OCEAN'S 8 - Official Main Trailer


  1. David Smith

    David Smith11 hours ago

    Rubbish feminist propaganda masquerading as an Ocean's film.

  2. fazly rabby prince

    fazly rabby prince23 hours ago

    so how is the movie ??

  3. Soul Collector

    Soul Collector4 days ago

    What a way to take a shit on Legendary Danny Ocean with this feminist crap !!! Buuuuu

  4. Jesus is God MAGA

    Jesus is God MAGA6 days ago

    Only men have the brains and the courage to pull of a heist like that - this in-your-face girl power is just silly

  5. David Smith

    David Smith10 days ago

    Rubbish film promoting feminism and lesbianism just like the elite intended. Of course you wankers at Warner Bros. knew things wouldn't be tickety-boo. You feminists can piss off with your troll tactics masquerading as equality.

  6. Jay Green

    Jay Green11 days ago

    I can't wait for the all male version of little women

  7. Victor Smoker

    Victor Smoker14 days ago

    This movie sucks!!! Too much talking!!

  8. David Smith

    David Smith14 days ago

    I'm happy you didn't live to see your New World Order you Skull and Bones elitist puppet. Good riddance George. Death to the elite and the puppets who serve them! #deleteTheElite

  9. Cantbuycommonsense ///

    Cantbuycommonsense ///17 days ago

    I'd rather see Lupita as the computer genius and Rihanna as the sexy bait during their crime capers together.

  10. Patrick McHale

    Patrick McHale17 days ago

    This is a fun movie. I like the twists & cool actors.

  11. ŻuKu PL'ayer

    ŻuKu PL'ayer17 days ago

    Ocean's 8 - Feminist Version

  12. David Smith

    David Smith19 days ago

    Oh look, this is another feminist propaganda film riding the coattails of a successful masculine film franchise. Poor show Warner Bros. You elitist puppets in Hollywood can piss off with your rubbish social engineering propaganda.

  13. BergerMan Gaming

    BergerMan Gaming19 days ago

    From George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac & Don Cheadle to THIS??

  14. D. Ryan

    D. Ryan19 days ago

    Ocean’s ATE...shiit-ake mushrooms

  15. Heorteji

    Heorteji21 day ago

    Watch widows instead. It is everything ocean's 8 wanted to be

  16. columkenn

    columkenn22 days ago

    Looks awful

  17. Bruce Dutton

    Bruce Dutton26 days ago

    I like how all the women in this movie act so masculine

  18. David Smith

    David Smith29 days ago

    Another shite feminist propaganda film just like Ghostbusters 2016 written by feminists Gary Ross and Olivia Milch. Feminists prove once again that their movement is a women's supremacy movement masquerading as a Egalitarian movement. #feministpropaganda

  19. Shiva ŢĤévǎŕ

    Shiva ŢĤévǎŕ29 days ago

    Who will clean the dish now ?

  20. Kuroi Inazuma

    Kuroi Inazuma29 days ago

    You know a movie is going to be bad when none of the jokes in the trailer make you even crack a smile.

  21. cadburybunny

    cadburybunnyMonth ago

    Such a stellar cast hamstrung by such a shitty script filled with more plot holes than a George Lucas Star Wars prequel.

  22. Skittlle#3

    Skittlle#3Month ago

    I mean four female ghostbusters the feminists are taking over!!!

  23. Maeve McLaughlin

    Maeve McLaughlinMonth ago

    i cant believe they just ended sexism

  24. 911s73targa

    911s73targaMonth ago

    damn, even the trailer looks like crap

  25. jax dae

    jax daeMonth ago

    It was a good movie y'all just hate women

  26. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your HuckleberryMonth ago

    Lol my girlfriend thought it was utter trash.

  27. EYON

    EYONMonth ago

    feminazis in the power

  28. Royal Deity

    Royal DeityMonth ago

    Cliche, boring, predictable

  29. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    A rubbish film written by misandric feminists who have no original ideas of their own. This film is as enjoyable as getting Tiger Balm on your bollocks.

  30. Hulkavegur !

    Hulkavegur !Month ago

    Cate Blanchett 😍😍

  31. English Literature in Urdu

    English Literature in UrduMonth ago

    Hail Feminism ;)

  32. MCW

    MCWMonth ago


  33. MCW

    MCWMonth ago

    GET IT HERE !!!!!!!!

  34. Sean Craven

    Sean CravenMonth ago

    Women suck and ruin everything good about classic films... this and The new Ghostbusters can suck it... stay in the kitchen and cook sandwiches ... bitches

  35. Walter Mahr

    Walter MahrMonth ago

    Sorry broads!! Male action movies will ALWAYS be better!! Didn't you learn from the 80's action movies?? White male leads with a hot ass supporting actress that needs saving from a tyrant hell bent on world domination!! You will NEVER make a movie that'll out perform that set up! NEVER!! Should have learned from the ghostbusters female FLOP!!!

  36. John Nguyen

    John NguyenMonth ago

    I disagree =))

  37. XXXtentacion

    XXXtentacionMonth ago

    *Basically just a failure like Ghostbusters 2016. Why SJWs? why are you ruining everything??*

  38. sonic venkman

    sonic venkmanMonth ago

    I liked this movie but before y'all come for me just know I haven't seen any of the others

  39. A.k

    A.kMonth ago

    theres something about rihanna that i dont like. dont know what

  40. Motibur Rahaman

    Motibur RahamanMonth ago

    Good video

  41. Kit Mc

    Kit McMonth ago

    There’s a whole lot of butthurt men in these comments woah 😂🤭

  42. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your HuckleberryMonth ago

    And thankfully not many sheep, morons or cat family fems 😁

  43. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    This film was a huge hit with feminists, lesbians, and weak beta males. Warner Bros. was so Johnny on the spot to promote feminism Warner Bros. didn’t even bother making a great film featuring Tess Ocean. What a load of rubbish not worthy of pirating. 💩

  44. Jason Yang

    Jason YangMonth ago

    "This film is no good, it's no good, baby, it's not good."

  45. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    No thank you Warner Bros. I don't support feminist propaganda as written by feminists Gary Ross and Olivia Milch.

  46. Sára Pietaková

    Sára PietakováMonth ago

    Why do so many people dislike this movie?! I absolutely love it 😍!!!!

  47. James Brown

    James BrownMonth ago

    you have a pathetic brain sara,

  48. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your HuckleberryMonth ago

    +Sára Pietaková The trailer and my girlfriend watched the full movie and said it was rubbish and she likes Ocean's 11, Sandra Bullock movies and also likes James Corden.

  49. Sára Pietaková

    Sára PietakováMonth ago

    What made you think so?

  50. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your HuckleberryMonth ago

    Because it was trash.

  51. cowgirl boots

    cowgirl bootsMonth ago

    comment section is killing it

  52. ALi Ta

    ALi Ta2 months ago

    the worst movie ever

  53. AlphaDeltaXray

    AlphaDeltaXray2 months ago

    *The good part starts at **2:01*

  54. John Gayle

    John Gayle2 months ago

    looks stupid

  55. Puro

    Puro2 months ago

    If we are to believe all the theories that "women want to see women on the big screen", why did the movie flop so hard?



    Rihanna sucks in the movie

  57. Timothy H

    Timothy H2 months ago

    james corden is the perfect fit for this movie.... a sackless omega male that should be take out back and put down .... absolute filth

  58. Herr Galtz

    Herr Galtz2 months ago

    FEMINAZISM´S H-8 no thanks no more movies with females, childs or talking dogs as main characters for me huehuehue

  59. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    This film is proof that feminism is about women's supremacy and misandry.

  60. Tatoke kokipa

    Tatoke kokipa2 months ago

    Nice try... just like ghost busters.... just download and trow it away hehe that is going to piss them off. dont forget to NOT watch it haha.

  61. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Too much blatant feminism here for me to support the film. This film is made for beta males and delusional women who march around with vagina hats on screaming about a make-believe patriarchy.

  62. Ralph Bimby

    Ralph Bimby2 months ago

    Rihanna spoils it as usual

  63. rubber band

    rubber band2 months ago

    instead of doing a feminist remake, i wish people just made their own franchises or movies

  64. Brieanna Fenty

    Brieanna Fenty2 months ago

    Rihanna !!

  65. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    +Brieanna Fenty I was in the movie Tombstone 😉

  66. Brieanna Fenty

    Brieanna Fenty2 months ago

    Can you act send me one movie you acted in

  67. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    +Brieanna Fenty She can sing but she can not act for shit.

  68. Brieanna Fenty

    Brieanna Fenty2 months ago

    +I'm Your Huckleberry bitch are you talking about my aunt Robyn fenty I'm sure you saw my name and even if an acting career does not work out she still can sing better then your mother mother mother grand mother and if its not sing in she has her beauty line in her life and bitch you better not comment on any of her videos again are else me and you ago fight😾👿😈👹👹👿😈😡😠😾😾🙅🙅

  69. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    Can not act.

  70. SomeOneSaid

    SomeOneSaid2 months ago

    you know where this will lead us to? Woman vs Men.

  71. Xtoriez Novel

    Xtoriez Novel2 months ago

    THIS MOVIE WAS SO STUPID!!! 1. They walk down busy streets and into restaurants telling their BIG plan and no one says anything. In one scene the clerk is three feet away waiting to take their order. 2. They hire a magician to make the switch so that no one will notice, but she doesn't make the switch, she just takes the necklace off causing a complete shut down of the Galla. Then they find the fake necklace in a pond? No red flags there! Way to go guys... er, I mean girls. 3. Banks and the government will question you if 16.5 million dollars suddenly appears in your bank account, but they get away with it? I DON'T THINK SO! DUMB!!

  72. أيفا ديفا

    أيفا ديفا2 months ago


  73. lmao mak

    lmao mak2 months ago

    lmao. and they say women get triggered over everything. yet it’s men who lose their shit if there is a movie with a cast of primarily women.

  74. lmao mak

    lmao mak2 months ago

    if i read one more middle aged man getting triggered by a movie of women i am going to lose it

  75. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Rubbish film promoting feminism. I didn't watch this feminist propaganda, and I won't be watching the Captain Marvel film either.

  76. Alexander Marshall

    Alexander Marshall2 months ago

    Men and women are all the same but just so you know they are the same we have to remake all the films with men in and replace them with women... But why.. cos I thought you said women are the same as men... therefore men are the same as women... and you should watch the original films without your sexist glasses on and just assume they are people and not men or women.. ThTs what should be told to these cunts before making anymore films. NEO Feminism is THE MOST embarrassing movement ever. They need killing off

  77. Alexander Marshall

    Alexander Marshall2 months ago

    James Corden is the biggest cunt on the planet. Only the yanks would give him his own Saturday night tv programme. It seriously amazes English people daily that he is famous over there. A fat hideous coke head who has never been funny and just copies Ricky Gervais by laughing at everything hoping we’ll all laugh aswell... No. One day I will have the opportunity to bop him on the nose, and I can’t wait.

  78. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    No thank you Warner Bros. I don't support feminist propaganda pretending to be good entertainment. Once again feminists are riding the coattails of a successful masculine film franchise to promote their false equality movement.

  79. purestress2

    purestress22 months ago

    Movie was Garbage! Thank me later!

  80. Richard

    Richard2 months ago

    Oops. Another pile of trash like the all female ghostbusters. Awful movie. Don't watch.

  81. omc

    omc2 months ago

    This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst film I have watched in the last decade of my life, probably in the top three of worse films of all time. A real embarrassment.

  82. G Ghecko

    G Ghecko2 months ago

    The moment you realize that they won't stop making these until they run out of numbers. Ugghh! 🙄

  83. Vinsky Garcia

    Vinsky Garcia2 months ago

    You can smell shit from far...

  84. Daisy .T

    Daisy .T2 months ago

    such a good movie

  85. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin Vincent2 months ago

    Man you must have watched some bad movies to think this was good.

  86. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    Lol yeah for teen girls.

  87. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Heize's Teokkbokki's comments went away like a queef in the wind. You pathetic Warner Bros. shills, bots, feminist trolls, and social justice warriors are pathetic. No intelligent person believes the nonsense you idiots type about Ocean's 8 being a great film that empowers women and that anti-feminists are misogynists. Idiot trolls like XIIY only type bad comedy. No thank you Warner Bros. I don't support feminist propaganda pretending to be good entertainment. 👎👎

  88. Ouertani Niso

    Ouertani Niso2 months ago

    Is a movie or joke?!?!?

  89. SpiderProductionz

    SpiderProductionz2 months ago

    Better than ocean’s 12 and 13 and 11 Ocean’s Eight is the best movie of the ocean series!! We want more of girl teams Edit: we want these girls again!!

  90. SpiderProductionz

    SpiderProductionz2 months ago

    Gavin Vincent my answer is no. Ok?

  91. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin Vincent2 months ago

    +SpiderProductionz you didnt asnwer the question so i am guessing you are

  92. SpiderProductionz

    SpiderProductionz2 months ago

    Gavin Vincent its my oppinion, ok? Now f off

  93. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    My girlfriend doesn't she thought it was piss poor.

  94. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin Vincent2 months ago

    Are you mentally challenged?

  95. Arletta Pen

    Arletta Pen2 months ago

    This movie is honestly GREAT! So enjoyable! EVERYONE GO WATCH IT! I laughed out loud! I watched it for FREE on boxxy software.

  96. Dave Dom

    Dave Dom2 months ago

    Just stop it already. Just eradicate all males from the face of the Earth and maybe then u'll be happy atlast u feminists. Since we are sucha cancer just effin kill us and deport our bodies if u hate us so much.

  97. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Ocean's 8 should be sold as a sleep aid which comes with a complimentary pillow and paper bag to vomit into.

  98. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    ++I'm Your Huckleberry Bored as you felt nice! Matti Ace was writing about this. I had a large group of Disney shills, bots, and feminist trolls try to take me down. The little twits couldn't refute the truth I typed so my comment was deleted. Ha ha ha! The bots, shills, feminists, and social justice warriors are using their tactics from 2016. What's so pathetic is Disney deliberately put the release date for Captain Marvel before the Infinity War sequel so people are forced to watch Brie Larson's film. We better stock up on more sick buckets mate. The new Terminator too. Bloody hell...

  99. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    +David Smith Seems the sheep and bots are out on the Captain Marvel trailer with Brie "Man Hater" Larson looking as bored as i felt watching the trailer.

  100. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    ++I'm Your Huckleberry Bang on mate. The sheep have no idea what they're even paying to watch anymore.

  101. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    Lol agree with you bland boring PC rubbish, Hollyweird likes pleasing sheep and morons as well as filling sick buckets at the same time!

  102. Adam A.

    Adam A.2 months ago

    see? this happens if you let them out of the kitchen...

  103. master10ize

    master10ize2 months ago

    Aint gonna even bother to watch this. Trashhhhh

  104. Daniel Kun

    Daniel Kun2 months ago

    2nd best movie after The Greateet Showman...

  105. TheBoldestFont 116

    TheBoldestFont 1162 months ago

    Man are loosing their shit here. I'm sitting here eating popcorn and laughing my ass off. Mad Man are the best comedy of all.

  106. Maya Sueing

    Maya Sueing2 months ago

    I love the outrage of all the angry, triggered, smelly, fat men.

  107. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin Vincent2 months ago

    I love that feminists actually think this movie was good. I love movies and shows and try to treat them equally before watching them but this looked bad from the start and ended up being bad. And the you have one of the actors blaming the bad reviews on white males

  108. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    +Maya Sueing Weak flamebait. Yawn...

  109. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry2 months ago

    I love that my Girlfriend thought Ghostbusters 2016 was embarrassing trash and that she was bored shitless by Ocean's 8.


    CHAYAN SARKAR2 months ago

    Radical feminism always shows me how strong we men are,and how insecure and desperate/mad women are. Cheers men..🍻

  111. Red Light

    Red Light2 months ago

    three things to say: 1) Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett should be in more movies together 2) Sandra Bullocks hair is amazing in this movie 3) they should make more of these movies The Ocean Franchise

  112. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Another shite feminist film just like Ghostbusters 2016. How about making a film made for women instead of hijacking masculine film franchises to promote women's supremacy. Thank you Hollywood idiots for helping me save my fiat money.

  113. You Can Heal

    You Can Heal2 months ago

    Awfully boring heist movie. Never cared for the ocean movies but thought this would be different. Couldn't even finish it because I was so bored. Neeeeeext! Plus I don't care for the cast.

  114. Linnea Larsson

    Linnea Larsson2 months ago


  115. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin Vincent2 months ago

    People are negative because this was just ghosbusters 2016 all over again. Thie movie wasnt needed and it was just hollywood trying to apeal to feminists

  116. Boola Bear

    Boola Bear2 months ago

    It's only good when they show Sandra Bullock's face, other than that it's not a very good movie. I'm watching it right now. It's pretty ridiculous.

  117. Jennifer Rhonda

    Jennifer Rhonda2 months ago

    i feel like james ruins it

  118. Common Sense

    Common Sense2 months ago

    The thing about Cate Blanchett's interpretation in this movie is that it is exaggeratedly a copy of Brad Pitt in the Ocean's saga. The mimics, the personality, even his "chewing things habit" in the movie, his aura... She doesn't have an individual personality in the movie, it is like the female version of Brad Pitt. And it is really boring. Bullock is the female version of Danny and Cate the female version of Pitt. Also everything in the movie is too easy, they have allies with no sense... everything ends perfectly without any effort... Also, there is a moment when Cate shows Sandra a possible helper which is a man and Sandra says: NO, NO MEN PLEASE. Like, WTF? Nobody says NO WOMEN in the Ocean's movies... It's nonsense. And she says that men get more attention than women. Are you kidding? You think a men with a normal suit will get more attention that a huge fucking dress?? Who wrote this script?? A victimized woman who believes women are the victims of society?? OH COME ON.

  119. Dustin Dixon

    Dustin Dixon2 months ago

    I'm pro feminism, so I"m buying this at Wal-Mart tomorrow.

  120. Johan Janse van Rensburg

    Johan Janse van Rensburg2 months ago

    I thought Ezra is dead?

  121. Mat Broadcast

    Mat Broadcast2 months ago

    Oceans 8 released on June 8th and June is usually the time to swim in... you know. The OCEAN

  122. Marcin Wasielewski

    Marcin Wasielewski2 months ago

    I am already puking this American political correctness not only that women themselves are an ethnic minority also have the chances to give what? I'm not cleaning up the version with George Clooney

  123. Michael Farrell

    Michael Farrell2 months ago

    Was about to download and watch this until I seen James Cordons face.... I'll pass...

  124. David Smith

    David Smith2 months ago

    Another feminist propaganda film just like Ghostbusters 2016 made for stupid people. Next we will get a feminist version of Gangster No. 1 and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which will be referred to as spin-offs.

  125. Charlotte Hele

    Charlotte Hele3 months ago

    Am I the only one who liked the movie?

  126. Matthew B

    Matthew B2 months ago

    Charlotte Hele I enjoyed it. Don’t know why everyone is having a temper tantrum over it. It’s a movie, chill.

  127. anonymusopina1

    anonymusopina13 months ago

    Feminism committing suicide. Coping and paste,? Seriously?!

  128. naren nair

    naren nair3 months ago

    why so much hate dude. its got anne hathway in it what more do you need

  129. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberry3 months ago

    A good story line and/or some entertainment and funny lines not boring trash.