[NEW HERO - NOW AVAILABLE] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. Ultra Flames

    Ultra Flames3 days ago

    wait a minute , this is Ruckus from paladins

  2. Mister Too

    Mister Too3 days ago

    It's the Rocket Racoon of Overwatch.

  3. Nubilous_ Thoughts

    Nubilous_ Thoughts7 days ago

    then reaper comes in

  4. Kaio Gamez

    Kaio Gamez9 days ago


  5. Colby Barry

    Colby Barry14 days ago

    Ok blizzard Im sorry, I commented on this video ripping on Wreaking ball a month back but I ended up loving him

  6. 伝説 島Legend Island

    伝説 島Legend Island14 days ago

    Remember Citron from Garden Warfare 2? Well, here's his counterpart

  7. Ama Animates

    Ama Animates15 days ago

    His little body just pops out when he dies 😔

  8. EpicMelons

    EpicMelons17 days ago

    My boy hamtaro, but come on why couldn't we run around as a little hamster when the mech was destroyed :(

  9. D.M. Serpa

    D.M. Serpa18 days ago

    Alllllrighty! WE HAVE A NEW HERO! NAMED HAMMOND! *hamster shows up* ...Well then...

  10. Stopmotion Animater

    Stopmotion Animater18 days ago

    Remember the hamster from bolt this is him now feel old yet

  11. Matthew E

    Matthew E19 days ago


  12. Goo_Ze

    Goo_Ze21 day ago

    i saw a comment on a post saying hammond should be a *B E A R* now i want a tank bear please yes thank you

  13. ViperSlide

    ViperSlide21 day ago


  14. the Dawn of penguins

    the Dawn of penguins22 days ago


  15. Pharah

    Pharah24 days ago

    You know the person talking about him... Dr.hareld Winston is ALIVE?

  16. Rick The Spectre ✔

    Rick The Spectre ✔24 days ago

    y is ham taro killing people

  17. teh_Muffin_King

    teh_Muffin_King25 days ago

    So Hammond is the Champion of JunkerTown?


    DINO TAIL25 days ago

    If you watch the "Pop Up" hilight intro hes so adorable

  19. Darryl franceo Manohar

    Darryl franceo Manohar25 days ago

    Wow a hamster is smarter than most of us

  20. Russian Bias

    Russian Bias26 days ago

    Winston 2.0

  21. i think i'm a meanie

    i think i'm a meanie27 days ago

    Wrecking Ball's theme song is Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball

  22. The Masked Psycho

    The Masked Psycho27 days ago


  23. DJ UnKn0Wn

    DJ UnKn0Wn27 days ago

    Someone call PETA

  24. Layarion

    Layarion27 days ago

    there was hardly any animation in this one...

  25. That One Youtuber

    That One Youtuber27 days ago

    R.I.P. Harold Winston...

  26. Mitchell Vaughn

    Mitchell Vaughn27 days ago

    That's it?

  27. Cayden Steele

    Cayden Steele28 days ago

    This is there least believable hero yet

  28. perunapummi

    perunapummiMonth ago

    Overwatch movie

  29. *Pinecone*

    *Pinecone*Month ago

    *The hero that saved overwatch from Moira*

  30. Sonia Camargo

    Sonia CamargoMonth ago

    OMG THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ramen Trash

    Ramen TrashMonth ago

    Yeah...the fans are gonna be at the highest level of saltiness now. Hurray...

  32. Puppetry087

    Puppetry087Month ago

    Where is Gundam Tanaka, overlord of the underworld and ice, when you need him? XD

  33. Nana

    NanaMonth ago

    Please, do a Spain Character. ;v;

  34. MGang TV

    MGang TVMonth ago

    have you heard that new Nocturnal song ?

  35. DelicateVidsGames

    DelicateVidsGamesMonth ago


  36. Ze Nick

    Ze NickMonth ago

    0:30 my man needs a curaga

  37. Virteqq

    VirteqqMonth ago

    Gforce roll out!

  38. DATBOI Howard

    DATBOI HowardMonth ago

    tbh this is my favorite i got 6 plays of the game with this guy

  39. Fubukio

    FubukioMonth ago

    Fun Fact: Hamsters are banned in Australia.

  40. Lava Lord6

    Lava Lord6Month ago

    Fun Fact: no knew he was a hamster

  41. Zoe Collins

    Zoe CollinsMonth ago

    If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them.

  42. Madeleine Russell

    Madeleine RussellMonth ago

    If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them. 8654

  43. komaeda

    komaedaMonth ago

    I honestly really like him. Maybe because I have a hamster myself lol

  44. Miles S.

    Miles S.Month ago

    0:30 I cant be the only to think of kingdom hearts

  45. SonicSpeed99

    SonicSpeed99Month ago

    Who is the voice actor of Hammond

  46. Commander Gree

    Commander GreeMonth ago


  47. symmetra - سيمترا

    symmetra - سيمتراMonth ago

    *i can't belive that was a month ago. 😲*

  48. Chubber Nugg

    Chubber NuggMonth ago

    Can't wait for the r34

  49. Laben Venci

    Laben VenciMonth ago

    Expectation : A cute hamster! Reality: OH JESUS, IT'S SPINNING AROUND THE CONTROL POINT. No Limits: *R I P*

  50. Laben Venci

    Laben VenciMonth ago

    Bobofett 72 Everyone would be spamming the Hook on the opposing team, just causing chaos through the entire game.

  51. Butterman Gaming

    Butterman GamingMonth ago

    I'm late

  52. RemU

    RemUMonth ago

    Hammond Hammon Hamon JOJO!!!

  53. SmugLeaf

    SmugLeafMonth ago

    Cat on a jetpack? That'll never work. Hamster in a D.Va esc mech? *We can make that a hero*

  54. SmugLeaf

    SmugLeafMonth ago

    Lava Lord6 calm down it was a joke. Whooooosh

  55. Lava Lord6

    Lava Lord6Month ago

    Ok 1 jet pack cat isn't even official 2 Hammonds mech looks nothing like dvas 3 people wanted a hamster some people wanted a junker and some people wanted to have another charater in a mechanical just read websites

  56. Jon Milbourn

    Jon MilbournMonth ago

    Looks like the Kia Soul wasn't cutting it anymore

  57. Gumball watterson

    Gumball wattersonMonth ago

    I main him already

  58. Davion-oldboy Henry

    Davion-oldboy HenryMonth ago


  59. AL mo

    AL moMonth ago

    Hammond the Hamster! XDXDXD Wonder were they got that idéa! XDXDXD

  60. harido jamaru

    harido jamaruMonth ago

    Man this animal is so op and cute

  61. The Gamer Complex

    The Gamer ComplexMonth ago

    He is far from OP, annoying yes. He is more defenceless then most characters when hacked by Sombre. Semmetras turrets make quick work of him in seconds, He is a lot more balanced then Brigitte was when she was released

  62. PhycoDevil

    PhycoDevilMonth ago

    I want an Animated short of this gu....Hamster xD

  63. Lava Lord6

    Lava Lord6Month ago

    Just edit the dragons short and make hanzo winston and make genji hammond it makes a lot of sense

  64. Magic2729

    Magic2729Month ago

    "But he can't talk, that would be ridiculous.".

  65. V1ctrex rex

    V1ctrex rexMonth ago

    why did the chicken go to kfc ? to see chicken strips

  66. Crunkboy415

    Crunkboy415Month ago

    Hamster in a Droideka.

  67. God of IMAGINATION

    God of IMAGINATIONMonth ago


  68. God of IMAGINATION

    God of IMAGINATIONMonth ago

    i got like a loong time ago= 2-3 weeks

  69. God of IMAGINATION

    God of IMAGINATIONMonth ago

    got it

  70. Lava Lord6

    Lava Lord6Month ago

    Then save money

  71. Gameaholic _

    Gameaholic _Month ago

    At 0:58 I found him junkrat

  72. Vappyvap88

    Vappyvap88Month ago

    We need more wacky characters like this. None of that grim dark, so srs, MUH PAST attitude that a lot of the other heroes have.

  73. Katelyn Hanson

    Katelyn HansonMonth ago

    Since when did they add Bakugan to the game?

  74. LonewolfeE5

    LonewolfeE5Month ago

    Worst origin video yet

  75. Zayne plays Games

    Zayne plays GamesMonth ago

    My overwatch can update because it's so hammy Lol

  76. Fox Lily

    Fox LilyMonth ago


  77. Vietnám Szivacs

    Vietnám SzivacsMonth ago

    A horrible idea that Blizzard could solve....

  78. Fluffy Dango

    Fluffy DangoMonth ago

    Geez. So what happened to those cinematic shorts you guys promised us? You said you were going to release them each month or so, at least not with this much time gone since the last one.

  79. JolyneRule34

    JolyneRule34Month ago

    Who said that

  80. larry The hedgehog

    larry The hedgehogMonth ago

    Console player are being ignored ones more

  81. JolyneRule34

    JolyneRule34Month ago

    Why are you even playing on console on the first place

  82. haris plays detroit,overwatch and fortnite

    haris plays detroit,overwatch and fortniteMonth ago


  83. DylanTheCrawlr

    DylanTheCrawlrMonth ago

    When will be gone out

  84. Patreek Sterfetish

    Patreek SterfetishMonth ago

    ok where is hammond on console now its july 24

  85. vevisel

    veviselMonth ago

    Is this based in Azeroth?

  86. Chay Vyse

    Chay VyseMonth ago


  87. Carlito Martinez

    Carlito MartinezMonth ago

    I know guinea pig aka road hog vs hamster

  88. Armando Cortez

    Armando CortezMonth ago

    That was the most adorable story and so cheery for this guy who is code named "wrecking ball". Love it.

  89. NotCarbonwind

    NotCarbonwindMonth ago

    We need a hammond short

  90. Pixythefox

    PixythefoxMonth ago

    In my friends words. "ITS G FORCE ALL OVER AGAIN"

  91. Muhammet Orhun

    Muhammet OrhunMonth ago




    Blizzard we need a skin that turns Hammond into the Underminer.

  93. Zephyr Deliee

    Zephyr DelieeMonth ago

    Hey Jeff could we get a Map set in Washington DC please. Thanks.

  94. Alyssa Albuquerque

    Alyssa AlbuquerqueMonth ago

    You could say... He CAME IN LIKE A WRECKIN BALLLLL

  95. JJATube 306

    JJATube 306Month ago


  96. Chara Palmer

    Chara PalmerMonth ago

    Man... they are really out of ideas XD

  97. Chara Palmer

    Chara PalmerMonth ago

    Enzo Roman Still, it's probably going to be a mix of heros again, or something that just makes no sense.

  98. Enzo Roman

    Enzo RomanMonth ago

    Chara Palmer they have had this planned since the begining

  99. RendoMix 2812

    RendoMix 2812Month ago

    Why isnt it in europe??

  100. watchleaf

    watchleafMonth ago

    Ok, ok, I found my main. Genji was cool, but THIS? Nothing can top THIS.

  101. Lady Danvers

    Lady DanversMonth ago

    Reminds me of rocket from gotg

  102. DoDo De_wala

    DoDo De_walaMonth ago

    I don’t like hamster

  103. kaivy Magday

    kaivy MagdayMonth ago

    Another tank

  104. Bastien Legare

    Bastien LegareMonth ago

    is it april already ?

  105. Owen Cap

    Owen CapMonth ago

    I can't get him on Xbox

  106. Skeleton

    SkeletonMonth ago

    At least he doesnt one shot 2/3's of the heroes in the game

  107. Yoshimation

    YoshimationMonth ago

    Give me a fursuit of him NOW

  108. Andy Quintero

    Andy QuinteroMonth ago

    Diva needs a new skin please Overwatch.

  109. Joshua Allen

    Joshua AllenMonth ago


  110. TJ Waters

    TJ WatersMonth ago

    when is he comin out

  111. Willthekilla5

    Willthekilla5Month ago

    What’s next? A pansexual transracial, transgendered, gender fluid, mentality handicapped and physically handicapped, progressive illegal immigrant iguana?

  112. PsychoticBear PsychoticBear

    PsychoticBear PsychoticBearMonth ago

    Linny from wonder decided F this and became super smart and went to junkertown

  113. Hated-PG3D

    Hated-PG3DMonth ago

    He's so cute :)