1. Jhen Christine Lapus

    Jhen Christine Lapus16 hours ago

    Jeffree looks extra beautiful in this video.

  2. shellyism

    shellyismDay ago

    Come to Washington state and do my face! 😩

  3. Alisha xe

    Alisha xeDay ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy." 😂🤣

  4. Almond Nut

    Almond NutDay ago

    at first I thought he had a shirt on... sorry

  5. Aimee lud

    Aimee ludDay ago

    jeffree! we have been making home made ones of this for years! you get baby oil, and mix in highlighter. id love to see you do a comparison vid

  6. BABi KEN

    BABi KEN2 days ago

    Hey Jeffree put faint amount of Loose powder on top that’s should work for the stickiness😊

  7. Leslie-Ann Diaz

    Leslie-Ann Diaz2 days ago

    Bella Thorne

  8. ChittaPHRRR Infires My Jams

    ChittaPHRRR Infires My Jams2 days ago

    Fairy Bomb? Sorry I Only know *Cherry Bomb* k bye.

  9. Just No

    Just No3 days ago

    _shine bright like my pussy_

  10. Ali Joon

    Ali Joon3 days ago

    He said "ri-anna" right? 🤣

  11. PDR

    PDR3 days ago

    she should have called it White People Try Melanin

  12. Phichaya Chaisuk

    Phichaya Chaisuk4 days ago

    shine bright like my pussy 😂

  13. Vanessa Banks

    Vanessa Banks5 days ago

    Love your hair MissStar💕💕💕

  14. Liezel Allison klaassen

    Liezel Allison klaassen5 days ago

    Nate is fucking hot..! The two of you look amazing together.. Uugghhh You give me life!!!

  15. Renay Chester

    Renay Chester5 days ago

    Hahahah I half expected him to rub the highlighter all over his body

  16. Stephanie Geist

    Stephanie Geist5 days ago

    I heard that if you don’t glob it on that it doesn’t become sticky

  17. antonio varga

    antonio varga5 days ago

    Fck u

  18. Leshpurg

    Leshpurg6 days ago

    Because it's so sticky, I just get a big brush and use powder highlighter all over my shoulders and chest when I go out instead, I'm still looking for a liquid highlighter that dries down completely to wear instead though because powder highlighter still tends to transfer a little bit if you touch or rub it too much

  19. Speechless Vid

    Speechless Vid7 days ago

    OMG why no censored. 😱

  20. carly calamity

    carly calamity7 days ago

    Hey Arnold is my jam

  21. Haya Hussein

    Haya Hussein8 days ago

    I feel like his skin doesn’t do the products justice just because he is tatted all over and we don’t really see it on his bare skin, where the product is meant to go. But we all love a shiny kween

  22. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson8 days ago

    “This is my ex, this is Nathan” 😁

  23. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson8 days ago

    he literally points an object & says “Welcome Back!” in every video

  24. rogger Bruno Matos Huacho

    rogger Bruno Matos Huacho8 days ago

    Subtitulos en español por favor

  25. ruby !

    ruby !9 days ago

    your hair looks AMAZING in this video!!

  26. Xubella Hernandez

    Xubella Hernandez9 days ago

    THEY ARE SO CUTE. 😭😭😭💖

  27. Karmen Tanko

    Karmen Tanko9 days ago

    Momas high hahahha 😂😂❤👑

  28. Molly Robinson

    Molly Robinson9 days ago

    “this looks like my ex, this looks like nathan” lmaooo SAME jeffree exept my ex was like 5 feet tall and his name was nathan 😂 but now i got that upgrade 😻🤪 and you know my new man be tall and got that 😉 (sorry not sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️)

  29. Brookelyn Bennett

    Brookelyn Bennett10 days ago

    i love how nate looks at jeffree

  30. Shahad Al-Jahani

    Shahad Al-Jahani10 days ago

    I'm sorry but his hair make me go crazy 😫😫

  31. Nisha 007

    Nisha 00710 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂

  32. Mia Delavin

    Mia Delavin10 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy." HAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. Veronica Varelas

    Veronica Varelas10 days ago

    U look so pretty gurl im shooked😍😍😍😂😂

  34. Megan Smith's Photos

    Megan Smith's Photos11 days ago

    Omg "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE MY PUSSY" that made me laugh so hard

  35. Eduardo Carmona Garcia

    Eduardo Carmona Garcia12 days ago

    Nate is so cute!!!!

  36. Niyah 2004NRT

    Niyah 2004NRT12 days ago

    I would approve of the body lava because it does do what it says it does ,you know? we all know all these different products be bluffing..

  37. Paloma Baeza

    Paloma Baeza13 days ago

    U are perfect af 💖

  38. Ivanna Hinojosa

    Ivanna Hinojosa13 days ago

    *whispers* "i love it right it the mouth..."

  39. Spirited Princess

    Spirited Princess13 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂😂

  40. Jada Banks

    Jada Banks14 days ago

    Maybe you gotta spritzer some setting spray over it..?

  41. sa sa

    sa sa14 days ago

    ار اهي رجال ركزو على ديوده

  42. Shanna Schneider

    Shanna Schneider14 days ago

    Living for this makeup on Jeffree. Sexy af

  43. Klara Florčić

    Klara Florčić14 days ago

    "Oh Holo!!" i diedddd

  44. Lacey Doerksen

    Lacey Doerksen14 days ago

    I’ve been binge watching for like 5 fucking hours😂😭❤️fuck man it’s 3 40am😂

  45. Rachel Vasquez

    Rachel Vasquez14 days ago

    I bet him and nate are fuckin freaks! Lmao

  46. Camryn Cheatwood

    Camryn Cheatwood14 days ago

    There's a frog on my porch I thought you guys should know

  47. ianny tabale

    ianny tabale14 days ago

    He looks like Bella Thorne here

  48. mary 95

    mary 9515 days ago

    The stickiness can be corrected I guess, it still looks beautiful. And fairybomb is SO NICE WOW

  49. Rawr Hayley

    Rawr Hayley15 days ago

    ✨Shine bright like my pussy!✨ -Jeffree the Queen

  50. Loraine Kat

    Loraine Kat17 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"😂😂 lol

  51. Holy Potato

    Holy Potato17 days ago

    your hair is perfect in this video

  52. Neosha Ledesma

    Neosha Ledesma17 days ago

    I know if jefree had something to say about one of Rihanna's product she wouldn't take personally because she doesn't take crap and wouldn't remove jefree from the pr list 😂💛

  53. Iced Bleck Metal Tea!!

    Iced Bleck Metal Tea!!19 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy”

  54. Angela M Ricks

    Angela M Ricks19 days ago

    The liquid Shimmer that you used on your right shoulder and arm needs a formula change so it will dry to the touch and you won't get sand all over yourself. The glitter bomb, I definitely think that worked a hell of a lot better.

  55. Salem sfx

    Salem sfx19 days ago

    shine bright like my pussy

  56. Finny Finster

    Finny Finster19 days ago

    Nathan's voice reminds me slightly of Breckin Meyer

  57. Dream Scape

    Dream Scape20 days ago


  58. lorenz waskewitch

    lorenz waskewitch20 days ago

    hi how are ya

  59. Thelma.Dreams

    Thelma.Dreams20 days ago


  60. jean ie

    jean ie21 day ago

    Girl I love ur phone case!

  61. Vanessa Zuniga

    Vanessa Zuniga21 day ago

    We love a high mama

  62. Leahna Chavez

    Leahna Chavez21 day ago

    I love your Catwoman tattoo 😍💞

  63. Tapashree Das

    Tapashree Das22 days ago

    Jeffree looks too beautiful today😍😍

  64. Tyra Woodruff

    Tyra Woodruff22 days ago

    can we get a jefreestar vlog? i'd love.

  65. madison symons

    madison symons22 days ago

    I mean you did put a fuck ton of that body lava on, maybe it would be less sticky with a lighter application? Idk looks really great on you anyway!

  66. Julie Rose Kimberly

    Julie Rose Kimberly22 days ago

    Hit no miss

  67. Demonia

    Demonia23 days ago

    I have the puff yasss

  68. Emma Tontodonati

    Emma Tontodonati23 days ago

    You’re hair looks amazing and I love you in pink eyeshadow!

  69. Evie

    Evie24 days ago

    Why does Jeffree look good literally all the time

  70. Maximum

    Maximum25 days ago

    Oml I love all of you videos, your fucking hilarious.

  71. scarfacerubberduckys

    scarfacerubberduckys25 days ago

    I thought your tattoos were a skin tight dress. Beautiful.

  72. Ophelia Coxx

    Ophelia Coxx25 days ago

    I'm not over the highlighting phase either.. I love highlighter a little too much

  73. Lady Hamona Darcia

    Lady Hamona Darcia25 days ago

    i went to Rihanna website and couldnt find body lava.

  74. Charlotte Pena

    Charlotte Pena25 days ago

    “shine bright like my pussy”-JeffreeStar 2k18

  75. midge kg

    midge kg25 days ago

    Lmao at the Negative comments... You know Jeffrey THRIVES OFF haters!! 😂😂😂

  76. Elaine Lyon

    Elaine Lyon25 days ago

    Anyone know what product/color is on his lips?

  77. Bts Army

    Bts Army25 days ago

    This looks like my ex - this looks like my Nathan 😂😂😂

  78. noniloa lee

    noniloa lee26 days ago

    Love, love, love your videos!!!!

  79. Rebecca Dsouza

    Rebecca Dsouza27 days ago

    lov watching u and u guys r adorable muah

  80. Nichole Fimpel

    Nichole Fimpel27 days ago

    "Bitch, I'm hungry" 😂😂😂 love you Jeffree lol

  81. Alba Mendoza

    Alba Mendoza28 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" 😂😂😂😂DEAD

  82. libby hassan

    libby hassan28 days ago

    "Sorry, mama's high" "Shine bright like my p*****" I'm 50% here for the products, 50% for the puns 😂 You give me life ❤

  83. Ana Alfaro

    Ana Alfaro28 days ago

    This is my first video I’ve ever watched, and I’m in love with everything Jeffrey 😂 he’s so funny! Love ya queen

  84. the weird 1

    the weird 128 days ago

    Omg jeffree! Pls listen to me! You should fill up a bathtub with the body lava and take a bath in it!

  85. Soph Baily

    Soph Baily29 days ago

    Is it just me or does Jeffree look so beautiful

  86. reese821

    reese8214 days ago

    Soph Baily That ain't just u sis

  87. Lisa Löschnigg

    Lisa LöschniggMonth ago

    Omg your hair looks GORGEOUS

  88. Kim C

    Kim CMonth ago

    Someone cut that puff ball in half on a video and there is this small bag of basically eyeshadow. Total disappointment

  89. Carsen Ray

    Carsen RayMonth ago

    Love his Catwoman tat! The tattoo artist who did that one is amazing, wow.

  90. Megan Wright

    Megan WrightMonth ago

    Jeffrey, did the lava make the brush tacky? Like would you need to wash the brush between each and every use so it wouldn't be stiff or clumpy for the next use?

  91. Ellie Cierra

    Ellie CierraMonth ago

    I think you could put the body lava on then to “set” it by putting the shimmer dust thingy over it

  92. Zainab Arif

    Zainab ArifMonth ago

    Yaaay u turned ur tattoos to glittering tattoos

  93. it's jhudiel btw

    it's jhudiel btwMonth ago

    Too many tattoo's btw iloveyouuuu

  94. Vivi \/

    Vivi \/Month ago

    Why does he look more like a woman? Isn't that kinda weird? (No hate)

  95. Melissa Angulo

    Melissa AnguloMonth ago

    Lmaooo when he put the Body Lava in Catwoman’s mouth ahahahaha

  96. Summer Bervang

    Summer BervangMonth ago

    haha "Bitch im hungry" love u jeffree so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. WhatMichelleLikes101

    WhatMichelleLikes101Month ago

    Jackie & Jeffree collab!? Anyone!? I trust both of their reviews ❤️❤️

  98. Indiestripper

    IndiestripperMonth ago

    the fairy puff is actually bomb af outside

  99. Itsbabylia

    ItsbabyliaMonth ago

    “Shine bright like my pu$$y” 😂😂😂😥

  100. i d f w u

    i d f w uMonth ago

    “ *shine bright like my pussy* “ :0 omg

  101. lowkeyishie //

    lowkeyishie //Month ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" LMAOOOOOOOO