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Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Live on SNL / 2018)


  1. Servant to Be

    Servant to Be7 hours ago

    Cardi cant compete with this

  2. HoL xN

    HoL xN10 hours ago

    Why does she mime some of it? Or not bother to sing at all.

  3. alot of fun

    alot of fun12 hours ago


  4. Rebeka Paredes

    Rebeka Paredes14 hours ago


  5. qwertynich

    qwertynich15 hours ago

    That outfit wow


    GIVE ME ROBUX21 hour ago

    She said these girls instead of these birds copy every work every inch to shade cardi LOL

  7. 댄스곡리믹스

    댄스곡리믹스22 hours ago

    Queen nicki !!

  8. Susan Mason

    Susan MasonDay ago

    Queen mother....everyone else shut the fuck up and set your ass the fuck down!!!!!!!

  9. Jaywah

    JaywahDay ago

    Why is this audience so AWKWARD?!?!

  10. GUCCi Dibiase

    GUCCi DibiaseDay ago


  11. UnicornXOX Gacha studios

    UnicornXOX Gacha studiosDay ago

    She gettin thicker every day

  12. Det. Alexandra

    Det. Alexandra2 days ago

    I miss playing street fighter....

  13. Rebel Girl

    Rebel Girl2 days ago

    Yes she has an attitude, yes she has enemies, yes she has no kids, no husband and no drama, respect the queen she is classy, sassy, and beautiful and talented. So much talent on her one pinky than cardi b has all over her bi-polar ghetto stripper body. No comparison.

  14. love lapis

    love lapis2 days ago

    she snAPPED

  15. Kitty Dragon

    Kitty Dragon2 days ago


  16. J G

    J G2 days ago

    She looks gorgeous & she wears badass outfits.

  17. Lutfi Hadi Roni

    Lutfi Hadi Roni2 days ago

    Love this song from Asia Indonesia here

  18. • LWIGG •

    • LWIGG •3 days ago

    those dancers are so good

  19. Pere Francès

    Pere Francès3 days ago

    0:12 dice guarra en español?????

  20. Anochie Chidimma

    Anochie Chidimma3 days ago

    I love u nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anochie Chidimma

    Anochie Chidimma3 days ago

    So They can get on thier fucking keyboard and make u a bad guy chun li !!!!!!!my baby u are great.i love ur swag,ur smile,ur rrrrrrrru and everything.not those making noise in the name of rapping

  22. Mak S

    Mak S3 days ago

    Song better than cardis whole career

  23. Rhea

    Rhea3 days ago

    To every one commenting how this was better than the BET Awards performance.Y'all need to realise celebrities might have their highs and lows. She might not be feeling herself,she mustn't be doing well or something must have put her off. Please don't expect a 💯 performance everytime. I know their job is to entertain people but it is not always possible for them to live up to the expectations they have set. Give them their time and space to shine. Let them breathe for once.

  24. Yoon Saa

    Yoon Saa3 days ago

    Maybe.. "Uh , BTS , CHUN-LI "

  25. Rachel Guest Dance Channel

    Rachel Guest Dance Channel4 days ago

    The dancers are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. young Bae

    young Bae4 days ago

    Gurl slayyyyyy I bet u get all the boys MAAYNE

  27. SugahatmehrSWAGalsdu

    SugahatmehrSWAGalsdu4 days ago

    The Queen is slaying the show

  28. Yasuri Yamile

    Yasuri Yamile4 days ago

    I love you

  29. cool ASMR

    cool ASMR5 days ago

    Cardi B is the best nicki cardi is the best mother

  30. Unicorn/thug Dreamland

    Unicorn/thug Dreamland5 days ago

    Nicki I know some people might hate you because of the fight with you and cardi b but I still love you!!!♥️😘

  31. Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow5 days ago

    The bad guy- Nicki Minaj😈 The real rapper- Nicki Minaj😎 The bad ass- Nicki Minaj😎 The queen- Nicki Minaj 👑 Why cardi b have to mess this Nicki Poor copy cat cardi 😂😂

  32. Nancy Jewel

    Nancy Jewel5 days ago

    Shes better with that hair i dont like her orange hair and other wigs i like her hair in that vid

  33. Edd Rivas

    Edd Rivas5 days ago

    Why is anybody talking about the background dancers? They nailed it!

  34. Ebony Eb

    Ebony Eb5 days ago

    I love Nicki.. Wish I can walk confident like Nicki ❤💋❤😍😚

  35. Breeann Best

    Breeann Best5 days ago

    I love how she smiles when she sings.

  36. Arup Mallick

    Arup Mallick5 days ago

    Super performance

  37. Luma Cutey games

    Luma Cutey games5 days ago

    Nobody actually swears cuz went I was in a rapper show It’s only copyrghted word !

  38. ᴀᴜᴄᴜɴ ɪᴅᴇɴᴛɪƒɪᴀɴᴛ

    ᴀᴜᴄᴜɴ ɪᴅᴇɴᴛɪƒɪᴀɴᴛ5 days ago


  39. eric Q

    eric Q5 days ago

    And she is rapping, LIVE!!!

  40. makuz rq

    makuz rq6 days ago


  41. Mel Go

    Mel Go6 days ago

    Female dancers saved the day

  42. Sean Moricho

    Sean Moricho6 days ago

    We Like Chun~Li Queen!!

  43. jivi fredy

    jivi fredy7 days ago

    I love nicki

  44. DaeDae Dreamzz

    DaeDae Dreamzz7 days ago

    When they started twerking XD

  45. Young Em got him and Nick on speed dial

    Young Em got him and Nick on speed dial7 days ago

    Saturday night live. Myx mascato and patron

  46. Cindy Mell

    Cindy Mell7 days ago

    Excellence thanks Nicki

  47. Valjermayne

    Valjermayne7 days ago


  48. Ho Lyheng

    Ho Lyheng7 days ago

    Barbie dream is the best.

  49. Blithe Sincerity

    Blithe Sincerity7 days ago

    I love nicki, but this live is shit

  50. Kristie Ray

    Kristie Ray7 days ago

    Gotta love Nicki

  51. Jesus PC

    Jesus PC7 days ago

    Pura mierda en live

  52. Mean Kitty

    Mean Kitty7 days ago


  53. Norwalk Avenger

    Norwalk Avenger7 days ago

    Can't get enough of 1:33. You're welcome!

  54. Black Bunny Bell

    Black Bunny Bell7 days ago

    Empress Nicki Minaj 💜

  55. Kambriel Willis

    Kambriel Willis8 days ago


  56. Honey Dawson

    Honey Dawson8 days ago

    The crowd was dry at most parts

  57. carlos

    carlos8 days ago

    Chun li is de Qeen

  58. carlos

    carlos8 days ago

    Yes Qeen


    GOTHICA8 days ago



    GOTHICA8 days ago


  61. Hương Nguyễn

    Hương Nguyễn9 days ago

    love you guy

  62. pendulum swings

    pendulum swings9 days ago

    addicted to this song

  63. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman9 days ago

    cardi b is better than you

  64. Rebel Girl

    Rebel Girl2 days ago

    Your opinion. I believe your the only one who thinks so. Sad you think cardi b is better she has no talent no uniqueness and doesn't even write her own music. Sad

  65. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman7 days ago

    +Maddiy bitch your a child

  66. Maddiy

    Maddiy8 days ago

    Y'all are children

  67. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    +Raven bitch I talking about Nicki stupid ass

  68. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    +Raven you fuck your self

  69. vin8162005

    vin81620059 days ago

    The Queen!!

  70. Criis Escaño

    Criis Escaño10 days ago

    OMG!Her smile😍😍

  71. Tanya Bronnar

    Tanya Bronnar10 days ago

    N Ni Nic Nick Nicki Nicki m Nicki mi Nicki min Nicki mina Nicki minaj Nicki minaj i Nicki minaj is Nicki Minaj is t Nicki minaj is th Nicki minaj is the Nicki minaj is the q Nicki minaj is the qu Nicki Minaj is the que nicki Minaj is the quee nicki Minaj is the queen Nicki Minaj is the quee Nicki Minaj is the que Nicki Minaj is the qu Nicki minaj is the q Nicki minaj is the Nicki minaj is th Nicki minaj is t Nicki minaj is nicki Minaj i Nicki minaj Nicki mina Nicki min Nicki mi Nicki m Nicki Nick Nic Ni N

  72. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman10 days ago

    Hi ugly

  73. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    Bitch I was talking about Nicki stupid bitch. And you wearing makeup with your grown ass

  74. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    +Thabani Maphosa your mom and your dad will die

  75. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    Yes I want to fight BITCH

  76. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    Suck dick ugly bitch

  77. Prihanna Loatman

    Prihanna Loatman8 days ago

    +Thabani Maphosa you want to fight

  78. Gao Md

    Gao Md10 days ago

    OMG love the hair

  79. Alexis Raina Sky Glow Up

    Alexis Raina Sky Glow Up10 days ago


  80. Lara Parks

    Lara Parks11 days ago

    All II can say is y is DAm that was awesome! Utter perfection Love the theme brought me back to Wu Tang ,MF DOOM AND CYPRESS HILL SUPERB!

  81. Martin G-R-G

    Martin G-R-G11 days ago

    this song makes CARDi like burning end of a midnight cigerate.... hahaha YES NICKI SMOKED THAT BIT**

  82. noor noor

    noor noor11 days ago

    QUEEEN ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💖💗❣💟💟💝💜💛💓💔💔💖💗❣💞💜💛💛💖💟💟💝💛💓💕💗💓💓💛💓💜💔💜💔💜💕💝💕💝💖💞💖💞💗💟💗💟💙❣💚💚💛💜💟💟

  83. jai bhim Nandi

    jai bhim Nandi12 days ago

    Nicki you re world number one beautiful i love you baby

  84. Kumar Bhushan

    Kumar Bhushan12 days ago


  85. Gusz Gemmell

    Gusz Gemmell12 days ago

    So cool💆💇👏

  86. Gusz Gemmell

    Gusz Gemmell12 days ago

    So cool Nicki Minaj your music is so cool and your voice

  87. uh. kk

    uh. kk13 days ago

    Everytime she hit the mic it made me laugh hard for some reason...especially @ 3:14

  88. uh. kk

    uh. kk13 days ago

    She knows how to make a crowd go wild

  89. fransleeca nash

    fransleeca nash13 days ago

    I looooove the cherography in this performance i love when she does it

  90. Adolfo Reyes

    Adolfo Reyes13 days ago


  91. Vghtp1234

    Vghtp123413 days ago


  92. NicoTahiti Originals

    NicoTahiti Originals13 days ago

  93. clover

    clover13 days ago

    So disappointed tbh

  94. Roven rush

    Roven rush13 days ago

    I LOVE HER!!! 😍 😍 😍

  95. galego beradero Araújo

    galego beradero Araújo14 days ago

    Não tem mulher mais foda

  96. Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen14 days ago

    Nicki Minaj is like the bessssssssstttttttttttttttttttt rapper on earth

  97. Elijah 1528

    Elijah 152814 days ago

    Such auto tune in studio version... I mean, in live performance she s not even close to her "studio" voice. She s not such a good singer, or such a QUEEN at all:((( it makes me feel sad

  98. Everything Else

    Everything Else15 days ago

    Nice choreography, but I wish she wasn't lip singing

  99. fxnplnz

    fxnplnz15 days ago

    So fine.

  100. Dajanae Meche

    Dajanae Meche15 days ago

    I like cardi b better Nikki and u belong with Drake not. Quavo

  101. Monica Isabel Garcia Villareal

    Monica Isabel Garcia Villareal15 days ago

    Alove nicki minaj

  102. Ashna Jones

    Ashna Jones15 days ago

    she killed that performance

  103. Bless Aplasca

    Bless Aplasca15 days ago

    Damn highlighter baby girl!!!

  104. Rhyain Jackson

    Rhyain Jackson15 days ago

    I love your music

  105. Kim Hyung

    Kim Hyung15 days ago

    love you and bts💋❤

  106. MissMyah :3

    MissMyah :316 days ago


  107. NoneOfYourBiz87

    NoneOfYourBiz8716 days ago

    So weird. She sound latino. xD

  108. Kermina Arts

    Kermina Arts16 days ago

    Bad Guy Chung Li

  109. Kermina Arts

    Kermina Arts16 days ago

    “They Need Rappers Like Me” Yasss Nicki!!!!!

  110. fAkEh lOb

    fAkEh lOb16 days ago

    I love how she respects Asians I love her so much

  111. Celestina Ba mfoh gabls the best of

    Celestina Ba mfoh gabls the best of16 days ago

    Hey kaylee