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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Perfect - Pentatonix


  1. Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty2 hours ago

    Why can't guys be like a love song and actually care about the girl they love? Most of them are just hitters and quitters, cheaters, or slave drivers. Every time I hear this I wanna cry cause of how beautiful it is. It's every girls dream for a man to show his feelings the her. That proves that he cares

  2. Marco Pesaresi

    Marco Pesaresi13 hours ago

    beautiful but not your best , not enough harmonization for me!

  3. Kyle Bautista

    Kyle Bautista17 hours ago


  4. Enola Curls

    Enola Curls23 hours ago

    coll .... nie nice nice...

  5. Madison Zila

    Madison ZilaDay ago


  6. San Jeev

    San JeevDay ago

    Song request: Mr. Blue sky.

  7. Leo PH

    Leo PHDay ago

    Not that perfect without avi... Still love you guys❤️

  8. Rachel Hutasoit

    Rachel HutasoitDay ago


  9. Tech_No_Logical

    Tech_No_LogicalDay ago

    They all deserve a GOLD medal. :D

  10. solomon owonifari

    solomon owonifariDay ago

    I love dis music

  11. fluebchow

    fluebchow2 days ago

    Unfassbar gut

  12. CaroLeena Duarte Santana

    CaroLeena Duarte Santana2 days ago

    I miss Avi


    YouTubeSingers.com2 days ago

    *YTSgold* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :) Ron ~ MReportersingers

  14. It's More Fun In The Kitchen

    It's More Fun In The Kitchen2 days ago


  15. Gacha Familyyy

    Gacha Familyyy2 days ago

    Omg Im so proud of them..... Even tho Avi left, I wish he is still cheering for them and I hope Avi will never forget them....... We will still cheer *Pentatonix* right? For all of reading this I hope you guys will never forget Avi and cheer for them.... all of the music they make, their voices, the beat, its so *beautiful..* I'm so proud of them that they still sing just for us and to make Avi happy.... We love *P E N T A T O N I X*

  16. Kiya Johnson

    Kiya Johnson2 days ago

    i say usually for me in my vocab there is no such as perfect but then these guys obviously broke that code for me

  17. Connor Martin

    Connor Martin3 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of Kevin’s cello?

  18. Connor Martin

    Connor Martin3 days ago

    Could you guys do some more Imagine Dragons?

  19. fortnite streams

    fortnite streams3 days ago

    Avi would've been perfect for this song😔

  20. Jendly Manongko

    Jendly Manongko4 days ago


  21. Patricia D

    Patricia D4 days ago

    I'm back. Loving how you can hear every voice part during the cello solo

  22. Dog Vlogs

    Dog Vlogs4 days ago

    Will you guys do a Christmas tour this year I love your songs!

  23. Joseph gaming

    Joseph gaming4 days ago

    Hew had a long Beard

  24. Joseph gaming

    Joseph gaming4 days ago

    We're is the other guy

  25. Illidan Stormrage

    Illidan Stormrage4 days ago

    I think I have missed some news... Did they change the member/s?

  26. Patricia D

    Patricia D4 days ago

    Yes. Last year Avi left to be with his family

  27. Rayaneguimaraes Guimaraes

    Rayaneguimaraes Guimaraes4 days ago

    Amor vocês

  28. Jin Kazama

    Jin Kazama5 days ago

    Wooww grave sa bass

  29. killerman 32132

    killerman 321325 days ago

    Where is the other guy???

  30. Camila Silva

    Camila Silva5 days ago

    Love It 😍

  31. sublime fossi

    sublime fossi5 days ago

    oh my lord. to nice

  32. tiffanchamberlain

    tiffanchamberlain6 days ago

    Can someone please tell me wear I can find this cd

  33. camilo rodriguez

    camilo rodriguez6 days ago

    Kristie is the most beautifull woman in the friking word, btw, love the song and the vid!!

  34. b mental

    b mental6 days ago

    amazing rendition of this song. sorry but except for the beginning and ending of the video, the cinematography sucked and made me dizzy and nauseas. this zooming closeups and spinning around is ridiculous, don't need the zooming closeups where you can almost count their nose hairs, is ridiculous. albeit "kevin's" cello playing and intensity, while still beat boxing is sooo insanely, wonderfully, good.

  35. Maddi Jean

    Maddi Jean6 days ago


  36. Natalie1729

    Natalie17295 days ago

    All the time?

  37. Océane Hale

    Océane Hale7 days ago

    I'm waiting for you in France 🇫🇷 please come I really want to see you

  38. Neil FG

    Neil FG7 days ago

    I just hope avi comes back and then they become HEXATONIX because I want Matt too

  39. Carmengrace Puentes

    Carmengrace Puentes2 days ago


  40. Onetrick_Lux 13

    Onetrick_Lux 137 days ago

    im still waiting for the alejandro cover...😭😭😭

  41. Knox Cameron

    Knox Cameron7 days ago


  42. Mandie Long

    Mandie Long7 days ago

    i seen them tonight at noblesville Indiana and they was awsome..

  43. Star Ships

    Star Ships7 days ago

    Mandie Long I did too :)

  44. David Narankevicius

    David Narankevicius7 days ago

    You consistently produce music that leaves me emotionally wrecked.

  45. TheCrazyAsian

    TheCrazyAsian7 days ago

    Sad Avi left :( this reminded me of school school gives me depression and wanting to kill myself and being embarrassed being teased..

  46. Thais De Souza

    Thais De Souza8 days ago

    Algum brasileiro vendo esse talento?😍😍

  47. Cesar Okada

    Cesar Okada5 days ago


  48. Ava Bekkerus

    Ava Bekkerus8 days ago

    I don’t know about y’all but I want another Christmas album!! Right!!! Now!!!

  49. Hinterwäldler

    Hinterwäldler8 days ago

    i love you guys but i like the real one more

  50. ZoeVonSivers

    ZoeVonSivers8 days ago

    Somehow i miss the old pentatonix...

  51. aleshita19foreva

    aleshita19foreva8 days ago

    How the hell I missed this? I OMG love it! You guys are the best. Greetings from Peru.

  52. Mana Montana

    Mana Montana8 days ago

    they are for sure talented and I like their videos. but I think its kind of lame their entire claim to fame is simply doing covers of other peoples work.

  53. Natalie1729

    Natalie17298 days ago

    Mana Montana They don't just do covers. It's just that people whine that they want original music, but don't give it the time of day.

  54. Jennifer Poulterwwe

    Jennifer Poulterwwe9 days ago

    Kristin Scott. Mitch. Krevn Scott green Box pu

  55. Jorja Norris

    Jorja Norris9 days ago

    I still want Avi

  56. army louca

    army louca9 days ago

    Love you so much ❤

  57. cole nayson

    cole nayson9 days ago

    Look at the title... You see how it says Perfect - Pentatonix... It should be Pentatonix - Perfect because if it would be Perfect - Pentatonix then the Group is named Perfect not Pentatonix.

  58. Ndubisi Otabo

    Ndubisi Otabo9 days ago

    Kevin you are a legend! Amazing. An amazing celloist, an awesome beatboxer and an intelligent individual! Love you and what you do!?

  59. Patricia D

    Patricia D4 days ago

    He has a nice voice too. Go to his page if you haven't already

  60. Anna Sofia Larrazabal Mondragón

    Anna Sofia Larrazabal Mondragón10 days ago

    Son increíbles soy su mayor fan

  61. Lauren x

    Lauren x10 days ago


  62. Dhe Pino

    Dhe Pino10 days ago

    O my God. Am crying.

  63. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee10 days ago

    love this version, but question for the comment section, whos was better of this song, the creator ed sheeran, or pentatonix or beyouce

  64. Elisparrini Parrinifyj

    Elisparrini Parrinifyj11 days ago

    O Brasil está precisando dessa pureza nos trinbrins de suas vozes😞

  65. Felipe Ramos da Silva

    Felipe Ramos da Silva11 days ago

    Meus parabéns a todos pelo belessimo trabalho

  66. Felipe Ramos da Silva

    Felipe Ramos da Silva11 days ago

    Povo talentoso e bonito 😍😁🙌👍

  67. nabukeera christine

    nabukeera christine11 days ago

    Its just beautiful and sweet.

  68. Rosi Roswianty

    Rosi Roswianty11 days ago

    perfect song

  69. Ajaz 000

    Ajaz 00011 days ago

    The vibe of the video makes me wanna go... "nae pi ttam nun mul" 😂

  70. WeMissYouX

    WeMissYouX11 days ago


  71. Natalie1729

    Natalie17298 days ago

    WeMissYouX No we don't

  72. Harhui Star playz

    Harhui Star playz11 days ago

    Mitch plz shave your mustache

  73. Natalie1729

    Natalie17298 days ago

    Harhui Star playz He did, a long time ago

  74. katie davis

    katie davis11 days ago

    This is my favorite band you guys are so great love you guys!!

  75. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones11 days ago

    Gets a bit boring with Scott taking lead vocals again, he's a decent singer but there's 2 better singers in the band.

  76. Johnny Peters

    Johnny Peters12 days ago

    Pentatonix is awesome! Thumbs up if you agree!

  77. adalberto vera

    adalberto vera12 days ago

    Oh no what happen to shot i forgot his name but what happen im not blind

  78. Aman Smith-Martin

    Aman Smith-Martin12 days ago

    They did better than ed sherran

  79. Renee Richardson

    Renee Richardson12 days ago

    It would be such a joy to be able to dance to this song at my wedding. I used to love dancing! My health started to decline and it got harder and harder to dance. Last year, I had heart surgery and had to get a pacemaker. I adjusted and when I started to get better, I had a stroke in April and can barely walk. My goal is to be able to walk down the aisle to the love of my life and be able to dance to this song because for one day, I just want to be seen as perfect in his eyes

  80. Patricia D

    Patricia D4 days ago

    Blessings Renee

  81. Pyper Smith

    Pyper Smith11 days ago

    Renee Richardson Sorry to here that 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  82. jennefer doronila

    jennefer doronila12 days ago


  83. Alexandre Braz

    Alexandre Braz12 days ago

    Foda, Br salve

  84. Grayson Hunt

    Grayson Hunt13 days ago

    In my head I was like INSTRUMENT INSTRUMENT WHAT IS THIS ANARCHY!!!No but seriously you guys are amazing I got chill kelp it coming

  85. Ma. Dolores BONNSTETTER

    Ma. Dolores BONNSTETTER13 days ago

    I love you guys!!!!❤️💜😘

  86. Undisputed

    Undisputed13 days ago

    Im in love with this cover.

  87. orionbelt74

    orionbelt7413 days ago


  88. Robyn Garcia

    Robyn Garcia13 days ago

    I miss Avi still

  89. Chesca Bermundo

    Chesca Bermundo13 days ago

    I got goosebumps the whole video

  90. M.A.G. Visions

    M.A.G. Visions13 days ago

    This is the perfect first dance wedding song they are amazing

  91. Марат Сатканов

    Марат Сатканов13 days ago

    Новый бас чистенький. И как прежде, наслаждаюсь ребятами.

  92. Jake Bingham

    Jake Bingham13 days ago

    I love this and y’all should please do natural by imagine dragons

  93. 90bluemonkey

    90bluemonkey14 days ago

    I don't like how Scott is the only lead singer. I was honestly looking forward to Mitch singing but NOPE. You guys always took turns but something's changed and not for the better. I want the old PTX back.

  94. Natalie1729

    Natalie17298 days ago

    90bluemonkey Scott has always been the lead. Since the very beginning.

  95. Simonne Soares Da Silva

    Simonne Soares Da Silva14 days ago

    perfect, beautiful. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  96. Esther Danielle

    Esther Danielle14 days ago

    Amazing 🔥🔥

  97. Magic Waffle

    Magic Waffle14 days ago

    Kevin with the chelo tho! This is perfect! Maybe even too perfect 😯

  98. Roseanne Kungá

    Roseanne Kungá15 days ago

    I listen to this song on my way to work everyday just so am in a good mood in the morning

  99. extreme111

    extreme11115 days ago

    y el tipo de la barba?

  100. the fishing channel

    the fishing channel15 days ago

    Who is the lead singer with the blonde hair?

  101. EliaKay1

    EliaKay113 days ago

    the fishing channel Scott Hoying

  102. karta 24

    karta 2415 days ago

    I Love You All!!!!!

  103. ferb748 748

    ferb748 74816 days ago

    I really miss Avi but if Kevin leaves than the PTX will defiantly not be the same.

  104. Саныч

    Саныч16 days ago

    I am from Russia, often listen to you. I want to know why AVI left.

  105. EliaKay1

    EliaKay113 days ago

    Саныч here’s the video of Avi announcing his reasons for leaving

  106. duprattcarol

    duprattcarol17 days ago

    Am I imagining or is the bass line boosted up? I can hardly hear the other two singers. It's very pretty but the light tenor and mezzo need to be more present for it to sound like a quintet.

  107. mxt mxt

    mxt mxt17 days ago

    Who is the dancer?

  108. Exequiel Paloma

    Exequiel Paloma17 days ago

    where's the other guy who does the bass?

  109. EliaKay1

    EliaKay113 days ago

    Exequiel Paloma Avi announced leaving in May of 2017. Here’s the video

  110. nisa koçbay

    nisa koçbay18 days ago

    Acapella group??

  111. Tehila Charles

    Tehila Charles18 days ago


  112. Blandine Kanyama

    Blandine Kanyama18 days ago

    *woooow* I have watched many covers of *Perfect* but this cover is the best of all😍😍😍😍

  113. Anthony Ken Tura

    Anthony Ken Tura18 days ago

    If you want to collab with the whustle, find morissette. If you want to collab with the saxophone, find kz haha

  114. B. Berya

    B. Berya18 days ago

    I love your vocals, but the Original is engulfing your cover! swallowing it up!!!!

  115. keefy kevv

    keefy kevv18 days ago

    Yippy should do Dust In The Wind