1. Amy Herringe

    Amy Herringe11 hours ago

    “You guys sorry mommas high” bitch, it’s you, we know. Haha love this vid.

  2. Josh Dickenson

    Josh Dickenson16 hours ago

    “You guys, sorry. Mama’s high.” LMAOOOO IM GOING TO BED

  3. Jules Noname

    Jules Noname18 hours ago

    I love how much Nate loves Jeffree. 😍😍😍

  4. Christina Raymond

    Christina RaymondDay ago

    To me the fairy bomb is more of a novelty item I don't think its worth the price at all I actually just DIYed my own with a keychain puff ball and my elf ocean pearl highlighter and it works better then fentys

  5. Maria M

    Maria MDay ago

    Omg I'm shook! 😍 the lava body looks amazing...however not sure about the sticky sensation

  6. Ruiwen Zhang

    Ruiwen ZhangDay ago

    not gonna lie it,,, doesn't really look good on jeffree considering the amnt of tattoos he has ? the product doesn't rlly show that much on his skin

  7. Melissa kisses

    Melissa kissesDay ago

    I need to take it back to 2005 and get a ring tone that says: shine bright like my puuuussssyyyy😂

  8. Owen Lloyd

    Owen LloydDay ago

    Why don’t you have eyebrows

  9. iiuniixbunnyzii xx

    iiuniixbunnyzii xxDay ago

    My cousin got me this for my birthday

  10. Griffith Mello

    Griffith MelloDay ago

    Fenty as a whole isn't worth it if anything people are biased because is Rihanna if it were someone else they'll drag it. Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc shimmering body oil is way better than Fenty' glitter shit. Fenty glitter crap is only heavy oil less shimmering pfft.

  11. Lydia Susana

    Lydia SusanaDay ago

    Can you do the makeup of the tattoo people on your skin lol.

  12. Rhapsody BLEU

    Rhapsody BLEUDay ago


  13. Marysol Losada

    Marysol LosadaDay ago

    Awe I love you

  14. T Payne

    T PayneDay ago

    Bitch I'm hungry😂

  15. Tas Nim

    Tas NimDay ago

    Guys! Just mix some loose glitter pigment with aloe vera gel and you have your very own non greasy cheap af customized body illuminator !! Mix some olive oil if you have dry skin 😇

  16. Eliesa정 채 라

    Eliesa정 채 라Day ago

    So beautiful ...i can't relate

  17. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty SlamDay ago

    Ugh. I love when you make it to trending because you deserve it but damn.... It's always a harsh reminder of the human scum that exists on MReporter .

  18. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty SlamDay ago

    Jeffree baby i adore you... but this product seems so.... pointless. I mean... you can buy shimmer lotions at Wal-Mart for under $10. The product is gonna rub off regardless of who's name is on it, and $60? Then $35 for that little ass brush? Rihanna has figured out that some people will blow insane money just to have her products and she is Kylie Jenner-ing the fuck outta y'all. $100 for some shimmer lotion? I'm almost offended this is so crazy.

  19. A Werner

    A WernerDay ago

    Your hair and makeup is stunning 💕

  20. Jazzmen Ward

    Jazzmen WardDay ago

    I think u should get titties bc u already look sexy asfffffffff your amazing but I think that would look very good on u lol jk but you are amazing sexy

  21. Brie Strittmatter

    Brie StrittmatterDay ago

    There is a video of someone cutting the fairy bomb open!

  22. Angela Jacobsen

    Angela JacobsenDay ago

    I would use the Body lava for face a highlighter but fairy bomb all over including hair. I have used other glitter gels and they are always sticky.

  23. Kaylee Perkins

    Kaylee PerkinsDay ago

    " You guys sorry mamas high" LMAO

  24. Miss. A

    Miss. ADay ago

    ‘This is like my ex,and this is like Nate’ dead ahahah

  25. doll phace

    doll phaceDay ago

    to me its approved bc im guessing its hard to get that sexy wet look along with a product that dries completely down. i bought the who needs clothes? & i love it.. like im lame but i play the sims & when i put it on my chest & collar bone area i literally look like one of the downloadable skins for the sims or like an imvu character or something. it looks so gooood on i can live with the not drying down part. i just love that glittery wet look its so sexy to mee. and im a subtle highlight kinda girl just a soft facial glow and a wet sparkling body look. complete novel but yaa know :)

  26. Gloria Sheen

    Gloria SheenDay ago


  27. Stephanie Fierro

    Stephanie FierroDay ago

    "Girl i love it....right in the mouth" 😂😂😂😂 omg Jefferee

  28. Tara Hobbs

    Tara HobbsDay ago

    Have you tried the liquid with a setting spray?

  29. Amy Jess

    Amy JessDay ago


  30. Quxn Jay

    Quxn Jay2 days ago

    I’ve seen with the body lava from other reactions and feedback comments that you don’t have to use a lot. I think one pump is better and the more you but on the stickier it becomes

  31. Kat 1234

    Kat 12342 days ago

    reminds me of that guerlain meteorites puff thing

  32. Nookie Thephithack

    Nookie Thephithack2 days ago

    Loving your hair😍😍😍

  33. Amber Getchell

    Amber Getchell2 days ago

    i love the eye make up and the hair can we say flawless. And i think its stupid that the people talking shit on here most dont even have a real pic on their default so its easy to talk shit when your hiding behind a screen and a cartoon pic lol. If you dont like jeffree or his chanel than dont get on it and dont click on his tutorials. Common sense. We are living in a world of change amd acceptance,so either except it or dont but shut the fuck up and keep your negative opinion to yourself. I mean think about how you would feel if someone was talking shit and making a joke out of you. But i love you jeffree and your tutorials and reviews 💋

  34. Holly Hawkins

    Holly Hawkins2 days ago

    Back in the day I had a glitter powder puff product that was pretty much the same as fairy bomb and maybe $25 from Victoria’s Secret. I really hope they bring it back because I’d wager that it would look almost identical on and it’s half the price. Thank you for this honest review ❤️🙂

  35. Ayah Hijazi

    Ayah Hijazi2 days ago

    I want a boyfriend that looks at me the way Nate looks at Jeffeee! Also I bought the fenty beauty body lava today and found that if you apply less product and work it into the skin it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky and still gives you that amazing glow!

  36. Heline

    Heline2 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR HAIRRRRRRRRRRR ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  37. Cameron

    Cameron2 days ago

    You look so gorgeous!

  38. Crystal Lopez

    Crystal Lopez2 days ago

    I freakin love Nate's shirt! Throwback to my childhood.

  39. Mira Miran

    Mira Miran2 days ago


  40. Kayla Siver

    Kayla Siver2 days ago

    "Shine bright like my pussy" 😂😂😂

  41. Leigh Cooper

    Leigh Cooper2 days ago

    As much as I think the Fenty products rock, I can't do a tacky residue. So while it may look beautiful, it should look beautiful AND be comfortable on the skin. I'm sure Rihanna can reformulate it. I doubt she's intimidated by constructive criticism.

  42. Louise Lou

    Louise Lou2 days ago

    Do a house tour video!

  43. angel

    angel2 days ago

    but is the glitter biodegradable

  44. Fernando Nagode

    Fernando Nagode2 days ago

    Fantastic tattoos brother

  45. Madeira Darling

    Madeira Darling2 days ago

    Have you ever done a video where you do makeup on your tattoos, not like covering them, but like... IDK doing a look on Kurt on your chest?

  46. Blackbird Scraps

    Blackbird Scraps2 days ago

    So interesting because others have said they can’t smell it or it smells bad, but obviously everyone has a different sense of scent just like taste palette.

  47. Jamille Neptune

    Jamille Neptune2 days ago

    I lovvve fenty but the fairy bomb comes off toooo easily in contact with clothes or anything and I was upset about that and the body lava is apparently very sticky and stuff and it’s upsetting 😓

  48. deepika dharnaik

    deepika dharnaik3 days ago

    your eye look Jeffrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Kathy Schmitt

    Kathy Schmitt3 days ago

    I'll pass on this product i dont wana b sticky

  50. Day Dreamers

    Day Dreamers3 days ago

    Put the sparkle powder on body lava so it not sticky

  51. The Celebrity Channel

    The Celebrity Channel3 days ago

    Jefree your hair is the just the best!!!!! I love with it.

  52. Irah Zulueta

    Irah Zulueta3 days ago

    omg i like ur hair!!

  53. RAGE

    RAGE3 days ago

    If it's not 100% Jeffree Star approved, then it's simply not approved. There's no such thing as the middle. Period.

  54. Kinsey M

    Kinsey M3 days ago

    Shout out to that Hey Arnold shirt Nate

  55. Kinsey M

    Kinsey M3 days ago

    Ok this review is so corny and over the top. No way he’d put his $3k Gucci shirt on that tacky body lava gunk.

  56. Allison Lizotte

    Allison Lizotte3 days ago


  57. Allison Lizotte

    Allison Lizotte3 days ago

    I can't help but think the lava would be cool for like a pool party!! That way the sticky might wash off in the pool, but some glitter might still hold on.

  58. The Chefette

    The Chefette3 days ago

    Jackie did it and said that it’s not sticky when you put on 1 layer. He just put on too much

  59. Hanyu Yang

    Hanyu Yang3 days ago

    try put fairy bomb over the body lava maybe the body lava wont be that sticky

  60. Sha Os

    Sha Os3 days ago

    Question would you ever go fully girl and get a boob job and all the stuff the goes with changing over I’ve always wonder (this is not rude comment in any way I’m sorry if hurt anyone’s feelings) andddt can we just take a moment to look at how pretty jeffeee is becomeing 😍😍😍you slaying it

  61. Terese James

    Terese James3 days ago

    *deep inhale* "bitch I'm hungry" 😂😂😂😂😂 dead

  62. Lei Orcullo

    Lei Orcullo3 days ago

    I love you Jeffreestar

  63. Pandanation 335

    Pandanation 3353 days ago

    I love Jeffrey but I don’t think review did it justice as the tattoos obscure a lot!!!!!

  64. Ms Karisha

    Ms Karisha3 days ago

    A little bit goes a long way. It’s sticky because you used a lot. Nice review 💋

  65. Fat Kiwi

    Fat Kiwi3 days ago

    Cant stop looking at her lips cuz the colour isss sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

  66. Lisa Cahill

    Lisa Cahill3 days ago

    why does that nick johnson guy keep commenting on everything? ive seen him comment negatively on like, every post on here. looks like fuck boy got a secret crush on jeffree...

  67. Ashley shakir

    Ashley shakir3 days ago

    Shine bright like my PUSSY 🤤😂

  68. iHearGreen 31

    iHearGreen 313 days ago

    I have never seen Nate and he mentioned him in a video I just saw before this one and omg he’s cute. Jeffree is dam lucky

  69. xXShelbi_SinisterXx

    xXShelbi_SinisterXx3 days ago

    Should have put the fairy bomb over the body lava! Then together would be so shiny!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  70. Seirra Cruse!

    Seirra Cruse!3 days ago

    So cute. Your chest looked like it got really red after you put the body lava on it. Love you two!

  71. Bob Gifford

    Bob Gifford3 days ago

    This dude gay ha

  72. eel ised

    eel ised3 days ago

    Maybe you should try the lava after the shower...might not be as tacky (sticky)

  73. pink orchid

    pink orchid3 days ago

    Why is Nate always sniffing in every single video? not gonna lie it's a lil annoying.

  74. hayancharm

    hayancharm3 days ago

    Nate's Hey Arnold shirt is my childhood😁😁😁

  75. Poison Princess

    Poison Princess3 days ago

    Your eye makeup in this vid is gorgeous

  76. Becca Cha

    Becca Cha3 days ago

    STUNNING!! I am obsessed !!

  77. Jessica McCall

    Jessica McCall3 days ago


  78. zigzag410 x

    zigzag410 x3 days ago

    i fkn love youuuu bae!!! slay!!

  79. Emily Wright

    Emily Wright3 days ago

    I would totally cover my body in that, I love this idea for summer to give you that dewey look. Personally I like to avoid the sun at all costs so I'm stoked to look like an alien all summer.

  80. Nathalia Cattaruzzi

    Nathalia Cattaruzzi4 days ago

    You guys are so cute ❤️

  81. Tswift lover

    Tswift lover4 days ago

    Shine bright like my p*ssy...😂😂😁😁lmfao

  82. Life Sucks

    Life Sucks4 days ago

    Why DONT you look weird without eyebrows?

  83. Morgan RB

    Morgan RB4 days ago

    I though he had iPhone X

  84. It's RiRi DIY

    It's RiRi DIY4 days ago

    You look like Taylor Swift❤️😍😘

  85. Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas4 days ago

    Heyyy what r u wearing on your lips shade etc?!!.this is Soo bomb..I love it..you look so beautiful by the wy..!!!!

  86. Emily Bratz

    Emily Bratz4 days ago

    I dont lkke the Fenty Beauty puff or lava illuminizar

  87. Carla Rose

    Carla Rose4 days ago

    So what if you put fairy bomb over body lava?

  88. LC

    LC4 days ago

    I thought the exact same thing. Body Lava looks amaaaazing but i feels like glue and never dries.

  89. Gioia Peraz

    Gioia Peraz4 days ago

    Can y'all stop and take a moment for the Gucci necklace please? One word girl: divine.

  90. Cait X

    Cait X4 days ago

    Aw Nate is so sweet 😂

  91. Roberta_B_X

    Roberta_B_X4 days ago

    Does anyone remember the Benefit ‘Kitten’ puffs? They were amazing - straight up GLITTER rather than a shimmer and I think they had 3 different colours! 😍🤩 xxxx

  92. Chloe Carranza

    Chloe Carranza4 days ago

    "This one is my ex, this one is Nathan" I FUCKING CHOKED. (No pun intended)

  93. RaeRuth

    RaeRuth4 days ago

    honestly... wtf is that 😂 it serves no purpose and a waste of money :/

  94. Vanessa Mata

    Vanessa Mata4 days ago

    Omg I love Nate shirt where did he get it .????

  95. M V

    M V4 days ago

    You have way too many tattoos to be testing a body bronzer 😂😂🙄🙄🙄! Bitch we can’t see nothing

  96. Evelia Escamilla

    Evelia Escamilla4 days ago

    No you don't want to

  97. Delia Hamilton

    Delia Hamilton4 days ago

    Fact my man hates lipgloss or regular lipstick too

  98. lindsay beckstrom

    lindsay beckstrom4 days ago

    Your so beautiful love them dimples , I really dig this glow

  99. atkareenasworld K

    atkareenasworld K4 days ago

    Yasss you acknowledge that we ( Minnesota) just friggin 18 INCHES OF SNOW.

  100. Candy Monay

    Candy Monay4 days ago

    With the body lava, I used less and rubbed it in and it was not sticky.