Nick Offerman Learns Millennial Slang From Kiersey Clemons | Vanity Fair


  1. Best Ever Epic Millennial

    Best Ever Epic Millennial9 days ago

    I say Epic and Best Everrrr to just about everything I see. Im the G.O.A.T thats so Epiiiiiic

  2. Sha Shee

    Sha Shee10 days ago

    They’re like father and daughter.

  3. Roger Buona

    Roger Buona11 days ago

    Get to the point, The giggling all the time is annoying.

  4. Geri Jenerie

    Geri Jenerie14 days ago

    Low Key is God of Mischief! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. LetsBeClear

    LetsBeClear14 days ago

    The term “daddy” was invented for Nick Offerman

  6. Marlow Kaplan

    Marlow Kaplan14 days ago

    He could sling with her

  7. HouseMDaddict

    HouseMDaddict14 days ago

    It's more generation Z slang than millennial slang

  8. Electriophile

    Electriophile17 days ago

    Aww yeah Ron Swanson giving a shout out to the Air Force

  9. aka Big Jennifer Garner

    aka Big Jennifer Garner22 days ago

    "Low key god of mistress". I knew he was gonna say that lmao

  10. Michelle G.

    Michelle G.22 days ago

    Both The gucci gucci bit, ctfu. Hes so funny. His laugh is cute.

  11. Nour Imam

    Nour Imam23 days ago

    I wanna tickle a millennial and say gucci gucci

  12. Amohelang Kau

    Amohelang Kau23 days ago

    Its Gucci yall!

  13. best film clips

    best film clips23 days ago

    sounds like Krusty the clown nutting when he laughs its.. amazing!

  14. Czo Lish

    Czo Lish25 days ago

    Humans don't deserve Nick Offerman.

  15. spookym123

    spookym12325 days ago

    "Bruh...any gender, like 'dude." I'm still puzzled by that one. And "low key" and "moody" are "millennial slang"? They're ancient! "Salty" is bitter?!! Does that make "bitter" salty?

  16. Liz Bert

    Liz Bert26 days ago

    *It’s too far to walk for a light snack* 💀

  17. Drew Robinson

    Drew Robinson26 days ago

    With all due respect, we are witnessing two different tiers of intellectuality. Nick Offerman clearly understood most of those terms or at least could figure out their application.

  18. Dillan howard

    Dillan howard28 days ago

    The loki bit is the best

  19. Steffen Ackermann

    Steffen Ackermann29 days ago

    Why must a beautiful girl dye her hair grey? Like piercings in the nose. Many of our generation have a bad taste! But this is called hip!

  20. Maria J

    Maria JMonth ago

    his laugh :’)))

  21. MARC MAT

    MARC MATMonth ago

    ok but she got “bruh” totally wrong. its an expressional term when someones says or does something of the usual.

  22. nonespark

    nonesparkMonth ago

    aren't most of these specifically AAVE?

  23. 92abra

    92abraMonth ago

    Loki is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Loki is a foster-brother of Odin, not his "Marvel" son. Sorry just had to be that person.

  24. koy

    koyMonth ago

    Nick was obviousy trolling Kiersy.

  25. Adventure Teacher

    Adventure TeacherMonth ago

    Truly the best part is he clearly knows every single one XD

  26. J. Will

    J. WillMonth ago

    What movie were they in together & how have I not seen it?!

  27. Vanessa Mucosa

    Vanessa MucosaMonth ago

    I prefer his definition of these words.

  28. Leidis De la Rosa

    Leidis De la RosaMonth ago

    The Gucci one killed me, i love Nick!!

  29. rainbow-bromance

    rainbow-bromanceMonth ago


  30. Elle Co

    Elle CoMonth ago

    It’s not rlly millennial slang it’s more like Gen Z slang

  31. ubermench3000

    ubermench3000Month ago

    This isn't exactly millennial slang...

  32. azula apuda

    azula apudaMonth ago

    i love his laugh

  33. Hashtag Travels

    Hashtag TravelsMonth ago

    I had no idea about the BAE thing...

  34. J A B

    J A BMonth ago

    They both hate people who voted for President Trump.

  35. quinn hendley

    quinn hendleyMonth ago

    ...i love how nick made kiersey laugh so much that she actually snorted. lol.

  36. Diana Kennedy

    Diana KennedyMonth ago

    He looks like the angry cat

  37. RH KN

    RH KNMonth ago

    Gucci gucci gooo 😂

  38. Lukas Ljungcrantz

    Lukas Ljungcrantz2 months ago

    dam haha the best ever !

  39. Burtasaurus Rex

    Burtasaurus Rex2 months ago

    I love how much he makes her laugh

  40. Joey Morrissey

    Joey Morrissey2 months ago

    Ok i legit didnt know Bae meant Before Anyone Else, I thought it was just short for Babe

  41. Jason Moyle

    Jason Moyle2 months ago

    I think that chick is too stupid to be alive.

  42. hysteric mysteric

    hysteric mysteric2 months ago


  43. PJ

    PJ2 months ago

    sus is just short for suspect or suspicious.

  44. aa aa

    aa aa3 months ago

    Lol at gucci!

  45. asdabir

    asdabir3 months ago

    I don’t know who talks like this but that might get annoying real fast. Also Nicks guesses were hilarious. You can tell he is reluctantly aware of a lot of these terms.


    TRT VITOR3 months ago

    dude crushes puss

  47. g-

    g-3 months ago


  48. Paul Martin

    Paul Martin3 months ago

    He is clearly trolling her... and she has no idea. Says it all.

  49. Snokween1968

    Snokween19683 months ago

    Nick Offerman is one of the sexiest creatures on the planet earth and I am so glad that Megan Mullaly got him.

  50. MissInkedCherry

    MissInkedCherry3 months ago

    I adore them! They’re soooo funny and cute! 😁

  51. Layron Doyal

    Layron Doyal3 months ago

    What a friggin hilarious dude...

  52. Felicia T

    Felicia T3 months ago

    Gucci, Gucci, Goo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Barney Os.

    Barney Os.3 months ago

    Today I learned that "bae" stands for something. I thought it was just short for "babe" which is stupid because it's just one letter short

  54. Cbeddoe19

    Cbeddoe193 months ago

    🤣 I'm a millennial but apparently pop culture is lost on me. I had never head of 80% of these. 🤔 Maybe I read too much and need to start watching the Kardashians instead? 😏 maybe not.

  55. Kate Miller

    Kate Miller3 months ago

    16 and don’t understand some of the words 😂

  56. Melissa Lopez

    Melissa Lopez3 months ago

    Lol if saltly means "bitter" then why not just say bitter? Lol those are two completely different tastes! I don't get my generation...

  57. Andrew Mustard

    Andrew Mustard16 days ago

    Salty as in salty tears. If you're salty about something, it means something or someone has made you bitter or frustrated to the point of crying salty tears.

  58. S J

    S J3 months ago

    2:43. That's how I feel about everything.

  59. candymr2

    candymr23 months ago

    not millennial slang...its hood slang

  60. mac j.

    mac j.3 months ago

    nick offerman watches mARVEL? NEVER LOVED HIM MORE

  61. TrapsterJ

    TrapsterJ3 months ago

    Everyone knows that 'sus' is actually a way to tell if someone is very experienced in the world of MReporter Poops.

  62. Joe Peoples

    Joe Peoples3 months ago

    The beginning was great but it teetered off at the end. Should have edited it the other way.

  63. Andras Szucs

    Andras Szucs3 months ago

    What about “yesn’t”

  64. Shakira Nae

    Shakira Nae3 months ago

    kiersey's gets me every time

  65. Breathe Beloved

    Breathe Beloved3 months ago

    This video is everything.

  66. It's Grimm

    It's Grimm3 months ago


  67. chad wright

    chad wright3 months ago

    God millennials are sad creatures.

  68. Noire Kuroraigami

    Noire Kuroraigami3 months ago

    I didnt know bae changed....I thought it was cause niggas never say the whole word

  69. Sydney Kuhne

    Sydney Kuhne3 months ago

    What the heck who is she she’s stunning bruhhh

  70. Rick Umali

    Rick Umali3 months ago

    Loved this. "Too far to walk for a light snack..." Plus I learned 'sus'!

  71. Original Shadows

    Original Shadows4 months ago


  72. Neil Madhood

    Neil Madhood4 months ago

    My mom should see this

  73. Rich CommaRichy

    Rich CommaRichy4 months ago

    I’m mad she didn’t know sus was short for suspicious lol that ones obvious

  74. Samuel Michelson

    Samuel Michelson4 months ago

    Nick really popped some swag when talking about Beowolf

  75. Ninja Channel

    Ninja Channel4 months ago

    Love a chick who laughs hard

  76. Lívia Maggessi

    Lívia Maggessi4 months ago

    nick’s laugh

  77. Ryan A.P.

    Ryan A.P.4 months ago

    I think we need to hear Nick teach this chick some Baby Boomer slang.

  78. Faith Sissis

    Faith Sissis4 months ago

    So in love with his giggle

  79. MyNamesCamila

    MyNamesCamila4 months ago

    "don't say gooch" 😭

  80. Kendall Burke

    Kendall Burke4 months ago

    Loki is actually the (foster) brother of Odin. Still love Nick and this is the hardest I've laughed in a long time.

  81. Mr Amazing

    Mr Amazing4 months ago

    His laugh sounds like an unenthusiastic Barney 😂

  82. Mythalaneous16

    Mythalaneous164 months ago

    Rhett and Link need to have Nick Offerman on GMM!!!!!!

  83. thebraininsideahead

    thebraininsideahead4 months ago

    micheal bae

  84. Marsha Creary

    Marsha Creary4 months ago

    Super Funny

  85. Tullece

    Tullece4 months ago

    I prefer how he uses the word Gucci, since when did a brand name become synonymous with feeling good? I blame mumble rap and the corporation itself probably trying so hard to make it part of the "millennial" lexicon by paying notoriously untalented mumble rappers to repetitively repeat the word in their songs like a bunch of mindless zombies.

  86. Valora Abbett

    Valora Abbett4 months ago

    Apparently I am a millennial because I was born in '81 but I don't use any of this slang. Still hilarious though.

  87. Damien Natas

    Damien Natas4 months ago

    she is smoking hot and he super funny..

  88. TonyC0101

    TonyC01014 months ago

    LOL...salty is supposed to be "sawty"!

  89. Wesley Simpson

    Wesley Simpson4 months ago

    No idea who she is, but as a millennial, I don't use any of these, and find them obnoxious.

  90. Noir Jones

    Noir Jones4 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I know the cliche thing to say is that you almost choked/spit out some kind of liquid while laughing BUT I legitimately almost sprayed this monitor with Dr. Pepper when he said Gucci is what you say when you tickle a millennial. This is sooo funny!

  91. Donae Morrow

    Donae Morrow4 months ago


  92. Donae Morrow

    Donae Morrow4 months ago

    Who tf is Keirsey? She fine af. And knowledgable.

  93. Sweetie Blue

    Sweetie Blue4 months ago

    This was cute AF

  94. George Williams III

    George Williams III4 months ago

    Its too far to walk for a light snack Something ill remember forever lmao

  95. satyrme

    satyrme4 months ago

    Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gu😂

  96. Daniel Bjørkman

    Daniel Bjørkman4 months ago

    Best ive ever seen. Very Gucci

  97. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    I'm just some Canadian guy and I say4 months ago

    ....... Bae means before anyone else?

  98. Klara Stern

    Klara Stern4 months ago

    omg! These two re so great together! Watching this makes me so happy! :D

  99. AnCap Roboticist

    AnCap Roboticist4 months ago


  100. Digital Artz

    Digital Artz4 months ago

    Kiersey Clemons you are beautiful 😍😍. You are my everyday crush, any hairstyle you put on just looks perfect, you are insanely beautiful

  101. TheMarvelguy1

    TheMarvelguy14 months ago

    Most of this slang is just straight up stupid, some of it isn't even "millennial" slang.