Nick Offerman Learns Millennial Slang From Kiersey Clemons | Vanity Fair


  1. lenlen06

    lenlen0623 hours ago

    I love his voice. He does narrations for audio books (I've listened to Tom Sawyer and A Yankee in King Arthurs Court, highly recommend) and his tone and cadence is perfection, so droll! He kind of looks like my brother here though so that's disturbing.

  2. Lewis Carter

    Lewis CarterDay ago

    That was lit af

  3. Grace Rosenman

    Grace RosenmanDay ago

    sus is short for suspicious

  4. Camille Henley

    Camille Henley2 days ago

    His laugh is so cuuute

  5. ZeroZmm

    ZeroZmm2 days ago

    Bae does not mean that.. it's just meaning given afterwards.

  6. waltzedout

    waltzedout2 days ago

    I want them to do this show all the time.

  7. Victoria Irene Matthews

    Victoria Irene Matthews4 days ago

    Am I the only one that didn't know that's what bae stood for

  8. Britt P

    Britt P4 days ago

    I really didn’t know “sus”

  9. Jéssica Caetano

    Jéssica Caetano4 days ago

    She's all over him or is that just me?

  10. kabala youri

    kabala youri4 days ago

    He looks like chili klaus

  11. CaptinStorm

    CaptinStorm6 days ago

    The terms are dumb by a 14 year old

  12. Arie Marcucci

    Arie Marcucci8 days ago

    she’s so fine. 😭😭😭

  13. DatVideoDoe

    DatVideoDoe8 days ago

    Bruh, she didn’t even define “bruh” correctly

  14. sawyer lynn

    sawyer lynn8 days ago

    Byeee byeeee lil sebastiannnnn. You’re five thousand candlesss in the winddddd!

  15. YaBoiOof

    YaBoiOof8 days ago

    she looks like she believes in BLM

  16. Siddharth Krishnan

    Siddharth Krishnan8 days ago

    Omg she’s adorable

  17. Trevor Hockman

    Trevor Hockman8 days ago

    Nick is SO funny!

  18. Nicole Woolaston

    Nicole Woolaston10 days ago

    I miss Axe Cop....

  19. tilgare

    tilgare11 days ago

    Most of this is definitely not millennial slang, easily belongs to whatever the next generation is called these days.

  20. Dara Butler

    Dara Butler11 days ago


  21. dolphinINablackocean

    dolphinINablackocean11 days ago

    He is such a daddy

  22. Anon Nymous

    Anon Nymous12 days ago

    Nick is my spirit animal.

  23. shadowhead masked bandit

    shadowhead masked bandit12 days ago


  24. Adore Delaska

    Adore Delaska12 days ago

    3:59 "Turnt on its own is good?" lmaooooo that made me laugh so hard

  25. TheStylelike16th

    TheStylelike16th13 days ago

    I love these two together, and I got to hear Nick's giggle.

  26. boredchika

    boredchika13 days ago

    I love Nick Offerman, he always makes me laugh and I'm sitting here, watching this and I was laughing but then they get to "turnt" and he started talking about yogurt and I swear, when that made me laugh, I almost peed my pants because it came on so quickly that I didn't have time to prepare myself. I could feel the pee just about to come out.

  27. Rocco Ravioli

    Rocco Ravioli13 days ago

    Apparently black ghetto slang is now "millennial slang".

  28. NonsensicalVids

    NonsensicalVids13 days ago

    millennial slang or irritating words.. btw I'm 22

  29. Jeff P.

    Jeff P.13 days ago

    Gen X and Millennials just get each other.

  30. Siobhán Kirby

    Siobhán Kirby14 days ago

    Never using these!!! At my age Jaysus no, I’d sound all the way loopers.

  31. DabDimmaDome

    DabDimmaDome14 days ago

    Teach him about ligma

  32. Chance Rogers

    Chance Rogers14 days ago

    So millennials think they came up with these? I dont get it.

  33. SuperBexley

    SuperBexley14 days ago

    Shyte I didn't realise bae was an acronym, just thought it was based on "baby"

  34. Cam LeCouter

    Cam LeCouter14 days ago

    I don't like gurls w short hair @ all but she's fye AF

  35. Orla Kelly

    Orla Kelly15 days ago

    Nick sounds like Goofy when he laughs! I’m screaming

  36. Olivia

    Olivia15 days ago

    Okay at least half of these are gen z, but the other half are definitely millenial.

  37. Vic Toza

    Vic Toza15 days ago

    2:43 "It's too far to walk for a light snack." Love it! Of course, Clemons doesn't understand it. Offerman is too smart for this, and is just playing. Clemons, on the other hand, has no clue about Offerman's reference to Loki. 2:55.

  38. Tadashi Stark

    Tadashi Stark15 days ago

    3:18 he's talking about ron swanson lol

  39. silentdecay

    silentdecay16 days ago

    > *too far to walk for a lite snack.* Nick called it.

  40. YodatheHobbit

    YodatheHobbit16 days ago

    Also the phrase low key has been around for decades.

  41. Dan B

    Dan B16 days ago

    Millennials suck

  42. pa drey

    pa drey16 days ago

    this was unbelievably cute both of them

  43. My Name Is Heather

    My Name Is Heather17 days ago

    Like, a manly giggle.

  44. Cilly Honey

    Cilly Honey17 days ago

    I'm an AF vet!

  45. GodKingBob

    GodKingBob17 days ago

    If someone said they were all Gucci I'd tell them to leave my house

  46. Michele Eslick

    Michele Eslick17 days ago


  47. Emily Gemin

    Emily Gemin17 days ago

    Nick Offerman is a national treasure 💕 “That’s too for to walk for a light snack.”

  48. Chris Hulse

    Chris Hulse17 days ago

    “Let me get that bruh off.” Nick has said this often.

  49. Becca Vincent

    Becca Vincent18 days ago

    I have never loved someone’s laugh as much as I love his

  50. rebagel

    rebagel18 days ago

    he talking about ron swanson eating the bacon

  51. Ogawa Burukku

    Ogawa Burukku19 days ago

    I was born in 1983, so often considered a millennial... I knew maybe 4 of these. I see them used a lot by people just a few years younger than me and I never really know what they mean.

  52. Mary Smith James

    Mary Smith James15 days ago

    Ogawa Burukku Millennials are people who were born 1981- 1996.The term Millennials generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and 1990s. You are a millennial. Lol.

  53. Totigerus

    Totigerus19 days ago

    Millennial slang? Gag me with a spoon -_-

  54. Fridge Magnet

    Fridge Magnet19 days ago

    several of these have been used for decades

  55. Lindsey Bennett

    Lindsey Bennett19 days ago

    M O O D

  56. Tate Sands

    Tate Sands19 days ago

    Nick is so witty!! 😊😂 i thoroughly enjoyed myself 😊

  57. Bianca Johnson

    Bianca Johnson19 days ago

    i was today years old when I found out “bae” means “before anyone else”

  58. Library Girl

    Library Girl15 days ago

    Bianca Johnson Happy birthday to us.

  59. Becki Green

    Becki Green19 days ago

    Keirsey Clemons is annoying.

  60. Emily Mathews

    Emily Mathews19 days ago

    I came here just to watch nick laugh 😂 😂

  61. Amazing Man

    Amazing Man19 days ago

    I'll just stick to my NYC slang. This slang sounded mad corny nfs.

  62. aetherbox

    aetherbox20 days ago

    This is adorable.

  63. JuaniqueVerde

    JuaniqueVerde20 days ago

    “Hey girl I’m gonna get that *BRUH* off!” 😧😂😂😂😂

  64. Mister E Man

    Mister E Man20 days ago

    Shows how dumb millennials are. And I am one, unfortunately. Never used any of these made up words.

  65. Danté Rose

    Danté Rose20 days ago

    Nick is HILARIOUS

  66. 1QKGLH

    1QKGLH20 days ago

    She's wearing my grandmothers kitchen curtains. It's not lit at all.

  67. Last BOB

    Last BOB21 day ago

    Beowulf 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Annaleigh Smith

    Annaleigh Smith21 day ago


  69. SiminaDar

    SiminaDar21 day ago

    Never heard sus before.

  70. The Assassin

    The Assassin21 day ago

    Cool Vid, Bro

  71. Jessica

    Jessica21 day ago

    That giggle. Nick’s giggle is super adorable.

  72. Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller21 day ago

    I used to think I am a millennial. I am absolutely not a millennial according to these horrible words.

  73. Mary Smith James

    Mary Smith James13 days ago

    Lauren Miller lol.

  74. Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller15 days ago

    no thank you lol

  75. Mary Smith James

    Mary Smith James15 days ago

    Lauren Miller Millennials are people who were born 1981- 1996.The term Millennials generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and 1990s.

  76. elnuffio

    elnuffio21 day ago

    Offerman in spectacular form here.

  77. Catalynz

    Catalynz21 day ago

    Omg, I want to play Balderdash with this man. So funny!!!

  78. medthehatta

    medthehatta21 day ago

    Is "It's too far to walk for a light snack" an actual idiom, or is Nick Offerman just a genius? That's so good!

  79. Ma La

    Ma La22 days ago

    Who makes these stupid words up

  80. Lamia Mahpara

    Lamia Mahpara22 days ago

    She didn't have to laugh that much or at all. It looked over the top.

  81. Semaj Johnson

    Semaj Johnson22 days ago

    I like this guy. He’s funny LOL. He has that Chris Pratt kind of charm

  82. Rachel Frumkin

    Rachel Frumkin22 days ago

    They have such great chemistry together.

  83. Emz Z

    Emz Z22 days ago

    HAHAHAHA *points fingers * MOOD

  84. Emz Z

    Emz Z22 days ago


  85. M1 Twinny

    M1 Twinny22 days ago

    Nick Offerman is even funnier than I could've imagined

  86. bluefreedomtrue

    bluefreedomtrue22 days ago

    I know none of these!

  87. ZyniX 36

    ZyniX 3622 days ago

    Nice clickbait. Millennials are 30 and this isn't 90s slang more like 2018.

  88. Solinel Gonzalez

    Solinel Gonzalez22 days ago

    His giggle

  89. Chezza Outta Nowhere

    Chezza Outta Nowhere23 days ago

    I don't know how they shot a whole movie together, she's so susceptible to his goofiness. I would be too, I'd be laughing just that hard the whole time. Love that man.

  90. Madi Prince

    Madi Prince23 days ago

    The way she couldn't stop laughing and I feel like that would be meeeeeee😂😂

  91. itsdave

    itsdave23 days ago

    Nick Offerman does not deserve to be put in such an awkward situation

  92. Ken Valens

    Ken Valens23 days ago

    Once again damm millenials.wish I was born in the 40s

  93. SHANER

    SHANER23 days ago

    too far to walk for a light snack. perfect explanation

  94. Brett Sigler

    Brett Sigler23 days ago

    I love Ron Swanson!!!

  95. Answering Machine

    Answering Machine23 days ago

    Salty have the same meaning at bitter and sour, how weird.

  96. johny xciv

    johny xciv23 days ago

    He can gucc this puss though.

  97. A Sprague

    A Sprague23 days ago

    I'm 29 and only knew about three of these. I don't use the terms everyday either. My 14 year old brother however....

  98. PelegoRecords

    PelegoRecords23 days ago

    Millenials are Stupid...But THIS was Awesome!!! 😇

  99. NWO Documentary CHANNEL

    NWO Documentary CHANNEL23 days ago

    *Daddy* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  100. That_Misfit

    That_Misfit23 days ago

    This was great :D

  101. Jason R Stanton

    Jason R Stanton23 days ago

    Maybe you could teach me woodworking

  102. Jason R Stanton

    Jason R Stanton23 days ago

    Welcome to my fuckin crazy dream,,,

  103. Harley Sparx

    Harley Sparx23 days ago

    I love Nick Offerman. I'm a millennial (unfortunately) and I have no idea what most of these mean.

  104. edoggz20111

    edoggz2011123 days ago

    Is Nick Offerman the voice of Axe Cop?

  105. Pradeep Giri

    Pradeep Giri23 days ago

    Snort-laughed at #Beowulf 😂😂😂