1. Oink Apang

    Oink Apang3 hours ago

    Can't see anything

  2. Melody Fang

    Melody Fang11 hours ago

    Jeffree is now a Twilight vampire

  3. cannibal kitten

    cannibal kitten12 hours ago

    Anyone else sexually attracted to Jeffree? 😍🌹

  4. Jennifer Freund

    Jennifer Freund20 hours ago

    i love almost all of your videos. however, this one was a bit lacking, only because your tattoos made it very difficult to evaluate the product. but your enthusiasm was such that i will definitely buy the products you featured. ❤️

  5. Amber Webb

    Amber WebbDay ago

    My 3 yield with innocent piggy tails just mimicked "Damn Baby!" In her best squeaky voice 🤣😂😆💀

  6. Anushka Sharan

    Anushka SharanDay ago

    Love your hair

  7. jazmin adame

    jazmin adameDay ago

    this is my first time watching this video lmao but I was like damnnn she fineeeee lol love this look on you

  8. Anonymous Princess

    Anonymous PrincessDay ago

    Apparently you’re only supposed to put one pump on so it doesn’t get sticky

  9. Albedo Gown

    Albedo Gown2 days ago

    I think this is what vampire in twilight used

  10. PANDAmonium •

    PANDAmonium •2 days ago

    Def made cat woman’s leather look like brand new leather and the hair next to cat woman super shiny 😍

  11. Alejandra Rodriguez

    Alejandra Rodriguez2 days ago

    Jeffree review the new body lava that launching tomorrow plz 🙏

  12. Loken G

    Loken G4 days ago

    Wow ur so refreshing 😁😁😁

  13. Medicine and Mascara

    Medicine and Mascara4 days ago

    I love the shit out of you Jeffree, you are so beyond interesting to watch and saving me from middle of the night “morning” sickness. Thank you for being you 💛

  14. D i a m o n d G a c h a

    D i a m o n d G a c h a4 days ago

    Ya slay these nails I couldn't have 'em I must give cuddles to my kitties

  15. Hobi is an angel

    Hobi is an angel5 days ago

    *shine bright like my pussy*

  16. cristina elena stanca

    cristina elena stanca6 days ago

    Can you do some reviews on foundations from Vichy and La Roche Posay for your European viewers?

  17. Ella Roberts

    Ella Roberts7 days ago

    When I seen hit or miss in the title all I thought of was: *_hit or miss I guess they never miss huh? Got a boyfriend I guess he doesn’t kiss ye_*

  18. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile7 days ago

    That look is the best look for Jeffrey damn. That hair tho.

  19. Prym

    Prym7 days ago

    "This looks like my ex, and this looks like Nathan." Those 13 million subscribers are smart.

  20. melanin dripping#1

    melanin dripping#17 days ago

    Lmao" shine bright like my pussy "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Natalie E

    Natalie E8 days ago

    i guess they never miss

  22. Sarah Malik

    Sarah Malik8 days ago

    Love yeh

  23. Sarah Malik

    Sarah Malik8 days ago

    You are so pretty

  24. Nicole Powell

    Nicole Powell9 days ago

    Your tats are really beautiful.

  25. Reyiel Cloud

    Reyiel Cloud9 days ago

    Didn’t he smash the lava?

  26. keksuki

    keksuki9 days ago

    'shine bright like my pussy' one of the best things ive heard him say lmfao

  27. chris key

    chris key9 days ago

    I love ur hair and make up on this video . I'm a new viewer and I'm hooked .

  28. Kyra Brown

    Kyra Brown9 days ago

    i would try “setting” the body lava with the fairy bomb. maybe the powder will make it feel less sticky

  29. Amanda Bacik

    Amanda Bacik10 days ago

    I love it 🥰 I have a Pom Pom type thingy from Victory Secret I’ve had it sense High School I love it I love going out dancing or special occasion so I would love these products even if it’s sticky I would still where it maybe just maybe if you put a tiny bit it wouldn’t be as wet maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️ it looks so glorious on you made you look like a diamond 💎 ps:Nates shirt rocks

  30. Nayeli Velasquez

    Nayeli Velasquez10 days ago

    That side kiss was so cute 😂❤️

  31. Aye its ya girl Miranda

    Aye its ya girl Miranda11 days ago

    We Stan a highlighter h0e💫🌅🌌 **waits for summer**

  32. Andrea Kovac

    Andrea Kovac12 days ago

    Full face of highlight challenge full face of lipsticks challenge and full face of guerlain

  33. Blessings 2You

    Blessings 2You12 days ago

    ICKKKKKKKY SSTIICKKKKY! NO. NO. AND NOOO! The powder bomb is just silly.

  34. Robin Ruiz

    Robin Ruiz13 days ago

    Hit or miss I guess she took the kids huh

  35. Mia Le

    Mia Le14 days ago


  36. Lola Anava

    Lola Anava14 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy... Aaaah! How is it possible I could love you even more!!!! But I do! This makes me laugh and smile and shine!👽

  37. Kathrin3

    Kathrin316 days ago

    Lol “I know it’s snowing in half of the country” uuggghhhhhhh can’t relate (I live in Florida)

  38. Alv Drmwn

    Alv Drmwn16 days ago

    Your hair😘😘😘

  39. Chamomile_coffee

    Chamomile_coffee17 days ago

    Especially gorgeous in this video Jeffrey 💛💛

  40. Preksha Sood

    Preksha Sood17 days ago

    Does he look like Bella Thorne in this video??????

  41. Diana Rutkovskaja

    Diana Rutkovskaja17 days ago

    luv you❤️

  42. Beth Orr

    Beth Orr17 days ago

    Love the 'Fairy Bomb.' Definitely giving me Edward from "Twilight" vibes!

  43. Lenny Ball

    Lenny Ball20 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" quote of the year! I am deceased! 🤣🤣😃🤣

  44. Lenny Ball

    Lenny Ball20 days ago

    You look stunning in this video! Hair, necklace, bare chest, girl work!

  45. Brenda Salazar

    Brenda Salazar21 day ago

    Hi, i love you 😭❤️

  46. megh voluntad

    megh voluntad21 day ago

    *Shine bright like my pussy* 😂

  47. Candy Smith

    Candy Smith22 days ago

    I think maybe because you put a lot on. Maybe try it with just a little bit.

  48. Avatar Rana

    Avatar Rana22 days ago

    Jefree looks so pretty in this vid

  49. Faizah Iqra

    Faizah Iqra22 days ago

    I live for highlighters

  50. Imogen 1305

    Imogen 130522 days ago

    “sHiNe BrIgHt LiKe My PuSsY” 😂

  51. The Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord23 days ago

    Ok but Jeffree is a canvas and he is full of art like SIS I'M SHOOK

  52. Melanie Khoury

    Melanie Khoury23 days ago

    "Shine bright like my p*ssy" 🤣

  53. LauraGrace

    LauraGrace23 days ago


  54. Hert Dragneel

    Hert Dragneel24 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy”😂

  55. Jemma Ledá

    Jemma Ledá24 days ago

    When you use so much of the lava, it turns tacky. A little goes a long way

  56. Ellie Townley

    Ellie Townley24 days ago

    No ones talking about how STUNNING Jeffree is with this glowy warm look.

  57. Gatcha gal Productions

    Gatcha gal Productions25 days ago

    “Some people are over the highlight phase, *can’t relate.* “ 😂

  58. ali ens

    ali ens26 days ago

    shine bright like my pussy lol

  59. Aye its ya girl Miranda

    Aye its ya girl Miranda27 days ago

    *we stan a highlighter queen*

  60. quoc.

    quoc.27 days ago

    *shine bright like my pussy*

  61. Fairyia Eyelikes

    Fairyia Eyelikes28 days ago

    I'm in love with the way Jeffree mentioned Nathan 😂😏❤ I ship them so hard!

  62. alyssa mestyanek

    alyssa mestyanek28 days ago

    I guess they never miss huh?

  63. Silly Sammy

    Silly Sammy28 days ago

    Sorry guys mamas high😂♥️

  64. Keelolo V

    Keelolo V28 days ago

    If that was a Kylie body lava, he would have IMMEDIATELY disapproved it 😂😂

  65. Michell Rea

    Michell Rea29 days ago

    That body lava on the tats is just spectacular!

  66. Tia Hunte

    Tia Hunte29 days ago

    I have it and LOVE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️cannot wait fo RIRI to bring it back again 🇧🇧❤️❤️❤️

  67. evil Mathers

    evil Mathers29 days ago

    I guess they never miss huh?

  68. Helen-Lynn Malcolm

    Helen-Lynn MalcolmMonth ago

    Those nails Jeffrey 🍊🍑💅💅👏

  69. Iris Rippeth

    Iris RippethMonth ago

    Bro stop but fine.....I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH

  70. Iris Rippeth

    Iris RippethMonth ago

    Hush:can’t speak Quite place:same here Bird box:can’t see Jeffree:well I can do all that motherfuckers so

  71. jovana rajcić

    jovana rajcićMonth ago

    4:50 you need this

  72. Really Migget?

    Really Migget?Month ago


  73. GorjessForevah

    GorjessForevahMonth ago

    Was gonna buy the body lava but after seeing this no thanks lol I wouldn’t mind the price if it was an actual good product but something that much shouldn’t feel cheap and tacky to the skin. And most of US don’t have pools to lay by and just have the beach to enjoy water... so getting sand stuck to my buttcheeks and whole body with that glitter shit no thanks girl bye. Lol smh disappointed in that. Damn.

  74. Ice Princess

    Ice Princess22 days ago

    GorjessForevah The body lava formula changed and now it dries to the touch.

  75. ms selfish

    ms selfishMonth ago

    jaffery looks like ellie goulding

  76. Madi Barnett

    Madi BarnettMonth ago

    *i guess they never miss huh*

  77. jc

    jcMonth ago

    2:15 is it just me or deos that say alot.

  78. Via Franks

    Via FranksMonth ago

    "As you can see this looks like my ex this looks like Nathan" 🤭🤭🤭🤫😇🙃 Laughed my ass off

  79. Nadine Contreras

    Nadine ContrerasMonth ago

    I love your eyeshadow in this

  80. -kAyLA BABEEE

    -kAyLA BABEEEMonth ago

    Yasss FENTY!!!

  81. Cozzette T

    Cozzette TMonth ago

    Absolutely love your hair jefree

  82. jinxlie xoxo

    jinxlie xoxoMonth ago

    "Shine bright, like my pussy"😂😂 2019??

  83. Kay B

    Kay BMonth ago

    Right in her mouth 😂

  84. TheEvil Swan

    TheEvil SwanMonth ago

    5:46 im fucking dying

  85. lotta strub

    lotta strubMonth ago

    haha it just looks like there’s a tattooed body and they put jeffrees head on it

  86. Danielle Horton

    Danielle HortonMonth ago

    love how the body lava looks, but i'll go with the fairy bomb so i don't have to worry about the lava sticking to or messing up my clothes

  87. Amanda H

    Amanda HMonth ago


  88. xTheDarkDiamondx darkdiamond15

    xTheDarkDiamondx darkdiamond15Month ago

    Nates shirt is iconic....

  89. Markie Unarce

    Markie UnarceMonth ago


  90. X -tina

    X -tinaMonth ago

    Jeffree just screams RICH BITCH!

  91. Not a t-series subscriber

    Not a t-series subscriberMonth ago

    Gorgeous AAAA

  92. cheryl bradley

    cheryl bradleyMonth ago

    The glitter makes you skin look like Edward from twilight

  93. Simone Mendes

    Simone MendesMonth ago

    I love how Nate stares at Jeffree's lips in every video. Like a snack gurl

  94. Simone Mendes

    Simone MendesMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" 🙌🙌😂😍

  95. A.N. Johnson

    A.N. JohnsonMonth ago

    Nate reminds me of JJ's husband from Criminal Minds lol (compliment btw)

  96. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesMonth ago

    5:46 thank me later

  97. Khushi Shirke

    Khushi ShirkeMonth ago

    Loving this hairrrrr

  98. karim dakhlallah

    karim dakhlallahMonth ago

    Jeffree your curly hair is so stunning

  99. Mikayella Mendoza

    Mikayella MendozaMonth ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂

  100. mary jane

    mary janeMonth ago

    Omg will u please get high with me😂🙏 you're so fun and funny when your high

  101. Im Cool

    Im CoolMonth ago