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Nigeria v Argentina - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 39


  1. Simon Boyd

    Simon Boyd12 hours ago

    and there in front by the little man

  2. Football Ireland

    Football IrelandDay ago

    How the hell he missed at 1:24 I have no idea

  3. Malini nandi majumdar

    Malini nandi majumdarDay ago


  4. Malini nandi majumdar

    Malini nandi majumdarDay ago

    Had It help scored Nigeria would have gone through

  5. US SR

    US SR2 days ago

    George Best, Johan Cruijff, Lionel Messi

  6. Hamad Goes Boom

    Hamad Goes Boom2 days ago

    Congratulations argentina from qatar

  7. Nazia Sultana

    Nazia Sultana3 days ago

    Lionel Messi: 100th goal

  8. Mercy Bot

    Mercy Bot3 days ago

    Nigeria 🇳🇬 would have won☹️😭


    MR GURUNG3 days ago

    Still watching

  10. Jason Gharib

    Jason Gharib4 days ago


  11. Jason Gharib

    Jason Gharib4 days ago

    Messi play in barca better then argentinap

  12. Jason Gharib

    Jason Gharib4 days ago

    Argentina is the best

  13. Rian Hinta

    Rian Hinta4 days ago


  14. three FangYuan

    three FangYuan4 days ago


  15. Unnikrishnan V

    Unnikrishnan V4 days ago

    Messi is my number one fan.

  16. eight bbosh

    eight bbosh6 days ago


  17. thom bell

    thom bell8 days ago

    Hola estupidos seguidores de frionel cooler messi.

  18. Abu Zafar Harun

    Abu Zafar Harun8 days ago

    do or die

  19. salg23

    salg239 days ago

    0:01 que locura la cantidad de argentinos 20.000 personas a más de 14.000 km de distancia, estamos enfermos y locos de pasión por el fútbol.

  20. Shaz Gohar

    Shaz Gohar9 days ago

    Good messi

  21. Sreenivasan Kpk

    Sreenivasan Kpk10 days ago

    Messi the legend

  22. Sanchita Kar Paul

    Sanchita Kar Paul10 days ago


  23. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man10 days ago

    Maradona is drug man

  24. Rohan’s Gaming

    Rohan’s Gaming10 days ago

    Did he say brilliant ball from somebody 1:30-1:33 because the brilliant ball was from mercado

  25. Antisocial Freak

    Antisocial Freak9 days ago

    I noticed that as well, I guess he didn't know him.

  26. soccer vt

    soccer vt11 days ago

    Heróica classificação da Argentina na copa

  27. Cofi Koufiogna

    Cofi Koufiogna11 days ago

    This is why Messi will never be forgotten and remain the greatest player ever.

  28. Łukasz Klimek

    Łukasz Klimek11 days ago

    Forca Argentina !!! 💪💪

  29. Pradip cruz

    Pradip cruz14 days ago

    love messi

  30. Sazzad Ahmed

    Sazzad Ahmed15 days ago

    Red card mascherano

  31. Ayub Palondongan

    Ayub Palondongan15 days ago

    Marcos rojo is the best

  32. henritogmxD

    henritogmxD16 days ago


  33. Kakali Chakraborty

    Kakali Chakraborty16 days ago

    Messi messi. Hit like if you like lm 10

  34. Gabriel sensva

    Gabriel sensva17 days ago

    NGA 0 - 1 ARG NGA 1 - 1 ARG NGA 1 - 2 ARG

  35. Va Va

    Va Va19 days ago

    That Messi goal tho...

  36. Shithi Sharmin

    Shithi Sharmin20 days ago

    messi is the king of football. Incredieble in 2010 he was 19 years old but he did awesome hatricks he is the boss

  37. Harrison Richards

    Harrison Richards21 day ago


  38. Youssef Amraouix4

    Youssef Amraouix422 days ago


  39. Ben 10 in Urdu/Hindi

    Ben 10 in Urdu/Hindi22 days ago

    Well done messi

  40. five bbosh

    five bbosh24 days ago

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  41. Peace No More

    Peace No More24 days ago

    The GOAT 🐐👑

  42. Atomic 3301

    Atomic 330124 days ago

    The best feeling I ever had.

  43. six quort

    six quort25 days ago


  44. Ira Kaleniuk

    Ira Kaleniuk25 days ago


  45. manoj samal

    manoj samal25 days ago

    Messi should support others sports in his own country like Argentina cricket etc

  46. Infinity Middle Finger

    Infinity Middle Finger26 days ago

    I need the telemundo broadcast for this game.

  47. Samuel Mfwilwakanda

    Samuel Mfwilwakanda26 days ago

    Argentina cry about everything

  48. Pele Bhujel

    Pele Bhujel26 days ago

    I don't like Messi duffer nyemar is best than measi

  49. 정기영

    정기영Month ago

    Since 1994, Nigeria has never won Argentina.

  50. 정기영

    정기영6 days ago

    Aha! Right.

  51. salg23

    salg239 days ago

    정기영 Only at the 1996 Olympics

  52. cribbling cribbling

    cribbling cribblingMonth ago


  53. gatot sundawa

    gatot sundawaMonth ago

    Who is the commentators? I like it

  54. Tahsin Tasnim

    Tahsin TasnimMonth ago

    Vamos Vamos Argentina Vamos Vamos a ganar Que esta barra quilompera No te deja, no te deja alentar

  55. md ramim

    md ramimMonth ago

    messi my boss

  56. Fidelina Dominguez

    Fidelina DominguezMonth ago

    Messi the little men

  57. vze21gwa

    vze21gwaMonth ago

    Everytime I watch that Argentina goal I get goosebumps.

  58. Musammad Ansari

    Musammad AnsariMonth ago

    A brilliant ball from somebody 😂

  59. Shahin Pordeli

    Shahin PordeliMonth ago

    Ronaldo is better then Messi in the World Cup Ronaldo scored a hat trick but Messi did not

  60. Deadly Pumpkin

    Deadly Pumpkin18 days ago

    How about you stfu and enjoy.

  61. Noura Hammoud

    Noura HammoudMonth ago

    messi messi messi messi

  62. Mahdi Jaffer

    Mahdi JafferMonth ago

    1:30 when the player on the ball is so bad even the commentators don't know him.

  63. Javier Villanueva

    Javier VillanuevaMonth ago

    Amazing goal by messi nigeria is in the knockout stage


    YESURAJAN PMonth ago

    King Messi

  65. Pratima Thapa

    Pratima ThapaMonth ago


  66. Pratima Thapa

    Pratima ThapaMonth ago

    Aragatina Aragatina hu hu

  67. Shipra Ash

    Shipra AshMonth ago

    Rip Argentina 😢😢😢

  68. raj kumar singh

    raj kumar singhMonth ago

    Argentina has played well in this match

  69. JägerTube

    JägerTubeMonth ago

    Legendary ball control

  70. mohmmad shakib

    mohmmad shakibMonth ago


  71. Aravindh selva

    Aravindh selvaMonth ago

    FRANCE 🏆🏆

  72. Saad Maha

    Saad MahaMonth ago

    Messi first goal was incredible

  73. 吉村宗大

    吉村宗大Month ago

    MarcosRojoJust Hero

  74. Jit Das

    Jit DasMonth ago

    Hi jitten

  75. Юрий Петруш

    Юрий ПетрушMonth ago


  76. Lhyta Moi

    Lhyta MoiMonth ago


  77. Binita Shrestha

    Binita ShresthaMonth ago

    Messi neymar and Ronaldo is the best

  78. España Countryball

    España CountryballMonth ago

    El partido de Argentina más épico del mundial 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  79. Muhammad Yousuf Rizwan

    Muhammad Yousuf RizwanMonth ago

    messi goal


    FOOTBALL KINGMonth ago


  81. Tamim A.I.R

    Tamim A.I.RMonth ago

    1:30 a brilliant ball from somebody

  82. Dalibor Jovanovic

    Dalibor JovanovicMonth ago


  83. instant bless

    instant blessMonth ago

    whos this commentator name?

  84. Viviane Deiró Silva

    Viviane Deiró SilvaMonth ago

    Mas eu torço po Brasil

  85. Goku Son

    Goku SonMonth ago

    Nigeria was robbed

  86. Tasia Tatsaio

    Tasia TatsaioMonth ago

    What about ungiven Nigeria Penalty??? What about France playing against Nigeria instead of Argentina? Was this all for the derby? I think so

  87. Gamer Ronit 001

    Gamer Ronit 001Month ago

    A brilliant ball from somebody 😂

  88. Thị Mơ Lại

    Thị Mơ LạiMonth ago


  89. Ali Salahov

    Ali SalahovMonth ago

    Argetina messi

  90. Daizy Islam

    Daizy IslamMonth ago

    I love you Messi

  91. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea GonzalezMonth ago


  92. Smart Trading

    Smart TradingMonth ago

    Good job. Have a nice day to all my friends.

  93. Vasko Gaming Bg

    Vasko Gaming BgMonth ago

    Messi the best of football team Argentina

  94. aiman karim

    aiman karimMonth ago


  95. Raquel Cuervo

    Raquel CuervoMonth ago


  96. Lanngeax. 351

    Lanngeax. 351Month ago


  97. كرستيانو رونالدو و دياب

    كرستيانو رونالدو و ديابMonth ago

    ارجنتين ضد مين

  98. tuhin mizan

    tuhin mizanMonth ago


  99. ALL IN ONE

    ALL IN ONEMonth ago

    my life best match

  100. Mizan khan

    Mizan khanMonth ago

    Messi is the best

  101. Thi Mo Lai

    Thi Mo LaiMonth ago

    messi năn nay đá yếu quá

  102. Sarafat Shohag

    Sarafat ShohagMonth ago


  103. Kolthom K

    Kolthom KMonth ago


  104. aayush kamboj

    aayush kambojMonth ago

    Yes messsi and argentina in footballl is best and ronldo is worst