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Niall Horan, Maren Morris - Seeing Blind (Acoustic)


  1. Danielle Love

    Danielle Love5 hours ago


  2. tarmicha

    tarmicha8 hours ago

    I’m going to their concert in a few days and I’m so excited!!!

  3. ميرة ميمي

    ميرة ميمي10 hours ago

    Nail The best❤🎸

  4. Molly Fountain

    Molly Fountain3 days ago

    Marren is pretty I love seeing blind.

  5. 1fyefye

    1fyefye3 days ago

    I keep coming back here..... This song is stuck in my head..❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙🤩🤩

  6. prince york

    prince york3 days ago

    Love the song. Love you niall and maren.

  7. Rica Styles

    Rica Styles4 days ago

    I want a Niall x Hailee collaboration

  8. helovaz97

    helovaz975 days ago

    Niall's high notes on this song are so good. They're not that high, but I'd never heard him sing like that before. Keep up the good work, man!

  9. Rustam Twati

    Rustam Twati5 days ago

    Happy Birthday Niall ✌️✌️🇳🇵

  10. Leticia Carneiro

    Leticia Carneiro5 days ago

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL NIALL I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you I love you s I love you so I love you so m I love you so mu I love you so muc I love you so much I love you so much N I love you so much NI I love you so much NIA I love you so much NIAL I love you so much NIALL I love you so much NIAL I love you so much NIA I love you so much NI I love you so much N I love you so much I love you so muc I love you so mu I love you so m I love you so I love you s I love you I love yo I love y I love I lov I lo I l I

  11. Rahma Najeeb

    Rahma Najeeb5 days ago


  12. Carita D'Costa

    Carita D'Costa5 days ago


  13. Arunachalam Swamy

    Arunachalam Swamy5 days ago

    The beginning sounds so much like a thousand years by christina perri!!!

  14. Raidah Islam

    Raidah Islam6 days ago

    Happy Birthday my Niall { love, husband , life, everything}

  15. p tejesh

    p tejesh6 days ago

    ❤️the song

  16. Andri Yuniarti

    Andri Yuniarti7 days ago

    Nial is more country than maren❣️lol. Love u both.

  17. Cpbelal1

    Cpbelal18 days ago

    is it wrong to say she sounds like Miley Cyrus on some parts

  18. Tisha Amer

    Tisha Amer10 days ago

    Niall and Maren I went to your guy's concerts Niall I went to yours in st.louis you were complaining about the heat haha I love you guys

  19. Cheyenne Nicole

    Cheyenne Nicole11 days ago

    This song is so country.! I love it Niall pure PERFECTION.!! 💕

  20. fatiha djebbar

    fatiha djebbar11 days ago

    i loooove it

  21. Kenna Sheets

    Kenna Sheets12 days ago

    I saw you guys at RUOFF

  22. always awesome

    always awesome12 days ago

    Both's voice has angels in their voices

  23. Ariana Grace

    Ariana Grace13 days ago

    I love you Niall

  24. angularangst

    angularangst14 days ago

    hands down the best song off the album. kudos to niall!


    FRANCISCO TORRES14 days ago

    This is funny bc both are british😂😂😂

  26. Someone Else

    Someone Else13 days ago

    FRANCISCO TORRES They are not British tho. Niall Horan is an Irish, while Maren Morris an American. 🙂

  27. Shauna x

    Shauna x15 days ago

    Love this

  28. Natasha Corbell

    Natasha Corbell16 days ago

    Anyone else think she looks like Jennifer lawrence?


    SARAH MERSHED16 days ago


  30. Pamelaa Perez Reyes

    Pamelaa Perez Reyes18 days ago


  31. Helen T

    Helen T21 day ago

    I think he is th best of all th 1D members

  32. Someone Else

    Someone Else17 days ago

    Helen T Agreed. 💗

  33. Silvia Banda

    Silvia Banda21 day ago

    This is perfection😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Ravi ekka

    Ravi ekka21 day ago

    We need official video

  35. Afun Wangsu

    Afun Wangsu21 day ago

    nothing to say 😞😞1D.

  36. nisaiw

    nisaiw21 day ago

    always go back to this video😍

  37. Blanca V Miranda

    Blanca V Miranda22 days ago

    Whenever Niall sings ,it feels as if sugar is being mixed Somewhere ..soon it'll turn me into a diabetic but still i won't stop adding sugar :D ❤️

  38. dana smith

    dana smith22 days ago


  39. Luisa Andrade

    Luisa Andrade23 days ago

    Bebito hermoso, te amo❤

  40. Ilyd Hood

    Ilyd Hood23 days ago

    Got really obsessed with these lately. It has a soft touch in my ears.

  41. Alicen Mcnair

    Alicen Mcnair24 days ago

    So cool

  42. Ikka Dela Rosa

    Ikka Dela Rosa24 days ago

    1:02-1:04 was pure flat from Niall. Lol. But still a fan of him!!! Love his songs!

  43. Rhet Butler

    Rhet Butler25 days ago

    Song reminds me of Analisa. That is all.

  44. Republic Galaxy

    Republic Galaxy25 days ago

    That's great guys. Steal the creativity from Christina Perry - "A Thousands years" , people go and check it out , you'll understand.

  45. Someone Else

    Someone Else17 days ago

    They didn't, but go off.

  46. Monika Oswal

    Monika Oswal25 days ago

    Love uh horan❤️❤️

  47. 28mdz

    28mdz25 days ago

    Such a beautiful song. The girl is pure feelings

  48. tenorbuds

    tenorbuds26 days ago

    This is one of my favorite songs off the album, so to hear them finally do a live version is absolutely beautiful. The harmonies are incredible and their voices go so well together. Niall's album deserves so much more credit then it gets and we just covered his latest single "On The Loose" on my channel, hope you will watch it. I would love to see Niall and Maren do more duets together in the future. Loved hearing them together.

  49. Tiffanie Junio

    Tiffanie Junio26 days ago

    Great cover. I'd love to see you both sing this song since there are two of you. Your harmonies for your On The Loose cover were beautiful.

  50. Mia Delavin

    Mia Delavin27 days ago

    This is marren's year, a collab with zedd and niall. I love it. She's so talented

  51. Neha M

    Neha M28 days ago


  52. Neha M

    Neha M28 days ago

    such a good song.

  53. Neha M

    Neha M28 days ago

    Such a country boy. Ly Nialll.

  54. Morgan Armstrong

    Morgan Armstrong29 days ago

    I want this played at my wedding

  55. Katazyna Szymańska

    Katazyna Szymańska29 days ago


  56. Raidah Islam

    Raidah Islam29 days ago

    Love you so much , NIALL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!! Your voice is perfect , so are you!!!!!

  57. umema ashar

    umema asharMonth ago

    I need a mv

  58. Annette Aguilar

    Annette AguilarMonth ago


  59. J H O A N A H M A E

    J H O A N A H M A EMonth ago

    Niall's voice doesn't change. His voice since he auditioned in x factor from now is just the same.

  60. Jeanniel Oosthuizen

    Jeanniel OosthuizenMonth ago

    This is so beautiful

  61. 1D Forever

    1D ForeverMonth ago


  62. Liz H

    Liz HMonth ago

    stunning from the first 5 seconds

  63. Leah Sydney

    Leah SydneyMonth ago

    The way he looks at her😍😍

  64. Franzi Schaub

    Franzi SchaubMonth ago

    I Like Niall , this Song I Like too ! Niall is so cute and smart 😍😘

  65. Transfer Zamanı

    Transfer ZamanıMonth ago


  66. Rizzo Ismael

    Rizzo IsmaelMonth ago

    They're voice don't fit each other..

  67. Tangut Gebre

    Tangut Gebre18 days ago

    No they do. They are professional artist they would know if they didn't sound good together. Plus they have other professionals working with them they know what is good and what isn't. So don't act like you know better.

  68. نانو نانو

    نانو نانوMonth ago

    I love you Niall Horan😍😘😙😗😋😝😜😻😺😽

  69. Adi Billaa

    Adi BillaaMonth ago

    Amazing I fash you nial

  70. Adi Billaa

    Adi BillaaMonth ago

    Oh good

  71. Natalia x

    Natalia xMonth ago

    Love it

  72. NatalyV_

    NatalyV_Month ago

    This song is like a warm night sitting on the grass, watching the stars ❤

  73. directioner for life

    directioner for lifeMonth ago

    underrated af

  74. Komal Kour

    Komal KourMonth ago

    I don't like the girl's singing.. I just want to hear Niall's voice..

  75. rooman atif

    rooman atifMonth ago

    niall's voice matches maren very well!

  76. nurin afiqah

    nurin afiqahMonth ago

    why tf this song is song underrated THIS IS LEGIT SOOTHING LOVE IT 😍

  77. Nitanshu Tiwary

    Nitanshu TiwaryMonth ago

    Proud of ya babe... LOVE U so so much.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. Keisha Dublin

    Keisha DublinMonth ago

    Lol! I have a crush on you niall !!!!

  79. Susan Jiang

    Susan JiangMonth ago

    love niall horans songs

  80. Dexter Philip Sagun Baculna

    Dexter Philip Sagun BaculnaMonth ago


  81. Zoe Kaya Grace

    Zoe Kaya GraceMonth ago

    Am I the only one who loves the r in 'surprise'?😍❤

  82. Anjana Rawat

    Anjana RawatMonth ago

    Niall I love the vintage british and irish background in your work.

  83. Ally Talpas

    Ally TalpasMonth ago

    Niall Horan is so perfect playing the guitar keep up the good work Niall Horan!!!!!!!!!

  84. Lps Abbie gem

    Lps Abbie gemMonth ago

    great song niall

  85. Magz van den Bergh

    Magz van den BerghMonth ago

    Wow!!!! Amazing song, just so beautiful!!!!

  86. Aghom Ghombrang

    Aghom GhombrangMonth ago

    niall my name is raihan me love sing you on the losse and to muck to ask and fliker sing - sing you i love you me boy

  87. Sari Ksr

    Sari KsrMonth ago

    Niall look great with that hat 😍

  88. Aarti Thakur

    Aarti ThakurMonth ago

    Pure gold 😇

  89. Infinity Directioner

    Infinity DirectionerMonth ago

    Amazing collab😊💖

  90. Evie Hanna

    Evie HannaMonth ago

    I hope you will do a tour with your album!!💖❤ and that you will come to the France.

  91. Xlondrx Vázquez

    Xlondrx VázquezMonth ago

    I love it that song😭❤

  92. Angela Cononie

    Angela CononieMonth ago

    ahhhh this is my favorite thing on this earth

  93. cringefest

    cringefestMonth ago


  94. Victoria Billordo

    Victoria BillordoMonth ago

    Im so fucking proud of you my baby, you are the most beautiful in the world Niall.

  95. Don Rochellito Tentia Reyes

    Don Rochellito Tentia ReyesMonth ago

    Niall Horan country song never dissapointed me

  96. kyle riordan

    kyle riordanMonth ago

    Best song of 2018

  97. rob jackson

    rob jacksonMonth ago

    Verse 1: Niall Horan & Maren Morris] I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams Watched it unfold on the screen But I never understood I have heard, have heard you speak a million words Now you're talkin' to me first I never thought you would [Chorus: Niall Horan & Maren Morris] Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seein' blind Oh, no I, you're too good to be all mine Now I'm lookin' in your eyes Oh, I must be seein' blind [Verse 2: Maren Morris, Niall Horan & Maren Morris] I was young, my heart was always on the run But you make lovin' fun I never knew it could be Hey, I see you from a different point of view I feel it's too good to be true I found my missin' piece [Chorus: Niall Horan & Maren Morris] Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seein' blind Oh, no I, you're too good to be all mine Now I'm lookin' in your eyes Oh, I must be seein' blind Oh, no

  98. 박서현

    박서현Month ago

    those are my favorite singers!!!! love you guys

  99. t e s s l i o v l i s s i

    t e s s l i o v l i s s iMonth ago

    Uploaded on my b day.

  100. Richard 93973

    Richard 93973Month ago

    "You make me really nervous, Maren" 😍❤❤ oh Niall

  101. clarissamiles

    clarissamilesMonth ago

    We really enjoyed seeing them perform at Niall's Flicker concert in Chicago! She had that outfit on too:)

  102. Red Nialler

    Red NiallerMonth ago

    clarissamiles They are the best duo rn.

  103. BoyBrandon

    BoyBrandonMonth ago

    Gives me a johnny cash and June carter vibe

  104. Shyam A Lee

    Shyam A LeeMonth ago

    He's amazing

  105. Pr Mr02

    Pr Mr02Month ago


  106. dinda yp

    dinda ypMonth ago

    Im in love