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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)


  1. No Jumper

    No Jumper7 months ago

    subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters

  2. Chantel Watson

    Chantel Watson4 days ago


  3. Chantel Watson

    Chantel Watson4 days ago

    No Jumper yet Never again Matt

  4. professer rick

    professer rick18 days ago


  5. Clayton Lawrence

    Clayton Lawrence21 day ago


  6. Terryjames Townsend

    Terryjames TownsendMonth ago

    Ok we us waiting

  7. Angel Reyes

    Angel Reyes8 hours ago

    He would have been rich tay k was a great artist 🀘

  8. in this world its either yeet or be yeeted

    in this world its either yeet or be yeeted9 hours ago

    Tay k very hard *Jail is very hard*

  9. Toxic Blizz

    Toxic Blizz10 hours ago

    This song goes HARD

  10. SamuelWamuel Yt

    SamuelWamuel Yt12 hours ago

    There is only one thing to say about this song That’s what she said

  11. Offshift VEVO

    Offshift VEVO13 hours ago

    This song is still hard

  12. GameMaster Sniperbro990

    GameMaster Sniperbro99013 hours ago

    That is like the most generic substitute teacher ever.

  13. Rich Sean12

    Rich Sean1216 hours ago

    Free Tay K

  14. Rich Sean12

    Rich Sean1216 hours ago


  15. Lil Bean

    Lil Bean18 hours ago

    U guys did a fucken fabulous job with this shit

  16. Spectre_DeepZer0

    Spectre_DeepZer0Day ago

    i swear blocboy sound like famousdax???

  17. Gwilym P

    Gwilym PDay ago


  18. Nathan Bonilla

    Nathan BonillaDay ago

    tay ks mouth looks so fucked up

  19. ralph lopez

    ralph lopezDay ago

    Hope Tay k got paid for this

  20. rejecter

    rejecterDay ago

    cruisin down that nigga blocc with the chopsticc 😈

  21. dirty dan

    dirty danDay ago

    like if getting a gf very hard

  22. DJ Arren

    DJ ArrenDay ago

    Tay K? Nobody remembers Tay K

  23. Fortnite god 44

    Fortnite god 44Day ago

    If school was like this it would be mad lit

  24. TUMOMXX 2

    TUMOMXX 2Day ago

    Tay-K Very Hard

  25. GooseNeckStroke

    GooseNeckStrokeDay ago

    Why blockboy only fire on features πŸ€”πŸ€”

  26. PokemonAssociate

    PokemonAssociate2 days ago

    So good

  27. Nathaniel Desper

    Nathaniel Desper2 days ago

    Free Tay-k

  28. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler2 days ago

    im *h* *a* *r* *d*

  29. Phil Warren

    Phil Warren2 days ago

    thats so lame lol

  30. Blainey Simpson

    Blainey Simpson2 days ago

    Tay-K looks a bit different

  31. Speed Is Key

    Speed Is Key2 days ago

    this song makes me want to use this as an excuse for a bad test grade

  32. F.u.c.k Arsenal

    F.u.c.k Arsenal2 days ago

    Opp shit beat so much better

  33. AfricanRebel [YT]

    AfricanRebel [YT]2 days ago

    thats actually pretty creative since Tay K cant show up for videos, just record him and draw him in!

  34. Rock up Glock tucked

    Rock up Glock tucked2 days ago

    All them niggas he said free told πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  35. MaksGame

    MaksGame2 days ago

    Π Π°Π·,Π΄Π²Π°,Ρ‚Ρ€ΠΈ

  36. blackhawk 357

    blackhawk 3573 days ago

    BlocBoy JB is one of the worst rappers I've heard,except Kid Buu of course

  37. YourMomGay β€’76 Years Ago

    YourMomGay β€’76 Years Ago3 days ago

    Who else came from instagram

  38. Boy Dagger

    Boy Dagger3 days ago

    Whose here after adam22 got robbed

  39. YFB Hurricane

    YFB Hurricane3 days ago


  40. Idk _ Anymore

    Idk _ Anymore3 days ago


  41. AIDS Cancer

    AIDS Cancer3 days ago


  42. Mundy Mondy

    Mundy Mondy3 days ago

    Set the example you want others 2 be with your actions not your words in Jesus Christ name amen…^…^…*πŸ•‰β˜¦οΈπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜΅πŸ’―πŸ“ˆπŸ€­πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŽ€πŸ₯­βžΏ

  43. Thekyree

    Thekyree4 days ago

    Make a song named crippin

  44. xXF34RRKILLAHXx -

    xXF34RRKILLAHXx -4 days ago


  45. Ali Yael Ramos

    Ali Yael Ramos4 days ago

    Jail Is HARD


    PAPACITO THE 69TH4 days ago

    Why tf people like this music

  47. Miguel Tapia

    Miguel Tapia4 days ago

    Free tay k

  48. XXXGG Pride

    XXXGG Pride4 days ago

    My bad

  49. XXXGG Pride

    XXXGG Pride4 days ago

    Didn't know he somebody already said that because when I said the Same thing he that wasn't there

  50. Gord

    Gord4 days ago


  51. Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams4 days ago

    Jail is very hard

  52. Luke Dennaford

    Luke Dennaford4 days ago

    Free this guy !!

  53. Ninjabule Minecraft

    Ninjabule Minecraft4 days ago

    This is very hard

  54. Lil Xxxtentacion Shotgunz Shotgunz

    Lil Xxxtentacion Shotgunz Shotgunz4 days ago

    One he dropped the soap people around him got Very hard

  55. Funny Tra Ray

    Funny Tra Ray4 days ago

    Free tkay

  56. Thabo Langa

    Thabo Langa4 days ago

    Tay K is true to his raps unlike ur favorite rapper

  57. Andrew Kakara

    Andrew Kakara5 days ago


  58. Bochang808

    Bochang8085 days ago

    Blocboy ruined it

  59. King Dab On 'Em

    King Dab On 'Em5 days ago


  60. Marz TCK

    Marz TCK5 days ago

    why his drawing look like miles from spiderverse

  61. sad boi music

    sad boi music5 days ago

    at 0:54 he says rugrat bruh (his gang)

  62. Mimi floridalolz

    Mimi floridalolz2 days ago


  63. CrAcKinG-_PaYdAY-

    CrAcKinG-_PaYdAY-5 days ago

    Anyone else skip Blocboys verseπŸ˜‚?

  64. Luis Escalante

    Luis Escalante4 days ago

    That shit is fire

  65. Young dagger dick J

    Young dagger dick J5 days ago

    School is hard

  66. Symmetrically Identical

    Symmetrically Identical5 days ago

    I just realized tay-k isn't in the video physically because he's in jail lmao

  67. Elizabeth Rosales

    Elizabeth Rosales5 days ago

    Lol me In school

  68. 9Someguy

    9Someguy5 days ago

    How did you get Tay K in the video I thought he was in jail

  69. Gonnie Jordan

    Gonnie Jordan5 days ago

    Nice day to school

  70. Levi Martin

    Levi Martin5 days ago

    Blocboy ruined this song

  71. curver ckenshn

    curver ckenshn5 days ago

    Free Tay k bruh

  72. OreoGamez

    OreoGamez6 days ago

    Shit looking like Spider-man into the spiderverse with miles morales(animated version in case they make a new one thats not animated)

  73. Mamii Teresa

    Mamii Teresa6 days ago

    Ayyyyy Tkayyy 2019 πŸ‘Œ


    Π”ΠΌΠΈΡ‚Ρ€ΠΈΠΉ ΠšΠΎΠ±Ρ‹Ρ‡Π΅Π²6 days ago

    Rock star nigga

  75. John Dan Manuel

    John Dan Manuel6 days ago


  76. Jaheim James

    Jaheim James6 days ago


  77. lowrider life

    lowrider life6 days ago

    Pull up with the chopsticks

  78. Jonas klins

    Jonas klins6 days ago

    His cock was very hard

  79. Uglee Kidd

    Uglee Kidd6 days ago

    This is opp shit tho

  80. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana6 days ago

    Super Hard AdamπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Free Tay K

  81. The galaxy Twinz

    The galaxy Twinz6 days ago

    This makes me want to eat soup with a butter knife

  82. Lil dogo

    Lil dogo6 days ago

    im at school ;(

  83. KAT Sister

    KAT Sister6 days ago

    How was Dave and Buster's

  84. Jaheim James

    Jaheim James6 days ago


  85. UF Quzx

    UF Quzx6 days ago

    What a tune

  86. Damiano Grandi

    Damiano Grandi6 days ago

    Dad: why you always still so long in the toilet Me: dad, diz shit so fuckin hard


    Π’Π»Π°Π΄ΠΈΠΌΠΈΡ€ ΠœΠΎΡΡƒΠ½ΠΎΠ²7 days ago



    Π’Π»Π°Π΄ΠΈΠΌΠΈΡ€ ΠœΠΎΡΡƒΠ½ΠΎΠ²6 days ago

    +ΠœΠ£Π›Π¬Π’Π˜ КСша Π― Π’ ΠšΠ£Π Π‘Π•!!!

  89. ΠœΠ£Π›Π¬Π’Π˜ КСша

    ΠœΠ£Π›Π¬Π’Π˜ КСша6 days ago

    А Π½ΠΈΡ‡Π΅Π³ΠΎ Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Π±ΠΈΠ±ΠΈΠΏ спиздил этот Π±ΠΈΡ‚?

  90. Trxppy. Ryleigh

    Trxppy. Ryleigh7 days ago

    Who thinks this song goes very *hard*

  91. J Akioyamen

    J Akioyamen7 days ago


  92. K&M Vlogs

    K&M Vlogs7 days ago

    Jb don't belong in this song

  93. Luz Edmonds

    Luz Edmonds7 days ago

    0:34 when you get in trouble and didn't get in trouble 0:34 When you lose a fight but people sayin you won 0:34 when you upped yo grade from a F in science to a B

  94. Tejhuan Mcclure

    Tejhuan Mcclure7 days ago

    This song go hard

  95. GSB jayzee123456789

    GSB jayzee1234567897 days ago

    Bitch im very hard schhol lame af rockstar nigga i need a rockbitch bitch im very hard we gon shoot a little my cock very hard

  96. Aye kneezy

    Aye kneezy7 days ago

    I wanna rob my own house now

  97. Ariah Hayes

    Ariah Hayes8 days ago

    This goes very hardπŸ”₯

  98. Ariah Hayes

    Ariah Hayes8 days ago

    Like if school was very hard

  99. Ariah Hayes

    Ariah Hayes8 days ago

    Tay k sound like Comethazine

  100. Daily Videos

    Daily Videos7 days ago

    The gamer Freak u do realize tay k is younger than comethazine? Tay k sounds like comethazine.

  101. The gamer Freak

    The gamer Freak7 days ago

    Comethazine sound like tay k Tay k was in the game before comethazine

  102. ??????

    ??????8 days ago

    Prison is very hard

  103. Maj Money1

    Maj Money18 days ago

    Like if school very hard

  104. ViZion Klucus

    ViZion Klucus8 days ago


  105. JINX

    JINX8 days ago

    Free TAY-K

  106. Hoodrich AGE

    Hoodrich AGE8 days ago


  107. Anthony Rainey

    Anthony Rainey8 days ago

    I'm hard

  108. Jacob Tunnison

    Jacob Tunnison8 days ago


  109. Alex Delgado

    Alex Delgado8 days ago

    Is he a cartoon cause he's in jail?

  110. BBYBOI

    BBYBOI8 days ago

    Alex Delgado yea

  111. jboymanharris

    jboymanharris9 days ago

    Dick is very hard

  112. ronald oatis

    ronald oatis9 days ago

    Go listen to β€œ1500vino” on SoundCloud thank me later

  113. ShadowScythe Dreams

    ShadowScythe Dreams9 days ago

    I know im late but this shirt go hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚