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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)


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    subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters

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    Billi Boppi I don't believe you

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    hello its me tay k 47 im out of jail u heard me cuz i aint gonna be a banger no more

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    No Jumper bro I'm waiting outside where are you at

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    P R E S S F5.exe

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    [Intro: Tay-K & BlocBoy JB] Gang, gang (bitch) Five times seven bullets rip you apart Beep, beep Gang, gang You know how the fuck we rockin' man (know how the fuck we rock bitch) Free Santana, man, free J Roc, free Sticky Free Pimpyz, man (free Pimpyz, bitch) Free Tay-K Gang [Chorus: Tay-K] You-you-you was on some opp shit I was cruisin' down a nigga block with the chopstick Rockstar nigga, now I need a rock bitch We want beef, not veggies, not squash, bitch That-that-that boy like to talk (gang), we popped out with mops You gon' shoot a little, we gon' shoot a lot I rock out with the chop, bitch, I rock very hard (very hard) She thought it was my cock but my Glock very hard [Verse 1: Tay-K] School was very hard (gang), bitch, I'm very hard (gang) Tay-K very hard (hard), Tay-K fairly odd Chop-chop-chopper with a blade, 'cause my bitch goth 1911, Ma I'll leave you with a scar My mama so hard (gang), my daddy go hard (gang) Tay-K fairly odd, Tay-K very hard (bitch) This thooka is my wand, Tay-K fairly odd Chopper with a blade, it's gon' rip you apart You's a monkey nigga, so we knock your tree apart (bitch) Bullets aim far, bullets aim far [Refrain: Tay-K & BlocBoy JB] Tay-K very hard, Tay-K very hard (yeah, yeah) Bitch, I'm very hard (hard), bitch, I'm very hard (that's on my mama) [Verse 2: BlocBoy JB] Rock like a guitar ('tar) Draw down on a opp (huh), while he smokin' in his car (car) We gon' smoke 'em like a 'gar ('gar) .9 and a TEC (TEC), leave a nigga wet (wet) Smokin' so much gas (gas, gas, gas), I think that I can fuel a jet You niggas are nothin' but some workers (workers) Internet lurkers (lurkers), searchers (searchers) Stay up out my circle (my circle) He talk down on internet, hurt him Murk him (hurt), dirt him (hurt) White tee, picture on a shirt him Careful with an opp bitch AR-15 and that ho come with a stock, bitch (stock, bitch) Bloc Nation, nigga (nigga), so I need a Block bitch (Block bitch) He was talkin' trash, put his ass in the garbage (garbage) [Chorus: Tay-K] You-you-you was on some opp shit I was cruisin' down a nigga block with the chopstick Rockstar nigga, now I need a rock bitch We want beef, not veggies, not squash, bitch That-that-that boy like to talk (gang), we popped out with mops You gon' shoot a little, we gon' shoot a lot I rock out with the chop, bitch, I rock very hard (very hard) She thought it was my cock but my Glock very hard [Refrain: Tay-K] Tay-K very hard, Tay-K very hard Bitch, I'm very hard, bitch, I'm very hard

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    I type waaa this came up??

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    Nothing beats *”school is very hard”*

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    lil bill had a glo up

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    My mama so hard My daddy probly hard

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    Life is hard after school expecially

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    Who just came for tay k

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    2:07 had me rolling 💀💀💀💀

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    Despacito very *hard*

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    if he would have broke an electric( non acoustic) guitar it would have been god level

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    Blocboy is trash

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    Shit if school was hard then the pen gone be like paradise.

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    Blocboy looks like jay-z jr.

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    Lol is this no jumper😂😂😂😂

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    Why this nigga Tay k winking at me make him put some signs up

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    lit af my nigga

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    School was very hard (gang)

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    i mean 0:38

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    i like 0.38 lol

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    5 , 6 , 7 сук на мне , они все АХХХХХ

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    this got the dude from no jumper

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    Free tay k

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    Tay K doesn't eat his veggies.

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    Free tayk the comments yo

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    tay k very soft

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    free tay k

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    How many children will draw tay k in notebook, after summer cause they want he begin rap?

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    man i'm so fuckin g hipe when i get my car but frfr i fuck what you cripe\s

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    Free my nigga tayke

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    Trying to beat that case was very hard

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    #Free Tay K

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    School is very hard most relatable verse

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    blocboy is dancing adain like a god

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    I like Adams cameo😁💥💥👻

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    I wonder why they had to use a drawing instead of tay k... so confusing

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    Franklin Clinton I know that

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    Franklin Clinton yeah

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    he is in jail, thats why

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    Bhaide babie and tay k need to make a song

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    I need that Asian girl in my life on god

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    Slams guitar

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    Real ones know there was a version without blocboy jb

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    Tay k was shooting that bih😂

  58. YoungBaby Milo

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    You know what else is hard? The beat, and The bars. Big facts when he said school was hard cuz school is honestly hella hard sometimes.

  59. Money Man

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    1:07 you can kind of hear tay’s signature laugh in the background if he ever gets out he gone be set dat laugh ri there gone b like his jadakiss signature adlib lol

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    This is my fav song ever💕❤❤❤❤

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    that move at 1:29 is insanely gay. Holy fuck, that's gay.

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    I like this song

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    That asian chick tho.

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    She tought it was my cock But my ipad very hard

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    Eh box the 60

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    For all unreleased tay-k music check out my soundcloud- TAYNUTDAP

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    2:06 ...

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    My mommas belt is very hard She whoops me really hard Y’all niggas cry alittle I’m gon’ cry a lot

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    1:28 when you feel an ant in your sock

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    Fucked up this kid is locked up, he would ve blew up regardless

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    He was involved in 2 murders, One a 20 year old girl and the murder of a 24 year old father, He was a scumbag

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    good song

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    The definition of "f school" mentality.

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    @ no jumper that was lit but I'm mad I couldn't be in the video 😡

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    He’s a killer

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    recording a song with a imitate very hard

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    Flex on them💪💪

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    Fuck tay k that nigga be killing innocent people for no reason. Let the pussy die in jail ( his song fire though )

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    Free Tay-K

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    When Tay K look better animated than in real life

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    The Animation is Cringy as Fuuck.

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    This shit go hard 1:16 nevermind

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    I always watch this with 1.25 speed

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    Tell me y'all, I'd it hard or op shit

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    Tay k's new song got leaked that I produced ---

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    Is it selfish to say free “myself” ? cause Tay K yelling to free a lot of niggaz but he could use some freeing himself frfr

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    1:58 nice walking animation

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    Bullets ain't fart

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    we want beef not veggies not squash bitch

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