1. Ryan Serhant

    Ryan Serhant9 months ago

    Had a BLAST filming this!!! Thanks Erik!!!! *MORE RYAN*

  2. David Hanousek

    David Hanousek6 days ago


  3. Emmalisa Tilli

    Emmalisa Tilli18 days ago


  4. Sam Hasselbring

    Sam Hasselbring2 months ago

    Crazy in Love is copyrighted. You need to edit your video or remove it.

  5. Jeff Cloutier

    Jeff Cloutier3 hours ago

    Perfect. Twenty million for a NYC home. Cheaper to have hundreds of acres and zero neighbors in another state. That bathroom floor better have a custom bj machine built in with self cleaning.

  6. Allison Dunning

    Allison Dunning9 hours ago

    Am i the only one who likes this? Specially cause every part of the house is separated. I cant afford it tho LMAO

  7. Kiril Mihaylov

    Kiril Mihaylov14 hours ago

    too expensive...there are people with s lot of money who Will pay this but still its not worth it...

  8. Kiril Mihaylov

    Kiril Mihaylov14 hours ago

    too expensive...there are people with s lot of money who Will pay this but still its not worth it...

  9. s25117

    s25117Day ago

    Faltaba un gimnasio en la 5

  10. Ezio Auditore

    Ezio AuditoreDay ago

    dandik. o kadar etmez. ben size o paraya ramiden 67 tane daire alirim

  11. Cameron Meinhart

    Cameron MeinhartDay ago

    Looks ugly asf 😂🤣

  12. one two

    one twoDay ago

    All of these million dollar places are contemporary and nice, but they lack the home-y feeling. They dont seem cozy. They really arent places to raise a family. Theyre nice if you're a young couple and all, but thats about it.

  13. Bobofet241

    Bobofet2412 days ago

    You call a couple hundred or more run down dirty windows facing your 7 stories of clear glass a few feet away with God knows who peeping into your windows anytime across the way possibly with binoculars facing your 7 stories,a view? (I'm out of breath... ) Plus you get to the very top to smell the delightfully fresh serving of smog day or night,still have people able to see you and when you're really really bored watch people below get mugged,rear end their cars and honk their horns 24/7! lol

  14. OSSEF9

    OSSEF92 days ago


  15. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez3 days ago

    Imagine trying to evacuate every household member in case of an emergency like in a fire!

  16. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez3 days ago

    what a waste of money....20 million for that crap in the middle of the ugly, polluted city.

  17. Vincent Paul Mynsong

    Vincent Paul Mynsong3 days ago

    Imagine the light went off while you're in the elevator thinking of going out.

  18. Robert Robrahn

    Robert Robrahn3 days ago

    This A#1 hot shit realtor is making you look like a total douchebag. Is this what really matters to you? I thought you were way cooler than this. Money's evil knows no bounds.

  19. yan chienchrn

    yan chienchrn3 days ago

    Reasonable price. Would like to buy a few.

  20. James Jennings

    James Jennings4 days ago

    More ryan

  21. Jake Hansen

    Jake Hansen4 days ago

    more Ryan

  22. Hytterli minde

    Hytterli minde4 days ago

    spoiled brats

  23. Hofman M P

    Hofman M P4 days ago

    No vale los 20 millones, pagaría 12

  24. Blackdiamond 2424

    Blackdiamond 24245 days ago


  25. Ethieria Fey

    Ethieria Fey6 days ago

    7 floors omg sounds awful

  26. HiDdEn In DiSgUiSe

    HiDdEn In DiSgUiSe6 days ago

    Just imaging hearing a noise and you live for some reason at the top you’d have to go down the floors of terror 😂🤣🤣 then to find it’s nothing

  27. Sloane’s Singing Channel

    Sloane’s Singing Channel6 days ago

    I think they shouldn’t decorate it before the owner gets it so they can decorate it in their own style, some people might not like the aesthetic of this houss

  28. Massin Ziani

    Massin Ziani6 days ago

    Only dirty money can buy these properties! and most of it often originates from overseas. Just read the local papers and you will learn who is paying these outrageous prices for townhouses. Young professionals people are packing in groups of 3 and 4 in miserable apartments because they can not afford any rent by themselves and yet, we heard about deals like this one.

  29. Spencer Schradder

    Spencer Schradder8 days ago

    i want that house!!!!

  30. Professional Youtube User

    Professional Youtube User8 days ago


  31. Julian Coulden

    Julian Coulden9 days ago

    Did you guys actually listen to one another?

  32. EvilJosh360

    EvilJosh3609 days ago


  33. Jessica Commins

    Jessica Commins9 days ago

    Imagine being in the kitchen then the elevator broke and you soon needed to go to the bathroom.

  34. Chloe Mayes

    Chloe Mayes9 days ago

    Can u keep that on hold for when I’m older

  35. Randy Nilo Maligaya

    Randy Nilo Maligaya9 days ago try this guys

  36. Big Evil inc

    Big Evil inc9 days ago

    Lmaooo in NY you don’t pay for quality you pay for scenery

  37. Rich Link

    Rich Link10 days ago

    20 Mill, No Thanx!!

  38. tyler applegate

    tyler applegate10 days ago

    This dude must be homeless!

  39. Ming P

    Ming P11 days ago


  40. Cole k

    Cole k12 days ago

    No bowling alley?

  41. Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around

    Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around12 days ago

    You have another tall building in front yours, you call that a view??? smh These are all tricks of the trade.

  42. Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around

    Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around12 days ago

    Not worth it, you can buy a mansion for $20 million dollars.

  43. vish

    vish13 days ago

    was there a gym?

  44. The Psychic Project

    The Psychic Project13 days ago

    Thanks! Looks awesome!

  45. farrah

    farrah14 days ago

    In texas this would be like $500,000 with more square feet lol

  46. Manolow ABE610

    Manolow ABE61014 days ago


  47. Such a Wingwong

    Such a Wingwong14 days ago

    1st bathroom is on the third floor Imagine having to go up 2 flight of stairs when you’ve got the runs

  48. XX__I don't know why people put X's__XX

    XX__I don't know why people put X's__XX15 days ago

    2:55 Wow he had the balls to say that...


    BEST JOHNI16 days ago

    Where is locted the house?

  50. Your Favorite Claymation Penguin

    Your Favorite Claymation Penguin16 days ago

    Love modern style, elegant and simple

  51. Chad Thompson

    Chad Thompson17 days ago

    You live here a year and you'd probably be able to outrun Hussain Bolt with the leg workout you'd be getting everyday good grief

  52. Freya 161096

    Freya 16109617 days ago

    I'm actually surprised that it didn't have a gym

  53. AYA Barakat

    AYA Barakat17 days ago

    20 million for that, or an AMAZING mansion home built in the mountains with real views of beauty, privacy and land, plus you can park over 50+ cars. Its insane to me what people value, sitting in a soaker tub looking out on a street ofpeople and buildings!? omg what a waste of money

  54. Laz N

    Laz N17 days ago

    you exit the door you get stubbed for your jacket , its new york ....practically a cesspool

  55. ii_Mxk

    ii_Mxk18 days ago

    The house is big and all, but it doesn’t seem homely enough. Like there would be no family interaction because literally every kid gets their own floor. The windows give it no privacy. My dad is blind so the glare would KILL HIM. Idk why but I wouldn’t be able to call the house home. It’s hard to explain lol

  56. thunDr

    thunDr18 days ago

    I’m gonna buy this

  57. Hannah Fuller

    Hannah Fuller18 days ago

    Just imagine misplacing your phone and trying to find it in the house

  58. Nature Good

    Nature Good18 days ago

    cheapo neighborhood

  59. Nick L

    Nick L19 days ago

    At 6:25 little glass dog I bought the exact same thing at the dollar genera for a buck

  60. jaja

    jaja19 days ago

    Why walking with shoes inside a 20mil house?

  61. Abigail Johnson Akingbade

    Abigail Johnson Akingbade19 days ago

    This apartment is spectacular. I am amazed at the views. I would live in this $20 million luxury apartment. I want to live comfortable. I have dreams. 😍💖❤

  62. Eleanor Golightly

    Eleanor Golightly19 days ago

    Swimming pool in basement is beautiful

  63. William Hernandez

    William Hernandez19 days ago

    Wow beautiful penthouse 20 mill ! Is a steal 🖒

  64. jose moraes

    jose moraes20 days ago

    Fiquei com duvidas:

  65. Viva Vivea

    Viva Vivea20 days ago

    NY weather never convinced me.

  66. IMissYou P Housen

    IMissYou P Housen20 days ago

    Ryan is an asshole. I don’t like him. I know hes gonna say he is “joking” but it’s condescending

  67. Snd Sk

    Snd Sk20 days ago

    ikuttt nge riveuw dong massss

  68. Sem Thijssen

    Sem Thijssen21 day ago

    MORE RYAN A bit late but is is okey

  69. Sem Thijssen

    Sem Thijssen20 days ago

    Thx bruv for liking my comment (Eric conover)


    WELLKNOWN DRILLA21 day ago

    Idk how people could willingly live in NYC

  71. abnormi101

    abnormi10121 day ago

    Who else spotted the cat burgular at 4:18?

  72. Nini Mf

    Nini Mf21 day ago

    Imagine feeling sick and you have to hike up to your bedroom.

  73. Smith Smith

    Smith Smith22 days ago

    This dude Erik is so arrogant 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  74. Monica Rosas

    Monica Rosas22 days ago

    More Ryan 💕

  75. kitthammes

    kitthammes22 days ago


  76. Lotts xxx

    Lotts xxx22 days ago

    It’s not really a nice view

  77. Lotts xxx

    Lotts xxx22 days ago

    Where do the rich peeps here put their expensive cars, can’t imagine them leaving an expensive car outside on street for 20 mil

  78. Ben Bryson

    Ben Bryson22 days ago

    More Ryan

  79. Camila Agudelo

    Camila Agudelo22 days ago

    i will have 5 of thos in 10 years i swear of god.

  80. Vikram George

    Vikram George23 days ago

    2:43 Cameraman spotted . Hahaa


    КОЛЕНОВСТАН23 days ago

    За такие бабки..., могли бы и лифт сделать как на яхтах..ДОЛБАЁБЫ:)

  82. Daniel Coman

    Daniel Coman23 days ago

    Ryan is Awesome

  83. dre bell

    dre bell24 days ago

    nice, but I couldn't imagine having to have to walk up and down all those stairs

  84. Jeanne

    Jeanne23 days ago

    dre bell - At least it has an elevator!

  85. Rishav Chakraborty

    Rishav Chakraborty24 days ago

    I Miss Ryan Sir In Your Videos

  86. Marsekel Lombatti

    Marsekel Lombatti24 days ago

    "What's up bro, pass the bubbles."

  87. Wisewoe Tiswell

    Wisewoe Tiswell25 days ago

    Nice plug and use of bitly, Ryan has 220k subs now a lot thx to you

  88. Lakendrick Markail Gibbs

    Lakendrick Markail Gibbs25 days ago

    More Ryan!! He's my favorite agent on tv!!!

  89. Miller ZacK

    Miller ZacK26 days ago

    Love you

  90. Chris Charbs

    Chris Charbs27 days ago

    Who keeps putting bathtubs right in front of windows

  91. Arnov Dutta

    Arnov Dutta27 days ago

    It's great but you guys never talked about car parking allotted with those houses.

  92. Atulesh Paul

    Atulesh Paul28 days ago

    not for me.

  93. Carlos Hidalgo Ortiz

    Carlos Hidalgo Ortiz29 days ago

    For 20 million I better have a fuckin huge yard bro ... and a garage wtf

  94. hamdi hassan

    hamdi hassan29 days ago

    You could buy SEVERAL HUGE mansions in California 100% times bigger and better with 20 million don’t get me wrong this is BEAUTIFUL but over priced as hell

  95. Jasmine Hayes

    Jasmine HayesMonth ago

    More Ryan!!

  96. Markib Lee

    Markib LeeMonth ago

    $20 millions apartment? No thank you I’m happy with my $300,000 house 🏡

  97. Cetzez

    CetzezMonth ago

    No pool and pingpong tables? :C

  98. ishaan aggarwal

    ishaan aggarwalMonth ago

    Why do they call first floor as second floor and ground floor as first floor. Things in the u.s. are kinda fucked up, look at their measurement system

  99. Raj Nibhani

    Raj NibhaniMonth ago

    He looks so hot Eric

  100. Such a Wingwong

    Such a WingwongMonth ago

    Not worth $20 million for me

  101. Sophia B

    Sophia BMonth ago


  102. KEN J

    KEN JMonth ago

    New York? No thanks

  103. Alojz Evelin Mikolič Sobotič

    Alojz Evelin Mikolič SobotičMonth ago

    More ryan

  104. Cheryl R Leigh

    Cheryl R LeighMonth ago

    Gorg space; more Ryan; thanks, Erik.