1. Ryan Serhant

    Ryan Serhant6 months ago

    Had a BLAST filming this!!! Thanks Erik!!!! *MORE RYAN*

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    Thanks for showing this video!

  3. Anne-Sophie peigné

    Anne-Sophie peigné22 days ago

    where is this apartment ?

  4. exussupremebeing

    exussupremebeingMonth ago

    You are killing the game, sir!

  5. Corvid76

    Corvid762 months ago

    You two make an adorable couple! You can feel the chemistry anytime you two are in a video together. It's so cute! Looking forward to more!

  6. jootai

    jootai3 months ago

    Mj Pratt go to Congo you ll love it, make a video about it.

  7. LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3

    LolM8s_It'sMarius! :34 hours ago

    Do you need to be handsome to be a real estate agent? Cuz that would be bad for me.

  8. Carlie Nguyen

    Carlie Nguyen7 hours ago

    I want the house ! ❤️❤️

  9. Mark Anthony Del Prado

    Mark Anthony Del Prado14 hours ago

    Love the entire video. Amazing home, views, design and yes the pool. Price seems reasonable for the look, design and location. Maybe even under priced. Love it.

  10. My portal Twentieth century Manithan

    My portal Twentieth century Manithan15 hours ago

    More Ryan.... cause he is really awesome...


    RIZAL HAFIZ20 hours ago

    when i see new york , it make me realise that i need to appreciate tree in my city

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    This one made me come , so nice

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    more RYAN

  15. Kai Martin

    Kai Martin2 days ago

    This is not worth 20 million. In the south that'll get you a mansion bigger than a Walmart lot. My God large cities are like people living like rats.

  16. Yougirl Kperry

    Yougirl Kperry2 days ago

    I would get rid of that awful looking brown couch

  17. Jack Song

    Jack Song2 days ago

    great, according my salary I can buy this apartment in approximately 300~ years! I am excited!

  18. join the fist

    join the fist2 days ago

    oh, nice

  19. Wise Men

    Wise Men2 days ago

    bullshit I won't buy for more than 500.000$ .

  20. Gohan Super

    Gohan Super3 days ago

    20 million a month rent um you could of just bought your self a house no brainer.

  21. bs1820

    bs18203 days ago

    Just found this channel and I’m loving the content.

  22. S U G A H L O G A

    S U G A H L O G A3 days ago

    Too much of everything, floors, stairs, glass windows and money

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    What realty site is this property listed please


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    YAY RYAN !!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  27. Paul Chen

    Paul Chen6 days ago

    Can’t wait to hear all the burglars breaking into this house

  28. Jean-Bernard Samecken

    Jean-Bernard Samecken6 days ago

    Not worth 20 mill.

  29. GilxSullinger

    GilxSullinger6 days ago

    2:11 i died

  30. GilxSullinger

    GilxSullinger6 days ago

    Why am i watching this. I can never live here anyway...

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    Even more RYAN!!1

  32. Danation2288

    Danation22886 days ago

    NYC is to over populated and to rat infested! To much money for that!

  33. Marco Em

    Marco Em6 days ago

    Wow this makes me want to kill myself

  34. KeillyJones

    KeillyJones7 days ago

    Looking at my bank account: 17.37$ mhmm .. one day I’ll get this house . Lol


    NEWYORK BOSS7 days ago

    For 20million apartment better come wit weed n striper fuck that

  36. Joshua Gore

    Joshua Gore7 days ago

    Erik cartman

  37. MasonLuster Vlogs

    MasonLuster Vlogs7 days ago

    That bathroom more than the house I live in if i read 350k right

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    JJ P7 days ago

    Cute couple

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    Dilip Kumar7 days ago

    Y no more apartment videos.

  40. Laurie Tijerina

    Laurie Tijerina8 days ago

    You can keep it!

  41. Tony Ragsdale

    Tony Ragsdale8 days ago

    $20,000,000 for a townhouse? No thanks. 45 minutes outside of Chicago, you can get a 30,000 square foot mansion on 70 acres, and have 5 million left over.

  42. Anita Luca

    Anita Luca8 days ago

    A 20mm price tag with no garage would be a problem for me. 😗 other than that it’s fantastic.

  43. Senad Juseinovski

    Senad Juseinovski8 days ago

    Well I expected much more freedom in the surroundings. You keep saying how cool the view is but actually all I can see is buildings. I mean come on dude. Nothing special tho!

  44. Rick Hill

    Rick Hill8 days ago

    It’s not a forever home its really just a chill home for a young eccentric millionaire still figuring out what they plan to really put their money to.

  45. Kryz Matic

    Kryz Matic8 days ago

    Imagine getting stuck in the elevator... Fire department comes and break your townhouse door down then breaks your elevator door down... More money = more problems...

  46. Spark The Regular

    Spark The Regular8 days ago

    The pool is bigger than my room.

  47. joslynn thomas

    joslynn thomas9 days ago

    More Ryan ---Townhouses

  48. Traders Friend

    Traders Friend9 days ago

    Guys what a fantastic video. Gotta get that office space......woo hoo!!!

  49. Urmil Singh

    Urmil Singh9 days ago

    Zedd's house is of 16M dollar and is way better than this

  50. Yellow W

    Yellow W9 days ago

    4:17 lol that guy in the mirror?

  51. Luxury Doll

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    Gorgeous 🏘🌹

  52. Babe

    Babe10 days ago

    Where will I put my millions dollars car?

  53. Aryan Hegde

    Aryan Hegde10 days ago

    The view sucks it's very queens

  54. ThunderAppeal

    ThunderAppeal10 days ago

    How soon would it take for these guys to commit suicide when people stopped paying attention to them?

  55. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon11 days ago

    Fithty shades of grey lol am thinking and classical music that I play will Mr Grey see me now lol

  56. anže Stropnik

    anže Stropnik12 days ago

    imagine living in a 20 million $ apartment and still having to share your room with a sibling! CRAZY

  57. Louis Williams

    Louis Williams12 days ago

    $2,500 for 300 square feet?!? You need to move to the South bruh! You could by a mansion with that down here lol

  58. Majesty Williams

    Majesty Williams12 days ago

    Only thing that sucks is the view which they make seems so beautiful in every video.

  59. Majesty Williams

    Majesty Williams12 days ago

    This is MY place.... 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Finn Rogers

    Finn Rogers13 days ago

    how much would it be if this wasnt in new york

  61. madelynryanmusic

    madelynryanmusic13 days ago

    Anyone have $20 million they can lend me?

  62. aaron laluzerne

    aaron laluzerne13 days ago

    A 20 million dollar 7 storie skyscraper with all the essentials anyone could ask for and more. Be a perfect place for anyone who's lucky enough to win a 500 million dollar lottery.

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    TRIDIMIT13 days ago

    Who wants to be my rich husband and purchase me this house? Lmao

  65. Hello hello

    Hello hello6 hours ago

    You wish a man could afford you ;)

  66. Hey It'sNicole

    Hey It'sNicole14 days ago

    My relative is 20million for a 3 story landed 😂 i like her pool

  67. WestCoast

    WestCoast14 days ago

    20 MILLIONS??? Are u fucking kidding me 😅😂😂😂😂

  68. horrnett

    horrnett14 days ago

    the big windows are a big no.

  69. Kristi Tilves

    Kristi Tilves14 days ago

    Well why you have beautiful hinges, that electrical box behind you was completely ugly. Hiding plumbing is nice so why don't you hide electrical box. PLEASE

  70. Vishal Khandeka

    Vishal Khandeka14 days ago

    Dude its a average cost of a 2bhk room in india 😶😶😶😒😒😒 !

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    What an awesome penthouse!

  72. TrigoIsBack

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    Omg hi

  73. El Lapiz

    El Lapiz16 days ago

    I would love to live there. I’m not much of a big city person, I prefer the suburbs lol but that townhouse was amazing

  74. Lex Wolf

    Lex Wolf16 days ago

    How much would a 700k to 1 mil. budget get you on New York?

  75. Avni Samuel

    Avni Samuel16 days ago

    How much do I love this $20m appartment rather than Tommy Hilfiger's $40m overworked house

  76. Hussein Elsafi

    Hussein Elsafi16 days ago

    More Ryan

  77. Split Spade

    Split Spade17 days ago

    Definitely nice but not worth 20 mil in my opinion. You can get so much more for 20 mil.

  78. Isabelle Pandeya

    Isabelle Pandeya17 days ago

    why is there no elevator? not sold

  79. Linn Ww

    Linn Ww17 days ago

    This just looks like my apartment building. Not sure if it’s worth $20mil tho. Sippin tea 🍵 🐸

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    Erik Con Over lmao

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    Prices of houses all depend on locations.

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    I want it

  83. cleef thanis

    cleef thanis18 days ago

    NYC is a horrible place to live and no amount of luxury can change that

  84. PragaMaterUrbium

    PragaMaterUrbium18 days ago

    The property tax on this one is probably higher than most people mortgage.....

  85. Mr Funky

    Mr Funky19 days ago

    That's a fuckin MOTEL !!!!!!! Kinda vulgar w/there's so much extreme amounts of poverty and housing agencies asking a ransom for far far smaller sq/footage

  86. Israel B

    Israel B19 days ago

    fuck ryan I introduced myself letting him know I was a fan and he walked away! so fuck him! if I see him he'll know who I am!

  87. Lloyd DeLeon

    Lloyd DeLeon19 days ago

    I'll take it. I will put down a large deposit. Do you take food stamps or EBT?

  88. Eli Lotts

    Eli Lotts19 days ago

    One day I will own this place 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  89. Youness Elarabi

    Youness Elarabi19 days ago

    Adress ?!

  90. Dragon

    Dragon20 days ago

    Pay 20 million for a city view of one tree and buldings and the sky... how you gonna try and sell the view lmao... you can pay 75k for a house in the woods with a thousand times better view and not live your life in a rats nest city

  91. otogigamer

    otogigamer20 days ago

    This is a house for people that workout with all those stairs and pool. I doubt too many rich people workout

  92. jhawkswag gaming

    jhawkswag gaming20 days ago

    This a gta 5 house for sure😂😅

  93. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra20 days ago

    Why would anyone want to live in NYC when they have $20 million? You could build a 30,000 sq ft mansion on 1,000 acres of land away from the cities. Instead you'd choose to live in a "townhouse" thats "26 feet wide". 26 feet wide and the dude says that's considered a mansion! WTF? You know what else is 26 feet wide? A mobile home. Oh wait...I'm wrong...Mobile homes are 28 feet wide so they're slightly bigger.

  94. phillip

    phillip21 day ago

    For 20 mil it's a bit shit

  95. Fares kechrid

    Fares kechrid21 day ago

    Looks like the house from kimmy schmidt right?

  96. joslynn thomas

    joslynn thomas22 days ago

    I look at this every night before I go to bed on zillow. This is my dream home!!!! So glad I found this video.

  97. MarvelousProductions

    MarvelousProductions22 days ago

    You have a buyer yet? If not, I'm offerring 15 million!

  98. Patty Patty

    Patty Patty22 days ago

    Would you take $15 mil

  99. Dani Singh

    Dani Singh22 days ago

    i pay you 7m for this. in cash

  100. Tou Xiong

    Tou Xiong23 days ago

    You guys make a good team. You both have that good positive energy that makes it fun to watch

  101. Michael Tapel

    Michael Tapel23 days ago

    I can't buy this apartment Only got 19,899,000$

  102. SluggardRaccoon

    SluggardRaccoon23 days ago

    Yeah I wouldn’t pay more than $6,000,000.. the layout is ass. How is the master suite not higher than the other rooms? I definitely would’ve had the master on 6-7th floor

  103. LadyScorpio39

    LadyScorpio3923 days ago

    all this tells me is that the bullshit we are sold about there not being enough food, water, space, etc, in the world is a pile of crap! people are starving around the world, NOT because there isnt enough of everything, but because a chosen select few elite have chosen to take it all by being greedy overindulged parasites!

  104. vangelis T

    vangelis T23 days ago

    For less than 5M you can buy this

  105. breanna cook

    breanna cook24 days ago

    "Look at the hinges on your doors. They will be different." Lmbo

  106. Linda Wright

    Linda Wright24 days ago

    I would have built this space as three luxury apartments, lived in top floor apartment and made my living renting the other two apartments complete with designer-curated furnishings and daily maid service. I would have used the basement as a gym and sauna with a part-time fitness pro on staff just for the residents and the top deck as an outdoor BBQ and cocktail lounge area for the residents complete with a free weekly cocktail hour and gourmet meal cooked by a hired chef during mild weather. Or maybe I would enclose the top deck with a ventilated greenhouse roof and glass walls for an all-weather outdoor area -- it is New York state after all. You could charge really high rents for two such exclusive, fully-furnished, luxury apartments and after paying all the running expenses could still have enough of a profit for a decent income. Not so sure a billionaire would want to live in a seven-story town house in this neighborhood -- the location looks really run-down. Also, that seven-story stairwell looks like it would act like a chimney in a house fire -- I would have designed that differently. I do like the use of color on some of the walls -- so tired of seeing the builder basic white paint, the very cheapest way to cover walls and ceilings, in luxury residences.

  107. Tim Ward

    Tim Ward25 days ago

    Nice looking place, Erik! Always nice to see on MReporter how the 1% live, since the rest of us would never get to see such marvels in real life. Always important to remember, though, that it is far better to live an ethical life and do honest humble work (even though it probably means poverty) than to live otherwise and be rich. After all, life is short and wealth should never be equated with success. I can tell from your personality, though, that you already know that.