1. Ryan Serhant

    Ryan Serhant2 months ago

    Had a BLAST filming this!!! Thanks Erik!!!! *MORE RYAN*

  2. jootai

    jootai9 days ago

    So those rich fuckers, are they happy?

  3. IGYT

    IGYT24 days ago

    20 million Apartment? Shave the mustache With a 20 pence razor

  4. Alfredo Durán

    Alfredo Durán27 days ago

    Ryan Serhant OMG Ryan Serhant is so sexy-papi-hot and so smart that I'd like him to show me an apartment one day, it would be great! 🤤👌🏻💯🏢🥃🥃😉

  5. Cowboys Nation 214

    Cowboys Nation 214Month ago

    Ryan Serhant waste of money something you will never own , money down the drain ..

  6. Bumble Bee

    Bumble BeeMonth ago


  7. mishellemybelle_19

    mishellemybelle_19Hour ago

    Legit thought this looked like the sims in the first shot.

  8. Flyzulu aviation

    Flyzulu aviationHour ago

    Two tall tall folks...brilliant vid

  9. mousa hassan

    mousa hassan2 hours ago

    6:07 he just couldn’t sell it lol

  10. josh j

    josh j6 hours ago

    ok let's see i have a little over 1k in my account... who wants to pitch in for the rest so we can both live there

  11. Qishi Li

    Qishi Li19 hours ago

    OMG you guys gotta stop uptalking so annoying!

  12. Andre

    Andre20 hours ago

    6:35 please throw a bouncy ball down there. It’s a must if your paying $20,000,000

  13. telemaq76

    telemaq76Day ago

    where is the one million dollar home theater?

  14. Steven Lio

    Steven LioDay ago

    Nice place! Like the video.

  15. Maxime Govers

    Maxime GoversDay ago

    Kinda motivating i wanna buy thissssss guess i gotta Hustle

  16. white g

    white g2 days ago

    Cinema and gym??

  17. Harpreet Singh Huda

    Harpreet Singh Huda2 days ago

    Where is it

  18. Ronnie Travis

    Ronnie Travis2 days ago

    more videos w you two guys. I dig it

  19. magen scott

    magen scott2 days ago

    Love video!!! More Ryan

  20. Sweet Favors Designer Cakes

    Sweet Favors Designer Cakes2 days ago

    More Ryan

  21. Lg K10

    Lg K102 days ago


  22. Lillian

    Lillian2 days ago

    These vids are better than episodes of Million Dollar Listings because we get to see the properties over the drama.

  23. Nasir Snow

    Nasir Snow3 days ago

    No thanks I’ll spend my $20,000,000 on a Florida mansion with a basket ball court and 4 wheelers.. not in a city that smells like urine and has cat-sized rats

  24. Jose Carlo Salazar

    Jose Carlo Salazar3 days ago

    Please Erik tell me the dimensions of this house. Im a subscriber!

  25. az21bob666

    az21bob6663 days ago

    more Ryan

  26. Mike R

    Mike R4 days ago

    This house in Queens or Brooklyn 8 million at best

  27. lranieri1

    lranieri14 days ago

    It's nice! But I'm tired of shared living spaces. I miss living in a home with a yard and neighbors you don't share floors, walls, parking garages with or anything with! :) I want a home!

  28. Brandon Jefferson

    Brandon Jefferson4 days ago

    nothing in this world should cost that much money and i have seen homes for about 2 mil that look alot better than that!! what a waste of money...u could build a house better that this plain crap!!! save alot of money also!!!!

  29. jaime Cirer Cortes

    jaime Cirer Cortes5 days ago


  30. jaime Cirer Cortes

    jaime Cirer Cortes5 days ago

    Thanks for showing

  31. Daniel B

    Daniel B5 days ago

    I would never spend 20m on a townhouse in New York. The views are shit. Looking at concrete

  32. ceaser williams

    ceaser williams5 days ago

    for 20M, it should have a rolll out tent to protect tha deck when it rains

  33. michelle vargas

    michelle vargas5 days ago

    who wants to give me 20 million dollars??

  34. P 4

    P 46 days ago

    Who don’t wanna be poor?

  35. Ben Winker

    Ben Winker6 days ago

    I can't park my Ferrari? Eh, forget it, NEXT HOUSE

  36. Henry Zhang

    Henry Zhang7 days ago

    beautifully done.

  37. Torben Rudgaard

    Torben Rudgaard7 days ago

    $20 mill for that?? Imagine the kind of Mega Mansion you can get in LA for that money.

  38. N3RDY Hoodlums

    N3RDY Hoodlums7 days ago

    I know this is going to seem a bit sarcastic. But for 20M this is actually a very good deal for the NYC area. This home actually feels large . A few years ago real-estate broker Dolly Lenz was selling PHs in the NYC area that in my opinion felt a bit tight or small. Which was an odd feeling for me to have considering her asking price at the time was 100M. I don't have 20M to drop yet ... but when I do ... I'll be in touch LOL. Love the high quality, awesome content !!

  39. Dzmitry Funk

    Dzmitry Funk7 days ago

    the roof deck is there so you can scream "Hey peasants!"

  40. Carver The Geek

    Carver The Geek8 days ago

    7 floor town-house for $20000000 is a good deal already

  41. Joao G. Pinheiro

    Joao G. Pinheiro8 days ago

    too much strairs for 20M USD!! :((

  42. Ram Prasad

    Ram Prasad8 days ago

    Why am i here now I'm jealous and frustrated 😣😥😥😥😥

  43. SleepyPanda

    SleepyPanda8 days ago

    One of those floors is my whole apartment.

  44. Zurych Acosta

    Zurych Acosta8 days ago


  45. Kenneth Vasquez

    Kenneth Vasquez8 days ago

    More Ryan!

  46. Joel B

    Joel B8 days ago

    Ryan is an Icon!!!! I'd love to work for him!!!

  47. sarah s

    sarah s8 days ago

    I'll take it

  48. Parthiv Shah

    Parthiv Shah9 days ago

    more Ryan!!!!

  49. Kavin Stewart

    Kavin Stewart9 days ago

    More Ryan!!!!!!!!!

  50. OfficialMichellemarie 26

    OfficialMichellemarie 269 days ago

    If the floors cost a million dollars then they should be durable AF just saying

  51. MissJessye Norman

    MissJessye Norman9 days ago

    Maybe it's just my OCD, but it's SO gross that he put his dirty shoes in that pristine tub. If I bought that place, I'd want it replaced on the real estate agent ;)

  52. Donari

    Donari9 days ago

    Who needs something like this?

  53. Lilli H.

    Lilli H.9 days ago

    More ryan

  54. Simon Huang

    Simon Huang9 days ago

    too much space i actually got a headache watching it LOL

  55. Ilowa

    Ilowa10 days ago

    Why do people want such big houses

  56. K4lls

    K4lls10 days ago

    imagine if you worked out your legs at the gym and you try to get to the bedroom.......

  57. Harbinger

    Harbinger10 days ago

    This is the *look at all of you peasants* starter kit.

  58. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore10 days ago

    Where do you meet these guys 😂

  59. A G

    A G10 days ago

    20m dollars for this,, not worth

  60. Park Bommie

    Park Bommie10 days ago

    SOOO many questions.... not a lot are shown... where is the kitchen? the garage space?

  61. Ang Ang

    Ang Ang10 days ago

    Some chinese will buy this place soon

  62. jayleencc

    jayleencc10 days ago

    Just give me the paperwork!


    SKRILLEX IIXII10 days ago

    Liked at second floor

  64. MrMarquis10009

    MrMarquis1000910 days ago

    More Ryan

  65. MrMarquis10009

    MrMarquis1000910 days ago

    To expensive to be next to neighbors just get a mansion

  66. goatmonkey2112

    goatmonkey211210 days ago

    For $20 million the master bath shouldn't have the toilet in the middle of the room.

  67. Glamin Slimes

    Glamin Slimes10 days ago

    that bathroom cost more than my house

  68. The Mom

    The Mom10 days ago

    I like these guys! They work well together...good balance. Oh yeah and that Townhouse is A.MA.ZING!

  69. Ganesh Patil

    Ganesh Patil10 days ago

    20 million still it don't have parking😂😂😂

  70. potatoes nose

    potatoes nose11 days ago

    Likee..simple, modern and hommie 👍👍

  71. Ricky Abril

    Ricky Abril11 days ago

    The dining room is on a different floor then the kitchen?

  72. Mujaheda Q8

    Mujaheda Q811 days ago

    Apartment 😂💔

  73. Danny Dede

    Danny Dede11 days ago

    Super Super Super Motivational

  74. Danny Dede

    Danny Dede11 days ago


  75. Danny Dede

    Danny Dede11 days ago

    Wow!!!! Incredible

  76. CoolStoryBob

    CoolStoryBob11 days ago

    Is there any other video about that house?

  77. TEK LIFE

    TEK LIFE11 days ago


  78. Ramon Gonzalez

    Ramon Gonzalez11 days ago

    Is this gta5 😂😂

  79. Labas Labas

    Labas Labas12 days ago

    Sad that the old building was demolished. It was very beautiful.

  80. Naijakpoper

    Naijakpoper12 days ago

    I am more into this house more than the 28+ million house.

  81. tokyo

    tokyo12 days ago

    i bet ryan follows mo vlogs :)))

  82. Joey Ransom

    Joey Ransom12 days ago

    One day 😻

  83. Number One

    Number One12 days ago

    Too white for me. Boring style.

  84. tex murphy

    tex murphy12 days ago

    do you know how much the place where I live costs? about 3000 dollars.. yes three thousand life socks

  85. Joseph O'Neill

    Joseph O'Neill12 days ago

    Why don't american people take their shoes off when they go into a house? Don't they want the surfaces of a 20 million dollar house to be cleaner than the streets of NYC?

  86. Aeriaaal

    Aeriaaal12 days ago

    That feeling when the bathroom costs almost as much as my whole house

  87. FlamesJaw

    FlamesJaw12 days ago

    lol the start didn't even make sense. You didn't introduce yourself, but the other guy did.

  88. Josiah R

    Josiah R12 days ago

    More Ryan

  89. Anthony

    Anthony12 days ago

    some people want a house experience downtown. i think its a pretty cool example. places like these never have good views. you would know that going into it

  90. Olivia Halford

    Olivia Halford12 days ago

    I don't know. It's a bit of a waste of space and money. It doesn't have a homey feel to it, everyone can see through the windows unless you get thick curtains (but then you won't see the MAGNIFICENT view of all the other buildings!!! Lmao) But great video!

  91. John G

    John G12 days ago

    You two looks good together

  92. DeadBunny69

    DeadBunny6912 days ago

    The interior is about as cold and neutral as a corporate lobby.

  93. sirius2nd

    sirius2nd13 days ago

    a waste of money if u ve got to live alone there

  94. Robin Pike

    Robin Pike13 days ago

    More Ryan and I just subscribed to your channel and his hope you are having a blast in New York happy be safe

  95. Bharath Gaddam

    Bharath Gaddam13 days ago

    I am poor

  96. ZekeMagnum

    ZekeMagnum13 days ago

    Everyone can look trough your windows into every floor. Who want to live like this? Gotta have curtains closed 24/7 if you ever want some privacy

  97. Terra Grant

    Terra Grant13 days ago

    one day 🤞🏼

  98. Astrid Oksholen

    Astrid Oksholen13 days ago


  99. Chris Pacman

    Chris Pacman13 days ago

    Im jobless and living with my parents but atleast now I know what town house to buy if I win the lottery

  100. escapetomars

    escapetomars13 days ago

    This entire place looks like an H&M or a Forever 21. Soullessly furnished, poorly lit, buried in a corner of a crowded, noisy, congested city. It's a $20,000,000 vertical department store.

  101. Tristan Swanson

    Tristan Swanson13 days ago

    More Ryan

  102. Harry Singh

    Harry Singh13 days ago

    The view sucked

  103. Lucinda

    Lucinda14 days ago

    More please!

  104. ivonne cabrera

    ivonne cabrera14 days ago

    Is too big for me 😂

  105. premiercconstruction

    premiercconstruction14 days ago

    Now this place is amazing

  106. Ivan Habib

    Ivan Habib14 days ago

    Mhmmmm $20 million apartment or 10 Bugatti Chiron 🤔