoot on the grass Listening to our favorite song I have faith in what I see Now I know I have met an angel in person And she looks perfect I don't deserve this You look perfect tonight

  22. 张可涵

    张可涵12 hours ago

    I miss Avi Kaplan. It doesn't mean that the current group is not good. It just lost something when he left. They lost something that hard to tell.

  23. Ximena Martinez

    Ximena Martinez12 hours ago

    😘you guys sing it better than Ed Sheeran

  24. Sunociva

    Sunociva12 hours ago

    You guys nailed this one. I love it!!!

  25. shingo I

    shingo I13 hours ago


  26. Maya Bogdan

    Maya Bogdan13 hours ago

    you make the original song sound like a copy compared to you. PTX for life.

  27. Joshua Norvell

    Joshua Norvell13 hours ago

    I see Kevin used bonc'ey

  28. Maggie Branch

    Maggie Branch13 hours ago

    I love Pentatonix

  29. Rubén Benito Fernández

    Rubén Benito Fernández13 hours ago

    No bass, no music

  30. Kaelin Rindoks

    Kaelin Rindoks13 hours ago

    You guys are PERFECT! Could you maybe do some songs from Hamilton next??

  31. Lucky Myles

    Lucky Myles14 hours ago

    Scott looks v handsome in this video☺️ we all appreciate👏🏽

  32. Baby Drew

    Baby Drew14 hours ago

    Where the hell is avi??????????

  33. Crafty Cat

    Crafty Cat4 hours ago

    Baby Drew Seriously?

  34. Andries Smal

    Andries Smal14 hours ago

    This is so going to be my 1st dance wedding song!!! #thebest

  35. KatGaming 232

    KatGaming 23215 hours ago

    no offense Ed Sheeran or any other artist out there, but Pentatonix makes it sound a lot better!

  36. Sakina Nizamoodeen

    Sakina Nizamoodeen15 hours ago

    Put it on 2x speed.. Trust me it sounds so good!!

  37. Madison Brown

    Madison Brown16 hours ago


  38. Madison Brown

    Madison Brown16 hours ago


  39. Sylvia Kassoff

    Sylvia Kassoff16 hours ago

    Kevin is SO good at the cello. I play and I'm not nearly that good

  40. Lavenderp

    Lavenderp16 hours ago

    imagine how blessed each person feels when they found out pentatonix did a cover of their song

  41. Ketchup Kings

    Ketchup Kings16 hours ago

    would it be possible if you made one for say amen?

  42. Dhita Aryn

    Dhita Aryn17 hours ago

    Kiss me slow, please😭😭😜💕💕💕

  43. Johra Ismail

    Johra Ismail17 hours ago


  44. Lawlesshadow_13

    Lawlesshadow_1318 hours ago

    Where is the guy with long black hair?

  45. Ellie Esterline

    Ellie Esterline18 hours ago

    Love getting a PTX add before this video with your tickets!!!!

  46. Ronan Guérin

    Ronan Guérin18 hours ago

    Perfect !!! 👌😍😜

  47. Kaylee B

    Kaylee B19 hours ago

    I got a Pentatonix ad before this video! 😂

  48. FPT Gaming

    FPT Gaming20 hours ago

    If you want to hear a real cover you should look up Asking Alexandria - Perfect... this cover is sad

  49. Petr Kocenda

    Petr Kocenda20 hours ago


  50. Snarethedrummer

    Snarethedrummer20 hours ago

    Though he still sounds lovely, that witch really needs to transform Avi back from being a cello

  51. Eddy Combrinck

    Eddy Combrinck20 hours ago

    4:19 that Desk looks really happy

  52. Marlene Wangui

    Marlene Wangui21 hour ago

    If u guyz are up to it please please please do TELL ME YOU LOVE ME BY Demi Lovato

  53. Lyndell O

    Lyndell O21 hour ago

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  54. Pamela Zelaya

    Pamela Zelaya21 hour ago

    I love your music is so good😍

  55. C Strings

    C Strings22 hours ago

    Thanks for beautiful music i was cover use Thai Instrument in my Channel as well

  56. Ellie Price

    Ellie Price22 hours ago

    i thought the whole idea of this group was to be acappella?

  57. Wisnu Setiawan

    Wisnu Setiawan23 hours ago


  58. Douglas Alves

    Douglas Alves23 hours ago


  59. Ainhoa Aguerri

    Ainhoa Aguerri23 hours ago

    Why are they so beautiful 😍

  60. Ilaria Zuffi

    Ilaria Zuffi23 hours ago

    I'd like to hear all of your voices singing alone, not just one and a choir in fact... Next time, I hope!!!

  61. Chris Joshin

    Chris JoshinDay ago


  62. Miriam Carla Balan

    Miriam Carla BalanDay ago

    I just had an eargasm

  63. Danna Marquez

    Danna MarquezDay ago

    Es perfecto sin duda alguna❤😻

  64. Sup Weeknd

    Sup WeekndDay ago


  65. Abraao Aires

    Abraao AiresDay ago

    Violão Cello ❤

  66. Joahna May

    Joahna MayDay ago

    Im a really big fan.. but.. why do i feel like this is not one of their best?? 😣😣😣

  67. Henry Jil

    Henry JilDay ago

    I prefer the Perfect with Beyonce.. with that Kristin would have done verse two... Liked this till verse 2😒

  68. Crafty Cat

    Crafty Cat23 hours ago

    Henry Jil She is called Kirstin not Kristin 😀

  69. Casiano Retardo

    Casiano RetardoDay ago

    Scott has a very perfect voice ever

  70. Glastin Y.V

    Glastin Y.VDay ago

    Well done

  71. Екатерина Яковлева

    Екатерина ЯковлеваDay ago

    wow ballerina is so beautiful... who is she?

  72. Sayo Chizuko

    Sayo ChizukoDay ago

    It's been a week and I just can't get over this.

  73. Etna Tuapetel

    Etna TuapetelDay ago

    This is soooooo PERFECT....😓 Matt's bass with Kevin's cello is perfect

  74. Wendy McMahan

    Wendy McMahanDay ago

    Can we just talk about how Kevin can play the cello (or double bass I can’t tell) AND beatbox/sing AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME!!!!!!?????😝😆😀😃😄😁 I FREAKING LOVE THE ALBUM (I have it already) SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  75. Crafty Cat

    Crafty Cat23 hours ago

    Wendy McMahan It’s a cello. A double bass is *a lot* bigger.

  76. ImaCoolDudeUno - ROBLOX and More!

    ImaCoolDudeUno - ROBLOX and More!Day ago

    I've been listening to these guys since I was 4. If I could meet them in real life I would be speechless...probs crying xD

  77. ImaCoolDudeUno - ROBLOX and More!

    ImaCoolDudeUno - ROBLOX and More!Day ago

    And now I'm ten. I love them soo much

  78. poop poo

    poop pooDay ago

    Why did Avi leave? :(

  79. Millicent Affram

    Millicent AfframDay ago

    You guys never disappoint❤

  80. Carl Mark

    Carl MarkDay ago

    nice playing of cello while beatboxing

  81. Eric RombalCoshe

    Eric RombalCosheDay ago

    3:17 this scene is amazing !!!

  82. Angélica Ortiz

    Angélica OrtizDay ago

    I miss Avi 😭

  83. Mimi Delatie

    Mimi DelatieDay ago


  84. биндэр gan

    биндэр ganDay ago

    hi monholia love

  85. Songs From Spring Creek Ave

    Songs From Spring Creek AveDay ago

    Well that was nice! Such a pretty song.

  86. Ks Channel

    Ks ChannelDay ago

    I don't know if I was the only one that saw but the look on Scott and Kevin's faces were so inspiring they were showing how great you can be if you really try in one look! Now that's real talent!

  87. Evan Bitter

    Evan BitterDay ago

    Y’all are gay. Ruined the song

  88. Fast Play

    Fast PlayDay ago

    Please come India see God's own country , kerala . natural location . shoot a video song

  89. Malin Jönsson

    Malin JönssonDay ago

    Wow! So perfect! I love the environment and how your viedeos are made.

  90. John Bendict Calamba

    John Bendict CalambaDay ago

    And im gonna cry because its so amazing

  91. John Bendict Calamba

    John Bendict CalambaDay ago

    This is the song of my tea party concert

  92. Tania Fallas

    Tania FallasDay ago

    Perfecto me encanta!!

  93. Ashley Davis

    Ashley DavisDay ago

    Scott Hoying > Ed Sheeran

  94. The Joker

    The JokerDay ago

    Music in my ears

  95. Seth Saun

    Seth SaunDay ago

    I love their songs and they are amazing singers but I liked their videos better before. Also, does anyone know why there is a cello in this? I thought it was a cappella

  96. MyPositiveLens

    MyPositiveLensDay ago

    Never clicked on a video so fast.

  97. Vitor Nunes

    Vitor NunesDay ago

    Perfect 😍

  98. SouthenerATheart 500

    SouthenerATheart 500Day ago

    Stupid. Shave the beard, lose weight. AND where's the other white guy? I guess they had to kick him out to make the band more culture appropriate 😑😑 fucking ridic.

  99. johnnystir

    johnnystirDay ago

    First of all, what a beautifully written song. This arrangement is mind blowing. Kevin's cello...the voices...Scott's amazing performance. Wow. Perfect!

  100. mikaze_ ai_12

    mikaze_ ai_12Day ago

    Happier - Ed Sheeran cover please

  101. Jatith

    JatithDay ago

    you guys are my inspiration to keep singing

  102. Kpop Love

    Kpop LoveDay ago

    Better as original! 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

  103. Catherine Pelin

    Catherine PelinDay ago

    4:20 lower left corner, the drawers looks like a face smiling

  104. sara snyder

    sara snyderDay ago

    This is so beautiful! This new album is amazing!!! Buying it right now!!!!

  105. Carolina Andrade

    Carolina AndradeDay ago

    SCOTT!!!!!!!! Killing it, you guys!!!!!