Nick Kroll & John Mulaney Give Teens Puberty Advice


  1. shortsebastian

    shortsebastian3 hours ago

    Deep down these kids knew most of these things

  2. Ada _saysroar

    Ada _saysroar3 hours ago

    Every time I hear their voices I get reminded of Andrew and Nick😂

  3. Steph_mh

    Steph_mh5 hours ago

    Honestly listening to Nick and John talk makes me so happy 😂

  4. Happysadface Mck

    Happysadface Mck6 hours ago

    Ew Brooke

  5. Experiment C

    Experiment C7 hours ago

    "So I'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day I'll die" -John Mulaney

  6. love Peace

    love Peace7 hours ago

    Why is my dick hard

  7. Kaydence Zehner

    Kaydence Zehner8 hours ago

    Only hearing big mouth

  8. Space Unicorn

    Space Unicorn9 hours ago

    I think nick kroll is my new favorite person

  9. Rose Gold

    Rose Gold9 hours ago

    Ngl the boy reminded me a lil of Matthew

  10. Esmealda Martinez

    Esmealda Martinez9 hours ago

    the boy in the red show went from boy to nab real quick his voice went high to low 😂

  11. Elijah Gibbons

    Elijah Gibbons11 hours ago

    Pink shirt is annoying

  12. Molly Floyd

    Molly Floyd12 hours ago


  13. Richard Cano

    Richard Cano12 hours ago

    Close your eyes and it sounds like Andrew and Nick.

  14. Lana Bromley

    Lana Bromley15 hours ago

    “I use a diva cup”

  15. Angela DeHaven

    Angela DeHaven15 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thinks John sounds like bianca del rio

  16. Amy D

    Amy D21 hour ago

    John has a camel toe ( camel tail?)

  17. Zachary Byrd

    Zachary ByrdDay ago

    Anyone else hoping that Nick Kroll would go into the Maury voice at one point in this interview

  18. lil trip 1000

    lil trip 1000Day ago

    "We're here at buzzfeed" that killed me right there shet was hilarious😂😂🤣

  19. Landon Walker

    Landon WalkerDay ago

    3:44 because we have to watch every word we say because so help me God if we say a joke y'all women don't like then we are accused of rape Teach men not to rape... no teach women what rape is

  20. Kami S.

    Kami S.Day ago

    I feel like some of the kids actually know what this stuff is ... lollll

  21. CatsinmyRamen

    CatsinmyRamenDay ago

    my name is savannah and everytime they said that girl's name i was like !!!

  22. argentina ogaz

    argentina ogazDay ago

    “I’m 17% chia pet” 😂

  23. KillNautic7

    KillNautic7Day ago

    The kids want answers lmao and they are playing adult jokes on them

  24. MiMi Duhh

    MiMi DuhhDay ago


  25. feelings.

    feelings.Day ago

    Puberty hit me in 3rd grade. I was only 8.

  26. Eva Smith

    Eva SmithDay ago

    I’m part chia pet

  27. Lump Universe

    Lump UniverseDay ago

    Why does John sound like a fifth grade science teacher

  28. Lump Universe

    Lump UniverseDay ago

    They are my hero

  29. noose neryn

    noose nerynDay ago

    I’m sick n tired of asking John to just fucking go out w/ me. I’m tired of saying no homo :(

  30. Alyssa Litwin

    Alyssa LitwinDay ago

    17% chia pet 😂 mood

  31. ethan bassett

    ethan bassettDay ago

    The kid in the res shirt is a flaming homo

  32. Jillian White

    Jillian WhiteDay ago

    Omg nick looks so much like his character Nick!

  33. Kylie Cole

    Kylie ColeDay ago

    “That girl became my wife....John” 😂😂😂

  34. Stevy Kutsch

    Stevy KutschDay ago

    Innocent young Red shirt boy

  35. Kookie Sun

    Kookie SunDay ago

    My name is Savannah. So when they said her name. Which is also my name. I was all like. Wwooowoowo

  36. tobias

    tobiasDay ago

    they really are my gay dads

  37. Abby Newton

    Abby NewtonDay ago

    "Tampons and pads. I use a diva cup"

  38. Aaliyah Pedro

    Aaliyah PedroDay ago

    ok this is content

  39. Madison Hof

    Madison HofDay ago

    0:44 “so um... I have a question.....what IS a tampon?”

  40. Muffin Mcstud

    Muffin McstudDay ago

    I came here for laughs and left with knowledge

  41. Zahkia 99

    Zahkia 99Day ago

    Who else got pubic hair when they were 11,I did

  42. Jayde Sullivan

    Jayde SullivanDay ago

    is it just me or does the hormone monster have the hottest voice

  43. Sinning in korean

    Sinning in koreanDay ago

    "I use a diva cup" okay bitch I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

  44. Christine Guerrero

    Christine GuerreroDay ago

    They aren’t really teenagers but it was interesting 😂

  45. Sonya Lii Nome Barlow

    Sonya Lii Nome BarlowDay ago

    Wait, are they really together?

  46. Wolfiea

    WolfieaDay ago

    Anyone else just like HARD CRINGE at this video?

  47. Tommy Acedillo

    Tommy Acedillo2 days ago

    This was too good😂😂😂

  48. FudgePuddin

    FudgePuddin2 days ago

    I'm 12 and know the answers to the questions these kids are asking (except for how to get someone to ask you out)... Yikkesss.

  49. Charlie Plumhoff

    Charlie Plumhoff2 days ago

    This is really just them going around questions for 5 minutes

  50. Ringy ツ

    Ringy ツ2 days ago

    3:47 "why are boys so awkward" *laughs and smiles awkwardly*

  51. lol_ beast202

    lol_ beast2022 days ago

    Question... Why wasn't I here????!!

  52. colin 15

    colin 152 days ago

    That red shirt dude is gay and doesn't know it yet

  53. Christopher Hillyer/ Victoria Jenkins

    Christopher Hillyer/ Victoria Jenkins2 days ago

    I don't know why but I now have the biggest crush on Nick

  54. Jintro: Epiphany

    Jintro: Epiphany2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure you just made them more confused😂

  55. Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker2 days ago

    At the beginning I was like are they gay then I was like not they’re to cute 😊

  56. xen

    xen2 days ago

    the beginning made me so soft

  57. Mitch McElroy

    Mitch McElroy2 days ago

    And y isn’t anyone asking Brooke out yet?

  58. MattieCookie

    MattieCookie2 days ago

    The tall child in the middle looks terrible

  59. It’s ya girl Skinny penis

    It’s ya girl Skinny penis2 days ago


  60. Kaylah Oneal

    Kaylah Oneal2 days ago

    John is me in every situation

  61. South Florida Fishing

    South Florida Fishing2 days ago

    “Christopher” is a chelsey right


    EMMA STILINSKI2 days ago


  63. Christina Lewis

    Christina Lewis2 days ago

    Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's friendship gives me life

  64. SergeantJohn

    SergeantJohn2 days ago

    WAIT do really america identify 6th graders as teens?? In my school ( in iceland) 8th graders are starter teens thats how we identify teens lower than 8th grade are just kids

  65. Co Co 23

    Co Co 232 days ago

    I fucked a guy with hair on his ass , I thought it was cute idk🤷🏾‍♀️

  66. Caitlin Galster

    Caitlin Galster2 days ago

    I love their videos so much and they’ve such great chemistry together ah love it

  67. Functional Human

    Functional Human2 days ago


  68. The Manz

    The Manz2 days ago

    That dude in the red is going to die😃

  69. Trippie Bean

    Trippie Bean2 days ago

    Just asking are they gay?

  70. Homanpreet Gill

    Homanpreet Gill2 days ago

    "I use a diva cup" 😂😂😂

  71. Xcel_Z3N _671

    Xcel_Z3N _6712 days ago

    Hahaha funny I already know A LOT

  72. Bigbadbenny Frost

    Bigbadbenny Frost2 days ago

    The one girl looked like Missy from big mouth

  73. ᗰ I ᑎ ᑎ T ᑕ ᗩ ᑕ T I

    ᗰ I ᑎ ᑎ T ᑕ ᗩ ᑕ T I2 days ago

    God I love them

  74. RED Matter

    RED Matter2 days ago

    The one in red is going to be gay

  75. Kaleb Dority

    Kaleb Dority2 days ago

    The lil dude with the red shirt hasn’t been close to hitting puberty

  76. The no namer The legend says he has no name

    The no namer The legend says he has no name2 days ago


  77. EmAnd Syd

    EmAnd Syd2 days ago

    Nick doesn't believe in evolution?! I love him

  78. Tante Marianne

    Tante Marianne2 days ago

    Nick reminds me of Alan Harper from two and a half men

  79. Sophie Rose

    Sophie Rose2 days ago

    I love this

  80. Cecilia Martinez

    Cecilia Martinez2 days ago

    Ughh acne.... neosporin helps get rid of scars but...

  81. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones2 days ago


  82. Celestialman 293

    Celestialman 2932 days ago

    Are they actually together because you're always talking about being together

  83. jungkookie

    jungkookie2 days ago

    did nick straight up call john a tampon 💀

  84. Avery Catherine

    Avery Catherine2 days ago

    I clicked on this knowing it was cringy but I think I was right

  85. hunter and trapper

    hunter and trapper2 days ago

    That kid the wears the red shirt is a girl you can tell its easy to tell

  86. Sirtrex Stream Sniper

    Sirtrex Stream Sniper2 days ago

    Didn’t know they were gay

  87. kaitlyn xo

    kaitlyn xo2 days ago

    It’s crazy how I can just hear their voice and just imagine Andrew and nick sitting there instead

  88. Mia

    Mia2 days ago

    They *highhhh* 😂😂

  89. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler2 days ago

    Wait are they gay?

  90. Braedon Bannister

    Braedon Bannister2 days ago

    Big Mouth

  91. spitandfire

    spitandfire2 days ago

    Headcannon accepted: two gay dads explain puberty to their adopted kids. sitcom laughtrack optional

  92. zubair

    zubair2 days ago

    0:45 sounds like a girl

  93. isabelle pertee

    isabelle pertee2 days ago

    you just put two confused comedians together talking to confused children

  94. Jade Has Sum Squirt

    Jade Has Sum Squirt2 days ago

    “..and that girl became my wife, John” -Nick Kroll


    SAVANNA JOSEPH2 days ago

    i’m black and my name is savanna tooooo woah

  96. emily pitts

    emily pitts2 days ago

    kissing with cig breath is called shotgunning

  97. Aoife McKeon

    Aoife McKeon2 days ago

    This was amazing but the poor kids look so confused 😂😂

  98. Katelyn Cradit

    Katelyn Cradit2 days ago

    I fricken love John Mulaney’s voice!😍

  99. Anni Iikkanen

    Anni Iikkanen2 days ago

    are they a couple?

  100. Static Rainbow

    Static Rainbow2 days ago

    *I am 70% chia pet*