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Niall Horan, Maren Morris - Seeing Blind (Acoustic)


  1. Emelyn Coronel Hönig

    Emelyn Coronel Hönig3 hours ago


  2. elena romero

    elena romero3 hours ago


  3. Tin Cabrera

    Tin Cabrera3 hours ago

    Nice combination

  4. Aliya Cahyani

    Aliya Cahyani11 hours ago

    No matter, no more. I just want you to comeback with the band :(


    RENATA ROJAS12 hours ago

    This is so beautiful 😍 I love it ❤️

  6. emma Springfield

    emma Springfield13 hours ago

    you are such a good singer

  7. Flora Streli

    Flora Streli21 hour ago

    Niall is so cute in this video ❤️

  8. Wahyu Kartika Ningsih

    Wahyu Kartika Ningsih23 hours ago


  9. Sunil Nair

    Sunil NairDay ago

    Love you Niall you 😘are the best your voice is soo😍 amazing when ever I lestine your songs❤ I just feel your presence 😍

  10. Romina Mendez

    Romina MendezDay ago


  11. CorbettsAt32

    CorbettsAt32Day ago

    this is so good

  12. Fermari H

    Fermari HDay ago

    is beautiful❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Fermari H

    Fermari HDay ago

    is beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Best Of PUBG

    Best Of PUBGDay ago

    Love you man! 😍

  15. Jecille Cagas

    Jecille CagasDay ago

    Wow the melody is perfect..and Niall has such a great voice...I love them both....

  16. nestor camilo

    nestor camiloDay ago


  17. Fluffy Bunnies 0126

    Fluffy Bunnies 0126Day ago

    Who else might be going to their concert

  18. Fermari H

    Fermari HDay ago

  19. Gabrielle Oliveira

    Gabrielle OliveiraDay ago

    I love your voice,Niall ❤

  20. I love Paris 12

    I love Paris 12Day ago


  21. Aydee Cuellar

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  22. Aydee Cuellar

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  23. Luisa Portugal

    Luisa PortugalDay ago

    And how about a collaboration with Ed Sheeran?

  24. joe Mc

    joe Mc2 days ago

    I just wanna see you and your mates together in 1D

  25. Red Nialler

    Red NiallerDay ago

    joe Mc Never. He will not come back to a band that barely let him sing and did not even give him enough solos. LMAO! Move on from 2015.

  26. Agustina Piedra

    Agustina Piedra2 days ago

    OMG!!!!! 😍😍

  27. Sofia Andaya

    Sofia Andaya2 days ago

    this is so damn lit 🔥

  28. Mishari ALharshan

    Mishari ALharshan2 days ago

    bring it to spotify

  29. Max Villagra

    Max Villagra2 days ago


  30. amlu

    amlu2 days ago

    oh lord these deserves more popularity

  31. #7 WALKER

    #7 WALKER2 days ago

    WtF? Niall is so Underrated 🙁 😭

  32. Jeremy Heartriter

    Jeremy Heartriter2 days ago

    Lost faith in humanity 😫 Why is this so underrated?

  33. Shruthi angara

    Shruthi angara2 days ago

    2:23 omg

  34. Sophie Loving girl

    Sophie Loving girl2 days ago

    There are no words to describe niall's voice

  35. Any Horan

    Any Horan2 days ago

    I'm gonna go to your concert on August 17th!! I can't wait to meet you!❤

  36. Any Horan

    Any Horan2 days ago

    Lee Roy would say: PER-FECT😂❤

  37. Cristian Otero

    Cristian Otero2 days ago

    Wooooo 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  38. Don't read my Profile

    Don't read my Profile2 days ago

    Anyone remember 1d? );

  39. Davia Nur Rachma

    Davia Nur Rachma2 days ago

    Hey Moran

  40. sariat sadek

    sariat sadek2 days ago

    the Angel voice Niall 😇❤

  41. Lucia Rodriguez

    Lucia Rodriguez2 days ago

    Amo esto ❤❤❤

  42. Annida Horan

    Annida Horan3 days ago

    dudududu senyum senyum sendirii gua~

  43. Niall_Pizza_

    Niall_Pizza_3 days ago

    His vibe is turning country music but i still love it! you go guys! ur voice is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  44. mery ri

    mery ri3 days ago

    I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams Watched it unfold on the screen But I never understood I have heard, have heard you speak a million words Now you're talking to me first Never thought you would Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh no, now you're too good to be all mine Now I'm looking in your eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind When I was young, my heart was always on the run But you make lovin' fun I never knew it could be I see you from a different point of view I feel it's too good to be true I found my missing piece Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh no, now you're too good to be all mine Now I'm looking in your eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh no Oh, my, my When I look into your eyes It's a sight I can't describe Oh I must be seeing blind Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh no, now you're too good to be all mine Now I'm looking in your eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind Oh, I must be seeing blind

  45. Elizabeth Ellett

    Elizabeth Ellett3 days ago

    i love him ugh

  46. sofia alevi

    sofia alevi3 days ago

    I love💜

  47. ro cif

    ro cif3 days ago


  48. paarijat suman

    paarijat suman3 days ago

    A fan from India

  49. Lilian Vazquez

    Lilian Vazquez3 days ago

    ❤️ I really love this song

  50. Çaty lol

    Çaty lol3 days ago

    I love you Niall ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Tanmay Yadav

    Tanmay Yadav3 days ago

    It is so good.......

  52. Mohd Anas

    Mohd Anas3 days ago

    Love this song😍😍 but when is one d is comming back😢

  53. grachi castillo

    grachi castillo3 days ago


  54. grachi castillo

    grachi castillo3 days ago

    Y esta señorita d donde salio pero cantan muy bien🤗🤗🤗🤗

  55. grachi castillo

    grachi castillo3 days ago


  56. Lizeth Priego

    Lizeth Priego3 days ago

    The best, i love you.❤

  57. Little Ferret

    Little Ferret4 days ago

    JUNE 2018?

  58. Leticia Tomlinson

    Leticia Tomlinson4 days ago

    Niall I Love You 😍😍❤️❤️


    ANSHU CYRIL4 days ago

    Marll Moran...

  60. 1d lover

    1d lover4 days ago

    OMG where was I I love this song 😍😍

  61. Valeria Novelo

    Valeria Novelo4 days ago


  62. Reese Ramirez

    Reese Ramirez4 days ago

    just saw you made this acoustic, LOVVEEE

  63. maria helena

    maria helena4 days ago

    Perferct 😍😍😍😍

  64. Alejandra Cruzado Ruiz

    Alejandra Cruzado Ruiz4 days ago

  65. Honesty

    Honesty4 days ago

    It should be in some movie soundtrack! Such a great song :)

  66. Lupita Ramírez

    Lupita Ramírez4 days ago

    I will never forget you niall and i will never forget one direcction i love you niall

  67. Morph Magic

    Morph Magic4 days ago

    Niall have you guys quit one direction, cause you never said but I think you did. Your albums are awesome

  68. Shannon Doyle

    Shannon Doyle4 days ago

    soo good keep the songs coming

  69. Niroj Khadka

    Niroj Khadka4 days ago

    OMG Niall is just great..I love you bruh..

  70. Canal de farticles

    Canal de farticles4 days ago

    Beautiful 💖

  71. Aagya3557 T

    Aagya3557 T5 days ago

    this is perfect

  72. Edward Kane

    Edward Kane5 days ago

    This song deserves soo much more recognition ❤✨

  73. Christine Mercado

    Christine Mercado5 days ago


  74. Christine Mercado

    Christine Mercado5 days ago

    one of my favorites

  75. Himani Bansal

    Himani Bansal5 days ago

    Its amazing! Fav one

  76. Ashley Freeland

    Ashley Freeland5 days ago

    Thought that was Harry in the back

  77. Luis Mendoza

    Luis Mendoza5 days ago

    Le daría me encanta. Pero no puedo, así que tendré que conformarme con una manita arriba.

  78. Beautylover9796

    Beautylover97965 days ago

    Their voices blend together so beautifully

  79. Carol Martinez

    Carol Martinez5 days ago


  80. Beauty Specto

    Beauty Specto5 days ago

    Love love love thisssss

  81. Herlimar rojas

    Herlimar rojas5 days ago


  82. Mayara Cristina

    Mayara Cristina5 days ago


  83. Surbhi Rodhwal

    Surbhi Rodhwal6 days ago

    Niall ❤

  84. JC C

    JC C6 days ago

    One Direction going solo is the best thing ever

  85. Maryam Fatima

    Maryam Fatima6 days ago

    Amazing as always though I'm very late :( but hey! Keep it up!! ;)

  86. Taraasha sagar

    Taraasha sagar6 days ago

    this is incredible..this song is just too perfect like niall

  87. Mummy Talk

    Mummy Talk6 days ago

    Gorgeous ❤️

  88. Jawad Dogar

    Jawad Dogar6 days ago

    sooo good

  89. hossam heshme

    hossam heshme6 days ago

    My ears are blessed

  90. Lucie Marie

    Lucie Marie6 days ago

  91. Catalina Erazo

    Catalina Erazo6 days ago


  92. unica_detergente_nutellalover

    unica_detergente_nutellalover6 days ago

    Brendon on better :v

  93. Jared Samuel Salud

    Jared Samuel Salud2 days ago

    unica_detergente_nutellalover Who?

  94. Gabrielle Carvalho

    Gabrielle Carvalho6 days ago

    maren morris e niall que maravilha

  95. Peach

    Peach6 days ago

    Qué hermoso, lloro.

  96. #wonder #girl

    #wonder #girl6 days ago

    Who else wants 1d to come back as soon as possible

  97. Jared Samuel Salud

    Jared Samuel Salud2 days ago

    #wonder #girl He's releasing NH2 on 2020. He's not coming back. Jsjsjsjskkskkskk

  98. harrysxlouiswho

    harrysxlouiswho6 days ago

    *I'm waiting the official video, baby*

  99. Camila Menéndez

    Camila Menéndez6 days ago

    Great job my Nialler! !!

  100. Marie C.

    Marie C.6 days ago

    This is amazing❤

  101. Zyfer Espada

    Zyfer Espada6 days ago

    I won't give up clone

  102. EmmaTh

    EmmaTh6 days ago

    what a beautiful song.. ♥ He's irish, but seems so Nashville sometimes

  103. Bardibas224 Barga6i

    Bardibas224 Barga6i7 days ago