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Niall Horan, Maren Morris - Seeing Blind (Acoustic)


  1. هــآيـــزل '

    هــآيـــزل '11 minutes ago


  2. Estefania Rodriugez

    Estefania RodriugezDay ago

    This is so passionate why isn’t it going viral !!🤗👌🙆‍♀️

  3. Kirstie Campbell

    Kirstie CampbellDay ago

    My brother is a sound engineer in a music cafe in our town. He has been playing guitar his whole life pretty much. The other day I heard him sing. He sung this. 5 star from me

  4. L. K. B.

    L. K. B.Day ago


  5. Lena Larsen

    Lena Larsen2 days ago

    Beautiful 😍

  6. Agha Furqan

    Agha Furqan2 days ago

    0:55 IS just grt man... awesome song

  7. Vanessa Chino

    Vanessa Chino3 days ago

    It'll never get old, never

  8. kneel fern

    kneel fern4 days ago

    niall must be seeing blind

  9. Abigail Garner

    Abigail Garner4 days ago

    I love this so much. ❤

  10. Raihan Abu

    Raihan Abu5 days ago

    Very good singer but have only2.7m subcribers. Why?

  11. Jazi Amal

    Jazi Amal6 days ago

    Beautiful !!

  12. Kitty Terry

    Kitty Terry8 days ago

    Does anyone know what that microphone is she is singing through???? Neuman ...Telefunkin????

  13. Kitty Terry

    Kitty Terry8 days ago

    This is awesome!! What a duet..

  14. music lover

    music lover8 days ago

    Love their harmonies! ❤️💜

  15. rebecca m

    rebecca m9 days ago

    Seeing blind? Give it a rest. Seeing colorblind more like

  16. Aura L

    Aura L9 days ago

    Just in case youtube comments can travel back in time... Niall’s color blind. (thought that this was the most appropriate song to comment this)

  17. Simon Cowell

    Simon Cowell9 days ago

    I miss 1D 😢

  18. Gabriela Moreno Vera

    Gabriela Moreno Vera10 days ago

    I love love love this song so much!

  19. Zoe Constantinidou

    Zoe Constantinidou10 days ago

    His voice is still the same since he was in 1D I still wait for the comeback


    IVET PALLEJA11 days ago

    niall marry me challenge

  21. Manish Kumar

    Manish Kumar11 days ago

    Voice so melodious that can bring God to earth from Heaven.....

  22. Saloni r

    Saloni r12 days ago

    I don't know why... But the moment he started singing i cried!

  23. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskey13 days ago

    Amazing song rock 😎 😎

  24. jenny Sunshine

    jenny Sunshine13 days ago

    I don't know what to say but every time happen no matter what I do is hard to see 're real one . Or they are blined because of their fantasy . It's only a time anyway to get along together just about time to spent time to be their u gave a chang in make a disistion after . But should be make it fair of it

  25. Maria Júlia

    Maria Júlia13 days ago

    my nialler 💛💛💛💛

  26. Aubrielle Stylinson

    Aubrielle Stylinson13 days ago

    Their voice together makes me chill

  27. Pâmela Fernanda

    Pâmela Fernanda14 days ago

    can you imagine that niall is on country now? i loved it obviously

  28. Pâmela Fernanda

    Pâmela Fernanda14 days ago

    why niall's voice is so amazing

  29. shanice thompson

    shanice thompson15 days ago

    I love Country Irish music

  30. hillary ellen

    hillary ellen17 days ago

    3,2 M that's so underrated. We need more viewa

  31. Gabriel Schroll

    Gabriel Schroll20 days ago

    If Niall doesn't blow up like Robbie Williams did after Take That, there's something wrong.

  32. Fuck You

    Fuck You20 days ago

    Loveeeeeee 💫❤

  33. Maddy Owl

    Maddy Owl21 day ago

    This reminds me of the soundtrack for the movie Bolt... Idk why mainly the chorus does.

  34. Nikhil Sapkale

    Nikhil Sapkale21 day ago


  35. Live Till I Die

    Live Till I Die23 days ago


  36. Anna Ertzbischoff

    Anna Ertzbischoff23 days ago

    Niall got me pregnant by his voice

  37. Jillian Marsoobian

    Jillian Marsoobian23 days ago

    0:57-1:00 - There's that Irish smile I love 💖💖💖

  38. paul walker

    paul walker24 days ago


  39. Jessica Hizer

    Jessica Hizer25 days ago


  40. Sandra Paul

    Sandra Paul26 days ago

    The song is fab❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just love it .

  41. Rama os

    Rama os28 days ago


  42. Maishen is kul

    Maishen is kul28 days ago

    Wth? How is this SOOO perfect oml

  43. Letitia Smith

    Letitia Smith28 days ago



    IVET PALLEJA28 days ago


  45. Petra Zaušková

    Petra ZauškováMonth ago

    You are our Irish king

  46. Angelica Ramirez

    Angelica RamirezMonth ago

    Is a perfect niall

  47. Moonlit_Stars

    Moonlit_StarsMonth ago

    They seem like they're falling for eachotherrrr!!! Aww 💕

  48. Moonlit_Stars

    Moonlit_Stars28 days ago


  49. mary m

    mary m28 days ago

    She has a husband tho

  50. Andreia Moreira

    Andreia MoreiraMonth ago

    😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #NIALLgivea❤️ In love with this music and with your voice 😍❤️

  51. Refa Tasfia

    Refa TasfiaMonth ago

    The purest thing I've heard

  52. Victoria

    VictoriaMonth ago

    I love this song but I'm so sorry 😂😂😂 it looks like someone smooshed this girls face in 😂😭😭

  53. Manu Braga

    Manu BragaMonth ago

    Niall tá parecendo um cantor sertanejo

  54. n abinaya

    n abinayaMonth ago


  55. Marilou Fradin

    Marilou FradinMonth ago

    my bisexual ass can't handle this okey bye

  56. Mieke Directioner

    Mieke DirectionerMonth ago

    Awesome Collaboration, Niall Horan and My Country Idol, Maren Morris

  57. Deepa Dudeja

    Deepa DudejaMonth ago

    They don’t have any physical chemistry but their voices synchronise so beautifully. ♥️

  58. Luli Gonzalez

    Luli GonzalezMonth ago

    This is art

  59. Blue Bailey

    Blue BaileyMonth ago

    Sounds so good!!!!

  60. Aaron Voltaire

    Aaron VoltaireMonth ago


  61. Ashling Davey

    Ashling DaveyMonth ago

    2019 anyone ??

  62. All In 1

    All In 1Month ago

    I think this song is very underrated It deserves a lot more 👍👌👌

  63. Sabrina Parker

    Sabrina ParkerMonth ago

    that was amazing

  64. Nick Lopes

    Nick LopesMonth ago

    His precious smile.

  65. Sarah Boz

    Sarah BozMonth ago


  66. Karis Woods

    Karis WoodsMonth ago

    Niall’s hat Like if you agree

  67. petalpose_xx xoxo

    petalpose_xx xoxoMonth ago


  68. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskeyMonth ago

    Beautiful song and amazing song 😎

  69. Hrishita Chakraborty

    Hrishita ChakrabortyMonth ago

    Grammy worthy!

  70. Andrea Gael Buccili Alba

    Andrea Gael Buccili AlbaMonth ago

    One direction come back plsss

  71. Gloria Almeida

    Gloria AlmeidaMonth ago

    Deserves better✨✨✨

  72. Ruby Bishop

    Ruby BishopMonth ago

    I’ve been in love with this song forever now!! I smile every time it plays!!! I doubt anyone will see this but I feel like I’m lowkey happy 1D branched out into solo artists because they just keep making sooo many great songs!! I do also hope they make like a reunion or something in my eyes they’ll always be heading in “one direction” and that’s up😁😁😁

  73. Lisa Hilton

    Lisa HiltonMonth ago

    Yep i feel that way too! Now there is music coming from all of them and its fun! A little reunion would be fun too but I love them all solo too!

  74. Justa Jeżyk

    Justa JeżykMonth ago


  75. Choying Choedon

    Choying Choedon2 months ago

    Who is the female singer.. Niall was the best

  76. Lenore Geeawan

    Lenore Geeawan2 months ago

    I am glad you are on your own so we can hear your voice

  77. Tongan Lei

    Tongan Lei2 months ago

    Love it 100% both voices are perfection

  78. Aleksandra Uliasz

    Aleksandra Uliasz2 months ago


  79. Keels Xox

    Keels Xox2 months ago

    Niall your voice kills me😭😍

  80. Teagan Stewart

    Teagan Stewart2 months ago

    If y'all wanna see a live cover of this duet, here ya go! I would definitely appreciate any comments, views, shares, etc!

  81. emily aguilar

    emily aguilar2 months ago

    esta cancion me tranporta

  82. Just 1D And Cimorelli

    Just 1D And Cimorelli2 months ago

    Niall. I am related to you!!!!

  83. Just 1D And Cimorelli

    Just 1D And Cimorelli2 months ago

    +Tehreem Nawar Binte Mahmud we are all related to Niall. We are all descended from Adam & Eve, aren't we? So that means I am related to him. And you. And the rest of the boys in 1D.

  84. Tehreem Nawar Binte Mahmud

    Tehreem Nawar Binte Mahmud2 months ago

    Seriously? i am sorry it might be rude but How?😮

  85. Laura Gonçalves

    Laura Gonçalves2 months ago

    eu amo a voz do Niall muito pqp

  86. MagalyBahena

    MagalyBahena2 months ago

    Me molesta muchísimo que la abrace al final, me dan muchos celos :(

  87. Sarah Nurzafira

    Sarah Nurzafira2 months ago

    This song is soooo underrated im cryin he deserves more😭😭😭😭😭

  88. Sweet Chonce

    Sweet Chonce2 months ago

    My irish princess always killing it BRAZIL LOVES YA 🇧🇷💛💚💙

  89. winnie the bee

    winnie the bee2 months ago

    proud of my baby

  90. winnie the bee

    winnie the bee2 months ago

    they're amazing, stunning, pure perfection.

  91. Christy Ann Cormier

    Christy Ann Cormier2 months ago

    Great Song!

  92. sruthy potter

    sruthy potter2 months ago

    feels like this song is custom made for me and my bf..anyone else? nah..just me I guess..

  93. Elsa Labouret

    Elsa Labouret2 months ago

    His album is one of my best discoveries this year. It's really, really good, and this song is my favourite. It's just so lovely. Their voices blend to perfection. I knew Maren from her excellent album "Hero", check it out if you haven't. I'm glad to see all 5 members thriving. I'll be listening to this on a loop tbh

  94. Zabira KMA

    Zabira KMA2 months ago

    sorry replay button....i cant help that niall is so beautiful and i cant stop admiring it😍😍😍😍😍😍

  95. Bridgit Mendler

    Bridgit Mendler2 months ago

    Flicker = Grammy !!!

  96. manu vazquez

    manu vazquez2 months ago

    remember when they said niall couldn’t sing loooool

  97. d p

    d p2 months ago

    my precious Niall 😩💞

  98. Komal Pandhiri

    Komal Pandhiri3 months ago

    Niall your voice 😍😍♥

  99. Lucy Taylor

    Lucy Taylor3 months ago

    I love Niall Horan and all his music even his one direction days

  100. Alexa Alvarez

    Alexa Alvarez3 months ago

    I love

  101. Prashant Yonzan

    Prashant Yonzan3 months ago


  102. Anggie andarista

    Anggie andarista3 months ago

    Nial's voice is just so pure and adorable and always stable, I've never heard his voice change and doesn't sound good

  103. Anggie andarista

    Anggie andarista3 months ago

    I love this collaboration so cool

  104. Christopher Beatrice

    Christopher Beatrice3 months ago

    can't enough of this song