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Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Vertical Video)


  1. m̶o̶o̶d̶

    m̶o̶o̶d̶11 minutes ago

    *ѕ н o o ĸ e т н* *(⊙_⊙)*

  2. Queen Petty

    Queen Petty33 minutes ago


  3. Roxie Pierre

    Roxie Pierre6 hours ago

    Ya I like it everyone give her 1.00000988887 likes

  4. R.i.p X

    R.i.p X23 hours ago

    Dem titties and dat butt >;)

  5. Bella Gaseta

    Bella GasetaDay ago

    Are u single and that’s why we’re showing ur butt alot

  6. Lauren And Sahana

    Lauren And SahanaDay ago


  7. arecibo

    areciboDay ago

    Pussy fart 1:14?

  8. Antonio Deallie

    Antonio DeallieDay ago

    Hi. This jalaiyah

  9. Donotfuck withme

    Donotfuck withmeDay ago

    Fuck it's asshole an I know's you want.d to suck my dick an I call you bitch dick sucker I can't said fuck it's is the not music I'm watching

  10. Gsm Top

    Gsm TopDay ago


  11. Nathan Gonzales

    Nathan GonzalesDay ago

    Marry me nicki Minaj

  12. yarnecia robert

    yarnecia robertDay ago

    This is basically a really long musically lmao 😂 but we Stan 🤪🔥

  13. David Rhodman

    David RhodmanDay ago

    Nicki Minaj goes so hard on this song the video is amazing Nicki Minaj you rock girl beat nice who here before 26 million views 👌👌🔥🔥

  14. thando zondi

    thando zondiDay ago

    Please check out my Chun Li Challenge video and tell me what ya think...😈💕😀 be nice

  15. Chnetta Cox

    Chnetta Cox2 days ago

    Bitch it's King Kong💣💥

  16. TheQueenkramila TheQueenkramila

    TheQueenkramila TheQueenkramila2 days ago

    Very Beutiful ilove nick minaj

  17. Hari Krish

    Hari Krish2 days ago


  18. Nonjabulo Marsha

    Nonjabulo Marsha2 days ago

    Super Great I Love This One

  19. Casull29 Reloaded

    Casull29 Reloaded2 days ago

    Y'all know you don't mess with Nicki.

  20. Jeetu Rawat

    Jeetu Rawat2 days ago

    Best songs

  21. Kate Rina

    Kate Rina2 days ago

    I love this fucking song !!!!

  22. Barack Munoz

    Barack Munoz3 days ago

    i love you sexi seeeeeeeeeeeeeeexi

  23. Black_Reaper

    Black_Reaper3 days ago

    *Gimme the Paswar to ra fuckin' Wi-Fi*

  24. Anna Jimenez

    Anna Jimenez3 days ago


  25. Toys fun

    Toys fun3 days ago

    Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap

  26. Chris Tashi

    Chris Tashi3 days ago

    I luv this song after so long ...

  27. _Akplayz _

    _Akplayz _3 days ago

    cardi b whooooo?

  28. Егор Самсонов

    Егор Самсонов3 days ago

    Типичная блогерша Мьюзикли

  29. 맥주 맥주

    맥주 맥주3 days ago


  30. LA Pendergast

    LA Pendergast3 days ago

    Nicki Minaj is THE QUEEN OF RAP

  31. Brianna Rowe

    Brianna Rowe4 days ago

    Ok this is my 6st time I been here

  32. Enmanuel Paredes

    Enmanuel Paredes4 days ago


  33. Hilary Tcheouti

    Hilary Tcheouti4 days ago


  34. Super X Demon

    Super X Demon3 days ago

    Hilary Tcheouti lmao i put that on repeat

  35. Hams Leon

    Hams Leon4 days ago

    I don't like the fan made songs.maybe it's because I'm a lilwayne fan. Drake has great album and you do too I don't doubt you ever.some under rapper like that I said you should find a meek mill double.his tone was lowkey

  36. blake collins

    blake collins4 days ago

    bebe rexha made Vertical Video before most of them now this lol bebe rexha did it better

  37. rose almonte

    rose almonte4 days ago

    My butt dancing😍😂

  38. Samantha Barnett

    Samantha Barnett4 days ago

    Cringe filming

  39. PureDesign

    PureDesign5 days ago

    They need rappers like me They need rappers like me So they can get on their fuckin' keyboards and make me, the bad guy Chun-L Is that about Offset, Quavo, Cardi B? lol Nicki is badass.

  40. abdel malek

    abdel malek5 days ago

    M9awed hadchi 3ndek

  41. Cristian Rodrigues

    Cristian Rodrigues5 days ago

    I Love you Nicki Minaj. I Like of that Music!! Chun-li 💖😘💪🏽

  42. barbie darling

    barbie darling5 days ago

    😍😍😍😍I LOVE U NICKI😻😻😻

  43. edvin chandra

    edvin chandra5 days ago

    She farts so much in this music..

  44. Twisted Isabella

    Twisted Isabella5 days ago


  45. betty de BASE

    betty de BASE5 days ago

    Niki minaj love you❤❤❤👄💋

  46. Eleni Tv

    Eleni Tv5 days ago


  47. Peace Space

    Peace Space5 days ago

    Umm why you Jake Stefflon Don sing Real Ting from 2016...

  48. Peace Space

    Peace Space5 days ago

    Nicki your old and wack why you copy Stefflon Don style???


    MUSIC OF LIFE TV6 days ago

    chị đẹp

  50. Animaker 10

    Animaker 106 days ago

    قحبة 😕

  51. This and That Productions

    This and That Productions6 days ago

    1:06 Who else got the Scarface reference??

  52. chebet pink

    chebet pink6 days ago

    wow chunli rock

  53. Erwin Sepacio

    Erwin Sepacio6 days ago


  54. dzejla Malicevic

    dzejla Malicevic6 days ago

    love nicki my idol lowe cardi b can li

  55. dzejla Malicevic

    dzejla Malicevic6 days ago

    lowe nicki minaj low cardi b😽😽😽😽

  56. Bernadette Preger

    Bernadette Preger6 days ago

  57. miracle washington

    miracle washington6 days ago


  58. Shaquel Islam

    Shaquel Islam6 days ago

    Bare love

  59. Shaquel Islam

    Shaquel Islam6 days ago

    Big up Nicki

  60. TaeTaeBun

    TaeTaeBun6 days ago

    I turned this on in the car and my mom started dancing lmqo

  61. Abel Montelongo

    Abel Montelongo6 days ago

    Street fighter

  62. Maliah R

    Maliah R7 days ago

    Team nickiminaj

  63. Treyvion Burklund

    Treyvion Burklund7 days ago

    When no ones interested anymore so you got to show your titties and ass in every shot....

  64. Je parle Partout

    Je parle Partout7 days ago

    Fuck u bitch

  65. Stax Pitt

    Stax Pitt7 days ago

    Nicki u my number 1 diva an no bi*ch would ever take ur place

  66. Nickita Johnson

    Nickita Johnson7 days ago

    I love you Nicki

  67. max Patacharapon

    max Patacharapon7 days ago


  68. T0ny M0ntana

    T0ny M0ntana7 days ago


  69. Arkeem Newton

    Arkeem Newton7 days ago


  70. ThabZz Double Zet

    ThabZz Double Zet7 days ago


  71. to sleep

    to sleep7 days ago

    Very sexy and cool ▷◁♡*。゚

  72. Kharylle Cabello-Jauregui

    Kharylle Cabello-Jauregui7 days ago

    Slay queennnn

  73. Stormm Firecaster

    Stormm Firecaster7 days ago

    I love this one more than the other actually!

  74. FireHawk

    FireHawk7 days ago

    I wish Nicki Minaj would sing more in her songs. She honestly has a good singing voice, along with good rap skills. It would be nice to hear her sing more though.

  75. No tears left to Cry

    No tears left to Cry7 days ago

    MY *QUEEN🔥🍑💅*

  76. Kwaku Owusu

    Kwaku Owusu7 days ago

    Was this recorded on a phone?brrr

  77. Hann

    Hann8 days ago

    Cardi B is a bitch, she may have a bop or two, but Nicki constantly slays songs and isn’t fuckin awful

  78. Mary B.

    Mary B.8 days ago

    Nicki be like; When your snapchat too good you could make a fucking music video 😍 once a Queen, always a Queen 👑❤️

  79. Manu Rincoon

    Manu Rincoon8 days ago

    This isnt vertical, lmao

  80. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover8 days ago

    Who came here because Pornhub servers were down??

  81. none 4

    none 48 days ago

    I heard this song more than any song in my life..

  82. ღDaniel Arianator AJღ

    ღDaniel Arianator AJღ8 days ago


  83. Supreme King Versace

    Supreme King Versace8 days ago


  84. Julie M

    Julie M8 days ago

    Better than official video

  85. Davinco Timothy

    Davinco Timothy8 days ago

    tetek nya gede anjing

  86. Jonathan López Collazo

    Jonathan López Collazo9 days ago


  87. tascha11

    tascha119 days ago

    For some reason it doesnt maximise properly? When i usually watch smaller videos such as vines oder instas youtube will remove the black bars and zoom in

  88. Courtney Williams

    Courtney Williams9 days ago


  89. NO TOP

    NO TOP9 days ago

    Nikea Do yo thang

  90. ilovekubzscouts 255

    ilovekubzscouts 2559 days ago

    I lv this so much

  91. Sarahxox_ Msp

    Sarahxox_ Msp9 days ago

    Cardi b is trippin rn cause this is better than all of her songs altogether

  92. American dolls channel American dolls channel

    American dolls channel American dolls channel9 days ago

    Hii i love you are so cute

  93. Mama Sissoko

    Mama Sissoko9 days ago

    Nicki is the queen

  94. paul veitch

    paul veitch9 days ago

    Eminem's one lucky guy

  95. Potyguara Bardo

    Potyguara Bardo9 days ago

    the point were to be that we can watch the video with the phone vertically 😂😅

  96. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen9 days ago

    Why can't nicki and Cardi be friends lol

  97. HYPNOS / hyphop production

    HYPNOS / hyphop production9 days ago

    *In my kingdom, with my Timbs on! Respect Nicki!*

  98. matej divis

    matej divis9 days ago

    I love u ❤️❤️

  99. Lebogang Maredi

    Lebogang Maredi9 days ago

    I still prefer this video

  100. anadlih

    anadlih9 days ago

    best video EVER!

  101. Thiago Nascimento

    Thiago Nascimento9 days ago