Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive FINAL ANSWER


  1. Wgaming113

    Wgaming1133 days ago

    im literally watching this whilst staring at my oculus thinking, "TAKE THAT VIVE PEOPLE"

  2. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose5 days ago


  3. T R Y A N

    T R Y A N7 days ago

    i mean just bought the rift 3 days ago since its 200 freaking euros cheaper

  4. Jbit Retro

    Jbit Retro8 days ago

    hmm.. this is interesting. maybe I should get into this stuff. if were all becoming digital versus real, might as well dive in early on I guess.

  5. Uzai Yatsu

    Uzai Yatsu9 days ago

    Can you use the oculus controllers with the vive?

  6. Justin Love

    Justin Love10 days ago

    You are a way better presenter than that other whiney dissapointed guy on this channel.

  7. Neo Alison

    Neo Alison14 days ago

    Please update this review. thank you in advance.

  8. sniperammow

    sniperammow18 days ago

    Yea I will probably get a pack of 48 batteries when I get the rift.

  9. N0D3

    N0D318 days ago

    So VR in 2018 is still way too BASIC. It needs to evolve more :)

  10. Blue Strike

    Blue Strike20 days ago

    Is an gtx 1060 strong enough for HTC vive ?

  11. Enciu Marian

    Enciu Marian21 day ago

    You should wear a tshirt with #vivefanboy.

  12. James Evans

    James Evans22 days ago

    Dude you need to up your fingernail game in a big way.

  13. Steej

    Steej24 days ago

    1000 people disliked this video? whats to dislike? oO

  14. Freek Jacobs

    Freek Jacobs24 days ago

    Steel frames in chairs are not light weight. As far from light weight as you could be. Why would it even matter if it's light weight. Seems like a silly thing to mention.

  15. My Name Is Thanos

    My Name Is Thanos25 days ago

    7:58 #ButCanYouDoTHIS!?!?!?

  16. MinX

    MinX25 days ago

    I don't know why am i here when i don't even have money for it. I'm just gonna cry in this corner.

  17. Kono hetare yaro

    Kono hetare yaro26 days ago

    he sounds like seth rogen

  18. Ruo-Tong Wong

    Ruo-Tong Wong27 days ago

    It would be amazing if both the vive and the oculus worked together! The tracking system would be really nice along with the awesome controllers! Just my opinion. :)

  19. Jameson Atwell

    Jameson Atwell29 days ago

    7:57 *BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?*

  20. Jawad Alghamdi

    Jawad Alghamdi29 days ago

    who is he?

  21. AwesomeBro Jet

    AwesomeBro JetMonth ago


  22. zach hardenbrook

    zach hardenbrookMonth ago

    Only way I get an oculus is if they have the games I want and better sensors

  23. Cakeman 2915

    Cakeman 2915Month ago

    Think about the fact that you will probably not be in VR very often before you buy a headset. My brother bought me the oculus rift but I havent been using it a lot. Partially because my pc isn't quite suited but also because i start sweating and get tired eyes really fast.

  24. Colt 45

    Colt 45Month ago

    so if i have the extra money should i just get the Rift? My roomate has a vive and its pretty fun, im just a super picky guy when it comes to the controllers

  25. BluuM

    BluuMMonth ago

    I think most of us care about price.

  26. VR Friends

    VR FriendsMonth ago

    Still think the Vive is better, but all in order some say this some say that, it all depends of the users actually. For me the Vive is better and developing games and VR content the Vive is much easier and better as well.

  27. Firestorm 308

    Firestorm 308Month ago

    let me say this, i have well over 700 hours of ingame VR and i played the oculus once which i will admit the controllers did feel a lot better than the vive controllers but AA batteries can dissapear extremely quickly for gamers and they arent exactly cheap so i like being able to have 8 hours instead of 30 of power but i can at east charge them with a cable just adding a small amount to the electric bill so i consider the oculus more of an on the road VR system

  28. Jon Smith

    Jon SmithMonth ago

    Shame you have to go all negative. To be honest, the whole review seemed lackluster.

  29. Alex Meurer

    Alex MeurerMonth ago

    Im just waiting for VR to get to the point where you can feel everything in the game.

  30. BCP Gaming Channel

    BCP Gaming ChannelMonth ago

    lets go for the crowd favorite.

  31. Shadowchao121

    Shadowchao121Month ago

    My main reason for going for Rift was one simple reason. You can play any game on both the Oculus store AND the steam store (including many games that say they are Vive Only such as accounting etc)

  32. John M

    John MMonth ago

    now the rift is still worse than the vive as the cost and capabilities aren't as fleshed out. both have gotten better, but it still stands that vive being first to the party is the pioneer and rift could have possibly reverse engineered the wands and added their own spin. not to say that they have

  33. alf beef

    alf beefMonth ago

    I played 18 hours straight in my Oculus the other night only stopped 3 times once to go to the bathroom and two times to get a snack and something to drink..

  34. A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

    A VERY horny Mr.DinosaurMonth ago

    -Why does it feel like you have the EXACT SAME camera as "Linus Tech Tips"?!- Nvmind the intro just played, and this IS Linus Tech Tips. i legitimately had no idea

  35. wurschtler kn

    wurschtler knMonth ago

    Which one is better for VR-Chat?

  36. wurschtler kn

    wurschtler knMonth ago


  37. TheGameLecturer

    TheGameLecturerMonth ago

    May 2018, Valve's Knucles are still nowhere to be found. Bethesda's games are still not truly compatible with Touches. Also, VR is not progessing much in general. It's all frozen in time.

  38. dat squeaky boi

    dat squeaky boiMonth ago

    7:57 but can you do this

  39. Shotgunsam 23

    Shotgunsam 23Month ago

    The vive controllers suck for shooters like onward. They are to bulky.

  40. Rose Fleurr

    Rose FleurrMonth ago

    slowly getting closer to Ready Player One status VR experience

  41. Skyler Cooper

    Skyler CooperMonth ago

    Radical 5:00

  42. Aℓℓ σf мє

    Aℓℓ σf мєMonth ago


  43. Jose Johnson

    Jose JohnsonMonth ago



    KING HUEYMonth ago

    I liked this vid just off the intro lol

  45. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    I watch these video's just to hear more about that wonderful Tunnelbear! =D

  46. Tobias Weber

    Tobias WeberMonth ago

    so for the rift you need to sit in your chair infront of the computer if you dont have the money to buy extra sensors? did i got that right?

  47. blupheonix44

    blupheonix44Month ago

    Vive also not tied into the facebook ecosystem, which is a good thing..

  48. Dr. Jonas Venture

    Dr. Jonas VentureMonth ago

    The touch controls are second to none, everything else is similar other than Oculus being smaller and weighing less. I find it much more comfortable. If both systems work with a game I find I like it better on the Oculus.

  49. InazumaKaan

    InazumaKaanMonth ago

    I accept the challenge.2:42

  50. Matt Simspon

    Matt SimsponMonth ago

    These things are actually starting to become more affordable... also ready player one has been out for a week and it raised my expectations for VR! I want that RPO experience man! The techs almost already there just perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

  51. Markinpuff

    MarkinpuffMonth ago

    Supersampling works, took me a while to get everything working right and I can say the Rift is the only gaming platform I use. It's just incredible. I went with a 1080ti for GPU, only because I did not want any bottlenecking, the touch controllers are a godsend and made the Rift 200% better. I'm hoping that next gen hardware is not just incremental but really makes a difference. The sky's the limit with this Tech.

  52. Wumbo

    Wumbo2 months ago

    Oculus. Reason: Cost less. Point 1 for Oculus. HTC Vive. Why the hell did they release a PRO? It kinda sucks.

  53. Haygamer

    Haygamer2 months ago

    Occulous did the gaming side well, the triggers and hand gestures are perfect for immersion. The finger is really fun to pull off. Mobility is very easy, the occulous is very light and for SuperHot, very easy and not shaky. In my opinion, Occulous wins.

  54. Hide The Pain Harold

    Hide The Pain Harold2 months ago

    i wish i could afford one of these rip

  55. KarRuptAssassin

    KarRuptAssassin2 months ago

    I just wish i had $800 for a vive.

  56. Zarif Ahsan

    Zarif Ahsan2 months ago


  57. SwiFt Emperor

    SwiFt Emperor2 months ago

    In the future there’s probably going to be gloves as controllers, so u can make any hand gesture you want,

  58. Cipriano

    Cipriano2 months ago

    7:58 BUT CAN IT DO THIS 💺

  59. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude2 months ago

    Where’s Linus. I liked him

  60. scorepit

    scorepit2 months ago


  61. Tronix212

    Tronix2122 months ago

    My eyes are better then both

  62. ِ

    ِ2 months ago

    *__| _/ ___*

  63. HirXeBomb

    HirXeBomb2 months ago

    Have both products, I like the Oculus way better, use it the most but then again I don't play games where I need to move and jump around like a tit in my own living room. Gave the Vive eventually to my chubby cousin so he could loose weight while playing games where he needs movement.

  64. Wade-Potato

    Wade-Potato2 months ago

    If you want to close your hand halfway, just buy a Leap Motion

  65. Owlero

    Owlero2 months ago

    Wait, why AA's for the controllers? What year is this? Why not rechargable lithium ion?

  66. MiNoxus

    MiNoxus2 months ago

    I've only tried an oculus at a mate's house and I LOVED the controllers, you barely notice they're there and it makes it so immersive. The tracking argument is said to be fixed with extra sensors, so I'm probably ordering a Rift pretty soon, considering that even WITH the extra sensors, its still cheaper to get and I don't have a massive area to set up for VR. Its about preference more than anything here I think, if you have the cash, you can get a Vive, although I'll pity you not being able to use the new oculus controllers

  67. TheRangeControl

    TheRangeControl2 months ago

    TINY buttons have spacing between them...

  68. Nager McDuck

    Nager McDuck2 months ago

    A year and a half later, Rift + Touch + 3rd sensor (which in practice can track up to 3x3 meters, Oculus' official technical specs be damned) + extension cables for the headset comes out *cheaper* than Vive. Much, much more so if you count the Deluxe Audio Strap into the cost, which brings Vive closer to Rift in terms of ergonomics & audio, but adds a hefty price tag to the Vive which is already in the upper end of the VR price range. There is no argument to be had in favor of Vive unless you have a huge room, a huge head, or huge glasses.

  69. JohnTheSlider

    JohnTheSlider2 months ago

    7:57 it can do this!

  70. masonpason123 - Minecraft

    masonpason123 - Minecraft2 months ago

    8.00 but can you do THIS

  71. Junebug

    Junebug2 months ago

    Got Drums?

  72. Mike Knuckles

    Mike Knuckles2 months ago

    I wish we could use touch controller with the htc vive cause the touch controller is better. Also htc vive is better cause you can look around without it looking wierd.

  73. Leader Daniel

    Leader Daniel2 months ago

    Do you need a computer (I'm super dumb don't judge me)

  74. Błüęøñ123’š Fåctørÿ

    Błüęøñ123’š Fåctørÿ2 months ago

    Fun fact The founder of oculus is John carmack One of the original creators of doom Aka one of the most important games in pc gaming and fps history

  75. L.M.L.H L.M.L.H2 months ago

    Which one should I get? Can't decide since it's the first vr I'll own

  76. A Catman

    A Catman2 months ago

    To use vr, do you need a pc?

  77. TurboPikachuX

    TurboPikachuX3 months ago

    Rift, with all its pros and the cheaper price tag is an incredibly tempting sell, but I think I'm still gonna go Vive, because it's Valve's preference.

  78. Kurt Hansen

    Kurt Hansen3 months ago

    I love the hardware, but the software is absolute shit.

  79. Mo Caster

    Mo Caster3 months ago

    I want to get all of THEM

  80. Aaliyah White

    Aaliyah White3 months ago

    But is the chair only $399

  81. Ree Eee

    Ree Eee3 months ago

    Just looked at the views on this vid it said 999k I was like that's a very specific number

  82. kingryan920

    kingryan9203 months ago

    7:57 to 8:03 "but can u do dis" pewdiepie 2018

  83. JohnTheSlider

    JohnTheSlider3 months ago

    Someone did actually have the rift on for 24 hours.

  84. Dedo Try Not

    Dedo Try Not3 months ago

    8:00 but can it do THIS!!!

  85. lostinalone

    lostinalone3 months ago

    but why is the vive cost so much T.T

  86. Kalfax plays

    Kalfax plays3 months ago

    you might have to make a new video on the 1st of the 8th 2018, coz theyre releasing htc vive pro :)

  87. felidae

    felidae3 months ago

    IF you're planning on getting into sims like DCS World, go rift. It's just clearer.

  88. Art Vass

    Art Vass3 months ago

    after one year right headphone will stop working rift is foulty

  89. StingRay

    StingRay3 months ago

    7:57 B U T C A N U D O D I S ?

  90. Brandon Valencia

    Brandon Valencia3 months ago

    with that being said, you should probably not use this phrase again....

  91. envelope91

    envelope913 months ago

    Why not just plug HDMI into brain and skip all of these inventions? :(

  92. Mr. Thaolos

    Mr. Thaolos3 months ago

    7:58 but can you do this ?

  93. Fortnite LockerTV

    Fortnite LockerTV3 months ago


  94. Jason DeKeyser

    Jason DeKeyser3 months ago

    So I bought a Rift weeks ago and just got back from my friends who has the VIVE. I wanted to buy the VIVE but it cost more and after trying it out I gotta say I am happy I bought the Rift! The controllers are better, the pixelation is less and the content is better Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Three Suns etc. And yes I know you can play Oculus exclusives on the VIVE with ReVive but it didnt feel the same playing Robo Recall on the VIVE. Definitely some lag going on somewhere and took away from the immersion. RIFT>VIVE

  95. Kazami Senpai

    Kazami Senpai4 months ago

    30 hour challenge? It's on! 30 hours latter *takes off vr headset* *falls down*

  96. Paul A. Velcea

    Paul A. Velcea4 months ago

    wait for feet sensors

  97. charlieq2012

    charlieq20124 months ago

    Why t f is the vive double in price?

  98. K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ

    K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ2 months ago


  99. pieter van hoorn

    pieter van hoorn4 months ago

    can i do the controller empty challenge with my htc when controllers are pluged in with a timer so i know when to end

  100. Michael Varney

    Michael Varney4 months ago

    Hi ho... he's Kermit the frog!

  101. NeedAName

    NeedAName4 months ago

    cant you just make a 2 seconds video where you say if oculus rift or HTC Vive? btw. the oculus rift is uglier than the HTC