Nick Kroll & John Mulaney Give Teens Puberty Advice


  1. confused

    confused42 minutes ago

    Why are they like gay dads trying to give the kids answers to puberty? 😂 loving these two! 😂❤️

  2. Valerie

    Valerie7 hours ago

    Did he just call teen wolf a movie 💀💀

  3. Crystallized Dreams

    Crystallized DreamsDay ago

    This is beautiful haha

  4. Pansexual Potato

    Pansexual Potato2 days ago

    At least one of the kids is hardcore crushing on John but idk which one:///XD

  5. Beatriz Virata

    Beatriz Virata2 days ago

    is it just me or is Nick Kroll really hot here wth

  6. Beth Shea

    Beth Shea2 days ago


  7. Raffy Grey

    Raffy Grey3 days ago

    if you close your eyes, you can imagine it's their animated characters (from Big Mouth ofc) that's talking

  8. Satanz_gamez

    Satanz_gamez3 days ago

    That little dude ain't gonna hit puberty anytime soon

  9. Sno Cookies

    Sno Cookies4 days ago

    Good grief

  10. Christine Spinuso

    Christine Spinuso4 days ago

    The kid with the red shirt shorts way to short for comfort

  11. Epic Star 47

    Epic Star 474 days ago

    3:10 😂😂 that laugh

  12. c bye

    c bye4 days ago

    If you LOVE big mouth like this

  13. TheMaleDorito

    TheMaleDorito4 days ago

    When he said OOF I died

  14. duckybaby

    duckybaby4 days ago

    Why does this exist. Why. This is the worst and best thing to ever happen.

  15. TenTonNuke

    TenTonNuke5 days ago

    I can't hear over the ridiculous folk tune twanging in the background.

  16. Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson5 days ago

    John and Nick are an underrated duo

  17. Trudi Patterson

    Trudi Patterson6 days ago

    Nick and John talking about boys “I don’t think they’re stupid, they’re just bad” is the tea

  18. kate bain

    kate bain6 days ago

    I love those two!

  19. Fernando mendoza

    Fernando mendoza8 days ago

    Are they gay and dating?

  20. K.C.

    K.C.7 days ago

    Fernando mendoza yes.

  21. bri wilson

    bri wilson8 days ago

    “i use a diva cup” IM FUCKING ROLLING HAHAHA

  22. Thecoloryellow

    Thecoloryellow9 days ago

    HAHAHA look at that high waisted man he got feminine hips

  23. Brian Presley

    Brian Presley9 days ago

    To his face I call him a pad

  24. - TioKoolAid -

    - TioKoolAid -9 days ago

    Why yall have to get a gay boy smh

  25. Sophi Navaratnam

    Sophi Navaratnam9 days ago

    Nick honestly cracks me up lmaooo

  26. jibberjabber

    jibberjabber10 days ago

    these poor kids


    ZENEIDA FUENTES11 days ago

    If I was on there I would freak out and get so excited cause they are my favorite comedians especially John Mulaney,man how did those kids not freak out?

  28. name game

    name game11 days ago

    i love them so much god. why can't one of THEM be my dad.

  29. J S

    J S11 days ago


  30. Rachel Price

    Rachel Price12 days ago

    They remind me of gay dads when they try to explain female sex education.

  31. Ashleigh Mavin

    Ashleigh Mavin12 days ago

    I love how John doesn’t even know half of the stuff😂

  32. MarAX

    MarAX12 days ago

    I wish I could meet John Mulaney

  33. Logan Page

    Logan Page12 days ago

    people mistake puberty for sex an it's so annoying like omg no!!!!

  34. kenzie lamberson

    kenzie lamberson13 days ago


  35. Max Bowen

    Max Bowen13 days ago

    What’s new pussy cat

  36. Lxxrt

    Lxxrt13 days ago

    I always come back to watch this video because it’s so adorable and funny

  37. Navi Fireborn

    Navi Fireborn13 days ago

    I thought I heard it all before, but this was surprisingly helpful

  38. zeitgeist of now

    zeitgeist of now13 days ago

    “no i don’t think they’re stupid i think they’re just bad” ICONIC

  39. Ti Co

    Ti Co13 days ago

    Did he just say evolution is not real? Lol wth man? A seemingly intelligent human being in every other way but oh no we were created by an imaginary dude in a cloud

  40. miranda joelle

    miranda joelle14 days ago

    "you can't go telling kids the are going to turn into wolfs" actually the best video on the internet

  41. Stephanie Correa

    Stephanie Correa14 days ago

    They are so funny

  42. thealienboy11

    thealienboy1114 days ago

    we need to protect Christopher at all costs

  43. Capt Teddy MD

    Capt Teddy MD14 days ago

    Is Nick Kroll a young clone of Jeff Goldblum???

  44. Faryal Shams

    Faryal Shams14 days ago

    for someone who doesn’t want kids, john is really good at talking to kids

  45. AxR Tropic

    AxR Tropic15 days ago

    All I can hear is peter porker

  46. Savannah Moore

    Savannah Moore15 days ago

    My name is Savannah and at the 1:56 ish Mark I wasn't paying attention and got extremely startled

  47. Marie Kraemer

    Marie Kraemer15 days ago

    "I use a diva cup"

  48. Oh Frogs

    Oh Frogs15 days ago

    There like 2 gay fathers. I am dead. Sksksksksksk.

  49. Hannah Ytuarte

    Hannah Ytuarte15 days ago

    Nick: answers the questions seriously John: *laughs*

  50. Cailyn Saunders

    Cailyn Saunders15 days ago

    is it just me or is nicks skin SO cleare

  51. BB-8

    BB-812 days ago

    The secret is the French butter

  52. Emmalee Tomaszewski

    Emmalee Tomaszewski15 days ago

    Can they please be my dads?

  53. JJ Playz

    JJ Playz16 days ago

    I’m not awkward. I’m weird. I’ve never had a crush on anyone.

  54. Raybay

    Raybay16 days ago

    Oh god oh no

  55. sorryim fuckedup

    sorryim fuckedup16 days ago

    i don't know if i want John Mulaney to be my dad or my daddy

  56. Sanaana Isqueen

    Sanaana Isqueen17 days ago

    “To his face I call him a pad” IM DECEASED😭😭😭😭

  57. Cat baby Girl 85

    Cat baby Girl 8517 days ago

    I love how confused these kids looked when nick came up with ridiculous answers 😂

  58. Colin Cassidy

    Colin Cassidy18 days ago

    french kissing is definitely when you kiss with cigarette breath

  59. Lockmelon

    Lockmelon19 days ago

    I could listen to these two for hours

  60. Dylan Aherne

    Dylan Aherne19 days ago

    Brooke is sexy

  61. Timmy Turner

    Timmy Turner20 days ago

    So hot😂

  62. celeste

    celeste20 days ago

    if i was in the same room with them i would probably have stuttered a lot because i was in the presence of gods

  63. Haley Dockter

    Haley Dockter20 days ago

    My life would be made if they gave me advice 😂

  64. Christian Flaherty

    Christian Flaherty20 days ago

    Wait are they actually gay?

  65. Funny 0494

    Funny 049421 day ago

    “When do you stop getting pimples?” *”Oof.”*

  66. Jillian Miller

    Jillian Miller21 day ago

    That opening tho

  67. claire malone

    claire malone21 day ago

    “turns out I’m 17% chia pet”

  68. JaneenRenae

    JaneenRenae21 day ago

    I smell potatoes 🥔

  69. laya Storm

    laya Storm21 day ago

    Those kids just really don’t get the humor lmao

  70. Changkyuns Waifu

    Changkyuns Waifu21 day ago

    4:40 this girl was NOT FUCKING HAVING IT lol!

  71. Giulia Targaryen

    Giulia Targaryen22 days ago

    4:45 that girl is so confuseeeeed hahahahahhahahahaah

  72. Giulia Targaryen

    Giulia Targaryen22 days ago

    I love how they avoid eye-contact

  73. Pink Bean

    Pink Bean22 days ago

    I can’t stop picturing Andrew when John talks😂🤦‍♀️

  74. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown22 days ago

    That girl looked so confused when Nick was describing rubbing butter on his face... XD

  75. shitposting scallywag

    shitposting scallywag23 days ago

    they've never looked more like a gay couple

  76. shitposting scallywag

    shitposting scallywag23 days ago

    I've been a fan of their comedy since fourth grade wish I could've been on this and halfway through them speaking to this clueless kid I reference their comedy

  77. shitposting scallywag

    shitposting scallywag23 days ago

    I've never said oh no so many times

  78. Em Uh

    Em Uh23 days ago

    It turns out that I'm 17% chia pet

  79. Harlem Inc.

    Harlem Inc.23 days ago

    “That’s the answer I’m comfortable on camera giving you”😂😂

  80. Bree xxx

    Bree xxx23 days ago


  81. that awkward child

    that awkward child23 days ago

    John Mulaney and Nick Kroll would be such a good couple.

  82. orducksrosebowl09

    orducksrosebowl0924 days ago

    I’m down to do sex Ed but I’m a film teacher not an In person

  83. EwokWithABat 1

    EwokWithABat 124 days ago

    The kid in the red will be gay when he gets older. Calling it right now

  84. DABOSS315

    DABOSS31524 days ago

    it's sad that people think of Nick Kroll from Big Mouth

  85. Timothy Kulak

    Timothy Kulak25 days ago

    I knew every question those kids asked in grade 3

  86. MegaAstroFan18

    MegaAstroFan1825 days ago

    Hoping they're joking about the evolution thing. The boy's voice... surprised me.

  87. An Atheist

    An Atheist25 days ago

    "I jammed my tongue down her throat and she did not like it. And that girl became my wife, John."

  88. Savannah 1967

    Savannah 196726 days ago

    I just realized Nick has the biggest fucking forehead ever.😂

  89. Arden Vida

    Arden Vida26 days ago

    John's face when Nick said "I'm 17% Chia pet" oh my GOD he's a human cartoon character & I love him

  90. Phan in a nutshell

    Phan in a nutshell26 days ago

    Nick and Andrew really sprouted 🤩

  91. g. s.

    g. s.26 days ago

    john’s laugh is so fvcking adorable cerhvojneo-

  92. naomi

    naomi27 days ago


  93. Angelica Gutierrez

    Angelica Gutierrez28 days ago

    Why do i find Nick Kroll so attractive?

  94. Zymer Beatbox

    Zymer Beatbox29 days ago

    I'm surprised that Nick didn't use his hormone monster voice

  95. Marcilene Rose

    Marcilene Rose29 days ago

    "To his face I call him a pad." I died😂😂😂

  96. Maria Onofre

    Maria Onofre29 days ago

    oh hello is amazing

  97. Alana Gilbert

    Alana GilbertMonth ago

    “turns out i’m 17% chia pet!” LOL

  98. TheWobblingDog

    TheWobblingDogMonth ago

    I’m 12 and really awkward around girls help

  99. syd rose

    syd roseMonth ago

    all i can hear is nick and andrew.

  100. diss e

    diss eMonth ago

    The girl with the pink skincaree 😍

  101. Ryss  Alsief

    Ryss AlsiefMonth ago

    3:04 John's face

  102. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth MillerMonth ago

    Is this how bigmouth was born