[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. Miss Awesome

    Miss Awesome4 hours ago

    When is he coming to Ps4???

  2. The Shadow Master

    The Shadow Master5 hours ago

    I thought it was supposed to come out today WTF where's wrecking ball

  3. TheKingStudio

    TheKingStudio9 hours ago


  4. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    TheKingStudio yes

  5. NightMare

    NightMare9 hours ago

    Release date?

  6. Connor Moroney

    Connor Moroney11 hours ago

    Please let him be voiced by Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour. I don't think anything could be funnier than that

  7. Connor Moroney

    Connor Moroney11 hours ago

    Please let him be voices by Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour. I don't think anything could be funnier than that

  8. Sarthak Pradhan

    Sarthak Pradhan14 hours ago

    Look! its ruckus from paladins

  9. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    Sarthak Pradhan Nope

  10. PjdTheSpeedster

    PjdTheSpeedster15 hours ago

    Are they really going with the name "wrecking ball" because im not.

  11. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    PjdTheSpeedster Well thats his codename. Get use to it.

  12. i playz plastic guitar

    i playz plastic guitar19 hours ago

    WHeRe Is hAMonD On cOnsoLE !!

  13. Gabeh

    Gabeh23 hours ago

    Nice, new hero. But matchmaking stills bullshit and Brigitte stills op. Gg wp Blizzard

  14. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    Gabeh No and no. Your just bad.

  15. vodca 110

    vodca 110Day ago

    Stop making broken heros

  16. Adam Jafari-Fini

    Adam Jafari-Fini9 hours ago

    Are you lost he's not broken he takes much more skill than 90% of the other characters

  17. GoKllyoslf x

    GoKllyoslf xDay ago

    Dumb game.....

  18. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    GoKllyoslf x nope

  19. Lr Miner

    Lr MinerDay ago

    Everyone on pc overwatch seems to have wrecking ball. I don't is this a glitch?

  20. the Slowpoke

    the Slowpoke17 hours ago

    its a little thing called PTR

  21. BLUE ASE

    BLUE ASEDay ago

    console somebody?no just me...meh

  22. Names ArejustNames

    Names ArejustNamesDay ago

    I bet he is going to be nerfed like his moving around in the ball form will have a countdown I bet

  23. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 hours ago

    Names ArejustNames Probably not

  24. Luke Pavitt

    Luke PavittDay ago

    Ah blizzard, the willy wonka chocolate factory of games.

  25. TheseHoes BeToxicAf

    TheseHoes BeToxicAfDay ago


  26. Decidueye4

    Decidueye4Day ago

    When be hammond's gameplay and lialo

  27. Калоян Мошевски

    Калоян МошевскиDay ago

    why we just not call him hammond

  28. Happy Hero

    Happy HeroDay ago

    cek my channel and subsribe update everyday

  29. Willis Garcia

    Willis GarciaDay ago

    My guess is that he’s going live either this week or next. 🤞🏼

  30. Roxy CabbleTail65

    Roxy CabbleTail65Day ago

    When exactly is “soon?”

  31. Mc Mercy

    Mc MercyDay ago

    (This is for the summer games event) The skins we need: Lifeguard Mercy, she’s an medic so it would make a lot of sense, Dva swimsuit, Dva hasn’t gotten a skin since 2017 anniversary, she would look amazing in a swimsuit, Reinhardt Wrestler skin, if he got a skin like that it would be amazing, there is so many sprays that show him wrestling against other hero’s, also rein hasn’t got a skin since back in 2016 on the event of year of the rooster, I think it’s time he gets one. Skins we wish we could get: mei swimsuit, I honestly think mei should wear a one piece swimsuit and she’ll have her little bun, it would look cute, Hanzo and Genji swimsuit, The brothers went to the beach together, Hanzo would have his hair just like the causal skin but alittle different, he would have a swimsuit in the colors black and blue following along with a little yellow showing a dragon, he also would be shirtless of course, Genji would show his full face, his hair would look like the black watch one and he’s face would look like the black watch one as well, he should get a swimsuit in the color of white and red for Japan, he was finished the Olympics and decided to go to the beach with his brother, in this skin Genji will have no robot parts, just his scars, and his amazing bod and adorable face.

  32. [E54] Bastion

    [E54] Bastion2 days ago

    So exited to have that character on ps4 :3 I WANT HAMMOND XD HE IS GONNA BE MY NEW MAIN

  33. Tyde from da space

    Tyde from da space2 days ago

    CUTE AF! 💕💖💖💖 mah absolutely fav hero from now on! :3

  34. Kylo Ren Kanobi

    Kylo Ren Kanobi2 days ago

    what breed is it? and how much?

  35. Rosita

    Rosita2 days ago


  36. Shipoopiism

    Shipoopiism2 days ago

    "We want tanks." "We want Junkerqueen." "We want a new male hero." "We want a sassy black lady." Jeff: We love your feedback and listen to our community. Here's a jacked up hampster.

  37. Gustavo Cardoso Borges

    Gustavo Cardoso Borges2 days ago

    If a hamster can make it, how about the jetpack cat

  38. Aahmes HS

    Aahmes HS2 days ago

    hero 29 is winston the scientist confirmed

  39. Arbe Plays

    Arbe Plays2 days ago

    Wher is wrecking Ball in xbox?

  40. FN Danmark

    FN Danmark2 days ago

    Arbe Plays He's coming soon. He's on the PTR atm.

  41. The Kįłłęr Føxŷ 13

    The Kįłłęr Føxŷ 132 days ago

    I little bit disappointed this hero

  42. Docolate

    Docolate2 days ago

    Oh look Rumble's cousin.

  43. Happy Hero

    Happy Hero2 days ago

    cek my channel for new hero and subsribe

  44. Happy Hero

    Happy Hero2 days ago

    cek my channel for new hero and subsribe

  45. g r e y l i e n

    g r e y l i e n3 days ago

    So this is what ZhuZhu Pets have been up to after all this time!

  46. scottyCZ

    scottyCZ3 days ago

    You know why his name is Hammond? Because HAMmond and HAMster.

  47. scottyCZ

    scottyCZ3 days ago

    So he's a champion of Junkertown!

  48. Tom Wallen

    Tom Wallen3 days ago

    I'm more interested what Hammond means for Lucioball.....

  49. Fi Ts

    Fi Ts3 days ago

    2 weeks later please blizz i need hamond but console has no ptr. I wish i got overwatch on my pc

  50. GameWorlds

    GameWorlds3 days ago

    ... this has to be a joke right? you want to see how ridiculous a hero you can make and have us believe it, don't you? ... wait this is actually in the game? really? ... you have lost your minds.

  51. Storm -Z

    Storm -Z3 days ago


  52. Phoenix is Awesome

    Phoenix is Awesome3 days ago

    What the f***

  53. XenobroGD

    XenobroGD3 days ago

    *i c a m e i n l i k e a w r e c k i n g b a l l*

  54. Thatonekidwhosolvesrubikscubes YT

    Thatonekidwhosolvesrubikscubes YT3 days ago


  55. Blizzard Sorel

    Blizzard Sorel3 days ago

    0:44 Does that technically make Hammond a Junker?

  56. J22

    J223 days ago

    G-force lets roll

  57. Durr Burger

    Durr Burger3 days ago

    Who would win? A hacker that knows everyone's info? Or *A hamster boi*

  58. FN Danmark

    FN Danmark3 days ago

    Durr Burger No really, Sombra counters Ball extremely well.

  59. Durr Burger

    Durr Burger3 days ago

    FN Danmark *Wrong*

  60. FN Danmark

    FN Danmark3 days ago

    Durr Burger The hacker. Definitely the Hacker.

  61. cars

    cars3 days ago

    Can’t wait

  62. DrAgOnS KyUbI

    DrAgOnS KyUbI4 days ago

    It's like ruckus from paladin

  63. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    DrAgOnS KyUbI not really

  64. Mateo Piggy

    Mateo Piggy4 days ago


  65. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    Mateo Piggy if it wasn't a hamster you would have no complaints

  66. Gaming Dragon24

    Gaming Dragon244 days ago

    Can we get junker skins for more heroes please

  67. Miguel Renteria

    Miguel Renteria4 days ago

    Does anyone else think overwatch sucks when they don’t have total mayhem.

  68. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    Miguel Renteria no

  69. *.:Quiltz:.*

    *.:Quiltz:.*4 days ago

    0:50 Wheatley?

  70. GodlyDeath

    GodlyDeath4 days ago


  71. Bambam Families Moment

    Bambam Families Moment4 days ago

    Where is the hero?

  72. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    Bambam Families Moment In testing

  73. EarButts idk

    EarButts idk4 days ago

    1 word... Hamsterdance

  74. sussie animationsanddraws

    sussie animationsanddraws4 days ago

    A hamster is smarter than me

  75. Cotton H

    Cotton H4 days ago

    the hamster doesnt stop me from killing myself jeff

  76. Volting Master

    Volting Master4 days ago

    What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!

  77. NaJi Salamah

    NaJi Salamah4 days ago

    is they take the idea from miley cyrus ??

  78. Lentro Zenol

    Lentro Zenol5 days ago

    0:56 at the right of the screen, you can see junkrat

  79. Moron

    Moron5 days ago

    well then... I was expecting an monkey but sure hamsters are fine

  80. ぉねlyぼいKiwi

    ぉねlyぼいKiwi5 days ago

    boycott overwatch bro what the flip its like paladins!!!!!!!!

  81. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    ぉねlyぼいKiwi It isn't

  82. The Iron King5

    The Iron King55 days ago

    Wow Diva’s backstory is out

  83. The No Life Gamer

    The No Life Gamer5 days ago

    i have reason because they've been milking him so hard that their very last hero will be harold winston

  84. That my BULMA!!!!

    That my BULMA!!!!5 days ago

    I found junkrat!!!

  85. Abdulrahman

    Abdulrahman5 days ago


  86. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    Abdulrahman no

  87. Stoßtruppen

    Stoßtruppen5 days ago

    The phone, the phone is rining

  88. Eman K :3

    Eman K :35 days ago

    Wow first from Tarzan to a pet that dies 3 weeks later cuz you fead it a saled cake(true story I.WAS.FIVE)

  89. Lennard Koch

    Lennard Koch5 days ago

    Breath silly set pension slow romance use Mexican today sue excitement.

  90. VitrosPodium

    VitrosPodium5 days ago

    Worst origin story yet

  91. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 723 days ago

    VitrosPodium ehh not really

  92. X Savage

    X Savage5 days ago

    wow lit

  93. richard risvian

    richard risvian5 days ago

    hey overwatch can you fix symmetra?? its really really broken man. She can teleport turrets? come on man

  94. richard risvian

    richard risvian5 days ago

    Bobofett 72 the problem is she can teleport torbjorn turret and her wards and we know that her wards are deadly now

  95. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 725 days ago

    richard risvian Thats not broken at all. She can already though them so teleporting them isn't changing much.

  96. Se Larskeih

    Se Larskeih5 days ago

    richard risvian It’s not broken, it’s meant to be like that

  97. Frojo Comics

    Frojo Comics5 days ago

    Now I wonder why I defended overwatch from the fortnite fanboys

  98. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 725 days ago

    Frojo Comics Because overwatchs is a good game

  99. Cristi G

    Cristi G5 days ago

    Memes are coming

  100. Baller Savage

    Baller Savage5 days ago

    What about jet pack cat

  101. David Velez

    David Velez5 days ago

    OMG if Hammond comes out on July 19th I am going to laugh to death!!! P.S. G-Force came out on July 19th!!!

  102. vincent valentino

    vincent valentino6 days ago

    Ruckus is that u?

  103. Paul Ayen Reaño

    Paul Ayen Reaño6 days ago

    spoon character next plsss

  104. Döauktour Štrœângę

    Döauktour Štrœângę6 days ago

    What's next? Microscopic bacteria?


    Ð SHAHRIAR6 days ago

    wrecking raccoon

  106. PurpleRabbit

    PurpleRabbit6 days ago

    I'm glad I quit before the Hamtaro was released.

  107. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 725 days ago

    PurpleRabbit If it wasn't a hamster you wouldn't be complaining

  108. Thanks for reading

    Thanks for reading6 days ago

    When will we be able to play as Hammond?

  109. Spacetime

    Spacetime6 days ago

    hello rumble

  110. NoVANonsense

    NoVANonsense6 days ago

    Junkertown Queen tho ;-;

  111. Lethean

    Lethean6 days ago

    dont make tests on animals

  112. Kaktusik Player

    Kaktusik Player6 days ago


  113. Josiah Martin

    Josiah Martin6 days ago

    I like mouse. Like this if you want to die 👍

  114. Atlas The Golden Crusade

    Atlas The Golden Crusade6 days ago

    i thought this game is dead

  115. Atlas The Golden Crusade

    Atlas The Golden Crusade6 days ago

    yes, maybe, this game got pretty boring in 3-4 weeks and the match are just repetitive and i just abandoned it for other game, pretty fun while it last tho.

  116. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 days ago

    Atlas The Golden Crusade its obviously not. You were just ignoring it.

  117. Honza Abrahám

    Honza Abrahám6 days ago

    How can i make subtitles for video? I want it because i want to show this video to my mom but she doesnt know english

  118. Sebastian Cerda

    Sebastian Cerda6 days ago

    When is he going on console

  119. Dragtox

    Dragtox6 days ago

    he is gona take over the world

  120. LightningRota

    LightningRota6 days ago


  121. The Content Archives

    The Content Archives6 days ago

    So, the hamster's name is Hammond and the mech's name is Wrecking Ball. I hear there's a debate on this, and that's just sad. Though, the callouts will most likely be "Ham" or "Ham Ham." Them Hamtaro throwbacks.

  122. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 days ago

    The Content Archives The mechs name is NOT called Wrecking Ball. Where did people get that idea lol. That was his name back in junkertown.

  123. TheBroverGaming YT

    TheBroverGaming YT6 days ago

    7 wins and 3 losses, I STILL GET BRONZE!!!! OVERWATCH IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!

  124. Se Larskeih

    Se Larskeih5 days ago

    TheBroverGaming YT That means you are bronze level player

  125. Bobofett 72

    Bobofett 726 days ago

    TheBroverGaming YT Nope. You just belong in Bronze.

  126. xxxtentacles

    xxxtentacles6 days ago

    Next hero should be Neymar jr.

  127. Twin Fang Videos

    Twin Fang Videos6 days ago

    They just Copied Ruckus from Paladins

  128. Twin Fang Videos

    Twin Fang Videos5 days ago

    Can you read ? Read the above comment and if it rollsnd graples then it's copying Makoa's skill set.

  129. Se Larskeih

    Se Larskeih5 days ago

    Twin Fang Videos Jesus dude, D.va is the one that is similiar. Can Ruckus roll or use a craplinghook, no

  130. Twin Fang Videos

    Twin Fang Videos6 days ago

    the design concept is the same

  131. CT Nielsen

    CT Nielsen6 days ago

    Have you played Ruckus? Ruckus has another ult, and different abilities.

  132. Hood Standards

    Hood Standards6 days ago


  133. SpaceRabbit617

    SpaceRabbit6176 days ago

    *Is Sonic*