"NOBODY WANTS MY BREAD" - A Bad Lip Reading of Fergie


  1. Bad Lip Reading

    Bad Lip Reading2 months ago

    Had a lot of people asking for the full-length version of Fergie's song from the NBA video. So that now exists. Happy 4th of July, all you fellow-Americans...

  2. Kyle

    Kyle11 days ago

    Bad Lip Reading over the past 4 days I’ve listened to the “Hearing” for Supreme Court justice, and with over 18 hours of listening I can’t wait for your video on this event. After all the politics and judgments I can’t wait to see the revenge bestowed on them. Should be good and long, as there is endless content

  3. SGT 101STABN

    SGT 101STABN11 days ago

    Oh no you made fun of fergie's bread. How can someone dislike this video if they watch BLR?

  4. HunterBug 96

    HunterBug 9627 days ago

    Bad Lip Reading You should do Zero hour columbine high school shooting bad lip reading 😂

  5. S P Y D A M A N

    S P Y D A M A NMonth ago

    Bad Lip Reading Guys you have to get on the ball I haven’t seen anything new in forever. This is one of my favorite channels of all by far! I need more content from you guys please please more and more and thank you LOL

  6. Phoenix Taylor

    Phoenix TaylorMonth ago

    the starwars songs are the best thing you have ever done (and you have done a lot of great things), you ready to move to MARVEL yet?

  7. Loki

    LokiHour ago

    I laughed in front of my parents while she was "singing" this and my mom and dad looked at me like *STOP* and I was like omg ok, but then they laughed and I'm like rlly......? *REALY*

  8. Justin Seagull

    Justin SeagullHour ago



    JUST TRASH3 hours ago

    Why is this better then the original


    SPLASHMAN4 hours ago


  11. 7 H

    7 H5 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 i love your channel

  12. Suazo The 4th

    Suazo The 4th7 hours ago

    But....i wanted bread

  13. Biomix Pixels

    Biomix Pixels12 hours ago

    1:01 - 1:05 When your teacher calls you to recite

  14. smunchkin xo

    smunchkin xo19 hours ago

    namjoon was starving & wanted some bread. but fergie got some bread all the time!

  15. spoopy mia

    spoopy miaDay ago

    I was not surprised that this sounds better then the original

  16. I am ARMY

    I am ARMYDay ago

    Wtf happened? 😂😂😂 0:58

  17. jimins left eye wrinkle is prettier than me

    jimins left eye wrinkle is prettier than meDay ago


  18. BlaqJack D

    BlaqJack DDay ago


  19. Dũng Nguyễn Tiến

    Dũng Nguyễn TiếnDay ago

    " But last night i pooped out glass" WTF did she eat last night???

  20. dee dee

    dee deeDay ago

    Omg i laugh so hard

  21. CookiePowerr

    CookiePowerrDay ago

    What’s the outro?

  22. Fatima Wardani

    Fatima WardaniDay ago

    I died at 0:59

  23. dowoon's mosquito

    dowoon's mosquitoDay ago

    Is Fergie bad lip reading Fergie?

  24. DANM ART

    DANM ARTDay ago

    There's a deep message in there! I'm actually crying!

  25. xoloves boo

    xoloves booDay ago

    I cant believe i watch it till the end

  26. Crystal 7

    Crystal 7Day ago


  27. huybui207

    huybui2072 days ago

    Nobody wants my bread sounds constipated

  28. FJloc 114

    FJloc 1142 days ago

    Just one step... Aha...aha...aha aha aha ahahahahahahaha A...

  29. Nicki Cole

    Nicki Cole2 days ago


  30. julianna

    julianna2 days ago

    why does this sound better than the original though

  31. Mara Vladu-Kenobi

    Mara Vladu-Kenobi2 days ago

    Aha aha aha aha ahaaaaaaaaahahaa😹.Buuuuuuuuugssssss in a piiiiiiiiiieee.

  32. Augus Quirn

    Augus Quirn2 days ago

    Please do an infinity war edition

  33. haru mori

    haru mori2 days ago


  34. Andrew

    Andrew2 days ago


  35. A cup of tae with two sugas and a kookie

    A cup of tae with two sugas and a kookie2 days ago

    No jokes i thought that this was the original audio until i read the comments

  36. jeakemiHawaii38

    jeakemiHawaii382 days ago

    Ohmygosh! I couldn't stop laughing!!!

  37. John M.

    John M.3 days ago

    Why is this better than the original

  38. Codfish246

    Codfish2463 days ago

    take her bread :(((

  39. John M.

    John M.3 days ago

    I don’t want it though

  40. *Sips Tea

    *Sips Tea3 days ago

    I mean the one who sang this sounded better than Fergie lol

  41. Julie Mae Widener

    Julie Mae Widener3 days ago

    I have abs from laughing so hard...

  42. QueenCoCoaMocha

    QueenCoCoaMocha3 days ago

    I'm crying

  43. Mayara Santos

    Mayara Santos4 days ago

    0:58 OMG LOL LOL LOO LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Adam Brand

    Adam Brand4 days ago

    Thought I was watching the original performance

  45. John M.

    John M.3 days ago

    Adam Brand nope. This is better

  46. r u shook •

    r u shook •4 days ago


  47. Kitty Kanye

    Kitty Kanye4 days ago

    lmfao i laughed nervously when i read the titile


    BEN KRANT5 days ago

    I’ll have your bread.

  49. Mrs.Brightside09 _

    Mrs.Brightside09 _6 days ago

    That was genius

  50. Inline Downhill Vancouver

    Inline Downhill Vancouver7 days ago

    1:01 Gotta love the attention to the one person clapping. hahaha

  51. Samantha Vaiza

    Samantha Vaiza7 days ago

    XD i was laughing so hardAhahahahahahaaa

  52. nguyen minh ngoc

    nguyen minh ngoc9 days ago


  53. Aniii x

    Aniii x11 days ago

    Who makes these.. the editing is so good, someone send this to fergie 😂🤣😂😂

  54. Lynea Telengech

    Lynea Telengech13 days ago

    1970: I wonder what will be in the future 2018: *NoBoDy WaNtS mY bReAd*

  55. Elizabeth Robinson

    Elizabeth Robinson13 days ago

    lol you can tell she uses a waist trainer

  56. Truth & Justice

    Truth & Justice13 days ago

    _I_ want her bread... ...and a slice of bug pie! ; ¬)

  57. Anthony Carroll

    Anthony Carroll13 days ago

    How's that even possible! Best part

  58. Athina Christofi

    Athina Christofi14 days ago

    "I pooped out glass"

  59. Shadowpikachu543

    Shadowpikachu54315 days ago


  60. The Twisted Fuck

    The Twisted Fuck15 days ago


  61. HenryRichard

    HenryRichard15 days ago

    The best part about this are the 5 people clapping at the end.

  62. ROBLOXduke

    ROBLOXduke15 days ago

    One man one jar


    YOUR MAJESTY16 days ago

    Why the hell am I laughing at this?

  64. EnderPlays

    EnderPlays16 days ago

    The person who voiced her in this vid sings better than she did in that video.. lol

  65. It is your young male Jim

    It is your young male Jim17 days ago


  66. Step up Sister

    Step up Sister18 days ago

    Half the nba players where laughing 😂


    HELP! MONSTA X IS STALKING ME!!!18 days ago

    *My BreAaaaaAaaaaAaAAADDD*

  68. senior nono

    senior nono19 days ago

    She's just hot. Really

  69. Non-practicing Murder Bear

    Non-practicing Murder Bear19 days ago

    The ending 😂

  70. Luz Rodriguez

    Luz Rodriguez19 days ago

    I’m on a diet so yeah no body want your bread 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  71. brenda franklin

    brenda franklin20 days ago

    that was the most disrespectful attempt at such a beautiful song. I'm glad y'all made fun of it

  72. Jon Miner

    Jon Miner20 days ago

    That's the only Bad Lip Reading I can't watch. Love the others though. PS. It isn't the funny lyrics, it’s the video. Poor woman hasn't a clue.

  73. Jessica Charles

    Jessica Charles20 days ago

    "This is TMI, but last night I pooped out glass!" Lol😂

  74. John Wilson

    John Wilson20 days ago

    Cocaines a hellova drug

  75. Kyleigh

    Kyleigh20 days ago

    This sounds better than the actual performance

  76. earth is not a donut

    earth is not a donut20 days ago


  77. M L

    M L20 days ago

    'Kids if u want to use drug, you Will end like this"

  78. Stolen Chris

    Stolen Chris20 days ago

    You know, the outro music can be a hit.

  79. Lauren Ferry

    Lauren Ferry21 day ago

    man how do you guys do this, it is hilarious!!

  80. AsianCurry

    AsianCurry21 day ago

    N O B O D Y W A N T S M Y B R E A D

  81. Miriam Hosein

    Miriam Hosein21 day ago

    Better than the original

  82. this is so sad alexa play despacito

    this is so sad alexa play despacito21 day ago

    i only listen to real music

  83. Teenlearnstocook 13

    Teenlearnstocook 1321 day ago


  84. Kay. 22

    Kay. 2221 day ago

    I like this version better😐

  85. Daniel Price

    Daniel Price21 day ago

    *_But last niiiight I pooped out glaaaaaaaassssss_*

  86. Mara Vladu-Kenobi

    Mara Vladu-Kenobi2 days ago

    Aha, aha aha aha ahaahaaaha a😹. I'm daing!!😂

  87. Nick Restas

    Nick Restas22 days ago


  88. WISHY

    WISHY22 days ago

    damn nobody wants my bread either

  89. Anthony Kramer Jr.

    Anthony Kramer Jr.22 days ago

    I'm laughing my ass off 😆😆😂😂

  90. gregorymjr12

    gregorymjr1222 days ago

    Ok this shit is hilarious. #Fergsucks

  91. William Archuleta

    William Archuleta23 days ago

    That was too funny 😅🤣😆

  92. Bilal Ahmad

    Bilal Ahmad23 days ago

    Please dislike this comment

  93. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY23 days ago

    Nobody want my bread because I pooped out glass 😹😹😹😹

  94. unboxed prophet

    unboxed prophet23 days ago

    My son had shown me this. hilllarioussss.....

  95. Guens

    Guens23 days ago

    I dreamed that I "hate popping glass," too, Fergie.

  96. Krishna Balroop

    Krishna Balroop23 days ago

    Now on iTunes.

  97. Marley Covington

    Marley Covington24 days ago

    :47 to :56 had me rolling

  98. Rock Pops

    Rock Pops24 days ago

    This was better than her Actual performance

  99. Jon Duncan

    Jon Duncan24 days ago

    THIS IS Absolutely the funniest thing I've ever heard

  100. Just Uh Dude

    Just Uh Dude24 days ago

    *Still better than the original*

  101. Fancy Vizion

    Fancy Vizion24 days ago

    I can't breathe from laughing so hard, especially after hearing about 3 applauses 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  102. Jacoboliver50

    Jacoboliver5024 days ago

    Is this made with magic

  103. Thomas F

    Thomas F24 days ago


  104. Ashley

    Ashley24 days ago

    Is it bad that I think this version sounded better singing-wise than the real video?

  105. Handyman

    Handyman25 days ago

    0:54 the guy expression killed me 😂

  106. Saskatoon Sky

    Saskatoon Sky25 days ago

    I've hating untalented singing and garbage songs my whole life . . . this episode of Bad Lip Reading is a masterpiece!

  107. Shawn Stevens

    Shawn Stevens25 days ago

    Imagine, this is the video that Aliens find.

  108. blEkk

    blEkk25 days ago

    Nobody whunts MY, Breeeaaad' ?!