1. Solo Sav

    Solo Sav5 hours ago

    I guess they never miss huh?

  2. Marian M Rodriguez

    Marian M RodriguezDay ago

    You look STUNNING!

  3. Aisha Stewart

    Aisha StewartDay ago

    I guess they never miss, huh?

  4. Launa Figurski

    Launa Figurski2 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy LMAOOO😂😂

  5. Shweta Patil

    Shweta Patil2 days ago

    Looking prettttttttty ♥

  6. Me12342010

    Me123420102 days ago

    Nathan could GET it. Gurl, I’m green with envy.

  7. SillyPickles

    SillyPickles4 days ago

    I use a poor people version of body lava... Powdered highlighter in baby oil.

  8. Monochrome Sims

    Monochrome Sims5 days ago

    I’d like to bathe in the body lava.

  9. Michael Clarke-Huskerson

    Michael Clarke-Huskerson5 days ago

    Shine Bright Like My Puuuusssy ! 😩 I Love Jefffffreee

  10. Dallas Kaponga

    Dallas Kaponga6 days ago

    Love love love ❣️

  11. Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch6 days ago


  12. Sharmin Jahan

    Sharmin Jahan8 days ago

    Im in love with jefree's intro.

  13. Jean Doe

    Jean Doe11 days ago

    I never like highlights in my life Until I see Jeffreestar 😂

  14. Morgan Jones

    Morgan Jones11 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" had me fucking dead😂😂😂

  15. Catie Medford

    Catie Medford11 days ago

    5:58 mouthed “right in the mouth” 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Jon Bastida

    Jon Bastida11 days ago

    Where is the trrrrrrriiiing from the intro??

  17. RoyaltyPizza

    RoyaltyPizza13 days ago

    i guess they never miss, huh?

  18. El xx

    El xx14 days ago

    You look so stunning in this video I mean don’t get me wrong you look gorgeous always But this video especially you look absolutely beautiful Like Wowww

  19. Fabi Castro Official

    Fabi Castro Official14 days ago

    5:45 me 😘

  20. danielle ferrante

    danielle ferrante17 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy 🤣

  21. Jessica Cloney

    Jessica Cloney18 days ago

    Omg Hey Arnold!! ♡♡♡

  22. Jessica Cloney

    Jessica Cloney18 days ago

    People who are over the highlighting phase are just frustrated with their sweaty complexions 🤣😂

  23. Stephanie Warner

    Stephanie Warner18 days ago

    Ooh la la 😍 looks divine!! Shine so bright🌟

  24. Nazairene Alboleras

    Nazairene Alboleras18 days ago

    try to layer the fairy bomb on top of the body lava to remove the stickiness or tackiness

  25. Jadyn Lindblad

    Jadyn Lindblad20 days ago

    I just realized catwoman was on his shoulder😂

  26. Amelie Owens

    Amelie Owens21 day ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"😂5:46

  27. Michelle Jimena

    Michelle Jimena21 day ago

    Rihanna: shine bright like a diamond 💎 Jeffrey: shine bright like my p*ssy🌟

  28. jeilx

    jeilx21 day ago

    is it just me who thinks jeffree looks beautiful with no eyebrows

  29. Lovely Ivy Lusterio

    Lovely Ivy Lusterio21 day ago

    All these products are expensive AF here in Ph

  30. Tejaswini

    Tejaswini21 day ago

    Nathan loves Jefree ..... they're soo cute 💜💜


    ALLI KAYE NEALE21 day ago

    Love seein mama with some curls and when you stepped outside you were like an angellic masterpiece of glitteryness xx :)

  32. MoodTM

    MoodTM22 days ago

    *”shine bright like my pUsSy”*


    CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL22 days ago

    5:46 shine bright like my pussy😂😂😂

  34. Glowy Gacha

    Glowy Gacha23 days ago

    ........|HIT OR MISS??(i guess they never miss, huh)

  35. Ilovecats 88

    Ilovecats 8823 days ago

    Shine bright like my pussy" lollololo

  36. Olivia Taytay

    Olivia Taytay25 days ago

    Love this looking jeefffffff

  37. Harriet Vlogs

    Harriet Vlogs25 days ago

    *”shine bright like my pussy”* we got a slay queen right here

  38. Kurtis Kanal

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  39. KurtTristan Lerion

    KurtTristan Lerion26 days ago

    5:46 HAHAHAHAHA!!

  40. GeorgieB

    GeorgieB27 days ago

    “Shine bright . . like my *puzzy* “ 😂😂😂

  41. Step Back

    Step Back28 days ago

    “Hit or Miss” -I bet they never miss HUH okay sorry i’m done now

  42. Saloang Lepcha

    Saloang Lepcha28 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"...bwahaha I SHAT

  43. Aura Sosa

    Aura Sosa29 days ago

    Is he on fenty's PR list??

  44. Kirandeep Bhogal

    Kirandeep BhogalMonth ago

    gurlll how did u do ur hair ??looks stu-nning

  45. I'm not very creative

    I'm not very creativeMonth ago

    Hit or miss? I gueSS THEY NEVER MISS *HUH*

  46. Carrie Playz Roblox

    Carrie Playz RobloxMonth ago

    You cant layer the lava cause when you do it gets sticky

  47. Neda Lor

    Neda LorMonth ago

    Jeffree said "shine bright like my pussy" lmfao! I love him!!!

  48. Shadia Haybe

    Shadia HaybeMonth ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous.

  49. natalie b.

    natalie b.Month ago

    hit👊🏼 or miss❌👋🏼

  50. Natalee Hayes

    Natalee HayesMonth ago

    Jeffree make a highlighter called “can’t relate”!!!!!!!!!

  51. Puppetthe Demon

    Puppetthe DemonMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" My mom walked in and i didnt have headphones help

  52. Rosa Orozco

    Rosa OrozcoMonth ago

    Shine bright like my pussy lmfao 🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  53. Tesslaa Kim

    Tesslaa KimMonth ago

    Is he naked

  54. I'm upset

    I'm upsetMonth ago

    Hit 👋👊 or miss 👋😳✨ i guess 🤔🧠💭 they never ❌🚫 miss 👋😔 huh 🤠

  55. sweetie pie

    sweetie pieMonth ago

    I just Love the way Jeffree is he literally doesn't give a damn about what people think of him

  56. Candy Feyrer

    Candy FeyrerMonth ago

    That is what I had a problem with not good with my designer clothes 😥

  57. Schizophrenic Goddess

    Schizophrenic GoddessMonth ago

    I love her make up too 😍

  58. Rikkilyn Slim

    Rikkilyn SlimMonth ago

    Your tattoos were all i saw. 😂😂😂

  59. sami kho

    sami khoMonth ago

    Shine bright like my pussy 😂😂 omg Jeffrey I love you 😍

  60. sweg

    swegMonth ago

    I guess they never miss, huh?

  61. pau 666

    pau 666Month ago

    Ugh I cannot stress enough on how good the body lava is!!! I've always made body highlighters with eyeshadows and such and forever wishing something like it existed and Rihanna finally gave it to us! A considerate queen wow

  62. Otaku Lover

    Otaku LoverMonth ago

    "Shine like my pussy~" I'M SHOOK 😆😊

  63. Bianne

    BianneMonth ago

    meybe you should use fairy bomb on top of body lava? looks like a match to me xD you'd glow to the gods

  64. Raina Muriithi

    Raina MuriithiMonth ago

    I know you might not read this but i love you soooo much you give me so much confidence and inspiration to slay my day please keep doing your thing and changing the world for good

  65. F.k L

    F.k LMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" killed me! 😂

  66. Daria Ralea

    Daria RaleaMonth ago

    Your hair is... Goals

  67. Ash Bernie

    Ash BernieMonth ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂 lmao I can’t

  68. Ash Bernie

    Ash BernieMonth ago

    Bitch I fucking love you 🧡🧡

  69. virgo babies

    virgo babiesMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy".... I'm deceased 🤣😂🤣

  70. rebelwithacause666

    rebelwithacause666Month ago

    I don't know why seeing your nipples shocked me I've always known you don't have boobs but my mind still expected it when the camera panned down 😅😅

  71. Abby Jester

    Abby JesterMonth ago

    shine bright like my pussy😭😂😂😂

  72. melita f

    melita fMonth ago

    Oml I just can't with them TvT.....they are soooooo freaking adorable together

  73. Teresa Kriefall

    Teresa KriefallMonth ago

    "glad I went outside" Can't relate

  74. Episode Girl

    Episode GirlMonth ago

    Aren't fairies meant to be outside tho? And u and Nate are CUUUTE💜👌💖

  75. nat

    natMonth ago

    anyone know if body lava will sell again??

  76. Celina Lupin

    Celina LupinMonth ago

    Shine bright like my pussy~ 👑😂

  77. Вероника Егорова

    Вероника ЕгороваMonth ago

    Обожаю тебя, хотя и не чего не понимаю!!!

  78. Irish Ann Tacsiat

    Irish Ann TacsiatMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy." 😂😂😂

  79. Faradiba Septiningputri

    Faradiba SeptiningputriMonth ago

    Jeffree is very beautiful in this video

  80. edgyserf

    edgyserfMonth ago

    "-I'm glad I went outside." me, never

  81. sweetenerlocal Iconic

    sweetenerlocal IconicMonth ago

    “shine bright like my pussy” 💅🏽💀

  82. Red_Brush

    Red_BrushMonth ago

    jeffree has such pretty smile 💜

  83. Rathore Praveen

    Rathore PraveenMonth ago

    I miss that mirror in many episodes..

  84. Johana Umpat

    Johana UmpatMonth ago

    So, I just found out that Jeffree Star's cosmetic is finally here in the Philippines. And learned that you will be coming here next year! Philippines will welcome you warmly! You actually have a huge fan base here in the Philippines. Wah!!! I can't contain my excitement! Have a great year and we love you here from the PHILIPPINES.

  85. Dxalshock 15

    Dxalshock 15Month ago


  86. Solange

    SolangeMonth ago

    I think I have a pretty good idea of how Nathan's look from all your videos.

  87. pedro costa

    pedro costaMonth ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy"

  88. Lisa Burdge

    Lisa Burdge2 months ago

    my second time watching. just had to hit the subscribe button. I love your reviews . your so real

  89. Faith Simmerman

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  90. eric berry

    eric berry2 months ago

    they are both definitely specialty products for only certain things but would be great for photo shoots

  91. sllella gtlel

    sllella gtlel2 months ago

    5:46 lol I can't 😂😂😂

  92. sllella gtlel

    sllella gtlel2 months ago

    " shine bright like my p......" LOL 💗 Jeffrey

  93. Alisson Segovia

    Alisson Segovia2 months ago

    Holy shit you are so gorgeous!!

  94. Phoenix Hepi

    Phoenix Hepi2 months ago

    5.47: "Shine bright like my pussy" hahaha, why did I re-watch that like 3 times lol

  95. Zackery Gregana

    Zackery Gregana2 months ago

    That shade to your EX tho

  96. Ellie Goody

    Ellie Goody2 months ago

    Your hair looks so good xxx

  97. Jediah Churchill

    Jediah Churchill2 months ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy." Definitely relate.

  98. Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson2 months ago

    “Shine bright like my pussy”😂


    GUCCIWARRIOR 20062 months ago

    "shine bright like my pussy" lol

  100. GUCCIWARRIOR 2006

    GUCCIWARRIOR 20062 months ago

    Bitch that Gucci necklace is popin