New lava fissures fuel fears of eruption in Hawaii


  1. Hot Boi Stalin

    Hot Boi Stalin6 months ago

    Can't be explosive

  2. John sarab

    John sarab9 months ago

    Pele is PISSED with Trump!

  3. azad hassan

    azad hassan9 months ago

    THE lava is proof that the earth is alive

  4. azad hassan

    azad hassan9 months ago

    Be safe everyone

  5. azad hassan

    azad hassan9 months ago

    TIME to get out

  6. MKT MAFia

    MKT MAFia9 months ago

    Lava Hunter Shoots at Residents.. CRAZY SHOOTING ON VIDEO

  7. Mikael Svensson

    Mikael Svensson10 months ago

    Remember folks. The heat is dangerous.....

  8. Deutsches Kaiserreich

    Deutsches Kaiserreich10 months ago

    Do not fucking read the comments, DO NOT FUCKING READ THE COMMENTS ONCE AGAIN.

  9. Rash Fush

    Rash Fush10 months ago

    This is very good in America 😂🤣

  10. copy print

    copy print10 months ago

    Al Gore was Right !!

  11. Mark

    Mark10 months ago

    The White Theeth Show.. Dar'n!

  12. Matt Nobrega

    Matt Nobrega10 months ago

    Na ke Akua e hoʻopōmaikaʻi aku.

  13. Heidi K.

    Heidi K.10 months ago

    This is all part of the end times scenario, the 7 year Tribulation is right around the corner, GOD'S wrath upon the unbelievers. Please get rapture ready people! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid n the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!!

  14. Carolyn Jones

    Carolyn Jones10 months ago

    I believe that all of Hawaii should be evacuated. Sending Prayers to everyone affected by this eruption. God Bless You.

  15. Quinn Quinn

    Quinn Quinn10 months ago

    That's sad but at least it's not mecha-streisand

  16. Lil Joy

    Lil Joy10 months ago

    Ohh may Allah be with Hawaiian

  17. Isaac Conejo

    Isaac Conejo10 months ago

    WTH CNN why you showing the average Joe who moved there like a fool. Interview real locals. Who are positive about this. You Know The Other Americans with a culture unlike Joes. God knows we could use the message.

  18. lxr

    lxr10 months ago

    Fake news

  19. Beverly Ford

    Beverly Ford10 months ago


  20. Matt Peck

    Matt Peck10 months ago

    Who needs a Grill? Lets cook some burgers on the lava!

  21. Isreal Lyrics

    Isreal Lyrics10 months ago

    Call me when Yellowstone blows so I can watch the colonizers burn.

  22. felix zero

    felix zero10 months ago

    fake news

  23. Maxbuerrox

    Maxbuerrox10 months ago

    Somebody please find a way to blame this on Trump

  24. Sherloid Bai

    Sherloid Bai10 months ago

    She sounds so excited.

  25. hotdog97

    hotdog9710 months ago

    Let's hope it wipes out the island.

  26. hotdog97

    hotdog9710 months ago

    John Stevens 'cause coconut boys are gay

  27. John Stevens

    John Stevens10 months ago

    hotdog97 why?

  28. marcus hynek

    marcus hynek10 months ago

    Screw banning guns ban volcanoes

  29. Mad King

    Mad King10 months ago

    Welp if hawaii survives it might get a little bigger after all this disaster hopefully everyone evacuated on time

  30. Brendan Ferrari

    Brendan Ferrari10 months ago

    What they won’t tell you is that the entire Hilina slump, a mass the size of Manhattan, could very well, and will most likely collapse into the ocean

  31. KiLLZ0N3

    KiLLZ0N310 months ago


  32. Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel10 months ago

    Praying for the people affected... These are all signs, friends. My friends, The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) is arriving soon! Hallelujah! The Word says that God so loved the world, He gave us His Only Begotten Son Yeshua, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 paraphrased) My friends, The Lord LOVES you! He is not angry at you and neither does He hate you. The Lord came down to die for us, and 3 days later, rise again! Death cannot hold Him down, and neither will He allow it to hold you down if you come to Him today! He promises to never drive anyone away when they come to Him! (John 6:37 paraphrased) So come to Him today! Make Yeshua Lord of your life! You will be saved! He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins, fears, and from the judgement headed to this earth. All you need is mustard seed faith and sincere words from your heart! Yeshua will hear you! For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13) Shalom!

  33. Nate Burrito

    Nate Burrito10 months ago

    Kim Jung un atacked with nature instead of missiles so he said *"fuk it lets get rid of missiles"*

  34. 素妍

    素妍10 months ago

    this news is a bit exaggerated..

  35. Aspen Anderson

    Aspen Anderson10 months ago

  36. couchpoet1

    couchpoet110 months ago

    The first that that I noticed is that I live on a volcano

  37. Skull1901

    Skull190110 months ago

    Bye bye Hawaii

  38. torn8dos

    torn8dos10 months ago

    Time to move I'd say.

  39. Collapse Quadrant

    Collapse Quadrant10 months ago

    It’s global cooling guys, get ready for hell

  40. Syd Kris

    Syd Kris10 months ago

    How do I know I can believe you, you are after all CNN.

  41. John Stevens

    John Stevens10 months ago

    Syd because almost every other news source says so including Fox News since I assume that’s what you consider credible not to mention all the information they said was from sources outside of CNN so there isn’t any slant on it

  42. Raffy Giraffy

    Raffy Giraffy10 months ago

    Oh I thought CNN went bankrupt already

  43. terenfro1975

    terenfro197510 months ago

    Next eruption? Its been erupting since 1983 and they know pretty much on a line where the fishers are forming. ROFL... no rime or reason. Its a rift zone. Big crack in the ground that's been there for a while now. Makes perfect reason. At least CNN isn't over blowing it as bad as the other major networks.

  44. ZACES

    ZACES10 months ago

    Hawaii has always been *LIT* but never like this...sorry I’ll go.

  45. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos10 months ago

    LololololoL she said predickt!

  46. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos10 months ago

    "And they wonder why they have lava in the living room."

  47. The Cyborg Steve

    The Cyborg Steve10 months ago

    Just wait till shane dawson makes a creepy conspiracy theory on this

  48. Holly Burroughs

    Holly Burroughs10 months ago

    Hawaii sits in the center of the ring of fire🔥stay safe everybody

  49. Southern -

    Southern -10 months ago

    CNN is fake news

  50. OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero

    OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero10 months ago

    Where's Tapu Fini when you need it?

  51. Kim Dissing

    Kim Dissing10 months ago

    1:25 this guy looks high as fuck

  52. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave10 months ago

    Every couple thousands of years this happens. GOD is gunna see if we have learned to love him. I hope some of you get saved. For The ones that go to hell I hope you'll be OK. I'm probly not getting saved cuz I sin alot. I steal and I lie. You can get mad at me if you want. I love you anyway. If you love your family now is a good time to let them know. Take kare guys and girls it was a good time here. Thank you man of this world for letting me see this life. I guess our time is up. It started to suck here anyway. Peace to everyone.

  53. zwooop64

    zwooop6410 months ago

    Rico Suave nigga its a tiny volcano on a big ass island it aint 2012

  54. pianoxcore

    pianoxcore10 months ago

    No CNN, you’re fueling fear. It’s not as bad as national news making it seem. Yes, worry about the people in this small area but for the rest of the island, we are fine and are facing 0 effects from the lava. Do your own research people and you’ll see that it’s not that dramatic here.

  55. Snares for The people

    Snares for The people10 months ago

    Trump could have easily put walls around the volcanos. Dammit Trump this is your fault.

  56. Jake k

    Jake k10 months ago

    Breaking news, and island that is one big volcano is erupting. I wonder if tomorrow they will report on water being wet.

  57. A L

    A L10 months ago

    Fake news

  58. Timothy Marland

    Timothy Marland10 months ago

    What do you expect to happen? Hawaii is literally a giant volcano that people live on.

  59. Timothy Marland

    Timothy Marland10 months ago

    “ I heard what sounded like a jet turbinnnne”

  60. Tyler Nyman

    Tyler Nyman10 months ago

    “The heat is dangerous”. Stay away from spewing magma holes.

  61. Daniel Franchuk

    Daniel Franchuk10 months ago


  62. zane madden

    zane madden10 months ago

    Hawaii... Its free real estate

  63. Antanas

    Antanas10 months ago

    Are the russians involved?

  64. Landon Perez

    Landon Perez10 months ago

    Hawaii more like mustafar

  65. Kal El

    Kal El10 months ago

    Thanks Obama

  66. Jason Dufresne

    Jason Dufresne10 months ago

    Fissure #19 has opened up

  67. Anonymous Indica

    Anonymous Indica10 months ago

    Is cnn actually going back to being real news

  68. Tyler Spain

    Tyler Spain10 months ago

    Democrats should move to Hawaii.

  69. SOBB3393

    SOBB339310 months ago

    CNN..Is this CGI Fake news, or is it real footage?

  70. Wut

    Wut10 months ago

    Ooh that spicy alliteration in the title 👌

  71. Orangegam3r

    Orangegam3r10 months ago

    I bet you Trump would say your fired

  72. ZK Gaming

    ZK Gaming10 months ago

    The communist news network is fake news

  73. Trevorkian

    Trevorkian10 months ago

    I was just watching this to see how CNN was going to blame this on Trump or how they were going to manage to bash him during the story or if they were going to interview Stormy Daniels lawyer during the story

  74. P A R I G O N 0w0

    P A R I G O N 0w010 months ago

    Yup Stayin in Texas

  75. Jerry McDreamy

    Jerry McDreamy10 months ago

    I cannot believe Donald Trump would actually erupt a volcano, especially on his own people. How did this help him? He is just so mean. The way he just sat on top of Kilauea and spewed lava from his butt hole just to get the laughs from the terror of these people. So sad.

  76. iCantWorry

    iCantWorry10 months ago

    Hawaii is done

  77. Ashley Handley

    Ashley Handley10 months ago

    0:13 that’s tomato soup!!

  78. sid roth

    sid roth10 months ago

    Can you atheist imagine being able to exist in that lava and feel the horrible pain and never die !

  79. NPC

    NPC10 months ago

    CNN should jump in

  80. matthew campbell

    matthew campbell10 months ago

    It's the Russians! RUN!!!!

  81. Vada Ann

    Vada Ann10 months ago

    I wonder if the fracking has anything to do with it. It’s like the earthquakes in Oklahoma.

  82. Quantum Baboons

    Quantum Baboons10 months ago

    About a mile from the Pooderbeel thermal pincher What is she saying? - 0:44

  83. melqui rivera

    melqui rivera10 months ago

    Fake news people in Hawaii we is surfing the waves

  84. Jackson Parker

    Jackson Parker10 months ago

    melqui rivera honey there are multiple islands...

  85. Cash Money

    Cash Money10 months ago

    Volcanic eruptions? This is from CNN, so fake news

  86. La Blue Girl

    La Blue Girl10 months ago

    Lol! Even the goddess Pele is pissed off that donald turd is still president..

  87. BRian R

    BRian R10 months ago

    Keep doing the geothermal fracking!!!! Kinda weird fracking=eruption

  88. Crypto CO

    Crypto CO10 months ago

    Here's How to claim the newly hard forked MoneroV, :

  89. Half Orc Monk

    Half Orc Monk10 months ago

    It feels strange to see a CNN piece that's not filled with hateful lies about the President or disgraceful socialist propaganda. I just don't trust it. I think it's a trap.

  90. Svetty00

    Svetty0010 months ago

    New fissures is good news because it releases the pressure over wider areas... that's why lava is mostly just trickling out instead of exploding and killing thousands of people.

  91. * SIMON Says

    * SIMON Says10 months ago

    Too bad dc doesn’t have a volcano

  92. Boner Magee

    Boner Magee10 months ago

    Earth is having a hell of an orgasm!

  93. captloki13

    captloki1310 months ago

    Hawaii can't get a break...

  94. Grizzly Country

    Grizzly Country10 months ago


  95. DownSouth Ninja

    DownSouth Ninja10 months ago

    dammit taco bell,your hot sauce is out of control.

  96. GREG Radio

    GREG Radio10 months ago

    Just swim in it.

  97. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith10 months ago

    Surfs up!

  98. Joey Shaw

    Joey Shaw10 months ago

    If you're talking about how stupid people are, you're stupid.

  99. JEASON

    JEASON10 months ago

    Suck my dick CNN

  100. Nick L

    Nick L10 months ago

    This just in, lava is incompatible with human life.

  101. REAl REAction

    REAl REAction10 months ago

    CNN is Fake News

  102. Eddy LaBarr

    Eddy LaBarr10 months ago

    IF I were there I'd be standing in the middle of the street shaking my fist at the advancing lava on behalf of the Homeowner's Association!

  103. Matthew

    Matthew10 months ago

    We need to build a wall around the volcano and make the volcano pay for it.

  104. OH, Hi Matt

    OH, Hi Matt10 months ago

    Earth is insane these days, in every aspect.

  105. Perfect_Poop

    Perfect_Poop10 months ago

    "Captain Magma, get him angry and he's bound to erupt!"