1. Ryan Serhant

    Ryan SerhantYear ago

    Had a BLAST filming this!!! Thanks Erik!!!! *MORE RYAN*

  2. Rebe

    Rebe2 months ago


  3. Balder CG

    Balder CG2 months ago

    Ryan Serhant I subscribe to you!

  4. Rockn Realness

    Rockn Realness4 months ago

    I'll take it for 19.5.

  5. Bella Buddafly

    Bella Buddafly4 months ago


  6. Jhunior ßeato

    Jhunior ßeatoHour ago

    Ryan you are the best!!!

  7. Selia Ashida

    Selia Ashida2 hours ago

    I'll rent the extra space 🤔 maybe?

  8. Anthony ramsis

    Anthony ramsis2 days ago

    ...''...This is not an apartment dude !...this is 'Lighthouse' .....or a kind of a department store ....''...😉

  9. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth2 days ago

    Very beautiful but if i did have the money to buy it, i wouldn’t. I don’t like the stacked 7 story house.

  10. Shane BamTHOR

    Shane BamTHOR4 days ago

    that is one sexy house

  11. naser manoo

    naser manoo7 days ago

    My entire apartment is the same size as kids room


    GREAT RUSSIA10 days ago

    SALUTE TO YOU Mate for video you were handling this guy sarcastic comments

  13. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson12 days ago

    Go outside an get robbed

  14. Febry Ydana

    Febry Ydana13 days ago

    🤔🤔😅 woow minimalis design more easy to clean... Whaaaat hidden elevator 😱😱 and good for sport 🤣🤣🤣 ashiaaap

  15. Alex Tran

    Alex Tran13 days ago

    what a disaster

  16. Sean John

    Sean John14 days ago

    350k for that bathroom i can get 5 mexican to make that 4 35k

  17. Alexa Dalpedri

    Alexa Dalpedri15 days ago

    Wait... you spend $2500/month to live in 300 sq ft. Holy wow. That's a ton. In the nicest District of Houston, River Oaks, I spend less than 2k for 1200 sq ft. Wow new york... Just wow.

  18. Ruby

    Ruby11 days ago

    Yeah, but at least you can walk to anywhere you want and have anything at your finger tips in NYC, not have to worry about having a car saves thousands. It's also not as dirty as it use to be.

  19. Mustafa Khabir

    Mustafa Khabir17 days ago

    More Ryan

  20. Richard Zhouren

    Richard Zhouren19 days ago

    Hey Erik, nice tour! Do you have an idea of roughly how much it would be per month for the maintenance/utilities etc. for this townhouse?

  21. Andrew M

    Andrew M19 days ago

    I can pay $567/mo as long as water and garbage utilities are included

  22. Matthew Mead

    Matthew Mead20 days ago

    Can you imagine whacking off in that place??

  23. Zoro Khan

    Zoro Khan20 days ago

    I’m buying this one day

  24. Ashley Alessandro

    Ashley Alessandro20 days ago

    More Ryan

  25. Autumn Skies

    Autumn Skies21 day ago

    I got $20..... just discount the 6 zero after it. Deal? 👍😁

  26. New York City Daily

    New York City Daily22 days ago

    My townhouse is exactly the same as that one minus all the features. Thank you for making feel great on a Sunday, Erik.:(

  27. Salaado Mohamed

    Salaado Mohamed23 days ago

    The price is actually $6,870000 now

  28. mehul narula

    mehul narula26 days ago

    More ryan

  29. Shaneennggg Cruz

    Shaneennggg Cruz28 days ago

    me after I watch this: Work hard!

  30. kamalgit singh

    kamalgit singhMonth ago

    20 million dollar town home but no garage 🤦‍♂️

  31. Reuben Gangte

    Reuben GangteMonth ago

    Where is the garage though??

  32. Ro

    RoMonth ago

    No way! I'll not use the stairs to go to the living room

  33. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    20 Million to have views of peasants, old buildings, the smell of pollution, noise, and concrete? There's no way I would want to live in this cage if I had that kind of money.


    SOORAJ MANOJMonth ago

    More Ryan

  35. 가봄TV / GaBom TV

    가봄TV / GaBom TVMonth ago

    I think both of you are really cool. And I think it's really nice to have you explain it in a friendlike atmosphere.

  36. Harsh Travels

    Harsh TravelsMonth ago

    How much does a agent make in this listing. How much does the client pay in fees.

  37. itsk3v

    itsk3vMonth ago

    Nice.. but excessive by anyone's standards. If you value peace, quiet, and serenity.. you cannot have that in a home in NYC. No matter how much money you have to spend.

  38. Alexander Huamani

    Alexander HuamaniMonth ago

    Who wants an office room at the sixth floor? The agent should relocate the office at least the nearest floor.

  39. Ajit Pai

    Ajit PaiMonth ago

    Randomly seeing Mike from David Dobriks crew in a completely unrelated video is so strange

  40. Erik Conover

    Erik ConoverMonth ago

    that Mike Sheffer is everywhere

  41. Verano Ohcysp

    Verano OhcyspMonth ago

    2500 is his rent that’s still a lot where I’m from😂

  42. Krac3x !

    Krac3x !Month ago

    it looks so nice, almost perfect with a pool, but i wished it had a bigger backyard

  43. Jay

    JayMonth ago

    This would be a trillion dollars in downtown toronto

  44. Jan Seuea

    Jan SeueaMonth ago

    Waste could of made 10 rooms or 5 level one houses then rent it out and get your 20mill back in 3 years

  45. John

    JohnMonth ago

    Looks cool but a lot of space is wasted on staircase and elevator. It is at least weird concept of having 7 floors and every floor is one or two rooms. You can't eat on same floor where the kitchen is. A lot of big windows just to look at old ugly buildings. And no garage, ok you are living in downtown so maybe you don't need a car, but if you live in 20M$ house you have at least 1 very expensive car that you will like to be in private garage...

  46. Kenny Ardon

    Kenny ArdonMonth ago

    Whats the name of the song at 1:20 its a Kanye west song lil wayne also remixed it but I cant remember the name of it

  47. Rushi Goswami

    Rushi GoswamiMonth ago

    Me: Honey Wheres our kid? Her: I don't know did you checked 4th floor? Me: Yeah she's not there. Her: *Nervous* Okay you start checking from top floor ill start from basement. *One eternity later* Her: Found her She was hiding on 2nd floor. Me: ******* we are moving out.

  48. VlllA

    VlllAMonth ago

    i would still buy a tiny house even as a rich man !

  49. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther QuintanaMonth ago


  50. Moazzam Ali Jana

    Moazzam Ali JanaMonth ago

    More ryan....

  51. Luke Rae

    Luke RaeMonth ago

    Erik, way to be humble bro. Don't lose that. Keep up that good fight.

  52. Jiefan Wang

    Jiefan WangMonth ago

    I wouldn't be able to find my cat if I live in here.

  53. Renad Nabil

    Renad NabilMonth ago

    I wanna marry a rich guy

  54. Andrea Mont

    Andrea MontMonth ago

    Of course Im not rich, but I will pretend I am, and guess what I won’t buy this !!

  55. Maria Aparecida

    Maria AparecidaMonth ago

    The only really nice floor is the pool floor. It's no wonder its in the thumbnail

  56. T L

    T LMonth ago

    Moreeee. I'm obsessed with these videos and I'm bummed that I've watched them all.

  57. Skyicee

    SkyiceeMonth ago

    imagine being rich

  58. 1jeffr

    1jeffrMonth ago

    Imagine what that 20 Million would get you outside of New York or LA.

  59. Community Awareness

    Community AwarenessMonth ago

    Great video and for sure a luxurious apartment. It will suck if somebody gets locked out. If somebody doesn't want to deal with that and you live in new york, i highly recommend you guys to contact They are the best in game.

  60. wiwin tania

    wiwin taniaMonth ago



    DAYA SHANKARMonth ago

    Love you bro from india

  62. NancyMFChangVlogs

    NancyMFChangVlogsMonth ago

    Me through the video: “yeah that’s a pretty nice place..” *kind of shook* Me @6:06: “OMG IS THAT MIKE FROM THE VLOG SQUAD??” *actually SHOOK* lol

  63. Lyrics king Justin

    Lyrics king JustinMonth ago

    As Soon As I Become A Famous Rapper Its Going to be the number one on my wish list 😁

  64. Beatrice Hibari

    Beatrice HibariMonth ago

    "You need to wipe your shoes because the floor costs a million dollars" or.... hear me out you could just.... take them off..... like i have no words to describe how tilting it was when he put his shoes into the bathtub holy

  65. Jeremy Sturgill

    Jeremy SturgillMonth ago


  66. ARMY_4ever BTS_TxT

    ARMY_4ever BTS_TxTMonth ago

    I think I've fallen in love with that apartment

  67. ansh arora

    ansh aroraMonth ago

    Beautiful and most worth it apartment. Loved it

  68. smarts

    smartsMonth ago

    I totally lost it at 4:20! Hinges? Really? Rich people priorities man! 😂😂😂 I can't 😂

  69. alwaysbusiness4

    alwaysbusiness4Month ago

    What is this.........😱 INSANITY 🤯

  70. morgan gale garcia

    morgan gale garciaMonth ago

    Is incredible that a single Mclaren F1 cost the same or a little more than This entire penthouse apartment in NYC kind of crazy to be honest but is true!!!!

  71. Kevin St. Pierre

    Kevin St. PierreMonth ago

    More Ryan



    Camoone Türkiye erik

  73. Tammy Rabb

    Tammy Rabb2 months ago

    nahhh bro thats a GTA house

  74. Marco Borg

    Marco Borg2 months ago

    more ryan

  75. Aussie Lady

    Aussie Lady2 months ago

    More Ryan please

  76. Johanna Toivonen

    Johanna Toivonen2 months ago

    An option for tiny house.

  77. Shad ow

    Shad ow2 months ago

    I love these tours of properties I cannot afford , in truth 99% I would not even buy if I had the cash for one reason and another not my taste or style or whatever , but occasionally ...I see one and think WOW I want that home ....then go back to my everyday life in my little home that has taken me 30 years to get ...and realise how happy I am just being an ordinary Joe in something that I worked hard most my adult life for .

  78. Scott Blake

    Scott Blake2 months ago

    If I had the money I’d love this place but my kids are young and I’d never want it because of the gap between the stairs from the top to the bottom I’d be to worried all day the would try hang off it for fun I’d have to put a trampoline type thing on every floor

  79. Rafa Siqueira

    Rafa Siqueira2 months ago

    Sair de casa pra que???

  80. Ysl Zan

    Ysl Zan2 months ago

    Trying to be this rich ❗️😒🈹💯😅


    ROSANNA PETA2 months ago marvellous New York.....each word can't explaine this big city.....New York comment itself......

  82. WageN 808

    WageN 8082 months ago

    this house is too fancy to live in -_-

  83. Trevor Stern

    Trevor Stern2 months ago

    What’s the address

  84. Sammexp

    Sammexp2 months ago

    Well it's either that or a massive mansion in the suburb of NYC and I like the irony of owning an empty floor while people are sleeping in the streets next to your townhouse, because real estate in nyc is so expensive and you can yell to them, like a big douchebag. I own so much space that I have an empty floor , you loooossseeeeer !

  85. Heather Schmidt

    Heather Schmidt2 months ago


  86. Jaspreet saini

    Jaspreet saini2 months ago

    oka so today RYAN has more then 300K subs thats youtube power!

  87. Super Man

    Super Man2 months ago

    That's insane! 7 levels townhouse

  88. Momodou Samateh

    Momodou Samateh2 months ago

    This is the first time I saw Ryan Serhant. Thank god I found this video!!

  89. Parth Desai

    Parth Desai2 months ago

    I think my dog will get lost here if I get this so pass. LOL

  90. 1mezion

    1mezion2 months ago

    At timestamp 3:55 that furry chair kinda looks like it can turn into a tarantulaI i was half expecting to see some eyes just open.

  91. That0neGuyGames

    That0neGuyGames2 months ago

    2500 is nothing... even for rent. NY and Cali its the norm. Go to Texas and that's a mansion + servants. For a shitty house/apt the min all over in the Bay is 3500 w nothing. Screw the south

  92. Haidan Nomade

    Haidan Nomade2 months ago


  93. Justin Liu

    Justin Liu2 months ago

    $20 million dollars for this piece of shit?

  94. Jason P

    Jason P2 months ago

    Did this sales man really just hit on our boy Erik over here with the "wouldn't it be weird if you were actually taking a bath and i was standing here"

  95. A. Aljohani

    A. Aljohani2 months ago

    Roasting Erik for 8 minutes straight

  96. DYMT

    DYMT2 months ago


  97. The Doryman

    The Doryman2 months ago

    You have a buyer!

  98. Leon Lukah

    Leon Lukah2 months ago

    I would never pay 20 million for this wtf, its so cramped

  99. Keisha Alexander

    Keisha Alexander2 months ago

    I need to rob a bank real quick lol 😂

  100. J M

    J M2 months ago

    350k bathroom and you don't take off your shoes...even walk in the tub with your shoes!

  101. Karwe L

    Karwe L2 months ago

    My apartments has such size 4:46 😐

  102. iNdepthphoto

    iNdepthphoto2 months ago

    04:19 It’s basically a £50 chrome ‘Soss Hinge’, they’re nothing nothing special I used to sell those in my store.

  103. Ritwick

    Ritwick2 months ago

    I'm $50 short

  104. Markus Tomio

    Markus Tomio2 months ago

    Why would you buy a house for 20M in New York if you can have a muuuuch bigger house for that money outside of any city..

  105. Lee Francis

    Lee Francis2 months ago

    Imagine you're super rich and single and you buy this apartment and you're sleeping in your bedroom alone at night and you hear the elevator ding

  106. GTRMclaren722

    GTRMclaren7222 months ago

    20 millions to live in that dirty street