Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Music Video)


  1. Cosima Jones

    Cosima Jones16 minutes ago

    The fuck is this what a let down

  2. jen

    jen17 minutes ago

    Cardi has a handful of good songs but Nicki slays every song she does.

  3. Vernaya Thompson

    Vernaya Thompson20 minutes ago

    Hi I am 10 and I love you

  4. allyson oliveira

    allyson oliveira21 minute ago

    Manda nudes, manda mesmo 😘

  5. Gerald Barnes

    Gerald Barnes26 minutes ago

    The beat is super hot... Niki's delivery is also on point, not really keen on the end but overall what a great track to come back with. On the other hand, the Barbie Tingz track is disappointing to say the least, can't wait for the album though, will be interesting to see how that is & what collabs & beat production she has on it?

  6. Arya Devi

    Arya Devi27 minutes ago

    Omg 💖💖💖

  7. Barney the dinosaur

    Barney the dinosaur28 minutes ago

    Pretty sure there's references to Scarface in this and that's cool

  8. Quang Sang Nguyễn

    Quang Sang Nguyễn31 minute ago

    How Kim K sex tape ends up on MReporter idk

  9. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer32 minutes ago

    Sexy!!!!!! Nice

  10. volcommerce

    volcommerce32 minutes ago

    in my life I'm always sky high, its my lifestyle

  11. Bocket Money

    Bocket Money33 minutes ago

    I wonder what cardi b is going to do with her next song to copy nicki maybe shoot a vedio in a pink led lamp 😂😂😂

  12. Jacek Pawlik

    Jacek Pawlik34 minutes ago

    Damn this shit is hot

  13. Russian Music Top

    Russian Music Top37 minutes ago

    If a woman can watch you while you are... 😘

  14. kevrt35

    kevrt3538 minutes ago

    Garbage but hey keep going sex sells.

  15. Saad Salman

    Saad Salman39 minutes ago

    Somebody's fucking triggered over Cardi B (I mean she did steal her music) Honestly I'd be happy if both of them fucked outta hip hop

  16. Trash Queen TaSha

    Trash Queen TaSha39 minutes ago

    Mom you look like a snack 👀 and damn this track is bomb. I love you 🔥

  17. Harry Gumbo

    Harry Gumbo43 minutes ago

    this song deserves more attention 😭😍😍

  18. Chantel Brown

    Chantel Brown49 minutes ago

    Love nicki minaj so glad she's back!

  19. Young Mae

    Young Mae50 minutes ago

    look at my queeenn

  20. tx - mami

    tx - mami50 minutes ago

    me freshly out of an argument with my man so i put makeup on and my thottiest outfit on n lock the door to my room and open pandora and get on snapchat likeeeee.....

  21. Mr. Kosmos

    Mr. Kosmos52 minutes ago


  22. jack brown

    jack brown53 minutes ago listen to this lit af 😍🔥🔥

  23. nghinyengwa lukas

    nghinyengwa lukas53 minutes ago

    Who ever disliked this, fuck you

  24. Roze Demir

    Roze DemirHour ago


  25. L Bee

    L BeeHour ago


  26. Davina Collins

    Davina CollinsHour ago

    YEESSSS NICKII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Uncle Fiction

    Uncle FictionHour ago

    Dropn some real shit no ghost writer, I hope her man taking care of business.

  28. Holly O.

    Holly O.Hour ago

    Wtf is she on about

  29. Abraham Jacquez

    Abraham JacquezHour ago

    Why the hell is this song called Chun Li?

  30. Holly O.

    Holly O.Hour ago

    Bet her parents are proud.

  31. True Music ✓

    True Music ✓Hour ago

    Y'all think she fell off? Nah this girl never gonna disappoint. Her music 🔥 She's one of the reasons I started rapping for ; now i got 1k subscribers..☮️❤️➕

  32. Sheena Nicole

    Sheena NicoleHour ago

    This shit is TRASH TF is she even talking bout. King Kong and she been on...oook?!

  33. Eric Ong

    Eric OngHour ago

    Will this on trending?

  34. done.

    done.Hour ago

    i love 💖 me some miki minach 💁🏾‍♀️🙌🏽😻 💅

  35. Ilovdolphins

    IlovdolphinsHour ago


  36. komischerkauz

    komischerkauzHour ago

    sorry nicki we shortly forgot that you're the queen

  37. Magda Freire

    Magda FreireHour ago


  38. Annessa Manohar

    Annessa ManoharHour ago

    Sorry Nikki but you don’t need plastic surgery you are already pretty

  39. Cassy Spooner

    Cassy SpoonerHour ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes Nikki

  40. VEVO

    VEVOHour ago

    i love you my Queen

  41. Carrie Myers

    Carrie MyersHour ago


  42. Ana Mendes

    Ana MendesHour ago

    Queen of Rap

  43. Andre Howard Jr

    Andre Howard JrHour ago

    lol yo this shit hot

  44. Επιπεδογήινοι

    ΕπιπεδογήινοιHour ago

    Nicki Crapaj

  45. Ndilimevava Namoloh

    Ndilimevava NamolohHour ago

    New beat luv it

  46. Алексей Батурин

    Алексей БатуринHour ago

    Сиськи Кинг-Конг, жопа Кинг-Конг, ебало Кинг-Конг

  47. Retro Guy

    Retro GuyHour ago

    Fucking bitch

  48. Latisha Evans

    Latisha EvansHour ago

    yesss 😍

  49. Ladédicace

    LadédicaceHour ago

    Kill the game with Snapchat!!! 😎

  50. Emma Cadwell

    Emma CadwellHour ago

    It is really catchy 💟💗

  51. Marcus Lewis

    Marcus LewisHour ago

    Cool 🤑

  52. barbie posh

    barbie poshHour ago

    the fuuuuck this bitsh trending

  53. leopoldo lopez

    leopoldo lopezHour ago

    hi baby u look so gorgeous i love t that gorgeous ass baby

  54. Pete M

    Pete M2 hours ago

    I love you


    JUSES CHIRST2 hours ago

    i want to nut all over this bih


    ΣΠΣS HΔZΔRD2 hours ago

    Nicki Minass

  57. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez2 hours ago

    2018 Awards: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Becky G


    DA BUL HEEMIEHEEM SP2 hours ago

    Meek was busting them yamz down lol.

  59. UrBaN NeRd341

    UrBaN NeRd3412 hours ago

    I feel like she doesn't know shit about street fighter

  60. tweni baby

    tweni baby2 hours ago

    Why do the close shoots make her look like an auntie 😅😅😅

  61. Mr Epic Gaming

    Mr Epic Gaming2 hours ago

    99.9% plastic confirmed!

  62. J Su

    J Su2 hours ago


  63. Edith Charles

    Edith Charles2 hours ago

    I love my queen know the song by every word

  64. Raed hammad

    Raed hammad2 hours ago

    The Queen Killed n Slater on this one

  65. maya dijakovic

    maya dijakovic2 hours ago

    My queen 😍😍😍

  66. L'étoile brillante Du Seigneur

    L'étoile brillante Du Seigneur2 hours ago

    Oh yeah... this is king kong?? Yes Miss King Kong. They need rapper like you don't worry 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🎶🎶🎶🎶💃💃💃

  67. jellybean

    jellybean2 hours ago

    Wasn’t the hugest fan of this song when it came out, but now I can’t stop listening lol

  68. Хороший Знак

    Хороший Знак2 hours ago

    Did she fart in the beginning?

  69. D1V3RS3

    D1V3RS32 hours ago

    Why is she doing videos like this low budget shit. Does she not have money smh

  70. Stace Mo

    Stace Mo2 hours ago


  71. Bri Chardae

    Bri Chardae2 hours ago

    I love Nicki, beat was on point and she did what Nicki does best, but she gone have to come harder than this tho...she trying tho...Cardi lit that fire under her can tell she intimidated by Cardi tho...she ran a lot of female artist away, but not Cardio...maybe her finally having competition will be bring that old Nicki back!!🤗

  72. LexieKylen18

    LexieKylen182 hours ago

    Queen Nicki Minaj👑Forever💖🔒ILoveYou Always💞💖💯

  73. Terriah Morris

    Terriah Morris2 hours ago

    I’m not surprised I knew she was gone make a come back ..She the queen wat y’all mean y’all wasn’t ready 😂 ,..🧡🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥song fyreee

  74. albert hammerslag

    albert hammerslag2 hours ago

    Very classy.

  75. Paris Frelinghuysen

    Paris Frelinghuysen3 hours ago

    Laura been craft Iiiiii just bagged a white guy

  76. NYCGAL328

    NYCGAL3283 hours ago

    Nikki can we all get along? She forget where she came from and how she got there. Love the beats though

  77. Tasha Hakata

    Tasha Hakata3 hours ago

    It's like my 1.000 time watching this ayo I've been off....🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  78. Jim Jones

    Jim Jones3 hours ago

    Nikki sexy af

  79. Roblox Slimegirl

    Roblox Slimegirl3 hours ago

    I liked it but what if kids watched that..........

  80. Venom

    Venom3 hours ago

    I can actually stand her unlike cardi

  81. Mrki Gamer

    Mrki Gamer3 hours ago

    OHH MY DICK!!!

  82. Lehlohonolo Lengoasa

    Lehlohonolo Lengoasa3 hours ago

    Queen is back!!!

  83. gabe ford

    gabe ford3 hours ago

    That last line though

  84. shocker thedan

    shocker thedan3 hours ago

    Would love to see 50 cent on a remix to this

  85. Tiki Guzman

    Tiki Guzman3 hours ago

    Queen back 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Maria Ferguson

    Maria Ferguson3 hours ago

    She rap out her nose shit wacc az fucc

  87. Summer Keating

    Summer Keating3 hours ago


  88. Pseudo anonyme

    Pseudo anonyme3 hours ago

    Roooooh puuuuteeeeee 😂😂😂😂

  89. Eric Sanchez

    Eric Sanchez3 hours ago

    To the pride lands end, lion guard defend!😂💢

  90. Jagged Guillermo

    Jagged Guillermo3 hours ago


  91. kbg12ila

    kbg12ila3 hours ago

    I love all the movie, comic book and gaming references here!

  92. Purple Saint

    Purple Saint3 hours ago

    RIP nicku minaj

  93. ةثفقن ثم ت لمتتابعة

    ةثفقن ثم ت لمتتابعة3 hours ago


  94. Mi Vlogs

    Mi Vlogs4 hours ago


  95. XXX Goldzer

    XXX Goldzer4 hours ago


  96. neli neli

    neli neli4 hours ago

    love love nicki

  97. Alaskan Gangster

    Alaskan Gangster4 hours ago

    Gone for months and she comes out with this trash 🚮

  98. Ellie Grainger

    Ellie Grainger4 hours ago

    a queen

  99. Suly Douglas

    Suly Douglas4 hours ago

    *Snapchat Compilation* Be like.....❤👅❤ *Woiii*

  100. isaac martins

    isaac martins4 hours ago

    issa bop