Nick Kroll & John Mulaney Give Teens Puberty Advice


  1. LittleLostPotato -3-

    LittleLostPotato -3-22 hours ago

    bless em

  2. Kaitlin Porrini

    Kaitlin Porrini2 days ago

    all i hear is Nick and Andrew

  3. Angela Armstrong

    Angela Armstrong2 days ago

    this is hysterical

  4. Melanie Valkrum

    Melanie Valkrum2 days ago

    Does the texting thing happen simply if you have a girlfriend? I physically can’t respond to texts whyyyyy

  5. Ryden

    Ryden5 days ago

    So John Mulaney (during stand up) is gonna ignore the fact that he plays probably the best character on Big Mouth?????

  6. Henna Romero

    Henna Romero7 days ago

    Oh sweet Christopher

  7. Paige Jasmine

    Paige Jasmine8 days ago


  8. Literal Trash Named Dan

    Literal Trash Named Dan10 days ago


  9. mavi niccals

    mavi niccals12 days ago

    its nick and andrew

  10. that bitch

    that bitch14 days ago

    0:37 He's not an Asian American woman

  11. Skylaaa Moreno

    Skylaaa Moreno16 days ago

    Okay but that kid in the red shirt is definitely gay and thats okay but I’m getting *STRONG* gay vibes

  12. Skylaaa Moreno

    Skylaaa Moreno16 days ago

    This is fucking amazing and what I’d give to be one of those kids

  13. Merty McFly

    Merty McFly17 days ago

    John's reactions to anything Nick says are priceless

  14. Grace Games

    Grace Games17 days ago

    The only good BuzzFeed video on the internet

  15. glitchbyt3 '-'

    glitchbyt3 '-'18 days ago

    why does he look like a Big Mouth character ...the did this on purpose :,D

  16. Meme God

    Meme God20 days ago

    Girl who sounds like a Disney Channel character: what is third base anyways Me: good lord when I was in 6th grade I knew these things did they grab a homeschooler off the street?

  17. I'm Shithead and I'm a BAD GUURL

    I'm Shithead and I'm a BAD GUURL21 day ago

    "A tampon is a name i call john"

  18. Joanna Ingold

    Joanna Ingold25 days ago

    "i have opinions ON evolution, and that it's not real" lmao

  19. Trinity Sanipass

    Trinity Sanipass27 days ago

    nick and andrew!!

  20. I play Fortnite

    I play Fortnite27 days ago

    You don’t have to be comfortable, you can fake it. Actually that makes me more confident.

  21. IA1

    IA128 days ago

    Nick and john look terrified somehow And awkward

  22. Alex Hemingway

    Alex Hemingway29 days ago

    Lol these kids are so sheltered..When I was 12 I knew all of that

  23. Alex Hemingway

    Alex Hemingway29 days ago


  24. Hannah Vazquez

    Hannah Vazquez29 days ago

    Ew John what r u doing with buzz feed

  25. JJ Kern

    JJ KernMonth ago

    Christopher is such a tender child omg

  26. nostalgicgem 14

    nostalgicgem 14Month ago

    These kids shud watch big mouth

  27. Fredrik Åfeldt

    Fredrik ÅfeldtMonth ago

    Oh my god you just ruined the kids with sarcasm!!!!! XD

  28. MavF14A

    MavF14AMonth ago


  29. c trillz

    c trillzMonth ago

    No one ever noticed how john and nick are in big mouth

  30. Halfman Halfamazing

    Halfman HalfamazingMonth ago

    Nick actually got House of Pain and 3rd Bass mixed up 😂

  31. Liz Jordan

    Liz JordanMonth ago

    Why does John look so uncomfortable

  32. Genesis Wraith

    Genesis WraithMonth ago

    who was mulaney's makeup artist?? yall did him dirty. that's my baby

  33. liv Ione

    liv IoneMonth ago

    Nick is a cheya pet lol did not spell that right

  34. hell inc.

    hell inc.Month ago

    he does have a big mouth though.

  35. Allison Cromer

    Allison CromerMonth ago

    I didn't know I needed this in my life until now

  36. Nathan and Jakob oliveros

    Nathan and Jakob oliverosMonth ago

    I have a good feeling about this

  37. Zoë Mintz

    Zoë MintzMonth ago

    i love seeing john think

  38. Gamernut the game master

    Gamernut the game masterMonth ago

    I would kill to meet Nick Kroll in real life

  39. NotSoHotPants McGee

    NotSoHotPants McGeeMonth ago

    This is my favourite video on the internet

  40. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos NinjaMonth ago

    Nick would be a great dad.

  41. wildcat s

    wildcat sMonth ago

    ok i couldn’t stop hearing andrew and nick from big mouth 😂

  42. Kate H

    Kate HMonth ago

    “When do you stop getting pimples?” You don’t.

  43. junabee jones

    junabee jonesMonth ago

    Ey yo, that man's got some feminine hips!

  44. Getyourbuddhaon📿

    Getyourbuddhaon📿Month ago

    Did nick just say he doesn’t think evolution is real?? Who the heck is he a scientist?

  45. JessicaRenne

    JessicaRenneMonth ago

    I once put toothpaste on a pimple and it got a super weird infection and became 3x the size and blue/purple bruised lookin. And this happened the day before I worked with my crush on a middle school project. 0/10 recommend. Puberty is brutal

  46. River

    RiverMonth ago

    This was exactly as awkward as I expected it to be.

  47. Jordyn Puzzo

    Jordyn PuzzoMonth ago

    "to his face I call him a pad" I just snorted

  48. alexis isabella

    alexis isabellaMonth ago

    that girl became my wife, john

  49. olivia chrest

    olivia chrestMonth ago

    this is and forever will be the only good video buzzfeed will ever put out

  50. Woah Woah

    Woah WoahMonth ago

    I need a sitcom or movie where these two play gay dads immediately.

  51. Irene Destiny

    Irene DestinyMonth ago

    Ya know, during Health class we watched a couple of these videos Our teacher should've shown us this

  52. Everything Bagel

    Everything BagelMonth ago

    I put rubbing alcohol on pimples, that usually clears them up overnight. Don't do this if you have acne though.

  53. dangerous soup

    dangerous soupMonth ago

    This would be horrid, considering john mulaney is a god to me l m a o h e l p

  54. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah JohnsonMonth ago

    God bless Nick Kroll and John Mulaney

  55. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah JohnsonMonth ago


  56. 154Slappy

    154SlappyMonth ago

    Evolution isn't real? Seriously, Nick? Using that same logic, Santa IS real simply because you were indoctrinated into believing he is real.

  57. Evers McCormick

    Evers McCormickMonth ago

    I love everything these men do

  58. doodlebobz

    doodlebobz2 months ago

    I keep seeing Nick Kroll and John Mulaney as their Big Mouth characters, each time I look at them all I see is Big Mouth. E A C H T I M E.

  59. Jonathan Mendoza

    Jonathan Mendoza2 months ago

    Where's Jenny Slate?

  60. carryonmywaywardson

    carryonmywaywardson2 months ago

    They have great skin

  61. Lena

    Lena2 months ago

    I love this video, it was hilarious, but PLEASE tell me someone answered those kids' questions properly after this was shot. Their curiosity should be satisfied.

  62. Kaetlyn ARMY

    Kaetlyn ARMY2 months ago

    I love John Mulaney 😂😂

  63. Peyton's Playlists

    Peyton's Playlists2 months ago

    How embarrassing would this be! My family loves watching John mulaney.

  64. Kathleen Hanna Wannabe

    Kathleen Hanna Wannabe2 months ago

    It’d be nice if they did this with older women

  65. Don Figga

    Don Figga2 months ago

    The French butter bit got me

  66. Haley Price

    Haley Price2 months ago

    “I use a diva cup “ hahahahahaha

  67. Morghan H

    Morghan H2 months ago

    “I use a Diva Cup”

  68. Eliza Davis

    Eliza Davis2 months ago

    did nick kroll seriously just say evolution isn’t real jfc

  69. Jessie Cupo

    Jessie Cupo2 months ago

    "I don't think they're stupid, I think they're bad" me too john 😂😂😂

  70. Columbum

    Columbum2 months ago

    They should have done it as their oh hello characters

  71. One random YouTube account

    One random YouTube account2 months ago

    Andrew? Nick? Is that you?

  72. Ezinne Likes Food

    Ezinne Likes Food2 months ago

    They look like their character in big mouth 😂

  73. Dylan Joshler Frerard The III

    Dylan Joshler Frerard The III2 months ago

    Has John even gonna through puberty yet

  74. Angelique

    Angelique2 months ago

    They look like nick and andrew omg

  75. finchie_music

    finchie_music2 months ago

    Nick: gives legit answers John: I think we’re wolves

  76. Poe Mukai

    Poe Mukai2 months ago

    I died at Nick's french kiss story 😂😂😂

  77. Nicole Louise

    Nicole Louise2 months ago

    I got Nick Kroll confused with Dave Groll and I was like, I didn’t know my mom’s favorite musician was so funny

  78. Isabella Munoz

    Isabella Munoz2 months ago

    “That girl became my wife.. John.”

  79. BlueberryXcookie

    BlueberryXcookie2 months ago


  80. andrea g.s.

    andrea g.s.2 months ago


  81. angie lemons

    angie lemons2 months ago

    This feels illegal...

  82. Rivers_Roads Places

    Rivers_Roads Places2 months ago

    Scrolled down to see if anyone else was curious about the evolution bit and Nick Kroll not believing in it... was this true or just a joke?.... I'm dying to know.

  83. Brandi Lee

    Brandi Lee2 months ago

    holy shit why can’t i find more guys like mr. kroll?! i love his humor

  84. Daniela Salazar

    Daniela Salazar2 months ago

    Two gay dads try admirably to parent.

  85. Matthew Cohen

    Matthew Cohen2 months ago

    There convo w each other while talking to the kids is hilarious

  86. Yami Hatarou

    Yami Hatarou2 months ago

    This totally drives home the whole "I'm probably gay." shtick from Mulaney

  87. sharon 1661

    sharon 16612 months ago

    Yami Hatarou totally agree.

  88. Rebe Avila

    Rebe Avila2 months ago


  89. sharon 1661

    sharon 16612 months ago


  90. FUCK YOU

    FUCK YOU2 months ago

    Lmao nick was being legit informative

  91. Em Idc

    Em Idc2 months ago

    Christopher is a sweet heart

  92. Stefy Powers

    Stefy Powers2 months ago

    I closed my eyes and imagined Nick and Andrew 😂😂😂

  93. Dante Marquez

    Dante Marquez2 months ago

    I love how adorable, awkward, and giggly John was!

  94. ain'tgotno mind95

    ain'tgotno mind952 months ago

    These guys are legends

  95. Hunter Young

    Hunter Young2 months ago

    What ISNT a tampon

  96. chikin noodel

    chikin noodel3 months ago

    "17% chia pet" lol😂

  97. The cat goes moo

    The cat goes moo3 months ago

    Hey kind of look like a gay couple in the intro

  98. suzie q

    suzie q3 months ago

    Close your eyes and this is an episode of big mouth

  99. boop

    boop3 months ago

    I just realized that two boys from big mouth

  100. harley and her aesthetic

    harley and her aesthetic3 months ago

    I kept wanting to scream “STOP GIVING THEM BAD ADVICE”

  101. Juliet Blue

    Juliet Blue3 months ago

    Weird that they’d do this promotional video without actually mentioning Big Mouth once?

  102. Riverstone

    Riverstone3 months ago

    John looks so good here