1. ke pe los

    ke pe los2 hours ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" Riri is shaking yo xD

  2. Hannah Moultrie

    Hannah MoultrieDay ago

    Lol Legit, my boyfriend would rather kiss me when I have the flu than kiss me when I have lip gloss on.

  3. girl's anatomy

    girl's anatomyDay ago

    okay but when she said "shine bright like my pussy" girl i choked like hell

  4. İdildonmezer

    İdildonmezer2 days ago

    His hair looks stuning

  5. Shiji Sadan

    Shiji Sadan2 days ago

    Jeffree looks so good in this video 😍❤

  6. Abby Morrison

    Abby Morrison3 days ago

    Omg the name "Fairy Bomb" is making me wanna hug it

  7. stephanie lwy

    stephanie lwy3 days ago

    5:46 i kennot.

  8. Leticia Barbosa

    Leticia Barbosa3 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy”


    ARREIS LONDON4 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😭😭😭😭😂😭😭

  10. Marae Jones

    Marae Jones6 days ago

    Is a Morphe/Jeffree Star store coming to Georgia????

  11. I love it it is my fav great srk

    I love it it is my fav great srk6 days ago

    jeffree u are very beautyful hope u reply can u react to some of your own videos plz

  12. Afiqah Amshharin

    Afiqah Amshharin6 days ago

    “shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂

  13. Sarah hair

    Sarah hair6 days ago

    Love the results of the puff in the sun

  14. KatieGrace

    KatieGrace6 days ago

    Hairrrr 😍😍

  15. Inelsie Reid

    Inelsie Reid7 days ago

    “Bitch I’m hungry” An actual fucking mood!!

  16. Jamie Purtteman

    Jamie Purtteman7 days ago

    I wonder if the body lava would feel different with a different applicator? Maybe the brush isn’t getting it into the skin hence the tackiness.

  17. Mary Angel

    Mary Angel7 days ago

    I love your hair

  18. Let's wait for The snowball

    Let's wait for The snowball7 days ago

    You look so beautiful in this make up and hairstyle.. Such a queen

  19. Arren Imperial

    Arren Imperial7 days ago

    I love how Jeffree looks outside in direct sunlight. 😊

  20. Alix Silvestre

    Alix Silvestre7 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"😂😂😂

  21. Rhea Jalil

    Rhea Jalil8 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy😂

  22. Laura Dorsey

    Laura Dorsey9 days ago

    Adopt me💜

  23. Glendanie Namuag

    Glendanie Namuag9 days ago

    shine bright like my pussy. 💕😂

  24. Jersey Wuolle

    Jersey Wuolle9 days ago

    I love your hair 😍😍

  25. Nina Love

    Nina Love10 days ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  26. Paloma Ramirez

    Paloma Ramirez10 days ago

    God!!! Love Nathan’s Hey Arnold Tshirt!!!! 😱😍

  27. Becky Bek

    Becky Bek10 days ago

    Where is your tits girl

  28. Emma Spencer

    Emma Spencer11 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂

  29. Bianca Luca

    Bianca Luca12 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂

  30. Kasie Quynh

    Kasie Quynh13 days ago

    if u put a lot of body lava it’s gets hella sticky

  31. Shezah Rumman

    Shezah Rumman13 days ago

    Maybe you used too much lava highlighter

  32. Naba Ahmed

    Naba Ahmed13 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"

  33. astrudd Jazzmine Garcia

    astrudd Jazzmine Garcia13 days ago

    The fairy bomb looks so fcking good on jeffrey star, I mean b*tch you really are a shining star ♡ 🌟

  34. Baby Quinn

    Baby Quinn13 days ago

    Sometimes i just forget that Jeffree is a man 😂😂😂

  35. Jackie Cruz

    Jackie Cruz13 days ago

    sometimes I wish Jeffree have done the fenty beach please collection review because he is so amazing and I value his opinion, but I also respect him not doing it coz he has the "Thirsty" palette launch for his own brand. :)

  36. Anto Lazarova

    Anto Lazarova14 days ago

    I don't like it I mean the price and.. Bitch u are Rihanna CMON

  37. Lauren Gonzalez

    Lauren Gonzalez14 days ago

    Is Jeffree marrieds he has a ring on his ring finger

  38. Yatana Santana

    Yatana Santana14 days ago

    5:57 LMaO we heard you 😂

  39. Citlalin Ramirez

    Citlalin Ramirez15 days ago

    “This looks like my ex, and this looks like Nathan” 😂😂😂😂😂

  40. mary

    mary15 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy

  41. Fiona Gutierrez

    Fiona Gutierrez15 days ago

    5:46 wtf😂

  42. Jovanni Orosco

    Jovanni Orosco16 days ago


  43. Lily Louise

    Lily Louise16 days ago

    Edward Cullen shook!

  44. leticia roybal

    leticia roybal16 days ago

    You should have set the oil with the bomb! Wonder if it still would have been tacky?

  45. Rebekah Navarro

    Rebekah Navarro16 days ago

    Anyone else watch The Makeup Breakup? They cut open a Fairy Bomb. The powder hightlighter insider was this absolutely gorgeous rose gold incapsulated in this little packet. Maybe if you use it long enough more of the color will come through, as opposed to mostly the glitter.

  46. Faith Malpica

    Faith Malpica17 days ago

    Jeffree: shine bright like my *PUSSY* My roommate: wOAH you Norskis watch some kinky shit Me: APRIL wAIT-*has major voice crack*

  47. junna hisham

    junna hisham17 days ago

    Your hair is really pretty

  48. Kennard White

    Kennard White17 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy

  49. Yazmin Rodriguez Garcia

    Yazmin Rodriguez Garcia18 days ago

    Your hair looks beautiful and so do you!

  50. Veronica Foreman

    Veronica Foreman18 days ago

    gosh I want this!!!!

  51. Veronica Foreman

    Veronica Foreman18 days ago

    I love that you're a pot head!! Productive pothead..of course!!!love your videos n the time n energy u put into your videos.u so good to us!!!😘😘😘

  52. Kay Smithy

    Kay Smithy18 days ago

    I fucking died at the "This looks like my ex, this looks like Nathan" XD XD XD XD

  53. Just Memes

    Just Memes18 days ago


  54. Anna Harris

    Anna Harris18 days ago

    maybe because you used alot it got really sticky? i persoanlly havent used it, but its a possibility?

  55. Frédérique Cormier

    Frédérique Cormier19 days ago

    "You guys sorry, momma's high!" HAHAHAHAH I FUCKING LOVE HIM😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Kant Relate Kris

    Kant Relate Kris19 days ago

    *Shine bright like my pussy* 😂😂😂

  57. Jock Marais ASMR

    Jock Marais ASMR19 days ago

    Highlighter is great. But if you’re wearing it to the beach or the pool, I’d suggest just using your natural sweat for that beautiful sheen. Completely cost-free!

  58. sharon clark

    sharon clark19 days ago

    Wow I love glitter !!! Always will told my family when I die make sure I have glitter on lol 😂 😂😂😂

  59. Denisa Croitoru

    Denisa Croitoru19 days ago


  60. Namikshaa Gupta

    Namikshaa Gupta19 days ago

    Jeff U are sooo beautiful without makeup too though 😍

  61. hot tea

    hot tea19 days ago

    Why does body lava has glitter? Is it supposed to? Idk I'm a sock😂😂😂

  62. hot tea

    hot tea19 days ago

    If he didn't have a lot of tattoos it would've been a lot easier to see the shine but oh well . I love you jefree and I love how honest you are . Much love to you♡

  63. Rubi Trujillo

    Rubi Trujillo19 days ago

    An honest review! That’s why I love you!!! 😘

  64. Autumn ClaudioNegrete

    Autumn ClaudioNegrete20 days ago

    I've been binge watching your videos an OMG I'm in loveeee ❤❤

  65. John Simon Garces

    John Simon Garces20 days ago

    I might sound a little weird... but I’d like to try Body Lava before my foundation LoL!!!

  66. Sonia Wan

    Sonia Wan20 days ago

    Shine bright like a pussy XD XD XD

  67. Monika Lulla

    Monika Lulla20 days ago

    I was really waiting for him to put on a white top to see if the product stains the outfit 🤔

  68. Kristie Storie

    Kristie Storie20 days ago

    I just found you and YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! Super sassy and I LOVE IT!! You review things without filters and I appreciate it so much! With all the bullshit out there, I never know who is real and who's not. Thank you so much!!

  69. potatoe boy

    potatoe boy20 days ago

    Body lava meeee

  70. Brenda Moon

    Brenda Moon20 days ago

    Brenda Moon If you just want to glow like a meteor you could set the body lava with a powder highlighter and it would be so dramatic. 1 second ago

  71. kylie jenner69

    kylie jenner6921 day ago

    I enjoy jeffree videos his so funny 😂

  72. Gigi_Avakin Life

    Gigi_Avakin Life22 days ago

    *them titties girl* congrats on 10 million

  73. jeju baby

    jeju baby22 days ago

    Bij I Totally Fucking Love Your Videos, Michelle dy On garbage right Now

  74. Mae Mari

    Mae Mari23 days ago

    Maybe it would be less tacky if you powder it with the fairy bomb xD

  75. Aizrhah Napiloy

    Aizrhah Napiloy23 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy mmhh."

  76. Kimberly Thornsburg

    Kimberly Thornsburg23 days ago

    the glitter puffs were so popular in the 90's , why doesnt anyone rememberrrr, member guys ???

  77. Celine Mok

    Celine Mok23 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy 😂💖

  78. the chelsealicious

    the chelsealicious23 days ago


  79. sheena balasco

    sheena balasco24 days ago

    Also try using your fairy bob on slightly damp skin, as i said I love a glitter puff and have been using them years and find that they work a lot better on ever so slightly damp skin so after your moisturise and you are sill kinda tacky, then is the perfect time to use them, you all know how better things work when we prime for them! Just a tip.. x

  80. sheena balasco

    sheena balasco24 days ago

    Jeffree, as far as a body glitter puff, I love them and have used them for years, I used to get a bennefit one called kitten I think and that was super cute with extra cute packaging but I found one that smells and tastes AMAZING. It is called kissable body shimmer as it is edible and designed for the bedroom as well as making you shimmer, it is from a website called backless bra which is kinda tacky lingerie but the bidy dusts are great! It comes in similar kinda packaging to the nipple balm AP make, I super recommend it, it has 3 different colours and flavours too, I love the marshmallow one personally and I use the candy one as eyeshadow as I got all three.. Deffo try it them, I think you and Nate will love them! xx

  81. Ritpal does Stuff

    Ritpal does Stuff24 days ago

    Omg I see your scars😨😭😢

  82. Felicia Sheppard

    Felicia Sheppard25 days ago

    Awesome great video ❤️👍🏾❤️

  83. Felicia Sheppard

    Felicia Sheppard25 days ago

    Omg you look like Taylor Swift!!

  84. Cinthya Granados

    Cinthya Granados25 days ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy”😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

  85. julia chavis

    julia chavis25 days ago

    You are so beautiful!!!!!

  86. Fifi •

    Fifi •25 days ago

    i love fenty products & highlighters in general but i’m not feelin’ these. that’s just me tho 😊

  87. peace2800

    peace280025 days ago

    My $8 face treatment oil dries better on the skin than the fenty. (I love Fenty none the Less

  88. Olivia Aguila Perez

    Olivia Aguila Perez25 days ago

    jerffree outside in the sun and you could see that highlight... uGH GIRLLLLLL

  89. TouchItBae 16

    TouchItBae 1626 days ago

    5:46 "Shine bright like my pussy" hahaha

  90. Naomy Da Graça

    Naomy Da Graça26 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. billie-ache eyelash

    billie-ache eyelash26 days ago

    You should do your hair like that more often, you look amazing

  92. Mara de Oliveira

    Mara de Oliveira26 days ago

    hi jeffrey loving your channel i would love to see a review of thr products of body shop, i love this brand, and i would love to see your opinion

  93. Lilia Moran

    Lilia Moran26 days ago

    Try korean makeup for your next vid plz love ya 💕

  94. Kate Lauren

    Kate Lauren26 days ago

    Your makeup looked great today

  95. go go shelby

    go go shelby27 days ago

    so my take on it is that the lava and the glitter bomb are made for two different scenarios. the lava is a wetter look and looks better indoors, so its for that one night u go to the club and u want that sexy, sweaty, ive been dancing for hours and im glistening sort of look, while the glitter bomb is for that day u go to the carnival and ur tryin to look shiny and sexy in front of all these white christian families

  96. go go shelby

    go go shelby25 days ago

    sorry i was high as fuck when i wrote this but i still stand by what i said :-P

  97. Brittany Larsen

    Brittany Larsen27 days ago

    I love the fenty bomb BUT it hardly shows :( Glad to see it's not just me.

  98. Marcy Flower

    Marcy Flower27 days ago

    So,letting all the sugar coating aside , the products are bullshit, sheer and over priced

  99. EyesOnJess

    EyesOnJess27 days ago

    I would prob most likely get the fairy bomb! Even though the body lava was gorgeous I don’t think I can get over the stickiness lol prob only use it for photoshoots

  100. Nhi Mai

    Nhi Mai29 days ago

    12:32 - 13:52 The interactions remind me of a married couple with Nate being the typical hubby who generally doesn't really know what's going on but cheers on/help out/support their SO anyways. Those rare, down-to-earth moments where love is so natural and effortlessly displayed. Love it.

  101. Katlex plays

    Katlex plays29 days ago

    When Tina Yong tried it she had a complaint in the fairy bomb because it kept transferring on her sling bag or bag so she ageeed on the body lava