Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive FINAL ANSWER


  1. BowenALLin:D Valkenhoff

    BowenALLin:D Valkenhoff3 days ago


  2. Bacon

    Bacon22 days ago

    Hey when are you going to review the oculus quest?

  3. Jacob Speckhard

    Jacob Speckhard22 days ago

    Review the Oculus Quest

  4. Zyoplex Music

    Zyoplex MusicMonth ago

    2:52 Challenge Accepted.

  5. Charles Whitlock

    Charles WhitlockMonth ago

    I have an htc vive

  6. Mattéo Leullier

    Mattéo LeullierMonth ago

    fun thing... The Index Controllers were developed from 2016...

  7. Jaiden Sy

    Jaiden SyMonth ago

    We r finally getting the index controllers xD

  8. Antoine Photography

    Antoine PhotographyMonth ago

    I Did 39 hours long stream. You said it

  9. x INTENSOR x

    x INTENSOR xMonth ago

    I'm so sick of overly careful yet so overly dramatic reviews, You didn't even pick a winner.

  10. PopcornUnicorn

    PopcornUnicornMonth ago

    I think the Vive is better, I had bought the oculus and the tracking is just a mess. You would most likely start getting a drifting motion caused by your left controller. Overall I would recommend the vive

  11. Smashplayer 01

    Smashplayer 01Month ago

    Going to take my rift back. Wayyy too many problems screen tearing,fps drops, poor tracking, sensors are impossible to get working I'm done oculus is a joke. Going to get a vive most likely.

  12. Expectation

    Expectation2 months ago

    Htc vive is waaaaaaaayyy better tho

  13. Guido Bogers

    Guido Bogers2 months ago

    it's nice seeing Kyle (?) again. Linus was really coming out of my two nose holes with his obnoxious behaviour

  14. jazzmickge1

    jazzmickge12 months ago

    HI Guys; I've decided to go into VR and having done alot of research including watching all your vids, I'm still clueless as to which to buy. As I now understand that all VR options have Pros and Cons, so my question to you is this. Which VR headset is the best 'All-rounder'? I would like to add (based on my research) that 'Oculus Rift' is now discontinued in favour of 'Oculus Go', and I've not found as much info on that yet as its pritty new. My first impression is, Rift is better, but as its going away, sould (if your answer to my question IS.... Buy Oculus...) Should I buy Rift now before stores sell out or should I buy Oculus Go? P.S. I'm planning on buying my VR this week, so no pressure, but I really hope you can help me before I find out I've made a HUGE mistake. AND!!!! I completely agree that I'm NOT spending £1000+ on HTC Pro, simply because for a pair of !*GOGGLES*!, its more of a Rip-off than iPhone X or Galaxy 10+.

  15. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus2 months ago

    They should just make a glove form factor (exoskeleton not a traditional glove) version as well. There's not one controller for everything. God bless, Proverbs 31

  16. Generalmic

    Generalmic2 months ago

    "The final answer" THE CHOICE IS YOURS

  17. Adrien Dugas

    Adrien Dugas2 months ago

    What do you use the thumb stick for

  18. José Alfredo Pinto Villamar

    José Alfredo Pinto Villamar2 months ago

    To move in game without moving in real life.

  19. Lotus

    Lotus2 months ago

    It seems like the htc vive with better controllers would be the best setup

  20. Conias

    Conias2 months ago

    Do you have do have the cameras

  21. David Kirk

    David Kirk2 months ago

    You see, what confuses me with the vive, is that they had the idiotic idea to say: "Oh, joysticks are too hard to use. Lets make this really bad trackpad design and see what happens"! This is one of the main reasons I want to sell my vive and get a rift.

  22. Jamie C

    Jamie C2 months ago

    I just wish they werent such douchebags with the pricing lol. I'd gladly go for a rift being a hardcore vive fan but.... who the hell wants to buy an additional 2 $150 camera's just for the option to stand up and turn around. It's a goddamn little camera sensor, no excuse for the pricing other then they can cause people will.

  23. Just A Bored Game Controller

    Just A Bored Game Controller3 months ago

    i like oculus cuz mark has my info

  24. Kari Krummi

    Kari Krummi3 months ago

    Oculus is the apple of VR. Steam is the Google.

  25. Jansher Khan

    Jansher Khan3 months ago

    2:16 I am sure this man cuts his nails with tooth whenever he is free.

  26. VRT0AST

    VRT0AST3 months ago

    i won't have the money for vr for another 8 months everytime i mention getting a vive someone tells me get oculus its better and when i mention maybe getting oculus someone say na fam get vive its better i don't know anymore bro

  27. BramPlayz

    BramPlayz3 months ago

    Mm i dont have enough money 🥴 i gonna play in the wii lmao

  28. No Ya

    No Ya3 months ago

    BramPlayz noice

  29. Mason Lowenberg

    Mason Lowenberg3 months ago

    when i was using the touch controllers the magnetic battery cover thing slid out when i was playing beat saber

  30. Bluekid

    Bluekid3 months ago

    Do another one

  31. The Challenge Bros

    The Challenge Bros3 months ago

    Go rift!

  32. Orhan Agridag

    Orhan Agridag2 months ago

    Go Go Power Ra....Rifters!!!!!

  33. Andy Jones

    Andy Jones3 months ago

    I'm just about to buy a Rift (Tomorrow to be exact), and considering the MASSIVE price difference I think that the Rift is definitely the better buy right now. Rift > £350 vs Vive > £1000 upwards? No competition. It will be interesting to see what the market looks like in another 2 years to say the least.

  34. MLTDS// MLTheDiamondSword

    MLTDS// MLTheDiamondSword3 months ago

    HTC Vive

  35. The_Big_Niz

    The_Big_Niz4 months ago

    answer: the Oculus quest

  36. McLaren F1

    McLaren F14 months ago

    do you need the seperate censors for desk use? no moving around a room

  37. Ghost Tommy

    Ghost Tommy4 months ago

    on the rift i use 2 sensors for 360 and stand with no issues at all.

  38. Ghost Tommy

    Ghost Tommy4 months ago

    Oculus Rift the best headsets even in 2019

  39. L

    L4 months ago

    7:58 I... I guess he can do this...

  40. Traction Plays

    Traction Plays4 months ago

    So which ones better?


    EVIL SALAD4 months ago

    I murder homeless Children

  42. Dani547m 5m

    Dani547m 5m4 months ago

    where's linus at??

  43. Bluntski

    Bluntski4 months ago

    VR has replaced my "normal" life. I spend 2-8hrs in vr because the "real world" freaking sucks.

  44. jordan self

    jordan self4 months ago

    ummm i dont know what i want

  45. JustBecuz

    JustBecuz4 months ago

    why did this appear on my feed now?

  46. Aiden Jorgensen

    Aiden Jorgensen5 months ago

    30 hours you say eh?

  47. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez5 months ago

    WHO IS THIS?!?!!?

  48. Stugem S

    Stugem S5 months ago

    i know i am 3 years late on this video but the htc vive has better tracking than oculus due to the camera quality but oculus is half the price of vive but they are pretty god damn similar.

  49. Drexy

    Drexy5 months ago

    What’s the best headset for VRchat?

  50. Infinite Rage

    Infinite Rage5 months ago

    Just sniped the last rift from a best buy for $350. So far well worth the price

  51. BLUE DEATH56

    BLUE DEATH565 months ago

    My only question about these is can you play the same vr games whether it’s a htc or a oculus

  52. Itsyur Chance

    Itsyur Chance5 months ago

    I win the challenge. I was in vr for 30 hours and 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

  53. LeTuce

    LeTuce5 months ago

    As long rift doesn't improve their base stations Vive will be the best cause what's the point in virtual reality if you can fking turn unless you wanna pay even more and then you can turn for 160 dollares AMAZING!

  54. Orhan Agridag

    Orhan Agridag2 months ago

    You do know that with a third Sensor you can have 360degree with the rift too Right? (even with 2 on "experimental mode") and the whole Rift Bundle including that third sensor is still MUCH cheaper that the Vive Bundle...…..

  55. CharlieintheBox

    CharlieintheBox5 months ago

    are the wands and the controllers interchangeable? like, can I use a Vive headset with the touch controllers instead of the wands?

  56. CharlieintheBox

    CharlieintheBox2 months ago

    @Stone Welle Thank you.

  57. Stone Welle

    Stone Welle2 months ago

    Leondardo 1515 no unless you have sensors for both the vive and the oculus

  58. Raven RxH

    Raven RxH5 months ago

    In my opinion the oculus is better easy to set up and headset is smooth and the controllers a smaller and less clunky than the vice and it’s less expensive

  59. DjangDjang

    DjangDjang5 months ago

    Must admit im a bit scared of getting my Rift due to this “superior 3rd sensor” idea, that just seems and sounds to give u that 1000 times experience. I just hope i’ll manage, since i havent Got any Money left to invest in that 3rd sensor. :-/

  60. dvrk 158

    dvrk 1585 months ago

    It’s sucks that the software is absolute dog shit trash (oculus)

  61. Chappie

    Chappie5 months ago

    ok, i think i've sealed the deal now... IF i'm going to buy a VR headset, it's gonna the be easiest to set up. what, i like to spend a little more money on ease of access, as long as it doesn't interfere with the experience.

  62. MJC Titcho

    MJC Titcho5 months ago

    What's with the giant ring on the oculus controller?

  63. MJC Titcho

    MJC Titcho5 months ago

    @TJ Studio wdym by occlusion

  64. TJ Studio

    TJ Studio5 months ago

    To reduce occlusion.

  65. Liam Matthews

    Liam Matthews5 months ago

    Having trouble deciding which system to buy? It's easy! Don't get the one created by valve...

  66. Crimsoncube181

    Crimsoncube1815 months ago

    In aus the vive is $500 more expensive at the cheapest

  67. Garrett Stater

    Garrett Stater5 months ago

    Vr hangover sucks

  68. truck2224

    truck22245 months ago

    I already got the vive before watching this cause steamvr

  69. Demetri Stefanow

    Demetri Stefanow5 months ago

    *lays down in chair* was that chair let me guess 399$

  70. The Rogue Clone

    The Rogue Clone5 months ago

    Listen I have a vive and I love it. As long as I can play fallout 4 vr, I'm happy.

  71. 123

    1235 months ago

    Resident evil 7 was VR. And the upcoming one isnt. Damn developers...

  72. Ryan

    Ryan5 months ago

    Just bought a Rift today after years of keeping up with VR, cant wait!

  73. Thomas Hates Idiots

    Thomas Hates Idiots5 months ago

    Vive is better

  74. lyrasimo

    lyrasimo5 months ago

    PC gaming , NO exclusives pls FFS

  75. Orhan Agridag

    Orhan Agridag2 months ago

    Oculus makes both Hardware and Software (Publishing), so of Course they will cater to their own Hardware?! Is Nintendo Releasing Mario for Xbox or Playstation? Is Microsoft Releasing Halo for Playstation or Switch or is Sony Releasing God of War for Xbox and the Switch? No? So WHY Should Oculus Release the Games that THEY publish using THEIR Money on other Hardware? You want Oculus Exclusives? Well than youll Need an Oculus, enough said.

  76. El Doggo

    El Doggo5 months ago

    7:59 but can your chair do this?!

  77. nick sal

    nick sal6 months ago

    I hate youtube intros I skip every single one

  78. JohnnyQ85

    JohnnyQ856 months ago

    I dont understand something: Can the headset (not the controllers!) be turned around 360° and still track with the single camera in front?

  79. ChrischrosBelgium

    ChrischrosBelgium6 months ago

    Linus Tech Tips, you look a lot like this Belgian dude: mreporter.net/v/video-j7Pu9qqHzCw.html I thought you were him.

  80. Serge P

    Serge P6 months ago

    Bullshit product placement content video.

  81. Davio88

    Davio886 months ago

    Came here for a review of Rift vs Vive - left with a review of Rift's controllers.

  82. Chicago Skater

    Chicago Skater6 months ago

    I would pick oculus 100% of the time if you are just looking to get into VR. Controllers are better, headset is better, cheaper. I agree 100% though that vive tracking is leagues better. I have 2 sensors with oculus positioned diagonally across and for the most part it works well, but those times where tracking is lost is absolutely infuriating! most of my VR games are fast paced and even a half of second of lost tracking is a total disaster. It happens way too often.

  83. Orhan Agridag

    Orhan Agridag2 months ago

    Rift with 3 Sensors and Touch Controllers is still much cheaper than Vive, and the tracking is on par + INSANELY better Controllers for the Rift (Thumbstick alone is allready making it a millions times better) also Vive HMD is heavier than the rift, and after a few Hours of gaming your neck will feel that extra weight + more than 30 Hours of Battery Life for Touch Controllers vs the Ridiculously short 3-4 Hours of the Vive Wands....so yea Rift is Overall the clear Winner all and all

  84. MrProlantern

    MrProlantern6 months ago

    8:02 but can your chair do this

  85. Rynnboi

    Rynnboi6 months ago

    Windows Mixed Reality: HeY GuyS CaN I PlaY?!//!?

  86. B-Mack 73

    B-Mack 736 months ago

    Which would be better for best saber I’ve heard that the oculus controllers are lighter and allow for faster movements

  87. Luminous

    Luminous6 months ago

    Watching the video, I had a question of sorts: Why does a room for VR have horned ornaments on the wall?

  88. xgravegame

    xgravegame6 months ago

    i wish the oculus didn't need batterie's and you could just recharge them i mean what if you just have batteries that last 6 hour's and then you charge them? it's much better! the day you play whit them and a night you can just charge when you sleep that the only problem that i find whit Oculus so... do you guy's know eny good battery and battery charger i should get? thank's in advance!

  89. R0S3S Goes Hard

    R0S3S Goes Hard6 months ago

    Man I just want something to flip people off in VR chat

  90. J p

    J p6 months ago

    Which one has better software?

  91. ostrichballs

    ostrichballs6 months ago

    2:11 micro orgasm

  92. Bring me Peter pan

    Bring me Peter pan6 months ago

    Even with having to buy the extra two sensors I think the oculus is still cheaper. I paid 450 CAD for mine, an extra sensor is 60-70 bucks. And right now you cant even buy the normal Vive headset! Only the pro version and its reeeeal expensive.

  93. The Cakekappen Show

    The Cakekappen Show6 months ago

    Heh Heh now there's quest so now it's just better.

  94. Cypher

    Cypher6 months ago

    I just want full body tracking for oculus and then I’m set

  95. Orhan Agridag

    Orhan Agridag2 months ago

    EXACTLY! Thats the only real downside with the Rift, other than that RIFT all the way!

  96. SwampiiTV

    SwampiiTV6 months ago

    just finished lukes challenge

  97. Jacob Votava

    Jacob Votava6 months ago

    I mean the rift bundle goes on sale for 300 bucks every Friday so I'll buy the rift bc I can afford it then

  98. Reindeerd

    Reindeerd6 months ago

    May get the oculus for christmas. I hope so

  99. Dark Lord Flaglo

    Dark Lord Flaglo6 months ago

    Just bought A Rift, currently waiting on a displayport to hdmi cable so i can set it up :/ my graphics card only has one hdmi port but three DP's

  100. parham yazdanpanah

    parham yazdanpanah6 months ago

    You could make it less obvious that you are kissing oculus rift's a**

  101. prodigygod1

    prodigygod16 months ago

    this was back in 2016 and i still cant find those controllers.. im guessing that failed and they gave up?

  102. Jacob Johnsob

    Jacob Johnsob6 months ago

    What about the glasses will it hurt you if you have g lasses

  103. Vulkin

    Vulkin6 months ago

    not at all unless you have really thicc frames

  104. Gold Shite

    Gold Shite6 months ago

    Just got the Rift Touch package!! Its sooooo good for the price. You won't be disappointed! The headphones are legit too. The future of VR is bright.

  105. ninjer ha

    ninjer ha7 months ago

    Can they play the same games?

  106. Gravityu_

    Gravityu_7 months ago

    O C U L U S ForLyfe

  107. Chris_Emiliano

    Chris_Emiliano7 months ago

    Uhm so which vr will be the first to make a proper working vr glove controller?

  108. romanelli

    romanelli7 months ago

    awfull video about nothing

  109. TechPcGamer

    TechPcGamer7 months ago

    just got Oculus Rift 1st time using vr so much fun so hooked on it

  110. Kind Old Raven

    Kind Old Raven7 months ago

    But... 99% of all VR games work on both of these platforms just fine. So that, in the end, shouldn't define your purchase imho. The tech itself should.

  111. Alberto Demo

    Alberto Demo7 months ago

    So when you say about the USB port for the rift does that mean that there will be a whole long wire running from the pc to the third sensor??

  112. Jack McInnis

    Jack McInnis7 months ago

    2:28 rip his middle finger