OCEAN'S 8 - Official Main Trailer


  1. FalconX79

    FalconX792 hours ago

    Yep, Danny Ocean 8 this! A lot! What a turd. lol

  2. MrPrankmastergeneral

    MrPrankmastergeneral2 hours ago

    Beacuse Ghost Busters were suck a great success story...

  3. Lady Cabrera

    Lady Cabrera3 hours ago

    i am only watching this because i can't stand george looney and his so rich "civil right" i suck dick to be a lawyer wife!

  4. Piskarlo Panus

    Piskarlo Panus4 hours ago

    I reckon that WW3 will be fought between men and women. The feminazi's have become to powerfull now...

  5. mary laloku

    mary laloku4 hours ago

    Its Michael Jackson

  6. Samare Rein

    Samare Rein4 hours ago

    I won't be seeing this. As a woman, I'm all for a female led movie. But give us our OWN NEW PROPERTY. It feels forced and token when you just take a franchise and slap all women in it. Its not "progressive". Its insulting. Like you're saying "oh, people will still see it because the franchise name and we'll look good and progressive with no effort." Not because the actresses, story, etc.

  7. Maxx Kroes

    Maxx Kroes5 hours ago

    When even the trailer music knows “you’re no good, you’re no good, baby you’re no good.”.

  8. M. Elaine Bates

    M. Elaine Bates5 hours ago

    Nope. Nope. NOPE! Rename it,please! Putting in all females is NOT going to make us forget the ( waaaaay better) original franchise.Wanna see a better movie? Go rent SET IT OFF. All females and Queen Latifah to boot. Lots better...just saying...

  9. Stale Frenk

    Stale Frenk6 hours ago

    It's like aliens are sitting at the idea-table at warner bros or wherever. Trying to figure out what humans want

  10. Matt B

    Matt B6 hours ago

    wtf is this

  11. PriNce ShaKur

    PriNce ShaKur6 hours ago

    I see the feminists made sure to click the like button

  12. Danny Ward

    Danny Ward6 hours ago

    looks like shit

  13. The Duke Of Dorks

    The Duke Of Dorks6 hours ago

    Anyone else think that Sandra kinda looks like Micheal Jackson? Totally thought it was from the thumbnail.

  14. Jack Cade

    Jack Cade7 hours ago

    Oh for fucks sake!

  15. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman8 hours ago

    movie ruined with female agenda

  16. Mike Fry

    Mike Fry8 hours ago

    I need a safe space from the matriarchy

  17. Gerard Rolwes

    Gerard Rolwes9 hours ago

    this is the reason why i don't go to the movie theater anymore...... Thanks for nothing again WB

  18. Rui Ferreira

    Rui Ferreira9 hours ago

    Are you fucking kidding me

  19. Resentiant

    Resentiant9 hours ago

    So basically this is like the female ghostbusters, which was really shit, but this time theyre making a sequel to another good franchise with only women as the main characters because they wanna fuck up the Ocean's series too. Cool.

  20. O.Alden Productions.

    O.Alden Productions.10 hours ago

    How is this cool?? Are we supposed to pretend that this shit taste good.? Oh dear, oh dear, waste of fine actresses. 💩🤢🤮

  21. The Rageaholic

    The Rageaholic10 hours ago

    this... this does not look good

  22. hugh dudley

    hugh dudley11 hours ago

    no treasure admission annually owner wish integrity resume black.

  23. GasTheKikes

    GasTheKikes12 hours ago

    women are like condoms..they spend 99% of their fucking time in your wallet, and the other 1% on your dick.

  24. Marie Mertens

    Marie Mertens12 hours ago

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  25. Desert Pepper

    Desert Pepper12 hours ago

    I miss Danny O.

  26. Tdeezi

    Tdeezi13 hours ago

    Lmfao women could never pull off a heist . Get real

  27. Finza Soebiakto

    Finza Soebiakto13 hours ago

    Not ocean’s anymore

  28. Lali Birlin

    Lali Birlin13 hours ago

    Aren't real women good enough anymore. Never mind, don't answer that. Too many trannies together in one movie...please, no more

  29. David Smith

    David Smith14 hours ago

    Rubbish rehashed cash grab propaganda promoting feminism. Yawn... Try making a film for women with a original and decent script. This film is a insult to intelligent women because it says women are too stupid, lazy, and weak to make their own successful film franchises. It's great to know many intelligent women see exactly what this film is, and they aren't going to watch this film. It's time for people to stop supporting Hollywood which was created by the elite to manipulate, distract, and brainwash. I told people months ago that this social justice feminist social engineering propaganda will not stop. There is already a growing possibility of the next Indiana Jones film being feminine. Expect more masculine films to be feminized. Warner Bros. knew this film would cause controversy, and I believe Sony's Ghostbusters comment board was a social experiment. Say no to feminist propaganda and stop letting the elite tell you how to think.

  30. Robert Brimer

    Robert Brimer14 hours ago

    They're all women. Sexist.

  31. Marlynne K

    Marlynne K14 hours ago


  32. Die Hard

    Die Hard15 hours ago

    Why can’t they just make a new franchise instead of using the oceans one

  33. Lysiode

    Lysiode16 hours ago

    Ca a l'air tellement Bien Nul.... j'en pleure de rire d'avance

  34. GTA5Player1

    GTA5Player118 hours ago

    Looks fun

  35. Ghost Of Sparta

    Ghost Of Sparta18 hours ago

    Anne Hathaway obviously joins them in the inevitable Oceans 9

  36. Muhammad Azimi

    Muhammad Azimi18 hours ago

    Awesome Movie from Warner Bros. I like it.

  37. LoneWolf69sg

    LoneWolf69sg18 hours ago

    Ah... feminism... ruining the world and everything in it.

  38. Attitude Era Gold Mine

    Attitude Era Gold Mine19 hours ago

    Ocean's 9 coming in 2020. Ocean's 10 coming in 2022.

  39. xycnolasco

    xycnolasco20 hours ago

    how awful is this movie gonna be...really some film series shouldn't be touched....Terrible re-make

  40. EatItSuckahYouraFool

    EatItSuckahYouraFool21 hour ago

    Ow god , another feminist movie. Warner Bros , you should be ashamed.

  41. jdj9

    jdj921 hour ago

    And here we see another attempt to the feminazis to pussify the society. Fuck you.

  42. Dickie2shoes

    Dickie2shoes21 hour ago

    Let me guess, these Women will use there sexuality to distract or charm an unsuspecting man during the heist while in real life they are all promoting #MeToo on their twitter feed. Fuck Hollywood.

  43. David Smith

    David Smith14 hours ago

    +Dickie2shoes #HeToo #SayNoToFeministPropaganda

  44. zane blast

    zane blast22 hours ago

    Delighted to hear Linda Ronstadt's classic "You're No Good" - greatest pipes.

  45. Ironman 5000

    Ironman 500022 hours ago

    Can't believe women's choice to fight for equality is through revamping dead franchises using a forced all female cast, it's hard to enjoy the plot a movie when you know that's the entire point behind it.

  46. David Smith

    David Smith14 hours ago

    +Ironman 5000 Bang on mate.

  47. Central of Youtube

    Central of Youtube22 hours ago

    Gender equality doesn't mean only female...

  48. David Smith

    David Smith13 hours ago

    +Central of MReporter The textbook definition of feminism is a lie. Truth through actions and not words. The greatest evidence that feminism is a lie comes from former feminists who abandoned the feminist movement after it destroyed their lives.

  49. David Smith

    David Smith13 hours ago

    +Ken MacDonald True mate. Feminism is a women's supremacy movement and hate movement masquerading as a Egalitarian movement. Feminism was designed by the elite to be a social engineering tool that destroys humanity. Cheers.

  50. Ken MacDonald

    Ken MacDonald18 hours ago

    You haven't been paying attention if you think feminism is about "gender equality". It's right in the name: feminism, i.e., it doesn't want anything to do with masculinity or men. It's about female supremacy and the subjugation of men.

  51. Jake the Snake

    Jake the Snake22 hours ago

    So this is the female version of the Ocean’s series? PATHETIC. Women never had what it takes and never will. This is how Hollywood tries to make women feel equal???? Ha!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Reality tells a different story. Oceans was a brilliant series. Oceans 8 will flop.

  52. Finley Morgan

    Finley Morgan22 hours ago

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  53. Wifi Azzord

    Wifi Azzord23 hours ago

    First they ruin Ghostbusters by replacing them with girls, now Oceans.

  54. MelvinDorkus

    MelvinDorkusDay ago

    what's her face looks like michael jackson in this

  55. Noah Day

    Noah DayDay ago

    fuck women

  56. Tylea Manning

    Tylea ManningDay ago

    This looks sooooo good omg I'm hype

  57. no views

    no viewsDay ago

    another feminist movie. when will they learn feminism is cancer.

  58. Cang Nguyen

    Cang NguyenDay ago

    The whole movie in 2:01.

  59. Cara Delevingne

    Cara DelevingneDay ago

    No need steal . You can sell your honor for them chink

  60. Cara Delevingne

    Cara DelevingneDay ago

    The troll of ocean

  61. Marco Wimmer

    Marco WimmerDay ago

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  62. MorallyAwkward

    MorallyAwkwardDay ago

    Quit ruining movie franchises by switching fucking genders! It never works, it’s lazy, and no woman gives a shit about Oceans eleven ( like Ghost Busters ). Quit ruining my youth because you don’t have a dick!!!!!!

  63. Shake & Bake garage

    Shake & Bake garageDay ago

    Obviously all the good ideas have been taken, so now you lazy bitches are just gonna change the cast to all female and say it's cool, just like all the movies that have black lead roles where it obviously should be white, because of slavery

  64. Daniel Singson

    Daniel SingsonDay ago

    Gotta watch this!

  65. nguyen huong

    nguyen huongDay ago

    It's not that bad though if u dont like it then stop watching these trailers and comments

  66. Nethezbet

    NethezbetDay ago

    So, how do we make a movie about women that don't need no men to be successful? By tying it in to a movie about successful men. This is kind of the opposite effect that the writers want, I think. It is admitting that you can't come up with strong ideas for women and instead give them the left overs from men. I'd rather see something original instead of all these trash copy cats hoping to bank on nostalgia. It is actually pretty demeaning to women.

  67. Mae Bee

    Mae Bee18 hours ago

    Ken MacDonald Three out of four of the Ocean's movie took place in casino, Dumbass. The only won that didn't was 12.

  68. Ken MacDonald

    Ken MacDonald18 hours ago

    Are you an idiot Mae Bee? NONE of those three movies involved robbing any casino (you should look up what robbery actually is). Also, one of the movies didn't involve any theft from any casino. Of course, you're a woman, so there's no reason why I would expect you would actually know anything.

  69. Mae Bee

    Mae BeeDay ago

    When was the last time men robbed a necklace at the Met Gala? Sounds more original than robbing a Las Vegas Casino three times...

  70. Joey Cage

    Joey CageDay ago

    Another Ghostbusters

  71. Jus Puddin

    Jus PuddinDay ago

    I’ll wait until it’s free 🙄 IJS

  72. Jus Puddin

    Jus Puddin6 hours ago

    David Smith You’re right 👎🏻

  73. David Smith

    David Smith13 hours ago

    +Jus Puddin I wouldn't even disrespect my computer by pirating this feminized rubbish. Cheers.

  74. agweterndg

    agweterndgDay ago

    If you're trying to make a kick ass female movie, you better make it fantastic so that you're not pigeonholing it and everyone will want to see it. Unfortunately there is nothing new or great about this movie so I see very low return on it if any. Only SJW women will want to see it. It's like Hollywood is making bad movies on purpose just so they can get a certain message across. Hummm I wonder why they would do that???

  75. Enzo Picard

    Enzo PicardDay ago

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  76. Ahmad Omar

    Ahmad OmarDay ago

    First the crappy women ghostbusters now this?

  77. TheTokelosh

    TheTokeloshDay ago

    Came for the comments, not disappointed.

  78. nvdirtbiker

    nvdirtbikerDay ago

    Is this going to suck as badly as ghostbusters did? Nothing in that trailer gives me any hope it won’t.

  79. aidan wroth

    aidan wrothDay ago

    bruh women cant even build a bridge right

  80. Jasper Arcadia

    Jasper ArcadiaDay ago

    wasn't there a john mulaney joke about this? we're in the darkest timeline, people.

  81. Seth Atkinson

    Seth AtkinsonDay ago

    Worry breath aim neither correct intention period because somebody asset board.

  82. Linette Bequer

    Linette BequerDay ago

    So who is going to play James Bond in the female version next?

  83. David Smith

    David Smith13 hours ago

    +Ken MacDonald You'd be surprised to know that Daniel Craig's Bond has been heavily feminized. It's interesting to note Daniel Craig is a male feminist which is probably why he enjoyed Mary Sue using a Jedi mind trick on him. Cheers.

  84. Ken MacDonald

    Ken MacDonald18 hours ago

    James Bond is currently a misogynistic rapist. Not sure what whiplash change of hearts the SJW's will come to when they try to remake it with Jane Bond.

  85. Acrylic Hobo

    Acrylic HoboDay ago

    I’ll bet these comments will be funnier than the film itself.

  86. XenoidXZ

    XenoidXZDay ago

    I’m HYPED for this

  87. Rudro Lahiri

    Rudro LahiriDay ago

    i can tell the original ocean 11 was better

  88. Bloom County

    Bloom CountyDay ago

    Umm, yeah. A female gang of burglars are common place. This story plot isn't far fetched or ridiculous.

  89. Issac Lewis

    Issac LewisDay ago

    why does Hollywood have to fuck up all the good movie franchises by gender swapping them

  90. sheyna williams

    sheyna williamsDay ago

    All of the Oceans were good. I expect no less from this.

  91. Joe T

    Joe TDay ago

    Love that it's a female movie yet still named after a male character that's not even in the film.

  92. Ken MacDonald

    Ken MacDonald18 hours ago

    That's what's called "female empowerment".

  93. Matt Long

    Matt LongDay ago


  94. Matthew Lavergne

    Matthew LavergneDay ago

    Nice video. However you can make it yourself. Just google stodoys and learn how to do it easily.

  95. joecoolmccall

    joecoolmccallDay ago

    ...... While I find the extension of the "Ocean's" Universe to be interesting (Danny Ocean is mentioned), I'm still not impressed. I'm sure that someone got angry when Ocean's 11 was re-made (the original with the Rat Pack) but this is...something completely different... The fans would be a whole lot more accepting if the original cast from the trilogy made an appearance.....*sigh*

  96. Leshaun jenkins

    Leshaun jenkinsDay ago

    Give it two thump up!!

  97. Nayen Herrera

    Nayen HerreraDay ago

    la casa de papel o ke

  98. Flint Ironstag

    Flint IronstagDay ago

    this looks embarrassing

  99. xtremepyrotech

    xtremepyrotechDay ago

    And they want to release this the same day as "Won"t you be my neighbor" The Mr Rogers movie... Oceans 8 should go straight to DVD

  100. Jason Kessler

    Jason KesslerDay ago

    I'll keep an open mind, solid cast.

  101. SirMontyBagger

    SirMontyBaggerDay ago

    If you want a film to be taken seriously, obviously you cast Rihanna. (sigh) If you want a great female led movie go watch Annihilation, that's how you do it.

  102. Clarice Farmer

    Clarice FarmerDay ago

    Can I just predict something here, anne hathaway's character is in on it, and she gets money on insurance, idk why but just have a feeling

  103. monstero

    monsteroDay ago

    another one... why not create something new?

  104. butterflygirl 21

    butterflygirl 21Day ago

    Finally a movie with sandra and anne in it together.

  105. butterflygirl 21

    butterflygirl 2121 hour ago

    sounds like you dont like women that are proud of all they have accompished

  106. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your HuckleberryDay ago

    butterflygirl 21 Yeah just a shame they are in an all fem re-boot/spin off of a re-boot that had two lame follow ups.

  107. Void, The Music Reviewer

    Void, The Music ReviewerDay ago


  108. Jergä Botswana-Vekklandęr

    Jergä Botswana-VekklandęrDay ago

    I just love elegant balls.

  109. Mr Wash

    Mr WashDay ago

    I thought I saw Michael Jackson

  110. Tyler Bergen

    Tyler BergenDay ago

    Ya...I shall not be seeing this. The nail in the coffin was seeing Kaitlyn Jenner is in the movie in some capacity. I could go the rest of my life without hearing about her or her stupid family and be just fine. So if I can avoid seeing her, I will.


    EVA LANDRYDay ago

    This is the worst thing ever... they are destroying the Ocean's franchise with this crap.

  112. Joel Caccha

    Joel CacchaDay ago

    This movie sucks, only girls on it -_-

  113. Alovatololo

    AlovatololoDay ago

    TBH, I clicked because the thumbnail looked like it have a really good Michael Jackson impersonator and I wanted to understand who the impersonator was.

  114. RCharles

    RCharlesDay ago

    It's an unnecessary sequel to a well established franchise. Hollywood couldn't come up with anything original, so they poached from the Ocean's movies, slapped some tits on it, and expect us to hand them money.