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Nicki Minaj - Bed ft. Ariana Grande


  1. Sarah Freire

    Sarah Freire7 minutes ago


  2. Atieno G Tabitha

    Atieno G Tabitha32 minutes ago

    Reis Tabitha my name is on his left harms

  3. Brandon Joseph

    Brandon Joseph7 hours ago

    nicki is always the best #queen

  4. Ihemba Nadezhi

    Ihemba Nadezhi7 hours ago

    You are the quen of music

  5. Zerkaburg

    Zerkaburg8 hours ago

    I was singing this at school all day

  6. Yvette meisha Haynes

    Yvette meisha Haynes10 hours ago

    got a kiss with your name on it

  7. Shameem Shameem

    Shameem Shameem10 hours ago

    Wish its hit 💰💰😘😘😘

  8. vivienne aina

    vivienne aina10 hours ago

    Let's get bed to 100millie views. #LetsGoBarbz

  9. Jayleen Brito

    Jayleen Brito11 hours ago

    Don't press read more... WHAT I SAID

  10. The Ace

    The Ace13 hours ago

    Ugly lady with a dirty butt

  11. Kasozi Henry

    Kasozi Henry13 hours ago

    Wow this is a great video, I love my queen of rap *Nicki Minaj. Ariana Grande you also rocking so high

  12. Toshi Iwasaky López

    Toshi Iwasaky López14 hours ago


  13. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica Laffin22 hours ago

    Did she just Zayn?

  14. Angel R

    Angel R22 hours ago

    damn..Nicki is soo fucking hot in this

  15. matt

    matt23 hours ago

    this song is so underrated

  16. Tripple Cuddi

    Tripple CuddiDay ago

    ari look like a little ass kid

  17. Ehboklang Ehbok

    Ehboklang EhbokDay ago

    love the song👌👌

  18. maijailai. sxott

    maijailai. sxottDay ago

    Ariana Grande sisss love your beautiful face, style and vocie😍💜❕🗣

  19. Andrew K

    Andrew KDay ago

    nicki is sexy

  20. ikxro

    ikxroDay ago

    está a frente do seu tempo

  21. erlinda Celaje

    erlinda CelajeDay ago

    2060 anyone??

  22. Huriyyah The boss

    Huriyyah The bossDay ago


  23. Elena Avalos

    Elena AvalosDay ago

    Who sings better Nicki Minaj or Ariana grande

  24. Milie Milie

    Milie MilieDay ago

    Did you hear her new collab with ZAYN “no candle no light”? Nicky is singing and her vocals are beautiful on this track



    Nicki Minaj is an amazing artists.Ariane has a Beautiful voice and I love it when the two of you collaborate. Cardio B is definitely not on Nicki level at all. Respect the Queen of Hip Hop known as Nicki Minaj. Keep doing your thing because I believe that Cardio B and the other rappers that have anything negative to say about you are so jealous it's written all over their face.

  26. Muhammad Zainul Hasan

    Muhammad Zainul HasanDay ago

    nickis part in 2.22 🔥

  27. Alaijah Deleon

    Alaijah DeleonDay ago

    this is pornography type shit

  28. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown2 days ago



    FEFE TUSHA2 days ago

    barbs whre u at

  30. Kadrena Brown

    Kadrena Brown2 days ago

    I know that Nicki is the Queen of rap, but some of the background music don't match. I like the old background music most.

  31. Sun The Video Bro

    Sun The Video Bro2 days ago

    Who looks more sexy and hot? Nicki or Ariana?

  32. Meghan !

    Meghan !2 days ago

    Got a bed, wit' your name on it Wit’ your name on it Got a kiss, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Thousand on the sheets Waitin’ for you on some thousand dollar sheets I got Carter III on repeat Back shots to the beat of (a milli') on you Got me acting like you got a milli' on you You say I'm the GOAT, yeah the billy on you I could make all your dreams come true Wanna fall through, then you better come through Don't make me wait until the morning Got a bed, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Got a kiss, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Love me good Love me down, don’t turn me down Got a bed, wit’ your name on it Wit' your name on it Strawberry lingerie Waiting for you, strawberries lingerie You told me you on the way Messed around, messed around, put it down on you I’ma do everything I said I'm gon' do Pretty little body, it look better on you Might have to blow it like a feather on you Waterfalls, ooh, yeah, you better come through Don't make me wait until the morning Got a bed, wit’ your name on it Wit' your name on it Got a kiss, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Love me good Love me down, don't turn me down Got a bed, wit' your name on it (Ooh yeah) Wit' your name on it (On it) O-on, on it (On it) O-on, on it O-on, on it O-on, on it (But I put your name, on it) Yo He in my startin' five He get the city live These niggas scared they doing fifty in a fifty-five I'm tryna clap them like somebody told 'em gimme five I'm be a half an hour but I told 'em gimme five I'm tryna dance on 'em, blow my advance on 'em I like 'em better when he got some sweatpants on 'em I like his hang time, he said his head right I said go all the way down and then head right I watch him fuck it up, look at him luckin' up I said you need some thick skin, baby, suck it up He go insane on it, I put my fame on it Coulda' put Zayn on it, but I put your name on it Got a bed, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Got a kiss, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it Love me good Love me down, don't turn me down (turn it down, baby) Got a bed, wit' your name on it Wit' your name on it

  33. Lily

    Lily2 days ago

    i loveeeeeee this songgg

  34. Aubrey James

    Aubrey James2 days ago

    Yesssssss GURL

  35. qua cogdell

    qua cogdell2 days ago

    Love this song

  36. Millie Mantigua

    Millie Mantigua2 days ago

    Ariana's fake azz ponytail..... I can't😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Raman Jaiswal

    Raman Jaiswal2 days ago

    01:51 Zayn Malik 🤘😘

  38. moonlight_star45

    moonlight_star452 days ago

    Wtf is the mermaid thing sorry Nicki but that’s just weird 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  39. C C

    C C2 days ago

    I can’t stop listening to this 😍🥰😍🥰😘

  40. JayJay

    JayJay2 days ago

    “Strawberry lingerieeeeeeeyyyyyyy” 🤪

  41. olavo gomes

    olavo gomes2 days ago


  42. Natalie Brati

    Natalie Brati2 days ago

    Ariana trying to be sexy with her 10 year old boys figure... and her ponytail looking like it came from aliexpress

  43. IRON MAN

    IRON MAN2 days ago

    Love the Ariana's deep voice

  44. princess & jada squad

    princess & jada squad3 days ago

    Come back to Trinidad

  45. Kim 12

    Kim 123 days ago

    Eres la mejor de todas nicki

  46. Luiz Lewis

    Luiz Lewis3 days ago

    'Coulda' put Zayn on it, but I put your name on it' And now they have a song...

  47. Obioha Paul

    Obioha Paul3 days ago

    I love they friendship


    MEDITATION3 days ago

    Anyone else get that Spongebob vibe at the beginning. No just me ok.

  49. Sholly Lamara

    Sholly Lamara3 days ago

    Who's watching in Nov 2018?

  50. Sariya Brown

    Sariya Brown3 days ago

    So good

  51. Patrina Dauswell

    Patrina Dauswell3 days ago

    I love this song sooo much

  52. Zorawar Singh

    Zorawar Singh3 days ago

    This video deserves to get 500 million + views 💣💞💥

  53. Мухлиса Абдурахимова

    Мухлиса Абдурахимова3 days ago


  54. Marielle Lindumba

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  55. Rebecca Yotawe

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  56. Rebecca Yotawe

    Rebecca Yotawe3 days ago

    L $

  57. Isabel Nuñez

    Isabel Nuñez3 days ago

    ariana you love babiii!!!!!😍😍😍

  58. Fiona melon

    Fiona melon3 days ago

    my fevet song ariana grande and nicki minaj

  59. May

    May3 days ago

    A BOP

  60. Adnan/zain az

    Adnan/zain az4 days ago

    Why is it stop at 56 for 3 week

  61. Ebony Smith

    Ebony Smith4 days ago


  62. Fᴜck You

    Fᴜck You4 days ago

    Aaaah, a Ariana ta tão biuriful

  63. Adil

    Adil4 days ago

    Who's here after that Bop from Zayn and Nicki?

  64. Alex Ferdyalex

    Alex Ferdyalex4 days ago

    cik vidclip e saru gilo🙈

  65. Janka Denes

    Janka Denes4 days ago

    Best music!

  66. Pres Web

    Pres Web4 days ago

    This song is SOOOO underrated!

  67. Shashwat 1

    Shashwat 14 days ago

    Now we know why she said Zayn. With reference to no candle no light.

  68. DJword Hiphop

    DJword Hiphop4 days ago

    HI Ariana Grande xD

  69. hfshzhr89

    hfshzhr894 days ago

    "Coulda put Zayn on it but I put your name on it" I feel this

  70. Kelly ninel

    Kelly ninel4 days ago

    I hope Ariana could not be there

  71. raphael mussa

    raphael mussa4 days ago

    Best collaboration.... a guy wud feel kingly with this kind of welcome

  72. Terrence Derischebourg

    Terrence Derischebourg4 days ago



    EL PATO NEGRO4 days ago

    3:06 If Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber had a baby 😂😂😂


    EL PATO NEGRO4 days ago


  75. Indra Taylor

    Indra Taylor5 days ago

    Love you Nicki Minaj 😚😍💖👄

  76. charlet K

    charlet K5 days ago

    November.....still here....😍😍😍

  77. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Gerechtigkeit Polizei

  78. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Magie Marionetten Himmel fall befassen

  79. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Magie alles Frieden fuer ich Marionetten Himmel Frieden ich buchenweg 12baby heilig nett ich muss nur die Taten wiederholen von der zerstörten im Himmel jetzt damit ich ihr Ausweis nachmachen das bin 8ch und sie ist der Himmel die damals das ist geheim jetzt danke alle da war früher ein Autounfall und Frankreich meerweit draußen es sieht ich gut aus fuer eltern von frühere es war einer der heilig zu Schnee Engel beteteund der familie angst einjagte und der Kater geht nur noch zu Bob rüber und hat ne brutale Krankheit bald steht drin ich weiß das sie das sehen sie machen das schon richtig in dem fall sind nur Erwachsene schuld alles gute ich liebe meine Nachbarn Frieden warum bin ich hier ich sollte an einem besseren Ort arbeiten an einen schönen fuer den anfang und Dan schlecht und dann Belohnung schon nach hause ich bin sicher und danke alle die macht haben die es so wollen das ich niedlich bin danke auch maschinen kommen in den Himmel viele so was gibt's auf ihre weise ich habe So ne nur der schluss ähnliche bibel niedlich

  80. Janie Mcgee

    Janie Mcgee5 days ago

    OBJ :)

  81. Abigail Stricklin

    Abigail Stricklin5 days ago

    Their highlight thooooo!😍😻

  82. Esra V.

    Esra V.5 days ago

    Love the part of ariana 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  83. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago


  84. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago


  85. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Cinemabizzare Mensch mit Macht

  86. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Ich bins Ariel ariel schaut malrein ich bin die wahrejungfrau als Zeichen und Zwilling ich habezweisterne und der dritte ist geheim zum Ende der Geschichte ich hasse Fische siesind ekelhaft wie faule und so sind die jungfrauheiligen worteich viel spasss dummi dim

  87. Maria Reich

    Maria Reich5 days ago

    Hallofans von mirihrseid murscheisss egal nur looser mitblingbling

  88. yar ferreira

    yar ferreira5 days ago

    love the Queen, but this looks like a fanmade vid

  89. hamza Arafa

    hamza Arafa5 days ago

    ma god amazing song

  90. natasha norman

    natasha norman5 days ago

    wow you the best nice video niki im stating to cry you cuter then cardi een thou cardi have a big bum i love you more she i uuugggllly

  91. yamen mallah

    yamen mallah5 days ago

    Idon't know they had this until I search about it so underrated fk youtube

  92. Jasmine Nahla

    Jasmine Nahla5 days ago

    Nicki ever😍❤

  93. Theresa Schafhauser

    Theresa Schafhauser5 days ago

    queen of rap and queen of pop. i love you nicki & ariana 😍❤️

  94. Edina Várkonyi

    Edina Várkonyi5 days ago

    My favorite song!!

  95. Aaron McPherson

    Aaron McPherson6 days ago

    One time, press rewind Tryna come up off Nicki name, press decline So much power in the mind, yes divine Take your change, you’ll never be next in line

  96. wendy lopez

    wendy lopez6 days ago

    no me gusta para nada este video y la canciòn deberian cantar algo a la tierra oal agua o algo por el estilo

  97. Martin Vagner

    Martin Vagner6 days ago

    Niciki minaj a Ariana grande hustej klip ta vam to slusi pevka

  98. Husky Wolfy Aj

    Husky Wolfy Aj6 days ago

    This song is so underrated oml

  99. Simplycarlos

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  100. Jaciane Mayara

    Jaciane Mayara6 days ago

    Nicki Minaj Brasil 😍😍😍😍 2019


    SWEETENER6 days ago

    1:54 look at her tongue😝😘 I live in this