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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)


  1. No Jumper

    No Jumper4 months ago

    subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters

  2. iamredbaron1

    iamredbaron16 days ago

    Fight night

  3. lil linzu

    lil linzu7 days ago


  4. Xavier Shorter

    Xavier Shorter9 days ago

    No Jumper Just I gfspqddpq

  5. Free Tay k

    Free Tay k10 days ago

    Free tay k

  6. Marcelo Duran

    Marcelo Duran10 days ago

    Hey bro I just got home from school and I have to work tomorrow so I can get my check on the day before the week before work so you dont know what you want me to leave for me please baby

  7. Bumfy

    Bumfy8 minutes ago

    You gonna shoot a little we gonna shoot a lot 🙏🔥

  8. Ethan Najera

    Ethan Najera3 hours ago

    What about December???🤔🤔🤔

  9. Nun ya BUisness

    Nun ya BUisness6 hours ago

    0:20 A WHITE piece of paper just says the n word! (You don’t get that very often)! And plus I can’t say it either cause I’m brown and not black!

  10. Lesvinx

    Lesvinx7 hours ago

    Im gonna rob my own virginity now

  11. Brazos Nachlinger

    Brazos Nachlinger8 hours ago

    So I was listening to music through my AirPods during a test and I started rapping with it and then I got in trouble

  12. tsm_ XXX

    tsm_ XXX8 hours ago

    That is litt

  13. tsm_ XXX

    tsm_ XXX8 hours ago


  14. Fearless robot9000

    Fearless robot90009 hours ago

    His glock isn't the only thing that's hard.

  15. Chocolate Bacon

    Chocolate Bacon10 hours ago

    This did go hard

  16. Spray Bottle

    Spray Bottle12 hours ago

    I showed this to my friend 3 months later, John was found dead, in an ally, supposedly killed by a gang member named "I kill people" That man is in jail, but I will never see ny friend again. Goodbye, and good riddance. #RIP

  17. Lupe Lavandier

    Lupe Lavandier12 hours ago

    Beat fucking hard

  18. kenesau kriewaldt

    kenesau kriewaldt15 hours ago

    whole lot of gang

  19. Kellsyn Bloch

    Kellsyn Bloch15 hours ago

    Tay k go hard in jail

  20. Kimberly Marshall

    Kimberly Marshall16 hours ago

    No jumper feat. Tay-k & blocboy jb - hard

  21. Itachi Uchiha Gamer

    Itachi Uchiha Gamer16 hours ago

    If only 21 savage was in this song, would be perfect 👌🏾 masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Kaden Hachlica

    Kaden Hachlica16 hours ago


  23. 2 pac

    2 pac16 hours ago

    The only thing that is hard Tay-k is your bed in prison

  24. Caleb Gribble

    Caleb Gribble18 hours ago

    TK Very hard

  25. Quando rondo

    Quando rondo19 hours ago

    my mama go hard

  26. Axekid Axekid

    Axekid Axekid19 hours ago

    When you dont have friends so you draw some

  27. Ctn Chochase

    Ctn Chochase20 hours ago

    My teacher said you can play this on your Bluetooth I connetid and I played this every body was rapping

  28. Xboxbeam Yt

    Xboxbeam Yt22 hours ago

    I agree 😂😂😂

  29. Madeintokyo 92

    Madeintokyo 9223 hours ago

    Shit free yoself lol

  30. Pestilence 452

    Pestilence 452Day ago

    My dad beat me hard

  31. hahaheehee876

    hahaheehee876Day ago

    The guy at 1:24

  32. Suave. Exe

    Suave. ExeDay ago

    *plays for my friend* Him: EWWWWWW I DONT WANNA KNOW HOW HARD TAY K IS

  33. Yolo King

    Yolo KingDay ago

    bullets aim far from me (pop pop) lit*

  34. Cathian Fuller

    Cathian FullerDay ago

    sausage head ass

  35. ISytey :

    ISytey :Day ago

    Song makes say to my grandma I’m not hungry

  36. Jovanna Beasley

    Jovanna BeasleyDay ago

    0:14 start of song. Your welcome everyone

  37. Conor Convery

    Conor ConveryDay ago

    He doesnt have to worry about school being hard now and not for a while

  38. Arman Peirce

    Arman PeirceDay ago

    I have never seen Blocboy JB walk, so I'm going to assume he shoots everywhere.

  39. §ini§ter

    §ini§terDay ago

    The school shooter shot me very hard

  40. Fredy Cruz

    Fredy CruzDay ago

    Did No Jumper wrote the song? Why is it no jumper ft tay-k and jb 🤧

  41. Nancy Marquez

    Nancy MarquezDay ago

    Is he dead

  42. Owen Lamer

    Owen LamerDay ago

    Who can agree that school was hard🎒😂😂 it still is

  43. Brandon’s Dope Youtube Channel

    Brandon’s Dope Youtube ChannelDay ago


  44. Harmon Dickinson

    Harmon Dickinson2 days ago

    Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrol ot the gatar

  45. Mamuci kieł112

    Mamuci kieł1122 days ago


  46. woosie 78

    woosie 782 days ago

    he was about to blow listen to how he sound on top quality production CRAZY

  47. woosie 78

    woosie 782 days ago

    tay k to fucking nice lmao bloccboy wack af ... 😂

  48. mój kanał

    mój kanał2 days ago


  49. DJ Crisis UK

    DJ Crisis UK2 days ago

    Nice to know we now idolise killers. The worst part is his music is pure trash and he sounds like a fool, but hey, simple things please simple people. Fuck all of yall

  50. Douglas Wallace

    Douglas Wallace2 days ago

    Lol I know we not gonna ignore homegirl that fucked a Tay k cartoon character

  51. Chaos Eater

    Chaos Eater2 days ago


  52. Averagejiimmiebob

    Averagejiimmiebob2 days ago

    tayk look like a boondocks character

  53. Panic At The 21 Chemical Greendays

    Panic At The 21 Chemical Greendays2 days ago

    Showed this to my W A T E R It EVAPORATED.

  54. Louvoar Kelly

    Louvoar Kelly2 days ago

    This makes me want to fuck everything up

  55. -.-

    -.-2 days ago

    This song makes me say FUCK MATH! To my teacher and filp my desk and run out of school as the cops chase me

  56. Superplayer2017

    Superplayer20172 days ago

    Lmao I thought Blocboy voice was Lil yachty

  57. green sreen man

    green sreen man2 days ago

    This is kinda good

  58. Grzes Rogozinski

    Grzes Rogozinski2 days ago

    omg why blockboy looks like monkey

  59. Heleaven He

    Heleaven He2 days ago

    this is the hardest song in the universe

  60. Christopher Shahi

    Christopher Shahi2 days ago

    X,peep,avicci,mac have passed away And tayk is locked up wtf is this generation of rap music

  61. Jamie Hv

    Jamie Hv3 days ago

    My dad is *_Very hard_*

  62. Demi

    Demi3 days ago

    You was on some opp shit i was tryna eat a niggas ass with a chopstick

  63. Skoppi YT

    Skoppi YT3 days ago


  64. Gangster D

    Gangster D3 days ago

    Раз, два, три, Тэйпи варит dope Пять, шесть, семь сук на мне, они все hoe Pull up - это ghost, Lil Jon - Get Low Tappy курит пон, и мой gas э-рон-дон-дон Носки под сандали, да, я posted up на трэпе Еду-еду-еду с glock'ом - это human traffic Парень, ты не трэпер, ты даже не рэпер Dimebag тебя скурит, просто сунет в rolling paper Я рано проснулся, просто трэпил по утру Да, я трахал твою boo, потому что я могу Ябба-дабба-ду, я бы трахнул Лободу Lil Tape bless yo trap и Benzo shooters coming through Я миксую лин, Xanny и Syrup Нахуй мусоров, это Москва, а не Chiraq Pull up на твой block, я танцую Diddy bop Ты много пиздишь, по-любэ поймаешь shot Шатаут Любэ, калаши на мне Залетаю в клуб и все hoe сказали: «Уэ» Залетаю в бендо, кирпичи сказали: «Йа» Fast Food Music, блять, Benzo Gang, гррра

  65. Drew Brown

    Drew Brown3 days ago


  66. Waffle Iron

    Waffle Iron3 days ago

    National Crip Anthem.

  67. Diego El Fuego

    Diego El Fuego3 days ago

    I am a 14 year old rapper and if just one person could support my song it would be amazing. I am sorry for posting this but it seems like the only way to get big nowadays. Have a great day! Here is my song link!

  68. garnish

    garnish3 days ago

    Showed this to my mom Now I'm on the black market being sold for 745 dollars

  69. Avery Zillman

    Avery Zillman3 days ago

    Why dose tay k look like a proud family character

  70. sharkblitz2019 plays

    sharkblitz2019 plays3 days ago

    This song is 🔥

  71. Carlos_ p1

    Carlos_ p13 days ago

    Good drawing

  72. Carter Johnson

    Carter Johnson3 days ago

    0:42 Me on December 1st

  73. Gamerdude kid1

    Gamerdude kid13 days ago

    Like if it's was good till blockboyjb was in

  74. Kyle T

    Kyle T3 days ago

    No jumper should stick to the interviews

  75. moreece_person

    moreece_person3 days ago

    0:50 when your teacher says "To day class we will be watching a video"

  76. GOLDFIRE 864

    GOLDFIRE 8643 days ago

    like is dogschool was very hard

  77. R.i.p KingX

    R.i.p KingX3 days ago


  78. Kamiel Evans

    Kamiel Evans3 days ago

    Rock star nigga

  79. B H

    B H3 days ago

    1:06 "Bullets aim fart" " Bullets aim fart" lmao once you hear it you cant unhear it.

  80. TOM BATE5

    TOM BATE53 days ago

    This song went *HARD*

  81. Mr. smalls salt and viniger

    Mr. smalls salt and viniger3 days ago

    Blocboy verse was so fucking trash

  82. Christopher Shahi

    Christopher Shahi3 days ago

    We gon shoot a little We gon shoot a lot

  83. duper dude

    duper dude3 days ago

    23. How much does Tay-k shoot? A. A little B. A lot C. None 4. Enough to make a song go hard

  84. Kai FIRE

    Kai FIRE3 days ago


  85. Dre

    DreDay ago

    Kai FIRE stfu

  86. Kai FIRE

    Kai FIRE3 days ago

    Landon Matheny so free him

  87. Landon Matheny

    Landon Matheny3 days ago

    nah he kill people ;(

  88. jackson moore the supreme cheeto

    jackson moore the supreme cheeto3 days ago

    She bang my meat very h🅰rd She then dumped me very h🅰rd

  89. Moses Moirapula

    Moses Moirapula4 days ago

    Tay k👑

  90. fit0005able

    fit0005able4 days ago

    like if school is ez

  91. mój kanał

    mój kanał2 days ago

    Suck off

  92. Thot Police

    Thot Police4 days ago

    Was it the same animator as lust by lil skies?

  93. Unknown

    Unknown4 days ago

    Damn, this banger was recorded three days before his arrest

  94. REAL Krenchbama

    REAL Krenchbama3 hours ago

    Lit last song

  95. R4NK

    R4NK4 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2019

  96. Naki

    Naki4 days ago

    bruh why block boy's lips look like a trapazoid

  97. It yo gurl Mags

    It yo gurl Mags4 days ago

    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 All you need to do is to be nice 0:00

  98. hahaheehee876

    hahaheehee8764 days ago

    Ay ik that white guy smoking that blunt from mlk park in Redding I forgot his name tho

  99. Rachel Larue

    Rachel Larue4 days ago


  100. Gary Bowling

    Gary Bowling4 days ago

    Like if tay-k very hard

  101. JXN XN

    JXN XN4 days ago

    You was on some opp shit I was cruising down a nigga block with a chopstick

  102. WL_DevilChild

    WL_DevilChild4 days ago


  103. deadshot 15033

    deadshot 150334 days ago

    when people ask how life is going

  104. Dominic Mills

    Dominic Mills4 days ago

    My block is very hard

  105. Délone

    Délone4 days ago

    Jail is very hard...

  106. coby nasekapow

    coby nasekapow4 days ago

    showed this to my son now he's my dad

  107. H4duken

    H4duken4 days ago

    i showed this to my dad i dont have a dad

  108. SHockWAve

    SHockWAve5 days ago

    This song go very hard 🔥🔥

  109. Mundy Mondy

    Mundy Mondy5 days ago

    F€€/|\@£€§ their is @ F€€ to pray with them there is no \|/@¥ around !+.

  110. Jose Cedillos

    Jose Cedillos5 days ago

    Did anyone see that jake Paul basically copied this shit? Pisses me off.

  111. Rolando Cruz

    Rolando Cruz5 days ago

    I got in a fight with my pillow... It slept with my girl defition of hard.😂