Nick Kroll & John Mulaney Give Teens Puberty Advice


  1. Irene Jacobs

    Irene Jacobs23 minutes ago

    Nick: I jammed my tongue down her throat. John: :O

  2. Alexa

    Alexa2 hours ago

    i love johns smile so much

  3. Rith Trelin

    Rith Trelin6 hours ago

    Here's some advice: Never take advice from these guys.

  4. Kaylie Tube

    Kaylie Tube9 hours ago

    I love John Mulaney

  5. ciel phantomhive

    ciel phantomhive19 hours ago

    1:10 "I use a diva cup" LMAO

  6. Andres Abril

    Andres AbrilDay ago

    This is funny

  7. Tirnochian

    Tirnochian4 days ago

    This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion

  8. Heather T.

    Heather T.6 days ago

    And you can’t spread to kids your opinions about science which may be religiously motivated... NICK!

  9. john furgele

    john furgele8 days ago

    Nobody: John: 😲

  10. Clean Bananas

    Clean Bananas10 days ago

    The boy was so cuteeeee

  11. Hailey Animates

    Hailey Animates10 days ago

    John: You don't have to be comfortable with who you are though, you can *fake it.* Nice one.

  12. Stupid Skaters Alvarez

    Stupid Skaters Alvarez11 days ago

    That kid in the red shirt is fucking gay

  13. kingangel3421 s

    kingangel3421 s11 days ago

    Boy:whats french kissing Nick: wtf how do u not know

  14. Black Wiskers

    Black Wiskers15 days ago

    Why they look like their characters

  15. Gabriela s

    Gabriela s18 days ago

    I can never hear their voices without picturing their cartoon characters. It’s weird.

  16. Leif Elsmo

    Leif Elsmo18 days ago

    Go straight to work, don’t shower 😂😂

  17. Kylee Katherine

    Kylee Katherine19 days ago

    I like how Nick went on a whole tangent about putting butter on his skin, just to end it with “...and that has been problematic for my skin.” Like what was the point of all that? 😂

  18. Napoleon Remington

    Napoleon Remington20 days ago

    This video high key made me uncomfortable but I’m sticking it out for John

  19. Jeffrey Wyche

    Jeffrey Wyche20 days ago

    Brooke was on Bestie picks bae

  20. Autumn Lee

    Autumn Lee21 day ago

    Saw the title. And just thought, "Oh no."

  21. Cailyn Edgington

    Cailyn Edgington21 day ago

    "That girl became my wife, John" Lmfao😂

  22. Rosemary Spilman

    Rosemary Spilman26 days ago

    I lost it when the boy asked what a tampon was 😂😂

  23. CandyInspire

    CandyInspire27 days ago

    I can't stop seeing John as Andrew and Nick as, well Nick.

  24. Ali Beltran

    Ali Beltran28 days ago

    Nick gives a tall child and some tween sex advice

  25. Shawn Kulzer

    Shawn Kulzer28 days ago

    I love how they don’t make eye contact most of the time lol

  26. Morgan Green

    Morgan Green29 days ago

    I want so much more of this. I could watch 12 hours of them explaining adult things to young teens.

  27. Christmas Devil6

    Christmas Devil6Month ago


  28. Id K

    Id KMonth ago

    *i use a diva cup*

  29. Zoe Ballad

    Zoe BalladMonth ago

    Young, pure, innocent, Christopher.

  30. Logan Borges

    Logan BorgesMonth ago

    I jamed my tung down her throte shed did not like that jhon says well i dident not like it

  31. Klager

    KlagerMonth ago

    The kid in the red shirt is already gay, but "the talk" from these two probably didn't help.

  32. AvaRose

    AvaRoseMonth ago

    Noah kroll looks like a mix of Pete Davidson and russel Peters

  33. Mike Honcho

    Mike HonchoMonth ago

    This is why everybody hates buzzfeed😂

  34. Savanna Montgomery

    Savanna MontgomeryMonth ago

    My name is savanna too and plus I’m eleven.

  35. 00Alexis11

    00Alexis11Month ago

    I like how John was totally honest about not having to like yourself that much. "you can fake it "

  36. Olivia Carr

    Olivia CarrMonth ago

    I really hope these kids didn't take what John and Nick were saying seriously lmfao I can just imagine the mess it would be

  37. Caitlin ChoY

    Caitlin ChoYMonth ago

    17% chia pet

  38. Illianna L I T I Z E N

    Illianna L I T I Z E NMonth ago

    Those kids not understanding jokes is a big mood

  39. Code:EugeYT

    Code:EugeYTMonth ago

    I’d rather hear this from them than anybody else

  40. sophia martin

    sophia martinMonth ago

    What is 3rd base tho?

  41. Samara Kern

    Samara KernMonth ago

    that’s a fu-okay movie

  42. Valentina Lopez Zaldivar

    Valentina Lopez ZaldivarMonth ago

    This should be a series . But only with John and Nick

  43. Maddie Schryver

    Maddie SchryverMonth ago

    I don’t think this tall child is qualified to be teaching kids about puberty 🐸 ☕️

  44. Luna West

    Luna WestMonth ago

    This is beautiful

  45. Anissa Wallace

    Anissa WallaceMonth ago

    How could you sit there and not be uncomfortable

  46. Kamber Hastings

    Kamber HastingsMonth ago

    John is ma fav comedian so when i saw this on my recommended vids i was so excited lol

  47. thisisamomentTV

    thisisamomentTVMonth ago

    John looks soooooo good

  48. Olivia Brock

    Olivia BrockMonth ago

    “I use a diva cup” 😂

  49. Sid Teh Sloth

    Sid Teh SlothMonth ago

    I have a joke for them so over summer all the girls grow boobs and when they came back all the guys started wearing their backpacks on the front instead the back. Why… It’s because they need to hide there Boner.

  50. klowm

    klowmMonth ago

    no one has commented about this but i think its hilarious that theyre not actually helping lmAO

  51. Maddy The Bumble Bee

    Maddy The Bumble BeeMonth ago

    *i* *cannot* *fucking* *breath*

  52. Sabrina

    SabrinaMonth ago

    Congrats on 2mil

  53. Error 303

    Error 303Month ago

    Even they started laughing when they said they are in buzzfeed

  54. Iben Indrevær

    Iben IndreværMonth ago

    I saw the title, and all I thought was “this isn’t gonna end well”

  55. Danielle Alexanian

    Danielle AlexanianMonth ago

    This is the only buzzfeed video I will ever enjoy

  56. abbie hicks

    abbie hicksMonth ago

    They are both uncomfortable and its funny

  57. abbie hicks

    abbie hicksMonth ago

    Oh no, this is going to messy oh no

  58. hailey  adkins

    hailey adkinsMonth ago

    when i watch videos of them i close my eyes and i can hear nick and andrew

  59. vaultoverseer 20

    vaultoverseer 20Month ago

    The kid in the red shirt sounds like a girl

  60. Snøw Føx Aløne

    Snøw Føx AløneMonth ago

    “How was your day, Savanna?” “A man told me to boil a frog.”

  61. Mythical Misty

    Mythical MistyMonth ago

    W h y

  62. Dinah Lewis

    Dinah LewisMonth ago

    Nick Acts like he is still a teenager

  63. Sarah VanB

    Sarah VanBMonth ago

    I forget how normal Nick Kroll’s actual voice is

  64. It’s_YA_BoY/ Riley

    It’s_YA_BoY/ RileyMonth ago

    Why are they telling kids these things they shouldn’t be doing this the kids parents should tell them this

  65. Emy Dlaeva

    Emy DlaevaMonth ago

    I kinda want them to give real advice to kids, it's all fun and jokes ofcourse. But if they gave real advice it would be cooler

  66. Maggie Moo

    Maggie MooMonth ago

    3:13 the moment I fell in love with Nick

  67. Griffin Sebastian

    Griffin SebastianMonth ago


  68. deliza w

    deliza wMonth ago

    nick: john: :0

  69. Emma McBride

    Emma McBrideMonth ago

    “That girl became my wife, John”

  70. Emma McBride

    Emma McBrideMonth ago

    I think the kids left about 10 times more confused

  71. Jenna Matos

    Jenna MatosMonth ago

    They’re so cute omg

  72. Leland Rogers

    Leland RogersMonth ago

    This has immense misplaced gay energy.

  73. Mayra Estrada

    Mayra EstradaMonth ago

    I learned we’re all wolves

  74. Mack Williams

    Mack WilliamsMonth ago

    That must have been really awkward RIP

  75. I love harry styles

    I love harry stylesMonth ago

    1:24 oh, so THAT'S why im single...

  76. Corey newton harris

    Corey newton harrisMonth ago

    Omg they look like there charters if they grow up

  77. Madylin Morrow

    Madylin MorrowMonth ago

    Nick is going to be a good father. He seriously knows how to talk about this type of stuff.

  78. Roan Blower

    Roan BlowerMonth ago

    I don't believe in facial hair

  79. Mathias Antol!

    Mathias Antol!Month ago

    Oh my god..... what have I stumbled into.....🤭

  80. em ma

    em maMonth ago

    always wondered what nick used for his periods

  81. Reklusive

    ReklusiveMonth ago

    Im conflicted because john and nick are the best but buzzfeed is the worst

  82. arissa brown

    arissa brownMonth ago

    john’s look of shock is,,, wonderful

  83. Angel Maria

    Angel MariaMonth ago

    23 percent chia pet😂😂

  84. I'm You, You're me

    I'm You, You're meMonth ago

    I asked my 8th grade girlfriend if girls get butthole hair. She said some do. I miss those days.

  85. april themaple21

    april themaple21Month ago

    Nick looks exactly like Nick from big mouth

  86. Laurel Taylor

    Laurel TaylorMonth ago

    Why is there a small child teaching other children sex education

  87. Sage Markham

    Sage MarkhamMonth ago

    Don’t use toothpaste on pimples like Nick said. It will burn you very badly. It will hURT YOU

  88. Sage Markham

    Sage MarkhamMonth ago

    I feel like the kids should be teaching them lmao

  89. Bow Wow

    Bow WowMonth ago

    Dang Brooke really wasn’t feeling it lol

  90. Bluntski

    BluntskiMonth ago

    Buzzfeed is gross.

  91. Leah Loudermilk

    Leah LoudermilkMonth ago

    lmaoo the kids that thought they were seriousss😂

  92. Surayyah Rassoull

    Surayyah RassoullMonth ago

    christopher is a very gay young man and he's gonna be great

  93. Gabi Mance

    Gabi ManceMonth ago

    They’re so uncomfortable and I love it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Loftus YT

    Loftus YTMonth ago

    Wow these guys should make a tv show about this subject

  95. cmcintyre101

    cmcintyre101Month ago

    I hope someone legitimately answered their questions after, because those were good questions.

  96. AD SNavarro

    AD SNavarroMonth ago

    I'm not gonna hate Nick or John because they're pretty great comedians, but I disagree with them on evolution, that's been proven to be right which is why is a theory, and it's the basis of biology itself

  97. JJ

    JJMonth ago

    that mixed race girls eye are beautiful

  98. Kate Simp

    Kate Simp2 months ago


  99. Elizabeth Strasemeier

    Elizabeth Strasemeier2 months ago

    Toothpaste does work

  100. aesthetic moon

    aesthetic moon2 months ago

    How come I'm twelve and I already know what all this is