OCEAN'S 8 - Official Main Trailer


  1. SuperSix Delta

    SuperSix Delta3 days ago

    This movie was a piece of shit.

  2. anon p

    anon p5 days ago

    Wow, what a bunch of pansy ass boys on here. There's a movie with women in it! Let's lose our f*cking minds!!! The world hasn't been fair enough to men already!!! Hahahaha....bitches.

  3. Rory Noonan

    Rory Noonan6 days ago

    I love oceans 8

  4. David Smith

    David Smith7 days ago

    ˙uǝɥɔʇᴉʞ ǝɥʇ uᴉ ɥʇoq ɯǝɥʇ ʇnd uɐɔ I os sǝɹnƃᴉɟ uoᴉʇɔɐ uɐǝɔO ǝᴉqqǝp puɐ uosɹɐ˥ ǝᴉɹq ʎɯ ʇuɐʍ I

  5. Giovanni Masi

    Giovanni Masi9 days ago

    “Why do you want to do it”? “ Because I wan’t to” lol. No apparent reason.

  6. Tuvock Johnson

    Tuvock Johnson11 days ago

    God, even the trailer sucks!

  7. David Smith

    David Smith14 days ago

    I want my Brie Larson and Debbie Ocean action figures so I can put them both in the kitchen.

  8. hannah

    hannah15 days ago

    people complain too much, it’s a good movie. shut the fuck up.

  9. falala

    falala21 day ago

    Women these days think they have to be just like men in order to be respected. Lmao

  10. Crunchy Toast

    Crunchy Toast21 day ago

    So many queens

  11. Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson

    Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson26 days ago

    Tried not to compare it and give it the stand alonr treatment ... unfortunately it was some carbon copy shit ... eye candy tho

  12. ozzieboy007

    ozzieboy00726 days ago

    OMG! Yet ANOTHER feminist gender-bender Hollywood re-make. Doesn't Hollywood have writers any more? Another crappy Hollywood movie that will fail. Let's get men back in the Hollywood executive chairs and kick these feminists out and bring back REAL movies!

  13. Josie Ocean

    Josie Ocean29 days ago

    Why do people hate this movie? It’s entertaining and fun, just because it is a recreation doesn’t mean it’s going to be shit.

  14. David Smith

    David Smith29 days ago

    In the sequel these sassy feminists should steal large shipments of Gillette men's razors.

  15. Michelle Amenumey

    Michelle AmenumeyMonth ago

    Of course Sandra Bullock is In this

  16. herman munster

    herman munsterMonth ago

    How come hollywood have no real women working for them? These so called woman are just a bunch of freaks! I wonder which one is really a man? You know one of them is a man they just wont say. Not yet. They always wait and they they tell you who was the man because they think it has some kind of what they call shock value. What a bunch of morons!

  17. herman munster

    herman munsterMonth ago

    I would let one or two of them give me a blow job ( With a condom) but I would never go to see this film. if you want to call it that. It is just an other Hollywood bullshit movie. Why do they keep copying old movies? Don't they have anyone that can write ? Its all just PC! Nothing more! I want to be entertained not indoctrinated.

  18. GrimZerxes

    GrimZerxesMonth ago

    ''Ocean's 8 stars blame dominance of male critics for film's mixed reviews'' ''Mindy Kaling called the dominance of white male reviewers “unfair”. “If I had to base my career on what white men wanted I would be very unsuccessful'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you fcking sexist racist hypocrites. Im seriously losing faith in women more and more

  19. Eshoemaker

    EshoemakerMonth ago


  20. بط ه**

    بط ه**Month ago

    اريدة كامل ومترجم

  21. Zachariah Lloyd

    Zachariah LloydMonth ago

    Why in the world do you remake a *Classic* that already has multiple sequels?? Do you *really* want to be compared to a movie that has already *Crushed it??* *Good Luck* girls!!

  22. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    No thank you Warner Bros. I don't support feminist propaganda.

  23. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    The wankers at Gillette think this feminist film is a masterpiece.

  24. amanda davis

    amanda davisMonth ago

    No way I'd pay to see a bunch of dumb, liberal, feminist, politically correct whores.

  25. Ben Hecht

    Ben HechtMonth ago

    John Mulaney once said it could never be done... and he was right

  26. Gliese 581c

    Gliese 581cMonth ago

    This film is Do do💩

  27. Carll da_Dream chaser

    Carll da_Dream chaserMonth ago

    Longest cartier ad eveeeerrr Can't skip it

  28. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    Too much feminist propaganda here written by feminists Gary Ross and Olivia Milch for this to be called Ocean's.

  29. Samuel Jurah

    Samuel JurahMonth ago

    Cate, Sandra = Total Heart throbs 😘😍😘😎

  30. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    The wankers at Gillette and MReporter helping to promote feminism are deleting negative comments on the Gillette video. Be sure to leave a dislike for Gillette's nonsense toxic masculinity video financed by the elite to promote social engineering agendas. mreporter.net/v/video-6xpLSsoJNrA.html mreporter.net/v/video-koPmuEyP3a0.html

  31. no3l86

    no3l86Month ago

    Lol I bet this shot bombed

  32. Alcimerio Pereira

    Alcimerio PereiraMonth ago

    You are all so nasty, you know? The movie is just so awesome, you're just sexist and can't see women being powerful

  33. asdf asdf

    asdf asdfMonth ago

    proof women ruin everything

  34. Rad Fem

    Rad Fem2 months ago

    It's so telling to me how broflakes complain like whiny overgrown boys about this one being remake even though one with Brad and George is remake lol.. so typical of men massive yet sensitive ego.

  35. Chris Cmd

    Chris Cmd2 months ago

    Literally Ocean's 11 BUT its feminist

  36. 548vikings

    548vikings2 months ago

    It’s on cable now, tried it a couple times. Beyond boring and mind numbing.

  37. James Daniel Smith

    James Daniel Smith2 months ago

    Why would anyone waste their money going to see a crap movie full of third wave feminism and cultural marxism.


    OMEGASOULDEW2 months ago

    Great, Ghostbusters 2018-2. What’s next. Good Fellas with chicks.

  39. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Rubbish feminist film made for morons.

  40. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Manuel David Rendon Acevedo is a pathetic wanker who doesn't have the bollocks to leave his rubbish comments on the board.

  41. Glazed Donut

    Glazed Donut2 months ago

    I know you want my attention...

  42. Wayne Clark

    Wayne Clark2 months ago

    Feminism at its worst perfect song in trailer no good no good no good , God was so right about everything world has lost their minds Jesus coming soon are you ready

  43. Wayne Clark

    Wayne Clark2 months ago

    Sexist crap propaganda Hollywood sucks

  44. Maxine Waters

    Maxine Waters2 months ago

    i like dick in my movies sorry

  45. Sára Pietaková

    Sára Pietaková2 months ago

    I mean I am a female, but this movie containes such an obvious propagation of feminism that it bugs even me! WHY?? It’s so annoying!

  46. Jun Mel

    Jun Mel2 months ago

    Thsee girls are bad ass

  47. Truck68

    Truck682 months ago

    I love Sandra Bullock. But geez, this is ridiculous. I need to see a REAL stylish lady thief. WHERE ON EARTH IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?!

  48. mongrel james

    mongrel james2 months ago

    Can't be much worse than oceans 11

  49. Lee Roberts

    Lee Roberts2 months ago

    This film was more enjoyable than the Ghostbusters remake.

  50. mary vasquez

    mary vasquez2 months ago


  51. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Boring feminist nonsense.

  52. Michael Harmse

    Michael Harmse2 months ago

    no just dont please

  53. karthik keyan

    karthik keyan2 months ago

    What a load of crap.. I know the Men are smarter to come up with their own stuff but didn't knew the opposite gender is so dumb to make such a poor and pathetic rip off. This movie is an utter disgrace to the masterpieces of the Ocean's series. Maybe, just to prove a point, George clooney should go for an Ocean' 14 to show how it's done to these "wannabe hero(ines)".

  54. Zey Chanel

    Zey Chanel2 months ago

    Watching in my channel!! mreporter.net/v/video-KJkqObQw1ZI.html

  55. Cairoflex Cairoflex

    Cairoflex Cairoflex2 months ago

    I didn't even know there was a "Oceans 8". Looks shit

  56. Dre Ray

    Dre Ray2 months ago

    Wasnt a bad movie at all, But NO WHERE near as good as 11. 11 had a fun cast, This one, You really couldnt like any of the cast members except Rhianna IMO, They all just seemed like common thieves, The cast of 11 seemed like good fun thieves that you could have fun with, This cast seemed like they werent beyond killing somebody, And the actual heist was better planed with danny ocean and his crew rather then this one. All n all, It was a good movie, But oceans 11 is in a waaaay different league..

  57. Poison Ivee

    Poison Ivee2 months ago

    idk why everyone is hating. i enjoyed the movie!

  58. Anon Wibble

    Anon Wibble2 months ago

    Satan's back on tv.

  59. Amberlynn's Multiple Fupa's

    Amberlynn's Multiple Fupa's2 months ago

    What a load of bullocks

  60. HF

    HF2 months ago

    why are these trailers rendered with black bars?

  61. The Sunset Sky. The night is nearby.

    The Sunset Sky. The night is nearby.2 months ago

    Oceans 8 is doing bad at the box office Left:OMGNAZISEXISTGHVFTJGFFHFFEHIFHMADSKJ!!!!! 1111!!! Muslim migrants are raping thousands of women across Europe Left:ZZZZZZ

  62. Billy Zaelani Malik

    Billy Zaelani Malik2 months ago

    5 years plan, no way she messed it up. Enjoy watching it.

  63. Ryann Brazil

    Ryann Brazil2 months ago

    It was great, I just saw it 👌🏾

  64. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday2 months ago


  65. Sina Rouhi

    Sina Rouhi2 months ago

    #feminazi #disgusting

  66. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    I don't consider feminist propaganda to be entertainment. Poor show Warner Bros! You really cocked it up. Didn't even bother bringing back Tess.

  67. Steve Wertz

    Steve Wertz3 months ago

    I watched it in movie theater, but I enjoyed more using boxxy software with german dubbing. good alternative, for free ;)

  68. Americans are fucking stupid, arrogant cunts

    Americans are fucking stupid, arrogant cunts3 months ago

    Why do them 8 men look like women?

  69. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    Rubbish feminist propaganda masquerading as an Ocean's film.

  70. fazly rabby prince

    fazly rabby prince3 months ago

    so how is the movie ??

  71. Soul Collector

    Soul Collector3 months ago

    What a way to take a shit on Legendary Danny Ocean with this feminist crap !!! Buuuuu

  72. Jesus is God MAGA

    Jesus is God MAGA3 months ago

    Only men have the brains and the courage to pull of a heist like that - this in-your-face girl power is just silly

  73. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    Rubbish film promoting feminism and lesbianism just like the elite intended. Of course you wankers at Warner Bros. knew things wouldn't be tickety-boo. You feminists can piss off with your troll tactics masquerading as equality.

  74. Jay Green

    Jay Green3 months ago

    I can't wait for the all male version of little women

  75. Victor Smoker

    Victor Smoker3 months ago

    This movie sucks!!! Too much talking!!

  76. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    I'm happy you didn't live to see your New World Order you Skull and Bones elitist puppet. Good riddance George. Death to the elite and the puppets who serve them! #deleteTheElite

  77. Patrick McHale

    Patrick McHale3 months ago

    This is a fun movie. I like the twists & cool actors.

  78. ŻuKu PL'ayer

    ŻuKu PL'ayer3 months ago

    Ocean's 8 - Feminist Version

  79. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    Oh look, this is another feminist propaganda film riding the coattails of a successful masculine film franchise. Poor show Warner Bros. You elitist puppets in Hollywood can piss off with your rubbish social engineering propaganda.

  80. BergerMan Gaming

    BergerMan Gaming3 months ago

    From George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac & Don Cheadle to THIS??

  81. D. Ryan

    D. Ryan3 months ago

    Ocean’s ATE...shiit-ake mushrooms

  82. Heorteji

    Heorteji3 months ago

    Watch widows instead. It is everything ocean's 8 wanted to be

  83. columkenn

    columkenn4 months ago

    Looks awful

  84. Bruce Dutton

    Bruce Dutton4 months ago

    I like how all the women in this movie act so masculine

  85. David Smith

    David Smith4 months ago

    Another shite feminist propaganda film just like Ghostbusters 2016 written by feminists Gary Ross and Olivia Milch. Feminists prove once again that their movement is a women's supremacy movement masquerading as a Egalitarian movement. #feministpropaganda

  86. Shiva ŢĤévǎŕ

    Shiva ŢĤévǎŕ4 months ago

    Who will clean the dish now ?

  87. Kuroi Inazuma

    Kuroi Inazuma4 months ago

    You know a movie is going to be bad when none of the jokes in the trailer make you even crack a smile.

  88. cadburybunny

    cadburybunny4 months ago

    Such a stellar cast hamstrung by such a shitty script filled with more plot holes than a George Lucas Star Wars prequel.

  89. Skittlle#3

    Skittlle#34 months ago

    I mean four female ghostbusters the feminists are taking over!!!

  90. Maeve McLaughlin

    Maeve McLaughlin4 months ago

    i cant believe they just ended sexism

  91. 911s73targa

    911s73targa4 months ago

    damn, even the trailer looks like crap

  92. jax dae

    jax dae4 months ago

    It was a good movie y'all just hate women

  93. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday4 months ago

    Lol my girlfriend thought it was utter trash.

  94. EYON

    EYON4 months ago

    feminazis in the power

  95. SheIsDeity

    SheIsDeity4 months ago

    Cliche, boring, predictable

  96. David Smith

    David Smith4 months ago

    A rubbish film written by misandric feminists who have no original ideas of their own. This film is as enjoyable as getting Tiger Balm on your bollocks.

  97. Hulkavegur !

    Hulkavegur !4 months ago

    Cate Blanchett 😍😍

  98. English Literature in Urdu&Hindi

    English Literature in Urdu&Hindi4 months ago

    Hail Feminism ;)

  99. MCW

    MCW4 months ago


  100. MCW

    MCW4 months ago

    GET IT HERE !!!!!!!!

  101. Sean Craven

    Sean Craven4 months ago

    Women suck and ruin everything good about classic films... this and The new Ghostbusters can suck it... stay in the kitchen and cook sandwiches ... bitches

  102. Walter Mahr

    Walter Mahr4 months ago

    Sorry broads!! Male action movies will ALWAYS be better!! Didn't you learn from the 80's action movies?? White male leads with a hot ass supporting actress that needs saving from a tyrant hell bent on world domination!! You will NEVER make a movie that'll out perform that set up! NEVER!! Should have learned from the ghostbusters female FLOP!!!

  103. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen4 months ago

    I disagree =))