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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Perfect - Pentatonix


  1. Okoro Chisom

    Okoro Chisom3 hours ago

    I love Avi but you guys are still the BEST with or without HIM

  2. Nemo Zander

    Nemo Zander5 hours ago

    i love all of theses guys! anyone going to the world tour concerts?

  3. Nikoman Nuno

    Nikoman Nuno10 hours ago

    I love PTX so much. God Bless All of You. Your voice is wonderfull. Make me happy and relax

  4. iamadorable And Special

    iamadorable And Special14 hours ago

    its cover

  5. alice. kravchenko1602

    alice. kravchenko1602Day ago

    Hi! I am from Rasha. I want to learn English and wan to talk with you.

  6. Marua fatima andrande Marua

    Marua fatima andrande MaruaDay ago


  7. TealDrawz

    TealDrawzDay ago

    I'm new to these guys, can y'all tell me there names?

  8. TealDrawz

    TealDrawz19 hours ago

    +BOSS Shuuei you too uwu

  9. BOSS Shuuei

    BOSS Shuuei19 hours ago

    +TealDrawz no problem fellow pentaholic! UwU have a great day!

  10. TealDrawz

    TealDrawz19 hours ago

    +BOSS Shuuei thanks! UwU

  11. BOSS Shuuei

    BOSS Shuuei19 hours ago

    - Baritone: Scott Hoying(the blonde guy uwu) - Tenor: Mitch Grassi(AKA Queen Grassi uwu) - Mezzo-Soprano: Kirstin Maldonado(the only girl uwu) - Tenor Beatboxer: Kevin Olusola(the one who made the beat also the one who plays the cello) - Bass: Matt Salee (the guy who sings bass Line) Well hope this helps haha 😂 i can only describe them from their voice type

  12. Deise Lucy Oliveira

    Deise Lucy OliveiraDay ago

    Perfeito 👏👏👏

  13. British Link12

    British Link12Day ago

    Ewww trannie

  14. Koko Liem's Armies

    Koko Liem's Armies2 days ago

    I'm fallin in love with the latina girl. Who is her name ?

  15. Pariza Meer

    Pariza MeerDay ago


  16. Mario Neto

    Mario Neto2 days ago

    this one was the most PERFECT one ever so far... this Cello guy and also in the same time beatboxing killed it. I´ve to say. AMAZING.

  17. Agnes Sudi

    Agnes Sudi2 days ago

  18. Michael Lefort

    Michael Lefort2 days ago

    It's not Acapella if you're using an instrument, is it?

  19. BOSS Shuuei

    BOSS Shuuei19 hours ago

    It doesn't really matter tho? Since they only use it in some songs, even they sing for an orchestra too in AMA....soooo?

  20. rosario torrealta

    rosario torrealta2 days ago

    alguien sabe cual es la cancion original

  21. Ana_ Paula 212121

    Ana_ Paula 2121213 days ago


  22. Kent Gepolle

    Kent Gepolle3 days ago

    Everytime they sing my mouth just😮😮😮😮 wtf hahaha

  23. Jakub Langowski

    Jakub Langowski4 days ago

    Come to Poland!

  24. Don Partosa

    Don Partosa4 days ago

    More of these please? Raps, pizzas and originals! JUST AMAZING!

  25. Liz Iturralde

    Liz Iturralde4 days ago

    I Love pentatonix!!!!

  26. JDer Universe

    JDer Universe4 days ago

    Es una de las mejores versiones que he escuchado

  27. Gerrard Sander vilca mamani

    Gerrard Sander vilca mamani4 days ago

    terrible decision, nothing happens total disappointment, it would have been cool if I sang along with Kirtin maldonado, 2 voices would be great .. but it was, wait more with this music!

  28. Bandog Bone

    Bandog Bone5 days ago

    Attention to detail is amazing -- even the beatbox tom toms are spread across the stereo image...

  29. Katelyn Anderson

    Katelyn Anderson6 days ago

    I love them. They are sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!! Me and my little sis listen to them!!!!!!

  30. Douglas Almeida

    Douglas Almeida6 days ago

    Gread voices

  31. Fill In The Blank

    Fill In The Blank6 days ago

    Kevin is d genius one!

  32. Aiyana Zen Degz

    Aiyana Zen Degz6 days ago

    I miss Avi,but I also like Matt too he does a great job

  33. Nevereddlethorp Middle Thrithm

    Nevereddlethorp Middle Thrithm6 days ago

    My favourite cover artists: J.Fla Pentatonix Postmodern Jukebox Frogleap Studios Kurt Hugo Schneider. Which are yours?

  34. Kelvin Goode

    Kelvin Goode6 days ago

    perfect is right

  35. Spideykong the 2nd

    Spideykong the 2nd6 days ago

    Pure talent at it's finnest

  36. Kyle Norcliffe

    Kyle Norcliffe7 days ago

    How dare they ..... that is all

  37. Kerstin Rußbüldt

    Kerstin Rußbüldt7 days ago


  38. Nathan Siplock

    Nathan Siplock7 days ago

    A capella means no instruments. Now they're just like any other group. Nothing special about them at all. Way to go, Pentatonix.

  39. EliaKay1

    EliaKay16 days ago

    Nathan Siplock they have always done the occasional arrangement with cello since it’s how they first discovered Kevin and name me another group that has a beatboxing cellist. It’s also a nice transition in their live shows when Kevin demonstrates his cello boxing and the rest of the group takes a break

  40. 장은서

    장은서7 days ago

    한국만 읎다....ㅠ

  41. Michela Volpato Pazin Pinheiro

    Michela Volpato Pazin Pinheiro7 days ago

    Beautiful. From Brazil! Kisses for all!

  42. Jen Arciaga

    Jen Arciaga7 days ago

    i thoght its pure acapella, but no theres intruments :

  43. Khassanah Djamil

    Khassanah Djamil7 days ago

    Hello la compagnie.. je vous propose un défi... Chanter du mariah Carey without you... Je vous vois bien sûr ce son... J'espère que ce n'est pas trop tard. Gros bisous d'une fan 😜😊

  44. Deusenira De Lima Santos Santos

    Deusenira De Lima Santos Santos8 days ago

    Love you

  45. DieserSchaumii

    DieserSchaumii8 days ago

    Better than Ed Sheeran

  46. Kyle Norcliffe

    Kyle Norcliffe7 days ago

    DieserSchaumii please tell me your kidding

  47. Cheron Smith

    Cheron Smith9 days ago

    Why is it in every song Scott's the main singer or he has more Lyrics to sing than the others. Is that the reason why Avi left the group.

  48. EliaKay1

    EliaKay16 days ago

    Nope, not the reason Avi left. He did that all by himself

  49. Cheron Smith

    Cheron Smith8 days ago


  50. Another One

    Another One8 days ago

    Scott's like the leader.

  51. Another One

    Another One8 days ago

    Scott's like the leader.

  52. Another One

    Another One8 days ago

    Lol no

  53. Sonia Cilento

    Sonia Cilento9 days ago

    I think I teared up a bit

  54. khadija fan

    khadija fan9 days ago

    i like it

  55. Rastan Rastan

    Rastan Rastan10 days ago

    No bass no Ptx

  56. chaka boluka

    chaka boluka10 days ago

    So nice I like it, Congratulations Guys !

  57. Rodge Vea

    Rodge Vea10 days ago

    Petatonix has the best music videos in youtube ever. Great sound. Great emotions. Great music videos. These guys are perfect.😍😍😍

  58. Yaba Anan

    Yaba Anan4 days ago

    Yes yes yes

  59. Elia Elardo

    Elia Elardo5 days ago



    БАСУРМАН11 days ago



    БАСУРМАН11 days ago


  62. Karlee Kakes

    Karlee Kakes11 days ago

    this is wayyy better then tha orginal!!

  63. Maribella Padilla-Chavez

    Maribella Padilla-Chavez11 days ago

    I literally put this song on and got 2 ads. Who else thinks that’s unfair?

  64. Michael Wiffen

    Michael Wiffen12 days ago

    I love this!!!

  65. Sabrina Kilvia

    Sabrina Kilvia13 days ago


  66. Kaitlin Smith

    Kaitlin Smith13 days ago

    Omg! This is my mum and dad's first dance song from their wedding! I love you guys so much! X

  67. tanqueray1973

    tanqueray197313 days ago

    "World tour"????? 😂😂😂😂😂. Only US and 3 gigs in Canada!! Si that "the world"?? 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  68. MinaOlenElla

    MinaOlenElla10 days ago

    it is only the first leg, more dates would be added

  69. Manggis Error

    Manggis Error13 days ago

    Our bassist :(

  70. Ariel D.

    Ariel D.13 days ago

    Is there anything Kevin can’t do? He’s so amazing.

  71. Xela Gutierrez

    Xela Gutierrez13 days ago

    It makes me wanna fall in love with again💖

  72. willamos

    willamos14 days ago


  73. Elia Elardo

    Elia Elardo15 days ago


  74. Marvie Julian

    Marvie Julian15 days ago

    im sorry.. i love ed sheeran.. but this version is much better

  75. shelou Mie Ponce elcamel

    shelou Mie Ponce elcamel15 days ago

    look at the one playing violin ....

  76. MinaOlenElla

    MinaOlenElla10 days ago


  77. EchoFox 15

    EchoFox 1515 days ago

    Great job Scott :D

  78. Queen Afua

    Queen Afua16 days ago

    I felt so sad that Avi was gone but Matt seems to be doing amazingly great! I’ve loved you guys since I first listened to little drummer boy in 2014, my first discovery of PTX and I’ve never turned back but whoa! You guys really outdid yourselves with this!!! I love love love the unique and incredible talents you each bring to make the rest of us smile, thank you!

  79. Scheherasad

    Scheherasad6 days ago

    +Jonny Le Avi is a man not a woman. Look up their older videos and you will see how great he was in this band e.g. Hallelujah . He left because he missed his family&his friends too much. He has now his own little band.

  80. Jonny Le

    Jonny Le14 days ago

    Who is Avi? And why she gone? What's happend?

  81. AshnKksmom2

    AshnKksmom217 days ago

    I love this group this song was a great example of why they are such a great group

  82. star pugs

    star pugs17 days ago

    2019 anyone😍

  83. ItsLadyJadeyTTV

    ItsLadyJadeyTTV17 days ago

    Mitch can't seem to pick a style, can he? :P He's awesome tho.

  84. ItsLadyJadeyTTV

    ItsLadyJadeyTTV17 days ago


  85. star pugs

    star pugs18 days ago

    0.35-1.38 is my fav 😍 the harmony’s tho 😍💗👌

  86. Kazzellin Empanger

    Kazzellin Empanger18 days ago

    Matt’s low notes alongside the cello at the end of the song though~! Whoa! ☺️

  87. sweetrose swai

    sweetrose swai18 days ago

    So much love from Tanzania 🇹🇿

  88. Emilena Ribeiro

    Emilena Ribeiro18 days ago


  89. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith19 days ago

    Love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  90. itzsidthesciencekid

    itzsidthesciencekid19 days ago

    Could you guys do weak by AJR? We love you and Matt, awesome job!

  91. Kylie Lallathin

    Kylie Lallathin17 days ago

    Yes!! This is the first time I’ve seen someone mention AJR on a PTX video.

  92. leah Renee

    leah Renee19 days ago

    Kevin!!!! My gawd!!!!!🔥❤

  93. Nanallee

    Nanallee20 days ago

    Why he is signing " I found a gieeerl" ( I don't even know how to write it)? It's a bit weird.

  94. Let's Dance HAITI

    Let's Dance HAITI20 days ago

    Follow me

  95. Tena Hughes

    Tena Hughes20 days ago

    This makes me miss playing cello. I love that smooth mellow sound!

  96. Pr.Marcelo e Pri

    Pr.Marcelo e Pri20 days ago

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  97. Lucia Spano

    Lucia Spano21 day ago


  98. Mattheo Gianni

    Mattheo Gianni21 day ago

    Don't get me wrong, I think this is really good, but: why is there an instrument in an acapella band? The whole deal is not to use instruments

  99. EliaKay1

    EliaKay120 days ago

    Mattheo Gianni they occasionally use a cello since that’s how they discovered Kevin when he uploaded a video of him beatboxing and playing cello at the same time. It’s also a lovely interlude during concerts. Kevin soloing during a the show allows the other members to take a brief break since they use their voices for the whole show.

  100. Ragnar

    Ragnar22 days ago

    Mitch looks like Freddy Mercury with the mustache🤣

  101. EliaKay1

    EliaKay120 days ago

    Ragnar he made a great Freddie Mercury for Halloween that year

  102. Christopher Åkesson

    Christopher Åkesson22 days ago

    I love PTX however the waterboy accent on the lead must go 🙈

  103. Stephanie Thornton

    Stephanie Thornton23 days ago

    I normally really dislike this song but their version is so beautiful!

  104. soumili bose

    soumili bose24 days ago

    Soothing 😍

  105. Juzine ManiaLOL

    Juzine ManiaLOL24 days ago

    OMG! I'm gonna cry😭 u guys r still the best acapella group that I adore so much since I was in elementary school. Keep it up! 😍😘✨✨


    JOAL ONDO ONDO MAYÍE25 days ago

    cntan como ángeles del cielo. Un abrazo desde Guinea Ecuatorial, África

  107. Nakia Mccollough

    Nakia Mccollough25 days ago

    Yall nailed it. I 💘 u guys

  108. brunodarsify

    brunodarsify25 days ago

    Kylian Mbappe can sing

  109. Daniela Lima

    Daniela Lima25 days ago


  110. agenttheater5

    agenttheater526 days ago

    Please sing 'Let it Grow' from 'The Lorax' - use your voices and your stardom to encourage reforestation and make the world you're all making beautiful with your voices even more beautiful.

  111. ron bacuna

    ron bacuna26 days ago

    scott so good

  112. Dawn Faddy

    Dawn Faddy26 days ago

    Sensational so beautiful

  113. Ignacio Moreno

    Ignacio Moreno27 days ago

    Es la misma casa que a párese en un video de melanie Martínez

  114. Philix Peng

    Philix Peng27 days ago

    Scott is a tenor right?

  115. EliaKay1

    EliaKay120 days ago

    Philix Peng Baritone

  116. Pogiforce

    Pogiforce27 days ago

    It pleases me to see Kevin with a cello again. This was a beautiful cover, well done guys.

  117. Marion Smith

    Marion Smith27 days ago

    😀Amazing, Beautiful Harmonies ❤️❤️

  118. Milthon Ramos

    Milthon Ramos27 days ago

    Better than Ed Sheeran 🙌

  119. Adele Thomas

    Adele Thomas28 days ago

    Scott lookin like a daddy tho

  120. Rosie G

    Rosie G28 days ago

    love you all

  121. Tasha Leah Chongo

    Tasha Leah Chongo28 days ago

    Kevin's cello solo is amazing

  122. Juan Treviño

    Juan Treviño28 days ago

    I love your music

  123. Frederick Jimenez

    Frederick Jimenez28 days ago

    I miss Avi :