Nick Offerman Learns Millennial Slang From Kiersey Clemons | Vanity Fair


  1. Marsha Reagan

    Marsha Reagan15 hours ago

    My sixty year old white, southern auntie used the term "salty" as slang the other day, and said this lady was being "sus" - I about fell out - that was funny af it's not millennial slang, anymore, Bae

  2. misssugarcoated08

    misssugarcoated0810 days ago

    He’s absolutely hilarious

  3. Jorge Solis

    Jorge Solis14 days ago

    Salty=sailor?, wasn't it?

  4. ajasioux bea

    ajasioux bea15 days ago

    millenials are old now

  5. StefsxNetwork

    StefsxNetwork28 days ago

    I mean this with my entire heart and soul, I love Nick Offerman, that man is a national treasure. He should honestly be printed on money.

  6. Tzvi Gross

    Tzvi GrossMonth ago

    This just makes me think of how many of our slang words mean exactly the same thing

  7. Jay

    JayMonth ago

    How can this man be so cute??!

  8. Sukriti Kiran

    Sukriti KiranMonth ago


  9. man dingo

    man dingoMonth ago

    I'd suck her toes she's gorgeous

  10. De Watergeus

    De WatergeusMonth ago

    She wants that Ronnie D

  11. babuganoosh

    babuganooshMonth ago

    As a millennial, I hate other millennials that talk like this. Why have a word that can mean two opposite things? Same situation with "literally". Stupid children.

  12. Abdullah Bin Faheem

    Abdullah Bin FaheemMonth ago

    I'm getting too old for slang. It gets more and more annoying.

  13. galrjkldd

    galrjklddMonth ago

    low key isn't new!

  14. kingkobra

    kingkobraMonth ago

    Can't stand kiersey she's so annoying and ugly

  15. Goti's corner

    Goti's cornerMonth ago

    An angel is reborn everytime nick offerman laughs

  16. The Mellow Lyfe

    The Mellow LyfeMonth ago

    I thought bae was slang for boyfriend/girlfriend, but now I see how "before anyone else" can apply. I binge watch interviews of Nick and Megan because they're #relationshipgoals AF.

  17. Erik Sivec

    Erik SivecMonth ago

    this video is so funny

  18. Erik Sivec

    Erik SivecMonth ago

    why is this slang called Millennial slang?

  19. Seth C

    Seth CMonth ago

    different mother AND father, loki is adopted yo, get it straight.

  20. IsiahTomas

    IsiahTomasMonth ago


  21. UltraSuperDuperFreak

    UltraSuperDuperFreakMonth ago

    Salty has change meaning 100%, You can barely say anything (sometimes just one word) with a slight hint of negative meaning without someone "insulting" you with this term. Dont get me wrong, it IS an insult having this silly word used against you by some millenial crybaby :P

  22. Equanox214

    Equanox214Month ago

    their laughs are so contagious lol

  23. J. J.

    J. J.Month ago

  24. TheSeeker

    TheSeekerMonth ago

    Wait a minute, millennials didn’t come up with “low-key”!!!!🤨🤨🤨 Somebody better tell them quick, tho!! They’re going relate with their parents!!

  25. The Mad Titan

    The Mad TitanMonth ago

    Wen he said its what you say when the tickle someone it had me dying

  26. Yaiel Ghaffaar

    Yaiel GhaffaarMonth ago

    Nick is Dreamy AF!!!

  27. ihaveOSGD

    ihaveOSGDMonth ago

    Sus is short for suspicious

  28. Christopher Fradella

    Christopher Fradella2 months ago

    "bae" doesn't mean "before anyone else". It's literally just a bastardization of "babe." shut up

  29. brenoox3

    brenoox32 months ago

    nick offerman is a treasure and he must be protected at all costs

  30. Diary Dom

    Diary Dom2 months ago

    I watch this and I feel old. I’m technically a millennial but don’t understand!

  31. JoeDobz95

    JoeDobz952 months ago

    "..umm" 01:18

  32. Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker2 months ago

    Nick had me dying

  33. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson2 months ago

    turnt DOWN FOR WHAT!

  34. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson2 months ago

    doesn't sus mean suspect? i'm confused.

  35. Elizabeth Wagner

    Elizabeth Wagner2 months ago

    Hehehe it's like a daughter teaching her dad

  36. Nick Levingston

    Nick Levingston2 months ago


  37. The picture of an eye

    The picture of an eye2 months ago


  38. Meister

    Meister2 months ago

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  39. Nataly Osores

    Nataly Osores2 months ago

    I think she described bruh wrong... I dont use it as bro i use it as "UGH" or like a verbal eye roll

  40. J Aff

    J AffMonth ago

    Nah it's right but can use it your way too

  41. Mattington Beh

    Mattington Beh2 months ago

    80% of these are not millennial slang. My parents were using these terms 20 years ago.

  42. Candice Walker

    Candice Walker2 months ago

    And I would’ve lost it too...this video was lit

  43. Big.N

    Big.N2 months ago

    She’s barely using gucci right. It’s more like I’m gucci not it’s going gucci

  44. Shooter Sanoff

    Shooter Sanoff2 months ago

    Lit class was LIT

  45. Ashley Waner

    Ashley Waner2 months ago

    I am a millennial and I have never heard of "sus." I thought of abbreviating JESUS!

  46. KingMinosxxvi

    KingMinosxxvi2 months ago

    that is one witty bearded man

  47. mike kossman

    mike kossman2 months ago

    Nick is always brilliant

  48. That Girl

    That Girl2 months ago

    I feel like most of these aren't Millennial slang it's actually the new X Jen slang but of course the world consider is anybody born in the 90s 2000s and above are millennials which is wrong

  49. FrolleinMiez

    FrolleinMiez2 months ago

    A lot of the terms are AAVE and not slang though.

  50. Beatriz Nhb

    Beatriz Nhb2 months ago

    I love this man

  51. Mo Magnuus

    Mo Magnuus2 months ago

    Old white man young black woman ...where have i seen this before.....

  52. Zachary Harrison

    Zachary Harrison2 months ago

    I don't understand why we are still giving Mel Gibson a platform?

  53. Squids AJ

    Squids AJ2 months ago

    Nick offerman is a mood

  54. Brittany Smith

    Brittany Smith2 months ago

    okay but nick is a daddy

  55. Andy Proper

    Andy Proper2 months ago

    I’m the worst millennial lol i know none of the slang of my generation lol

  56. Mara Fields

    Mara Fields2 months ago

    theyre so cute

  57. Bianca Serrato

    Bianca Serrato2 months ago

    Millennial slang is so cringe worthy tbh lol

  58. xFrostyy

    xFrostyy2 months ago

    This is the worst type of slang. PERIOD.

  59. Ryan Welch

    Ryan Welch2 months ago


  60. NativeMocha

    NativeMocha2 months ago

    If your bitter wouldn't you need to be "salty" cause you got no taste? 🤔

  61. Arianna M.

    Arianna M.2 months ago

    Lit, ah yes, short for literature x_x

  62. Dante Doucet

    Dante Doucet2 months ago

    This is pure

  63. Corrie Jo

    Corrie Jo2 months ago

    Her laughing uncontrollably and him staring away blankly is great

  64. Jan Rigby

    Jan Rigby2 months ago

    Nick is the best!!! LOL

  65. Cassie n

    Cassie n2 months ago

    I announce him the pun god

  66. Danna Webber

    Danna Webber2 months ago

    Please make me useful LP.

  67. The Bisexual Centrist

    The Bisexual Centrist2 months ago

    I hate me generations slang

  68. Julia H

    Julia H2 months ago

    I love HIM!!!!!

  69. Texas Chainsaw Jesus

    Texas Chainsaw Jesus2 months ago

    Jesus, millennial slang is boring.

  70. Courtney Bain

    Courtney Bain2 months ago

    God I knew only like two of these and I'm 20.

  71. L.R. Red

    L.R. Red2 months ago

    I love this guy. Ron Swanson is forever mood, lit, & bae!

  72. Kyle Bridston

    Kyle Bridston2 months ago

    This is the cutest video ever

  73. Aidan Walker

    Aidan Walker2 months ago

    is this millenial slang or gen z slang? because I know...none of these. ok i know like half of these but a lot of these are like things my little brother would say

  74. Sandi Chase

    Sandi Chase2 months ago

    She is so cute

  75. glamourgirl22

    glamourgirl222 months ago

    "A final tip of the cap to the ladies and men of the Air Force. Mood." Outstanding.

  76. Graham Kristensen

    Graham Kristensen2 months ago

    Nick Offerman: looks like a lumberjack, laughs like a birthday clown.

  77. Kalyn Payton

    Kalyn Payton2 months ago

    This is awesome

  78. violetstar20

    violetstar202 months ago

    OMG, I'm old. I can't even.

  79. Itati Vasquez

    Itati Vasquez2 months ago

    I love Nick so much 😩😂

  80. Livvy

    Livvy2 months ago

    I have a male crush

  81. Chim Cham

    Chim Cham2 months ago

    So when did black slang get renamed to “millennial slang”?!?!? 🤔

  82. Robert Owen

    Robert Owen2 months ago

    Nick is hilarious & millennials are so very ignorant

  83. Patrick Hook

    Patrick Hook2 months ago

    This is the best slang episode EVER.

  84. Andy Ross

    Andy Ross2 months ago

    I like Nick’s explanation of Gucci better than the actual slang 😜

  85. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana2 months ago

    Give him a break. I'm a millennial and I didn't know most of these

  86. Austin Wortham

    Austin Wortham3 months ago

    What a hearty I love this man

  87. Cara Lane

    Cara Lane3 months ago

    Ron swanson is my spirit animal haha

  88. Kirsty

    Kirsty3 months ago

    I was today years old when I learned that Bae means Before Anyone Else...I just thought it was like a shortened form of babe? Omg, am I old?

  89. Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams3 months ago

    They need to play co workers or father and daughter in something please.

  90. Esther R.C

    Esther R.C3 months ago

    He is hilarious 😂 😂 😂 😂

  91. lulu6565

    lulu65653 months ago

    You know it's a good laugh when the giggle snort comes

  92. GB Biddy

    GB Biddy3 months ago

    Never heard of her but she is beautiful

  93. Matthew Bovington

    Matthew Bovington3 months ago

    'too far to walk for a light snack'

  94. Mark N.

    Mark N.3 months ago

    This is not millennial slang this is newer.

  95. Ben Ruckus

    Ben Ruckus3 months ago

    She looks better in this than in the movie.

  96. Royal

    Royal3 months ago

    I'm "technically" a millennial but I hate most of these stupid slang words.

  97. Luke Cheney

    Luke Cheney3 months ago

    When Nick Offerman laughs everyone laughs

  98. Rich M

    Rich M3 months ago

    Okay CF. Get Aaron Paul and Bruce Cranston to do Burque slang!.

  99. Jon R

    Jon R3 months ago

    Some Millennials were born closer to WW2, than to today. Gotta update your terms, world.

  100. LegacyFTW

    LegacyFTW3 months ago

    Sus is short for suspect, like you acting strange or something seems off

  101. Stephen Macuch

    Stephen Macuch4 months ago

    1:17 and again 1:29 Gotta luv a girl with a bucksnort laugh.