Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive FINAL ANSWER


  1. eb8 plays

    eb8 playsDay ago

    Vive is better

  2. 5olace

    5olace2 days ago

    hit me up when full dive VR becomes a thing like in SAO! Then im in!

  3. Dommmeh

    Dommmeh6 days ago


  4. 달팽군

    달팽군6 days ago

    the answer is windows mr

  5. Xurb GD

    Xurb GD6 days ago

    *HTC VIVE squad* :D

  6. ralph Arpaio

    ralph Arpaio9 days ago

    Google cardboard wins

  7. Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid9 days ago

    The Oculus definitely has the price advantage (if you want leg tracking) over the Vive. With the Oculus Rift Roomscale Bundle, Xbox One Kinect, Kinect TV Mount(Optional), and the Adapter for Kinect to PC Compatibility, coming to $628.42 on Amazon. While the Vive Pro, 3 Vive Trackers, Tracker Leg Straps(2 pack), and Tracker Waist Strap, coming to $1773.95 on Amazon.

  8. Jared Armbruster

    Jared Armbruster11 days ago

    I'm probably going with the Oculus Rift since right now it's far more affordable, and frankly the recommended specs match my PC exactly, with the one exception being the CPU. I plan to upgrade to an RTX 2080, so the lower cost of the Rift will definitely allow me to have more money left over after the upgrade.

  9. Miguel Salazar

    Miguel Salazar14 days ago

    This guy is boring , redo this review with the lesbian 🙂

  10. TheLuckyLunatic

    TheLuckyLunatic16 days ago

    7:58 but can you do this

  11. JokingJester

    JokingJester23 days ago

    we need vr gloves!

  12. Africa by Toto 2

    Africa by Toto 224 days ago

    You guys ever think that even though the Virtual Boy failed it inspired VR to start again nearly 20 years later

  13. pantera owns

    pantera owns24 days ago

    I have a very simple question that needs a very simple answer I am only going to be using this for project cars 2 that being said how far it goes and all that stuff doesn't matter to me I'm going to be using my headphones personal ones no matter what which one of these two looks better visually when you're looking through it

  14. william smith

    william smith26 days ago

    Windows MR joins the party Almost a year late

  15. El Mostrito

    El Mostrito29 days ago

    Can I mount these controllers on an AR-15 and play Arma 2 for ultimate realism? (AR15 unloaded, of course)

  16. Brandon Hines

    Brandon HinesMonth ago

    I learned something in VR chat, mark zuckerburg vs Gabe Newell... which is putting more money in anime women? I thot(see what I did there?) to be considered

  17. psovegeta

    psovegetaMonth ago

    I purchased Oculus on a whim when I was walking thru Best Buy. I had to make a trip back when I learned my Nvidia GTX560 wasn't compatible so I dropped another $500 for the GTX1080. It works great and haven't really experienced any lose of tracking or at least not to the point that it was noticeable or frustrating. I was playing a lot of VR Chat and even played Orbus, a VR MMORPG which I think is decent but still needs to be refined. I don't like how all the characters look like Nintendo Miis. Everyone is just a floating torso with a detached head and hands. In any case, I wanted to play VR on my laptop too so I could take VR on the go. I purchased Nolo VR controllers but they're buggy as fuck. They lose tracking a lot and I think the controllers also rely on audio because the base sensor vibrates. So lets say I put on an electric fan to keep me cool because playing VR makes me sweat. The hum from the fan can throw off my tracking. It might possibly work better if they had included an additional sensor for more accurate tracking but I don't think they have plans for that.

  18. Edna Junio

    Edna JunioMonth ago

    rift still loses

  19. RealAso

    RealAsoMonth ago

    Who tf are you? I didn't subscribe for you!

  20. Cameron Davis

    Cameron DavisMonth ago

    I would say that the Oculus trigger would be for the kind of game where they have moments that you would need to slowly or half pull the trigger

  21. Alex Trainor

    Alex TrainorMonth ago


  22. Ben Tindale

    Ben TindaleMonth ago

    I adore my HTC Vive

  23. Michael D

    Michael DMonth ago

    They need to go wireless for the head set I hate the cable

  24. MasterDriver1621

    MasterDriver1621Month ago

    *T H I S I S A B I G D E A L*

  25. C0R3 CaptainSMG

    C0R3 CaptainSMGMonth ago

    7:58 Hey look! It’s pewdiepies chair

  26. Fishum

    FishumMonth ago

    But full room support without buying another lighthouse is nice.

  27. Dracollin's Walkthrough's

    Dracollin's Walkthrough'sMonth ago

    You didn't talk about the Vive or show any demonstration. What kind of comparison is this?

  28. Mihkel T

    Mihkel TMonth ago

    They both suck, now the virtual boy is what its all about.

  29. 1423 171

    1423 171Month ago

    what i wanna know is why don't they just have a glove that senses the positions of your fingers rather than the attempt to make a controller to replicate your hands

  30. 1423 171

    1423 171Month ago

    I've only experienced the vive controller and it was extremely intuitive and it is disappointing the way they did the trigger on the oculus controller

  31. DemPugz

    DemPugzMonth ago

    can you use Oculus controllers on a vive platform?

  32. ErikTheRandom

    ErikTheRandomMonth ago

    I know playstation already has VR, however I just want to have Xbox VR They said once they figured out wireless VR it will be integrated into Xbox one X

  33. Gerald Knowles

    Gerald KnowlesMonth ago

    I went with the Vive and am pretty sure it was the right choice. My only struggle so far was the firmware update caused one of my base stations to stop working. Had to delete the file and reupdate. Once I did that it was great. need just two base stations and the rest of the set up is really fast and easy. Total cost with PC (excluding games) was about 1600.

  34. ASEKen

    ASEKen2 months ago

    30 hours....... pffft

  35. Paradox 5908

    Paradox 59082 months ago

    Hmmmm.......oculus or vive, Oculus or Vive, OCULUS OR VIVE??? Hmmmmm

  36. luca playz

    luca playz2 months ago

    Getting oculis can not wait to play vr chat

  37. Gerald Knowles

    Gerald Knowles2 months ago

    Well that didnt help. So, conclusion, flip a coin?

  38. mlg SNIPZZx

    mlg SNIPZZx2 months ago

    You sound like seth rogen

  39. Sir Wattson

    Sir Wattson2 months ago

    Think of those as this to people just now seeing this, Oculus rift=small spaces/sit down VR gaming, HTC Vive= big ass room VR gaming/ sitting down

  40. NirTheBest GG

    NirTheBest GG2 months ago

    i think vive

  41. AJ B

    AJ B2 months ago

    Not very good comparison.

  42. Thomas Benton

    Thomas Benton2 months ago

    I’m stuck with psvr . So for me, this means nothing

  43. Callan Sheldon

    Callan Sheldon2 months ago

    I did the thirty hours

  44. Crazy Nerd

    Crazy Nerd2 months ago

    I just want something that can play steam games and is plug and play.

  45. Bergmeeuw

    Bergmeeuw2 months ago

    can u do thiiiiiiiiiiiiis????

  46. Glueg Hi

    Glueg Hi2 months ago

    i like the oculus touch controllers alot they are small and light weight good for vr in general

  47. David Sorokins

    David Sorokins2 months ago

    I played htc irl it the controllers but the head set is bad

  48. Lord Crystoll

    Lord Crystoll2 months ago

    Full Body Tracking: Vive: yes Rift: no Vive 1 point Room Scale Vive: yes Rift: yes Draw Controllers Included At Launch Vive: yes Rift: no Vive 1 point Vive: 3 points Rift: 1 points really its just your personal preference but thats how you settle a debate so in this scenario the vive would win.

  49. 117Haseo

    117Haseo2 months ago

    Never mentions the video quality differences which considering the different design choices like the Vive having the odd spiral design that creates a weird image impression which given this is used for mostly gaming seems like an oversight.

  50. Sick Bastard

    Sick Bastard2 months ago

    can u play with the controllers without sensors ?

  51. Nova

    Nova2 months ago

    Honestly I got the rift simply because of the price difference and because a few exclusives i was semi interested in. And while i may not have a Vive to compare it to im pretty happy with my purchase. maybe down the line ill get an vive who knows.

  52. dapər C Ω r /ə/

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    MICHAEL BARNETT2 months ago

    I like the video, but disklike the ads.

  54. chris dias

    chris dias2 months ago

    7:58 "but can you do this" :)

  55. Ssouren

    Ssouren2 months ago

    we want linus

  56. Andrew Theodore

    Andrew Theodore2 months ago

    the guy in the chair looks like a retard. not a great way to sell it

  57. LudZip

    LudZip2 months ago

    What? I have oculus with 2 sensors and 360 tracking works perfectly when I’m standing

  58. NomiyaNadeshiko

    NomiyaNadeshiko2 months ago

    HTC Vive: + most popular headset + Vive Pro has highest resolution screen on any mainstream headset - no thumbsticks, I know very few people can handle thumbstick movement without motion sickness, but for those who can, this is immersion-breaking. - most expensive mainstream option. Oculus Rift: + Second most popular headset + Best controllers of any VR headset. - Still $500 Windows MR: + CHEAP, only $200! EXCELLENT for anyone who isn't willing to pay almost as much as they did for their PC just to play VR. + base model has second highest resolution screen of any mainstream headset, and Samsung Odyssey version has same resolution as Vive Pro. + A variety of versions to choose from, each with different pros and cons, but all being compatible with each other. + With Revive application, you can play Vive and Rift games on MR Headset. + Easiest to set up of any headset, truly plug-and-play. - Only bad thing is the lack of natively supported games. But if you're willing to spend 2 minutes setting up Revive, you can play pretty much any VR game with almost no issues.

  59. Ixpqd

    Ixpqd3 months ago

    Can the Rift play Onward?

  60. DkpDrifter

    DkpDrifter3 months ago

    Wonder if anyone else has a pc that won’t even run a vr set

  61. Otaku Watch

    Otaku Watch3 months ago

    Challenge accepted

  62. famissqerpion

    famissqerpion3 months ago

    You should be a hand model!

  63. Lucixir

    Lucixir3 months ago

    Headline doesn't match the video, I didn't see any final answer or any good comparisons overall between both systems. I did see a lot of you cumming all over yourself because the rift finally got new controllers, which are long fucking overdue but doesn't make it better than the vive. I and most people find that the htc vive is by far the better system.

  64. Shocking, Isnt It

    Shocking, Isnt It3 months ago

    I lik the rift controllers

  65. Rukasz Łodak

    Rukasz Łodak3 months ago

    Where is the Razer OSVR??

  66. Toxinic

    Toxinic3 months ago

    tl;dw vive is better tracking wise rift has better controllers

  67. Deranged Letters

    Deranged Letters3 months ago

    Lets not forget the Friction-less Running platform for VR. Only $700

  68. Kitty Jaz

    Kitty Jaz3 months ago

    so should i get the vive or rift?

  69. daetaapretiguudaa fuqinretard

    daetaapretiguudaa fuqinretard3 months ago

    Is the metrification of America finally working?

  70. swpercooldude

    swpercooldude3 months ago

    Do samsung odyssey

  71. Cappuccino -

    Cappuccino -3 months ago

    I got the rift and I’m not disappointed. Although I did have to buy 2 more sensors and extension cables and hdmi booster

  72. Death Valley

    Death Valley3 months ago

    still waiting for a good vive controller. but when will the controllers be released, or will I be better getting an oculus rift instead? haven't purchased one yet, but I really do prefer the idea of the rift controllers.

  73. Barros Gamer

    Barros Gamer3 months ago

    how about today what should I buy ?

  74. Nikolai Virolainen

    Nikolai Virolainen3 months ago

    Without mistakes you can't find out how you can improve your product. Although VIVE makers are presenting its product far beyond that what you actually get out of a package. I am not saying that one is better than other, but for me Rift is better since it demands less on hardware factor.

  75. Alex Kumlin

    Alex Kumlin3 months ago

    There is no comparison when you got such a shitty screen on the oculus

  76. medvidekmisa

    medvidekmisa3 months ago

    Iam watching a TON of VR experience, so far I found out best option now is to wait few years for them to become worth buying...

  77. Fallen Hero

    Fallen Hero3 months ago

    they need to make the controllers rechargeable instead of reg batteries

  78. Martyn Lawson

    Martyn Lawson3 months ago

    Slipg8r reference.. CHECK

  79. Busy Bee

    Busy Bee3 months ago

    It takes batteries.. In 2018????

  80. Wgaming113

    Wgaming1134 months ago

    im literally watching this whilst staring at my oculus thinking, "TAKE THAT VIVE PEOPLE"

  81. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose4 months ago


  82. †ryaИ

    †ryaИ4 months ago

    i mean just bought the rift 3 days ago since its 200 freaking euros cheaper

  83. Jbit Retro

    Jbit Retro4 months ago

    hmm.. this is interesting. maybe I should get into this stuff. if were all becoming digital versus real, might as well dive in early on I guess.

  84. Dank Cheese

    Dank Cheese4 months ago

    Can you use the oculus controllers with the vive?

  85. Justin Love

    Justin Love4 months ago

    You are a way better presenter than that other whiney dissapointed guy on this channel.

  86. Neo Alison

    Neo Alison4 months ago

    Please update this review. thank you in advance.

  87. sniperammow

    sniperammow4 months ago

    Yea I will probably get a pack of 48 batteries when I get the rift.

  88. N0D3

    N0D34 months ago

    So VR in 2018 is still way too BASIC. It needs to evolve more :)

  89. Blue Strike

    Blue Strike4 months ago

    Is an gtx 1060 strong enough for HTC vive ?

  90. Busy Bee

    Busy Bee3 months ago

    Blue Strike obviously

  91. Enciu Marian

    Enciu Marian4 months ago

    You should wear a tshirt with #vivefanboy.

  92. James Evans

    James Evans4 months ago

    Dude you need to up your fingernail game in a big way.

  93. Steej

    Steej4 months ago

    1000 people disliked this video? whats to dislike? oO

  94. Freek Jacobs

    Freek Jacobs4 months ago

    Steel frames in chairs are not light weight. As far from light weight as you could be. Why would it even matter if it's light weight. Seems like a silly thing to mention.

  95. My Name Is Thanos

    My Name Is Thanos4 months ago

    7:58 #ButCanYouDoTHIS!?!?!?

  96. MinX

    MinX4 months ago

    I don't know why am i here when i don't even have money for it. I'm just gonna cry in this corner.

  97. Kono hetare yaro

    Kono hetare yaro4 months ago

    he sounds like seth rogen

  98. Ruo-Tong Wong

    Ruo-Tong Wong4 months ago

    It would be amazing if both the vive and the oculus worked together! The tracking system would be really nice along with the awesome controllers! Just my opinion. :)

  99. Jameson Atwell

    Jameson Atwell4 months ago

    7:57 *BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?*

  100. Jawad Alghamdi

    Jawad Alghamdi4 months ago

    who is he?

  101. AwesomeBro Jet

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