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Nicki Minaj - “Bed” (feat. Ariana Grande)


  1. Kieran Natali

    Kieran Natali32 minutes ago

    Get that ass Odell!!!!!!!!

  2. Aj Hay

    Aj Hay40 minutes ago

    2 of musics biggest hoes. Like to see 2 guys do a vid like this. .they be called homo's if they were running around in their jocks.

  3. Liz Ramirez

    Liz Ramirez43 minutes ago

    Damnnn. Love this song so much! 😍😍😍

  4. Ikram hayat nor

    Ikram hayat nor43 minutes ago


  5. Leonardo De Jesús

    Leonardo De Jesús58 minutes ago

    Me encanto ❤️

  6. Korakoch Klaisurin Top

    Korakoch Klaisurin TopHour ago

    เนื้อ นม ไข่ ทั้งนั้นเลย

  7. lol nah

    lol nahHour ago

    Why am I watching this and why the fuck is she wearing a mermaid tail

  8. Blue Flamingo

    Blue FlamingoHour ago

    It's sad what music has become these days 😐

  9. Nick Nick

    Nick NickHour ago

    Ariana looks like a little kid yuk

  10. Mort0x

    Mort0xHour ago

    Plastic in the SEA is not good for our planet

  11. yoongay

    yoongayHour ago


  12. Chenequa Ezisi

    Chenequa EzisiHour ago

    nicki album is bout to be litty!❤

  13. Nick Nick

    Nick NickHour ago


  14. Nick Nick

    Nick NickHour ago

    Love you Nicki

  15. sherynne elgin

    sherynne elginHour ago

    Nicki coming in with her thick body and Ariana 😂 her cute as* body there both so different

  16. manzel rios

    manzel rios2 hours ago

    youtube is freezing nicki minaj views and deleting her comments SMH but cardi getting 300 views every 2 mins youtube trying to get rid of nicki minaj

  17. Thudas22

    Thudas2252 minutes ago

    manzel rios How do you know they’re really deleting her views?

  18. Jessie M.

    Jessie M.2 hours ago


  19. Samantha Herrera

    Samantha Herrera2 hours ago

    Cardi who??

  20. Madelyn Brinson

    Madelyn Brinson2 hours ago

    Jk ❤️😋

  21. Madelyn Brinson

    Madelyn Brinson2 hours ago

    I love laying in my bed to this song with some Jameson ... Already lighting the candles . My bed is calling my name. I wish I could make those faces Niki makes in bed and be taken seriouly

  22. jas scott

    jas scott2 hours ago

    Go niki .....btw i love you and cardi yall shuld callab ...BTW yall are both pretty dont fight.....celeb probbz

  23. jas scott

    jas scott2 hours ago

    Yup gir

  24. Donovan Mackson

    Donovan Mackson2 hours ago

    Nick minaj and Ariana gronda sing reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy goooood ,💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and they look really preaty

  25. Maia Jade

    Maia Jade2 hours ago

    Guys look at “kiiara - gold” type in that the tune sounds almost exactly the same 🙄🙄

  26. CrazyAndLazy

    CrazyAndLazy2 hours ago

    Maia Jade similar but different enough

  27. Moe Duelli

    Moe Duelli3 hours ago

    Yasssssss Nicky slayin da game

  28. Patrice P

    Patrice P3 hours ago

    I like niki minaj beret than card I b

  29. lashika

    lashika3 hours ago

    cardi who?

  30. Vanessa Clara vaness

    Vanessa Clara vaness3 hours ago


  31. Puggeh TV

    Puggeh TV3 hours ago

    Anyone remember sam and kat? I thought about it because of ariana

  32. 최민석

    최민석3 hours ago

    wow..... 한국인 있나여

  33. jordan McIntosh

    jordan McIntosh3 hours ago

    Ma boy OBJ

  34. 1 2

    1 23 hours ago

    Mad thicc

  35. Soul Breaker

    Soul Breaker3 hours ago

    This song deserves better tbh

  36. Jersey Williams

    Jersey Williams3 hours ago

    I love how she can rap different styles issa Queen vibes.

  37. Ash Methe

    Ash Methe3 hours ago

    who all are hearing Chennai 😅😂...for indian fans only

  38. KittyLewinsky7

    KittyLewinsky73 hours ago

    What kinda trash...

  39. Luke Benoit

    Luke Benoit3 hours ago

    Shoutout Brad Wing and Odell!

  40. Alessia Kinder

    Alessia Kinder3 hours ago

    This colleb is super the song is mind blowing.... #Arina #Nikki

  41. Eli Jah

    Eli Jah3 hours ago

    I'm a fan of Nicki Minaj not Ariana Grande subscribe to my channel Elijah 9/8 98424 Haro bike 2018 it's not dad's bike it's mine

  42. Chanel Miller

    Chanel Miller3 hours ago

    Let's get this to 100m guys

  43. Chanel Miller

    Chanel Miller3 hours ago

    Somebody will see this comment


    KINGGOLDY343 hours ago


  45. Ektor Harris

    Ektor Harris3 hours ago


  46. Ektor Harris

    Ektor Harris3 hours ago

    I lu u Dear Nikki


    MINAJESTY4 hours ago

    I guess 48K people don't own a bed

  48. Brenda Leticia

    Brenda Leticia4 hours ago

    QUEEN ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Marilé Dorey

    Marilé Dorey4 hours ago

    My favourite video ever. So cool

  50. jasmine

    jasmine4 hours ago

    this song grows on me bitch

  51. Nolan Ryan

    Nolan Ryan4 hours ago

    Something going on with nicki views & noticing some strange activity..


    FACTFOX4 hours ago

    Where are the fucking comments?

  53. Taylor Swift fanpage

    Taylor Swift fanpage4 hours ago


  54. LyudmilN

    LyudmilN4 hours ago

    It Reminds Me An Angel We All Miss, AAlIyaH!!!

  55. Kitty Lynxmink

    Kitty Lynxmink5 hours ago

    LOL there were thousands of comments but once the negative ones were deleted theres less than 500. this vid was a disappointment, scrubbing the comment section is not going to hide that

  56. this is not keon

    this is not keon5 hours ago

    anyboby 3456?

  57. Yefer Gamer82

    Yefer Gamer825 hours ago

    Nicky minaj💖😍✋✋

  58. Katakuri

    Katakuri5 hours ago

    And the next free porn

  59. Efrain Cruz

    Efrain Cruz5 hours ago

    10 de agosto álbum que ya quiero tener

  60. Efrain Cruz

    Efrain Cruz5 hours ago

    Nicki minaj es mi mejor rapera así lo pienso yo y espero éxito en su carrera musical 2019

  61. Prrple Shirt

    Prrple Shirt5 hours ago

    This should be arianas song facta

  62. 100%Hijabi _Bria

    100%Hijabi _Bria5 hours ago

    🔥 or 💩 I like it

  63. Dreamgirl love

    Dreamgirl love5 hours ago

    you have a ass

  64. Lala Kumalasari

    Lala Kumalasari6 hours ago

    "Coulda put ZAYN on it, but I put your name on it" WHATT ??

  65. Fortune Ogidi

    Fortune Ogidi6 hours ago

    Nicki looks like a dyke with Ariana her lil petite bitch

  66. Willian Gilbert

    Willian Gilbert6 hours ago

    Please, other BedVideo... Don't make me wait until the morning!!!

  67. Willian Gilbert

    Willian Gilbert6 hours ago

    1:03 Ariana just talk this "Got a bed wit' your name on it "

  68. M J

    M J6 hours ago


  69. Nanii Tv

    Nanii Tv6 hours ago


  70. Meche Galfre

    Meche Galfre6 hours ago

    esta cancion me hizo mover el boteeeeeeeeee in my bed

  71. Nayeli JG

    Nayeli JG6 hours ago

    I really don't like the high five from the ending of the video. The whole video is fine till that part. It sets the video back. Like wait so you don't got a bed with his name on it then?

  72. Sylvia_parklover Yang

    Sylvia_parklover Yang6 hours ago

    very good song for the hot summer !

  73. Lolita Del Rey

    Lolita Del Rey6 hours ago


  74. Lolita Del Rey

    Lolita Del Rey6 hours ago


  75. Lolita Del Rey

    Lolita Del Rey6 hours ago


  76. Lolita Del Rey

    Lolita Del Rey6 hours ago


  77. Lolita Del Rey

    Lolita Del Rey6 hours ago


  78. Jadastarr Miller

    Jadastarr Miller6 hours ago

    Queen #1 In daa world.

  79. Luiz Moreira

    Luiz Moreira6 hours ago


  80. Swirly cupcakeGames

    Swirly cupcakeGames6 hours ago

    Advertising beats☺

  81. Ashlee Shabazz

    Ashlee Shabazz6 hours ago

    Nicki Minaj this song is 🔥🔥 and then you had the best looking guy in the video Odell Beckham Jr. my fantasy bae😍

  82. Melissa Talansky

    Melissa Talansky7 hours ago

    omg I love how Nicky is a mermaid LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Kaysha Crawford

    Kaysha Crawford7 hours ago

    Odell is that you?

  84. Shantelle Outar

    Shantelle Outar7 hours ago

    Trinidad lady rock

  85. panda lover kaila

    panda lover kaila7 hours ago

    3:01 😂😂

  86. Tyler Joseph

    Tyler Joseph7 hours ago

    Release the real video that was teased! What the hell is this mess?

  87. Fransez Green

    Fransez Green7 hours ago


  88. Emma England

    Emma England7 hours ago

    this gives me the older nicki vibes, anyone else?

  89. Pedro Moraes

    Pedro Moraes7 hours ago

    BR 🇧🇷

  90. Stephanie Viruet

    Stephanie Viruet7 hours ago

    Is it my connection or the lip syncing is a Lil off ?

  91. Leak tv

    Leak tv7 hours ago

    Nicki your not cool anymore your played and getting old and you say a lot of the same stuff in your raps

  92. Chanel Miller

    Chanel Miller3 hours ago

    Shut up and get off her channel

  93. 19-9two

    19-9two5 hours ago

    Leak tv She didn't say "go fuck yourself, Leak tv" so, stay tuned till then.

  94. Jhon Eric Full

    Jhon Eric Full8 hours ago

    20% viewers actually come for the music...

  95. That’s so Alley

    That’s so Alley8 hours ago

    If i was a boy there would be a big chance I’d have a boner rn after seeing nicki 😂😂😂

  96. sonya escobarr

    sonya escobarr8 hours ago


  97. youtubewatcher2116

    youtubewatcher21168 hours ago

    Love it

  98. Lakerfansince July 1,2018

    Lakerfansince July 1,20188 hours ago

    bed= 🛏

  99. Jacqueline Salazar

    Jacqueline Salazar8 hours ago

    I didn’t even know the video was out

  100. Samuel Davey Brugge

    Samuel Davey Brugge8 hours ago

    :Areola spotted. Or was I the only one? 🤓

  101. Karen Miranda

    Karen Miranda8 hours ago

    So much wasted talent. Nicky can sing and rap yet the song sucks and make it all about her voluptuous body in a distasteful way and Ariana is beautiful and a natural talent but she doesn’t need to be pulling that “sex sells” crap cause she can’t. She looks 12.... Come up with more meaningful lyrics, fun rhythm and less ass. I don’t understand who the heck actually likes these new music: it’s garbage!

  102. Lindsey Hamady

    Lindsey Hamady8 hours ago

    the background music is just the song “gold”

  103. Jackson Kale McLean

    Jackson Kale McLean5 hours ago

    THANK YOU. Has everyone already forgotten about this song? It was only 2 years ago...

  104. Javhi OFFICIAL

    Javhi OFFICIAL8 hours ago

    ok i don't understand why there are 200 comments only, well nicki and ariana are queens i really claim them as my mothers because yes i do talent

  105. H D

    H D8 hours ago