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  1. I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me

    I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me12 hours ago

    See how corrupt FIFA are? They literally left out the penalty appeal and replay of the part where Rojo made a clear handball in the box

  2. I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me

    I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me12 hours ago

    Smh if they weren’t carried so hard by Messi....

  3. James Rodriguez

    James RodriguezDay ago

    Brazil and barca fan here but i was really heartbroken by messi not winning a international trophy i hope messi wins copa America although i am a massive brazil fan 😐💔💔

  4. broken frames

    broken framesDay ago

    1:31 a briliant ball from somebodyyyyyy

  5. Sports Media malayalam

    Sports Media malayalam2 days ago

    Messi uyirr

  6. Jonathan Alvarez

    Jonathan Alvarez3 days ago

    If Argentina beated France we would have been crowned World Cup Champions because Messi loves to beat Suarez, Belgium would of made the same mistake again France and Argentina would of made Croatia tired because of the passing and running

  7. Raghav Appus

    Raghav Appus3 days ago

    Argentina can lift the cup on 2022

  8. Marco Peña

    Marco PeñaDay ago


  9. Eric Vlahos

    Eric Vlahos3 days ago

    Why does the ref give a penalty for a corner shove , stupid decision

  10. Vishnu SP

    Vishnu SP4 days ago

    In world cup always nigiria helps Argentina to qualify R16 from group

  11. Ahmed Musa

    Ahmed Musa4 days ago

    Ahmed Musa is great.

  12. No Real Name

    No Real Name5 days ago

    This Formation for 2022 (If another new better players don't come yet) , they will go through at least until semifinal GK : Rulli DF : Mercado , Garay , Otamendi , Tagliafico DMF / CMF : Paredes , Celso LMF / AMF / RMF : Messi , Dybala , Di Maria CF : Agüero

  13. Drawned

    Drawned5 days ago

    Messi is overrated little ugly fat fuck.

  14. Daniel Ifedapo

    Daniel Ifedapo6 days ago

    Are you sure that I can ever forgive Ighalo????

  15. AH25

    AH256 days ago

    Messi was shit for the World Cup and chocked like he always does

  16. Forhadur Rahman Chy

    Forhadur Rahman Chy6 days ago

    What a moment hare argentina second time lide


    LUCKY BLOK7 days ago

    The Spanish version is better

  18. AA10 GAMMING

    AA10 GAMMING7 days ago

    Argentina wants messi performance that he perform on world coup 2014 and Argentina performance is not good at that time now messi performance is not good in 2018 but argentina performance is way this time

  19. Muhsin Abdulrahman

    Muhsin Abdulrahman8 days ago


  20. Its devil mazhar khan

    Its devil mazhar khan9 days ago

    Magical messi 😍😘

  21. TBG thebigguy

    TBG thebigguy10 days ago

    Poor commentry

  22. Eduardothegreat 27

    Eduardothegreat 2711 days ago

    Messi choked the whole World Cup lmao

  23. Aeshan K.

    Aeshan K.12 days ago

    Brilliant ball from somebody!.....

  24. Mahmudul Hasan

    Mahmudul Hasan14 days ago

    My feavaret player Messi and Rolando

  25. নবীনগর Box tiob

    নবীনগর Box tiob16 days ago

    Nice messi

  26. Lucio 2018

    Lucio 201818 days ago

    Lets go messi 2019 copa america

  27. George Obusan

    George Obusan18 days ago

    Messi and Rojo = Nigeria's daddies in 2014 and 2018 lul

  28. Petr Strizheus

    Petr Strizheus19 days ago

    2 - 1!!!!!

  29. Petr Strizheus

    Petr Strizheus19 days ago

    🇦🇷 vs 🇳🇬 8-4

  30. Petr Strizheus

    Petr Strizheus19 days ago

    2019 Argentina will win copa America 2022 and 2021 will win fifa world cup with Messi and other awesome players

  31. Petr Strizheus

    Petr Strizheus19 days ago

    I agree

  32. Arielito Prado

    Arielito Prado19 days ago

    M10 😍

  33. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas19 days ago

    En este partido argentina tenía que irse simplemente esa mano no pitada y más grande que la catedral de cualquier lado, increíble y al final se fueron con el gran mbappe

  34. Danzeboy

    Danzeboy21 day ago

    Even as an Ecuadorian, that goal by Marcos Rojo brought me to tears. As a Messi fan, the passion in that celebration by the team was incredibly inspiring

  35. Mayeen Chowdhury

    Mayeen Chowdhury22 days ago

    Messi ,dimaria,rojo, marcedo and marshrano can play gooooood

  36. Rubina Aktar

    Rubina Aktar22 days ago

    "A brilliant ball from somebody"😄😂😆😁😃

  37. md kabbo

    md kabbo24 days ago


  38. moso paloyan

    moso paloyan24 days ago


  39. mamang gangte

    mamang gangte26 days ago

    I still fell the same emotion like that night evrytime i watch the highlight. When rojo score 😘😘😢 😢

  40. Sayd Ali321

    Sayd Ali32129 days ago

    Watching 2019

  41. Spanish Infiltrator Messi

    Spanish Infiltrator MessiMonth ago

    Sadly, we all know how this ended

  42. Charbel Playz

    Charbel PlayzMonth ago

    I hope argentina will win 2022 world cup imagine if they win and the finals match is argentina vs france hehe Best revenge ever 🤞

  43. 이준서

    이준서Day ago

    +Charbel Playz World cup curse I quess

  44. Charbel Playz

    Charbel Playz2 days ago

    이준서 why?

  45. 이준서

    이준서2 days ago

    France will be out before the tournament

  46. Charbel Playz

    Charbel Playz14 days ago

    ceren ! karma

  47. ceren !

    ceren !15 days ago

    Ikr? 😂😂

  48. Atif Kect

    Atif KectMonth ago

    Argentina will win Copa America

  49. Crazy Horse

    Crazy HorseMonth ago

    This is like when you're behind in your schoolwork towards the end of the semester and you just manage to pull it out in the end.

  50. Farzana yasmin Tamanna

    Farzana yasmin TamannaMonth ago


  51. Jayesh Kumar Dey

    Jayesh Kumar DeyMonth ago

    1:58 Find someone who can hug you like Messi does to Mascherano.... 😊

  52. 岩澤正汰

    岩澤正汰Month ago


  53. Marsels Gaming Sarguns

    Marsels Gaming SargunsMonth ago

    Portagle1-1Marsels Agg 5-1

  54. German Hentsch

    German HentschMonth ago

    The BEST Argentina

  55. Mwangi Irungu

    Mwangi IrunguMonth ago

    Argentina are Nigerian stoppers

  56. DeN4iK-[Geometry Dash]

    DeN4iK-[Geometry Dash]Month ago


  57. Forhadur Rahman Chy

    Forhadur Rahman ChyMonth ago

    Arg win 2019 copa America & Arg win 2022 world cup

  58. nazrul islam

    nazrul islamMonth ago

    Messi is the best player.💗💗💗

  59. bowoR

    bowoRMonth ago


  60. YT Media

    YT MediaMonth ago

    A brilliant ball from someobody


    CELSO SEGURAMonth ago

    Brilliant goal from rojo

  62. kenji advincula

    kenji advinculaMonth ago

    0:53 how Nigeria cheats

  63. kenji advincula

    kenji advinculaMonth ago

    0:53 how Nigeria cheats

  64. Simon Gameplayer

    Simon GameplayerMonth ago

    "I don't care if Argentina wasn't in the World Cup final" "This is the world cup final for me"

  65. Kaleab

    KaleabMonth ago

    1:35 "Rojo runs while messi is on his back, sheer strength or adrenaline LOl

  66. منوعات كرة القدم Mix Football

    منوعات كرة القدم Mix FootballMonth ago

    الارجنتين دائما تعاني امام نيجيريا

  67. Kelechi Apakama

    Kelechi ApakamaMonth ago

    Any Nigeria fans here mourning the loss of a brilliant world cup opportunity?

  68. Danh CLC Channel FC

    Danh CLC Channel FCMonth ago


  69. Marko Go play

    Marko Go playMonth ago


  70. chidubem

    chidubemMonth ago

    1 minute silence for those who think Messi will win a World Cup.

  71. Richie Monroy

    Richie MonroyMonth ago

    Messi fans be like: Argentina and Messi world cup champions 3026.

  72. Typical Harambe

    Typical HarambeMonth ago

    nigeria need to change their goalie



    1:24 Who else thought that the game is over

  74. Peggy M

    Peggy MMonth ago

    Is France the green team ?

  75. Intresting Gamer

    Intresting GamerMonth ago

    Magical messi messi


    COOL_GAMING 4Month ago

    2010:Spain was the champion of the world cup 2010 2014:Germany won the World Cup 2019 2018:Germany out of group stage and Argentina and Spain out of round of 16 2022: Germany win the World Cup

  77. Silverx7

    Silverx7Month ago

    No just no

  78. Miyumi Kim

    Miyumi KimMonth ago

    I'm a Japanese,but the truth is that Nigerian where denied a clear penalty seen by the whole world, i only understand that the FIFA prefer to see Argentina through rather than Nigerians...I wonder why the referee din't award the second penalty even after the football technology showed it clear



    Messi dickriders logic : Cristiano scored 4 goals and quarezma scored . Quarezma drove Portugal to the next phase. Messi scored 1 goal and *somebody* scored a winning goal . Messi drove Argentina to the next phase . Pessi fanboys for u :)

  80. Panayiotis Farkonidis

    Panayiotis FarkonidisMonth ago

    Mercado should renamed somebody😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Zain A

    Zain AMonth ago

    Who else repeating messi’s goal?

  82. Sk Rezwan

    Sk RezwanMonth ago

    this 86 minute was my best moment of 2018

  83. GamerLight Jam

    GamerLight JamMonth ago

    Did you know Messi scored the goal with his right foot?



    Did u know you're retarded ?

  85. Dragan Jelisavcic

    Dragan Jelisavcic2 months ago

    nigeria 1 goals argentina 2 goals in world cup 2018

  86. Niventhan Kumar

    Niventhan Kumar2 months ago

    Dappa messi

  87. Md Hassan

    Md Hassan2 months ago

    Love you Argentina

  88. Ibal Loga

    Ibal Loga2 months ago

    "A brilliant ball from somebody" 😂

  89. Mustafa Ahmed

    Mustafa Ahmed29 days ago

    He said they need a brillant ball from somebody What a waste of sperm

  90. Christian Correa

    Christian Correa2 months ago

    I hope Messi wins the world and copa America

  91. Jon Pool

    Jon Pool2 months ago

    Nigeria is the strongest team Messi have scored against in a world cup game. Not against Holland, Belgium, Germany twice or France. In fact, he's failed to score completely against any top five team. Uruguay is the only 'big team' he's scored comparatively against.

  92. Shahid Akhtar

    Shahid Akhtar2 months ago

    Yay,Argentina makes it to the last 16

  93. sohidul islam

    sohidul islam2 months ago

    Heart touching match...

  94. Raquel Vigo

    Raquel Vigo2 months ago

    al fin

  95. Raquel Vigo

    Raquel Vigo2 months ago

    gano argentina

  96. Hatice Onur

    Hatice Onur2 months ago


  97. andy weston

    andy weston2 months ago

    1:32 a brilliant ball from somebody lol

  98. Dagmawi Haile

    Dagmawi Haile2 months ago

    What great commentating

  99. Atomic 3301

    Atomic 33012 months ago

    The night I will never forget 😀

  100. joshua akotia

    joshua akotia2 months ago


  101. Kaatyaayan Kashyap Saikia

    Kaatyaayan Kashyap Saikia2 months ago

    1:31 1:32 1:33 1:34 brilliant ball from somebody 🤔

  102. Aditto Chowdhury

    Aditto Chowdhury2 months ago

    You can just say 1:31-1:34

  103. Roblox life

    Roblox life2 months ago

    Who saw talifico holding hands with a guy 0:58

  104. Mr Fake Beast

    Mr Fake Beast2 months ago

    No one represents anyone you moron

  105. Wentworth Douglas

    Wentworth Douglas2 months ago

    Never seen a black player on an Argentine national team

  106. Wentworth Douglas

    Wentworth Douglas2 months ago

    +bichi nini it seem real strange because with the advent of a global society countries are becoming more diverse....except Argentina it seem, cant help but wonder why

  107. bichi nini

    bichi nini2 months ago

    Wentworth Douglas because argentine people have no black ethnicity but mestizo, a lot Italian and of course Hispanic. many are white (not blonde) and the other large part is mestizo, not completely black.

  108. Achmad Iqbal

    Achmad Iqbal2 months ago


  109. XxSiLvAxXx

    XxSiLvAxXx2 months ago

    The little man? Messi is 5’7” not short at all

  110. Ta Royte

    Ta Royte2 months ago

    Nice goal from Marcos rojo

  111. 이준석

    이준석3 months ago

    한국사람 👇

  112. 이준석

    이준석3 months ago

  113. Nick Kruger

    Nick Kruger3 months ago

    Great game

  114. Raúl Silva

    Raúl Silva3 months ago

    Soy muy alegre de este partido

  115. Bui Anh Dung

    Bui Anh Dung3 months ago

    Argentina MESSI

  116. weed fresca

    weed fresca3 months ago

    Messi 10

  117. HIKDbig YT

    HIKDbig YT3 months ago

    I’m a Real Madrid fan but I love Messi 😍☺️

  118. Hiếu Nguyễn Thị

    Hiếu Nguyễn Thị3 months ago