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  1. Nico S

    Nico S2 hours ago

    NF, those lyrics ... OMG !!!! Love you guy cause I feel the same !!!

  2. Summer Erbschloe

    Summer Erbschloe2 hours ago

    NF helps my depression and when I'm down I listen and feel better idk but all ik is he is like a therapist to me thru song

  3. Devane Mills

    Devane Mills4 hours ago

    Tbh I can’t stand this guy, I don’t hear any talent. More like he trying to be Eminem mixed with Mac Miller..... but he will never be nothing close to them in my mind. Listen to this guy his name is (Doobie) go listen to one of his songs and look at his views he don’t have nowhere near as much as this NF dude. But Doobie is pure talent and deserves 100 times more than what this guy gets. Straight up!

  4. Life with Younis

    Life with Younis5 hours ago

    All that emotion without swearing bruv howwwwww

  5. Neyzer Esanov

    Neyzer Esanov5 hours ago

    I am from another country probably did not listen about Uzbekistan here, too, shakes

  6. Ray Kitchens

    Ray Kitchens5 hours ago

    Nobody better not try to remix nf because his songs hit me in the heart like nf is the most reasonable understandable rapper


    LUCAS XD5 hours ago


  8. Mazhar Imam Khan

    Mazhar Imam Khan10 hours ago

    2:05 🤩

  9. Maxwell Trem

    Maxwell Trem14 hours ago


  10. Eric Lysyy

    Eric Lysyy14 hours ago


  11. Masato ohkawa

    Masato ohkawa15 hours ago

    this is how much people should subscribe to NFrealmusic. 👇

  12. Brandon Russell

    Brandon Russell15 hours ago

    Real shit 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. They see you *I'm a girl btw*

    They see you *I'm a girl btw*17 hours ago


  14. Kara Gaylord

    Kara Gaylord18 hours ago

    Nf sinks inside of you.

  15. KAIDEN Hedge

    KAIDEN Hedge19 hours ago

    The only reason other rappers are getting more attention is because all they breath is attention all they say is attention and they don't shoot people of Robb peaple all because there to scared to say real stuff or to rapp real stuff or say the truth cuz all they do is lie and the devil feeds on lies that's why there music are lies

  16. Camy Cranapple

    Camy Cranapple19 hours ago

    I wish I could dislike the dislike button so the people who disliked the video can know I dislike them for disliking the video

  17. agp AGP

    agp AGP21 hour ago

    Why why......

  18. Emmanuel Tercero

    Emmanuel Tercero21 hour ago


  19. Ciara Scott

    Ciara Scott21 hour ago

    1:40 - 1:41 when you were almost late to class but made it 😂

  20. Krystina Koll

    Krystina KollDay ago

    more people should watch this rapper

  21. Nabhan Antwan

    Nabhan AntwanDay ago


  22. M1stehBus Gaming

    M1stehBus GamingDay ago

    he sounds so much like eminem, he's SO good

  23. Morten List Høi Pedersen 5B Hyllehøjskolen

    Morten List Høi Pedersen 5B HyllehøjskolenDay ago


  24. MikaBoo's Stories

    MikaBoo's StoriesDay ago

    1:32 he killed off you people who only heard of let you down lol😂😂😂😂

  25. Short Films

    Short FilmsDay ago

    Pain is something you feel forever

  26. juju smith scahuster

    juju smith scahusterDay ago

    Hey fire department... Yeah it's nf again

  27. MusicIzMyLife15

    MusicIzMyLife15Day ago

    TODAY IS FEBRUARY 21st 2019 AND I JUST DISCOVERED THIS PERSON. He's got millions of views how have i never heard him??????

  28. David B

    David BDay ago

    Still waiting on him to reply back to Eminem lol

  29. Mab The leopard Gecko

    Mab The leopard GeckoDay ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  30. night core123

    night core1232 days ago

    Why! are u not that famous yet ( see what I did )


    KYLE BARBER2 days ago


  32. Peyton Dowling

    Peyton Dowling2 days ago

    NOT A SINGLE CUSS WORD! This song is FIRE!! 😎😎

  33. shoeb durrani

    shoeb durrani2 days ago

    This rap is HALAL

  34. Kub Ralphs

    Kub Ralphs2 days ago

    100% TALENT

  35. Dim

    Dim2 days ago

    tried to make a cover of this song!!!! NF my favorite rapper

  36. Beez OutTheTrap

    Beez OutTheTrap2 days ago

    This is ⛽⛽⛽⛽🚬💥💥💥

  37. Freesha Fryett

    Freesha Fryett2 days ago

    nf is so underrated, he can sing, doesn’t swear, raps real life, doesn’t mumble, this guy needs to be noticed 🖤

  38. Deni Denilouise01

    Deni Denilouise012 days ago

    This guy is amazing, this guy is the next rap god I swear, l love nf's music bc he can rap wivout swearing, not many rappers can!!!!

  39. demo derby king

    demo derby king2 days ago


  40. ISANS2112

    ISANS21122 days ago

    Eminem 2.0

  41. caleb new

    caleb new2 days ago

    Man NF is my favorite artist to listen to. Comment below if he helped u with anything in life he helped me a with a lot and his music has made a difference in my life he talks bout real stuff y'all and yet the mumble rappers get all the credit that disgusts me!

  42. Red Monster

    Red Monster2 days ago

    When I heard NF I was in depression and almost took my life but I her him and I changed a lot. He deserves more attention as a rapper he’s clean my Dad him and said “he has really good flow” and asked for his music name I told him he never listens to rap and he liked it he is the best rapper ever (Edit) I’m highlighted

  43. Red Monster

    Red Monster2 days ago


  44. Dajhanek miller

    Dajhanek miller2 days ago

    I like this ok lol

  45. angelica ortega

    angelica ortega2 days ago

    just ok???


    RAINMAN2 days ago

    Hey im 16 years old, im pursing my dream of rapping if you could check my music out , like and subscribe, it would mean the world.

  47. Justin Johns

    Justin Johns2 days ago

    Damn this speaks to me...

  48. Queen ZiKi

    Queen ZiKi2 days ago

    His always amazed me

  49. Mopssswop

    Mopssswop2 days ago

    WHY is this so good

  50. Queen K

    Queen K2 days ago

    Omg this is my first time hearing and watching him,You could be the next Eminem ❤️That’s a HUGE compliment coming from me so 😂😁

  51. Erik Blair

    Erik Blair2 days ago

    Nf, you have skills beyond skills. Id love to see a more upbeat track from u bro. Im nobody, just a fan. I feel the depth and darkness but, a contrast in a lil light or comical track or 2 would be refreshing to counteract the depth and darkness, i feel, would be dope. Some light in the dark, if u kn9w what i mean

  52. Jubilee Tompkins

    Jubilee Tompkins2 days ago

    I love youuuu

  53. Mr. GG Ez

    Mr. GG Ez3 days ago

    I do belong here vibe

  54. universum gaming

    universum gaming3 days ago

    bro i know how you feel

  55. Peter Flores

    Peter Flores3 days ago

    The next eminem has come

  56. Lyon Uchiha

    Lyon Uchiha3 days ago

    “Let You Down’s the only song you’ve heard of well then you’re behind” I’m kinda proud that the first song I heard by Nate is Why and not Let You Down

  57. JL33

    JL333 days ago

    Who thinks that his older song is better than newer ones? U don't have to like just comment if you agree or naw

  58. kaneki 47

    kaneki 473 days ago


  59. Chance Webb

    Chance Webb3 days ago

    When im angry or sad or any emotion i dont like i listen to NF

  60. Asm Ae

    Asm Ae3 days ago

    2 0 1 9 ? ❤❤

  61. 00-1 Bisaljif

    00-1 Bisaljif3 days ago

    Listened to this after listening to lil pump. Let me rephrase, listened to young golden talent after listening to auto-tune tit-clickbait mumble rapper.

  62. LennyBoiLovesYoutube

    LennyBoiLovesYoutube3 days ago

    This song may not have cuss words but damn is it dark

  63. zyphere

    zyphere3 days ago

    It's not about himself it's a Eminem dis and I know it listen carefully

  64. zyphere

    zyphere3 days ago

    Do you all know this song is a Eminem dis lowkey

  65. isaiah p

    isaiah p3 days ago

    Hit here if you love nf

  66. Jessica Beisel

    Jessica Beisel3 days ago

    I need to meet you, I just want to have a conversation with you 🖤 Thank you

  67. Cryptic

    Cryptic3 days ago

    I goddamn love this song so much. I also did a one take cover of it. Check it out if you want and leave some feedback. Thanks

  68. Billboard Won a BTS Congrats

    Billboard Won a BTS Congrats3 days ago

    New big fan ❤️

  69. TSM_Jackson 4

    TSM_Jackson 43 days ago

    For all the people that disliked, I wanna know WHY!

  70. ThatOneGirl 52

    ThatOneGirl 523 days ago

    I hate how people compare him to Eminem he's doing his own thing and he's doing fantastic he definitely needs more recognition he has so much soul and feeling in his songs which many people can relate to keep being you NF :)

  71. Wølfu Chan

    Wølfu Chan3 days ago

    I haven't said this about many rappers, but NF has true talent, his songs can be relatable at times and while the lyrics may be sad ish his songs make me happy and i really enjoy his music, exams have me stressed and NF's music is helping me so much, some might not agree with me but NF's music is calming in a way and his music just sounds amazing! Defiantly my favorite singer 💜

  72. Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez3 days ago

    NF is the best rapper in history better than enineme

  73. Erika Clayton

    Erika Clayton3 days ago

    I know I like to preach to always be yourself.. But my emotions make me feel like I am someone else..

  74. Erika Clayton

    Erika Clayton3 days ago

    The day before X died... LONG LIVE X (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡

  75. Danielle C

    Danielle C3 days ago

    “I know I preach to always be yourself but my emotions make me feel like I am someone else Me and pride had made a pact that we don’t need no help which feels like I’m at war inside myself but I forgot the shells”

  76. Death zone

    Death zone4 days ago

    Where are you?!

  77. IamRelyk

    IamRelyk4 days ago

    If you like this you will LOVE my music 🎧🎹 come check me out 📱

  78. IamRelyk

    IamRelyk4 days ago

    If you like this you will LOVE my music 🎧🎹 come check me out 📱

  79. Quiz

    Quiz4 days ago


  80. Retro_ 23

    Retro_ 234 days ago

    NF is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. just hannah

    just hannah4 days ago


  82. MRpind4

    MRpind44 days ago

    Totally Insane

  83. 94_ Go_CRAZY

    94_ Go_CRAZY4 days ago

    Mgk and NF should get on a song with each other or logic

  84. Rock Dragoon

    Rock Dragoon4 days ago

    Sums up my life

  85. CM Games & vlogs

    CM Games & vlogs4 days ago

    i think im going to have to bring a fire extinguisher to nf`s next tour

  86. Scott Achanyi

    Scott Achanyi4 days ago

    I just discovered NF on the comment section on the new release of John Legend's "Preach"... One guy commented of God not Existing and another person recommended him to listen to NF "OH Lord" and behold i when on watching this video and to another video, when to Wikipedia and all what not just know more about NF cos his style was too unique. Nathan John Feuerstein is a great guy and to add he is my age and my birth month mate. NF your songs are so inspiring this is what i call "Living off the grid in the music world". You preach you don't sing. Keep Preaching Bro. Love from Cameroon, Africa

  87. Anne holtzclaw

    Anne holtzclaw4 days ago

    This beat goes hard...remix

  88. ariel holiday

    ariel holiday4 days ago

    i was here to buy tickets but they cost more then my life

  89. Viarel Pasillas

    Viarel Pasillas4 days ago

    He just might be the next Eminem

  90. Brayden Kubalek

    Brayden Kubalek4 days ago

    your songs are truly why i'm alive

  91. Brayden Kubalek

    Brayden Kubalek4 days ago

    i like your songs they have good messages by the way my dad was abusive

  92. Raegan's Dollhouse

    Raegan's Dollhouse4 days ago

    Who I am and who I wanna be cannot connect. Awesome song, NF!!

  93. Jalai and ronna sister squad

    Jalai and ronna sister squad4 days ago

    He talking so fast and not mubbling eveery other rapers take notes

  94. Melike Tzr

    Melike Tzr4 days ago

    Muhteşemsin. Wowww

  95. Hi im Rose

    Hi im Rose4 days ago

    I can't explain how well this explains my life right now

  96. DupDAM

    DupDAM5 days ago

    Not the "next" Eminem, he's better than all rapers, best man.

  97. Huckle Thums

    Huckle Thums5 days ago

    You know this guy is actually good

  98. TheEmeraldWaffle

    TheEmeraldWaffle5 days ago

    Nf doesnt upload music no mo :'(

  99. Real Music

    Real Music5 days ago

    I'm so damn excited for the next album

  100. TheRockygirl4life

    TheRockygirl4life5 days ago

    Purse talent 💜

  101. Isra S

    Isra S5 days ago

    "Let you down's the only song you've heard of well then you're behind" well shit i came here right after let you down



    I feel attacked my initials are I.T